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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 



(Incorporated by Royal Charter and. Special Acts of Parliament.) 

Established 1809. 

President — His Grace The Duke of Sutherland. 
Vice-President— The Must Hon. The Marquess of Zetland, K.T. 


Total Funds at 31st December, 1901, exceed - £15,700,000. 
Total Revenue for 1901, - £3,308,106. 

The Funds of the Fire Department are not liable for Obligations under the Life Department, 

nor are the Funds of the Life Department liable for Obligations under the Fire Department. 

»-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-----_-»--------"-~-~-~---"-"-™-"-"-"-""~-~-"-"-"-~-"-~-~-~-"-----~---- , -"-~_"----»~„~. 

Glasgow Branch Office — 102 St. Vincent Street. 


Sir CHARLES TENNANT, Bart., of The Glen, Chairman. 

A. Crum Maclae, Esq., of Cathkin. 
Robert Binnie, Esq., J. P., Greenock. 
Jas. F. Dalrymple-Hay, Esq., Dunlop House, 

M. Peabck Campbell, Esq. (J. & \V. Camp- 
bell & Co.) 

John J. Coats, Esq. (A. J. & A. Graham 

James Muirhead, Esq., (Baird Smiths, Muir- 
head & Guthrie Smith, Writers). 
Thomas Alexander, Esq., Merchant, Glas- 

Local Manager — DAVID L. LAIDLAW. 


Divisible Life Profits for Quinquennium ending 31st December, 1900, 


Ninety per cent, of Life Profits divided amongst the Assured on the Participating Scale. 

Family Policies in Various Forms. 
Policies payable during Lifetime. 
Premium ceasing at an agreed age. 

Threefold Option Policies. 
Death Duty Policies. 
Partnership Insurances. 


ANNUITIES (Immediate, Contingent, or Deferred) are granted on favourable terms. 

Net Fire Premiums, 1901, - £1,623,814. 

Property at Home or Abroad Insured at the Lowest Rates corresponding to the risk. 
Losses Promptly and Liberally Settled. Prospectuses on Application. 


The Directors are prepared to consider proposals for Loans on Fek-Simple Estates, Life 
Interests, Reversions, and other approved Securities; also for the Purchase of limited 
interests in Trust Funds and other Property. 

Cliief Offices : 

EDINBURGH— 64 Princes St. LONDON— 61 Threadneedle St., E.C. 

aimoru jfuucral ^ntrtrtaltmg 


damage String (B^UW^mtnt 



Head Offices, Open Day and Night (Phone No. 358), 43 Gordon's Lane. 

Stables and Funeral Workshop, - - - 43 Gordon's Lane. 

■d r\„™„™ \ 2 County Place. 

Branch offices, ] 

( Canal Station. 
Telephone No. 28. All Branches co7inected by Telephone. 

East-End Branch, - 5 Bank Street (off Gauze Street). 


Rubber-Tyred Broughams, Victorias, Landaus, Polo Carts, &c. 

Family Buses, Mini-Buses, and Waggonettes. 

Char-a-bancs, Brakes, and Buses for Picnic Parties. 

Ladies and Gentlemen's Saddle Hacks, Hunters, Ponies, &c. 

Horses kept at Livery. 

ifurrral 2lntortaftmg in all its Branches, 




















Comprising a Copious List of the Public Boards, Institutions, Societies, &c , 
connected with the various localities, 




2 35*71 49 21 



„ rT ronnwrc ' NATIONAL 10y Douglas 
XJ-t.J-r*lUJN±.&-| C0R p 0RATI0N g51 

Ger antic. Mosaic, and Encaustic Tile Floors'. 

Glazed and Enamelled Tiles for Walls of Kitchens, Bath Rooms, 
Butchers' and Grocers' Shops, Dairies, &c. 

Tile Hearths and Fenders of every Description. 




Glass Insurance Co. Ltd. 

Head Office — 93 HIGH STREET, PAISLEY. 


R. S. MILNE, Bridge of Weir, Chairman. 
J, M. Brodie, Port-Glasgow. Ex-Provost Clark, Paisley. 

Henry A. Fisher, Glasgow. Farquhar Matheson, Glasgow 


Rates for the Insurance of all kinds of Glass Quoted Free of Charge. 

Prospectuses, Forms of Proposals, and all further information will be furnished 
on application to the Head Office or any of the Company's Agents. 

jplNDi^EW Gibson § Son, 

Restaurateurs and Purveyors, 

Devote Special Attention to 

Purveying for JSIarriage and other Parties, Dinners, and 
flippers, in every style. 

WEDDING CAKES in fine taste and at all prices. 

In their NEW TEA and DINING ROOMS, Ladies and Gentlemen can have COM- 
FORTABLE LUNCHEONS and DINNERS, including Soups, Fish, Entrees, Joints, 
Sweets, &c. PLAIN and MEAT or FISH TEAS. ICES, &c. Also, BREAKFASTS. 


Telephone No. 223. • 






Telephone 348. (Corner of High Street and Orr Square). Telephone 348. 

FINEST ARTIFICIAL TEETH inserted on Gold Dental Alloy, 
Ebonite, Vulcanite, See. 


Teeth Extracted without Pain. PAINLESS GAS EXTRACTIONS. 



The Publishers have pleasure in issuing the present 
Directory, and hope that it will be found full and 

After the General, Trades, and Street Directories will be 
found a copious Appendix, giving the present office-bearers 
and directorates of the various local public bodies and 

The Publishers have pleasure in acknowledging the kind- 
ness of ladies and gentlemen connected with the various 
associations for supplying information, and also beg to 
thank their numerous Subscribers and Advertisers for their 

94 High Street, 
Paisley, June, 1902. 

SUMS INSURED, ^25o,ooo,ooo. 

LOW KM^IS^mVS^^A Special 

RATES ^V^R?S^wK7ffl Concessions 



FIRE AD i85i 

Incorporated by Royal Charter .and 
Special Acts of Parliament. 

The Right Hon. the EARL OF ABERDEEN, G.C.M.G., Chairman. 

PAID UP CAPITAL, £410,600 

CASH ASSETS, £626,397 

REVENUE, igoi, £856,211 

LOSSES PAID, £6,769,240 

Head Office for Scotland : 



Manager for Scotland. 


Telegrams — Glasgow Telephones — 




Advertising List, 401 

Agricultural(Renfrewshire) Society, 325 
Ambulance (St. Andrew's) Asso- 
ciation, 291 

Angling Clubs, 321 

Annual Holidays, 289 

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 326 

Art Institute, 303 

Art Union, 303 

Assessments, Rates of, 275 

Athletic Clubs, 319 

Ayrshire Association, 293 

Bank Holidays, 289 

Banks, 288 

Banns, Fees for proclamation of, 287 

Beaconsfield Club, 315 

Bicycle Clubs, 319 

Bowling Clubs, 318 

Building (" Economic") Societies, 292 

Building Trades Federation, 292 

Burgh Officer, 277 

Burgh and Police Courts, 277 

Burns Clubs, 294 

Burying Grounds, 313 

Canine Society, 316 

Carriers' Quarters, 283 

Cart Navigation Trustees, 276 

Coats' Girls' Home and Club, 290 

Cemetery Company (Limited), ... 293 

Central Unionist Association, 315 

Choral Union, 304 

Christian Benevolent Society, 304 

Christian Endeavour Union, 310 

Church of Scotland Young Men's 

Guild, . 310 

Church Officers, 307 

Clippens Directory, 390 

Club (The), 294 

Coats Observatory, 302 

Coffee Room Buildings, 293 

Commissary Court, 277 

Commissioners of Supply, 324 

Commissioners of the Burgh, 275 

Conservative Association ( Paisley), 3 1 5 
Conservative Association (West 

Renfrewshire), 315 

Constituency (Municipal), 273 

Constituency (Parliamentary), 273 


Convalescent Home, 290 

Co-operative Societies, 300 

County Council, 323 

Cowfeeders' and Dairymen's Asso- 
ciation, 293 

Cricket Clubs, 320 

Curling Clubs, 317 

Deaf (Paisley Mission to the) and 

Dumb, 291 

Dean of Guild Court, 277 

Distances, Table of, 327 

Draughts Club, 322 

Druids Friendly Society, 297 

Duncan Wright Endowment, 304 

Eastern Unionist Association, 315 

Educational (The Paisley) Trust,.. 311 

Elderslie Directory, 382 

Eye (Paisley Royal Victoria) In- 
firmary, 290 

Fairs, 289 

Female Refuge, 292 

Fiars Prices, . 323 

Fire Brigade, 276 

Florist Societies, 317 

Football Clubs, , 319 

Foresters, Ancient Order of, 296 

Free Breakfast Mission, 310 

Free Public Library and Museum, 302 

Free Gardeners, 297 

Friendly and Funeral Societies,... 301 

Gaelic Club, 294 

Golf Club, 322 

Good Templar Lodges, 298 

Good Templar Hall Trust, 294 

Grocers' Company, 299 

Hammermen's Society, 299 

Harriers, 321 

Heritable (The Paisley) Property 

Investment Society, 292 

Highlanders' Association, 293 

Horticultural Societies, 317 

Howwood Directory, 387 

Income Tax Commissioners, 289 

Incorporated Societies, 299 

Incurable Diseases, Society for 
Treatment of, 291 




Industrial School, 29 1 

Infirmary, 290 

Inkermann Directory, 394 

John Neilson Institution, 313 

Johnstone Directory, 351 

Johnstone Directory Appendix, ... 371 

Justice of Peace Constables, 277 

Justice of Peace Court. 277 

Justices of the Peace, 276 

Kibble Reformatory Institution, ... 290 

Kilbarchan Directory, 397 

Liberal Associations, 314 

Liberal Club, 314 

Liberal Unionist Association, 314 

Lifeboat Saturday, 294 

Linwood Directory, 390 

Magistrates and Town Council, ... 274 

Maltmen's Society, 299 

Masonic Lodges, 295 

Member of Parliament, 273 

Merchants, Incorporation of, 299 

Naturalists' Society, 293 

New (The) Club, 294 

Oddfellows, 295 

Old Weavers' Society, 299 

Omnibus traffic, 283 

Ornithological Associations, 316 

Parishes, List of 285 

Parish (Paisley) Council, 289 

Parliamentary Ward Boundaries... 273 

Peter Brough Bequest Fund, 304 

Philharmonic Society, 304 

Philosophical Institution, . . 303 

Political Clubs and Associations, ... 314 
Poor, Association for Improving 

the Condition of, . . 291 

Population of Paisley, 273 

Post Office, 278 

Poultry and Pigeon Association,... 316 

Precentors, 306 

Primrose League, 316 

Promotion of Trade, Renfrewshire 

Association for the, 292 

Property (Paisley) Association, .... 292 

Public Offices, &c, 284 


Quarrelton Directory, 396 

Quarter Sessions, Court of, 277 

Race (Paisley) Meeting, 322 

Railway Companies, 282 

Rechabites (Independent Order of), 298 

Red Cross Knights, 297 

Register Office, 287 

Religious Denominations, 306 

Renfrew Directory, 332 

Renfrew Directory Appendix, 345 

Renfrewshire Police, 326 

Rowing Clubs, 321 

Royal Ark Mariners, 297 

Sabbath School Union, 305 

Savings Bank, 289 

School Board, 310 

Schools, Public and other, 311 

Sharon Hall Mission, 299 

Shepherds, Loyal Order of Ancient, 296 

Sheriff Court, 277 

Sheriff Officers, 277 

Shorthand Writers' Association, . . . 292 

Skating Club, 320 

Small Debt Court, 277 

Sons of Temperance Friendly 

Society, 298 

Street Directory, 211 

Street Guide, 11 

Swimming Clubs, 32 1 

Tannahill Clubs, 294 

Technical School, 310 

Thornhill Directory (included in 
Johnstone Directory). 

Total Abstinence Society, 299 

Town Council Officer, 277 

Trades' Directory, 173 

Trade Societies, 322 

Tramways Company, Limited, ... 293 
Tramways and Omnibus Traffic, . . . 283 

United Abstainers' Club, 298 

Ward (Parliamentary) boundaries, 273 
Weights and measures, Inspectors of, 277 
West Renfrewshire Liberal Asso- 
ciation, 314 

Women's Christian and Abstinence 

Association, 299 

Women's Liberal Association, 314 

Young Men's Christian Association, 305 


Alliance Assurance Coy. — Facing 
• last board of Directory. 

Bell, A., & Sons, Ltd.,. 407 

Biggar, William, 210 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance 

Co. Ltd., 210 

Campbell, J. Laurie, 4 

Carswell, David, & Son, 401 

Central Typewriting Office, 403 

Cook, J. & J., — Facing page 16. 
Co-operative Manufacturing So- 
ciety Ltd., 413 

Currie, William, 410 

Duff & Miller, 10 

Drennan, James, 407 

Fenton, L. H., 411 

Forsyth, Alexander, & Son, 406 

General, The Plate Glass Insurance 

Co., Ltd., 403 

Gibson, Andrew, & Son, 4 

Gibson & Reid, 410 

Gilmour, John, 406 

Gleniffer Laundry, 405 

Good Templar Halls, 405 

Hamilton, Andrew, 412 

Hamilton, Robert, 10 

Harper, Henry,.. 404 


Hay, Robert, & Son — Facing page 17 

Hogarth, James, 412 

Holm Laundry, 407 

Home Knitting Coy. , 402 

Isdale & M'Callum, 15 

Johnston, D. L. , 411 

Kean & Wardrop, 3 

Kennedy, John, 405 

Kilpatrick, John, & Son, 409 

Liverpool and London and Globe 
Insurance Co., — Last board of 

Macdonald, Alex., & Co., Ltd.,... 409 

Macfee, John, 408 

M'Geoch, David, & Son, 404 

M'Geoch, David, & Son, 404 

M'llwrick, Wm. J., 404 

North British and Meixantile In- 
surance Compy., — Facing front 
board of Directory. 

Parlane & Kerr, 401 

Paterson, Joseph, 409 

Paterson, Sons, & Co., 417 

Paton, Robert, 402 

Provident Co-Operative Society,4i4-4i 5 


Renfrewshire Glass Insurance Co., 

Ltd., 3 

Robertson & Son, 402 

Rowat, Alex., & Co., 416 

Scott, Alexander, 408 

Sim, William, 408 

Stonefield Laundry, 401 

Storrie, J. & W., 406 

Sun Insurance Office, — Front 
board of Directory. 

Templeton, J., & Co., 403 

Underwood Co - Operative Coal 
Society, 413 

Waddell, Alex. L., & Son, 408 

Wallace, John, 402 

Western Assurance Co. Facing contents 

Winning & Fulton, 406 

Wood, James, & Co., 410 

Yielder, R., & Co., 411 

Young, Wm., — Facing title page. 


House Factor, 
Agent for Fire, Life, Burglary, and Plate Glass Insurances. 




Wait eh and Clock M£ others, Jewellers, &€* t 



Large and Varied Stock of WATCHES, JEWELLERY, and 
ELECTRO-PLATE of every description. 




Clocks Wound by Annual Contract in Private Residences, Offices, and Public Buildings in Paisley 
and Surrounding District by Experienced and Careful Workmen. 

General Electro-Platers in Gold, Silver, Nickel, Bronze, &c. 
Repairs of all kinds Executed by a Staff of Efficient Workmen. 


ABBEY Close, from 18 Smithhills to 

Abbey street 
Abbey street, from Abbey close to 

Thread street 
Abbey terrace, Cochran street 
Abercorn street, north end of West 

Croft to Laighpark 
Albion street, from 25 Lovest. westward 
Albert street, south of No. 8 Springbank 

Alexandria place, Calside 
Alice place, north side of Neilson street 
Aliison place, Nos. 29 to 30 Williams- 
Andrews street, off Caledonia street 
Annfield place, Barterholm, off Lylesland 
Argyle street, off Lady lane, westward 
Arkleston road, from Glasgow road 

northward to Arkleston 
Arthur street, west side of Well street 

BACK Sneddon, north of 2 Old Sneddon 

Bank street, south from 22 Gauze st. 
to Mill street 

Barclay street, south from 15 George 
street to Canal street 

Barracks (Foot), north side of Williams- 

Barracks (Militia staff), south side of 

Barrhead road, east from Blackball b'dgs 

Barr street, south from 20 George st. 
to Canal street 

Barterholm, east side of Lylesland 

Blackhall buildings, from Lonend to 
Canal Railway bridge 

Blackhall street, east from Lonend 

Blacklaw lane, west from 18 New 
Sneddon to Back Sneddon 

Blackstoun road, west from Greeuhill 

Bladda, north of Saucel 

Bly ths wood drive, east from Caledonia st. 

Braid's road, from Colinsleo to Sunny- 
side road 

Brick lane, from South Croft to North 

Bridge street (south), from Abbey 
bridge to Orchard street 

Bridge street (north), from 20 Abbey 
street to Abbey bridge 

Broomlands. west end of Wellmeadow 
to Ferguslie 

Brown's lane, west side of 97 Causeyside 

to George place 
Brown place, off south side of Under- 
wood road 
Brown street, from Well street to 

Henderson street 
Buchanan street (East), uorth side of 

Incle street to Greenlaw street 
Buchanan terrace, Greenock road 
Buchanan street (West), south from 

28 George street to Canal street 
Bute place, west side of Neilston street 
CALEDONIA street, from St. James 

street northward to Greenock road 
Caledonia place, corner of Murray street 

and Greenock road 
Calside avenue, west of Calside 
Calside, south-west from head of Causey- 
side to Stock street 
Calside place, east side of Calside 
Calside terrace, west side of Calside 
Cameron street, continuation of Bank st. 
Campbell street (South), from 8 Neilston 

street to Espedair burn 
Campbell street (West), north of 53 

Camphill, south side of 82 Canal street 
Camphill place, between Canal street 

and Camphill 
Canal street, west from 86 Causeyside 

street to Ralston square 
Carbrook street, from north side of 53 

Broomlands to West Campbell street 
Carlile lane, east side of 85 New Sueddon 

to river 
Carlile place, east side of New Sneddon, 

opposite Wallace street 
Cart lane, east side of 80 New Sneddon 

to river 
Cart street, from Thread st. to Seedhills 
Cartvale laue, from Cartvale house to 

New Sneddon 
Cart walk, frqm Bridge street to Cart st. 
Carriagehill, from Dovesland southward 
Carriagehili drive, from Mary street to 

Braid's road 
Castlehead, north side of Craw road, ap- 
proach by west end of Canal street 
Castle street, west end of Wellmeadow 

to George street 
Causeyside, from foot of St. Mirren st. 

to Calside 



Gawthorne court, east side of On* street 

(off Orr square) 
Chain road, West toll, southward 
Chapelhill, off Barrhead road 
Charlotte place, Wester Carriagebill 
Charleston, by Lylesland westward 
Christie street, south of Garthland street 
Christie lane, east side of 93 New 

Sneddon to the Quay 
Churchhill, north side of 86 High street 

to Oakshaw street 
Church place, School wyud to Churchhill 
Clarence street, off Crospflat crescent 
Clark street, west of Greenock road to 

Clavering street, from Well st. to King st. 
Cochran street, off Mill street 
Colinslee, from Carriagehill to Potterhill 
Corsebar road, from Maxwellton to 

Cotton street, south side of 23 Gauze 

street to Abbey street 
County buildings, St. James street 
County place, from Gilmour street to 
' Moss street 

Craigielea place, off Murray street 
Croft (East), from Wallneuk to Renfrew 

Croft (North), from Greenlaw street to 

Newton quay 
Croft (South), east end of Abercorn 

bridge to Wallneuk 
Croft (West), from 16 New Smithhills 

to Abercorn street 
Cross street, 29 Castle st. to 5 Queen st. 
Crossflat, south side of Garthland street 
CrossHat crescent, from M'Kerrell street 

to Williamsburgh 
Crossflat terr., south side of Glasgow rd. 
Craw road, Calside to Maxwellton 
Craigielea Place, north side of Black- 

stoun road 
Craigielea street, off Murray street 
Cyril street, from Lacy st. westward 
DIXON st.,from Phillips st. to Whitehead 

Douglas street, from Arthur street to 

Clavering street 
Douglas terrace, Incbinuan road 
Duke street, south side of Rowan street 
Dyers' wynd, east side of 48 Moss street 

to river 
EARL Grey place, westsideof Lylesland 
Espedair street, from 56 Causeyside 


FALSIDE rd., near Colinslee westward 

Ferguslie, west end of Broomlands to 

Ferguslie buildings, south side of Back 
row, Ferguslie 

Ferguslie East lane, south of 41 Broom- 
lauds to Maxwellton 

Ferguslie Mid lane, 7 Ferguslie to Max- 

Ferguslie walk, from 42 Broomlands 

Ferguslie west lane, 2 Ferguslie to 
Coats's Thread works 

Forbes place, from 10 Causeyside to 
Water brae (Burgh) 

GALLOWAY street, off Underwood rd. 

Garthland lane, north side of Garthland st 

Garthland place, east end of Garthland 
street, opposite Christie street 

Garthland street, from east end of 
Gauze street to Williamsburgh 

Gas Work, north-west of foot of Well st, 

Gateside, east side of Renfrew road 

Gauze street, from Smithhills street to 
Garthl; nd street 

George place, east end of George street 
to Brown's lane 

George street, west side of 96 Causey- 
side to Broomlands 

Gilmour street, from High street (Cross) 
uorth to New Sneddon 

Gladstone terrace, Neilson street 

Glasgow road, begins at East toll 

Glendale place, south side of Braids rd. 

Glen lane, north side of 29 St. James 
street to Glen street 

Glen street, west side of Love street to 
Caledonia street 

Gleniffer terrace, New Stock street 

Glenview, east from Lylesland 

Gordon place, King street (west) 

Gordon's lane, east side of 32 Causey- 
side to Burn row 

Goudie street, from Springbank road to 
Greenock road 

Greenhill, north-west side of Underwood 

Greenhill road, off Underwood road 

Greenlaw, north of Garthland street 

Greenlaw avenue, from Garthland street 

Greenlaw drive, north of Williamsburgh, 
Glasgow road 

Greenlaw station, east end of North 
Croft eastward 



Greenlaw terrace, north side of Glasgow 

road and east of Royal terrace 
Greenock road, continuation of Caledonia 

HAMILTON street (Great), (by Cal- 

side)east side of Calside by Dovesland 
Hamilton street, west side of Renfrew 

street to river 
Hannay street, West side of Well street 
Harbour lane, east side of 92 New 

Sneddon to Quay 
Harbour (New), Carlile place 
Harkus place, Barskiveu 
Hawkhead road, from Glasgow road to 

to Hawkhead mill bridge 
Henderson street, from Underwood lane 

to Brown street 
Highland lane, south side of South Croft 
Higli street, west eud of St. James 

bridge to Wellmeadow 
Hillview place, Espedair 
Hospital lane, west side of 6 New 

Sneddon to Back Sneddon 
Howie street, Barskiveu 
Hunter street, west side of 22 Moss st. 

INCHINNAN road, continuation of 

Love street 
Incle street, from Lawn street to east 

end of Gauze street 

JANEPIELD place, Barterholm, off 

Johustone road, begins at West toll 
Johnston street, from Causeyside to 

Orchard street 
John street, north side of 72 Broomlands 

KELBURNE drive, off Glasgow road 
Kelburne street, from Whitehaugh drive 

Kerr st., south from Underwood rd. 
Kilucroft lane, east side of Carriagehill 
Kilnside road, north from Seedhill rd. 
King st., from Saucel south-westward 
King street, north side of 76 Broomlands 
Knox street, from 47 Broomlands to 

West Campbell street 

LACY street, from Williamsburgh to 

Seedhill road 
Lady lane, west end of High street to 

Canal street 
Ladyburn street, from M'Kerrell street 

to Kilnside road 

Laigh Kirk Ian* 5 , west side of 119 

Causeyside to Cumberland court 
Laigh park, north end of Abercorn st. 
Lang street, from Ladyburn street 

Lawn street, head of Gauze street to 

Lonend, frsm Saucel to Blackhall 

Lounsdale road, from Maxwellton road 

Love street, from St. James place to 

Lowndes' lane, east side of 78 New 

Sneddon to the river 
Lylesland, from Neilstou street to 

Lylesland terrace, Espedair street 

MACDOWALL street, west side of 

Caledonia street westward 
M'Farlane's lane, north, side of North 

Croft to Niddry street 
Macfarlaue street, west from Greenock 

road to Pattison's Mound 
M'Gown street, from Murray street 

M'lntyre place, east of Park road 
Mackenzie street, from Blackstoun road 

to Greenhill road 
MacKeau street, from Murray street to 

Clark street 
M'Kerrell street, Crossflat 
Mansfield place, west side of Neilston st. 
Mansion-house road, north from 

Williamsburgh, Glasgow road 
Marshall's lane, north side of Orchard 

street to river 
Mary street, west side of Carriagehill 
Mathieson street, off Whitehaugh drive 
Mavisbank terrace, Blackhall 
Maxwell street, east side of Love street 

to Back Sneddon 
Maxwellton, east of Ferguslie Back row 
Maxwellton road, from Maxwellton 

street southward 
Maxwellton street, south side of 13 

Broomlands to Cowieston 
Meeting House lane, west side of 14 

Moss street to Oakshaw street 
Melbourne terrace, Seedhill road 
Middle lane, west side of 11 New Sned- 
don to Back Sneddon 
Millar st., from Mill st. to Christie st. 
Millarston, west end of Ferguslie 



Mill street, east end of Gauze street to 

Mill place, Camphill 
Moncrieff street, east side of 71 Love 

street to Back Sneddon 
Moss street, from Bank buildings to 

Old Sneddon 
Moss-side place, Greenock road 
Moss vale, north end of Greenock road 
Mossvale lane, off Greenock road 
Mossva^ st., west side of Mossvale lane 
Murray street, west of Greenock road 

to Westmarch 

NIDDRY street, west side of Renfrew 
street to river 

Neil street, from Cowieston eastward 

Neilston road, from Garriagehilt to 

Neilston street (Burgh), from head of 
Causeyside to Lyleslaud 

Neilsou street, east side of Smith street 
to Carriagehill 

Netbercommon,f rom Love st. northward 

Newhall terrace, Potterhill 

New Smithhills, north side of 4 Smith- 
hills to West Croft 

New Sneddon, north side of Old Sneddon 
to Cartvale 

New street, south side of 28 High street 
to Causeyside 

New Stock street, continuation of Stock 
street eastward 

Newton street, from Cowieston west- 
ward to Maxwellton 

North street, east side of Love street to 
Back Sneddon 

OAKSHAW street, from head of School 
wynd to the John Neilsou Institution 

Oakshawhead, north cf the John Neilson 
Institution, by Oakshaw street 

Old Sneddon, foot of Moss street to 
Abercorn bridge 

Orchard street, east side of 81 Causey- 
side to Gordon's lane 

Orr square, north side of 81 High street 

Orr st., from Orr sq. to Oakshaw st. 

Orr street (South), from Neilston street 
to Espedair street 

PARK place, east side of Calside 
Park road, from Smith street to Burgh 

Pattison st.,offGreenhill rd. westward 

Phillips st., continuation of Cochran st. 
Potterhill, southward of Carriagehill 
Prussia street, east side of 25 Causey- 
side to Gordon's lane 

QUAY lane, east side of 88 New Sned- 
don to Quay 

Queen street, south side of 7 Broom- 
lands to George street 

RALSTON square, south side of 50 

George street 
Regent street, north of Whitehangh dr. 
Renfrew rd., continuation of Renfrew st. 
Renfrew street, north end of East Croft 

to Gateside 
Riccartsbar avenue, south f rom Riccarts- 

bar road 
Rose street, east of Blackball street 
Rosebery place, south from Carriagehill 
Rowan street, east side of Lylesland 
Royal terrace, north side of Glasgow 

road and east of Garthland place 
Russell st., north-east from Greenock rd. 

SANDHOLES, head of Well street to 

King street 
Saucel, east end of Gordon's lane to 

School vvynd, west side of 6' Moss street 

to Oakshaw street 
Seedhill, from Cart street to Seedhill 

road to Hawkhead road 
Seedhill road, from Seedhill to Hawk- 
head road 
Shuttle street, south side of 30 New 

street to Brown's lane 
Silk st, east side of Lawn st. to Gauze st. 
Sir Michael street, south side of 24 

George street to Canal street 
Spriugbank road, from north of Love st. 
Smith's lane, north-east side of 72 New 

Sneddon to river 
Smith street, from Stock st. to Neilston 

street (Calside) 
Smithhills, from east end of St. James 

bridge to Gauze street 
St. James place, from foot of Moss st. 

to Love street 
St. James street, from Love street to 

Underwood street 
St. Mary terrace, Coliuslee 
St. Mirren st, from Cross to Causeyside 
Stanley drive, off Blackland Mill road, 




Stanley place, Nos. 48 to 50 Causeyside 
Stevenson st. rom head of Causeyside 

Stirling street, west side of Calside to 

Stevenson street 
Stockst., westsideof Lyleslandto Calside 
Stonoy brae, from Oakshaw street to St. 

James street 
Stow place, foot of Storie st. to Stow st. 
Storie street, south side of 37 High st. 

to Canal street 
Stow street, west side of 80 Causeyside 

to Stow place 
Sunnyside road, from Braid's road 

Sutherland street, off Underwood lane 
TANNAHILL place, Greenock road 
Thistle street, back of Thistle buildings 
Thistle buildings, Corsebar road 
Thomas street, north side of 3 6 Ferguslie 
Thorn place, Mary street 
Thread street, from Bank st. to Cart st. 
Townhead terr., south from 40 High st. 
Twigg's lane, north side of 62 New 

Sneddon to river 
UNDERWOOD lane, from 21 Well st. 

Underwood road, from St. James street 

to foot of Well street 
Union street, south side of Stock street 
Unstead place, off Kilnside road. 
VICTORIA place, Lady laue 
Victoria buildings, Greenock road 
Victoria street, off Springbank road 
Violet street, north side of Seedhill rd. 

WALKER street, from west end of 
Argyle street to Wellmeadow 

Wallace street, east side of 50 Love 
street to Carlile place 

Wallneuk, north end of Lawn street to 
East Croft street 

Wardrop street, south side of George 
street to Canal street 

Water brae (Burgh), foot of St. Mirren 
street to river 

Water brae (New Town), west side of 
4 New Smithhills to river 

Weir street, from South Croft to Wall- 

Wellington st.,westside of Caledonia st. 

Wellmeadow, west end of High street 
to Broomlands 

Well street, north side of 27 Well- 
meadow street 

West brae, north side of 31 Wellmeadow 
to Oakshaw street 

West st., south side of 20 Broomlands 

Westmarch street, Westmarch 

Whitehaugh drive, north side of Glas- 
gow road 

Whitehaugh terrace, north side of Glas- 
gow road, past Whitehaugh lodge 

Whitehead street, continuation of 
Cameron street 

Williamsburgh, east end of Garthland 
street to East toll bar 

William street, north side of 68 Broom- 

Wilson street, west of William street 

Woodside place, King street, west 






ISDALE & M'GALLUM, Paisley. 



J. & J. COOK, 

Publishers of the 


and the 

JtoltB & JRenfrctosIiiw (6a*cttc. 




Telegrams : 

" Gazette, Paisley." 


Number 145. 

Robert Hay & Son, 

Manufacturing Stationers, . . 

Engravers and Lithographers, 




ACCOUNT BOOKS of all kinds made to order. 



An Excellent Assortment of COUNTING HOUSE REQUISITES always 
on hand. 




NOTEPAPER and ENYELOPES, stamped with Crest, Monogram, 

or Address, in Newest Styles. 
YISITING CARDS, Engraved, Printed, or Embossed. 


ENGRAVING. Brass Name Plates of all kinds. Arms, Crests, 
= Cyphers, &c, on Gold and Silver Plate. 

PRINTING. Circulars, Price Lists, Address Labels, Gummed 
===== Labels, &c. 



ABBEY CHURCH, 16 Smithhills— erected in the year 1160, 

keys to be bad at James Adams', churcb officer, 11 Abbey close , 
Abbey Sounding Aisle, Abbey close — James Adams, 11 Abbey ^ 

close, keeper Qg 

Abercorn Foundry Company (Hanna, Donald, & Wilson), iron- ^Jk 

founders, North Croft Jry 

Abercorn Goods Station, 10 Hamilton street — A. Wilkie, agent 
Abercorn Railway Station, Renfrew road — A. Wilkie, station- Qf 

master r , L< 

Abercorn Ship-Building Company (Hanna, Donald, & Wilson), 

Abercorn street 
Abercorn Weaving Factory (H. Crawford), Abercorn street 
Abercrombie, Alex., lithographer, Glasgow — house Rowantree3, ■■J 

Castlehead f]Q 

Abercrombie, John, writer and notary public, of Hart, Abercrombie, 0^ 

& Lang, procurator-fiscal depute for the Upper Ward of Ren- *■■ 

frewshire, and justice of peace fiscal for Renfrewshire — mL 

house Auchencraig, Craw road 
Abercrombie, T. Graham, architect, 1 County place — house ^* 

Redholme, Castlehead QJ 

Abercrombie, Walter A., of Jackson & Abercrombie, 5 County place ~ 
Abercrombie, William, Craigmuir, Meikleriggs 
Abercorn Oil Works, M'Farlane street, Race Course road, C. 

Handasyde & Co. 
Adam, Alexander, soot merchantand chimney-sweep, 14 Old Smith- •<£ 

Adam, Archibald, clerk of works to School Board — house 25 St. 

James street 
Adam Bros., lithographers and printers, 111 Causeyside 
Adam, George, reporter, "Daily Express" — house 4 Old Smithhills 
Adam, George H., with J. & P. Coats, Limited, Glasgow; house 9 





Adam, Henry H., M.A., teacher, East Public School ; ho. 8 George 

Adam, James, 6 Cotton street 

Adam, James, tailor and clothier, 4 Smithhills — house do. 
Adam, James, teacher Camphill School — house 4 Townhead terrace 
Adam, James, at Smith Bros, & Co. — house 4 Middle lane 
Adam, James, & Son, glass merchants, glaziers, glass embossers 

and gilders, 19 Moss street — house Lilly bank, Well street 
Adam, Jno., M.B. & CM., medical practitioner, consulting rooms, 

2 New Smithhills — house do. 
Adam, John, writer, 5 County place — house Norwell, Castlehead 
Adam, Jno., hosier, glover, and hatter, 25 High st. — ho. Southpark 
Adam, John, farmer, East Walkinshaw. 

Adam, John, clerk to Stewart & Wallace — house 20 Underwood road 
Adam, Joseph, chimney-sweep, 30 St. James street; house do. 
Adam, Joseph, church officer, 9 Smith street 
Adam, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 60 Causeyside — house 

Wardknowe, Sunnyside 
Adam, Robert, spirit merchant, 68 George street— house Salisbury 

lodge, Meikleriggs 
Adam, Robert, of Adam Bros., lithographers — ho. 22 Blackhail st. 
Adam, William, of Hill & Adam — house 6 North street 
Adam, William, jun., assistant sanitary inspector, 14 Gilmour st. 
Adam, William, manager, Soho Engine Works — house 1 Tannahill 

Adam, William, of Adam Bros. — house 10 Kiluside road 
Adam, William, jun., at Clark & Co, Ltd. — house 7 North street 
Adam, Mrs., confectioner, 1 Alice place — house do. 
Adam, Mrs. Alexander, confectioner, 32 George street — house do. 
Adam, J., ladies' and children's outfitter, 16 High street — house 

Adam, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit merchant, 9 Williamsburgh — ► 

house do. 
Adam, Miss Catherine, 5 Christie street 
Adam, Miss Elizabeth, 5 Christie street 
Adam, Miss Margaret, boot store, 1 Mavisbank terrace, Blackhail 

— house 9 do. 
Adams, Andrew, hairdresser, 4 Silk street — ho. 10 New Sneddon st. 
Adams, James, church officer of the Abbey, superintendent Abbey 

graveyard, and keeper of Sounding Aisle — house 11 Abbey close 
Adams, James, cashier with John Adam, writer — house 1 Gladstone 

Adams, James, inspector of police, Central police office, Gilmour 

street — house 8 Phillips street 


Adams, John, F. S., engineer and mill finisher, 68 Back Sneddon; 
house 11 Abbey close 

Adams, Samuel, hairdresser, 16 Old Sneddon — house 26 Orchard st. 

Adams, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, 23 Neilston road — ho. do. 

Adamson, Donald, gamekeeper, Nethercraigs 

Adamson, D., & Son, billposters, 99 High street 

Adie, Alexander, restaurateur, 63 Broomlands ; house 10 M'Ke.rell 

Adie, Alexander, fruiterer, 21 Gauze street — house 10 M'Kerrell st. 

Addison, Jessie, L.L.A., teacher, John Neilson Institution — house 
39 High street 

Agate, William, Mus. B., Oxon., F.R.C.O., teacher of music, organist 
of Geo. A. Clark Town Hall and St. James Church — house 
Hilden, Castlehead, and Rydal Mount, Hunter's Quay 

Agnew, Andrew, 5 Blackhall buildings 

Aguew, J , hairdresser, 65 Storie street — house 18 Alice place 

Agnew, Miss, of Henderson & Agnew — house 26 Blackhall street 

Ahorn, Michael, R.C. clergyman, 2 East Buchanan street 

Aiken, Robert, cowfeeder, Craigielea dairy, 44 Well street — house 
7 Walker street 

Aird, Robert, teacher, Williamsburgh School ; ho. 2 Stanley place 

Airdrie, D., nurseryman, Whitehaugh nursery, off Glasgow road 

Airlie, Jeanie S., Braefoot, Castlehead 

Aitken, Charles, 2 Newhall terrace, Glenfield road 

Aitken, David, draper, clothier, and dressmaker, 44 New street- 
house Langroods, Inchiunan road 

Aitken, James, cowfeeder and dairy, 39 Ferguslie ; house do. 

Aitken, James, carriage hirer, 16 Thread street 

Aitken, Robert, dairy, 46 Well street ; house 7 Walker street 

Aitken, Thomas, joiner, 36 Stock street — house Stonefield cottage 

Aitken, Thomas, baker, 17 Wellmeadow — house 10 Sandholes 

Aitken, Thomas, clerk to John Clark & Co. — house 3 Forbes place 

Aitken, William, clerk at John Morrison & Sons — house 21 
Whitehead street 

Aitken, M.. dressmaker, 13 Lawn street 

Aitken, Mrs., confectioner, 8 Rosebery place 

Aitken, Mrs. William, grocer and draper, 18 Mossvale street — ho. do. 

Alcorn, John, clerk at R. Brown & Son, Ltd. — house 30 Well street 

Alexander, James, & Co., house painters and decorators, 37 Causey- 
side— house 18 Gleniffer terrace (see advt.) 

Alexander, John O., distributor of stamps and sub-collector of 
taxes, agent for Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Company 
and the Scottish Alliance Insurance Company Limited, 4 
Causeys'de — house 9 Glenview, Barterholm road 


Alexander, John Y., of John Murray & Co., 25 Thread street — 

house 3 Crossflat crescent 
Alexander, J., & Son, jacquard machine makers and weavers' 

wrights-, 9 Bridge street — house 18 Moss street 
Alexander, John, mechanic foreman, 6 Ferguslie buildings 
Alexander, Robert, clerk at Co-operative Manufacturing Society, 

Ltd., 48 Causeyside street 
Alexander, Robert, 2 Gordon place 
Alexander, Robert, at James Lang's, 31 High street ; ho. 2 Gordon 

place, King street 
Alexander, R. J., cashier at Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell's — house 

5 Falside 
Alexander, Thomas, manager at Firelight Factory — house 27 

Caledonia street 
Alexander, Thomas, officer New Jerusalem Church — house 12 

George street 
Alexander, Jessie, teacher North Public School — house 18 Moss st. 
Alexander, Jessie, matron Royal Alexandra Infirmary, Barbour park 
Alexander, Mrs. John, purveyor, fancy bread and pastry baker, 5 

Love street — house do. 
Alexander, Mrs. William, 48 Causeyside 

Alexander, Jessie, teacher, North School — house 18 Moss street 
Allan, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 19 George street — house 

233 Bernard street, Bridgeton, Glasgow 
Allan, Charles, market gardener, Moss- side, Greenock road 
Allan, Hugh, of Allan & M'Farlane ; house 8 Whitehead street 
Allan, John S., manager Glenfield Starch works — ho. The Willows, 

Allan & M' Farlane, slaters and cement workers, 8 Silk street 
Allan, Peter, hatter, hosier, and glover, 107 High street — house 

10 Greenlaw avenue 
Allan, T. D., accountant, Royal Bank of Scotland — house Goulburn, 

Allan, Mrs. William, confectioner, 8 Albert place, Espedair 
Allan, Janet Ann, teacher, Camphill Public School — ho. 26 Under- 
wood road 
Allan, Mary M., teacher, Abercorn Public School; house 18 

Apsley place, Glasgow 
Allan, Mrs. John, draper, 33 Kilnside road — house do. 
Alliance Assurance Company, Ltd., 151 West George street, Glasgow 

(see advt.) 
Allice, Andrew, at James Harvey & Co.'s Ltd. — house 2 Green- 
law avenue 
Allison, Allan, assurance agent, 4 Stevenson street 


Allison, David, church officer of St. James' U.F. Church, 5 Under- 
wood road 

Allison, David, timber merchant, 49 Love street 

Allison, Hugh, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 14 
Gilmour street — house Underwood house 

Allison, James, flesher, 34 High street — house 2 Townhead 

Allison, John, grocer and provision merchant, 86 Causeyside — ho. 
4 Stow place 

Allison, Jno. Dunn, MA., LL.B., of Jas. H. Dunn & Allison, 
writer and notary public — house Cartvale 

Allison, Joseph, & Co., ham curers and provision merchants, 18 
Sandholes — house Florence villa, Glasgow road 

Allison, Joseph, of Joseph Allison & Co. — house Florence villa, 
Glasgow road 

Allison, Matthew, 25 Oakshaw 

Allison, Robert, timber broker, 154 St. Vincent street, Glasgow- 
house Rosemount. Castlehead, and Nordlyset, Ardrossan 

Allison, Walter, flesher, 2 St. James street; house Lusshaugh, 
Glasgow road 

Allison, William, timber merchant, Victoria Saw mills, 23 Love 
street — house Cartvale house. Love street 

Allison, William, plumber and gasfitter (regd.), 39 New street- 
house 25 Broomlands 

Allison, Agnes, grocer, 29 Williamsburgh— house Florence villa 

Allison, Mrs., draper, 32 Carriagehill — house 2 Mary street 

Allison, Mrs. Alex , Lusshaugh, Glasgow road' 

Allison, Mrs. William, farmer, South Arkleston 

Allison, Janet C, teacher Camphill School— ho. 43 High street 

Amy, Joseph, M.D., George place house 

Anderson, Archibald, agent," Scottish Legal Society — house 40 
Clark street 

Anderson Bros., fleshers, 35 High street 

Anderson, D., 4 Ferguslie buildings 

Anderson, George, of George Anderson & Co., china merchants — 
house 1 Maxwell street 

Anderson, George, of Anderson Bros., 35 High street ; house 26 
Derby crescent, Kelvinside, Glasgow 

Anderson, George, & Co., china and earthenware merchants, 47 
Moss street 

Anderson, James, certificated art teacher — house Boleruo cottage, 

Anderson, James, cashier, Daily Express Office— house Norwood, 
Ulundi road, Johnstone 


Anderson, James, funeral undertaker, 43 Wellmeadow — house 13 

Well meadow 
Anderson, James, violin and billiard cue maker, 43 Wellmeadow ; 

house 13 do. 
Anderson, James, house factor, 24 Glen street 
Anderson, John, at J. & D. Whitehead's — house Wellmeadow 
Anderson, John, grocer, 46 High street — house 18 Well street 
Anderson, John A., general merchant, 6 St. James place 
Anderson, Robert, seedsman, 40 High street — house 25 George st. 
Anderson, William, superintendent of Refuge Assurance Co , 5 

County place ; house do. 
Anderson, William, fruiterer, 28 Causeyside ; house 14 Whitehead 

Anderson, William, hosier and hatter, 53 High street — house 2 

George place 
Anderson, Elizabeth, teacher, Williamsburgh school — house 2 

Jauefield place 
Anderson, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Springbank road 

— house 6 Buchanan terrace, Greenock road 
Anderson, Lizzie M., teacher, 2 Janefield place 
Anderson, Margaret H., teacher, Carbrook Street School; house 2 

Janefield place 
Anderson, Miss E. J., music teacher, 7 Townhead terrace ; house do. 
Anderson, Miss Mary, teacher, Fergus! ie Half -Time School — house 

25 Oakshaw street 
Anderson, Miss, music teacher, 53 High street 
Anderson, Mrs. Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Caledonia 

street — house 4 Caledonia street 
Andrew, Alexander, M.A., teacher, Williamsburgh Public School 

— house 131 George street 
Andrew, Andrew G., fancy goods merchant, 42 Moss street — house 

7 Love street 
Andrew, James, farmer, Bushes farm 

Andrew, John, collector of gas accounts — house 9 Clarence street 
Andrew, William, grocer and provision merchant, 9 Wardrop street 

— house 9 Well street 
Andrew, Jessie, with Co-operative Manufacturing Society, Ltd., 

15 Broomlands — house 2 Alexandria place 
Andrews, John, Wellmeadow house, 11 Wellmeadow 
Angus, John Lavis, Post Office clerk ; house 93 High street 
Archibald, George, at M. Greenlees & Son — house 11 Argyle street 
Archibald, George, at National Telephone Co., Ltd. ; house 9 

Hillview place 
Archibald, Thomas, warper, 1 Causeyside street — ho. 9 Hillview pL 


Armour, John, foreman to Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd.; ho. 4 
Douglas terrace 

Armour, W. & R., fleshers, 53 Broomlands — house 12 Carbrook 

Armstrong & M'Nair, contractors, 15 St. James street 

Arndle, Hugh, cowfeeder, 26 New street ; house do. 

Arneil, James, hairdresser, 4 Causeyside — house 3| Bank street 

Arneil, Robert, farmer, Corsebar 

Arnott, Samuel, grocer, 53 Caledonia street — house 1 Caledonia st. 

Arnott, William, church-officer of Oakshaw U. F. Church — house 
5 Meeting-house lane 

Arnott, William, flesher, 21 Gauze street 

Arrol, James, at Smith Brothers & Co.'s— house 1 Alice place 

Arthur, Alexander, foreman hamcurer at John Spence & Son's — 
house 5 Clavering street 

Arthur, J. F., grocer, 96 New Sneddon street; house do. 

Arthur, James, mechanical draughtsman, 39 High street 

Arthur, J., patternmaker, Adelphi place, 12 North street 

Arthur, Joseph Fowler, wine and spirit merchant, Criterion Spirit 
vaults, 14 Old Sneddon, and Theatre buildings, Greenock — 
house 2 Margaret street 

Arthur, R., church officer High Parish Church — house 14 Oakshaw 

Arthur, Samuel, flesher, 17 George street and 14 Underwood road 
— house 24 Argyle street 

Arthur, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 43 High street — house 
7 Walker street 

Arthur, Mrs. James, Barshaw house, Glasgow road 

Arthur, Jenny F., teacher, East Public School — house Adelphi 
place, North street 

Ashworth, G. R., at Adam Hamilton & Sons, Ltd. — house 17 New- 
Stock street 

Asquith, K., clothier and drapery agent, 13 Wardrop street 

Atlas Engine Works (Hanna, Donald, & Wilson), Back Sneddon 

Anbull, Otto R., engineer, with Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd., Ren- 
frew — house Briardale, Hawkhead road 

Auchterlonie, William, goods superintendent, Glasgow & South- 
western Railway Co., Canal Line Stations, and agent for the 
Railway Passengers' Assurance Company; ho. Canal bank house 

Aucott, David D., agent British Linen Company Bank — house British- 
Linen Company Bank house, Gilmour street 

Auld, George, of Auld & Lorimer — house 23 Oakshaw 

Auld & Lorimer, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 49 High street 

Ayton, James, flesher, 8 Cotton street — house 10 Cotton street 


BAILLIE, Daniel, cowfeeder, Lylesland dairy — house do. 
Baillie, Douglas G , jun., clerk at Young & Kelly's, 12 High street; 

house 14 High street 
Baillie, Peter, baker, 79 Broomlands 
Bain, J. C, teacher of shorthand, typewriting, bookkeepiug, etc., 8 

High street 
Bain, James H., spirit merchant, 29 Gauze street — house Millbrae 

cottage, Ascog, Rothesay 
Bain, Robert J., wholesale manufacturing cabinetmaker and 

upholsterer, 41 Wellmeadow — house 42 Lady lane 
Baird, George, at Wm. JYLNair's, 21 Wellmeadow 
Baird, C. P., milliner, 31 Gauze street — house Renfrew 
Baird, James, church officer St. Columba Gaelic Church — house 12 

Warclrop street 
Baird, II., tobacconist and newsagent, 19 Wellmeadow — house 10 

Castle street 
Baird, James, cabinetmaker, 24 High street — house 12 Wardrop st. 
Baird, James, hairdresser, 2 Gauze street and 16 George street — 

house 5 Garthland lane 
Baird, John F., at Speirs, Gibb & Co.'s — house Edgehill, Castlehead 
Baird, Robert, at Speirs, Gibb & Co.'s — ho. Meadowbank, Greenock 

Baird, Robert, hairdresser, 1G George street — house Garthland lane 
Baird, Robert, of W. & R. Baird ; house 29 Neilston street 
Baird, W. & R., Craigsbank Laundry, Colinslee 
Baird, William, of W. & R. Baird ; house 5 Rosebery place 
Baird, William, of Kirkwood, Baird, & Co., Ltd. — house 6 Glenview 
Baird, William, saddler and harness maker, 79 High street — house 

33 Oakshaw street 
Baird, Wilson, of Kirkwood, Baird, & Co., Ltd. — house Kelburne, 

Bakers House of Call, 13 High street 
Balderston, James, 32 Oakshaw street 
Balderston, James, general manager at Clark & Co., Ltd. — liouse 

Balderston, jun., James C, of Cochran & M'Gechan, 22 New 

Balderston, John, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay Ltd. — house 4 

Greenlaw avenue 
Balderston, Robert, of Clark & Co., Ltd. — house Arclgowan, 

Baldwin, Miss, Braefoot, Castlehead 
Balestracci, Nando, ice-cream dealer and confectioner, 20 Lawn 

street ; house 28 New street 


Balfour, David, traveller to Hugh Lambie — lio. 28 New Stock street 

Balfour, William, tailor, 16 High street — house do. 

Balfour, Margaret, grocer aucl spirit merchant, 10 Storie street 

— house 55 do. 
Ballantyne, Thomas, The Discount Bookseller, 19 Gauze street — 

house 54 Causeyside 
Ballantyne, James, confectioner and fruiterer, 23 Gauze street — 

house 32 Cotton street 
Ballantyne, John, & Son, booksellers and stationers, 28 High street 

and 45 New street 
Ballantyne, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, at John Ballantyne 

6 Sou's ; house 54 Causeyside 
Ballantyne, Mrs., 54 Causeyside street 

Balnave, David, at David Murray & Sons' — house 4 M'Intyre place 
Balnave, James, clerk, Co-operative Manufacturing Society — house 

4 M'Intyre place 
Balnave, Mrs. Annie, china merchant, 17 Sandholes — house do. 
Bank of Scotland, St. Mirren street — George Seton Veitch, agent — 

house Friarshall 
Bannatyne, James, clerk, J. & P. Coats, Ltd., Glasgow — house 4 

Clarence street 
Barbour, John M., clerk, Electricity works, Blackhall street — house 

7 George street 

Barbour, Robert G., clerk to Cartvale Chemical Co., Ltd. — house 

9 New Sneddon street 
Barbour, Mrs. James, umbrella, bag, and waterproof warehouse, 

12 High street — house 13 High street 
Barbour, Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 9 St. James street 
Barclay, Allan, dairyman, 27 St. James street— house do. 
Barclay, Andrew, contractor, 9 Barclay st. — house 77 Canal st. 
Barclay, George, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay, Limited — house 

Thorn house, Johnstone 
Barclay, James, builder, Christie street — house Deanville, Greenlaw 

Barclay, James, manager at William Fulton & Sons Ltd. — house 

Glenview cottage, Glenfield 
Barclay, James, 3 Gateside 

Barclay, Mrs., clothes mangling and dressing, 1 Lusted place 
Barclay, Misses, The Cottage, Gateside 

Barnett, James, grocer, 68 George street — house 8 Sandholes 
Barr, Alexander, builder — house Bellena cottage, Hawkhead road 
Barr, Alexander, grocer, 58 Storie street — house 10 New street 
Barr, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 34 Canal street — house 

11 Argyle street 


Barr & Colquhoim, plumbers and gasfitters, 24 Lawn street 
Barr, Daniel R., jun., clerk, Parish Council Office — house 3 

Barr, George, coal merchant, 8 On* street 
Barr, George, of Barr & Provan — house 100 Causeyside street 
Barr, George, officer of Inland Revenue — house 1 Buchanan ter. 
Barr, Hugh, of Barr & M'Caig — house Mavisbank terrace 
Barr, Hugh, joiner and builder, Espedair street — house AVhitecroft, 

Wester Carriagehill 


Barr, -lames H., covvfeeder, 18 Sandholes 

Barr, James, of Barr, Stirrat, & Co. — house 4 Calside terrace 

Barr, James, joiner and timber merchant, 45 and 46 Causeyside — 

house Thornly Park, Potterhill 
Barr, James, upholsterer, 4 M'Kerrell street 

Barr, James Craig, architect, 13 St. James place ; house Gateside 
Barr, John, manufacturing stationer and fancy goods importer, 

81 High street — house 32 Oakshaw street 
Barr, John, wood turner, Mossvale works — house Beechwood, 

Greenock road 
Barr, John, broker, 24 Old Sneddon — house do 
Barr, John, retired officer of Inland Revenue — house 1 Mansion- 
house road 
Barr, John, at Henry & Gait — house 78 Broomlands 
Barr & M'Caig, builders, 11 Shuttle street 
Barr, Patrick, of J. Hamilton & Co. — house 2 Union street 
Barr & Provan, plumbers and gasfitters, George place 
Barr, Robert, cowfeeder and dairyman, 39 Lady lane 
Barr, Stirrat, & Co., yarn merchants, 110 Causeyside street and 

153 Queen street, Glasgow 
Barr, Thomas M., of John Barr, wood turner — house Beechwood, 

Greenock road 
Barr, AVilliam, artist, 93 High street 
Barr, AVilliam, builder, 2 Stirling street 

Barr, AVilliam, of Barr & Colquhoim — house 29 Seedhill road 
Barr, AVilliam, foreman turner at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house 78 

Broomlands street 
Barr, Mrs., Laighpark, Renfrew road 
Barr, Mrs., care of Mrs. Craig, Gateside 
Barr, Mrs. James, dairy, 2 George street 
Barr, Mary, dressmaker, 6 Lonend 

Barr, Susan, confectioner, 8 St. James place — house 22 Underwood 
Barratt, John, Mus. Bac, Oxon., organist and teacher of music, 11 

Townhead terrace 
Bartholmew, Agnes, dressmaker, 1] Lady lane 


Barton, John, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Wellmeadow — house 

Bauchop, Alexander G., L D S., surgeon-dentist, 44 New street; 

house Stonefield 
Bauchop, David, carter and contractor, 1 South On* street 
Bauchop, John, clerk, Parish Council Office — house 1 South 

Orr street 
Bauchop, Misses, dairy, 3 Neilston street — house 1 Orr street 
Bauchop, Mrs. William, Stonefield 
Beacom, Armourer-Sergt. J. F., janitor Neilson Institution — house 

The lodge, Oakshawhead 
Beacom, Robert, & Co., carters, 16 Causeyside street — house 8 

Orchard street 
Beacom, Mrs. A., confectioner, 19 George street ; house do. 
Beaconsfield Club, 32 ^Tew street — Alex. Maefarlane, secretary 
Beaton, Alexander, at Adam Hamilton & Son's, Ltd., Blackland 

mill — house 3 Gladstone terrace 
Beaton, Joseph B., commercial traveller, 9 Walker street 
Beaton, Neil, contractor, 31 Springbank road 

Beaton, William, beamer, 18 Neilston road — house 8 Neilston road 
Beattie, Thomas, janitor, Drill Hall ; house do. 
Beattie, Miss Penuel, proprietrix, 1 Gordon place, King street 
Beckett, J. & M., millinery and furnishings, 55 Causeyside — house 

Burnpark, Lylesland 
Begg, Alexander, & Co., woolen manufacturers, 112 Causeyside 
Begg, David, of Johnston & Fairie, 113 Virginia place, Glasgow — 

— house Strathview, Potterhill 
Begg, James, grain merchant, Glasgow — house Westlands, Castle- 
Begg, John, & Son, funeral undertakers, 24 Cotton street 
Begg, R. C, accountant, house factor, and insurance agent, 15 

Gilmour street — house Hawkhead road 
Begg, Thomas, funeral undertaker, 24 Cotton street 
Begg, Thomas G., of John Begg & Son — house 24 Cotton street 
Begg, Mrs. John, feuar, 24 Cotton street 
Beith, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 1 Phillips street 
Bell, Allan, jim., music teacher, organist and choirmaster Holy 

Trinity Church — house 1 Royal terrace 
Bell, Archibald, tailor and clothier, 22 High street — house do. 
Bell, A., & Sons, Ltd., dyers, cleaners, &c. — receiving offices, 

Stanley Dyeworks and 6 Gilmour street, Paisley ; and at Dublin, 

Belfast, Londonderry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Greenock ; 

telephone No. 40 — works, Stanley Dyeworks (see advt.) 
IB ell, Daniel, of Bell & M'Lachlan — house 10 St. James street 


Bell, Edward Graham, clerk at National Bank of Scotland ; house 

Newhall villas, The Glen 
Bell, J. Malcolm, B.Sc, assistant lecturer on Practical Geometry 

at Technical School, 180 Hope street, Glasgow 
Bell, James S., Sheriff-Clerk's office — house 1 Royal terrace 
Bell, John, M.A , teacher, Grammar School ; house 1 Kelburce 

Bell, John, of A. Bell & Sons Ltd. — house Glencraig, Kilmalcolm 
Bell & M'Lachlan, brickbuilders, 2 Glen lane 
Bell, P. G., secretary at Fleming & Ferguson's (Ltd.) — house 

Linton cottage, Bridge of Weir 
Bell, R. King, of A. Bell & Sons Ltd. — house Middlepark, Stanely 

Bell, William, foreman dyer at William Fulton & Sons Ltd. — house 

Newhall villas, Glenfield 
Bell, Miss Jane, supt., Association for Improving the Condition of 

the Poor, 112 Causeyside — house 4 Greenlaw avenue 
Bell, Mrs., dressmaker, 5 Stow street 
Bennett, J. W., hatter and hosier, 7 Moss street — ho. G4 Esplanade,. 

Bennett, Peter, lecturer on Practical Mathematics at Technical 

School, 2 Franklin terrace, Sandyford, Glasgow 
Bentley, John W., 292 Crow road, Glasgow 
Berry, Adam B., actuary, The Savings Bank of Paisley — house 9 

Townhead terrace 
Berry, John C, glass merchant, glazier, and painter, 35 High street 

— house 53 High street 
Berry, jun., John Cuthbertson, at A. Fraser's, 100 High street — 

house 40 High street, Townhead terrace 
Berry, Elizabeth, dress and mantlemaker and teacher of dressmaking, 

9 Townhead terrace ; house do. 
Berry, Lizzie B., teacher, Camphill School — house 53 High street 
Bethel (Ferguslie) Mission Hall, 8 West Campbell street 
Bett, Dav.'d house painter, 41 Wellmeadow street — workshop 51 

High street — house 1 Towmhead terrace 
Beveridge, George, reporter, Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette ; ho. 

4 Clarence street 
Beveridge, George, F.E.T,S., headmaster, Carbrook Street Public 

School ; house 2 Mansfield place 
Beveridge, William, joiner and builder, 7 Seedhill road 
Beveridge, Miss J., milliner, 57 Broomlands — house Armadale,. 

Thomson avenue, Johnstone 
Biggar, Thomas S., commission merchant, 1 Old Smithhills — house 

18 Oakshaw street 


Biggar, William, accountaut and house factor, 1 Old Smithhills — 
house 18 Oakshaw street (see advt.) 

Biggar, Mrs. Thomas, 18 Oakshaw street 

Biggs, W. G., ironmonger, 46 Well street; house do. 

Bird, George, Inland Revenue officer, 4 Allison place 

Black, Alex., stationer and tobacconist, 21 Oauseyside — house 11 
Mavisbank terrace 

Black, Daniel, at Clark & Co. Ltd. — house 3 Greenlaw terrace 

Black, Hugh, of T. Black, & Co., St. James' place — ho. 16 Under- 
wood road 

Black, Hugh, assistant inspector of poor, Parish Council office — 
house 11 Mavisbank terrace 

Black, James, assistant lecturer on Machine Construction at 
Technical School, 212 Main street, Gorbals, Glasgow 

Black, James A., foreman patternmaker, 5 Whitehaugh terrace 

Black, James, teacher, Ferguslie school — house 10 Townhead ter. 

Black, James K., coachman, 7 Christie street 

Black, John K., joiner, 66 Back Sneddon — house 8 West Croft 

Black, Joseph, coal merchant, Canal station — ho. 11 Mavisbank ter. 

Black, Malcolm, goods agent for Caledonian Railway Coy., Under- 
wood depot and St. James station — house Caledonia cottage, 
Murray street 

Black, M. G., provision merchant, 29 Wellmeadow — house do. 

Black, Montgomery G., sub-postmaster, 29 Wellmeadow — house do 

Black. T., & Co., contractors, St. James' place 

Black, Thomas, of T. Black & Co. — house Quarrelton road, 

Black, William, flesher, 104 George street — ho. 21 Castle street 

Black, A. C, dress and mantle maker, 82 High street — house do. 

Black, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 12 Abbey street 

Blackwood, William & Son, bleachers, Craigton Bleachworks, 
Milngavie — house of call, Barr, Stirrat, & Co., 110 Causeyside 

Blair, Andrew L., clerk, Canal Goods station — ho. 6 Whitehaugh ter. 

Blair, George L., photographer, 49 High street — ho. 16 Castle st. 

Blair, Hugh, baker, 22 Sandholes — house 152 George street 

Bla r r, James, joiner, 16 Castle street — house do. 

Blair, John M., cashier at Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd. — house 12 
Greenlaw avenue 

Blair, John, tailor, 37 George street — house do, 

Blair, Matthew, The Moorings, Thornly Park 

Blair, Robert, fishmonger, 53 George street 

Blair, Mrs. John, Hay Weighs inn, 2 King street 

Blair, Jennie C, teacher, Camphill school — house 12 Greenlaw a v. 

Blair, Jessie, dressmaker, 34 George street — house do. 


Blair, Mrs. Agnes, general dealer and ironmonger, 3 Broomlands — ■ 
house 16 Castle street 

Blane, David, slater and chimney sweep, 56 Storie street 

Blane, George, slater and chimney sweeper, 83 Canal street 

Bine, Miss, matron House of Refuge, Victoria laundry, Victoria 
place, Lady lane 

Bole, Mrs. Wni., spirit merchant, 2 Renfrew st. — ho. 3 East Croft 

Boni, A., confectioner, 47 Broomlands and 1 Wellmeadow 

Borland, Hugh, 11 Hill view place 

Borland, Ellen, confectioner, 39 High street — house do. 

Borland, Janet, fruiterer and confectioner, 5 St. James street 

Bost, W. D. Ashton, Cartvale Chemical Works — house Adelphi 
house, New Sneddon street 

Bouttell, Frank II., draughtsman, Blackhall street — house 6 George 

Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Limited, shipbuilders, engineers, iron- 
founders, electrical engineers, and boiler makers, Thistle works, 

Bow, William, of Bow, M'Lachlan & Co. Limited; house Dunscore, 

Bowie, Allan, carting agent, G. & P. Jt. Ry., Greenlaw — house 
Norville, Blackhall 

Bowie, Allan J., hay, seed, and grain merchant, 3 Brown's lane — 
house Thrushcraig house 

Bowie, C. T., Fisher, & Co., decorators, 15 Gilmour street 

Bowie, James, farmer, West Dykebar 

Bowie, John, 11 Greenlaw avenue 

Bowie, John, jun., of T. & J. Bowie — house Bowmar, Hawk- 
head road 

Bowie, John, 2 Buchanan terrace 

Bowie, J. H., of David Murray & Son — house Torburn, Bearsden 

Bowie, T. & J., silk mercers and drapers, 109 High street 

Bowie, Thomas, of T. & J. Bowie — ho. St. Leonards, Ralston 

Bowie, Walter, farmer, Dykebarhill 

Bowie, William, writer, and Prosecutor for Burgh of Barrhead, 95 
High street; Tel. No., 296 — house 9 Townhead terrace 

Bowie, Maggie, dressmaker, 27 Well street; house do. 

Bowie, Mary, teacher, Camphill School — house Norville, Blackhall 

Bowie, Mrs. Walter, cowfeeder, 60 Canal street— ho. 20 Lady lane 

Bowskill, David, sergeant of police — house 10 Maxwell street 

Boyd, George V., drysalter, of Colinslee Chemical Co. Ltd., and 
64 Wellington street, Glasgow— house Crosbie, Stanley 

Boyd, James, fruiterer, 27 Gauze street — house 27 do. 

Bojd, James, dairyman, 8 Neilston street 


Boyd, James M., grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 82 Canal 

street — house 11 Barclay street 
Boyd, James, drysalter, of Colinslee Chemical Co., Ltd. — ho. The- 

Cottage, Millarston 
Boyd, James, tobacconist, 1 Smithhills — bouse 2 John street 
Boyd, James, & Sons, hothouse builders, beating engineers, and 

joiners, Macdowall street 
Boyd, James, of James Boyd & Sons — house Gledstane, Bishopton 
Boyd, James Duncan, of James Boyd & Sons— house 2 Oakshawhead 
Boyd, John, of James Boyd & Sons — house 2 Oakshawhead 
Boyd, John, at Smith Brothers & Co. — house 4 Mary street 
Boyd, John, wiue and spirit merchant, 2b New Smithhills — house 

3 Lylesland terrace 
Boyd, T. H., grocer, 30 Carriagehill — house Fernside, Mary street 
Boyd, Yv r illiam, fishmonger, 67 Broomlands 
Boyd, Jane, West Public School — house 25 Queen street 
Boyd, Sarah, grocer, 25 Queen street — house do. 
Boyle, Robert, Arkleston villa, Arkleston road 
Boyle, Robeit P., general agent, and mop and broom manufacturer, 

51 Storie street 
Bradley, Mrs., draper, 80 New Sneddon street — house do. 
Brannan, Misses, plain and fancy knitted goods, 13 Gauze street — 

house Dunrona, Arkleston road 
Brannan, Misses, photographic printers, Dunrona, Arkleston road 
Brewster, Mrs. Janet, dairykeeper, 7 Mill street ; house do. 
British Legal Life Assurance Co., Ltd., 13 Moss street; Jaines- 

Maitland, district manager — house 2 Allison place 
British Linen Coy. Bank, 17 Gilmourst. — David D. Aucott, ao-ent 
British Workman Public House, 8 St. James place 
British Workman Public House, 20 Wellmeaclow 
Brock, James, fruiterer, 32 Storie street; house 31 do. 
Brodie, Alex., loom card cutter, 113 Causeysicle — ho. 5 Phillips st. 
Brodie, Alex. S., cashier to Young & Kelly — ho. 72 Love street 
Brodie, John, feuar, 9 Whitehaugh terrace 
Brodie Park, High Carriagehill- — Daniel M'Dougall, keeper 
Brodie, William, mill foreman, 10 Phillips street 
Brough Trust Nurses, 41 Oakshaw street 
Brough, William, Sheriff Clerk Depute of Renfrewshire, Greenock 

— house 46 Millarston 
Brown, Daniel, manager at Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co. Ltd. — house 6 

Douglas terrace 
Brown, David, builder and joiner, Whitehaugh — ho. Whitehaugh dr. 
Brown Hall Model Lodging-house (A. Malcolm, proprietor), 1 
Canal street 


Brown, Herbert W., of Wm. Brown, jnn., & Co.'s. — house 7 

Hughenden terrace, Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Brown, Hugh A., teacher, Camphill School — house 75 Prince 

Edward street, Crosshill, Glasgow 
Brown, Hugh, of Snodgrass & Brown, mill furnishers, 37 and 38 

Old Sneddon— house 21 Caledonia street 
Brown, J., printer and stationer, 3 Garthland street 
Brown, J. & M., stationers and artists' colourmen, 45 Old Sneddon 

— house 50 Love street 
Brown, James, teacher, East Public School — house The Laura, 

Arkleston road 
Brown, James, 32 Cotton street 
Brown, John, tobacconist and stationer, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) — 

house 7 West Croft 
Brown, John Armour, of Brown & Poison— ho. Moredun, Stanely rd. 
Brown, John Francis, at Brown & Poison's — house Moredun 
Brown, John, insurance agent, 97 High street — house 9 Buchanan 

Brown, John, grocer, 27 Springbank road 
Brown, J., & Sons, jewellers, 83 High street 
Brown & Poison, starch and corn flour manufacturers, Royal 

Starch works, Carriagehill 
Brown, Ralph, furniture dealer, waste merchant, and wholesale 

stationer, Weir street and 12 NewSmithhills — house Ann iesfield, 

Hawkhead road 
Brown, Robert, tailor and clothier, 31 Gauze street — house 4 do. 
Brown, Robert, manager at William Fulton & Sons Ltd. — house 

Newhall villas, Glenfield 
Brown, Robert, name-plate maker, 10 Espedair st. — ho. 5 Neilston st. 
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., manufacturers of sanitary and plumbers' 

earthenware, and earthenware wall tiles, Paisley Sanitary 

Earthenware works, Ferguslie — Telephone No. 27; private 

direct wire Glasgow-Paisley, No. 5209, N. T. Co. Ltd. (no charge 

for use) ; telegraphic address " Sanitary," Paisley 
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., manufacturers of every description of fire 

clay goods, Ferguslie Fire Clay Works — Telephone No. 27 ; 

private direct w r ire Glasgow-Paisley, No. 5209, N. T. Co. Ltd. 

(no charge for use) ; telegraphic address " Sanitary," Paisley 
Brown, Robert, of Robert Brown & Son, Ltd. — Foxbar house 
Brown, Thomas, spirit dealer, 7 Wallneuk 
Brown, W.B., secretary to William Fulton & Sons Ltd. — house The 

Cottage, Glenfield 
Brown, William photographer, 9 Gilmour street — house 8 

Janefield place, Lylesland 


Brown, William, caretaker J. & P. Coats (Ltd.) baths and recreation 

rooms ; house 8 Mid lane 
Brown, "William, tea merchant, 37 High street — house 10 New 

Brown, William, at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — ho. Cruachan, Bridge of Weir 
Brown, W. Dykes, writer, hon. treasurer Liberal Club, 97 High 

street — house 8 Janefield place 
Brown, William, Sheriff-Clerk Depute and Commissary-Clerk 

Depute of Renfrewshire. Auditor of Court and of the Faculty 

of Solicitors, Paisley, Sheriff Court-house — house Braehead 

cottage, Meikleriggs 
Brown, William, boot and shoemaker, 1 Underwood lane — house 

6 Well street 
Brown, William, warehouseman at Clark & Co. Ltd., Burnetta 

cottage, Glasgow road 
Brown, William, jun., & Co., merchants and agents, 107 

Brown, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 2 Well street — house 5 

Kilnside road 
Brown, William J., of R. Love & Co. — house 15 Underwood lane 
Brown, Agnes, C.T., South School — house 8 Janefield place 
Brown, Anna D., music teacher, 8 Janefield place 
Brown, Helen, confectioner, 1 Underwood lane — house 11 Seedhill 

Brown, M., hosier, 4 Moss street — house Thorucliff, Pollokshields 
Brown, Miss, Underwood park 

Brown, Miss, of Scott & Brown — house 2 Crossflat terrace 
Brown, Misses A. & M., fleshers, 61 Causeyside — house 4 Mansfield 

Brown, Mrs., dressmaker, 30 Canal street 
Brown, Mrs., 2 Janefield place 

Brown, Mrs. Adam, newsagent, 4 Storie street — ho. do. 
Brown, Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 8 Ferguslie ; house do. 
Brown, Mrs. Robert, confectioner, 49 Storie street 
Browning, Alexander, sen., feuar, 10 West Buchanan st.; ho. 
Browning, Alexander, sen., joiner, cartwright, and smith, 10 

Buchanan street — house 5 do. 
Brownlee, John, brakesman, Cal. Railway Coy., St. James Station 

and Underwood depot — house Mackenzie street 
Brownlie, Mrs., Glenfield cottage, Castlehead 

Brownridge, Robert, M.B., CM., Charleston medical hall, and sub- 
postmaster, 17 Neilston road — house 1 Calside terrace 
Brownridge, William, teacher, Williamsburgh Public School — 

house, The Cottage, 7 Neilston street 



Bruce, James, M.B., CM., D.Ph., physician and surgeon, consulting 
rooms 8 High street and 9 Broomlands — house 28 Gauze street 

Bruce, James, iron merchant, Glasgow — house Eskdale, Hawkheacl 

Bruce, Robert, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 28 Gauze street 
— consulting rooms 23 Gauze street 

Bruce, Mrs. Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 75 Love street — house 
1 Crossflat terrace 

Brunsdon, Henry, of T. & R. Graham — house Dunira, Mansion- 
house road 

Brunton, William, 55 Causeyside 

Bryce, David, farmer, Abbotsinch, Inchinnan road 

Bryce, David, of D. & J. F. Bryce, Meikleriggs cottage 

Bryce, D. & J. F., manufacturers and warehousemen, 110 

Bryce, James, & Sons, joiners, 10 Hunter St.; house Garthland house 

Bryce, James F., of D. & J. F. Bryce, Meikleriggs cottage 

Bryce, John S., engineer, 10 Hunter street— house 11 do. 

Bryce, John, & Co., builders, 14 Lady lane 

Bryce, John, of John Bryce & Co. — house Belmont, Meikleriggs 

Bryce, William, gas meter inspector — house 5 Stirling street 

Bryce, Misses, milliners and drapers, 2 Old Smithhills — house 3 
Greenlaw terrace 

Bryson, Andrew, confectioner, 25 Orchard street 

Bryson, James, grocer, 58 George street — house 133 George street 

Buchanan, Adam, of Herd & Buchanan, 36 Old Sneddon street — 
house 4 Greenhill road 

Buchanan, Adam, clerk at Parish Council Office ; house 1 Unstead 

Buchanan, Angus, agent National Bank of Scotland Ltd. — house 
Knockrioch, Greenlaw drive 

Buchanan, Archibald, foreman joiner with Alex. M'Naughtan — 
house 3 Hannay street 

Buchanan, A. C, clerk to Robert Wilson & Laird — ho. Kilbarchan 

Buchanan, David, of Pollock & Co., yarn agents, agent for 
Commercial Union Insurance Co. — house Oakfern, Mansion- 
house road 

Buchanan, David C. R. C, gas meter inspector; ho. 13 Lady lane 

Buchanan, George, joiner, 4 Howie street. — house do. 

Buchanan, George, builder, 7 Buchanan terrace 

Buchanan, James, farmer, Hunterhill 

Buchanan, Neil, private secretary at Ferguslie Thread Works — 
house Birchlea, Meikleriggs 

Buchanan, Thomas, Mossvale School— house 27 Queen St., Renfrew 


Buchanan, William, at T. F. Reid & Donaldson's; ho. 9 Buchanan 

Buchanan, Mrs. Jas., drugstore, TBroomlands — house 15 Sandboles 
Budge, Alexander, draper, 90 High street — ho. Raguel, Meikleriggs 
Bull Inn, 5 New street — Mrs. Charles Stevenson, proprietor 
Bulloch, William, Sheriff officer, 16 Moss street— ho. 17 Thread st. 
Burgess, A., general house furnisher, 4 Lylesland — house do. 
Burgess, Miss L. B., fancy draper and dressmaker, 41 High street 
Burgh Police Office, Municipal Buildings — William Duncan, chief 

constable — house 1 Mansion-house road — telephone Nos. 100 

and 32 
Burnett, John, bank clerk, British Linen Co. Bank — ho. Houston 
Burnet & Hamilton, ham curers and wholesale provision merchants, 

8 and 9 Well street 
Burnet, W. M., of Burnet & Hamilton — house 9 Well street 
Burns, James, & Son, hairdressers and tobacconists, 54 Broomlands 

— house 94 George street 
Burns, James, insurance agent, 23 Abbey street 
Burns, Rev. A. Fyfe, M.A., St. George's Parish Church — house 

7 Garthland place 
Burrell, George, shipowner, Glasgow — house Gleniffer lodge 
Burtnay, James, spirit merchant, 12 Back Sneddon — house 6 

Moncrieff street 
Burt, David, clerk, Caledonian Railway Company, Underwood — 

house 28 Well street 
Byzantium toy warehouse, 51 Old Sneddon — M. B. M'Cumesty 

& Co., proprietors 

CABLES, Rev. James, M.A., minister of Oakshaw West U.F. 

Church, Oakshaw West U.F. Manse 
Cabman's Rest, County place — Mrs. Hutton, keeper — house 28 

Cotton street 
Cadien, James L., confectioner, 6 Lylesland — ho. 3 Stirling street 
Cahalane, M., officer Inland Revenue, Saucel Distillery; house 12 

Greenlaw avenue 
Caird, Rev. James Renny, M.A., minister U.F. Middle Church — 

manse Calside 
Cairns, Alexander, & Sons, St. George Preserve Works, Clark 

street — house Glencairn, Castlehead 
Cairns, Alexander, insurance superintendent, 77 High street 
Cairns, James M., preserve manufacturer, St. George Preserve 

Works — house Cairndene, Meikleriggs road 
Cairns, John, boot and shoemaker, 17 Lawn street ; ho. 7 Houstoun 

square, Johnstone 


Cairns, R., & Co., wholesale and retail confectioners, 100 High st. 

Cairns, Robert, of R. Cairns & Co. — house 8 Greenlaw avenue 

Calder, J., governor, Parish Poorhouse and Asylum 

Calderwood, James, joiner, 1 Espedair street — ho. 6 Stevenson st. 

Calderwood, John, restaurateur, 1 Brick lane 

Calderwood, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 94 New Sneddon — 
house Kersland, Renfrew road 

Calderwood, Jas., saddler & harness maker, 32 High st. — ho. do. 

Calderwood, Mary, teacher, Camphill Public School — house 
Woodside, Overton road, Johnstone 

Caldwell, David, at James Caldwell & Son — house 23 Whitehead st. 

Caldwell, David, coal, coke, and lime merchant — office and house 24 
Canal street 

Caldwell, Ja., Muir, & Caldwell, writers, and agents for the Royal 
Fire and Life Insurance Company, and Liverpool & London & 
Globe Insurance Company, County Buildings, St. James street 

Caldwell, James, jun., writer, of Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell, 
writers, clerk to Renfrew District Lunacy Board, County 
Buildings, St. James st. — ho. Craigielea 

Caldwell, James, of Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell, writers, writer 
and notary public, County Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector, 
Clerk to County Committee on Secondary Education — 
office County buildings, St. James street — ho. Craigielea place 

Caldwell, James, weavers' furnisher, 110 Causeysicle — ho. Glen Helen 

Caldwell, James, Mossfield, Greenock road 

Caldwell, James, & Son, wholesale and retail wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 9 and 10 Gilmour street — telephone No. 229 

Caldwell, James, clerk at Parish Council Office ; house 10 Glen- 
view, Barterholm 

Caldwell, John, of W. Caldwell & Co., Elton villa, Calside 

Caldwell, John, newsagent and tobacconist, 74 Love street — ho. do. 

Caldwell, John, of David Caldwell ; house 24 Canal street 

Caldwell, Peter, architect, surveyor, and property valuator, National 
Bank buildings, 12 St. Mirren street — house Duneaton, 
Ranfurly, Bridge of Weir 

Caldwell, Robert, tailor and clothier, 1 Storie street 

Caldwell, Robert, clerk, Corporation Gas office — ho. 24 Canal st. 

Caldwell, Robt. D., teller, British Linen Coy. Bank — ho. Hazelbank, 
Llawkhead road 

Caldwell, Robert G., Broxwood villa, Bridge of Weir 

Caldwell, Thomas, of James Caldwell & Son, 9 and 10 Gilmour 
street — house Rockfield, Renfrew road 

Caldwell, W., & Co., drysalters and gum manufacturers, Murray st. 

Caldwell, William, of W. Caldwell & Co., Elton villa, Calside 


Caldwell, William, of David Caldwell, coal merchant, 24 Canal 

street ; house do. 
Caldwell, William A. G., at Allan J. Bowie's, 3 Brown's lane; 

house 4 Mansfield place 
Caldwell, William, insurance agent, 25 St. James street ; house do. 
Caldwell, William, clerk, 26 Gauze street 
Caldwell, J., stationer, bookseller, and newsagent, 2 Gilmour st. — 

house 4 Moss street 
Caldwell, Maggie M., draper, 3 Gauze street — house 26 Gauze street 
Caldwell, Miss, dressmaker, 25 New Stock street ; house do. 
Caldwell, Mrs., tobacconist and newsagent, 82 High street — house 

5 Townhead terrace 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co. Ltd., 58 Renfield street, Glasgow 

— Wm. G. Kirkhope, secretary (see advt.) 
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Carting Department — office Greenlaw 

Goods Station — telephone No. 51 — Daniel Orr, agent — house 

6 Townhead terrace 

Caledonian Railway Co.'s General Enquiry and Carting office, 

12 Moss street — telephone No. 265 — Daniel Orr, agent 
Caledonian Railway Co. — Underwood and St. James Station — ■ 

station master, Donald Grant, 19 Greeuhill road 
Cameron, Alexander, general secretary, Young Men's Christian 

Association, editor of The Paisley Magazine, 12 Causeyside ; 

house 2 M'Kerrell street 
Cameron, Alexander, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 40 High street 

— house Viewfield, Meikleriggs 
Cameron, Alexander, dairyman, 26 Love street; house do. 
Cameron, James, butcher, 102 George street — house Bloomfield 

house, Meikleriggs 
Cameron, John, shoemaker, 70 Broomlancls — house 3 John street 
Cameron, John, foreman at Fullarton, Hodgart, & Barclay's — ho. 

5 M'Kerrell street 
Cameron, J. Winning, traveller, Geo. Dobie & Sons ; ho. 8 Skirving 

street, Shawlands, Glasgow 
Cameron, Peter, traveller with Thomas Kilpatrick — house 5 New 

Stock street 
Cameron, Peter, janitor, Oakshaw Public School ; house do. 
Cameron, Charles, janitor at Grammar School — ho. 5 Maxwell st. 
Cameron, Robert, confectioner, 67 Canal street — house do. 
Cameron, William, blacksmith, 4 Cotton street ; ho. 7 Cochran st. 
Cameron, William, gardener to Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart., 

Ferguslie park 
Cameron, Jeanie, draper and hosier, 36 M'Kerrell street — ho do. 
Cameron, Norman, teacher, St. James R. C. School 


Cameron, Roberta, assistant teacher, Oakshaw Public School ; 

house Park place, Calside 
Campbell, Alexander, collector of gas accounts, 2 Mansfield place 
Campbell, A. Laurie, surgeon dentist, 9 Orr square (Tel. No., 348) 

and 33 High street, Johnstone — house Cleveland villa, Glasgow 

road (Tel.'No., 349) (see advt.) 
Campbell, Archd., warehouseman, 110 Causeyside — house Camphill 
Campbell & Calderwood, engineers and boiler makers, Soho Engine 

Works, Murray street — Telephone No. 162; telegraphic 

address " Soho, Paisley " 
Campbell, Daniel, contractor and general merchant, 45 Well street 
Campbell, David, teacher North School — house 6 Townhead terrace 
Campbell, Duncan, district sanitary inspector, Second or Lower 

District of Renfrewshire, County buildings — house 9 Mavisbank 

terrace, Blackhall 
Campbell, D., of Campbell & M'Kechnie ; ho. 84 New Sneddon 
Campbell, James, wine and spirit merchant, 71 Broomlands — ho. do. 
Campbell, James Edward, M.A., B.L., of Reids & Campbell — house 

Lady lane house, 55 High street 
Campbell, John, hardware merchant, 36 Caledonia street — house 9 

Johnston street 
Campbell, John, nurseryman, Nethercommon gardens 
Campbell, John M., inspector of poor, Paisley Parish — c "ce 62 

and 63 Back Sneddon — house Bonally, Carriagehill 
Campbell, L. S., of Home Knitting Co., 2 Causeyside — ho. Burn- 
bank, Calside 
Campbell & M'Kechnie, slaters and plasterers, 84 New Sneddon 
Campbell, J., clog manufacturer, 4 Causeyside — ho. 22 Smitthills 
Campbell, Robert, hairdresser, 31 New Smithhills — house .30 Kiln- 
side road 
Campbell, Robert, at Galbraith's store, 51 Broomlands ; house 

71 Broomlands 
Campbell, Robert R., wine and spirit merchant, 82 Broomlands — 

house do. 
Campbell, William, textile manufacturer, 2 Causeyside St. — house 

Burnbank cottage, Calside 
Campbell, William, hairdresser, 20 Lawn street; ho. 6 Renfrew st.' 
Campbell, William, wine and spirit merchant, 38 High street — 

house 36 do. 
Campbell, William, out-door collector of police and water rates — 

house 31 St. James street 
Campbell, William Walker, director, Caledonia Engine works — 

house Oakshawhead 
Campbell, W. T., 12 Seedhill road 


Campbell, Jane, grocer, 11 Greenhill road — house do. 
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 64 Broomlands ; house do. 
Campbell, Jeanie, draper and hosier, 4 Ladyburn street— house 

Burnbank cottage, Calside 
Campbell, Maggie, Oakshaw house lodge, 44 Oakshaw street 
Campbell, Savinia S. B. teacher ; house Burnbaok, Calside 
Campbell, Miss, Camphill 

Campbell, Miss C. P., tobacconist, 3 St. James street — house 5 do. 
Campbell, Mrs., 31 Oakshaw street 
Canning, A., flesher, 7 Springbank road — house do. 
Cape, John B., teacher, Mossvale School; house 3 Andrew street 
Carkeet, Z., coal merchant, 6 Lylesland — house do. 
Carlile, James Sim, grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Thread street — 

house 20 Mill street 
Carlin, Francis, Galloway Dairy, 13 Underwood road; house do. 
Carmichael, Daniel, assistant instructor in machine construction at 

Technical School ; house 4 Middle lane 
Caruduff, John, hosier, 2 Neilston street — house 1 Bute place 
Carnochan, Alexander, superintendent Fountain Gardens, Love st. 
Carnochan, James, boot and shoemaker, 58 George st. — house 28 do. 
Carpet beating factory, 42 Gordon's lane 

Carruth, George, hairdresser, 52 George street — house 13 Under- 
wood lane 
Carruth, George, church-officer, Sherwood U.F. Church — house 

Clarence street 
Carruth, James, church-officer, St. George's U.F. Church — house 

2 Townhead terrace 
Carruth, jun., James, clerk at Parish Council Office ; house 2 

Townhead terrace 
Carse, John, manager to John Highgate & Co. — house 8 

Buchanan terrace 
Carse, John, manager, W. J. Highgate & Co., saw millers ; house 

4 Buchanan terrace 
Carse, Robert, butcher, 97 Causeyside street — house 14 Blackhall 

Carse, William, flesher, 50 Love street — house Janefield cottage, 

Iuchinnan road 
Carswell, Allan B., of David Carswell & Son — house Brierbank, 

Carswell, David, Oldbar cottages 

Carswell, David, & Son, bookbinders, 35 Storie street (see advt.) 
Carswell, Homer Hamilton, of John Carswell & Co. — house 

Auchencairn, Glasgow road 
Carswell, James, farmer, Darrochstock 


Carswell, John, & Co., stationers, lithographers, printers, book- 
binders, and account-book manufacturers, 14 Causeyside 

Carswell, Eliza, teacher, Ferguslie Public School ; house 25 St. 
James street 

Carswell, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Camphill 

Carter, William R., reporter, Glasgow Evening Citizen — house 55 
Caledonia street 

Cartvale Chemical Coy. (Limited), 59 New Sneddon street 

Cashmore, James, draper, 19 Storie street ; house do. 

Cashmore, John, fruiterer, 100 High street — ho. Aintree, Greenlaw 

Caskie, A., of Graham & Caskie — house 34 George street 

Caskie, James, shoemaker, 98^- George street — house do. 

Cassels, James, maker of gates, railings, and general smith, 4 Glen- 
lane — house 56 Love street 

Cassels, Robert, horseshoer and general smith, 19 St. James- street 
— house 5 Underwood 

Cassels, William, of Robert Murdoch & Co., iron and steel mer- 
chants, 10 West Croft, Paisley, and 23 Robertson street, Glasgow 
— house Cairndhu, Pollokshields 

Cassels, Miss Annie, dressmaker and hosier, 6 Bank street — ho. do. 

Cassidy, Edward, jun., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 84 High street 
and Cumberland court — house 13 High street 

Cassidy, Mrs. A., confectioner and fruiterer, 1 Crossflat terrace; 
house 1 M'Kerrell street 

Cassidy, Mrs., confectioner and newsagent, 21 Lawn street 

Cathcart, W. & T. brassfounders, 42 Wellmeadow 

Cathcart, Thomas, of W. & T. Cathcart ; ho. 2 Mill place, Camphill 

Cathcart, Walter, of W. & T. Cathcart; ho. 22 Underwood road 

Cattanach, Alexander, Auchentorlie house 

Cattanach, Lorimer, Auchentorlie house 

Cattanach, Robert Aitken, Auchentorlie house 

Caulfield & Co., china and glass manufacturers, 41 High street 

Cayzer, Sir C. W., M.P., of Cayzer, Irvine, & Co., Glasgow — house 

Cemetery, 58 Broomlands — Robert Reid, superintendent 

Cemetery (Hawkhead), Hawkheadrd. — Jas. Walker, superintendent 

Central Typewriting Office — M. A. Shaw, typist, Express buildings, 
12 Causeyside (see advt.) 

Chalmers, William, sub-manager, Ferguslie Thread Works, 2 
Ferguslie buildings 

Chalmers, Livingstone, commission agent, 21 Well street 

Chambers, Joseph, at J. B. Lamb's, 12 High street ; house Aber- 
corn cottage, Inkermann 


Chapman, George, tailor and clothier, 104 Causeyside — house: 

Barholm, Arkleston road 
Chapman, John, at Central Agency, Glasgow — house 33 Gauze st- 
Chapman, Mrs. Robert, farmer, North Arkleston, Glasgow road 
Charles, William J., hamcurer and provision merchant, 12 Ban- 
street — house Ashbourne villa, Arkleston road 
Charles, Mrs. J., dressmaker, 7 Sanclholes ; house do. 
Charleston Loan Company — G. F. Lochhead & Co., proprietors, 

5 and 6 Neilston road, and 42 Gt. Hamilton street 
Cherry, James, baker, 33 Gauze street — house 1 Crossflat terrace 
Chisholm, V. Rev. Hugh. Canon, Roman Catholic Clergyman, 

2 East Buchanan street 
Chittick, Gavin, foreman glazier with George G. Kirk; house 13 

Kilns ide road 
Christie, Alexander, inspector of weights and measures for the 

Burgh, Municipal Buildings; house 81 New Sneddon street 
Christie, Alexander, lieutenant of police, Central Police Office, 

Gilmour street — house 1 George place 
Christie, James, & Co., house painters, oil and colour merchants, 

36 Moss street — house 3 County place 
Christie, James, janitor Ferguslie Half-time School — house 54 

George street 
Christie, John, manual instructor, Grammar School ; ho. 5 Camphill 
Christie, John, Camphill School ; house 5 Camphill 
Christie, John, of William Christie & Sons — house 1 Kerr street 
Christie, Matthew, of William Christie & Sons — ho. 4 Underwood 
Christie, William, & Sons, smiths and engineers, Underwood Iron 

Christie, Wm., junr., of Wm. Christie & Sons — ho. 4 Underwood 
Christie, Miss, at Caulfield & Co.'s, 41 High street; house 1 

Townhead terrace 
Clapperton, Mrs Agnes, confectioner, 9 Abercorn street ; ho. do, 
Clark & Co. Ltd., Anchor Thread Works, Seedhill 
Clark, Gerald F. King, at Clark & Service, Glasgow — house 

Chapel house 
Clark, J. & J., & Co., Anchor Thread Works, Seedhill 
Clark, James, Chapel house 
Clark, J. K., pianist, 39 Old Sneddon 
Clark, J. K., tobacconist, 39 Old Sneddon — house do. 
Clark, Mrs. James, hardware, 47 George street 
Clark, John, & Co., joiners, boxmakers, and wood merchants, Wall- 

neuk sawmills, 12 Wallneuk 
Clark, J. Stewart, of Clark & Co. Limited, Dundas Castle, South 



Clarke, Joseph, restaurant, 4 and 6 St. Mary's terrace 

Clark, Kenneth G., 12 Wellmeadow street 

Clark, Kenneth M., of Clark & Co. Ltd., 32 Grosvenor square, 

London, W. 
Clark, Rudolph, J. C, at P. Henderson & Co., Glasgow — house 

Chapel house 
Clark, Stewart, of Clark & Co. Limited, Dundas Castle, South 

Clark, Wm., inspector of weights and measures for the County of 

Renfrew, 40 Old Sneddon — ho. Estron, Hawkhead road 
Clark, Miss E., milliner, 65 Love street 

Clark, Miss Jeanie, grocer, 113 G-eorge street; house 7 Argyle st. 
Clark, Miss J. H., fancy go Dds and needlework, 30 High st. — house 

189 St. Andrews road, Glasgow 
Clelland, Christina, milliner, 20 Wellmeadow ; ho. 12 Argyle st. 
Cloudsley, H. B., traveller to Robt. Brown & Son Ltd. — house 18 

Well street 
Clow, William, M.A., B.Sc, M.B., CM., 97 Causeyside 
Club, The, 102 High street — James Hogarth, clubmaster 
Cluckie, N.Gordon, M.B., L.F.F.S.G., ophthalmic surgeon; con- 
sulting rooms, Royal Victoria Eye Infirmary, Mansion-house 

road, daily at 1.30 p.m. — house Kessington, Greenock 
Cluckie, Samuel M., clerk at Canal station ; house 132 George st. 
Chinas, James, detective sergeant, Central Police office, Gilmour 

street ; house West lodge, Barshaw 
Clydesdale (The) Bank Limited, 7 High street (Cross) — Robert 

Russell, agent, J. B. Veitch Smith, sub-agent 
Coats, Allan, of W. & A. Coats — house Hayfield, Castlehead 
Coats, Andrew, Ferguslie house 

Coats, Archibald, chairman of J. &P. Coats Limited, Woodside house 
Coats, Bros., coal merchants, Canal station 
Coates Bros. Ltd. (with which is incorporated Charles Smith & Co.), 

manufacturers of Brussels, Wilton, and Axminster carpets, and 

rugs, Stonefield works, and at Perth 
Coats, Daniel, 5 Garthland place 

Coats, E. S., director of J. & P. Coats, Limited — house Balgonie 
•Coats, George H., of W. & A. Coats, Ellangowan, Castlehead 
Coats, George, director of J. & P. Coats Limited, Belleisle, Ayr, 

and 39 Park lane, London, W. 
Coats, George, 2 Mansfield place 
•Coats, Gervase H., writer, at James H. Dunn & Allison's — house 

2 Mansfield place 
•Coats, G. W., M.B., Ch.B., 54 High street 
"Coats, Hamilton, shoemaker, 12 Thread street 


Coats, James W., hamcurer and wholesale provision merchant, 

Glasgow — house Wellbourne, Meikleriggs 
Coats, J. & P., Limited, thread manufacturers, Ferguslie — bleach- 
works Nethercraigs, by Paisley- 
Coats, James, director of J. & P. Coats Limited, 43 William street, 

Providence, Rhode Island, U.S. America, and Auchendrane, Ayr 
Coats, James, jun., director of J. & P. Coats Limited, Ferguslie 

Coats, Jervis H., of W. & A. Coats — house Ellangowan, Castlehead 
Coats, Matthew, tailor and clothier, 128 George street— house do. 
Coats, Peter, director of J. & P. Coats Limited — house 5 Garthland 

place and Lilybank, Innellan 
Coats, P. EL, director of J. & P. Coats Limited — house Corsebar 
Coats, P. M., director of J. & P. Coats Ltd. — ho. Woodside house 
Coats, Sir Thomas Glen, Bart.., director of J. & P. Coats Limited 

— house Ferguslie park 
Coats, Stewart, at Coats Bros. — house Ellangowan, Castlehead 
Coats, W. & A., ham curers and provision merchants, 68 Broomlands 
Coats, William L., of Coats Brothers — house 1 Mansfield place 
Coats, William A., Skelmorlie Castle, Skelmorlie, and Dalskairth, 

Coats, William, jun., of W. & A. Coats — ho. Ferndean, Castlehead 
Coats, W. H., director of J. & P. Coats, Ltd., Cardell, Meikleriggs 
Coats, Maggie H., teacher, Camphill school — house 2 Mansfield place 
Coats, Mary, teacher, Ferguslie Half-time School — house 2 

Mansfield place 
Cochran, Alexander, writer, 19 High st. ; ho. Maryville, Corsebar 
Cochran, Alexander, dairyman, Burnfoot, Thornlie 
Cochran, Allan M'Neil, clerk, the Savings Bank of Paisley — house 

1 Charlotte place, Wester Carriagehill 
Cochran, Adam, & Co., Park place, Calside 

Cochran, A. W., reporter, Paisley Daily Express — ho. 12 Lady lane 
Cochran, David, grocer and provision merchant, 87 Causeyside — 

house 9 Neilston road 
Cochran, Edward, of Robert Cochran & Sons — house Ladyburn, 

Arkleston road 
Cochrane, Hugh, of Pollock & Cochrane — house Thrushcraig villa, 

Carriagehill drive 
Cochran, James, spirit merchant, 11 Canal street — ho. 3 Glenview 
Cochran, James, & Son, pawnbrokers, watchmakers, and warehouse- 
men, 81 Broomlands and 2 Sandholes 
Cochran, John, M.A., teacher, Schoolhouse, Nethercraigs 
Cochran, John, at James Cochran & Son — ho. Dalblair, Castlehead 
Cochrane, John, farmer, North Brediland, Chain road 


Cochran, John, of Cochran & Keith — house 48 Love street 
Cochran & Keith, joiners and blockbuilders, 67 Love street 
Cochran & M'Gechan, brassfounders, 22 New Smithhills— telephone 

No. 218 ; telegraphic address, " Brass, Paisley." 
Cochran, Robert, & Sons, drapers, mantlemakers, milliners, and 

upholsterers, 26 and 27 New Smithhills, and upholsterers and 

house furnishers, 2 Old Smithhills — telephone No. 314 
Cochran, Robert, tobacconist and newsagent, 40 Caledonia street — 

house 39 do. 
Cochran, Robert, of Robert Cochran & Sons — house Ladjburn, 

Arkleston road 
Cochrane, Robert, church officer, Oakshaw U.F. Church, and 

keeper of Y.M.C.A. Roomy — house 12 Causeyside street 
Cochran, Robert H., at M. Whitehill & Co.'s — house 4 Kilnside 

Cochran, Robert S., draper, 109 Causeyside ; house 1 Ralston street 
Cochran, Thomas, hamcurer, George place; house 5 Walker street 
Cochran, William, newsagent and tobacconist, 24 Wellmeaclow 
Cochran, Wm., junr., wholesale stationer and fancy goods merchant,. 

25 Moss street — house W r ellmeadow 
Cochran, William, & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen^ 

6 and 7 Causeyside 
Cochran, William Malcolm, agent for City of Glasgow Friendly 

Society, 21 High street 
Cochrane, Jane, assistant teacher, Oakshaw Public School ; house 

25 Orchard street 
Cochran, Mrs. James C, wine and spirit merchant (Royalty Bar),. 

11 & 12 West Croft — house 9 Greenlaw avenue 
Cochran, Margaret Paterson, pupil teacher, Abercorn School ; 

house Maryville, Corsebar 
Cochran, Mary, teacher Mossvale Public School — house 48 Love St. 
Cockburn & Co. (Ltd.), chemists, 12 St. Mirren street, and St. 

Enoch square, Glasgow 
Cockburn, C. T., of Cockburn & Co. Ltd. — house Menarra, Pinarcl 

road, Partick 
Cockburn, George H., teacher, Camphill School ; house 7 Buchanan 

Coghill, George, ironmonger, 49 and 50 Old Sneddon street — house 

3 Caledonia street; telephone No. 175 
Coia, M., confectioner and restaurateur, 4 Broomlands and 38 High 

street — house 43 Lady lane 
Colinslee Chemical Co. Ltd., manufacturers of extract of indigo*, 

alizarine oil, soluble oil, and mordants, Colinslee 
Collins & Co., plasterers, 8 Carlile lace 


Collins, James, & Son, plasterers, Espedair st. — house 23 George st. 
Collins, Daniel, & Co., plasterers and cement workers, 67 Back 

Sneddon street — house 8 do. 
Colquhoun, Alexander, stationer and tobacconist, 15 George st. 
Colquhoun, Daniel, of Barr & Colquhoun — house 42 Mill street 
Colquhoun, David, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Wellnieadow — 

house do. 
Colquhoun, Henry, fruiterer and confectioner, 18 Lawn street — ho. 

14 Lawn street 
Colquhoun, J., foreman engineer, 8 Ferguslie building 
Colquhoun, Samuel, analytical chemist to Cartvale Chemical Coy., 

Limited — house 64 Love street 
Colquhoun, William, confectioner, 2 Potterhill 
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited, 102 High street — James 

Ross, agent; Walter S. Nicol, accountant. Branch, 18 Well- 
meadow — James Ross, agent ; David Ritchie, accountant 
Commercial Hotel (John Mitchell, proprietor), 11 High street 
Comrie, Alexander, manager at R. & J. P. Kerr's — ho. Dunedin, 

Comrie, John, & Son, joiners and cabinetmakers, 90 George street 

— house 4 West Campbell street 
Counell, D. S., at Coats Brothers — house 7 Gateside 
Connell, William, of Wallace, Connell & Co. — house Fairhill, 

Connell, Mary, spirit dealer, 116 George street — house do. 
Conservative Association, 32 New street — Alexander Macfarlane, 

hon. secretary 
Cook, Adam M., at MacRobert, Son, & Hutchison's — house Jack's 

villa, Arkleston road 
Cook, Edward, of Waters, Cook, & Co. — ho. Arkleston road 
Cook, James, writer of Reids & Campbell — house Garbally, 

Arkleston road 
Cook, J. & J., letter-press printers, and printers and publishers of the 

Paisley Sf Renfrewshire Gazette, 94 Pligh street ; telegrams 

" Gazette, Paisley ;" Telephone No. 145 
Cook, Joseph, photographer, 32 High street 

Cook, Thomas, hairdresser, Walker street ; house 35 Well street 
Cook, W. M., of J. & J. Cook — house Englethwaite, Castlehead 
Cook, William, grocer, 23 Gauze street ; house 7 Johnston street 
Cook, Miss, dairy, 149 George street ; house 22 Lady lane 
Cook, Miss Jenny Smith, teacher, Abercorn Public School — house 

Jack's villa, Arkleston road 
Cook, Mrs. Archibald, Janefield, Gateside 
Cook, Mrs. James, Englethwaite, Castlehead 


Cooper & Co., -tea merchants and grocers, 10 St. Mirren street and 

78 Broomlands 
Co-operatiYe (Provident) Society, Limited. Established 1860. Grocers, 
bakers, butchers, shoemakers, hardware merchants, and dairy- 
men, 140 George street (see advt.) 

Groceries, &c, 139 George street — J. Rowand, salesman 
Branch No. 1 — 168 George street — Andrew Reid, ,, 

„ 2 — 35 Glen street — J. R. Pollock, „ 

,, 3 — 48 Broomlands — John Lauchlan, ,, 

,, 4 — 20 Lawn street — Alex. Callander, ,, 

,, 5 — 1 Cleopatra buildings, Springbank rd. — 

Wm. Semple, ,, 

,, 6 — 24 Underwood rd., — William Strachan, „ 

7 — 78 Broomlands — Archibald Adam, ,, 

}j 8—31 Bank street— R. Whyte, „ 

„ 9 — 110 George street — R. Tannahill „ 

,, 10 — 38 Well street — Andrew Hunter, ,, 

„ 11 — 19 Caledonia street — David Peacock, „ 

,, 12 — Melbourne terrace, 4 Seedhill road — 

R. Sutherland, „ 

55 13 — 1 M'Kerrell street — Thomas Sunter, „ 

14 — 15 Abercorn street — Arthur Conway ., 
Steam Bakery, 139 George street — Jas. MTllvride, foreman 
Bread Shop, 139 George st. — Miss Janet Glover, saleswoman 
Boot Shop, 14 Causeyside — William Gray, salesman 
„ Branch, 48 Broomlands — Miss Harris, saleswoman 
, ,, 70 Love street — Miss Robertson, saleswoman 

Hardware and Jewellery Shop, 14 Causeyside — J. B. Sunter, 

Fleshers' shops — 

Central — 138 George street — Samuel Rae, salesman 
No. 1 — 91 Causeyside— Matthew M'Lerie, „ 

2 — 35 Glen street — John Jamieson, ,, 

3 — 48 Broomlands — Wm. M'Luskie, „ 

4 — 1 Cotton street — Wm. Towns, „ 
6 — 21 Underwood road — George Haslett, ,, 

,, 12 — 4 Kilnside road — James Bruce, ,, 

Dairies — 138 George street, 54 Broomlands, 7 Lawn street, 

7 Springbank road, and 2 Kilnside road 
Manager — David Rowat — house Linside, Glasgow road 
Book-keeper — John Lauchlan — house 52 High street 
Secretary — James Wood — house 7 Phillips street 
Treasurer — Peter Shannon, 4 Mary street 
Co-operative (Underwood) Coal Society, Underwood and Potterhill 
depots — John Holmes, manager, 25 St. James st. (see advt.) 


Co-operatiye Manufacturing Society, Limited, manufacturers and 
warehousemen, 114 and 115 Causeyside — telephone No. 127; 
and Colinslee — telephone No. 128. Branches — No. 1, 15 
Broomlands ; No. 2, 10 Neilstou road; No. 3, 11 Kilnside 
road (see advt.) 
Co-operative Society (Equitable) 

35 Great Hamilton street — salesman, Walter Paul, house 2 

Union street 
9 Neilston street — salesman, J. H. Christie — house 9 Albert 

place, Espedair 
17 Carriagehill — salesman, Joseph Quin, house 11 Great 

Hamilton street 
90 Causeyside — R. Tweedale — house 2 Orr street 
Butcher's shop — 38 Great Hamilton street — salesman, John 

Gilmour — house 2 Union street 
Butcher's Shop — 17 Carriagehill — salesman, James Semple, 

28 Carriagehill 
Boot Shop — 36 Great Hamilton street — salesman, Wm. Hall 

— house 35 Great Hamilton street 
Bread Shop — 37 Great Hamilton street— saleswoman, Miss 

Wylie, 7 Mary street 
Bakery — 37 Great Hamilton st. — manager, John Harper, 2 

Union street 
Hardware — 38 Great Hamilton st. saleswoman, Miss Watson 

- — house 32 New street 
Office — 36 Great Hamilton street 
Secretary — Wm. Ritchie — house 17 Carriagehill 
Treasurer — John Anderson — house 17 Carria°;ehill 
Cooperwhite, Benjamin, grocer and provision merchant, 15 Moss- 
vale street — house 1 6 do. 
Cooperwhite, Robert, confectioner, 1 Pattison street — house do. 
Cormie, Christina, eating-house keeper, 14 Old Smithhills; ho. 9 do. 
Corporation Baths, 46 to 48 Storie street — James Ferguson, supt. 
Corporation Electricity Works, Blackhall street — C. F. Parkinson, 

Corporation Gas Office, Municipal buildings 

County Health Department — office County buildings, St. James st. 
— medical officer of health, A. Campbell Munro, M.B., D.Sc. 
— sanitary inspectors, Duncan M'Kinlay and Duncan Campbell 
— masters of works, Duncan M'Kinlay and James Murray 
County Police Office, County buildings, Love street 
Courtney, J., grocer, 69 Broomlands street 

Cowan, Archibald, of Cowan & Stewart — house 5 Wellmeaclow 
Cowan, James, sergeant of burgh police — ho. 8 St. James place 


Cowan & Co., railway agents and carting contractors for North 
British Railway Company — office Canal Goods Station 
(Canal Line) 

Cowan, John, spirit merchant, 3 Love street — house Adelphi place, 
North street 

Cowan & Stewart, painters and decorators, 6 Wellmeadow and 17 
Gauze street 

Cowan, Mrs. Janet, furnishings, 11 Cochran street 

Cowden, John, weaver, 75 Canal street — house do. 

Cowden, M., watchmaker and jeweller, 2 Gauze street 

Cowie, John, mill foreman, 3 Ferguslie buildings 

Cowie, William, at Cockburn & Co. Ltd.; ho. 1 Whitehaugh drive 

Craig, A. F., & Co., Limited, engineers, ironfounders, boilermakers, 
mill-wrights, machine-makers, and spiral blade makers ; also, 
successors and sole makers of Morton's patent ejector- 
condensors, Caledonia Engine works, Macdowall street 

Craig, Alexander, joiner, 27 Back Sneddon — ho. 3 Albion st. 

Craig, Alex., jun., teacher Abercorn Public School — house 30 Oak- 
shaw street 

Craig, Allan, mill foreman, to J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 18 Thistle st. 

Craig, Archibald F., managing director of A. F. Craig & Co., Ltd. — 
house Belmont, Castlehead 

Craig, Daniel, newsagent and tobacconist, 10 Lawn st. — house do. 

Craig, David, & Son, fleshers, 24 Wellmeadow — house 1 Castle 

Craig, Robert, carting contractor, 6 Murray street — house 6 
Caledonia place 

Craig, David, of Craig & Wilson — house 1 Kelburne drive 

Craig, Francis, fancy goods merchant, 7 Storie street 

Craig & Gardiner, coal merchants, Underwood Coal depot — 
telephone No. 69 

Craig, James, flesher, 26 Gauze street — house 4 do. 

Craig, James, foreman to R. Hay & Son, lithographers— house 11 
Clavering street. 

Craig, James G., clerk with J. & P. Coats Limited— house Bloom- 
field, Lounsdale road 

Craig, John, jun., draughtsman at James Boyd & Sons — house 35 
Glen street 

Craig, John, cowfeeder, 18 Great Hamilton street 

Craig, John, lithographer, 13 Argyle street 

Craig, Matthew, carting contractor, Murray street — house 27 
Caledonia street 

Craig, Thomas, carting contractor, 5 Murray street — house Morris- 
lea, Greenock road 


Craig, William, wine and spirit merchant, 20 St. James street — 

house Kirklee cottage, Greenock road 
Craig, William, assistant manager, Ferguslie Thread Works — 

house 9 Ferguslie buildings 
Craig, William, spirit merchant, 17 Causeyside — house do. 
Craig, William, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Union street — house 

Hawkhead road 
Craig, William, cowfeeder, 22 Well street; house do. 
Craig & Wilson, joiners and builders, Blackhall 
Craig, Barbara, matron Gleniffer home, Meikleriggs 
Craig, Jane C., teacher, Moss vale Public School 
Craig, Jeanie B., teacher, Camphill Public School — house 3 Albion 

Craig, Miss, milliner, 77 High street — house 17 Causeyside 
Craig, Mrs. Ann, confectioner, 52 Storie street 
Craig, Mrs. Archibald, 6 Gateside 

Craig, Mrs. R. F., Caversbank lodge, 48 Oakshaw street 
Craigielea Chemical Works (Richard Smith's Executors Ltd., 

chemical manufacturers), Clark street 
Craigsbank Laundry, Colinslee — W. & R. Baird, proprietors 
Cramb, James, wine and spirit merchant, 89 Causeyside 
Crawford, Alex. B., of P. & A. Crawford — house 2 Royal ter. 
Crawford, Gavin, bootmaker, 97 High street — house Dardene, 

Crawford, Gavin, writer and notary public, of D. S. Semple, 

Macnair & Crawford, writers, 16 Gilmour street — house 2 

Caledonia place 
Crawford, Kenneth Clark, clerk with Alexander M'Allister writer, 

— house Schoolhouse, Inchinnan 
Crawford, H., power-loom manufacturer, Abercorn weaving factory, 

Abercorn street — house, 1 Royal terrace 
Crawford, James, joiner, 4 Sir Michael street — house 9 Argyle 

Crawford, John, boot and shoe maker, 6 Greenhill road — house, 

23 Wellmeadow street 
Crawford, John, caretaker of Coats Memorial Church — house 30 

Oakshaw street 
Crawford, John, china merchant, 5 George st. — house 6 Wardrop 

Crawford, John, tobacconist, 71 Broomlands ; house 21 Well st. 
Crawford, P. & A., wood turners, coachbuilclers, and bowling green 

bowls manufacturers, Thistle works, 5 South Croft 
Crawford, Peter, of P. & A. Crawford — house 2 Royal terrace 
Crawford, R., at W. & A. Coats's, 68 Broomlands ; ho. 7 West brae 



Crawford, William, at Adam Hamilton & Son, Ltd. — house 9 

Crawford, Mrs. Margaret, Caledonia dining rooms, 11 Caledonia 

street — house do. 
Crawford, Alice, assistant teacher, Oakshaw Public School ; 

house 64 Love street 
Crawford, Elizabeth, teacher, North P. School, 25 St. James street 
Crawford, Elizabeth 0., china merchant, 16 Gilmour street 
Crawford, Jane, dressmaker, 9 Argyle street 
Crawford, Miss, Park place, Calside 
Crawford, Mrs. Mary, fruiterer and confectioner, 3 Broomlands ; 

house 23 Queen street 
Crawford, Mrs. John, 1 Greeulaw avenue 
Crawford, Mrs. Sarah, Bible woman, 12 Gauze street 
Cream Butter Co., 18 Sandholes 

Creedon, John, licensed grocer, 40 Wellmeadow — house 37 Well- 
Creelman, John, florist, Marchfield, Inchinnan road 
Crerar, Dr. Donald, M.B.,C.M., assistant to T. H. Taylor, L.D.S., 

1 Gauze street 
Crilley, Andrew, electrician, 23 Oakshaw street 
Crilley, David, F.E.I. S , teacher, Camphill Public School — house 

7 Well street 
Crimes, Frederick James, Eastview, Glasgow road 
Croll, David W., chemist, 9 Broomlands — ho. 15 Wellmeadow 
Cromar, Mrs., broker, 11 Storie street; house do. 
Crosbie, Miss Agnes, dressmaker, 5 Wellmeadow — house 7 Douglas 

Cross (The) Clothing Co., clothiers, 104 High street 
Crouch, H. B , at Duff & Miller's ; house 4 Townhead terrace 
Crozier, William, minister of George Street Baptist Chapel ; house 

3 Mansfield place 
Cruikshanks, Arthur, wine and spirit merchant, 63 Broomlands — 

house 78 Broomlands 
Cruickshanks, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 35 Moss street — 

house 6 Middle lane 
Cryan, Daniel, postal clerk ; house 37 Wellmeadow street 
Cullen, John, teacher, West Public School — house 10 Nithsclale 

drive, Glasgow 
Culloch, Hugh, confectioner, 13 Gauze street — house 6 Thread st. 
Cumming, A., draper, 4 Old Smithhills 
Cumming, Finlay M., draughtsman at Campbell & Calderwood's — 

house 4 Old Smithhills 
Cumming, John, 17 Broomlands 


dimming, John, baker, 28 Blackhall street — house 2 New Stock 

Cumming, Robert, carting contractor, 22 Newton street 
dimming, William, contractor, 22 Well street — house do. 
dimming, Mrs. John, 22 Newton street 
Cummings, James, boot and shoemaker, 1 Cameron street ; 

house do. 
Cummings, Mary, confectioner, 87 New Sneddon ; house do. 
Cunningham, Adam, writer, of J. & A. Cunningham, 9 High street 

— house 7 Greenlaw avenue — 

Cunningham, Alexander, calenderer, hot presser, and finisher, 16 

Causeyside — house 20 Glenview terrace, Barterholm 
Cunniugham, Alexander, teacher, South Public School — house 

Bloomfield, Meikleriggs 
Cunningham, Alexander Reid, teacher, East Public School ; house 

Blair works, Dairy 
Cunningham, Francis, confectioner, 7 Old Sneddon — house 3 

Back Sneddon 
Cunningham, James D., South park 
Cunningham, John, 3 Mansfield place 
Cunningham, John, writer, of J. & A. Cunningham, 9 High street 

— house Sunnyside 
Cunningham, J. & A., writers, 9 High street 

Cunningham, William, confectioner, 41 George street — house do. 
Cunningham, Alexander, grocer, 6 Barclay street; house do. 
Cunningham, Misses, 3 Mansfield place 
Cunningham, Misses, 29 High street 
Cunningham, Misses, seminary, South park house 
Cunningham, Mrs. James, broker, 2 Neilston street — house 56 

Causeyside street 
Cunningham, Mrs. Daniel, Glenairlie, Glasgow road 
Cunningham, Mrs. Robert, South park house 
Curr, William, baker and purveyor, St. Mirren temperance hotel, 

6 Moss street; branches, 27 Gauze street and Sherwood 

buildings ; house 6 Moss street 
Currie, Adam and William, Firgrove, Castlehead 
Currie, James, The Villa, Glenfield 
Currie, John, Kilbarchan carrier, 91 Causeyside — ho. Steeple St., 

Currie, John, wholesale grocer, 10 Shuttle street — house Ashburne, 

Currie, Ronald Wavell, clerk-at-law with Reids & Campbell 

— house, Oak Craig, Skelmorlie 
Currie, William, sculptor, 23 Broomlands — house do. — (see advt.) 


Carrie, William, Paisley and Johnstone carrier — quarters 91 
Causeyside and at E. 0. Crawford's, 16 Gilmour street 

Currie, Jeanie G., teacher, Williamsburgh school, 3 Orr street 

dime, Miss, confectioner, 12 Incle street ; house do. 

Currie, Mrs. M., fruiterer and confectioner, 1 West brae 

Currie, Mrs. Peter, The Villa, Glenfield 

Cuthbertson, Thomas, sub-manager to J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 14 
Thistle terrace 

" DAILY Record and Daily Mail " Branch Office, 25 Moss street— 
— agent, W. Cochran, jr. ; reporter, W. A. Paterson 

Dale, Mrs. Ellen, spirit merchant, 13 Dyers' wynd — house 1 
Greenlaw avenue 

Dalgarno, Alexander, draper, 79-80 Broomlands street — house 5 
Greenlaw avenue 

Dalgety, Rev. James Boath, minister, The Abbey, 1 Mansion house 

Dalgety, William B., teller, National Bank, Paisley — house 1 Man- 
sion house road 

Dalglish, John PL, manufacturer of hand-made nets, 30 Wil- 

Dalglish, Miss Bella, stationer, 69 Love street — ho. 10 St. James st. 

Dallachy, James W., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 82 Pligh street 

Dalziel, James G., banker and agent, Caledonian Insurance Com- 
pany — house Dalveen, Hawkhead road 

Dand, David, draper, 53 High street 

Danskin, Thomas, bath enameller, Whitehaugh drive ; house do. 

Davidson, Alexander, slater and plasterer, 45 Broomlands street — 
house do. 

Davidson, Chas., architect and property valuator, Terrace buildings 
— house Calside house 

Davidson, D., draper, 20 Sandholes — house Newhall, Meikleriggs 

Davidson, David, jobbing gardener, 5 Stow street 

Davidson, Duncan, of Naismith & Scott ; house 30 Oakshaw street 

Davidson, Francis, gardener, florist, and nurseryman, Carriagehill 
Nursery — house 46 Moss street 

Davidson, James, fruiterer, 53 Causeyside — house 2 Bute place 

Davidson, John C, agent, Scottish Legal Society, 96 High street 
— house 2 Gordon place, King street 

Davidson, John, 11 Greenlaw avenue 

Davidson, John, jun., fruiterer and florist, 13 St James place; 
house 11 Greenlaw avenue 

Davidson, Peter A., of Robert Eadie & Co. — house Inglefield, 
Glasgow road 


Davidson & Ritchie, fancy box and pattern card makers, 

Henderson street 
Davidson, Mrs., draper, 45 Broomlands — house do. 
Davidson, Wilhemina, West Public School — house 2 Gordon place 
Davie, Hugh, jun., clerk at Savings Bank ; house 7 Kerr street 
Davie, Catherine, grocer, 2 Lawn street — house 6 do. 
Davies, John, tobacconist and newsagent, 1 Springbank ro'ed and 68 

Love street ; house 1 Springbank road 
Davis, Alex., tobacco pipe maker, 30 Gauze street — house 1 

Whitehead street 
Day, James, chief clerk at post-office — house 7 Whitehaugh terrace 
Deans, James R., foreman, corporation gas meter shop, north end of 

Municipal buildings — house 6 Whitehaugh terrace 
Deans, John, grocer, 31 Well street ; house 7 Springbank road 
Deans, Wm., fishmonger and poulterer, 9 St. James place — house 

19 Greenhill road 
Deans, Miss C., confectioner and fruiterer, 9 Orchard street 
Deans, Miss Mary Ann, confectioner, 12 Gauze street ; house 6 

Phillips street 
Deaf and Dumb Mission Flail, 109 Causeyside 
Denovan, William, saw maker, 32 High street 
Deny, William Edward, manager with Glasgow Tramway Co., 

Terrace Buildings — house 9 Phillips street 
Dewar, Donald, bank teller, Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd. 
Dewar, James M., at Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd. ; house Doon 

Brae, Mansionhouse road 
Dewar, Miss Annie, dressmaker, 14 Howie street ; house do. 
Dick, A. S., grocer, 21 Wallace street; house 5 Incle street 
Dick, George, F.E.I.S., teacher, West Public School — house 26 

Dick, George, teacher Grammar School — house 77 Canal street 
Dick, John, grocer and provision merchant, 5 Incle st. ; house do. 
Dick, J., & Sons, boot and shoe manufacturers, 166 George street 

— house do. 
Dick, Peter, teller, Royal Bank of Scotland — house 1 Crossflat 

Dick, R. & J., leather, rubber, and gutta percha boot, shoe, and 

slipper manufacturers, Liberal Club buildings, 90 High street 

(tele. No. 232) 
Dick, R. & J., manufacturers of "Dick's patent" gutta percha 

canvas and balata driving belts, and makers of all descriptions 

of gutta percha furnishings, horse shoe pads, cricket and golf 

balls, etc., etc., Liberal Club Buildings, 90 High street 

(tele. No. 232) 


Dick, Mrs., hardware and ironmongery, 16 George street — house 

18 Barclay street 
Dickie, Dugald D., solicitor, Masonic buildings, 96 High street — 

house 2 Greenlaw avenue 
Dickie, John, of Cochran & M'Gechan, 22 New Smithhills — house 

8 Gateside 
Dickie, Mary Janet, teacher, North Public school — house 9 

Whitehaugh terrace 
Dickson, James, boot and shoe warehouse, 16 Moss street and 10 

Dickson, Thomas L., inspector of postmen and telegraph mes- 
sengers, Post Office — house 10 Kilnside road 
Dickson, William, agent for Royal Bank and insurance agent, 

Royal Bank house, St. Mirren street 
Dickson, Rev. William James, minister Congregational Church, 

School wynd — house Congregational manse, Glasgow road 
Dickson, George A., clerk to Fleming & Ferguson Ltd.; house 8 

Maxwell street 
Dickson, Maggie C, Fergusliie Public School ; house 87 Meadow 

Park street, Dennistoun 
Dobie, George, & Son, tobacco, snuff, and candle manufacturers, 

Greenhill works, 1 Clark street 
Dobie, George, of George Dobie & Son — ho. Edgemont, Castlehead 
Dobie, William F., of George Dobie & Son — house Dariel, 

Dobbie, William, shoemaker, 10 Gauze street — ho. 2 M'Kerrell st. 
Dobson, David, joiner, 27 Williamsburgh — house do. 
Dobson, William, masseur, 2 M'Kerrell street 
Docharty, Harry, of M. Neilson & Co., 17 Melville street, Pollok- 

Docherty, John, 3 Incle street 
Dock, James, commercial traveller to John Spence & Sons, ham- 

curers — house 28 Kilnside road 
Donald, Archibald, M.B., C.M., medical practitioner — consulting 

rooms 6 Gauze street — house 5 Gauze street (tele. No. 216) 
Donald, Hugh Colligan, M.B., CM., F.R.C.S.E., surgeon— consult- 
ing rooms 6 Gauze street — house 5 Gauze street (tele. No. 216) 
Donald, James, architect, 99 High street — house Dunraven, Arkle- 

ston road 
Donald, Jas., of Hanna, Donald, & Wilson — ho. The Knoll 
Donald, John, M.BC.M., medical practitioner, 6 Gauze street; 

house 5 do. (tele. No. 216) 
Donald, Robert H., of Hanna, Donald, & Wilson — house The 



Donald, William, of Hanna, Donald. & Wilson — house 56 Canal 

Donaldson, D., at M. Whitehill & Co.'s — house 2 Calside place 
Donaldson, John, of T. F. Keid & Donaldson — house 2 Cross- 
flat crescent 
Donaldson, Samuel, 3 Buchanan terrace 
Donati, B., & Co., confectioners and ice cream merchants, 62 George 

• street — house 47 High street 
Donnelly, James, confectioner, 2 Bridge street; house 12 Saucel 
Donnelly, John J., head master, St. Mirren R.C. School — house 

2 Townhead terrace 
Donnelly, Annie, confectioner, 21 Maxwellton street — house do. 
Donochy, Charles, with James Robertson & Sons ; house 40 

Lang street, Kilnside road 
Dougall, Daniel, teacher, Camphill School — ho. 28 Well st. 
Dougall, Samuel, coal merchant, Coal depot, Underwood — house 

32 Calside 
Dougan, C, shoemaker, 36 Broomlands ; house 5 Calside place 
Douglas, Robert, patternmaker, Johnstone ; house Whitehaugh 

Douglas, Robert, grocer, 50 Love street — house 48 do. 
Doulton & Co. (Ltd.), sanitary engineers, bath makers, iron and brass 

founders, and metallic glass and porcelain enamellers, 

Hawkhead road 
Dow, J., foreman to J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house 23 Thistle street 
Dow, James M., inspector of new buildings of First or Upper 

District of Renfrewshire, County buildings ; ho. 35 Glen st. 
Dowall, John, colour maker, St. James Colour Works, Greenhill 

road — house 8 Buchanan terrace 
Downie, William, boot and shoemaker, 54 Storie street — house do. 
Downs, John, grocer and wine merchant, 23 Stock street — house 

22 Calside 
Downs, Elizabeth, manageress at Coats' Laundry, Nethercraigs 
Draper, Mrs., milliner, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Dreghorn, Andrew, warper, 8 Union street 
Drennan, James, ironmonger, 46 Moss street — ho. Church place 
Drennan, James, copper-smith, and sheet- iron worker. 6 Old 

Sneddon — house 1 Caledonia street (see advt.) 
Drennan, James, draper, 17 Moss street — house 11 Hillview place 
Drennan, John M., clerk at Robert Brown & Son Ltd.; house 40 

Drennan, William, at Young & Martin's — house Rosslyn, East 

Drew, D. B., of M. Drew & Sons, Ltd. — house Hawthornden 


Drew, Jas. P., of M. Drew & Sons, Ltd. — Louse Hawthornden, Car- 
riagehill drive 

Drew, M. J., jun., of M. Drew & Sons, Ltd. — house Barnscrof 1 7 
Carriagehill drive 

Drew, J. P., jun., of M. Drew & Sons, Ltd. — house Gleuarm 

Drew, M. & Sons, Ltd., curled hair manufacturers, Colmslee hair 

Drew, Robert, of M. Drew & Sons, Ltd. — house Colinslee Mansion 

Drum, James, chiropodist, 23 Lady lane 

Drummond, John, traveller to Sacell Brewery Coy. ; house 39 
Minard road, Crossmyloof, Glasgow 

Drummond, Robert, road surveyor for the County Council of Ren- 
frewshire — house 2 Lylesland terrace 

Drummond, Robert, tramways manager — house 10 Incle street 

Drummond, Robert M., railway agent, Stoney brae station ; house 
10 Hamilton street 

Drybrough, James, of Walker, Drybrough, & Co. — house Arkleston 

Drysdale, John, Old Toll, Renfrew road 

Duggan, Rev. Denis, St. Mary's R.C. Chapel — house 73 George st. 

Duff & Miller, watchmakers, jewellers, and opticians, 20 High street 
(see advt.) 

Duff, James, brewer at Sacell Brewery — ho. Mavisbank terrace* 

Duff, William, tobacconist, 25 George street — house do. 

Duffie, James B., spirit merchant, 3 Silk street 

Duffy, Francis, shoemaker, 126 George street 

Duffy, Francis, jun., boot and shoemaker, 1G Storie street — house do 

Duffy, Mrs., dressmaker, 16 Whitehead street 

Duguid, D. W., photographer, 25 Storie street; ho. 3 Unsted place 

Duncan, Andrew, Glasgow and Paisley carrier, cowfeeder and con- 
tractor, 28 Orchard street — house do. 

Duncan, Archibald, bowling green contractor and jobbing gardener, 
4 Gladstone terrace — house do. 

Duncan, James, watch and clock maker, jeweller, and optician, 9 
High street— house 9 High street 

Duncan, James, M.D. — medical hall, 22 Causeyside ; house Church- 
hill house 

Duncan, Matthew, tailor and clothier, 2 West street 

Duncan, William, Dyers' wynd 

Duncan, William, grocer and provision merchant, 18 Laighpark — 
house do. 

Duncan, William, chief constable — house 1 Mansion house road ; 
telephone No. 100 


Duncan, Miss, dressmaker. 3 Camphill place 

Duncanson, William, horse shoer and general jobbing smith, 34 

Gordon's lane — house 23 Canal st. 
Dundas, Porteons, clothier and house-furnisher, 2 Forbes place and 

19 Gauze street; house 10 Whitehaugh terrace 
Dunlop, David, shoemaker, 24 Wellmeadow — house 1 Castle street 
Dunlop, James, joiner and timber merchant, Abercorn Joiner- 
works, 11 Incle street — house 3 Greenlaw terrace 
Dunlop, James, writer, with James Gardner — house Ardencraig> 

Kilbarch in 
Dunlop, James, mill foreman, 2 Ferguslie buildings 
Dunlop, John Y., lecturer in building construction at Technical 

School ; house 13 Kilnside road 
Dunlop, Matthew S., measurer, 14 Moss street — house 3 Crossflat 

Dunlop, Eobert, confectioner, 3 Neilston street ; house do. 
Dunlop, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 2 Broomlands — house 19 

Greenhill road 
Dunn, A. G., harbour master, Carlile Quay — house 23 Moss street 
Dunn, A. M'F., engineer at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house Avalon, 

Dunn, Andrew, Avalon, Meikleriggs 
Dunn, James H., & Allison, writers and notaries public, Union 

Bank buildings, 3a Gilmour street 
Dunn, James Hamilton, writer, of James H. Dunn & Allison — ho. 

The Mound, Castlehead 
Dunn, Sir William, Bart., M.P. for Paisley, banker and merchant t 

of Wm. Dunn & Co., Broad Street avenue, London, E.C. y 

34 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London, W., and The 

Retreat, Lakenheath, Suffolk 
Dunn, Mary S., teacher, Carbrook Street Public School -house 

Avalon, Meikleriggs 
Dunsmore, Henry, cartwright, Moss cottage, Greenock road 
Dunsmore, James, foreman at Glenfield Starch works — house Glen- 
field cottage, Castlehead 
Dunsmore, Matthew, foreman at Glenfield Starch works — house 

Glenfield cottage, Castlehead 
Dutch, D. M., teacher of dancing, 8 Forbes place ; ho. 10 Gilmour st, 
Dutch, Mrs., teacher of dancing, 8 Forbes place; ho. 10 Gilmour st. 
Dyer, Robert M., B.Sc, C.E., lecturer on naval architecture, 

Technical School; house 8 Highburgh terrace, DowanhilL 

Dykes, John, foreman plumber with Wallace, Connell, & Co. — ho, 

93 High street 


EADIE Brothers & Co., manufacturers of ring-travellers, &c, 

Victoria Works, Seedhill road 
Eadie, John Scott, of Eaclie Bros. & Co. — house Park road 
Eadie, John, engraver, 4 Moss street — house 13 Thistle terrace 
Eadie, Peter, of Eadie Bros. & Co. — house Wakefield villa, East 

Greenlaw, Glasgow road 
Eadie, Robert, & Co., ironmongers, 12 High street 
Eadie, Samuel, farmer, Little Crossford, How wood 
Eadie, Mrs., grocer and confectioner. 21 Underwood road 
Eadie, Mrs. John, Kilmeny, Mansion house road 
Eaglesim, Archibald, chimney sweeper, 41 Ferguslie 
Eaglesim, Archibald, assistant sanitary inspector — ho. 47 Broomlands 
Eaglesim, Mrs. Martha, fruiterer, 4 Broomlands ; ho. 71 Broomlands 
Earl, Mary, at W. & A. Coats ; house 1 Whitehead street 
Easdale, John, dairy, 17 Queen street; house do. 
Easdon, H., joiner, 101 Causeyside — house 21 Moss street 
Easson, Robert, paper stock merchant, Glasgow — house Ythan 

Bank, Hawkhead road 
Easton, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 30 Kilnside road — 

house do. 
Easton, William, flesher, 60 Back Sneddon street 
Eccles, Alexander, Session clerk, Martyrs' Parish Church, 80 

Eccles, George, gardener, 7 Rosebery place 
Economic Building Societies, 109 High street, AVinning & Fulton, 

Edes, Frederick J. Adamson, clergyman of St. Barnabas Episcopal 

Church ; house Camphill 
Edmiston, Allan, wine and spirit merchant, 72 Broomlands ; house 

20 John street 
Edmiston, Mrs. Mary, teacher, Oakshaw Public School; house 50 

Ann street, Greenock 
Edmonds, H. S., wine and spirit merchant, " Auld Toll," 2 Garth- 
land street — house Mossfield, Greenock road 
Edmonds, Robert, agent, National Bank of Scotland Limited 

(Anderston branch, Glasgow)— house Mossfield, Greenock road 
Edmonds, William, Mossfield villa, Greenock road 
Elder, Rev. Andrew, minister of George street U.F. Church, The 

Grange, Meikleriggs 
Elder, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mansion cottage, Castlehead 
Edwin, Paul, at the Paisley Lace House, 93 High street ; house 

45 High street 
Elliot, Andrew, plumber, tinsmith, and gasfitter. Ill Causeyside — ■ 

house Dunvorleigh, Arkleston road 


Emmerson, J., fruiterer, florist, and vegetable merchant, 29 High 
street — house 8 High street — telephone No. 176 

Emmerson, Mrs. Agnes, china and hardware merchant, 2 Cotton 
street — house 6 Silk street 

English, John, gardener, Ralston 

Erroch, John, clerk at Greenlaw Goods Station — house 3 Maxwell st. 

Erskine, Andrew, Nethercommon cottage 

Erskine, Andrew, jun., at Town Chamberlain's Office — ho. Nether- 
common cottage 

Erskine, Robert, teacher, Ferguslie Public school — house Nether- 
common cottage 

Erskine, Maggie, teacher, Williamsburgh school — house Nether- 
common cottage 

Esdaile, W. S., & Co., milliners and mantle makers, 93 High street 
— house Laurel Bank, Carriagehill 

Evans, Henry, goods manager, Glasgow & South- Western Railway, 
Glasgow — ho. Thornly park 

Evening and Weekly Citizen (Glasgow) — office 8 Gilmour street — 
reporter and agent, William R. Carter — ho. 55 Caledonia st. 

Evening News (Glasgow) office, 16 Moss street — reporter and agent, 
William Peden — house 10 St Mirren street 

Evening Times (Glasgow) — office 3 County place — reporter and 
representative, Albert S. Skinnider ; agent, C. J. Gregg ; 
telephone No. 161 

Ewing, John, manager, Refuse Destructor ; house 8 St. James pi. 

Ewing, Stewart, joiner, 20 Lawn street — house 3 Hamilton street 

Ewing, T. A., pianoforte warehouse, 39 High street 

Ewing, Mrs. John, fruiterer and confectioner, 60 Causeyside stree 
— house do. 

Eye (Royal Victoria) Infirmary, Mansion-house road 

FAIR, William, confectioner, 10 Silk street ; house do. 

Fairlie, Archibald, C.T., F.E.I.S., head master North Public 

School — house Endrickdale, Meikleriggs 
Fairlie, Alexander, contractor aud wood merchant, 8 Castle street 

— house 9 do. 
Fairlie, David, spirit merchant, 9 Moss street 
Fairlie, Robert, jun., cashier at Robert Brown & Son Ltd.; house 

3 Walker street 
Faith Mission, Aclelphi Hall, Cart Lane 
Falconer, Alexander, clerk with J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house 5 

Gladstone terrace 
Falconer, John, clerk, 34 Kilnside road 
Farmer, Robert, confectioner, 6 Clark street — house do. 


Farquhar, James M., joiner, 6 Phillips street 
Parr & Co., lithographers and stationers, 4 and 5 Forbes place 
Farr, Henry, of Farr & Co. — house Alameda, Bridge of Weir 
Farr, Thomas W., cashier to Isdale & M'Callum — ho. Bridge of Weir 
Faulds, G. T., surgeon dentist, 23 High street ; house do. 
Faulkner, B. G., ornamental and letter engraver, 10 St, James st. 
Fella, Stephen, ice cream merchant, 88 Causeyside; ho. 1 St. James st. 
Female Refuge, Victoria place, Lady lane — Miss Blue, matron 
Fenton, Louis Henry, F.S.Sc, artificial teeth maker, 41 Wellmeadow; 

house Orchard cottage, The Bushes (see advt.) 
Fenino, Felix, hair-dresser and perfumer, 23 School wynd — house 

Accasia cottage, Greenock road 
Fergus, Thomas L., janitor, Technical School ; ho. 14 Argyle street 
Ferguslie Kitchen, East lane — Mrs. M'Luskie, caretaker 
Ferguslie Reading Room, 2 Ferguslie walk — open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
Ferguson, Daniel, M.A., teacher, Williamsburgh school — house 

4 Mary street 
Ferguson, David, slater, 33 Back Sneddon, and keeper of Thomas 

Muir Memorial Hall, 6 North street 
Ferguson, D., & Sons, coal merchants, Potterhill depot and Barrhead 
Ferguson, George, of Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, and The Gleniffer 

Soap Co. — house 5 Princes square, Regent park, Glasgow 
Ferguson, James, grocer, 24 New street — house Potterhill 
Ferguson, James, superintendent at Baths — house 48 Storie st. 
Ferguson, James A., factor for Elderslie estate, Deanside, Renfrew 

— office 109 High street 
Ferguson, James G.,at Kitchen & Carnduff, 17 High street; house 

1 Blackhall buildings 
Ferguson, James T., assistant librarian, 30 Cotton street 
Ferguson, jun., John, secy. Paisley and District Christian Endeavour 

Union ; house 26 Well street 
Ferguson, John A., of Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, and The Gleniffer 

Soap Company — ho. Kilmeney, Kirklee rcl., Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Ferguson, John, of D. Ferguson & Sons — house Gordonleigh, 

Ferguson, John, pawnbroker, and dealer in watches and jewellery, 

35 High street and 90 Canal street — house 30 Oakshaw 
Ferguson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 30 Cotton street — - 

house do. 
Ferguson, John, stationer and tobacconist, 64 Broomlands — ho. do. 
Ferguson, Joshua, M.A., M.B., CM., 4 Greenlaw terrace 
Ferguson, Norman, glazier, painter, and glass merchant, 19 Storie 

Ferguson, Peter, dairyman, 80 Canal street 


Ferguson, Peter, manager to Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. — house 

Caerleon, Greenlaw drive 
Ferguson, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Wallace street ; house 

1 Newhall terrace, Glenfield 
Ferguson, P. J., of Fleming & Ferguson (Ltd.) — house 8 Belhaveu 

terrrce, Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Ferguson, Robert, head-master Ferguslie Public School — ho. South 

Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, and oil 

and lard refiners — soap works, Blackhall ; office and oil and 

lard works, 130-136 Bishop street, Port Dundas, Glasgow 
Ferguson, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 81 Broomlands 

— house 82 do. 
Ferguson, "William, clerk, Greenlaw goods station — house 8 

Whitehaugh terrace 
Ferguson, William, grocer, 42 Moss street — house 1 George place 
Ferguson, William, fruiterer, 56 George st. ; ho. Braidland gardens 
Ferguson, William, boot and shoemaker, 16 Kilnside road — house 

10 Park drive, Whiteinch 
Ferguson, Barbara, teacher, Camphill School — ho. Rock cottage, 

Mill street 
Ferguson, Mrs. Martha, confectioner, 15 Kilnside road — house 8 

Johnston street 
Fernie, Archibald, painter and paper hanger, 48 Old Sneddon 

— house 7 Love street 
Fernie, Archibald, draper, 59 George street 
Fernie, Elizabeth, tobacconist, Branch Post Office, 38 Causeyside — 

house 7 Love street 
F'ernie, Maggie C, teacher, East Public School — ho. 7 Love street 
Fernie, Mrs., confectioner and stationer, 108 George street — house 

3 Underlee buildings, Underwood lane 
Ferri, C, ice cream and fish restaurant, 5 Old Smithhiils and 16 

Causeyside ; house 1 Caledonia street 
I^errie, Andrew, licensed grocer, 136 George street — house 17 

Argyle street 
Ferrie, A., fishmonger, 72 Broomlands 
Ferris, James, church officer, Thread Street U.F. Church — house 

8 Thread street 
Ferris, Robert, sergeant of police — house 40 Kilnside road 
Filshill, James W., wholesale confectioner and biscuit agent, 6 

Macdowall street 
Findlay, David, potato merchant, 2 George place — house 1 do. 
Findlay, M., tobacconist and stationer, 2 Well street; house 32 

Kilnside road 


Findlay, Peter, tobacconist and stationer, 12 Old Sneddon and 1£> 

Abbey street — house 1 Crossflat terracj 
Finlay, William, clerk, 13 Douglas street 
Findlay, Mary, confectioner, 3 Russell street — house do. 
Fiulator, William Rankin, of Kerr & Finlator — house The Cottage^ 

North Greenhill 
Finlator, Miss J. D., masseuse, 4 Park terrace ; house do. 
Finlayson, Alexander, carting contractor, Carriagehill house 
Finlayson, James, grain merchant, Carriagehill — house Carriagehill 

Finlayson, Robert, cowfeeder, Carriagehill house 
Finlayson, Wm., grocer, 6 Smith street 
Finn, Miss Julia, dressmaker, 22 High street 
Finn, Miss, matron, Paisley Poorhouse and Asylum 
Finnie, James, teacher, West Public School — house 5 Hannay st. 
Firelight factory (Poor Association), 1 Mackean street — Thomas 

Alexander, manager; ho. 27 Caledonia street 
Fisher, Andrew, jun., of Fisher & Co. — house 81 New Sneddon 
Fisher & Co., engineers, St. Mirren Engine works, Macdowall street 
Fisher, George, of Fisher & Co. — house Denewood, Greenock road 
Fisher, George, manufacturers' agent, 86 Wilson street, Glasgow — 

house 4 Mansfield place 
Fisher, jun., George, 2 Buchauan terrace 
Fisher, Miss, 81 New Sneddon 
Fisher, Miss, confectioner, 53 George street 
Fitch, John, barber, 11 Old Sneddon — house 11 New Smithhills 
Fitzpatrick, John, butcher, 2 Lawn street ; house 43 Mill street 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., dress and mantlemaker, 15 Broomlands 
Flannigan, Mrs. M., grocer, 21 Seedhill road 
Fleck, Miss, dressmaker, 46 Broomlands — house Lounsdale Farm 
Fleming, Rev. Andrew G., minister of the U.F. Church, Thread 

street — house Gowanlea, Castlehead 
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., engineers, Phoenix Works, shipbuilders, 

Merksworth, Inchinnan road 
Fleming, J. & J., tailors and clothiers, 57 George street ; house 

Crosslea, Greenock road 
Fleming, James, plumber and gasfitter, 5J North Bridge street — 

house do. 
Fleming, Reid, & Co., Ltd., yarn merchants, Greenock — branch 10 

St. Mirren street 
Fleming, W. Y., of Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. — house Elmhurst, 

Fleming, William, Fulwood, by Linwood 
Fleming, Mary, flesher, 29 George street 


Fleming, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 7 Silk street 

Fleming, Mrs., confectioner, 27 Queen street; house do. 

Fletcher, Mrs. Hugh, feuar, 5 Wardrop street 

Flett, John, church officer, U.F. South Church — ho. 3 Thomas st. 

Flockhart, William, 5 Douglas terrace 

Floyd, Mrs. D., newsagent and confectioner, 117 George St.; ho. do 

Fontana, Giuseppe, ice cream and confections, 30 New Smithhills, 
12 Dyers wynd, and 1 Old Sneddon— house 29 New Smithhills 

Fontana, Mrs., confectioner, 5 New Smithhills street; ho. 29 do. 

Food Extract Co., The, 4 MacDowall street 

Forbes, John, C.T., South School ; house 2 Lylesland terrace 

Forbes, William, tobacconist and newsagent, 69 Causeyside street 
— house 9 Sandholes 

Forbes, Mrs. Jessie, matron, Coats' Girls' Home and Club, 15 

Ford, Ben, commercial traveller — house 32 Allison place 

Forrest, James A., of Wm. Forrest & Son — ho. 35 Whitehill street,. 

Forrest, William, of William Forrest & Son — house Burnbank 

Forrest, William, & Son, chemical manure manufacturers, Burn- 
bank, Chain road ; telephone No. 178 ; telegrams, " Forrest, 
Elderslie " 

Forrester, William, hatter and hosier, 23 High street and 1 Broom- 
lands — house 5 Park terrace, Underwood 

Forsyth, Alexander, & Son, plumbers, 46 Broomlands — house do.: 
tel. No., 346 (see advt.) 

Forsyth, George, shoemaker, 2 Lady lane 

Forsyth, James, warehouseman at Anchor Mills ; house Lily bank ? 
Whitehaugh drive 

Forsyth, John, restaurateur, 12 Newton street — house 13 do. 

Forsyth, John, of A. Forsyth & Son ; house 30 Maxwellton 

Fortune, David, secretary Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society — 
head office, Wilson street, Glasgow 

Foster, James, of Fullarton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Limited) — house 
Lily bank, St. Andrew's drive, Pollokshields 

Foster, R. D., manager, Joseph Hepworth & Son Ltd. ; house 9 
Orr street 

Foulds, Andrew, & Son, wholesale and retail wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 4 and 5 Abbey street 

Foulds, Andrew, teller, Bank of Scotland ; house Heathbank, 

Foulds, Robert, at Andw. Foulds & Son, 5 Abbey street — house: 
Aikles ton villa, Arkleston road 


Foulds, Roger, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Causeyside — house 24 

George street 
Foulds, William & Co. (Limited), distillers, and Scotch whisky mer- 
chants — distillery Glenfyne, Ardrishaig — office School wynd 
Foulds, William M., at Master of Works office — house Lynton, 

Hawkhead road 
Foulds, William, fish merchant, 66 Causeyside 
Fountain Gardens, Love street — superintendent, Alex. Carnochan 
Fowler, Wm., at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house 18 Thistle terrace 
Frame, Maggie, forewomen, Nethercraigs laundry — house do. 
Fraser, Alex., chemist and druggist, 100 High street and Sherwood 

buildings, Glasgow rd. ; tel. No., 30 ; ho. Drumossie cottage, 

Hawkhead road 
Fraser, Donald, M.D., F.F.P.S. (Glasgow), 3 Or square 
Fraser, George, police constable — house 2 St. James street 
Fraser, W. J., manager Paterson, Sons, & Co. — ho. Auchenskeoch, 

Whitehaugh drive 
Fraser, William, furniture dealer, 22 Lawn street; house 11 

Abercorn street 
Fraser, M. & H., dress and mantlemakers, 6 Wellmeadow — house 

19 Sandholes 
Free Breakfast Mission hall, 109 Causeyside 
Free Library, High street — librarian, J. G. Renfrew — house 18 

Storie street 
Free Museum and Picture gallery, High street — curator, J. M. B. 

Taylor (see appendix) 
Freebairn, Thomas, Riccartsbar lodge 
Freebairn, Miss Martha, dress and mantle maker, 49 High street — - 

house do. 
French, Edward, assistant demonstrator in Chemistry at Technical 

School; 1055 Pollokshaws road, Shawlands 
French, Mrs., dressmaker, 32 Cotton street 

Frew, Robert, correspondence clerk Canal station — ho. 24 Alice pi. 
Friels, Daniel, French polisher, 25 High street ; ho. 7 M'Kerrell st. 
Frondigoun, Edward, boot and shoemaker, 58 Causeyside and 23 

Carriagehill ; house 23 Neilston road 
Fullerton, Alexander, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Limited) 

— house Fordbank, Millikenpark 
Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Limited), engineers, ironfounders, 

boilermakers, millwrights, and machine makers, " Vulcan 

Foundry and Engine works," Renfrew road (telegraphic ad- 
dress, " Vulcan, Paisley ;" telephone No. 63) 
Fullerton, James, of John Fullerton & Co., Abbotsburn house, 

Inchinnan road 


Fullerton, John, & Co., iron shipbuilders, Merksworth shipbuild- 
ing yard, Inchinnan road 
Fullerton, John, of John Fullerton & Co. — house 1 Garthland place 
Fulton, Alfred D., yarn merchant, 103 Queen street, Glasgow — 

house Dungoyne, Hawkhead road 
Fulton, C, & Co., coal merchants, 12 Hunter street 
Fulton, Charles, Strathblane, Meikleriggs 

Fulton, David, tailor and clothier, 54 Causeyside — ho. 5 Gladstone ter. 
Fulton, James, The Glen 
Fulton, John, confectioner, 52 Broomlands 
Fulton, John, jun., at Smith & Sons' Shipping Office, Glasgow — 

house 52 Broomlands 
Fulton, Joseph, of William Fulton & Sons Ltd. — house The Glen 
Fulton, Robert, feuar, 12 Abbey street 
Fulton, T. Crichton, consulting electrical engineer, 44 West George 

street, Glasgow — house 12 Abbey street 
Fulton, William, of Winning & Fulton — house 19 Argyle street 
Fulton, Wm , dairy, 29 Canal street — house do. 
Fulton, William, & Sons (Limited), scourers, dyers and finishers, 

Glenfield — parcels left with James Caldwell, Cumberland 

court, Causeyside 
Fulton, Wm., tobacconist and newsagent, 6 Silk street ; house 9 

Clarence street 
Fulton, Maggie, C.T., Oakshaw Public School ; ho. 3 Townhead ter. 
Fyfe, Miss, dress and mantlemaker, 2 St. James street 

GAFFNE Y, Patrick, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance 
Company, Ltd., 1 Rowan street 

Galbreath Brothers, chemists and druggists, 92 Causeyside 

Galbraith, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 64 and 65 George 
street and 19 Maxwellton street — house Marsilla, Craw road 

Galbraith, John, feuar, Rockfield cottage, Potterhill 

Galbraith, John, jun., 4 Wellmeadow 

Galbraith Stores, wholesale grocers, offices and store — 24 Back 
Sneddon ; branches — 18 and 22 Sandholes, 25 Gauze street, 
28 Causeyside, 14 Broomlands street, 14 Kiluside road, 51 
Broomlands, 31 Carriagehill, 30 Canal st., 60 Back Sneddon, 
and 34 Caledonia street 

Galbraith, William, of Galbraith & Co. — house Muirston, Hawk- 
head road 

Galbraith, Peter, confectioner, 20 Great Hamilton street 

Galbreath, Robert B., of Galbreath Brothers, 98 Causeyside 

Galbreath, Miss, 32 Oakshaw street 

Galletly, David, clothier, 5 Causeyside — ho. 10 Greenlaw avenue 



Galletly, Duncan, engineer and cycle maker 108 Causeyside — 
house do. 

Galletly, James, church officer of Lylesland IT.F. Church — house 2 
South Orr street 

Gait, James, manager at Paisley Foundry, Abbotsinch — house 
Helena villa, Greenock road 

Gait, John, & Son, brickmakers and builders — brickworks Nether- 

Gait, Robert, of John Gait & Son — house Tarradale, Blackhall 

Gait, Thomas, of Henry & Gait — house 61 Back Sneddon 

Gait, William, of Henry & Gait— house 4 M'Kerrell street 

Gardiner, Alexander, agent for the Lancashire Insurance Co. — ■ 
house Altouvar, Glasgow road 

Gardiner, Alex., jun., of Craig & Gardiner — house Altonvar, 
Glasgow road 

Gardner, Alexander, printer, bookseller, publisher, &c, 7 Gilmour 
street — house Dunrod, Castlehead 

Gardner, David, fishmonger, 2 Neilston st. ; ho. 28 New Stock st. 

Gardner, David, M.B., CM., consulting-rooms, Gilmour street — 
house 29 High street 

Gardiner, George G., teacher, Carbrook Street School ; house 3 
Orr street 

Gardner, James, farmer, South Hillington, off Glasgow road 

Gardner, James, writer and notary public, secretary, treasurer, and 
law agent to the Peter Brough Bequest Fund ; secretary, trea- 
surer, and law agent to the Governors of the Paisley 
Educational Trust ; secretary and treasurer to Paisley Techni- 
cal School ; and lion. -secretary to the Philosophical Institution, 
3 County place — house Clunie 

Gardner, James, British Workman Public house, 20 Wellmeadow 
— house do. 

Gardner, James, painter and decorator, 1 Wallneuk — house 15 
Gauze street 

Gardner, Robert, collector of accounts, Town Chamberlain's Office 
house 5 Arthur street 

Gardner, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Williamsburgh — 
house 1 Greenlaw avenue 

Gardner, William, & Co. Ltd., Holm laundry, Barterholm (see advt.) 

Gardner, William, of William Gardner & Co. Ltd., The Elms r 

Gardner, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 5 Monerieff street — 
house 48 Love street 

Gardiner, Miss Janet, stationer and tobacconist, 74 Broomlands st. 

Garrott, John, blacksmith, 51 High street — house 34 Lady lane 


Garven, John, boot and shoemaker, 31 Cotton St. — ho. 1 East Croft 
Garven, Miss, fruiterer and confectioner, 1 East Croft — house 2 

East Croft 
Gebbie, William, janitor and drill instructor, Mossvale Public 

School ; house 2 Russell street 
Gemmell, Andrew, joiner, 2 Brown street — house do. 
Gemmell, Andiew, cowfeeder, 13 Cotton street 
Gemmell, A. C, clerk at Speirs, Gibb, & Co. — ho. 13 Douglas st. 
Gemmell, James, feuar, 14 Sandholes 
Gemmell, John, chairman of Co-operative Manufacturing Society 

Ltd.; house 5 Phillips street 
Gemmell, John, refreshment rooms, 8 St. James place ; house 13 

Maxwell street 
Gemmill, Malcolm, watchmaker and jeweller, 5 Wellmeadow — 

house 12 Townhead terrace 
Gemmell, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Broomlands — 

house 10 do. 
Gemmell, Robert, grocer, 75 Broomlands; house 11 Douglas street 
Gemmell, Janet, teacher, South Public School — house 5 Greenlaw 

Gemmell, Jenny, Ferguslie School ; house 5 Greenlaw terrace 
Gemmell, Miss Christina, pawnbroker, 106 George street; house 

14 Sandholes 
General Plate Glass Insurance Company — district managers, R. 

Lauchlan & Sons, 13 Moss street (see advt.) 
Gentles, Rev. Thomas, D.D., First Charge Abbey Church, 

Abbey manse, Glasgow road 
George, Adam, coppersmith and tinsmith, 13^- Abbey street ; house 

22 Kilnside road 
George A. Clark Town Hall (entrance by Old Smithhills and 

Abbey close) — James B. Watson, curator 
George Temperance Hotel, 2 Old Smithhills, M. Jamison, 

Gibb, George Y., family grocer, 25 Argyle street — house 21 

Argyle street 
Gibb, John, & Son, drapers, 26 High street — ho. Holmscraig,Calside 
Gibb, Matthew, cowfeeder and contractor, Stirling street 
Gibb, William F., M.D., CM., 7 St. James place — house do. 
Gibb, J. R., Holmscraig Calside avenue 
Gibson, Alexander, butcher, 15 Old Sneddon street — house 3 Kerr 

Gibson, Alexander, 8 Townhead terrace 
Gibson, Andrew, & Son, pastry bakers, restaurateurs, and purveyors, 

98 High street; (see advt.) 


Gibson, Andrew, of Andrew Gibson & Son — house Ellenlea, 

Glasgow road 
Gibson, Andrew, sheet iron worker, 15 Springbank road ; house 5 

Andrew street 
Gibson, David, boot and shoe manufacturer, 1 Cotton street and 

100 Causeyside — house George place 
Gibson, David, china merchant and ironmonger, 2 Johnston street ; 

house do. 
Gibson, George, assistant School Board inspector, 5 County place — 

house 31 St. James street 
Gibson, James, at Adam Hamilton & Sons Ltd., 4 Mary street 
Gibson, James, grocer and provision merchant, 36 Causeyside ; ho. 

18 Moss street 
Gibson, John Eobert, M.D., D.P.H., F.F.P.S. Glasgow, consulting 

room, 23 Broomlands street — house 6 Wellmeadow 
Gibson, J. H., tailor and clothier, 43 Old Sneddon — house 18 Moss 

Gibson, John, George place house 
Gibson, John, of Andrew Gibson & Son, 98 High street — house 13 

Greenlaw avenue 
Gibson & Reid, art dyers, French cleaners, and carpet beaters, the 

Paisley dye works, Lacy street — receiving office 84 High street; 

tele. No. 220 (see advt.) 
Gibson, William, at Clark & Co. Ltd. — house 10 St. James street 
Gibson, William, tailor and clothier, 24 Lady lane 
Gibson, William K., of Gibson & Reid — house Woodburn, 

Arkleston road 
Gibson & Wylie, painters and decorators, 24 Gauze street 
Gibson, Florence R., teacher, Carbrook Street School ; ho. Wood- 
burn, Arkleston road 
Gibson, Mrs., grocer, 2 Johnston street ; house do. 
Gibson, Mrs., 1 Mansion-house road 

Gibson, Mrs. W. H., teacher of music, 9 Townhead terrace 
Giffen, Elizabeth Rose C, teacher, Mossvale School — house 11 

Walker street 
Gilchrist, John, of Clark & Co.. Ltd. — house Woodside, Cove 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Robert, draper, 5 Moss street — house 12 Townhead 

Gillan, William, teacher Neilson Institution — ho. 9 Gateside 
Gillespie, Donald, grocer and provision merchant, 15 Moss street 

— house 5 Underwood road 
Gillespie, John, valuator, F.S.I., 16 New Sneddon 
Gillespie, John, of William Gillespie & Son — house Blackhall 
Gillespie, William, dairy, Alton, Glasgow road 


Gillespie, William, & Son, slaters, slate and cement merchants, 16 

New Sneddon 
Gilmonr, Allan, & Son, bakers, 144 George street — house do. 
Gilmour, Andrew, asrated water manufacturer, Weir street — house 

The Vine, Mansion-house road 
Gilmour, Duncan, watchmaker and jeweller, 28 Old Sneddon street 

— house 8 Clarence street 
Gilmour, George, aerated water manufacturer, Weir street— house 

7 Greenlaw avenue 
Gilmour, Hugh B., of Gilmour & Co., drysalters, 17 Oswald stieet, 

Glasgow — house 1 Mansion house road 
Gilmour, James, carting contractor, 48 Mill street — house 1 

Cameron street 
Gilmour, James, grocer and provision merchant, 67 Causeyside — - 

house Braemar, Potterhill 
Gilmour, James, commission agent, 1 Mansion house road 
Gilmour, John, aerated water manufacturer, Weir street and North 

Croft — house Blackhall (see advt.) 
Gilmour Street Railway Station, County place — Stewart M'Cowatt, 

stationmaster, and agent for the Railway Passengers' Assurance 

Co. — house 1 Underwood road 
Gilmour, Thomas, butcher, 11^ New Smithhills street — house do. 
Gilmour, William, confectioner, 7 Castle street 
Gilmour, Mrs. James, farmer, Fulbar 
Gilmour, Miss, music teacher, 15 High street 
Gilroy, Misses, Crossflat house 
Giltrap, Henry, waiter, 13 Cochran street 
Gird wood, R., wright, 28 Broomlands — house 27 Broomlands 
Girdwood, Mary, teacher, Williamsburgh school — ho. 27 Broomlands 
Giusti, M., confectioner, 10 Orchard street ; house 8 do. 
Glasgow, Charles & Co., coachbuilders, painters, decorators of halls, 

<&;c. — works 22 New Smithhills — house Wellington cottage, 

Caledonia street 
" Glasgow Citizen" (Evening and Weekly) Office, 8 Gilmour street — • 

W. R. Carter, reporter and agent — house 55 Caledonia street 
"Glasgow Evening News" Branch office, 16 Moss street — agent 

and reporter, William Peden — house 10 St. Mirren street 
Glasgow & Go van Boot Repairing Co., boot and shoemakers, 

11 Gauze street, 8 Broomlands, 9 Old Sneddon, 151 George 

street, 16 Neilston road, 30 Causeyside, and 26 Williams- 
burgh — manager, Thompson Totton 
" Glasgow Herald " (Daily and Weekly) and "Evening Times" 

Branch office, 3 County place — reporter and representative, 

Albert S. Skinnider; agent, C. Jago Gregg; telephone No. 161 


Glasgow, James, of Campbell & Calderwood — house Fernlea, 
Greenock road 

Glasgow (The) Tramway & Omnibus Co. (Ltd.), eab and carriage 
hirers and funeral undertakers, 

Terrace buildings (Telephone No. 260) ; 
Station buildings, County place ; 
1 New Smithhills (stables) 

" Glasgow Weekly Mail " branch office, 4 County place — J. 
Waddell, representative 

Glassford, J. E., draper and clothier, 98 Causeyside — house 164 
George street 

Crleghorn, Andrew, horse shoer and general smith, 2 New Smith- 
hills — ho. 12 Abercorn street 

Glen, Allan, sen., tailor and clothier, 6 George street 

i Glen, Allan, tailor and clothier, 13 Walker st. — ho. 15 Argylest. 

Glen, Allan, jun., traveller to Brown & Poison- -house Sherwood 
buildings, 1a Clarence street 

Glen, James, draper, 9 Broomlands — house 80 do. 

Glen, Thomas, flesher, 36 Broomlands — house West brae 

Glen, Agnes, fishmonger, 34 Gauze street — house 6 George street 

Glen, Miss, restaurant, 15 Moss street ; house do. 

Glen, Mrs. R., confectioner and tobacconist, 81 Causeyside 

Glencross, A., furnishings, 9 Lady lane 

Glendening, R. E., minister of Victoria Place Baptist Church ; 
house 8 Greenlaw avenue 

Glenfield Starch works, Maxwellton 

Gleniffer Laundry, Lylesland — A. Bell & Sons, Ltd., proprietors — 
orders for vans to call, received at 6 Gilmour st. ; 47 Causey- 
side ; or at the Laundry. Telephone No. 126. (See advt.) 

Gleniffer Soap Co., soap manufacturers, Gleniffer Soap works, 
Lonend — Glasgow office 130-136 Bishop street, Port Dundas 

Globe Hotel, 92 High street — George Quinn, proprietor 

Glover, John, of Glover & Hardie — house 7 Buchanan ter. 

Glover, Thomas, printer and stationer, 11 Moss street (opposite 
County square) — house 3 Buchanan terrace 

Glover & Hardie, manufacturers and warehousemen, 109 Causeyside 

Glover, William, plumber, tinsmith, and ironmonger, 42 New 
street — house 57 Canal street 

Glover, M. & M., milliners, 44 Moss st. — house 7 Buchanan terrace 

Gold, Mrs., grocer, 14 Storie street — house do. 

G oldie, John, tailor and clothier, 83 High street 

Good Templar Hall, entrance by Dyers' wynd and Terrace — 
keeper, Thomas Kirkpatrick, 2 St. James street (see advt.) 

G oodwin, Bella, dress and mantle-maker, 6 Whitehead street 


Gorrocl, James G., with J. & P. Coats Ltd. — ho. 1 Whitehaugh drive 
Gorse, R. C., foreman to Isdale & M'Callum — house 10 Hillview 

Goudie, Alexander, burgh officer, dean of guild court officer, and 

caretaker, Municipal buildings — house do. 
Goudie, Humphrey, carriage hirer, 25 Maxwellton st.; tel. No. 50 
Goudie, James, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 24 High st. — 

house 2 Church place 
Goudie, James, jun., at Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell's — house 2 

Church place 
Goudie, John, of Hunter & Goudie — house 39 Mill street 
Goudie, John C, collector, Town Chamberlain's office— house 2 

Church place 
Goudie, William, of Kirk wood & Goudie — house 5 Mavisbank 

terrace, Blackhall 
Goudie, William G., B.Sc, C.R., lecturer on machine construction 

at Technical School ; ho. 92 Albert drive, Crosshill, Glasgow 
Goudie, Agnes, teacher, Wiiliamsburgh School; house Newton, 

Arkleston road 
Goudie, Mrs. John, Newton, Arkleston road 
Gourlay, R. Cleland, manager A. F. Craig & Co. Ltd. — house 

Endyne, 42 Oakshaw street 
Gracey, William, traveller, Geo. Dobie & Sons ; ho. 20 Sandholes 
Graham, Alex., brewer, at Sacell Brewery — ho. Benvue, Calside 
Graham, Arthur F., of Welsh & Graham — house 5 Lonend 
Graham, A. Forrest, of Sacell Brewery Co. — ho. Benvue, Calside 
Graham, Angus, cowfeeder, 8 South Croft 
Graham & Caskie, smiths, scale, beam, weighing machine makers, 

and cycle agents, 2 Causeyside 
Graham, James, grocer and provision merchant, 70 Love street ; 

house 1 Kerr street 
Graham, John, 5 Lonend 
Graham, John, tailor and clothier, 18 Moss street — house 105 

Graham, J., designer, 11 Ferguslie 
Graham, John A., M.B., CM., 3 Garthland place 
Graham, M., of Graham & Caskie — house 26 Underwood road 
Graham, Marshall, salesman at W. Forrester's, 1 Broomlands — 

house 1 Sutherland street 
Graham, Robert, of T. & R. Graham — house 19 Patrick street, 

Greenock, and Duntrune, Kirn 
Graham, Robert, sub-manager, 2 Ferguslie buildings 
Graham, T. & R., lithographers, engravers, and colour printers, 4 

Bridge street 


Graham, Thomas, M.D., 3 Garthland place 

Graham, Thomas, confectioner, 6 Storie street — house do. 

Graham, William, confectioner and fruiterer, 46 George st. — ho. do. 

Graham, Mrs. John, Oakbank, 43^- Oakshaw street 

Graham, The Misses, ladies' school, 3 Royal terrace — house 3 
Garthland place 

Grandage, William, confectioner and fruiterer 19 New Stock street ; 
ho. do. 

Grant, Donald, stationmaster St. James station — ho. 19 Green- 
hill road 

Grant, James, church officer of Abbey Close U.F. Church, 23 
Abbey street 

Grant, William, foreman to B. R. T. — house 2 M'Kerrell street 

Gray, Archibald, foreman to M'Kenzie Bros — house 18 Greenhill rd. 

Gray, Archibald, brassfounder, 66 Back Sneddon ; house 5 Cale- 
donia place 

Gray, David, of John M'Nair & Co. — house 54 Storie street 

Gray, Hugh, keeper of Oakshaw Memorial hall — house 43 

Gray, James, secretary at Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co. Ltd — house Hill 
cottage, Calside 

Gray, Robert, Howwood, Beith, and Paisley carrier — quarters 91 

Gray, Thomas, farmer, Oldbar 

Gray, Agnes, confectioner, 1 Douglas terrace — house do. 

Gray, Mrs., tobacconist and newsagent, 51 High street 

Gray, Mrs. John, confectioner, 25 Argyle street 

Green, Duncan, foreman turner to Campbell & Calderwood — house 
2 Tannahill place 

Greenfield, John, retired teacher — house Netherpark, Calside 

Greenlees, Alexander, of A. & J. W. Greenlees — house Corryville, 

Greenlees, A. & J. W., yarn and cloth agents, 13 Causeyside — ■ 
house Corryville 

Greenlees & Sons, boot and shoemakers, 21 High street 

Greenlees, James, of Greenlees & Sons — house 30 St. Vincent 
crescent, Glasgow 

Greenlees, James W., of A. & J. W. Greenlees — house Corryville, 

Greenlees, Matthew & Son, manufacturers, 167 George street 

Greenlees, Matthew, of Matthew Greenlees & Son — house Green- 
side, Calside 

Greenlees, Robert, at M. Greenlees & Son's — house Park place,, 


Greenlees, Thomas, manufacturer, 22 Montrose street, Glasgow- 
house Netherton, Castlehead 

Greenlees, Thos., jnnr., manufacturer, 22 Montrose street, Glasgow 
— house Newark, Castlehead 

Greenlees, Jane, confectioner and newsagent, 10 Old Sneddon 

Greenlees, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 4 Cochran street 

Gregorson, William, & Co., spindle and flyer manufacturers, 51 
High street — house Clyde view, Largs 

Gregg, C. Jago, agent, Glasgow Herald and Evening Times — house' 
2 Unsted place 

Greig, Robert, painter and paperhanger, 39 George St.; ho. do. 

Greig, Robert, & Co., auctioneers, 5 New street 

Gribben, D. C, letterpress printer, 5 Causeyside — house 9 Argyle 

Grierson, John T., house factor, 8 Cochran street — house do. 

Grierson, R., & Co., carting contractors, Glasgow and Paisley 
Joint Railway Company, Greenlaw Goods Station 

Gunn, Robert, gardener, Hawkhead house — house West lodge 

Guthrie, E., draper and hosier. 67 Broomlands 

Guthrie, David, fishdealer, 17 Incle street 

Guthrie, Mungo, working jeweller, 1 Old Smithhills 

Guthrie, Robert, & Co., manufacturers, 6 Causeyside 

Guthrie, Wm., of R. Guthrie & Co. — house 20 Glenview, Barterholm 

Guthrie, Annie, teacher, Williamsburgh School ; house 10 Welling- 
ton street, Greenock 

Guthrie, Miss, 1 Orr square 

HADDEN, Miss M., matron, Fever Hospital 

Haddow, Mrs. Agnes, grocer, 26 Williamsburgh — house do. 

Hair, Duncan D., M.A., teacher, Camphill School ; house 4 

M' In tyre place 
Hair, George, chemist at R. T. M'Cowan's, 8 High street ; house 

20 Kilnside road 
Hair, Hugh, inspector of railways, 8 Whitehead street 
Hair, James M,, at J. Courtney's, 69 Broomlands; ho. 1 Blackhal! 
Haldane, T. Fred., of Cartvale Chemical Co., Ltd. — house Eastlea r 

Hawkhead road 
Halden, Jeanie, teacher, Mossvale School ; ho. 5 Buchanan terrace 
Halden, Miss, dress and mantlemaker, 109 Causeyside — house 5- 

Buchanan terrace 
Hall, Rev. C. A., Coniston, Meikleriggs 
Hall, Rev. David, minister of Mossvale U.F. Church — house 9" 

Buchanan terrace 
Hall, James, at Highgate & Co.'s ; house Garnock view, Irvine 


Hall, William G., clerk, British Linen Co. Bank ; house Hazelden, 

Hamill, William, confectioner, 77 George street ; house do. 
Hamilton, Adam, & Sons, Ltd., bleachers, dyers, and finishers, 

Blackland mill ; telephone No. 70 
Hamilton, Alexander, at P. Henderson & Co., 15 St. Vincent pi., 

Glasgow — house Briardale, Hawkhead road 
Hamilton, Alexander, clothier, 3^- George street — house 1 George 

Hamilton, Alexander, draper, 16 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Hamilton, Alexander, Hawkhead bakery, 18 Broomlands ; house 

2 Gordon place 
Hamilton, Andrew, house factor, accountant, and insurance agent, 

93 High street — house 2 Greenlaw avenue (sea advt.) 
Hamilton & Co., clothiers, 80 High street — house Montgreenan, 

Hamilton, David, teacher, Neilson Institution — house Belle-vue, 

Hamilton, Ed., at Master of Works office, 13 Gilmour street — 

house 8 Phillips street 
Hamilton, George, flesher, 16 Neilston road — house Lylesland cot. 
Hamilton. George, wine and spirit merchant, 105 George street — 

house 4 Wellmeadow 
Hamilton, George, of Adam Hamilton & Sons Ltd. — house 

Hamilton, George, Barrhead and Neilston carrier, 91 Causeyside, 

and at E. Crawford's, 16 Gilmour street 
Hamilton, Hugh, teacher of English, French, Latin, Arithmetic 

and Bookkeeping — private academy Glaisnock, Bank street 
Hamilton, Peter, at William Fulton & Sons Ltd.; house Newhall 

villas, Glenfield 
Hamilton, Hugh, accountant and auditor, Glaisnock, Bank street 
Hamilton, Hugh F., Glaisnock, Bank street 
Hamilton, James, cowfeeder, 58 Causeyside — house do. 
Hamilton, James, at J. M. Symington's, 35 Miller street, Glasgow; 

house 3 Lylesland terrace 
Hamilton, James, traveller to Brown & Poison — house Netherpark, 

Hamilton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 96 Causeyside ; house 

55 do. 
Hamilton, J., & Co., embroiderers, 2 Union street 
Hamilton, J. F., yarn salesman, 1 Janetield place 
Hamilton, J. K., grocer, 16 Well street ; house 27 do. 
Hamilton, Robert, baker, 55 Causeyside — -house do. 


Hamilton, Robert, grocer, and wine, spirit, and provision merchant, 

5 Carriagehill — house Townhead terrace 
Hamilton, Robert, of Burnet & Hamilton — ho. 8 Townhead terrace 
Hamilton, Robert, house factor and shipping agent, 43 Lady lane 

— house 9 Douglas street (see advt.) 
Hamilton, Robert A., aichitect, 93 Highst. — house 21 Caledonia st. 
Hamilton, William, machine agent, 12 Argyle street 
Hamilton, William, dyer and cleaner, 18 Abbey street — house 

1 Unstead place 
Hamilton, William, confectioner, 87 New Sneddon 
Hamilton, Elizabeth, restaurauteur, 32 Broomlands — house do. 
Hamilton, Jessie, 10 Sandholes 

Hamilton, Jessie, of J. Hamilton & Co., 2 Union street 
Hamilton, Miss M., fancy goods merchant, 93 Causeyside — house 

26 George street 
Hamilton, Mrs. Agnes, Caradon, Hawkhead road 
Hamilton, Mrs., draper, 3-§- George street 
Handasyde, C. H., of C. H. Handasyde & Co. — house Craigesk, 

Handasyde, C. H. & Co., oil merchants and manufacturers, Aber- 

corn Oil works, Macfarlane street, Racecourse road, and at 

Dean Oil works, Dalkeith 
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson, engineers and gas apparatus manufac- 
turers, Abbey works, 23 New Sneddon ; Atlas works, 17 

Back Sneddon ; Abercorn Shipbuilding yard, Abercorn street ; 

and Abercorn foundry, North Croft 
Hannah, Henry, chemist and druggist, 44 Moss st. and 1 Crossflat 

terrace — house 1 Caledonia street 
Hannah, John, traveller at J. W. Filshill's — house 1 Caledonia st. 
Hannah, William, of Hawson & Hannah — house 47 Love street 
Hannah, William, & Sons, furniture dealers, 80 High street — house 

3£ George street 
Haran, A. B., of N. G. Haran & Sons — house 18 New Stock street 
Haran, J. N., of N. G. Haran & Sons — house 83 Seedhill road 
Haran, N. G., & Sons, registered plumbers, gasfitters, and sanitary 

engineers — workshop 100 Causeyside 
Hardcastle, John, fishmonger. 26 Causeyside — house 26 Well street 
Hardie, George R., traveller for the Central Agency Ltd., Glasgow; 

house Dungoyne, Hawkhead road 
Hardie, John, feuar, 13 Williamsburgh 
Hardie, John David, officer Inland Revenue, 8 St. Mirren street — 

house 12 Townhead terrace 
Hardie, John, M.A., teacher, Grammar school — house Tinaburn 

villa, Glasgow road 


Hardie, Robert, of Glover & Hardie — house Greenlaw avenue 
Harclie, Thomas, foreman moulder to Fullerton, Hodgart, & Bar- 
clay Limited — house 9 Abbey terrace 
Harding, Charles, chief constable of Renfrewshire, chief constable's 

office, County buildings— liouse 149 Eldon street, Greenock 
Harkius, Annie, confectioner, 30 Thread street ; house do. 
Harley, John M., manager at Brown .& Poison's — house Falside- 

Harper, Alexander, baker, 43 Caledonia street — house 39 do. 
Harper, Andrew, 1 Hamilton street 
Harper, David C, of David Carswell & Son — house 3 Mansfield 

Harper, Frank, clerk, Canal Goods Station— house 9 Whitehead 

Harper, H. M., Marymaur, Underwood 
Harper, Henry, tailor, clothier, and hatter, 52 High street, and 

Victoria Clothing Compy., 17 Moss street — house 9 Townhead 

terrace (see advt.) 
Harper, Hugh, coal merchant — house Boneen, Hawkhead 
Harper, James, church officer of South Parish Church — house 8 

New Stock street 
Harper, Robert, traveller to Hugh Lambie — house 26 High street 
Harper, William, at Rae Bros., 42 High street ; house 24 M'Kerrell 

Harris, Alexander, Camphill 
Harris, H., brushmaker, 8 Stevenson street 
Harris, John, officer, Inland Revenue, 3 Mansion-house road 
Harris, Robert, Wellcroft, Greenlaw drive 
Harris, William, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 70 High street 

— house 22 Oakshaw street 
Hart, Abercrombie & Lang, writers and notaries public, 13 St. 

James place 
Hart, George, of Hart, Abercrombie & Lang, writer, notary public 

and Procurator Fiscal of Renfrewshire at Paisley, 13 St. James 

place and Sheriff Court-house, St. James street — house Dean- 
side, Craw road 
Hart, J., of Wm. Cochran's, 24 Wellmeadow ; house 9 Underwood 

Hart, J., tobacconist, 3 Moss street ; house High Park cottage. Glen 

Hart, Robert, of William Teacher & Sons, Glasgow — house 8 

Greenlaw avenue 
Hart, Robert, spirit merchant, 1 Carriagehill — house High Park 

cottage, Glen road 


Hart, Thomas, family grocer and wine merchant (and agent for 
W. & A. Gilbey, Limited), 6 George street — house 5 Green- 
law avenue 

Hart, Thomas W., spirit salesman, 1 Carriagehill; house 11 Alice 

Hart, William, wine and spirit merchant, 52 Storie street — house 6 
South Orr street 

Hart, Maggie, L.L. A., teacher at Grammar School ; ho. Deanside 

Hart, Mina, L.L.A., teacher, Grammar School — house Deanside, 
Craw road 

Hart, Miss, dressmaker, 10 St. Mirren street 

Hart, Mrs. Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 3 St. James st ; 
house 2 Buchanan terrace 

Hartland, Edmund, inspector of works with Doulton & Co., Ltd. — 
house 9 Whitehaugh terrace 

Hartland, Edmund greengrocer, 18 Williamsburgh — house 9 
Whitehaugh terrace 

Hartles, Harry, manager to Robin & Houston Ltd. — house Spring- 
bank cottage 

Harvey, James, & Co. Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 2 King 
street, Saucel 

Harvey, John, of A. Bell & Sons, Ltd. — house 2 Jauefield place 

Harvey, John, director and secretary of A. Bell & Sons Ltd.; house 
Woodville, Carriagehill drive 

Harvie, Robert, jun., spirit merchant, 23 Williamsburgh — house 
The Cottage, 24 Williamsburgh 

Hawley, John, clerk to surveyor of taxes, Inland Revenue office 
— house Peveril, Whitehaugh drive 

Hawson & Hannah, sawmillers and boxmakers, Shortroods Saw- 
mills, Springbank road 

Hawson, William, of Hawson & Hannah — house Langholm, 
Greenock road 

Hay, G. B., badge porter, Gilmour street station — ho. 33 Lady lane 

Hay, George, passenger agent, G. & S.-W. Ry. Canal station ; 
agent for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Accident Insurance 
Co. — house Station house 

Hay, James, of Robert Hay & Son, clerk and treasurer to St. 
George's Church Ecclesiastical Trustees, and agent for the 
Caledonian Insurance office and County Fire office, 94 Hi°h 
street — house Barshaw cottage, Arkleston road 

Hay, R. Blair, B.L., writer, agent for the Caledonian and the 
Royal Life and Fire Insurance Co., and secretary and trea - 
surer of Greenlaw Parish Church, 14 Moss street ; tel. No. 
298 — house Barshaw cottage 


Hay, Robert, & Son, stationers, account-book makers, lithographers, 

engravers, printers, and manufacturers of design or point 

paper, 94 High street ; telephone No. 145 (see advt.) 
Hay, Thomas, missionary, U.F. Martyrs' Church; house 10 

Carbrook street 
Hayes, Charles, drawing master, Grammar School — ho. 48 Love st* 
Hayes, Mrs. William, bookseller and stationer, 8 St. James place — 

house do. 
Hearn, A. J., assistant superintendent, Prudential Insurance Co. y 

Ltd. ; house 8 Kilnside road 
Heiton, Robert F., at Smith Bros. & Co.'s — house 11 Argyle st. 
Hellyer, John T., Inland Revenue officer — house Croftdene, Hawk- 
head road 
Henderson, Alexander, clerk at Parish Council office ; house 1 Old 

Smith hills 
Henderson, Rev. Andrew, LL.D., F.R.A.S., minister of Abbey 

Close U.F. Church — house Ashgrove, Castlehead 
Henderson, Audrew P., bookkeeper to R. & J. P. Kerr — house 3 

Arthur street 
Henderson & Agnew, drapers, 102 Causeyside 
Henderson, George, mason and builder, 21 Oakshaw street 
Henderson, George, confectioner, &c, 7 Whitehead street; ho. do. 
Henderson, James, sub-manager at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house 43 

George street 
Henderson, John, grocer and provision merchant, 12 New Sneddon 

street — house 15 Andrews street 
Henderson, John, fruiterer, 1 Old Smithhills and 78 Causeyside — 

house 1 Old Smithhills 
Henderson, John, florist and fruiterer, 29 Caledonia street — house 

29 do. 
Henderson, John, manager with Cooper & Co., 78 Broomlands ; 

house 12 M'Kenzie street 
Henderson, William, measurer, of Daniel Duff & Henderson, 68 

West Regent street, Glasgow — ho. Ardenvohr, Hawkhead road 
Henderson, Catherine T ., L.L.A., teacher, Camphill School— house 

8 Buchanan terrace 
Henderson, Mary, teacher, Wllliamsburgh School — ho. 7 Townhead 

Henderson, Mrs. C, 8 Buchanan terrace 
Henderson, Mrs., confectioner, 5 Mill street 

Henderson, Mrs., of Henderson & Agnew — house 26 Blackball st. 
Henderson, Miss C. Telford, L.L.A., teacher, Camphill School ; 

house 8 Buchanan terrace 
Hendry, James, farmer, Thornly farm 


Hendry, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Old Sneddon street 

— house 6 Garthland street 
Hendry, Robert, of Stewart & Hendry, 22 Glen street 
Hendry, T. B., warehouseman. 4 Moss street ; ho. 30 Seedhill rd. 
Hendry, W. D., messenger-at-arms, 4 Moss street — house 4 Green- 
law avenue 
Henry & G alt, ironfounders, Sneddon Foundry, 89 & 90 New Sneddon 

Henry, Charles, tobacconist, 41 Wellmeadow ; ho. 18 Alice place 
Henry, James, salesman at R. & J. Dick's, 90 High street ; house 

14 Well street 
Henry, James, warehouseman with Wm. Cochran & Co., 6 and 7 

Causeyside — house 16 Neilson street 
Henry, John, tailor, 11 Broomlands 
Hendrie, Mrs. Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 50 Caledonia 

street — house 1 Tannahill place 
Hendry, Janet, teacher, South Public School ; house Thomson 

avenue, Johnstone 
Hendry, Nurse, c/o Mrs. Deans, 19 Greenhill road 
Hepworth, Joseph, & Son, Ltd., clothing manufacturers, 90 High st. 
Herd, Alexander, weaver, 8 Smith street 
Herd, Alexander H., grocer and provision merchant, 5 George st.. 

— house 164 George street 
Herd, Alex., of Herd & Buchanan, 36 Old Sneddon street — house 

27 Glen street 
Herd & Buchanan, plumbers and gasfitters, 36 Old Sneddon street 
Herd, Charles, jun., painter and decorator, 1 Neilston street; ho- 

3 New Stock street 
Herd, John, plumber and gasfitter, 10 Gauze street — house 44 

Mill street 
Heron, J. R., tobacconist and hairdresser, 45 High street — house 

5 New street 
Hesketh, Charles, criminal sergeant of County Police, County bdgs., 

Love street 
Heys, Frank Wilson, at Robert Brown & Son Ltd., Ferguslie 

works ; house Springfield, Barrhead 
Hicks, William, starchwork manager, 4 MacDowall street 
Higgen, George, provision dealer, 1 6 Lawn street — ho. 2 Gauze st. 
Highgate, David, of Hugh Highgate & Co. — house Mossgiel,. 

Highgate, Henry G., of John Highgate & Co. — house Westerfield 

Highgate, Hugh, & Co., oil, grease, and tallow refiners, Greenhill 

Oil works, Murray street 


Highgate, Hugh, of Hugh Highgate & Co. — house Blairmore 

house, Blairmore 
Highgate, John, & Co., timber merchants, saw-millers, and box- 
makers, Caledonia Sawmills, Murray street and Baltic Saw- 
mills, Macdowall street 
Hill & Adam, joiners, 3 Hunter street 
Hill, Alexander, slater and granolithic step-maker, 135 George 

street — house 6 Townhead terrace 
Hill, George, warehouseman at Coates Bros. Ltd. — house 16 New 

Stock street 
Hill, James, accountant and stockbroker, 13 St. James place ; 

telegraphic address, " Stock, Paisley ;" telephone No., 354 — 

house 3 Gateside; telephone No., 125 
Hill, John, shoemaker, 3 Garthland street — ho. 6 Clarence street 
Hill, R. & I., grain merchants, 45 Well street — house 43 George 

Hill, Thomas, grain merchant, 22 Maxwellton street ; tel. No., 33 ; 

house 43 George sireet 
Hill, William, of Hill & Adam, joiners ; house 2 Tannahill place 
Hill, Kate, teacher, AJbercorn Public School— house 2 Tannahill pi. 
Hill, Sarah, draper, 100 George street — ho. 102 do. 
Hillcoat, Gavin, brickburner, Nethercommon 
Hillcoat, William, brickbuilder, 3 Russell street — house do, 
Hindle, John, trainer St. Mirren F.C., 3 Albion street 
Hind, John, at G. F. Lochhead & Co., 23 Causeyside 
Hislop, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Moss street — house 

43 High street 
Hislop, Fred. L., consulting gas engineer, 13 St. James place; 

telephone No., 331 
Hislop, George R., F.C.S., engineer, and manager of Gas works — 

Gas works house, Blackstoun road — telephone No. 187 
Hislop, jun., G. R., consulting gas engineer, 13 St. James place — 

house Craigielea ; telephone No. 331 
Hislop, R. Findlay, consulting gas engineer, 13 St. James place — 

house Craigielea; telephone No. 331 
Hodge, Thomas, accountant and stockbroker, 21 St. Vincent place, 

Glasgow ; telegraphic address " Hod., Glasgow ;" telephone 

No. 3429, Glasgow — ho. Woodend, Castlehead; tel. No., 359 
Hodgson, Thomas, chaplain, 5 Alice place 
Hodgart, John, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay, Limited — house 

Linnsburn, Renfrew road 
Hodgson, Walter Nicholas, warehouseman with William Cochran 

& Co. — house 6| Christie street 
Hogarth, James, clubmaster, The Club, 100 High street 


Hogarth Cycle Works, 32 Carriagehill (see aclvt.) 

Hogg, Andrew, at J. B. Lamb's, 12 High street 

Hogg, Archibald, secretary, Seedhill Finishing Company Ltd. — 

house 1 M'Kerrell street 
Hogg, John, writer, 13 Moss street — house 6 Buchanan terrace 
Hogg, Thomas, head gardener at Woodside house, 9 Wilson street 
Hogg, William, contractor, Harbour lane — ho. 5 New Sneddon 
Hollis, John, engineer, 1 Wallace street — house 30 New Sneddon 
Hollis, Miss Maggie, fruiterer and confectioner, 92 New Sneddon 

street — house 3 Cart street 
Holden, Lawrence, confectioner, 30 Canal street ; house 66 do. 
Holmes, Rev. Archibald, minister of Reformed Presbyterian 

Church — house Falsi de 
Holms, Archibald C, Sandyford 
Holms, John, M.D., physician and surgeon, 21 Wellmeadow and 24 

Gauze street — house Priorscroft house, 50 High street 
Holms-Kerr, William, of Holms-Kerr & Hedderwick, stockbrokers, 

Glasgow ; house Brabloch 
Holms, Matthew, flesher, 16 Kiluside road — ho. 11 Phillips street 
Holmes, D. T., B.A. (Loud.), Ingleholm, Bridge of Weir 
Holmes, James Donald, M.B., CM., 63 Causeyside; house do. 
Holm, Robert, tobacconist and newsagent, 28 Wellmeadow — 

house Woodside place, King street 
Holmes, Robert, confectioner, 72 Canal street — house do. 
Holmes, William, flesher, 21 Sanclholes — house 15 Back Sneddon 
Holms, William, cowfeeder, 15 Back Sneddon 
Holms, William, Sandyford, Renfrew road 
Holmes, Mrs., Berlin wool warehouse, 97 High street — house 2 

Church place 
Holms, Mrs. Archibald C, Sandyford 
Holms, Mrs., confectioner, 4 Springbank road; house do. 
Holroyd, A., organist of U.F. St. George's Church and teacher of 

music — house 31 Gauze street 
Holt, H., fruit merchant, 30 High street 
Holt, James, general dealer, Henderson street — house do. 
Holt, H., ladies' hatter, 31 Lligh street, two stairs up 
Home & Colouial Tea Stores, 14 Moss street ; Joseph Stewart, 

manager, 10 New street 
Home Knitting Company, manufacturers of knitted hosiery, 2 

Causeyside street (see advt.) 
Homo Tea Company, 29 New street 
Hood, James, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Back Sneddon — house 

43 Back Sneddon 
Hood, Thomas, spirit dealer, 15 Lawn street — house Todholm cottage 



Hood, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, Todholm cottage 

Hood, W., china merchant, 10 Broomlands — house do. 

Hood, Ann, grocer, 1 East Buchanan street — house do. 

Hood, Miss Maggie, tobacconist, 21 Broomlands — ho. do. 

Hopkins, Mrs. E., fruiterer, 21 Moss street 

Home, James, bottler, 1 Ferguslie walk ; ho. 1 West Campbell st. 

Home, Thomas, chemist and druggist, 18 Gilmour street— telephone 

No. 272 — house Garthlaud house 
Home, Mrs., dressmaker, 9 Orr square 
Horner, John, agent, Scottish Legal Assurance Society; house 

Ivy cottage, Houston 
Hosie Brothers, aerated water manufacturers, 36 Gordon's lane 
Hosie, William, of Hosie Brothers— house 78 Seedhill road 
House of Refuge for Females (washing and dressing) Victoria pi., 

Lady lane 
Hosiery Manufacturing Co., 18 Moss street 
Houston, Alexander, horseshoer and jobbing smith, 5 Maxwellton 

street ; house 2 Brown street 
Houston, Archibald, farmer, Wester Walkinshaw, Greenock road 
Houston, David, writer, 43 Moss street — house Parklea, Sunnyside 
Houston, Gavin, of G. & T. Houston — house 5 Maxwellton street 
Houston, George, manager, Co-operative Manufacturing Society 

Ltd., 3 Kelburne drive 
Houston, G. & T., wrights, 5 Maxwellton street 
Houston, Harry, at Smith Bros. & Co. ; house 82 Seedhill road 
Houstoun, J. F., tinsmith and plumber, George street 
Houston, James, of Robin & Houston (Ltd,) — house Brisbane house ? 

Houston, John, plumber, 148 George street ; house 13 Caledonia st. 
Houston, R. S., of Robin & Houston Ltd. — ho. Eversdale, Hawk- 
head road 
Houston, Thomas, of G. & T. Houston — ho. Fernbank, Meikleriggs 
Houston, William F., veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary 

inspector for the burghs of Renfrew and Johnstone, 8 Glen 

street and 90 George street — house 26 St. James street 
Houston, Miss, mantle maker — show-rooms 10 St. Mirren street 
Houston, Miss, dressmaker, Stanley place 
Houston, Mrs., stationer and sub-post-office, 13 Caledonia street; 

house do. 
Houston, Mrs. John, shoemaker, 15 Old Smithhills — house Oaklea, 

3 Hawkhead road 
Houston, Mrs. R., Parklea, Sunnyside 

Howard, J. T., of Howard & Reid — house 2 Charlotte place 
Howard & Reid, cycle agents, 46 Old Sneddon street 


Howat, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, and wholesale 
ageut for White's bleaching fluid and White's ammonia, 31 
Storie street — house 48 Causeyside 

Howat, Robert, confectioner, 7 New street ; house 4 Greenhill rd. 

Howatson, R. B., Greenlaw drive 

Howe, Andrew, church officer of Original Secession Church — 
house 3 Johnston street 

Howe, James, bottler, 1 Ferguslie walk ; ho. 1 West Campbell street 

Howie, Alexander, clerk at 61 Storie street — house do. 

Howie, David, dairyman, 61 Storie street — -house do. 

Howie, George, confectioner, 5 Mossvale lane ; house do. 

Howie, James, 22 Underwood road 

Howie, Robert, clerk and insurance agent, 19 Argyle st. — ho. do. 

Hume, Thomas Booth, Post-Office clerk ; house 20 Argyle street 

Hunter, Ai*3hibald, of Hunter & Goudie — house 13 Argyle street 

Hunter, Arthur, grocer, 11 Great Hamilton street — ho. 23 Glen st. 

Hunter, Clark, cooper and cask merchant, 3 Henderson street — - 
house do. 

Hunter, David, weigher, No. 3 Municipal weighing machine, Carlile 
place ; house 23 Glen street 

Hunter & Goudie, plumbers, gasfitters, and electrical engineers, 5 

Hunter, James, grocer, 10 Glen street — house do. 

Hunter, James, confectioner, 20 Abbey street ; ho. 7 Bridge street 

Hunter, James, jun., clerk at J. & P. Coats Ltd.; house 18 West 
Campbell street 

Hunter, John Baird, M.D., CM., surgeon and oculist, 3 Smithhills — 
house 31 St. James street 

Hunter, John C, warehouseman at J. & P. Coats Limited — house 
Hungil lodge, Meikleriggs 

Hunter, John K., house painter, 30 Wellmeadow — ho 31^ Oakshaw 

Hunter, Joseph, spirit merchant, 120 George street — house do. 

Hunter, S., tobacconist and stationer, 1 Neilston street ; house do. 

Hunter, Thomas, clothier, 52 Broomlands — house 18 West Camp- 
bell street 

Hunter, T. K., medical herbalist, 21 Old Sneddon street — house 25 
Belhaven street, Port- Glasgow 

Hunter, Walter M'D., cashier, Caledonian Railway Carting depart- 
ment — house 29 Williamsburgh 

Hunter, Miss E , confectioner, 52 Caledonia street 

Hunter, Mrs. Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 32 George 
street — house 8 Townhead terrace 

Hunter, Mrs. John, Glenara, Meikleriggs 


Hunter, Mrs. Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 22 Great Hamilton 

street — house 7 Smith street 
Hussey, Mary B., fruiterer, 65 Broomlands — ho. 3 Walker street 
Hutchison, John, F.R.I.B.A., architect, 127 St. Vincent street, 

Glasgow — house Fairhill, Calside 
Hutchison, D. T., & Co., auctioneers, 25 Gauze street 
Hutchison, D. T., & Son, slaters and plasterers, 25 Gauze street 
Hutcheson, J. C, clerk at J. & P. Coats, Ltd., Falside cottage 
Hutchison, John, at J. & D. Whitehead's ; ho. 35 Kilnside road 
Hutchison, Robert, of William Hutchison, jun., & Co., George 

place — house Aldersyde, Craw road 
Hutchison, William, jun., & Co., scourers and stovers, George place 
Hutchison, William, writer, of MacRobert, Son, & Hutchison, 

joint-clerk to Paisley (Burgh) School Board — ho. Calside villa 
Hutchison, William, of William Hutchison, jun.,& Co., Aldersyde, 

Craw road 
Hutchison, William, clerk at Co-operative Manufacturing Society; 

house 12 Neilston street 
Hutchison, Miss, 11 Greenlaw avenue 
Hutchison, Misses, Westside cottage, 3 Glen lane 
Hutchison, Mrs. Robert, boot and shoe manufacturer, 36 High 

street — house 27 Gauze street 
Hutton, George, clerk and collector for Royal Alexandra Infirmary 

— house 1 Charlotte place 
Hutton, George, salesman at Peter Robertson's — ho. 11 Kilnside rd. 
Hutton, Rev. Principal George Clark, D.D., minister of Canal street 

U.F. Church — ho. Mount Pleasant 
Hyndman, Thomas, newsagent and stationer, 134 George street — 

house do. 

IMPERIAL (The) Glass Co., 73 Broomlands 
Irnrie, George J., tuner to Paterson, Sons & Co. — ho. 1 Millar st. 
Industrial School, Albion street — James Winchester, superintendent 
Infectious Diseases Hospital, Bridge street 

Inglis, James, foreman at Brown & Poison's — ho. 5 Gladstone ter. 
Inglis, James, traveller, 1 Janefield place 

Inglis, John, hatter and hosier, 81 High st. — ho. 22 Argyle street 
Inglis, John, joiner, 51 High street — house 2 Buchanan terrace 
Inglis, Robert A., 1 M'Kerrell street 

Inglis, M. & E., milliners, 4 George street — house 2 Janefield place 
Inglis, Mrs. John, grocer, 5 Mossvale street — ho. 2 Buchanan terr. 
Ingram, A.C.M., Nethercommon house 

Inland Revenue Office, 8 St. Mirren street — supervisor, G. C. 
Suttie, Isabank, Arkleston road 


Innes, Andrew, agent for Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society — ■ 

house 7 Phillips street 
Innes, George M- , clerk at the Savings Bank of Paisley ; house 7 

Ferguslie buildings 
Innes, William, assistant manager J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 7 Ferguslie 

Innes, Elizabeth, teacher, South Public School — ho. 33 Gauze st. 
Ireland, William, fruiterer, 14 Gauze street — house do. 
Irvine, David, goods agent, N.B. Railway Co., Canal station ; ho. 1 

Charlotte place, Wester Carriagehill 
Irvine, Frank, cashier to John Speuce & Sons — house Hafton, 

Calside avenue 
Irvine, James W., confectioner, 7 Mill street; house do. 
Irvine, Julian, M.A., teacher, Grammar School — ho. Cochrane st. 
Irvine, William, confectioner and china merchant, 111 George st.; 

house do. 
Isdale, James, of Isdale & M'Callum — house Nikko, The Bushes 
Isdale & M'Callum, soap manufacturers, Caledonia Soap works, 

Rowan street; tel. No., 80 (see advt.) 
Isdale, Ralph, of Isdale & M'Callum — house Maryfield, Sunnyside 

JAAP, John, sewing-machine, cycle, and piano merchant, 15 Well- 
Wellmeadow, workshop 8 Barr street — house 19 Oakshaw 

Jack, David B., of James Jack & Son (Cross) — house 7 Town- 
head terrace 

Jack, James, & Son, family grocers, tea and wine merchants, 107 
and 108 High street (Cross) — house Glencairn, Blackhall 

Jack, J., assistant tailor, Kibble Reformatory — house 48 Caledonia 

Jack, Peter, of Ronald, Jack, & Co. — house Castlehead 

Jack, Elizabeth Lang, head mistress, Grammar school — house 33 
Oakshaw street 

Jack, Mrs., restaurant, 9 Rosebery place — house do. 

Jackson & Abercrombie, accountants, factors, and insurance agents ; 
joint- treasurers to the Burgh School Board and Paisley Heri- 
table Property Investment Society, 5 County place 

Jackson, Andrew C, wine and spirit merchant, " The Clachan," 
21 Moss street — house 27 Broomlands 

Jackson, James, of Jackson & Abercrombie — house 6 Calside 

Jackson, Wm., pattern designer, Ronald, Jack, & Co. — house 5 
Buchanan terrace 

Jackson, William Thomas, sergeant-major 4th Battalion A. and 
S.H , Staff Barracks 

Jackson, J. Kathleen, teacher, Abercorn School; ho. 5 Buchanan ter 


James, Wm. E., agent for Cowan & Co., Canal Goods Station — 

lions e 3 West Croft 
Jamieson, James, agent for Royal Liver Friendly Society, 1 1 

Jamieson, James, ironmonger, 26 Well street ; house do. 
Jamieson, John, fruiterer, 26 Well street 

Jamison, Matthew, George Temperance Hotel, 2 Old Smithhills 
Jamieson, William, fruiterer, 23 Well street — house do. 
Jamieson, William, foreman engineer at Fleming & Ferguson Ltd.; 

house 5 Old Sneddon 
Jardine, Robert, clerk with J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house Beechmont, 

Jardine, Thomas, warper, 7 Gauze street 
Jardine, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Gauze street 
Jar vie, James, dairyman, 21 Underwood road — house do. 
-Jarvie, Misses, dressmakers, 50 Causeyside — house do. 
Jeffrey, Charles, cashier to Wm. Poison & Co. Ltd. — ho. Inglefield 

cottage, Glasgow road 
Jeffrey & Co., slaters, 3 Hunter street — house 13 Maxwell street 
Jenkins, Mrs., draper, 2 Johnston street 
Johns, Robert H., caretaker at Robert Brown & Son Ltd ; house 

Millarston house, Ferguslie 
Johnstone, Andrew, restaurauteur, 18 and 19 Old Sneddon; house 

18 do. 
Johnston, Alexander, warehouseman at Clark & Co., Ltd. — house 

1 Glenview 

Johnstone, Charles C, Sheriff officer, 43 Moss st. ; ho. 5 Park ter. 
Johnston, Charles H., bar officer of the Sheriff Court and sheriff 

officer, Sheriff Court bnildings and 23 School wynd — house 

5 Park terrace 
Johnston, C. H., & M'Laren, sheriff officers, 23 School wynd 
Johnstone, Andrew, gatekeeper to J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house 1 

Green road 
Johnstone, Rev. David, minister of St. Columba Parish Church — 

house Glenview, Potterhill 
Johnston, D. L., auctioneer and appraiser, 48 High street ; house 

133 George street (see advt.) 
Johnston, Irvine, carting department J. & P. Coats L'mited — house 

2 Ferguslie buildings 

Johnston, J. & G., corn flour and starch manufacturers, Globe 

Corn Flour Works, 71 New Sneddon street 
Johnston, James, spirit merchant, 36 Ferguslie — house do. 
Johnstone, Jas. F., M.A., LL.B., Town Clerk Depute, Town Clerk's 

office — house Glenpatrick, Elderslie 


Johnston, John, of William Johnston & Co., — house Meadowside 

villa, Glasgow road 
Johnston, John Hart, of J. & G. Johnston, Globe Corn Flour 

Works — house Meadowside villa, Glasgow road 
Johnstone, John, bar officer, Burgh Police Office ; house 20 North 

Croft street 
Johnston, Robert, bank accountant, Union Bank of Scotland Ltd., 

Wellmeadow branch — house 138 George street 
Johnston, William, & Co., buckram manufacturers, 4 Shuttle st. 
Johnston, William, 17 North Croft 

Johnston, Y\ r illiam, confectioner, 7 Bridge street (Burgh); house do. 
Johnston, William D., of William Johnston & Co. — ho. 1 Kelbnrne 

drive, Glasgow road 
Johnstone, William, confectioner and tobacconist, 9 Johnston st. — 

house do. 
Johnstone, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Gauze street 
Johnston, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 39 Wellmeadow ; house 

5 Park terrace 

Johnstone, Mrs. Peter, 4 Gauze st. 


KAY, Janet, physician and surgeon, 100 High street 

Kean & Wardrop, mosaic and encaustic tile layers and marble 

workers, 167 Bath street, Glasgow — Telephone Nos., National 

10Y. Douglas, Corporation 851 (see advt.) 
Kean, George, of Kean & Wardrop — ho. 167 Bath st., Glasgow 
Keating, Mrs. John, broker, 6 Old Sneddon — house do. 
Keenan, Elizabeth, teacher, St. Catherine's R.C. school — house 

1 1 Glen lane 
Keenan & Kelso, slaters, Railway arch, Gilmour st. and 11 Glen lane 
Keir, Andrew, clerk at J. & P. Coats Limited — house 9 Mavisbank 

Keir, Robert, hairdresser, 32 WellmeadoAv — ho. 5 Underwood lane 
Keith, Adam, of Cochran & Keith — house 6Q Love street 
Keith, Alexander, joiner, 3 Thread street — ho. 53 Caledonia street 
Keith, Miss, music teacher, 66 Love street 
Kelly, Adam, wine aud spirit merchant, 2 St. James street — -house 

31 Glen street 
Kelly, M. & W., plumbers, 16 Causeyside — ho. 9^ Stevenson street 
Kelly, Alexander, tailor, 18 Moss street — house do. 
Kelly, Andrew, assistant inspector, Parish Council Office — house 

2 Phillips street 
Kelly, Andrew, jun., of Young & Kelly, coal merchants — house Q6 

Love street 
Kelly, E., grocer, 22 Lawn street 


Kelly, Gr., church officer of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church — house 

12 Castle street 
Kelly, James, tobacconist and newsagent, 6 Old Sneddon ; ho. 5 do. 
Kelly, John, stationer and newsagent, 18 Neilston road — ho. 6 

Great Hamilton street 
Kelly, John, with the Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Coy. — house 

68 Causeyside 
Kelly, J. Y., baker and purveyor, 34 High street 
Kelly, Matthew, of M. & W. Kelly, 11 Stevenson street 
Kelly, William, grocer, 14 Underwood road ; ho. 60 Back Sneddon 
Kelly, Margaret, head teacher, St. Margaret's Convent School — 

house St. Margaret's Convent, East Buchanan street 
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner and hardware merchant, 9 

Moncrieff street 
Kelso, Archibald, of James Caldwell & Son — house 9 Gilmour st. 
Kelso, Archibald, fruiterer and confectioner, 118 George street 
Kelso, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 66 Causeyside — house do! 
Kelso, Robert, of Keen an & Kelso — house 11 Johnston street 
Kelso, Thomas, cashier to Brown & Poison — house Falside 
Kelso, William W., sanitary inspector, and inspector of cleansing, 

14 Gilmour street — house Greenhill, Underwood road 
Kemp, Daniel, chief draughtsman at Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co. Ltd. ; 

house 129 Ken mure street, Pollokshields, Glasgow 
Kennedy, Alexander, clerk, 1 Alexandra place 
Kennedy, Archibald, foreman brassfinisher — house 9 St. James st. 
Kennedy, D., wine and spirit merchant, 7 Renfrew street , house 7 

M'Kerrell street 
Kennedy, David, bootmaker, 15 Gauze street — ho. 7 M'Kerrell st, 
Kennedy, jun., David, teacher of music — house 4 Garthland street 
Kennedy, Duncan C, baker, 25 Gordon's lane ; house do. 
Kennedy, George, shoemaker, 6 West Croft street — house 2 East 

Croft street 
Kennedy, James, flesher, 11 Gauze street ; house 1 Clarence street 
Kennedy, John, bread and biscuit baker, 31 .High street (telep. No. 

227) and 1 Crossflat terrace — house Dunure, Arkleston road 

(see advt.) 
Kennedy, John, janitor Ferguslie Public School 
Kennedy, William, confectioner, 14 Underwood road — house do. 
Kennedy, Jeanie, confectioner, 18 Springbank road — ho. do. 
Kent, John, compositor, 12 Seedhill road 
Ker, William Arthur, Assoc. M. Inst., C.E., electrical engineer, 

director Paterson, Cooper, & Co. Ltd., Patella works 
Kernohan, John, bootmaker, 109 George st. and 16 Wellmeadow — • 

house 17 Queen street 


Kerr, Allan, manager to William Macintyre, jun., & Co. — house* 

18 Causeyside 
Kerr, Archibald, salesman at Peter Robertson's — house 35 Great 

Hamilton street 
Kerr, Benjamin, 81 Seedhill road 

Kerr, David, of M'Gregor & Kerr — house Lilybank, Well street 
Kerr & Finlator, writers, 12 High street 

Kerr, George, sub-manager, J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 16 Thistle terrace 
Kerr, James, of R. & J. P. Kerr — house Dargavel, Bishopton 
Kerr, James, cashier to Bell & M'Lauchlan — house 28 Back 

Kerr, James P., draper, of Parlane & Kerr — ho. 10 Glenview, 

Kerr, John, clerk, National Bank— house 6 Buchanan terrace 
Kerr, Peter, hardware dealer, 15 Lawn street 

Kerr, Peter, & Son, heddle twine manufacturers, New Street Mills 
Kerr, P., & Son, thread manufacturers, New Street mills 
Kerr, R. & J. P., power-loom cloth manufacturers, Underwood Mills 
Kerr, Robert, 14 Abbey street 

Kerr, Robert, of Kerr & Young — house 1 Mary street 
Kerr, Robert, farmer, East Fulton, by Johnstone 
Kerr, Thomas, of Kerr & Finlator— house 12 Greenlaw avenue 
Kerr, Thomas L., agent G. & S.W. Ry., Potterhill station — house 

station house 
Kerr, Walter, clerk, Canal Station G. & S. W. Railway — ho. 10 

Rosebery place 
Kerr, W., electrical engineer, Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay ; house 

21 Seedhill road 
Kerr, William, farmer, Linclive, by Linwood 
Kerr & Young, glaziers, 47 Old Sneddon street 
Kerr, Janet, milliner, 21 Causeyside — house 1 Calside 
Kerr, Miss, Greenbank, Carriagehill drive 

Kerr, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 18 Causeyside ; ho. do. 
Kerr, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 7 Glen street — house 9 do. 
Kerr, Mrs. Peter, Gallowhill house, Renfrew road 
Kerr, Mrs. Thomas, Camnethan villa, Arkleston road 
Ketchen & Carnduff, furnishing ironmongers, 17 High street — - 

telephone No. 88 
Ketchen, John, of Ketchen & Carnduff, house 1 Queen Mary ave., 

Crosshill, Glasgow 
Keter, William, farmer, Bogside, Renfrew 
Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road 
Killiu, Alexander, spirit merchant, 26 Gauze street — house 7 Gauze 



Killin, Archibald, traveller to Brown & Poison — house 4 White- 

haugh terrace 
Killoch, Miss, greengrocer, 15 Alice place — house 24 Stock street 
Kilpatrick, A. & J., furnishers and ironmongers, 109 Causeyside 
Kilpatrick, Alexander, funeral undertaker, 16 Abbey st. — ho. do. 
Kilpatrick, Alexander H., slater, 111 Causeyside — house 2 George 

Kilpatrick, Alexander, of A. & J. Kilpatrick ; house 6 Whitehaugh 

Kilpatrick, John, of A. & J. Kilpatrick ; house 7 West Croft 
Kilpatrick, James, of James Kilpatrick & Son, Dyers' wynd — 

telephone No. 94a — house Briersdene, Mansion house road 
Kilpatrick, James B., plumber — house 2 Crossflat terrace 
Kilpatrick, James, & Son, plumbers and lead merchants and electrical 

engineers, Dyers' wynd and Terrace buildings — tele. No. 94 
Kilpatrick, John, & Son, funeral undertakers, 16 Abbey street — house 

do. ; telephone No. 242 (see advt.) 
Kilpatrick, John, of James Kilpatrick & Son, Dyers' wynd — house 

Inchdene, Greenlaw drive 
Kilpatrick, Thomas, slate and cement merchant, 40 Canal street ; 

house Eastwood, Glasgow road 
Kilpatrick, William L., hairdresser, 2 Towuhead terrace; house 9 

Orr square 
Kilpatrick, Janet, dressmaker, 7 West Croft 
King, Alexander, butcher, 5 Broomlands street — house 82 do. 
King, Robert, watchmaker, electro-plater, and jeweller, 9 Old 

King, Robert, jun., at James Boyd & Sons, Macdowall street ; 

house 9 Old Smithhills street 
King, Walter — house Wester Bushes, Blackland load 
King, H.j matron, Riccartsbar Asylum 
King, Mrs. Agnes, Howrah cottage, Calside 
Kinghorn, David, at C. H. Handasyde & Co.'s, Abercorn Oil Works 

— house do. 
Kingsberry, William, baker, 77 High street ; house 8 Camphill 
Kinnear, Robert, traveller, Co-operative Manufacturing Society ; 

house 72 Love street 
Kinnes, William, wine and spirit merchant, 25 New street ; house 

48 Causeyside 
Kirk, Alexander, letterpress printer, 27 Wellmeadow— house 53 

High street 
Kirk, George G., glazier, glass embos»er, and painter, agent for 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co., 6 Lawn street ; house 

Kuockbracken, Arkleston road 


Kirk, James, sub-manager, 3 Ferguslie buildings 

Kirk, John, glazier, 27 Well meadow 

Kirk, John, confectioner, 7 Lylesland ; house do. 

Kirk, Mrs., 27 Wellmeadow 

Kirk, Mrs. Martha, confectioner, 12 Glen street — house do. 

Kirkpatrick, Thomas, keeper Good Templar Halls — house 2 St. 

James street 
Kirkwood, Alexander, baker, 22 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Kirkwood, Baird, & Co. Ltd., tapestry manufacturers, Blackball 

Kirkwood, George, traveller to Hugh Lambie — house 18 New Stock 

Kirkwood & Goudie, accountants, house factors, licensed valua- 
tors, and insurance agents (successors to John Muir), 23 

Moss street 
Kirkwood, Isaac, of Ritchie & Kirkwood — house Thornly park 
Kirkwood, James, spirit merchant, 21 Broomlands — house 22 do. 
Kirkwood, James, of Kirkwood, Baird, & Co. Ltd. — ho. 22 Broom- 
Kirkwood, William, carting contractor, 134 George street — house 

133 do. 
Kirkwood, William, foreman at Mossvale Turning works — house 3 

Russell street 
Kirkwood, Wm., feuar, Primrose cottage, Carriagehill drive 
Kirkwood, William L., of Kirkwood & Goudie — house Inverkeilor, 

Glasgow road 
Kirkwood, Miss M., dressmaker and draper, 37 Wellmeadow 
Klickert, S., confectioner, 34 Well street; house do. 
Knight, Sons, & Co., general clothiers and house furnishers, 111 

Causeyside and 19 Gauze street 
Knight, Samuel H., of Knight, Sons, & Co. — ho. 1 Mathieson St., 

Whitehaugh drive 
Knox, W., gardener, 4 Blackhall buildings 
Knox, Walter, funeral undertaker, 53 Storie St. — ho. do. 
Knox, William T., joiner, 29 Gordon's lane — house 22 Calside 
Knox, Jeanie, dressmaker, 8 West Croft 
Kohn, B-es-L., Jacques, teacher, Grammar School — house 7 Mona 

terrace, Gourock 
Kyle, Andrew, farmer, Muirhead, Elderslie 
Kyle, Robert, farmer, Laigh park 
Kyle, Matthew, farmer, Selvieland, by Paisley 
Kyle, William, clerk to A. & J. W. Greenlees, 6 Wardrop street 
Kyles, James G , foreman with James Boyd & Sons — house 3 

Buchanau terrace 


LABORATORY of Science— conductor, J. M. B. Taylor, 101) 
Causey side 

Lace House, The Paisley, fancy drapers, 93 High street 

Laidlaw. M.. traveller to R. Brown & Son Ltd. — ho. 3 Clavering sL 

Laird, Alexander, salesman, 94 High street — house 5 Andrews st. 

Laird, Joseph, dairyman, 12 Gauze street; house 2 Silk street 

Laird, T. D., writer, Municipal buildings, 14 Gilmour street — • 
house 1 Royal terrace 

Laird, William, of Robert Wilson & Laird — house 9 Greenlaw 

Laird, Annie, covvfeeder, 3 Garthland street 

Laird, Ellen, teacher Williamsburgh Public School — house 5 
Greenlaw avenue 

Laird, Maggie, dressmaker, 5 Greenlaw avenue 

Lamb, James Barr, LA., architect, surveyor, and measurer,, 
licensed property valuator, and insurance agent, 12 High 
street — house Underwood cottage 

Lambie, Henry H., of Lang & Co. — house Fernside, Mary street 

Lambie, Hugh, wholesale grocer, 5 Silk street — house Beechwood,. 
Glasgow road 

Lambie, James, warehouseman at Hugh Lambie's — house 6 Christie 

Lambie, Wm. H., restaurateur and purveyor, Royal Oak, 45 Moss 
street — house do. 

Lamont & Co., engineers and steam pump makers, Hawkhead! 
Works, Hawkhead 

Lang, Alexander, 31 High street — ho. The Auld noose, Castlehead 

Lang, Andrew D. Cat James Boyd & Sons' — ho. 3 Park terrace 

Lang, Archibald, Kilnside dairy, 13 Kilnside road 

Lang, Arthur, farmer, Garneyland, by Inchinnan 

Lang, Benjamin, solicitor, secretary and treasurer to Renfrew- 
shire Agricultural Society, the Paisley Art Institute, the 
Paisley Art Union, and the Renfrewshire Association for the- 
promotion of trade, clerk and law agent to the Cowfeeders' and 
Dairymen's Association, and hon secy, to Renfrewshire branch 
Agricultural Experiments Association, 94 High street — house- 
Stanley view, Carriagehill drive 

Lang & Co., manufacturers, 6 Causeyside 

Lang, David, at Smith Bros & Co. — house Stanley view, Carriage- 
hill drive 

Lang, Hugh, lath merchant, 36 Mill street — ho. 8 Phillips street 

Lang, James, of W. J. & W. Lang — house The Glen 

Lang, James, leather and india-rubber merchant and waterproofed 
31 High street — house The Glen 


Lang, James, church officer of U.F. Martyrs' church, 9 Sandholes 
Lang, John, flesher, 55 Caledonia street — house 10 Glen lane 
Lang, John, sen., wine and spirit merchant, 78 High street — house 

Newhall, Glasgow road 
Lang, John, sen., spirit merchant, 110 George st. — ho. Newhall ; 

Glasgow road 
Lang, John M., M.A., LL.B., writer, of Hart, Abercrombie & 

Lang — house 4 Orr square 
Lang, John, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 20 Broomlands — ho. 

17 West brae 
Lang, Matthew, joiner, M'Gown st. — house Langholm, Greenock rd. 
Lang, Rev. A. Montgomerie, B.Sc, minister of High Parish church 

— house High Church manse 
Lang, Robert, warehouseman, 3 Mansfield place 
Lang, Robert, warper and skirting manufacturer, 8 Forbes place 

and Marshall's lane — house Stanley view, Carriagehill drive 
Lang, Robert, grain merchant, 4 Glen lane — house do. 
Lang, Thomas, tobacconist, tea and cigar merchant, 2 Lawn street ; 

house 25 Causey side 
Lang, W. J. & W., tanners, 1 and 2 Seedhill 
Lang, William, Sheriff Clerk's Office ; house 9 Wellmeadow 
Lang. William, of James Lang, 31 High street ; house 4 Orr sq. 
Lang, William, joiner ; house 2 Buchanan terrace 
Lang, William, of W. J. & W. Lang — ho. 4 Orr square 
Lang, William, jun., of W. J. & W. Lang — house Mansion- 
house road 
Lang, Mrs., dairy, 1 Johnston street — house 2 do. 
Laugmuir, Robert, potato merchant, George place — house 4 StoAV 

Langmuir, Walter, grocer, 19 New Sneddon street — house 1 

Crossflat crescent 
Lappin, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 4 Storie street — house 31 

Canal street 
Lauchlan, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 17 Sandholes — ho. do. 
Lauchlan, Robert, & Sons, accountants, house factors, property, 

steamship, and insurance agents — office 13 Moss street 
Lauchlan, R., of R. Lauchlan & Sons, 13 Moss street ; house 

Rosen eath, Glasgow road 
Lauchlan, R., jun., of R. Lauchlan & Sons, 13 Moss street; house 

33 Well street 
Lauchlan, William B., of R. Lauchlan & Sons, 13 Moss street; 

house Roseneath, Glasgow road 
Lauder, Mrs. Thomas, draper, 17 Well street 
Law, Francis, confectioner, 18 Carriagehill — house do. 


Law, John, bank clerk, Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd. ; house 

34 Lady lane 
Law, Richard, 30 Broomlands 
Law, William, auctioneer, appraiser and valuator, 113 Causeyside 

— ho. 1 Alexandria place, Calside 
Law, William, calenderer, 113 Causeyside — house 1 Alexandria 

place, Calside 
Law, Mrs., confectioner and fruiterer, 24 Great Hamilton street — 

house do. 
Lawrie, E. & M. A., drapers, 12 St. James place — house 3 

Kerr street 
Lawrie, Henry, with John Kilpa trick & Son — house 13 Thread st. 
Lawrie, John, feuar, 1 Royal terrace 
Lawrie, John, at Galbraith's Stores, 22 Sandholes ; house 26 New 

Stock street 
Lawrie, John, waterpipe layer, Municipal buildings ; house do. 
Lawrie, Robert, broker, 4 New Sneddon ; house do. 
Lawrie, Robert, coachbuilder, 77 and 79 New Sneddon street ; house 

80 do. 
Lawrie, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 24 and 25 Moss st. 

— house 12 Lady lane 
Lawrie, William, organist, Lylesland U.F. Church; house 4 

Whitehaugh terrace 
Lawrie, William, bower, Lonehead, Inchinnan road — house do. 
Lawson's (Ltd.) Clothing and Furnishing House ; agent, A. 

Gibson, 8 Townhead terrace 
Lawson, Thomas, draper, 20 Moss street — house do. 
Lawson, Agnes, draper, 3 Lawn street 
Lawson, Mrs. John, wine and spirit merchant, 85 Causeyside — house 

Leckie, Archibald, Benclutha, Glasgow road 
Leckie, Annabella, 5 Glenview, Barterholm 
Leckie, John, baker, 111 George street 
Lee, James, C.E., Master of Works, 13 Gilmour street — house 

Stanely Green Farm 
Lee, Robert, joiner, cartwright, spring van and lorry builder, and 

smith, 11 to 14 St. James street — house 1a Caledonia street 
Lee, Jane, cowfeeder and dairy, 37 Ferguslie ; house do. 
Lees, A, china and glass merchant, 5 Neilston road 
Lees, Robert M., draper, hosier, and clothier, 38 Moss street — ho. 

17 Moss street 
Lees, David, tailor and clothier, 82 Causeyside — house 8 Jane- 
field place 
Legg, Miss, dressmaker, 15 Alice place 


Leggat, Alexander, 10 Alice place 

Leggat, Andrew, clerk at R. Brown & Son Ltd. — ho. 10 Neilson st. 

Leggat, David, blacking manufacturer, 2 Union street; house do. 

Lehman, Stephen, restaurant, 6 High street 

Lehman, Stephen, clubmaster, New Club, 6 Forbes pl°ce 

Leishman, Annie, Ferguslie Half-Time School ; house 2 Lylesland 

Leishman, Jenny, teacher, Camphill school — house 2 Lylesland ter. 
Leitch, Archibald, baker, 5 George street ; house do. 
Leitch, James, of William Leitch & Son, 2 George place 
Leitch, James, carting foreman, Canal station— house 16 Canal st. 
Leitch, John Reid, clerk at Public Health Department, 14 Gilmour 

street ; house 5 Underwood road 
Leitch, William, cycle maker, 41 Lady lane ; house 33 do. 
Leitch, William, & Son, fleshers, 31 Causeyside and 3 Old Smith- 
hills ; telephone No. 1 89 — house 2 George place 
Leitch, William R., hatter, hosier, and glover, 99 High street 
Leitch, William S., butcher, 3 Old Smithhills — ho. 5 Underwood rd. 
Leitch, Mrs. Wm., 6 George street 
Lemay, Mrs., furrier, 57 Canal street 
Lennox, James, fruiterer and florist, 36 High street and 38 

Caledonia street — house 7 Townhead terrace 
Leonard, James, of White & Leonard — house 25 St. James street 
Leonard, Mrs., tobacconist and new- agent, 15 Gauze street ; ho do* 
Leslie, William, draper and outfitter, 10 Barclay street — ho. 11 do. 
Leverty, Hugh, at Robert Brown & Son Ltd. ; house Millarston 
Liberal Club (Paisley), 90 High street 

Liddell, G. D., grocer, 4 Garthland street ; house 2 Crossflat cres. 
Lighbody, William, gas meter inspector — house 24 Underwood road 
Lilla & Edwards, manufacturers of British India Chutney Sauce — 

works, 7 Clark street 
Lindsay, Archibald, 17 Kilnside road 
Lindsay, George, general household furnisher, 21 Gauze street • 

house 3 Crossflat crescent 
Linn, John S., at Smith Bros. & Co.'s — house 1 Maxwell street 
Lipton Limited, tea merchants, 98 High street; head office, City 

road, London, E.C. 
Lishman, W. H., at J. & J. Cook — house 35 Glen street 
Lithgow, James D., joiner, 16 and 17 St. James street — house 9* 

Glen street 
Little, William, carriage hirer, Cart lane ; house 3 Barclay street 
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, 119 St. Vincent 

street, Glasgow ; manager for Scotland, J. Buyers Black (see- 



Livingstone, Daniel, cowfeeder, 20 Gauze street 

Livingstone, David, officer IJ.F. High church — ho. 3 John street 

Livingstone, William, M.B., CM., medical practitioner — consulting 

rooms 44 Moss street — house 9 Garthland place 
Lochfield Skating Pond — entrance by Todholm cottage road or 

Colinslee toll road — keeper, James Reid, 11 Neilston street 
Lochhead, Andrew F., B.L., writer, of M'Naughton, Lochhead, & 

M'Callum — house Harmony cottage, Falside 
Lochhead, Daniel, sub-editor Daily Express — house Bute villa, 

Greenlaw drive 
Lochhead, George P., of G. F. Lochhead & Co. — ho. Harecraigs 
Lochhead, G. F., & Co., pawnbrokers and jewellers, 31 and 32 

Causeyside, 1 Gordon's lane, 42 Great Hamilton street, and 

6 Neilston road 
Lochhead, James C, bootmaker, 20 Glen street ; house do. 
Lochhead, John, of P. Kerr & Son, New street mills — ho. Mayora, 

Lochhead, Joseph M., of M'Innes, Mackenzie, & Lochhead, 

sheriff-clerk of Renfrewshire, 7 Gilmour street and Sheriff- 
Court Buildings, St. James st. — ho. The Laurels, Castlehead 
Lochhead, Miss, dressmaker, 36 Canal street 
Lochhead, Mrs. Alexander, confectioner, 11 Old Smithhills 
Lochhead, Mrs., Gleniffer view, Calside 
Lochrie, John, at G. F. Lochhead & Co., pawnbrokers — house 18 

Argyle street 
Lockhart, George, shoemaker, 32 Wellmeadow ; house do. 
Lockie, Robert, carrier, 91 Causeyside — Glasgow quarters, 69 

Ingram street 
Losan, Alexander, 20 Old Sneddon — house Broomfield, Glasgow 

Logan, Arthur, manager at Logan Sons, & Co. Ltd., Canal street; 

house 9 St. Andrews road, Pollokshields 
Loo-an, Sons, & Co. Ltd., coal merchants and colliery agents — 

registered office, 13 Canal street, and at Underwood, Saucel, 

Potterhill, Ferguslie, and Crookston stations 
Lo^an & Gardner, shawl manufacturers, Forbes place 
Logan, James, hardware, oil, china, and- fancy goods merchant, 4 

Gauze street — house do. 
Lo^an, James, & Robert, fishmongers, 20 Wellmeadow — house 12 

Townhead terrace 
Lo°-an, Robert, Dean of Guild inspector, Municipal Buildings — 

house 17 Andrews street 
Lo^an, William, collector of gas accounts — house 66 Back Sned- 
don street 


Logan, Mrs. John, Eidral, Lounsdale road 

Longmuir, Bryce, coal merchant, Western coal depot, King street 

— house 15 Argyle street 
Lorimer, J. C, assurance agent, 5 George street 
Lorimer, James C, tobacconist and stationer, 104 Causeyside — 

house 5 George street 
Lorrimer, William, of Auld & Lorimer, 49 High street; house do. 
Lorimer, Miss E., 3 Park terrace 

Loudon, John, confectioner, 32 Canal street ; house do. 
Loudon, Thomas, secretary to Paisley Trades Council, 16 Well st. 
Loughton, Thos. H., music teacher, 8 M'Kerrell street 
Love, Alex., clerk, Bank of Scotland, Glasgow — ho. 30 Oakshaw st. 
Love, James, superintendent, Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road 
Love, John, mill foreman, J. & P. Coats (Ltd.) — ho. 28 Ferguslie 
Love, Malcolm, grocer and provision merchant, 51 Caledonia st. — • 

house 28 Caledonia street 
Love, Matthew, tailor, 50 Broomlands — house do. 
Love, Thomas, cowfeeder and contractor, 40 Storie street ; ho. do. 
Love, R., & Co., opticians and photographic material dealers, 103 

High street 
Love, Janet, teacher, Camphill Public School — house 21 St. James 

Love, Jessie Dougall, assistant South Public School — house 13 

Greenlaw avenue 
Love, Mrs., confectioner and draper, 46 Calside 
Love, Mrs., matron, Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road 
Low, F., gamekeeper, 21 Thistle street 
Low, William, at Paisley Co-operative Manufacturing Society, Ltd. 

— house 18 Moss street 
Luney, James H., cabinetmaker, 32 High street — house 42 Lady 

Lyali, An kew, clerk at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house 4 Whitehaugh 

Lyall, John, plumber, 2 Broomlands — ho. 12 West Campbell street 
Lyall, William, 17 West Campbell street 
Lyell, William Barling, advocate, Sheriff-Substitute of Renfrew 

and Bute at Paisley; house Ormlie, Bridge of Weir 
Lyle, Alexander, manager to J. & P. Coats (Ltd.,) 1 Ferguslie 

Lyle, Charles, mercantile clerk, 1 Ferguslie buildings 
Lyle, John, cowfeeder, 25 Lawn street 
Lyle, John, general dealer, 10 Orchard street — house do. 
Lyle, Peter, foreman to William Hutchison, jun., & Co.— house 

George place 



Lyle, William D., clerk with A. Murray, 2 Causeyside ; house 28 

Kilnside road 
Lyle, William W., cashier to Andrew Foulds & Son, 5 Abbey street 

— house 9 Wellmeadow 
Lyle, William, clerk of works, Braehead, Millarston 
Lymburn, John — house Gledstane, Bishopton 
Lynn, William, produce merchant, 56 York street, Glasgow — 

house 32 Williamsburgh 
Lyon, John, coal merchant, 34 Back Sneddon — house do. 
Lyons & M'Neilage, milliners and furnishers, 75 Love street 
Lyons, Miss, of Lyons & M'Neilage — house 29 St. James street 

MADDEN, M., dress and mantle maker, 20 John street 
Maginty, Mrs., ladies' nurse and mid-wife, 27 Gauze street 
Maguire, Charles, draper, 16 Storie street — house do. 
Main, Alexander, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 107 George 

street — house 3 Mansion-house road 
Mains, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Cotton street — house 

16 High street 
Main, Mrs., 3 Mansion House road 
Mainds, James, sub-manager to J. & P. Coats (Ltd.) — house 10 

Thistle terrace 
Mair, John, bleachfield manager, Nethercraigs 
Mair, William Crais, tailor and clothier, 5 Gilmour street 
Mair, E., clothes mangier, 70 Broomlands 
Mair, Miss Euphemia R., teacher, Nethercraigs 
Mairs, Joseph, sen., engiue keeper, New street 
Maitland, William, jun., fishmonger, 54 Caledonia st. — ho. 24 do. 
Malcolm, Archibald, cowfeecler, 7 Canal street 
Manfield, Arthur S., teacher of music — house 40 High street 
Mann, Alfred, A.R.C.O., teacher of music and organist of High 

Parish Church — house 33 High street 
Manwell, John, saddler and harness maker, 11 Broomlands street 

— house 22 King street 
Marshall, Alexander, at Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell's — house 

1 St. James street 
Marshall, Allan, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 32 Wellmeadow — 

house 37 Well street 
Marshall, James, assistant South Public School — house 20 Glen view 

Marshall, James, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Moss street, 80 

Broomlands, and 9 Gauze street — house Mavisbank cottage 
Marshall, James, blacksmith and chaplet maker, 101 Causeyside — 

house 22 Causeyside 


Marshall, John, & Co., ironfounders, Macclowall street 
Marshall, John, jun., of John Marshall & Co. — house 1 Buchanan 

Marshall, Robert, of John Marshall & Co. — house Mossfield, 

Greenock road 
Marshall, Thomas, grocer, 21 Sandholes — house Kerrshaw, 

Glasgow road 
Marshall, William, of John Marshall & Co. — house Mossfield, 

Greenock road 
Martin, A., mill foreman, 5 Ferguslie buildings 
Martin, A. D., hosiery and fancy goods, 35 Well street — house 44 

Well street 
Martin, Francis, town clerk, Municipal buildings ; telegrams, 

" Town Clerk, Paisley ;" telephone No. 254 — house Camp hill 

Martin, George, grocer and provision merchant, 102 George street 

— house 5 Neil street 
Martin, George, plumber and gasiitter, 10 Lawn street — house do. 
Martin, John, plumber and gasfitter, 131 George st. — ho. 13 Walker 

Martin, Neil, sub-manager — house 3 Ferguslie buildings 
Martin, Robert, grocer, 37 Well street — house do. 
Martin, Robert S., plain and decorative painter, 19 Wallace street 
Martin, Mrs. John, 7 West Croft 
Martin, Mrs. J., confectioner and fruiterer, 150 George street ; 

house do. 
Martin, Mrs. R., clothes mangier 19 Wallace street 
Mason, James, foreman engineer, 5 Ferguslie buildings 
Masonic hall, 96 High street 
Masonic (Paisley) Hall Co. (Limited) — registered office, 4 Mansfield 

place — George Fisher, secretary and treasurer 
Massey, Alexander, & Sons, butter and egg merchants, 14 Moss st. 

and 31 Wellmeadow 
Masson, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 4 Old Smithhills 
Master of Works Office, 13 Gilmour street ; telephone No. 278 
Mathers, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 20 Broomlands 

— house 18 Sandholes 
Mathers, Mary, fruiterer and florist, 22 Broomlands — house 18 

Mathie, Angus, farmer and hay merchant, Merksworth 
Matheson, Alexander, accountant and stockbroker, 93 High street 

— telegraphic address, "Security, Paisley;" telephone No. 238 
Matheson, Farquhar, measurer, of John Morrison & Matheson, 

Glasgow — house Glen Helen, Barterholm road 


Matheson, Johanna A., teacher, East Public School — house 10 

Barterholm road 
Matheson, John, jun., 93 High street 
Mathieson, John, tailor and clothier, 18 Gilmour street — house 

1 Old Smithhills 
Mathieson, Peter, carriage hirer, 3 Back Sneddon 
Mathieson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 9 High street — house do. 
Mathieson, Mrs., dressmaker, 2 Springbank road 
Maxwell, Alexander, plasterer, 24 Gordon's lane — ho. 39 Canal street 
Maxwell, James, gardener to Mrs. James Arthur, Barshaw — house 

East lodge, Barshaw 
Maxwell, William, ironmonger, 25 Gauze st. — ho. 30 Kilnside rcl. 
Maxwell, Mrs., draper, 26 Caledonia street 
Maypole Dairy Co., butter factors, 8 High street — manager John 

Carter, 15 Lang street 
Mearns, Robert, detective inspector, County police office — house 8 

Buchanan terrace, Greenock road 
Mechanical (The) Retorts Company Ltd., chemical manufacturers, 

Murray street ; telephone No. 84 
Megson, William, ground keeper and professional cricketer, The 

Pavilion, Meikleriggs — house 2 Woodside place 
Meikle, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 New Sneddon — house 

37 New Sneddon 
Meikle, William, joiner, 7 Thread street 

Meiklejohn, Adam, hairdresser, 95 Causeyside — ho. 8 George street 
Meiklejohn, John, plumber, 134 George street — ho. 10 Lady lane 
Mellon, George, Cemetery gate, Hawkhead road 
Mellor, H., Inland Revenue officer, Saucel Distillery — house 5 

Greenlaw avenue 
Melville, Alex., tinsmith, plumber, and gasfitter, 38 Causeyside — 

house do. 
Melville, Daniel, designer, 110 Causeyside 

Melvin, Charles, ironmonger, 1 Broomlands — house 35 Castle street 
Menzies, Matthew, fruiterer, 1 Wellmeadow — house 16 High street 
Menzies, Robert, clerk to J. & P. Coats (Ltd.) — ho. 15 Thistle 

terrace, Meikleriggs 
Menzies, Miss, Ladies' school, Caversbank 
Metcalfe, Rev. William Musham, D.D., minister of South Parish 

Church — house South manse, Castlehead 
Michael, James, clerk to J. & P. Coats (Ltd.) — ho. 11 Thistle st. 
Miles, James, confectioner, 7 Wellmeadow, 34 Moss street, and 

1 Old Smithhills — house 34 Moss street 
Millar, Alexander, of Sacell BreAvery Company — house 6 Garthland 



Millar, Alexander, dairy, 35 M'Kerrell street — house Whitehead st. 
Millar, A. C, clerk with Walter M'Gee, 8 Bridge street — house 

29 Neilson street 
Miller, A. C, at Barr, Stirrat, & Co.'s. — house 10 Hillview place 
Miller, Alex. F., baker, 70 Love street — house 41 St. James street 
Millar, David, M.R.C.V.S,, veterinary surgeon, Wellington street — ■ 

house 51 Caledonia street 
Miller, David W., mill foreman, 2 Woodside place, King street 
Millar, George K., at P. K. Millar & Sons, 32 High street — house 

Jessieville, Sunnyside 
Millar, Harry, gas meter inspector — house 12 Kilnside road 
Millar, James, & Son, yarn merchants, 106 Causeyside 
Millar, James G. C., of James Millar & Son — house Creichmore, 

Millar, James, writer, 40 Oakshaw street 
Millar, James, confectioner, Old toll house, Stonefield 
Millar, James, 35 M'Kerrell street 
Millar, John, A.S., of P. K. Millar & Sons, 32 High street— house 

Jessieville, Sunnyside 
Millar, John N., of James Millar & Son — house Gateside 
Millar, John, drysalter, oil merchant, and insurance agent, 16 St. 

Vincent place, Glasgow — house East Knowe, Castlehead 
Millar, John, hairdresser, 29 Maxwellton st. — ho. 14 Broomlands 
Millar, John, 11 Lady lane 

Miller, John, of Duff & Miller — house 2 Park terrace 
Millar, Jonathan, collector of gas accounts — house 23 Canal street 
Millar, Peter, flesher, 74 Love street — house do. 
Millar, Peter H., baker, 6 Glen street — house do. 
Millar, P. K., & Sons, reed and heddle manufacturers, 32 High st. 
Millar, P. K., of P. K. Millar & Sons— ho. Jessieville, Sunnyside 
Millar, Robert, commission agent, Bushes 

Millar, Robert, assistant to James Donald, architect — ho. Kilnside 
Millar, Ihomas, clerk at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house 4 Townhead 

Millar, William, dairy, 37 Caledonia street — house 39 do. 
Millar, William, foreman carter, 89 George street — house do. 
Millar, William B., at P. K. Millar & Sons, reed and heddle manu- 
facturers, 32 High street — house Jessieville, Sunnyside 
Miller, William P., secretary to R. Wilson, Johnstons & Co. (Ltd.) 

— house Ivanhoe place, 43 Back Sneddon street 
Millar, W. & A., tinsmiths, 10 St. Mirren street 
Millar, Ann, confectioner, 15 Thread street — house do. 
Millar, Helen, 40 Oakshaw street 
Millar, Jane, 40 Oakshaw street 


Miller, Mrs., 5 Garthland street 

Millar, Mary B., teacher, Grammar School — house Jessieville, 

Millar, Miss, 40 Oakshaw street 

Millar, Mrs., confectioner, 12 Abbey close — house do. 
Millar, Mrs. Andrew, Auchentorlie house 
Mills, Rev. "William Fowler, rector, Holy Trinity (Episcopal) 

Church — ho. 60 Love street 
Milne, George, wringer and mangle manufacturer, 2 Gauze street 
Milne, Hugh K., at Isdale & M'Callum's — house 21 Glen view 
Milne, Peter, spirit merchant, 13 High street — house Arkleston road 
Milne, R. S., Royal Insurance Coy., Glasgow, and 93 High street, 

Paisley — house Royston, Bridge of Weir 
Milne, Robert, accountant and auditor. Savings Bank, Johnstone — 

house 2 Charlotte place 
Milne, Robert, warehouseman, 21 Glen view terrace 
Milton, Stephen, hairdresser, Johnstone street — house 6 Stock street 
Mitchell, Alexander, broker, 15 Maxwellton street and 1 Neil st. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Andrew, feuar, Myrtle bank, Carriagehill 
Mitchell, Andrew, slater, 88 Causeyside 

Mitchell, Arch. P., clerk, British Linen Co. Bank — house Elderslie 
Mitchell, James, coal merchant, 32 Newton street 
Mitchell, James, clerk, 9 Phillips street 
Mitchell, James, grocer, 32 Newton street 
Mitchell, J., of Murphy, Mitchell. & Co. — house Glasgow 
Mitchell, John, assistant foreman carter, Caledonian Railway Coy. 

(Greenlaw street) ; house 6 Galloway street 
Mitchell, John, wine and spirit merchant and purveyor Commercial 

hotel, 11 High street 
Mitchell, Robert, tailor, clothier, and ladies' costumier, 131 George 

street — house do. 
Mitchell, Thomas, plasterer, 11 Sir Michael street — house 164 

George street 
Mitchell, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 19 Carriagehill — house 

Whitecroft, Wester Carriagehill 
Mitchell, Annie, tobacconist and newsagent, 6 Bank street — house 

18 Gauze street 
Mitchell, Maggie, teacher West Public School — ho. 131 George st. 
Mitchell, Mrs., draper and confectioner, 29 Ferguslie 
Mitchell, Miss E., fruiterer and confectioner, 53 Broomlands — 

house 32 Newton street 
Mo-Car, The Syndicate Limited, Underwood 
Model Lodging-house, Arthur street, off Well street 
Moffat, Andrew, carrier, Harvale, Meikleriggs 


Moffat, James, farmer, Turneyland, Greenock road 

Moffat, John, clerk at Post Office ; house 7 Kerr street, Underwood 

Moffat, William, carrier, Harvale, Meikleriggs 
Moir, Alexander, joiner, 51 High street 
Moir, James, joiner, 32 High street— house 40 do. 
Moir, Margaret, teacher, Neilson Institution — house 274 Maxwell 

road, Pollokshields 
Monaghan, James, at Speirs, Gibb, & Co 's — house 17 Greenhill road 
Monaghan, Michael, dairyman, 15 Neilston road — house 28 Stock St. 
Moncrieff, John, spirit merchant, 30 Ferguslie — ho. 8 Camphill pi. 
Money, Charles, clerk at J. & P. Coats, Limited — house Whin 

knowe, Meikleriggs 
Money, Miss Jenny, music teacher, Whin knowe, Meikleriggs 
Montague, Hugh, fruiterer and confectioner, 12 Broomlauds — ho. 

20 John street 
Montgomery, Mrs. Henry, contractor, 23 Carriagehill 
Moodie, Robert, keeper of Ferguslie Bowling Green ; ho. 9 Mid lane 
Mooney, James, confectioner, 9 School wynd ; ho. do. 
Moorhead, Robert, of Moorhead, Watson, & Co., Glasgow — house 

More, Robert, coal merchant, Underwood Coal depot — house 33 

George street 
More, W. H., clerk to M. Greenlees & Son — house 4 Mary street 
More, Mrs., confectioner, 58 Causeyside ; house do. 
Morris, Andrew, at Robert Paton's— house 133 George street 
Morris, Hugh, gardener, Fountain Gardens 
Morris, John, T.P., 5 Cochran street 

Morris, Noble, boot and shoemaker, 3G Great Hamilton street 
Morris, Thomas, assistant spinning master J. & P. Coats (Ltd) — 

ho. 17 Thistle terrace 
Morris, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 5 Old Sneddon street — 

house do. 
Morrison, Alexander, builder, 56 Back Sneddon — house Norvell, 

Arkleston road 
Morrison, Alexander, Janestone house, Bushes ; telephone No. 320 
Morrison, Alex., of Morrison & Shaw, 19 Neilston road 
Morrison & Shaw, fleshers, 19 Neilston road 
Morrison, Alexander, writer and depute clerk of Police Court, at 

Francis Martin's — house 41 Mill street 
Morrison, David, builder, 56 Back Sneddon — house Norvell, 

Arkleston road 
Morrison, David A., writer, and fire and life insurance agent, 97 

High street — ho. 3 Calside terrace 


Morrison, Edward, clerk at J. & F. Coats, Ltd. — house 1a Caledonia 

Morrison, Hugh, 3 Silk street 

Morrison, James, spirit merchant, 7 Love st. — ho. 56 Canseyside 
Morrison, Jas., at A. F. Craig & Co.'s (Ltd.) — ho. 2 Park terrace 
Morrison, John, & Sons, coppersmiths, brassfounders, and plumbers, 

Murray street; telephone No. 118 
Morrison, John, of John Morrison & Sons — house Meadowbank, 

Greenock road 
Morrison, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 92 Causeyside — house 

56 do. 
Morrison, John, confectioner, 13 West Campbell street; house do. 
Morrison, John G., butcher, 2 Bank street — house 10 Phillips street 
Morrison, Joseph, Sheriff officer, Terrace buildings 
Morrison, Peter, shoemaker, 22 Castle street — house do. 
Morrison, Thomas, jun., textile warehouseman, Co-operative Manu- 
facturing Society — house 26 New Stock street 
Morrison, William B., at T. F. Keid & Donaldson's — house 

Langholme, Greenock road 
Morrison, Bessie A., teacher, South Public School — ho. 3 Calside ter. 
Morrison, Mrs., tobacconist and newsagent, 1 George street — house 

24 Causeyside 
Morrison, Mrs., 3 Calside terrace 
Morrison, Mrs., 33 High street 
Morton, Andrew, wholesale warehouseman, 24 Causeyside — house 

24 Causeyside 
Morton, George, baker, 73 Love street — house do. 
Morton, J. H., & Co., drapers, 9 George street — house Albert place. 

Morton, Kev. William, retired clergyman, 4 Greenlaw avenue 
Morton, Robert, brickbuilder and contractor, Weir street — house 

Edelweiss, Glasgow road 
Morton, Annabella M., teacher East Public School — house 4 

Greenlaw avenue 
Morton, Eliza, draper, 15 Broomlancls — house 2 New Stock street 
Morton, Marion, hardware dealer, 10 Wellmeadow — house 10 

Carbrook street 
Morton, M., draper, 36 Well street — house Albert place, Espedair 
Morton, Mrs. Jeanie, hosier, 26 Broomlands ; house do. 
Moscardini, P., ice cream and ginger beer manufacturer, 17 Neilston 

road — house do. 
Moss, Mrs., confectioner, 29 Storie street 
Mossvale Works (John Barr, w^ood turner), Springbank road 
Muir, A. Craig, Ivy bank, 47 Oakshaw street 


Muir, Archibald, tobacconist, cigar merchant, and shipping agent,. 

104 High street — house 1 M'Kerrell street 
Muir, Archibald K., Shortroods laundry — house Shortroods house 
Muir, Adam, traveller, 30 Oakshaw street 
Muir, Francis, 15 Greenlaw avenue 
Muir, George L., secretary to F ullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Ltd.) 

— house 12 Greenlaw avenue 
Muir, J. & J., grocers and wine and spirit merchants, 13 Neilstora 

road — house 1 Stock street 
Muir, James, cook, confectioner, and purveyor, 5 Moss street 
Muir, James, traveller to John Young & Co. — ho. 1 Janefield pi. 
Muir, John, accountant, and property valuator, — house Annfiekls 

villa, Castlehead 
Muir, John, cutler, hardware, china, and crystal merchant, 136- 

and 137 George street — house do. 
Muir, John, church officer of Canal st. U.F. Church— house 10 Lady 

Muir, John, writer, of Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell, writers, 

County buildings — house Craigielea 
Muir, John F., 1 Stock street 
Muir, John, dairy, 2 Moncrieff street ; house do. 
Muir, John, cashier, Co-operative Manufacturing Society — house 

Thorn, Johnstone 
Muir, John, Shortroods house 

Muir, Joseph, spirit merchant, 20 Abbey street — ho. 7 Bridge street 
Muir, Roger W., Annfield, Castlehead 
Muir, Thomas, fruiterer and florist, 1 6 Lligh street 
Muir, William, dairyman, 2 Crossflat terrace — house 9 M'Kerrell st. 
Muir, Mrs. David, china merchant, 20 Williamsburgh 
Muir, Mrs. James, butcher, 20 George street — ho. 3 Camphill 
Muldoon, Mrs James, fishmonger and poulterer, 15 Gauze street — • 

house 4 Mill street 
Mulholland, George, confectioner, 16 Maxwelton street ; house o. 
Mungle, John B., at James Gardner, writer — house 7 High street 
Munro, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Wellmeaclow— 

house 4 Lylesland terrace 
Munro, Dr. A. Campbell, medical officer for the County of Renfrew 

— office, County buildings, St. James st. — house Oakbank, 

Munro, Hector, shopman to Dr. Holms — house Stanley place, 50 

Munro, James, cutter, Paisley Clothing Company — house 7 

Mavisbank terrace 
Munro, John, janitor West Public School — house 92 George street 


Munro, John, butler at Woodside house ; house 8 Wilson street 
Munro, John, secretary and superintendent of Scottish United. 

Reform Friendly Society ; house 5 Phillips street 
Murdoch, Alexander, teacher, Neilson Institution, session clerk for 

Low Parish — parties wishing proclamation of marriage may 

apply to Mr Murdoch, Gallowlea, Meikleriggs 
Murdoch, Robert, & Co., iron and steel merchants, 10 West Croft, 

and at 21 and 23 Robertson street, Glasgow 
Murdoch; Thomas, slater, 52 Causeyside — house 18 New Stock st. 
Murdoch, Mrs. Robert, of Robert Murdoch & Co. — house 7 Park 

Circus place, Glasgow 
Mure, James, photographer to Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co/Ltd. — house 

18 West Buchanan street 
Murphy, A. C, of Murphy, Mitchell, & Co. — ho. 3 Mansion-house rd. 
Murphy, Mitchell, & Co., house furnishers and bedding manu- 
facturers, 8 Causeyside 
Murray, Archibald, house factor and insurance agent, 2 Causeyside 

street — house Duivfillan, Mansion-house road 
Murray, Alex., at Cooper & Co.'s — house 164 George street 
Murray, David, manager at Adam Hamilton & Sons, Ltd., Black- 
land mill 
Murray, David, & Son, decorators, 15 Gilmour street 
Murray, James, master of works for Second or Lower District o 

Renfrewshire — office, County buildings, St. James street — 

house 7 Buchanan terrace 
Murray, James, director of R. Wilson, Johnstons, & Co., Limited, 

starch and corn flour manufacturers, Adelphi Starch works — 

house Beauchamp, Love street 
Murray, Jas., hardware merchant, 3 Ladyburn st.- — ho. 4 Mossvale st. 
Murray, James, flesher, 4 Mossvale street ; house do. 
Murray, John, Primrose bank, Carriagehill drive 
Murray, John S., gas meter inspector — house Lounsdale 
Murray, John, jun., writer, of M'Innes, M'Kenzie, & Lochhead — 

house 7 Gilmour street 
Murray, John Elliot, banker, Union Bank of Scotland, Limited — 

house Sunnyside 
Murray, John, & Co., hosiery manufacturers, 25 Thread street 
Murray, Robert H., at P. Henderson & Co.'s, Glasgow — house 

Calside villa 
Murray, Mrs., grocer, Ia Laighpark — house do. 
Mursell, Rev. Walter A., minister of Thomas Coats Memorial 

Church — house Marchmont, Potterhill 
Museum (Free Public) and Picture Gallery, High street — J. M. B. 

Taylor, curator (see appendix) 


Myles, Robert, cowfeeder, 38 Thread street 

Mylet, Samuel, broker and general dealer, 3 Carriagehill — house 

27 do. 

M'ADAM, Daniel, grocer, 4 Howie street — house 3 Green road 
Macadam, George, Paisley and Glasgow carrier, 13 Sir Michael 

street ; house 6 do. 
M'Allister, Alexander, writer, 48 Moss street — house Croftdene, 

Hawkhead road; telephone No. 243 
M'Allister, Daniel, foreman, Daily Express office ; house 29 Glen 

Macalaster, James M., insurance broker, 7 Royal Bank place, 

Glasgow — house Muirholm, Calside avenue 
Macalaster, John — house Muirholm, Calside avenue 
M'Allister, John, confectioner and fruiterer, 19 Barclay street — 

house do. 
Macalister, John H., manufacturer, 9 Cochran street, Glasgow — 

house The Ferns, Sunnyside 
M'Allister, Mrs., flesher, 5 George street— house 12 Wardrop street 
Macalaster, William, Muirholm, Calside avenue 
M'Allister, , Catherine, greeu grocer, 9 Stock st — house 1 Union st, 
M'Allister, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Underwood lane ; house do. 
M' Alpine, A., 2 Lylesland terrace 
M'Alpine, Andrew, traveller to John Spence & Sons — house 3 

John street 
M'Alpine, David, tobacconist, 30 Old Sneddon — house 1 Incle st. 
M'Alpine, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 6 New Sneddon st. 

— house 1 1 Phillips street 
M'Andrew, Alex., sergt. -major, Drill Hall — house 5 Townhead 

M'Andrew, John, agent, 34 New Sneddon 

M'Andrew, Julia, teacher SouthPublic School — ho. 34 New Sneddon 
M'Ardle, P., retired, Inland Revenue office; house 1 Crossflat 

M' Arthur, J. & J., tailors and clothiers, 8 Causeyside ; house 

Rowanlea, Greenlaw drive 
Macarthur, John N., M.B., 3 Castle street — consulting room, 81 

High street— Telephone, 6X — house 3 Castle street 
M'Arthur, John, joiner, 3 West Buchanan st. — house 23 George st. 
M' Arthur, Robert, at Robt. Brown & Son, Ltd. — house Woodlea, 

Macarthur, Robert Angus, teacher, Carbrook Street School ; house 

1 Townhead terrace 
M'Arthur, Misses, Saucel Bank 


M'Auley, Daniel, foreman to John Highgate & Co. — house 4 

Pattison street 
Macaulay, John, gardener and contractor, 5 Castle street 
Macauley, John D., at Commercial Bank (West-end branch); ho. 

5 Park terrace 
M'Aulay, Mary, Camphill School ; house 5 Park ter., Underwood 
M'Aulay, Mrs., broker, 5 Queen street ; house do. 
M'Ausland, Mrs. Alexander — house Meikleri^gs 
M'Ausland, William, boot and shoemaker, 14 High street — house 

5 Blackball buildings 
M'Bride, S., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Silk street 
M'Bride, Thomas, master of works Anchor Thread Works, IS 

Seedhill road 
M'Bride, Miss, .37 New street 

M'Call, George W., fire insurance agent, 19 Greenhill road — ho. do. 
M'Callum, Andrew F., of J. & J. M'Callum, Ltd. — house Claremont r 

M'Callum, A. M., at J. & J. Cook's — house 4 Whitehaugh terrace 
M'Callum, Archibald, at A. H. Park & Co.'s — house 44 Oakshaw 

M'Callum, Archibald, baker, 31 Well street — house do. 
M'Callum, Charles E., at Reids & Campbell — house 4 Mansfield 

M'Callum, John, of J. & J. M'Callum, Ltd.— Ardskipness, Blackhall 
M'Callum, J. & J., Ltd., hank yarn dyers, Laighpark Dyeworks 
M'Callum, John M., of Isdale & M'Callum— house Southdene, 

M'Callum, John, M.A., of Isdale & M'Callum — house Thornlypark r 

M'Callum, Julius F., M.A., LL.B., writer, of M'Naughton, Loch- 
head, & M'Callum, 8 Gilmour street — ho. Mayfield, Sunnyside 
M'Callum, Neil, at Smith Bros. & Co. — house 3 Mavisbank terrace,. 

Macallum, William, at William Walsh's — house 10 Wellmeadow 
Macallum, William, tailor and clothier, 10 Wellmeadow 
M'Callum, Jane, drapery warehouse, 10 Wellmeadow — house do. 
M'Callum, Janet, dressmaker, 50 Storie street 
M'Cance, H., draper, 5 Lylesland — house do. 
M'Cartney, John, steel barrow maker, 16 Causeyside street — house- 

21 Argyle street 
Maclure, Andrew, manager Gleniffer Soap works — house 10 

South Portland street, Glasgow 
M'Clure, Miss, staymaker. 11 Saucel 
M'Colgan, Mrs. John, spirit merchant, 16 Gauze st. — ho. 12 Incle st„ 


M'Coll, Daniel B., clerk at Post Office — house 2 Ralston cottages, 

M'Coll, James, contractor, 15 Abbey close — house 24 Abbey street 
M'Coll, Rev. John, M.A., minister of Lylesland U.F. Church— ho. 

The Bushes 
M'Coll, Neil, farmer, Mid Walkinshaw, Greenock road 
M'Connachie, George H., law clerk at John Pattison's — house 7 

Argyle street 
M'Connachie, William, family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 

71 Love street — house 57 Love street 
M'Connachie, William, grocer, 17 Cotton street ; ho. 56 Love street 
M'Cowan, Robert T., chemist, Member of the Pharmaceutical 

Society, Paisley apothecaries' hall, 8 High street, 23 Gauze 

street, and 9 Broomlands — ho. Millerville, Glasgow road 
M' Cowan, Mrs., dress and mantlemaker, 5 County place 
M'Cowatt, Stewart, station master, Gilmour street station, and 

agent for Railway Passenger Assurance Company — house 1 

Underwood road 
M'Cracken, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Gauze stree; house 

Dunadary, Hawkhead road 
M'Crae, R., tailor and clothier, 23 School wynd — house 11 White- 
head street 
M'Creery, F., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co, 

(Ltd.) — house 4 Crossflat crescent 
M'Creery, F., confectioner, 15 Neilston road — house 4 Crossflat 

M'Creery, John, & Sons, saddlers and harness makers, 2 County 

place and 11 Moss street — house 3 Buchanan terrace, 

Greenock road 
M'Crone, William, painter and decorator, 73 Broomlands— house 

1 Sutherland street 
M'Crossan, F. W., wine and spirit merchant, 68 Canal street — 

house 9 Walker street 
M'Crossan, William, tobacconist, 42 Moss street — house 70 Love 

M'Culloch, A. D., officer, Inland Revenue office, 4 School Wynd; 

house 132 George street 
M'Culloch, James, joiner, 32 High street — ho. 7 Blythswood drive 
M'Culloch, Robert, at MacRobert, Son, & Hutchison's; house 637 

Alexandra parade, Glasgow 
M'Culloch, William, collector's clerk, Parish Council office ; house 

132 George street 
M'Curdie, James, manager at Geo. Wilson & Co.'s — house 27 

George street 


M'Curtain, David H., M.A.,B.Sc. (Lond.), lecturer on Chemist ry 

at Technical School — house 50 Kelbourne street, Kelvinside,. 

N., Glasgow 
M'Cutchion, John, at J. & P. Coats, Limited — house 20 Sandholes 
M'Dade, Daniel, foreman patternmaker, Thistle works — house 5 

Douglas terrace 
M'Daid, William, hairdresser, 35 Castle street — ho. 1 Knox street 
M'Dermott, Bernard, cowfeeder and dairy, 13 Ferguslie ; house do. 
M'Dermid, Charles, cowfeeder, 8 North Croft 
M'Diarmid, Duncan, nurseryman and florist, Ladyburn nursery 

Mews lane, Gateside — house do. 
M'Dermid, Miss, dairymaid, 7 Springbank road — house 66 Love st. 
M'Dermid, Mrs , confectioner, 32 Storie street 
Macdonald, A., furrier, 36 High street 
M' Donald, Allan, boot and shoemaker, 6 Neilston street 
Macdonald, Alex., & Co., Ltd., Aberdeen Granite Works, 67 Stirling 

road, Glasgow (see advt.) 
M'Donald, David, coachman, Hawkhead stables 
M'Donald, David P., M.A., South School; house 6 Neilston street 
M'Donald, Duncan, gardener to James Coats, jun. — house Ivy 

cottage, Millarston 
M'Donald, Hugh, flesher, 78 Broomlands — house 14 Clavering st. 
M'Donald, Jas., bootmaker, 37 Moss street — ho. East lodge, Ralston 
M'Donald, James A. M., merchant tailor, 10 High street — house 52 

Garthland drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow 
Macdonald, J. S., Fernlea, Glasgow road 
M'Donald, John, Paisley and Glasgow carrier, and agent for Sutton 

& Co., continental carriers, East Buchanan street — house 

Greenlaw cottage 
M'Donald, John, farmer, Porterfield, Paisley road, Renfrew 
M'Donald, John, foreman to Cowan & Co., Canal Goods station — 

house 3 Cotton street 
M'Donald, Rev. John, R.C. clergyman St. Mary's, George street — 

house 73 George street 
M'Donald, Peter M'N., keeper of Priorscroft bowling green — ho. 

1 Bute place 
M'Donald, Robert, provision merchant, 18 George st. — ho. 34 do. 
Macdonald, Stewart, & Stewart, chartered accountants, 13 St. 

James place, and at Glasgow (telephone No. 212) 
Macdonald, Georgina, teacher, Neilson Institution — house 38 

New street 
M'Donald, Elizabeth S., draper, 66 Canal street 
M'Donald, Mary, grocer, 3 Williamsburgh 
M'Donald, Miss, confectioner, 24 New Smithhills 


M'Donald, Misses, dressmakers and boys' suitmakers, 12 Hillview pi* 

M'Donald, Mrs., confectioner, 5 Well street — house do. 

Macdonald, Mrs. J., 23 Moss street 

M'Donald, Mrs. R., draper, 19 Broomlands ; house do. 

M'Dougal, Allan, bookseller and stationer, Terrace buildings, 100 
High street — house 1 6 Seedhill road 

Macdougall, A. M., commission agent — house 4 Whitehaugh terrace 

M'Dougal Brothers, manufacturing stationers and booksellers, 4 
Moss street and 106 Causeyside 

M'Dougall, Daniel, keeper of Brodie Park, Brodie Park lodge 

M'Dougall, Hugh, gas meter inspector — ho. 11 Carbrook street 

Macdougall, Hugh, cashier at James Millar & Son's — house 4 
Greenlaw terrace — agent for Lancashire Insurance Company 

M'Dougal, James A., of M'Dougal Brothers — house 2 Janefield place 

M'Dougal, John, of M'Dougal Brothers — house Dnnolly, Mansion- 
house road 

M'Dougall, Johanna, 7 Mavisbank terrace 

M'Dougall, D., with James M'Kean & Son — house 9 Moncrieff St.. 

Macdougall, Mrs., cowfeeder, 13 Incle street 

Macdougall, Miss, dress and mautlemaker, 84 High street ; house do. 

M'Dougall, William, T.P., 19 Underwood lane 

M'Dowall, D., warehouseman to Clark & Co. Ltd., 1 Blaekhall bldgs. 

M'Dowal, James, confectioner, 71 Canal street ; house do. 

M'Dowall, James, flesher, 41 Ferguslie 

M'Dowall & Irvine, dress and mantle makers, 85 High street — 
house do. 

M'Ewan, Archibald, coal merchant — house 20 North Croft 

M'Ewen, James, church officer, George Street Baptist Church — 
house 142 George street 

M'Ewan, James, clerk Inland Revenue office — house 2 Lacy street 

M'Ewan, Thomas, MA., teacher, South School — ho. 5 M'Intyre pi. 

M'Fadden, A., superintendent Prudential Assurance Coy., Ltd. — 
house 5 Greenlaw terrace 

M'Fadyen, Angus, joiner and building contractor, Colinslee — house 
Corra Linn, Colinslee 

M'Fadyen, Archibald, writer, at R. & T. Russell's — house 102 South- 
Portland street, Glasgow 

M'Fadyen, Archibald, janitor Beaconsfield Club — house do. 

M'Fadyen, Walter, manager, Co-Operative Manufacturing Society 
— ho. Briarbank, Potterhill 

M'Fater, John, joiner, Industrial School — house Industrial School 
lodge, Albion street 

M'Fadzean, John,& Son, Caledonia horse-shoeing forge, 8 Caledonia 
street — house Victoria buildings, Greenock road 


Macfarlane, Alexander, lion, secretary Conservative Association 

and Beaconsfield Club, and secretary Western office, Glasgow, of 

the National Union of Conservative Associations for Scotland 

— house 5 South Orr street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, bootmaker, 1 George street — house 13 

Albert place, Espedair 
Macfarlane, Alexander, teller at British Linen Coy.'s Bank, Govan ; 

house Caversbank, 7 Hunter street 
Macfarlan, A. A., secretary to the Mechanical Retorts Coy., Ltd. 

— house Derby crescent, Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Macfarlane & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 29 

Lady lane 
Macfarlane, D., & Sons, Ltd. (branch of British Cotton and Wool 

Dyers' Association, Ltd., dyers and finishers), Underwood Road 

Macfarlane, D., of D. Macfarlane & Sons, Ltd., dyer — ho. West- 
march house 
Macfarlane, George, officer U.F. Middle Church, 2 George place 
M'Farlane, Graham J., of J. & G. M'Farlane— house, Beltrees 
Macfarlane, James B., cashier to James Stewart & Co. — house 

Newholme, Blackhall 
M'Farlane, James, foreman engineer — house 4 Ferguslie buildings 
M'Farlane, J. & G., manufacturing chemists, Brediland Chemical 

M'Farlane, John, at Yielder & Co.'s, 105 High street; house do. 
M'Farlane, John, of Allan & M'Farlane ; ho. 4 Whitehead street 
M'Farlane, John, bird and seed merchant, 22 Old Sneddon 
Macfarlane, John, B.L., writer, 7 High st. — ho. 13 Greenlaw avenue 
M'Farlane, John Graham, of J. & G. M'Farlane — house Beltrees 
MacFarlane, Malcolm, at J. B. Lamb's, 12 High street — house 

Gleniffer view, Elderslie 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, wood merchant, Wallneuk Sawmills — house 

Patrick Bank, Whitehaugh drive 
Macfarlane, Malcolm, of John Clark & Co. — ho. 1 Whitehaugh drive 
Macfarlane, T. S., of D. Macfarlane & Sons, Ltd., dyer — ho. Fernie- 

knowe, Bridge of Weir 
M'Farlane, Thomas, clerk at John Spence & Sons'; house 116 

George street 
M'Farlane, Agnes, confectioner, 38 jSTew street — house do. 
Macfarlane, Helen, teacher, Carbrook Street School ; house 

2 Lylesland terrace 
Macfarlane, Mary, confectioner, 24 Wellmeadow — house 1 Castle st. 
Macfarlane, Mrs., wine anil spirit merchant, 29 Lady lane— house 

Carria£ehill drive 


Macfedries, W. B., painter and decorator, sign, ticket, glass writer 

and gilder, 32 High st. — house 2 Chnrchhill 
Macfee, H. M., of H. M. Macfee & Co.— ho. Marguerite, Blackhall 
Macfee, H. M., & Co., Gateside Oil and Paint Works, Niddry st. ; 

house Marguerite, Blackhall 
Macfee, John, seedsman, 3 Moss street (see advt.) 
Macfee, Robert, seedsman, 3 Moss street, secretary Paisley Horti- 
cultural Society — house 21 Oakshaw street 
MacFee, Mrs., 21 Wellmeadow 

M'Gallan, James S., coal merchant — house 10 Hill view 
M'Gallan, John G., hairdresser, 5 Old Sneddon — ho. 5 Camphill pi. 
M'Garrity, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 5 St. James street — house 

23 Underwood road 
M'Garroch, William, tailor, Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road — 

house 53 Caledonia street 
M'Geachy, James, & Son, bedding manufacturers, 49 Moss street 
M'Geoch, Andrew, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon and burgh 

inspector, 3 and 4 Mill st. ; ho. 1 Christie st. Telephone No. 165 
M'Geoch, Dayid, & Son, coach and ambulance van builders, Abercorn 

Carriage works, 3 and 4 Mill street (tel. No. 165). See advt. 
M'Geoch, David, & Son, horse shoers and general jobbing smiths, 

4 Mill street 
M'Geoch, David, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 3 and 4 Mill st.; 

house 1 Christie street. Telephone No. 165 
M'Geoch, George, watchmaker & jeweller, 7 Wellmeadow — house 

9 Camphill 
M'Geoch, James, coachbuilder, 3 and 4 Mill street and 1 and 2 

Millar street; house 1 Christie street 
M'Geoch, John M'L., architectural draughtsman, with W. D. 

M'Lennau — house 1 Christie street 
M'Geoch, Lennie, of John Mackay & Co., pawnbrokers — house 31 

Gauze street 
M'Geoch, William, cashier to Pollock & Cochrane — house Fereneze 

view, Mary street 
M'George, John, baker and confectioner, 105 George street — 

house 1 Walker street 
M'Gee, A. B., 2 Caledonia street 
M'Gee, John, spirit merchant, 87 Canal street and 8 Wardrop st. — 

house 26 George street 
M'Gee, Walter, engineer, of W. M'Gee & Son Ltd., Albion works — 

house Carnassarie, Mansion house road, Greenlaw 
M'Gee, Walter, miller, grain, hay, and straw merchant, Bridge 

Street Grain mills, 8 Bridge street — ho. 10 Greenlaw avenue; 

telephone No., 225 



M'Gee, Walter, & Son Ltd., engineers, millwrights, machine and 

tool makers, Albion works, Laighpark. Telephone No., 137 ; 

telegraph, " Albion, Paisley." 
M'Gee, Mrs. David, Thornbeck, Mansion -house road 
M'Ghee, A., machinery and commission merchant, 32 Old Sneddon 

—ho. 13 Old Sneddon 
M'Ghee, Bernard, grocer, 88 New Sneddon street — ho. 86 New 

Sneddon street 
M'Ghee, John, slater, 38 Storie street — house do. 
M'Ghee, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Old Sneddon 
M'Ghee, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Orchard street — ho. 

9 Johnston street 
M'Ghee, William, baker and purveyor, 47 High street — house 

9 Lady lane 
M'Ghee, William, builder, 27 Underwood — house 17 Well street 
M'Gibbon, George, Eastmount, Hawkhead road 
M'Gibbon, George, of R. F. M'Gibbon; house Eastmount, Hawk- 
head road 
M'Gibbon, James, of John M'Gibbon & Son, 43 High street 
M'Gibbon, John, & Son, drapers, 47 High street 
M'Gibbon, Richard F., & Son., watchmakers and jewellers, 4 Moss 

street — house Glenham cottage, Whitehaugh drive 
M'Gibbon, William, 4 Calside 
M'Gill, Alexander, coal merchant, Greenlaw station and 9 Lawn 

street; house 13 Old Sneddon 
M'Gill, Alexander, confectioner, 13 Old Smithhills 
M'Gill, James, traveller with Isdale & M'Callum — house 4 Mary st. 
M'Gill, John, grain merchant, 12 Old Sneddon — house 65 Back 

Sneddon street 
M'Ginnigle, William, first janitor Camphill Public School — house 

17 Wardrop street 

M'Glade, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 43 Moss street ; house 

9 Cotton street 
M'Glashan, Alexander, Inland Revenue officer, Saucel Distillery — 

house Park terrace, Underwood 
M'Glashan, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 109 Causeyside — house 

18 Moss street 

M'Glashan, Duncan, launch builder and engineer, Clyde Machine 

works, Henderson street — -house Southbank 
M'Glashan, James, & Co., warehousemen, 1 Causeyside — house 9 

Kerr street 
M'Glinn, John, confectioner, 44 Storie street 
M'Goldrick, James, confectioner, 11 Saucel; house do. 
M'Gown, Adam, of Adam M'Gown & Son — house 17 Williamsburgh 


M'Gown, Adam, & Sou, Government contractors and manufac- 
turers of engine-cleaning waste, sponge cloths, &c, Williams- 
burgh works 

M'Gown, Duncan, of Adam M>Gown & Son — ho. 32 Williamsburgh 

M'Gown, Thomas, cashier at James Harvey & Co.'s, Ltd. — house 
Glenellen, Barterholm 

M'Grath, Mrs. Patrick, broker, 4 Lawn street ; house do. 

M'Gregor, Charles, spirit merchant, 9 North Croft 

M'Gregor, Donald, of M'Gregor & Kerr — house 23 Wellmeadow 

M'Gregor, George G., clerk ; house 7 Sandholes 

M'Gregor, James, newsagent, 68 Causeyside — house do. 

Macgregor, John Ross, Lonend cottage 

M'Gregor & Kerr, cord manufacturers, Falcon works, Greenhill rd. 

M'Gregor & Young, milliners, 23 Wellmeadow — house do. 

Macgregor, Misses, Lonend house 

MacGregor, Mrs James, 1 Royal terace 

M'Gregor, Mrs., private boarding-house, 12 Abbey Close 

M'Gregor, Miss Jane, dressmaker and furnisher, 18 Williamsburgh 
— house 18 do. 

M'Guire, James, of J. & W. M'Guire ; house Moss-side place, 
Greenock road 

M'Guire, J. & W., tailors and clothiers, 99 High street 

M'Guire, William, of J. & W. M'Guire ; ho. 10 M'Kenzie street 

M'Hugh, Margaret, fruiterer, 28 New Smithhills — house 5 do. 

M'Houl, James, at Galbreath Bros. — ho. 3 M'Kerrell street 

M'Hutchison, David, grocer and provision merchant, 52 Broomlands 
— house 81 Broomlands 

M'llwham, James, funeral undertaker, 21 Old Sneddon — house do. 

M'llwrick, William J., photographic artist, 98 High street — house 

2 Niddry street (see advt.) 

M'Indoe, Mrs., cowfeeder, Park dairy, 19 Underwood lane — ho. do. 
M'Innes, Archd., confectioner, 40 Well street — house do. 
M'Innes, Donald, fancy goods dealer, 6 Storie street 
M'Innes, W., joiner, Clavering street — house 12 Well street 
M'Innes, John, wine and spirit merchant, 37 Ferguslie — house 

3 Townhead terrace 

M'Innes, Mackenzie, & Lochhead, writers, 7 Gilmour street 

M'Innes, Robert, weaver; house 26 New Stock street 

M'Innes, Mrs. John, The cottage, 12 Sandholes 

M'Innes, Mary, confectioner, 1 1 Carriagehill — house 1 Rosebery pi. 

MTntosh, A. S., leather merchant, 12 Newton street — ho. Glenfield 

Macintosh, Robert, warehouseman, at Logan & Gardner's — house 

4 Gladstone terrace 

M'Intyre & Co., drapers, 18 Moss street — house 5 New street 


Macintyre, Geo., local Era correspondent, 23 Argyle street 
M'Intyre, James, grocer, 9 Kilnside road — house 6 Clarence street 
M'Intyre, James, jum, slater, 33 Glen street — house 2 Crossflat 

M'Intyre, Jno., flesher, 107 George street — house 36 Fulbar street, 

M'Intyre, John, commission agent, 83 Oxford street, Glasgow; 

house 21 Oakshaw street 
M'Intyre, Peter, hairdresser and tobacconist, 8 St. James place — 

house 18 Greenhill road 
M'Intyre, Peter, grocer aud provision merchant, 99 Causeyside and 

34 Canal street — house 100 Causeyside street 
M'Intyre, Robert, flesher, 30 Canal street — house 5 Camphill 
M'Intyre, Thomas, warehouseman, Glasgow — house Estinvar, 

Hawkhead road 
M'Intyre, Walter, assistant superintendent. Prudential Assurance 

Coy., Ltd., 8 St. Mirreu street ; house 17 Whitehead street 
Macintyre, William, jun., & Co., manufacturers of cardboards and 

surface papers — works Blackhall mill 
M'Intyre, Isabella, teacher, Williarnsburgh School — house Auchen- 

gower, Glasgow road 
M'Intyre, Miss, matron of Day Nursery, 19 Storie street 
M'Intyre, Mrs. A., wine and spirit merchant, 37 Causeyside — ho. do. 
M'Kaig, Andrew, confectioner, 26 Glen street — house do. 
M'Kaig, Thomas, brick manufacturer and builder, Victoria brick- 
works, 28 Love street — house St. Helen's, Greenock road 
M'Kay, Miss A., draper, 3 Moss street— house East View villa, 

Glasgow road 
Mackay, D. A., joiner, 25 Abbey street — house 21 Well street 
Mackay, John, & Co., pawnbrokers, 32 Gauze street, 7 Broomlands, 

8 Back Sneddon, 12 Old Sneddon, 9 Abbey St., and 1 Queen st. 
M'Kay, John, jun., outfitter, 3 Old Sneddon — house East View 

villa, Glasgow road 
Mackay, John, junior master, Oakshaw Public School — house 

Annfield place 
Mackay, Neil, of John Mackay & Co., pawnbrokers — ho. Norwood, 

Mackay, Marion, teacher, Camphill School — house 30 Well street 
Mackay, Miss M. A., masseuse, 6 New street 
Mackay, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 50 Broomlands 
MacKean, James A., J.P., Maryfield, Calside 

MacKean, Jas. A. D., of Wm, MacKean, Ltd., 8 Garthland place 
M'Kean, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 63 Causeyside 

and 50 Love street — house Newtonbank. Castlehead 


MacKean, Norman M., of Wm. MacKean Ltd. — house 7 King 

street (west) 
MacKean, Robert, baker, 52 Caledonia street — house 18 We'l street 
MacKean, William, Ltd., starch manufacturers, St. Mirren's works, 

Macdowall street 
M'Kean, William, baker, 4 Old Smithhills — house do. 
MacKean, Wm. Muir, of Wm. MacKean, Ltd., Milton house, Love st. 
MacKean, William Muir, jun., of William MacKean, Ltd.; house 

Milton house, Love street 
M'Kean, Agnes, wine and spirit merchant, 75 Broomlands — house 

M'Kean, Margaret F., wine and spirit merchant, 100 George street 

— house Newtonbank, Castlehead 
M'Kean, Miss, 36 High street 
MacKean, Miss, 3 Greenlaw avenue 
MacKean, Mrs. William, 8 Garthland place 
M'Kechnie, E., fruiterer and confectioner, 2 Well street — house 7 

West Campbell street 
M'Kechnie, Joseph, of Campbell & M'Kechnie; ho. 84 New Sneddon 
M'Kechnie, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Old Smithhills 
M'Kellar, Archibald, licensed grocer, 84 Causeyside — house 27 

George street 
MacKellar, Crawford H., architectural draughtsman with W. D. 

M'Lennan, architect, 96 High street — house Enderby, 

Arkleston road 
M'Kellar, Daniel, grocer, 28 George street — ho. Greenhill cottage, 

MacKellar, Daniel, provision merchant, 35 High street — house 

Trigney, Ralston 
MacKellar, Daniel, licensed grocer, 12 Broomlands — house Trigney, 

MacKellar, Joseph J., of William Johnston & Co. — ho. Arkleston 

M'Kellar, M., boot and shoe maker, 16 Causeyside — ho. 2 Rose place 
Mackellar, J. Douglas, music teacher, organist and choirmaster, 

Ralston U.F. Church, local representative Victoria College of 

Music. London, 11 M'Kerrell street 
M'Kellar, William, news-agent, &c, 6 New Smithhills — house 13 

Lady lane 
M'Kellar, Agnes, teacher Camphill School — ho. Greenhill cottage, 

Underwood road 
M'Kellar, Mary, teacher, Greenhill cottage, Underwood 
MacKellar, Mrs. Matthew H., wine merchant, 35 High street ho. 

Trigney, Ralston 


M'Kelvie, Mary, ironmonger, 53 Broomlands 

M'Kendrick, Matthew, hairdresser, 82 Broomlands; house 2 
Thomas street 

M'Kendrick, William, boot and shoemaker, 13 Newton street — 
house 30 Argyle street 

MacKenna, John George, M.B.,Ch.B.,D.P.H., medical practitioner 
Infectious Diseases Hospital — house do. 

Mackenzie, Alexander Roderick, M.A., LL.B., of M'Innes, Mac- 
kenzie, & Lochhead — house St. Catherine's, Stanely road 

Mackenzie, Archibald, of Mackenzie Brothers — house Milliken, 

Mackenzie Brothers, starch and corn flour manufacturers, Caledonia 
works, Murray street 

Mackenzie, Daniel, of Mackenzie Brothers — house Milliken, 

M Kenzie, Donald D., confectioner and fruiterer, 36 M'Kerrell st. 

Mackenzie, George S., of Mackenzie Brothers — ho. North Greenhill 

M 'Kenzie, Hector, wine and spirit merchant, 48 High street — 
house do. 

M'Kenzie, Hugh, South Parish Session Clerk, 88 Causeyside — 
house do. 

Mackenzie, James, cashier Paisley Parish Council — house 10 Town- 
head terrace 

Mackenzie, M. K., photographer and teacher of music, 19 High 
street — house 3 Townhead terrace 

Mackenzie, William, writer at R. & T. Russell's — ho. Auchendrain, 

Mackenzie, Annie, teacher, Grammar School — house 22 St. James 

Mackenzie, Evelyn F., teacher, Williamsburgh school — house 22 
St. James street 

M'Kenzie, Mary M., assistant teacher, Fergnslie Half-time School — 
house 22 St. James street 

Mackenzie, Miss, music teacher, 8 Townhead terrace; house do. 

MacKerracher, James G., secretary and treasurer Good Templar 
Halls; house 12 Walton street, Shaw lands, Glasgow 

M'Kie, James, cattle dealer, 2 Maxwellton st. — ho. 14 Broomlands 

Mackie, Robert, town's foreman causewayer, 3 Abbey terrace 

Mackie, Miss, confectioner, 2 Smithhills — house 7 Whitehaugh ter. 

M'Kim Brothers, brush and mop manufacturers and waste dealers, 
Hawkhead road 

M'Kim, Samuel, of M'Kim Bros. — house Janetta cottage, Hawk- 
head road 

M'Kim, William, of M'Kim Bros. — house Janetta cottage, Hawkhead 


M'Kinlay, Duncan, chief sanitary inspector for the First or Upper 

District of Renfrewshire — office County buildings — house 5 

Mavisbank terrace 
M'Kinlay, John, merchant, Glasgow — house 6 Buchanan terrace 
M'Kinlay, William, fishing-tackle maker, 4 Silk street 
M'Kinlay, M., milliner and dressmaker, 29 High street — house 

Deanville, Greenlaw drive 
M'Kinlay, Miss, 43 Oakshaw street 

M'Kinlay, Mrs, J., confectioner and fruiterer, 21 Glen st. — ho. do. 
M'Kinnon, Lachlan, accountant and book-keeper at M'Innes, Mac- 
kenzie, & Lochhead's — house 3 Whitehaugh terrace 
M'Kinnon, Lauchlan, coal merchant, 27 Stock street — house 17 do. 
M'Lachlan, Duncan R., A.G.T.C., lecturer on Practical Geometry 

at Technical School — house 23 Highburgh road, Dowanhill, 

M'Lachlan, John, of Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co. Ltd.; ho. Woodlands, 

M'Lachlan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 70 Broomlands 
M'Lachlan, John, confectioner, 11 Cross street — house do. 
M'Lachlan, John, tenor vocalist and pianoforte tuner, 21 St. James 

M'Lachlan, Robert, grocer, 2 Broomlands — house 7 Clavering st. 
M'Lauchlan, James, broker, 6 and 7 New Smithhills — house 7 do. 
M'Lauchlan, John, at J. & D. Whitehead's — house 102 Causeyside 
M'Lauchlan. Matthew, quartermaster-sergt., Barracks, Glasgow road 
M'Lauchlan, M. & J., dressmakers, 98 George street 
Maclachlan, R. B., coal merchant, Glasgow — house 4 Williamsburgh 
M'Laughlin, Rev. W. J., R.C. clergyman — ho. 2 East Buchanan st. 
M'Laughlin, William, proprietor, Victoria lodging house, 3 New 

Sneddon street — house 2 Renfrew street 
M'Laughlin, William, grocer, 3 New Sneddon street — house 2 

Renfrew street 
M'Lachlan, Elizabeth, teacher, South Public School — house 1 Bute 

M'Lachlan, Mrs., confectioner and fruiterer, 14 Carriagehill — ho. do 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs. Robert, draper, 102 Causeyside street 
M'Lardie, David, of James M'Lardie & Sons — house Lagna Craig 

,, cottage, Meikleriggs 
M'Lardie, James, & Sons, dyers, scourers, and finishers, Meikleriggs 

M'Lardie, Jessie, teacher, Ferguslie School; ho. 17 Greenhill road 
M'Laren, John, sheriff officer, 23 School wynd — house 3 Yarrow 

gardens, Kelvinside, Glasgow 
M'Laren, Jauet, confectioner, 29 New street 


M'Larty, Edward, of Ferguson, Shaw, & Sods, and the (Grleniffer 

Soap Co. — house 35 Dunearn street, Glasgow 
M'Lay, James, w T ine and spirit merchant, 5 and 6 Old Smithhills — 

house 2 Caledonia place 
M'Lean, Alexander, sanitary inspector, First (or Upper) District 

of Renfrewshire, County buildings — house 5 Mavisbank terrace 
M'Lean, Alexander, at John M'Lean's, 38 Underwood road ; house 

Viewfield, Chapelhill 
M'Lean, Alex., grocer, 1 Garthland street — ho. 2 Whitehead street 
M'Lean, A., church officer, Trinity Episcopal Church — house 54 

Caledonia street 
M'Lean, Angus, B.Sc, C.E., principal of Technical School ; house 

Ascog, Meikleriggs 
M'Lean, Angus, ironmonger and tool merchant, 32 and 33 Moss 

street ; telephone No. 237 — house 34 Moss street 
M'Lean, Charles, wright and builder, East Buchanan street — house 

Roselea, Renfrew road 
Maclean, Daniel, shipyard manager at Fleming & Ferguson's, Ltd. 

— house 8 Buchanan terrace 
Maclean, Donald, curator and observer, The Coats Observatory 
M'Lean, J. & R., confectioners and fruiterers, 5 Ladyburn street- 
house 11 Kilnside road 
M'Lean, James, grocer, 12 Wellmeadow street ; house 9 Hannay St. 
M'Lean, James, tailor and clothier, 33 High street — house 2 Church 

M'Lean, John, grocer and provision merchant, 75 Love street and 

38 Underwood road — ho. Viewfield, Chapelhill 
M'Lean, .John B., at John Young & Co.'s — house 8 Janefield place 
M'Lean, John, A.M.I.C.E., lecturer on Electrical Engineering at 

the Technical School — house 19 University avenue, Glasgow 
M'Lean, John, boot and shoemaker, 46 Well street— house do. 
M'Lean, J. R., warehouseman at Walkers & Co.'s — house 32 

M'Lean, John S., 13 W^est brae 
M'Lean, J., confectioner, 3 Lylesland 
M'Lean, Robert, 8 Janefield place 

M'Lean, Mrs. Finlay, hosier and dressmaker, 23 Causeyside 
M'Leish & M'Taggart, ironfounders, Victoria foundry, M'Gown ,st. 
M'Leish, Robert B., of M'Leish & M'Taggart— ho. 5 Buchanan ter. 
M'Lelland, Andrew, caretaker, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 43 

Storie street — house do. 
M'Lelland, Robert, architect and surveyor, 65 Bath street, Glasgow 

— house 5 High street, Johnstone 
M'Lelland, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, 24 Broomlands — house do. 


M'Lellau, Hugh, coal and wood merchant, 23 Lady lane, and 

broker, 28 Castle street — house 28 Castle street 
MacLennan, Donald, office inspector, County buildings — house 1a. 

Caledonia street 
M'Lellau, Hugh, contractor, 28 Castle street — house do. 
M'Lcnnan, T. B., & Son, manufacturers, 113 Causeyside — house 

Craigellen, Carriagehill drive 
M'Lennan , William B., commission agent — ho. Fairholme, Castlehead 
M'Lennan, W. D., architect, Masonic buildings, 96 High street — 

house Craigellen, Carriagehill drive 
M'Lennan, D. W., of T. B. M'Lennan & Son— house Craigellen, 

Carriagehill drive 
M'Leod, James, dairyman, 4 Silk street — house do. 
M'Leod, Ann, clothes mangier, 6 Love street 
M'Lerie, John, janitor, Paisley Liberal Club, 90 High street 
M'Lintock, George, slater, 4 New Sneddon ; ho. 10 Wardrop street 
M'Lintock, John, slater, 36 Gordon's lane — house 17 Orchard st. 
M'Luskie, James, painter and decorator, 66 Broomlands — house 2 

Knox street 
M'Luskie, John, superintendent of Slaughter-house, Springbank rd. 
M'Luskie, Peter, flesher, 5 St. James street —house do. 
M'Mahon, John, broker, 44 Storie street ; house do. 
M'Mannus, James, spirit merchant, 20 George street — house 34 

George street 
Macmaster, J., postmaster — house Newtonville, Hawkhead road 
M'Meekin, William, sergeant of police; house 44 Kilnside road 
M'Millan, Dougal, cowfeeder, 6 Caledonia street — house 54 do. 
M'Millan, Duncan, at Smith Bros. — house 5 East Croft 
M'Millan, George, cashier at Stonefield Laundry ; ho. 1 Underwood 
Macmillan, James P., Urlar, Mansion house road 
M'Millan, John, sen., foreman at Greenlaw goods station — house 

1 Underwood 
M'Millan, John, jun., cashier, Joint Lines, at Greenlaw goods 

station — house 4 Russell street 
M'Millan, John, confectioner, 35 Wellmeadow — house 15 do. 
M'Millan, John, baker, 29 Canal street — house 23 Canal street 
M'Millan, J. G., baker, 56 Causeyside street and 8 Carriagehill — >■ 

house 56 Causeyside 
M'Millan, David, baker, 103 Causeyside — house 17 Causeyside 
M'Millan, William, cork manufacturer, 32 High street — house 

1 2 Wellmeadow street 
M'Millan, William, jun., cycle agent, 32 High street — house 3- 

Walker street 
M'Millan, Mary, fancy goods merchant and newsagent, 31 Cotton st- 


M'Minigle, Henry, contractor and coal merchant, 6 Canal street 
M'Minigle, John, traveller at John Spence & Sons — ho. 6 Canal st. 
M'Murchie, Miss, dressmaker, 5 New street — house do. 
M'Murrich, Robert, farmer, Gockstou 
MMurtrie, Jessie, confectioner and fruiterer, 27 St. James street — 

house 7 Seedhill road 
Macnab, James Orr, tiusmith, plumber, beam, scale, and weighing 

machine maker and repairer, 8 Old Sneddon — ho. 7 North street 
JMacnab, William, M.A., assistant teacher, Mossvale Public School ; 

house 83 Seedhill road 
M'Nab, Lizzie, teacher, North Public School — house Stanley place 
M'Nab, Miss W., wine and spirit merchant, 26 Carriagehill — 

house do. 
M'Nair, Alex., of D. M'Nair & Sons, 12 St. James place ; house 

1 Park terrace 
M'Nair, Alexander, undertaker to William Young, 43 Gordon's 

lane — house 43 Gordon's lane 
M'Nair & Co., Paisley and Glasgow carriers, 13 Thread street, 

54 Mitchell street, and 43 Virginia street, Glasgow 
M'Nair, Duncan, Annfield place 
M'Nair, Hugh, farmer, Meikleriggs 
M'Nair, John, & Co., coachbuilders, 46 High street 
Macnair, T. Dun, of D. S. Semple, Macnair & Crawford — house 8 

Townhead terrace 
M'Nair, D., & Sons, family grocers and provision merchants, 12 St. 

James place, 50 George street, and Sherwood buildings, 

Glasgow road ; wholesale warehouse, 4 St. James street — 

house 12 St. James place 
M'Nair, William, of Armstrong & M'Nair — house 2 Caledonia st. 
M'Nair, William, traveller, 9 Hill view place 
M'Nair, William, family grocer, 63 George street, 21 Wellmeadow, 

and 9 Moss street — house 63 George street 
M'Nair, Agnes Wilson Jackson, teacher — house Meikleri£o-s 
M'JSTair, Kate, teacher, South Public school — house Annfield place, 

M'Nally, Mrs. r grocer, 19 Well street— house 1 Cart walk 
M'Naught, Alexander, draper, 86 Causeyside street — house 28 

Orchard street 
M'Naught, James, boot and shoemaker, 7 Orchard street — house 

10 Storie street 
M'Naught, Margaret, furniture dealer, 38 New street 
M'Naught, Mary, 15 Gilmour street 
JM'Naughtan, Alexander, joiner and timber merchant, 6 New 

Smithhills — house 7 do. 


M'Naughton, Alfred, writer and notary public, of M'Naughton, 

Lochhead & M'Callum — bouse 8 Janefield place 
M'Naughtan, Andrew, 1 Caledonia place 
M'Naughton, Angus, confectioner, 28 Seedbill road 
M'Naughtan, Arthur, superintendent of Fire Brigade— bouse Fire 

Station, Johnston street 
M'Naughtan, Gavin T., with Alex. M'Naughtan ; house 7 New 

M'Naughtan, James, at David Murray & Son's— ho. 1 Caledonia St. 
M'Naughton, Henry, cooper and general dealer, Hawkhead road 
M'Naughton, James, 1 Caledonia place 
M'Naughton, John, gardener to W. Holms-Kerr, Brabloch 
M'Naughton, Lochhead & M'Callum, writers, 8 Gilmour street 
M'Nee, John B., flesher, 41 Caledonia street — house 20 do. 
M'Nee, Margaret B , assistant teacher Ferguslie Half-time School 

— ho. 20 Caledonia street 
M'Neil, Alex., sanitary inspector of the Lower or Second District 

of Renfrewshire, County buildings — house 18 Blackball street 
M'Neil, George, joiner, 32 High street — house 22 Argyle street 
M'Neil, James, feuar, 30 Oakshaw street 
M'Neil, John, Beuclutha, Glasgow road 
M'Neil, Mrs. R., 4 Bank street 

M'Neilage, Miss, of Lyons & M'Neilage — house 29 St. James st. 
M'Neilly, Catherine, ironmonger, 27 Queen street ; house do. 
M'Neish, Elizabeth, laundry, 21 West street 
M'Nicol, John, 2 Crossflat terrace 
M'Nish, Alexander, boot and shoe manufacturer, 95 High street — 

house 37 Wellmeadow 
M'Nish, John, writer, 9 Moss street — house 7 Buchanan terrace 
M'Nish, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 5 County place and 

41 Moss street — house 9 Moss street 
M'Nish, Mrs. Ann, 7 Buchanan terrace 

M'Phail, H., jun., violinist, 37 Storie street; house 70 Canal street 
M'Phail, Hugh, cloth and yarn merchant, and confectioner, 37 

Storie street 
M'Phail, Miss Annie, Industrial School — house do. 
M'Phee, Alexander, blacksmith, Nethercraigs 
M'Pherson, Duncan, cowfeeder and carting contractor, Gibbie's 

bush, King street 
Macpherson, George T., traveller for The Gleniffer Soap Co., 

Paisley, and Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, Glasgow — house Greta 

bank, Gladstone road, Saltcoats 
Macpherson, H., representative at Edinburgh for Robert Brown & 

Son, Ltd. — house 13 Clarence street, Edinburgh 


Macpherson, James, & Co., blacking, fire-lighter, and fly-paper 

manufacturers, Cart walk 
M'Pherson, John, clerk to Sacell Brewery Co. — ho. 7 Douglas st. 
M'Pherson, Samuel, at Galbraith's stores, 14 Broomlands — house 

1 South Croft 
M'Pherson, Rev. William, minister of U.F. Gaelic Church— house 

U.F. Gaelic Manse, Calside 
M'Pherson, Miss Agnes, dress and mantle maker, 50 Love street 
M'Pherson, Mrs. Joseph, 6 Broomlands 
M'Quhae, Thomas, tobacconist, 11 Moss street — house 10 St. James 

MacRobert, Thomas, juu., of MacRobert, Son & Hutchison, writer 

and notary public, Depute-Clerk of the Peace for Renfrew- 
shire, joint clerk of (he Burgh School Board ; house Ervie, 

Park road ; house telephone No. 280 
MacRobert, Son & Hutchison, writers and notaries public, clerks 

to the Burgh School Board, 13 St, James place ; tel. No. 273 
M'Rory, John, draper, 15 Neilston road — house 21 Glenview,. 

M'Stravick, David, feuar, 11 Albert place, Espedair 
M'Stravick, William, tailor and clothier, G Albert street ; house do. 
M'Swan, Peter, clerk with Caledonian Railway Coy., Greenlaw 

Station ; house 9 Phillips street 
M'Taggart, John, jun , at Coats Bros.— house 12 Argyle street 
M'Taggart, John, of M'Leish & M'Taggart— ho. 8 Buchanan ter. 
M'Taggart, John, janitor, East Public school — house Sherwood 

buildings, Glasgow road 
M'Taggart, John, foreman patternmaker to Campbell & Calder- 

wood — house 22 Underwood road 
M'Taggart, John, fishmonger, 79 Broomlands— house Roslyn r 

M'Taggart, L., fishmonger, 62 Causeyside — ho. 1 Stevenson street 
M'Taggart, Lauchlan, successor to William Peattie, tailor and 

clothier, 2 Gilmour street — house 1 Townhead terrace 
M'Taggart, Jane, fishmonger, 11a Kilnside road — house Sherwood 

buildings, Glasgow road 
M'Vey, Daniel, 21 West street 

M'Walter, Alex., clerk to J. & P. Coats Ltd.— house 4 Gladstone ter.. 
M' Walter, Allan, 51 Caledonia street 
M'Walter, Mrs. Robert, Rosehill, Falside 

M'Whinnie, John, carver and gilder, 82 High street — house do. 
M' William, Alex., of J. & J. M' William, wine and spirit merchants, 

38 Queen street, Glasgow — house Monkshaw, Renfrew road 
M'William, Mrs. John, Fairfield, Gateside 


NAIRN, Archibald, secretary to A. F. Craig & Co., Limited — ■ 

house 13 Abbey street 
Nairn, Thomas, 13 Abbey street 

Nairn, Mary, fruiterer and confectioner, 41 High street 
Naismith & Scott, wholesale and retail drapers, 86 High street 
Naismith, William, of Naismith & Scott — house Aidenburn house, 

Nardini, P., ice cream merchant, 15 & 38 Moss street, 41 New 

street, 2 Bank street, and 46 Caledonia street — house 38 Moss 

National Bank of Scotland Limited, 5 High street (corner of St. 

Mirren street) — Angus Buchanan, agent 
National Telephone Company (Limited), Terrace buildings ; J. K. 

Murray, local manager 
Needham, James, warehousman with W. Cochran & Co. — house 16 

Douglas street 
Neilson, Alexander, at John Lang's, 110 George street — house 2 

Woodside place 
Neilson, A., & Co., ironmongers, 109 High st. ; telephone No. 199 
Neilson, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, ^New Sneddon — 

house 4 Greenlaw avenue $ 

Neilson, David, of A. Neilson & Co. — house 5 Kerr street 
Neilson, John, of A. Neilson & Co., 109 High street — house 10 

Blythswood drive 
Neilson, John, Paisley Brick Co., 12 St. Mirren street — house 6 

Stow street 
Neilson, M., & Co., carvers, gilders, and artists' colourmen, 85 

High street 
Neilson, Robert, cashier at Fleming & Ferguson's, Ltd. — house 4 

Buchanan terrace 
Neilson, Thomas, of A. Neilson & Co. — house 18 Kilnside road 
Neilson, William M., inspector of agents, Royal Insurance Co., 

Glasgow — house 85 High street 
Nelson, James, & Son, Ltd., butchers, 6 Moss street and 22 

Nelson, William A., accountant, Union Bank — house 3 Lylesland 

Neilson, Agnes, teacher, Willi amsburgh School — house 3 Green- 
law avenue 
Neilson, Barbara H., teacher, Ferguslie Public School — house 39 

Neilson, Mary, of A. Neilson & Coy. — house Rosebank cottage 


Neilson, Mrs., 3 Greenlaw avenue 


Ness, James. A. B.C. A. (London), head Art master at Technical 

School ; house Netherpark, Calside 
New, The, Club, 6 Forbes place 
New Sneddon Lodging-houses for respectable men, 3 New Sneddon : 

Wm. M'Laughlin, keeper ; house 2 Renfrew street 
Newton, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 34 Glen street 
Newton, John B. C, of William Foulcls & Co., Limited — house 

Mandala, Arkleston road 
Newtown Cash Clothing Coy., 19 Gauze street 
Nicol, D. S., of W. Caldwell & Co. — house Darvel house, Steven- 
son street 
Nicol, Hamilton A., grocer and ham curer, 19 G-auze st. — ho. do. 
Nicol, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 5 Old Sneddon — 

house Marielea villa, Greenlaw drive 
Nicol, Walter S., accountant, Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited 

— house 4 Greenlaw terrace 
Nichol, William, tobacconist, 103 High street 
Nicol, John, licensed grocer, 5 Maxwell street — house 1 Crossflat 

Nicol, Miss Jeanie, bookseller and stationer, and sub-post-office, 15 

Williamsburgh- — house do. 
Nicolson, John, commission agent, 38 Queen street, Glasgow — 

house Marylea, Calside 
Nicolson, John, shoemaker, 3 Springbank road — house 6 do. 
Nicolson, William M., clerk at Savings Bank — house 6 M'Intyre 

Nimmo, John, agent, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 36 

George street 
Nisbet, Mrs. Margaret, pawnbroker, 24 Gauze street — house 7 do. 
Niven, John, attendant, Railway buildings, 29 Old Sneddon 
Niven, John, at MacRobert, Son, & Hutchison's ; house 157 St. 

Andrew's road, Pollokshields 
Niven, sen., Robert, boot and shoemaker, 4 Barr street — house do. 
Nixon, Simon, cloth merchant, 24 Canal street — house do. 
Noble, Edward, at H. Noble & Sons, 7 Cotton street — house 

Oldhall, Ralston 
Noble, Henry, juu., produce merchant, of Stich, Noble, & Co., 

Great Clyde street, Glasgow — house Oldhall, Ralston 
Noble, Henry, & Son, wholesale provision merchants, 7 Cotton st. 

— house Oldhall, Ralston 
Noble, James, blacksmith and horseshoer, 90 George st. — house 38 

Noble, John, teacher, East Public School — house 8 Greenlaw 



Noble, Kobert, spirit merchant, 6 Cotton street — ho. 3^ Bank street 

Noble, Thomas, confectioner, 28 Glen street — house do. 

Noble, Thomas, of Henry Noble & Son — house Kenmure street,. 

Noble, Miss A., greengrocer, 36 Underwood road — house do. 
Noble, Mary, confectioner, 76 High street 
North British and Mercantile Insurance Company, 102 St. Vincent 

street, Glasgow — David L. Laidlaw, manager (see advt.) 
North British Kailway Company, Canal goods station — David 

Irvine, agent 
Notman, Miss, teacher of music, Nether park, Calside 
Notman, Mrs. W. J., teacher of music, Mountgreenan, Regent st. 

OAKES, David, of Sale & Co., 109 High street— house 10 White- 

haugh terrace 
Oakes, Robert, shoemaker, 7 Wellmeadow — house 11 Walker street 
Oakshaw Memorial hall, 16 West brae — -Hugh Gray, keeper, 42 

Observatory (The Coats), Oakshaw street — the gift of the late 

Mr. Thomas Coats to the Philosophical Institution — Donald. 

Maclean, curator and observer 
Orcharclson, John, at Clark & Co., Ltd. ; ho. 82 Seedhill road 
Orchardson, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 62 Causeyside 

— house Burnpark, Lylesland 
Orchardson, Robert, inspector of buildings ; house 94 High street 
Orchardson, Bessie, C.T., South School — ho. Burnpark, Espedair 
Orchardson, Mrs. John, Caledonia cottage, Greenock road 
Orr, Alex. P., clerk at Parish Council office ; ho. 20 John street 
Orr, Daniel, carting agent for Caledonian Railway Co., goods 

stations Greenlaw and St. James 
Orr, George, bookkeeper, Co-operative Manufacturing Society Ltd. 

— house 13 Andrews street 
Orr, James, builder and contractor, George place — ho. do. 
Orr, William, grocer, 20 Whitehead street; house do. 
Orr, Miss, bookseller and tobacconist, 29 Canal street — house 37 

Storie street 
Orr, Mrs. Robert, greengrocer, 3 Lawn street 
Osborne, James, church officer of St. George's Church — house 7 

George street 
Osborne, William, painter and decorator, 23 Wellmeadow street — 

house 82 Broomlands 
O'Donnell, Arthur, confectioner, 38 Causeyside — house 36 Storie 

O'Donnell, Charles, fishmonger, 69 Love street — ho. 6 North Croft 


O'May, Andrew, foreman, Gazette office — house 18 Well street 
O'Neill, Charles, grocer and spirit merchant, 51 George street — 

house 27 Storie street 
O'Neill, James, of Alex. H. Park & Co. — house Annfield place, 

O'Neill, James, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Saucel — house 9 

Walker street 
O'Riley, William, boot and shoemaker, 29 Canal street ; house 1 

•O'Sullivan, P., Inland Revenue officer, School Wynd — house 32 


PAGAN, Annie C , assistant Art teacher, Technical School ; house 

3 Mansion-house road 
Pagan, Mrs., 3 Mansion-house road 

Paisley Asylum, Craw road, Calside — John Calder, governor 
Paisley Auction Mart, 13 Storie street — Robert Wilson & Laird, 

auctioneers — office 97 High street 
Paisley Brick Coy., 12 St. Mirren street 
Paisley Clothing Co., merchant tailors, 94 High street 
Paisley Co-operative Manufacturing Society — warehouse and offices, 

114 and 115 Causeyside, telephone No. 127; works Colinslee, 

telephone No. 128. Branches— No. 1, 15 Broomlands ; No. 

2, 10 Neilston road ; No. 3, 11 Kiluside road 
■" Paisley Daily Express " offices, 12 Causeyside and 12 Forbes pi. 
Paisley (The) Directory Office, 94 High street — J. & J. Cook, 

Paisley Foundry (Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd.), Abbotsinch 
Paisley Labour Party Rooms, Cumberland court, Causeyside 
Paisley Magazine, 2 he, monthly — Publishing offices 12 Causeyside 

street; editor, Alexander Cameron 
Paisley Masonic Hall Co., Ltd. — secretary and treasurer, George 

Fisher — registered office, 4 Mansfield place 
Paislev Parish Poorhouse, Craw road — John Calder, governor 
Paisley Parish Poor-Rates Office, Parish Council buildings, Max- 
well street — John Robertson, collector 
" Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette " Office, 94 High street — J. & 

J. Cook, publishers 
Paisley Sugar Company, glucose manufacturers, St. Mirren's Works, 

Macdowall street 
Paisley Theatre — J. H. Savile ; telephone No. 222 
Parish Council Office — J. M. Campbell, inspector — 62 and 63 Back 

Park j Alexander j farmer, Turningshaw, by Johnstone 


Park, Alex. H. & Co., wholesale grocers and tea merchants, 111 

Park, Robert, wholesale stationer and furnisher, 3 Cumberland 

Court — house 37 Causeyside 
Park, Eev. George, Middle Parish Church — manse 2 Garthland 

Park, Walter S., farmer, Hatton, Bishopton 
Park, Mrs., spirit merchant, 12 St. James place — house 1 Maxwell 

Parkinson, Arthur, mill manager, Belmont, Mansion house road 
Parkinson, C. F., Burgh Electrical Engineer ; house Blackhall st. 

Telephone No. 119 
Parlane, A. Wilson, at J. & R. Parlane's — ho. Castlehead 
Parlane & Kerr, silk mercers and general drapers, 10 High street ; 

telephone No. 179 (see advt.) 
Parlane, James, of J. & R. Parlane — house West brae 
Parlane, J. & R., printers, bookbinders, paper-rulers, and book- 
sellers, 97 High street ; works, School wynd ; tele. No. 204 
Parlane, James B., at J. & R. Parlane's — ho. Castlehead 
Parlane, John, manager at J. & R. Parlane's — ho. Castlehead 
Parlane, Robert B., of J. & R. Parlane — ho. Castlehead 
Parlane, Mrs. J. T., 3 Greenlaw avenue 
Parr, John R., clerk to T. & R. Graham, 4 Bridge street — house 

10 Neilston street 

Partington, William, colour maker to Ronald, Jack, & Co. — house 

11 Andrews street 

Paterson, Alex., 1 Mansion-house road 

Paterson, Alexander, of Alex. Begg & Co. — house Fairhill, Bella - 

Paterson, Alexander, jun., of Alex. Begg & Co. — house Grosvenor 

terrace, Ayr 
Paterson, Andrew, colour manufacturer, 6 Murray street — house 7 

Buchanan terrace 
Paterson, Andrew, grocer, 2 St. Mary's terrace, Carriagehill — house 

21 Glenview terrace 
Paterson, Andrew, of Robert Paterson & Son, 1 Christie street 
Paterson, A., cabinetmaker and upholsterer — house Ingleneuk, 

Glasgow road 
Paterson, Cooper, & Co., Ltd., electrical engineers, Patella works, 

Lin wood road — telephone No. 308 ; telegraphic address Patella, 

Paterson, David, broker, 17 Broomlancls 
Paterson, John, & Co., upholsterers and cabinetmakers, 4 West 

brae— house 14 Wellmeadow 



Paterson, John, of Alex. Begg & Co. — house Fairhill, Bellahouston 

Paterson, Jonathan, clerk with J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house 27 
Broomlands street 

Paterson, Rev. John, M.A., minister of U.F. South Church — U.F. 
South manse, Calside 

Paterson, Joseph, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 94 Causeyside and 
42 Gordon's lane — ho. Ingle-neuk cot., Glasgow rd. (see advt.) 

Paterson, Robert, & Son, auctioneers, valuators, and land sur- 
veyors, 27 Orchard street 

Paterson, Robert M., Speirsfield 

Paterson, Robert, 'bus proprietor — stables 7 Clark street — ho. 40 
Clark street 

Patterson, Samuel, general draper, 2 Gauze street ; house 14 Thread 

Paterson, Sons, & Co., pianoforte and harmonium dealers and 
music sellers, 4 Gilmour street — W. J. Fraser, manager (see 

Paterson, William A., teacher of shorthand John Neilson Institu- 
tion — house Elder slie 

Paterson, William A., reporter "Paisley Daily Express" and corre- 
spondent "Glasgow Daily Record" — house Laurelbank, 

Paterson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 162 George street 

Paterson, William, of Andrew Foulds & Son, 5 Abbey street — 
house The Beeches, Mansion-house road 

Paterson, Anna M.,Mossvale Public School — house 5 Park terrace 

Paterson, Jane, confectioner, 24 Maxwellton street 

Paterson, Margaret U., teacher, South School — house 21 Glenview 

Paterson, Miss Agnes, confectioner, 3 County place and 10 Moss 
street — house 2 St. James street 

Paterson, Nurse, 17 Seedhill road (top flat) 

Paton, Andrew H., at A. Fraser's, Sherwood buildings — house 2 
Whitehead street 

Paton, David, & Co., rope and tassel manufacturers, Carriagehill house 

Paton, James, foreman fitter at Campbell and Calderwood's — house 
29 Caledonia street 

Paton, James, mill foreman, 4 Ferguslie buildings 

Paton, James, jun., printer and stationer, 92 High street ; printing 
office Cumberland court — house Ardene, Biackhall 

Paton, John, joiner, 12 Seedhill road 

Paton, John, secretary Co-operative Manufacturing Society Ltd. — - 
house 3-g- Bank street 

Paton, John, dairy, 35 Well street; house 15 Well street 


Paton, Robert, maker of packing-cases and tins for biscuits, corn-flour, 

&c.,Espedair works, Causeyside street, telephone No. 67 — ho 

"Westerlea, Sunnyside (see advt.) 
Paton, Margaret, confectioner, 15 Incle street — house do. 
Patrick, Jessie J., teacher, Williamsburgh Public school — house 1 

Crossflat terrace 
Paton, Miss, milliner, &c, 35 Wellmeadow street — house do. 
Paton, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 1 Crossflat terrace 
Paton, Jeanie, South School ; house 29 Caledonia street 
Paton, Miss Kate, eating-house keeper, 12 Ferguslie — house do. 
Paton, Mrs. John, confectioner, 8 Moncrieif street — house do. 
Patrick, Kobert, at W. & A. Coats — house Lilybank, Well street 
Patrick, William N., baker, cook, confectioner, and purveyor, 69 

Pattinson, James, Mus. Bac, Cantab., organist and teacher of 

music at Grammar school — house 1 Greenlaw avenue 
Pattison, Alex., foreman moulder to Fullerton, Hodgart, & 

Barclay (Limited) — house 2 Hamilton street 
Pattison, John, writer, and town clerk of Barrhead — offices 23 Moss 

street, telephone No. 275 ; and Municipal chambers, Barrhead, 

telephone No. 19 — house Eastfield, Greenlaw drive, telephone 

No. 275a 
Pattison, David D., 6 Bank street 

Pattison, Robert, clerk at Hunter & Goudie — ho. 28 Argyle street 
Pattison, William, builder, 2 Espedair street — house 10 Stevenson 

Pattison, William, ironmonger, 5 Castle street — house do. 
Paul, James, The Lodge, Auchentorlie 
Paul, Matthew, 45 High street 
Paul, William, clerk at Abercorn foundry — house 11 Whitehaugh 

Paul, William, grocer, 33 George street — house do. 
Paxton, Matthew, & Sons, wine and spirit merchants, 95 Causeyside 
Paxton, Matthew A., of M. Paxton & Sons — house 2 Crossflat 

Payne, D. E., Captain, adjutant 2nd V.B.A. & S.H., Drill Hall, 

High street ; ho. Lounsdale house 
Peacock, John, watchmaker, 32 Wellmeadow — house 9 Sandholes 
Peacock, John, hatter, 42 High street — house 1 Townhead terrace 
Peacock, John, at Wm. Peacock — house 13 George street 
Peacock, William, ropemaker, 85 High street — works and house 

Chain road 
Pearson, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 109 Causeyside — 

house 15 Seedhill road 


Peattie, William, steamship agent and session clerk for Middle 

Parish, 2 Gilmour street — house Dunedin, Meikleriggs 
Peebles, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 39 Maxwellton — house do. 
Peddie, David Mungo, house steward, dining hall, Ferguslie bdgs. 
Peddie, William F., assistant art master at Technical School — 

house Townhead terrace 
Peden, William S., British Linen Coy. Bank, Glasgow — house 

Armadale, Carriagehill drive 
Peden, William, clerk to Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., 93 George st. 
Peden, William, reporter and agent, " Glasgow Evening News " 

and " Scottish Referee," 16 Moss St. — house 10 St. Mirren street 
Penman, R. S., M.B., C.M., 12 St. James place (tele. No. 245) 
Pentland- Smith, John, M.A., B.Sc, science master, Grammar 

School — house Fernlea, Campbell street, Johnstone 
Peoch, William, Meikleriggs house, Loundsdale road 
Percy, Francis, oil merchant, 74 Great Wellington street, Kiuning 

Park, Glasgow — house 6 Stow street 
Pettigrew, Alexander, pianoforte and harmonium tuner at Paterson, 

Sons, & Co.'s, Glasgow — house 29 Wellmeadow 
Petrie, Thomas, bookkeeper at James M'Lardie & Sons — house 5 

Gladstone terrace 
Phelan, Miss Catherine, head teacher, St. Catherine R.C. School, 

10 Stow street 
Philippi, E., director of J. & P. Coats, Limited — house Crawley 

Court, Crawley, Hants 
Philip, Andrew, cooking establishment, 103 George street — house 

20 Newton street 
Phillips, William, calenderer, 105 Causeyside — house 38 Causeyside 
Philips, William, yarn and insurance agent, Glasgow — house 19 

Mansion-house road 
Phillips, Mrs. E., draper and hosier, 38 Causeyside street — house do^ 
Phoenix Fire Office — agents, Winning & Fulton, 109 High street 
Phoenix Works (Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., engineers), Inchinnan rcl. 
Picken, James, rope and twine manufacturer, St. James station 

— house St. James house, 4 Clark street 
Picken, James, assistant stationmaster Gilmour Street Station — 

house 18 Whitehead street 
Pinkerton, James, agent Scottish Clerks' Association, 40 High st. 
Pinkerton, James, hamcurer and wholesale provision merchant, 40 

New street — house Blythe Holm, Calside 
Pinkerton, James, Aintree, Greenlaw drive 
Pinkerton, John, grocer, 45 Well street — house do. 
Pinkerton, John Spence, of James Pinkerton, New street — house 

Blythe Holm, Calside 


Pinkerton, E. M., traveller to William Peacock, 2 Park terrace 
Pinkerton, William, of James Pinkerton. 40 New street — house 

4 Townhead terrace 
Pinkerton, Miss J., dress and mantle maker, 40 High street 
Pirie, George, superintendent Riccartsbar Asylum — house Riccarts- 

bar house 
Pitblado, Robert, teller to Union Bank of Scotland — house Union 

Bank house 
Pitt, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Townhead — house 3 Townhead 

Plate Glass (Caledonian) Insurance Company, Ltd., 58 Renfield street, 

Glasgow (see advt.) 
Pogson, Samuel, manager to H. P. Tyler — house 62 Storie street 
Pole, Ed., hairdresser, 52 Caledonia street — house 15 Andrew st. 
Pollock & Co., yarn agents, 6 Forbes place 

Pollock & Cochrane, bleachers, dyers, and finishers, Thrushcraig 
Pollock, Daniel, friendly society agent, 105 Causeyside 
Pollock, D. C, warehouseman, 3 Whitehangh terrace 
Pollock, Hugh, of William Pollock, 69 High street — house do. 
Pollock, James M., of William Pollock, 69 High street — house do. 
Pollock, John, Prudential agent — house 11 Phillips street 
Pollock, John T., teacher North Public School — house 5 Townhead 

Pollock, J. Wilson, of Stewart, Pollock, & Co., Govan — house 

Lyndhurst, Hawkhead road 
Pollock, Robert, Williesdene, Greenock road 
Pollock, Robert, farmer, Amochrie, Lounsdale road 
Pollock, Robert, Brierbank, Potterhill 
Pollock, Robert, confectioner, 67 Broomlands ; house do. 
Pollock, S., & Sons, engineers, Pacific Engine works, East lane, 

Williamsburgh — house East lane, Williamsburgh 
Pollock, Thomas M., of William Pollock, 69 High street — house 

3 Greenlaw terrace 
Pollock, William, new and used furniture dealer, 69 High street, 

and at 522 Sauchiehall street, Glasgow — house 69 High st. 
Pollock, William, brickbuilder and electric light contractor, Glas- 
gow — house Williesdene, Greenock road 
Pollock, William, wine and spirit merchant, 52 High street — house 

34 Well street 
Pollock, William, jun., of William Pollock, 69 High street — 

house 4 Townhead terrace 
Pollock, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 35 George street 
Pollock, Jeanie, greengrocer and confectioner, 55 Caledonia street 
Pollock, Mrs. William, 10 Hillview, Lylesland 


Poison, William, & Co., Ltd., starch, corn flour, and mustard 

manufacturers, Imperial Starch works, Abercorn street 
Poison, Mrs. John, of Brown & Poison — West Mount, Paisley, and 

Castle Levan, Gourock 
Poole, Ernest A., electrical engineer, Electricity Works, Blackhall 

street ; house 10 Seedhill road 
Pope, George, janitor South Public School — ho. 17 Neilston road 
Pope, William, clerk at Hugh Highgate & Co.'s ; ho. 35 Glen st. 
Pope, Mrs. Martin, grocer, 5 North Croft — house do. 
Porteous, Rev. John, B.D., minister Oakshaw East U.F. Church 

— house Meadowside villa, Glasgow road 
Porter, H. G., & Co., manufacturers of dress and costume goods, 

Abercorn Mills, Abercorn street 
Porter, James, plumber and gasfitter, 22 Neilston road — house 19 

Alice place 
Porter, Agnes, dressmaker, 29 Wellmeadow 
Porter, Mrs., dairy, Walker street; house 17 Argyle street 
Post Office, County square — J. Macmaster, postmaster — house 

Newtonville, Hawkhead road 
Pottie, A. & M., veterinary horse-shoers and agricultural imple- 
ment makers, St. James place 
Pottie, A., & Sons, veterinary surgeons and shoeing smiths, 63 

and 64 Love street 
Pottie, Alex., jun., of A. Pottie & Sons, veterinary surgeon, 

M.R.C.V.S., and insurance agents — ho. 63 Love street 
Pottie, Alexander, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary inspector for County of 

Renfrew, 64 Love street — house 63 do. 
Pottie, James D., of A. Pottie & Sons, 64 Love street — ho. 63 do. 
Pottie, John E., of A. & M. Pottie, 39 Mill street 
Pottie, Michael, of A. & M. Pottie- -house 22 St. James street 
Pottie, Mrs., draper, 4 Garthland street ; house 89 Mill street 
Power, Robt., stationmaster, Hawkhead stn. — ho. 2 Kennedy place 
Pratt, David, joiner and cabinetmaker, 30 Gauze street — house do. 
Prentice, W. F., & Co., drapers, 99 High street 
Prentice, W. F., of W, F. Prentice & Co. — house Camnethan, 

Arkleston road 
Priestley, Samuel, retired Inland Revenue officer, 8 Glenview 
Priestley, Mrs. G. B., midwife, 8 Moss street 
Primrose, George, brickbuilder and contractor — yard Henderson 

street ; house 30 Oakshaw street 
Primrose, W. M., professor of dancing — academy, 4 Old Smithhills 

house 13 New Stock street 
Provan, Alexander, Dean of Guild inspector; house Corylus, 



Pro van, Andrew, draper, 15 High street — house 23 Well street 

Pro van, Andrew, 9 Maxwellton street 

Provan, Andrew, gardener, 13 Wellmeadow street, and keeper of 

Wellmeadow bowling green ; house 9 Maxwellton street 
Provan, David, of Barr & Provan — house 1 Stevenson street 
Provan, William, cowfeeder, 18 Springbank road 
Prudential Assurance Company Limited, 8 St. Mirren street — A. 

M'Fadden, superintendent — house 5 Greenlaw terrace 
Pullar, Alexander, traveller, Cartvale Chemical Company Ltd. — 

house 27 Westmoreland terrace, Crosshill, Glasgow 
Purdon, E., milliner, Causeyside — house 11 Mavisbank terrace 

QUIGLEY, Mrs. Mary, china merchant, 8 Broomlands 
Quia, Frank, confectioner, 28 St. James street— house do. 
Quin, Peter, hairdresser, 6 Silk street — house 19 Gauze street 
Quinn, George, proprietor of Globe Hotel, 92 High street — ho. do. 

RAE Bros., opticians and photographic instrument makers, 42 

High street 
Rae, John, Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland house, St. Mirren st. 
Raeside, Misses, dressmakers, 4 John street 
Raft'erty, Thomas, at Robert Brown & Son Ltd. — house Lexwell, 

Chain road 
Ralph, David, clerk, J. & P. Coats Ltd., Glasgow ; ho. Greenside 

place, Elderslie 
Ralston, David, grocer, 16 Ferguslie 

Ralston, John, cork cutter, 7 Orchard street — ho. 24 Whitehead st. 
Ramsay, J. & R., millers and grain merchants, Seedhill mill 
Ramsay, Robert, of J. & R. Ramsay ; house Netherby, Glasgow 

Ramsay, William, potato merchant, 14 Barclay street — house do. 
Rankin, James M., teacher Carbrook Street Public School — house 

Bridge of Weir 
Rankin, Miss, dairy, 7 New street ; house 76 High street 
Rasmussen, A. C, Inland Revenue officer, School wynd — house 

3 Townhead terrace 
Rathie, Alexander W., draper's traveller, 13 Greenlaw avenue 
Readdie, David, director of Coates Bros. Ltd. — house St. Leonard's, 

Reading Room, George A. Clark Town Hall (entrance by Abbey 

close) — James B. Watson, curator 
Refuge Assurance Company Ltd., 5 County place — Wm. Anderson, 

Reid, Alexander, of Thomas Reid & Sons — house 39 Mill street 


Reid, Alexander, & Brother, Ltd., dyers and sizers of cotton warps 

and bundles, also dyers of wool, silk, and noil yarns, Lady- 
burn Dyeworks. Branch of the British Cotton and Wool 

Dyers' Association, Ltd. 
Reid, Alexander, of Alexander Reid & Brother, Ltd. — house 

Dromorne, Renfrew road 
Reid, E., T.P., 4 Ralston cottages, Oldhall 
Reid, James, bookseller, stationer, and wholesale newsagent, G 

Moss street and 33 Gauze street — house 2 Royal terrace 
Reid, James, tobacconist, 6 Moss street — house 2 Royal terrace 
Reid, James, of Thomas Reid & Sons — house 3 Cart street 
Reid, James, jobbing gardener, 11 Neilston street 
Reid, James, Greenhaugh, Renfrew road 
Reid, James Kerr, lecturer on applied mechanics and steam at 

Technical School ; house 70 Albert r ad, Gourock 
Reid, J., mill foreman — house 5 Ferguslie buildings 
Reid, John, of Howard & Reid — house 5 Ferguslie buildings 
Reid, John, billiard rooms, 51 High street 

Reid, John F., of Gibson & Reid — house Duchal ter., Kilmalcolm 
Reid, John, of T. Reid & Sons, 19 Thread St.— house 81 Seedhill rd. 
Reid, J. B., civil engineer, Glasgow — house Chapelhill 
Reid, Matthew, at Master of Works office, 13 Gilmour street — - 

ho. Cemetery lodge 
Reid, Peter, charge of Evangelical Union Congregational Chapel, 

38 New street 
Reid, R. L., vocal music master Grammar School, conductor of 

Paisley Choral Union popular training classes, 7 Berlin terrace, 

Reid, R. M., hosier, 11 Old Smithhills — house St. Ives, Seamill, 

West Kilbride 
Reid, Robert, superintendent of Paisley Cemetery, 58 Broomlands 

— house Cemetery lodge 
Reid, R. L., tailor and clothier, 75 Love street — house 3 Andrews st. 
Reid, Thomas Fulton, of T. F. Reid & Donaldson, writers, 12 

Causeyside — house Hazelwood, Castlehead 
Reid, T. F., & Donaldson, writers and notaries public, and insurance 

agents, 12 Causeyside and 92 West Nile street, Glasgow 
Reid, Thomas, M.A., lecturer on mathematics at Technical School ; 

house Lylesland terrace 
Reid, Thomas, M.A., teacher, John Neilson Institution — house o> 

Lylesland terrace 
Reid, Thomas, & Sons, engineers, millwrights, and windlass makers, 

19 Thread street. Telegraphic address, '"Reid, Paisley ; . '" 

telephone No. 97 


Reicl, Thomas, jim., of Thomas Reid & Sons — house 6 Bridge street 

Reid, Thomas, family grocer and wine merchant, 4 Renfrew street 

— house 2 East Croft 
Reid, William, shoemaker, 62 Canal street 
Reid, William, Greenhaugh, Renfrew road 
Reid, W. J., confectioner, 4 Carriagehill ; house do. 
Reid, William, jim., traveller to Williamson, Morton & Co., Glas- 
gow — house Sherwood buildings, Glasgow road 
Reid, William C, of A. Reid & Brother, Ltd., Greenhaugh, Renfrew 

Reid, W. & G., lithographers and printers, 9 Moss street — house 2 

Caledonia street 
Reid, William, tobacconist and newsagent, 13 Underwood road 
Reid, Isabella, teacher, Camphill School — ho. 4 Crossflat crescent 
Reid, Jane, infant mistress, Oakshaw Public School — house 4 Cross- 
flat crescent 
Reid, Miss L., confectioner and fruiterer, 1 Lawn street 
Reid, Mrs. John, cowfeeder, 7 Neil street 
Reid, Mrs. William, 33 Gauze street 
Reid, Mrs. William, greengrocer, 7 Neilston road 
Reid, Nettie W., teacher, Neilson Institution ; ho. 3 Lylesland ter. 
Reid, Pattie, assistant art teacher at Technical School — house 3 

Cart street 
Reids & Campbell, writers and notaries public, 3 County place 
Keith, James, surveyor of taxes, Paisley Burgh and Renfrew County 

assessor, 8 St. Mirren street — house The Briers, Castlehead 
Renfrew, Alex., Central dining rooms, 23 New street — house 104 

Renfrew, James, farmer, Blackstoun Mains 
Renfrew, James, clerk National Bank of Scotland — house Helena 

villa, Greenock road 
Renfrew, J. G., curator of Library Department, Free Library — ho. 

1 8 Storie street 
Renfrew, Thomas, general waste merchant, 87 Causeyside — ho. do. 
Renfrew, William, farm manager, Ferguslie farm 
Renfrewshire Glass Insurance Co., Ltd. — head office, 93 High street — 

Alexander Matheson, secretary (tele. No. 238). See advt. 
Rennie, Alexander, flesher, 18 Wellmeadow — house 18 Wellmeadow 
Rennie, James, cashier, Gleniffer Laundry — house 9 Rosebery place- 
Rennie, John, flesher, 9 Canal street and 68 Causeyside — house 

Corse house, 59 Causeyside 
Rennie, John, engineer and cycle agent, 46 Calside ; house 28 New 

Stock street 


Rennie, Robert A., flesh er, 18 Wellmeadow — house S3 Well street 

Rennie, Mrs. James, 18 Wellmeadow street 

Rennison, J. A., architect, 15 Gilmour st. — house Fereneze view, 

Mary street 
Renshaw, C. Bine, M.P. for West Renfrewshire, Barochan, Houston, 

and 82 Cadogan square, London, S.W. 
Retson, Thomas, dairyman, 61 George street — house do. 
Retson, Mrs., farmer, Moorhouse, Meikleriggs 
Reuschling, Louise, photographer, 24 Causeyside street and 83 

High street 
Reynoldes, Owen, stick factory, Carlile quay — house 39 Back 

Sneddon street 
Rhodes, Sidney H., electrical engineer, Blackhall street; house 10 

Townhead terrace 
Ribbons & Co., tea dealers, wholesale grocers, provision merchants, 

&c, 91 High street 
Ribbons, Henry, of Ribbons & Co. — house 1 Mansfield place 
Ribbons, T., of Ribbons & Co. — house 1 Royal terrace 
Riccartsbar Asylum — Geo. Pirie, superintendent 
Richardson, Charles, blacksmith, 13 Abbey close — ho. 13 Cochrane 

Richardson, Andrew, of Campbell & Calderwood, Murray street — 

house Greenlaw drive 
Richardson, J. B., of James Harvey & Co., Ltd. — house Pitgorno 

house, Stirling 
Richmond, Andrew, M.B., CM., consulting room 9 St. James 

place — house 57 Love street 
Richmond, George, at John Highgate & Co.'s, 43 Back Sneddon 
Richmond, James, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 13 St. James 

place — house 5 Underwood road 
Richmond, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Old Sneddon — ho. 

5 Underwood road 
Richmond, Miss, dressmaker, 39 New street 
Ricldell, Andrew, agent, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society 

— ho. 82 Seedhill road 
Riddell, David, farmer and horse dealer, 210 Kennedy street, 

Glasgow — house Blackhall 
Riddell, G. B., wine and spirit merchant, 13 Moss street 
Riddell, James, factor, Whitehaugh house 
Riddell, Thomas, charge of Mossvale U.F. Church — house 16 

Mossvale street 
Riddell, William, clerk Union Bank of Scotland, Limited — house 

Whitehaugh, Glasgow road 
Rigg, Rev. Robert, Fereneze view, Mary street 


Ripley, Richard, traveller Co-operative Manufacturing Society Ltd. 

— house Brierbank terrace, Merchiston, Edinburgh 
Risk, James A., of Young & Risk, plumbers — house 1 Whitehaugh 

Risk, Robert, publican, 9 Old Smithhills ; house 6 Lawn street 
Risk, William, fishmonger and poulterer, 34 High street — 

house do. 
Risk, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 88 Canal street — house 6 

Lawn street 
Ritchie, Allan, clerk, Burgh Sanitary office ; house 4 East Lane, 

Ritchie, David, accountant at the Commercial Bank of Scotland, 

Ltd. (West-end branch) — house 7 Townhead terrace 
Ritchie, George, packing box, tin and zinc case maker, 36 Gordon's 

Ritchie, James A., flesher, 27 St. James street ; house 12 North st. 
Ritchie, Johu, farmer, Broomward, Elderslie 
Ritchie, John, feuar, 25 George street 
Ritchie, John, church officer of Martyrs Parish Church — house 4 

East lane 
Ritchie, J. Douglas, photographic artist, 5 Gilmour street — house 

St. Mary's, Dunlop, Ayrshire 
Ritchie & Kirkwood, ironmongers, 47 Moss street ; tel. No., 345 
Ritchie, Peter, cowfeeder, 42 Back Sneddon 
Ritchie, Robert, baker and purveyor, 6 Silk street; house 9 

Whitehead street 
Ritchie, Robert, of George Ritchie, packing case maker — house 31 

Kilnside road 
Ritchie, Thomas, cutter with Co-operative Manufacturing Society, 

Ltd. — house 26 Kilnside road 
Ritchie, William, of Davidson & Ritchie — house 2 Gordon place, 

King street (west) 
Ritchie, William, of George Ritchie, packing case maker — ho. 4 

Johnston street 
Ritchie, E., dress and mantle maker, 95 High street 
Robb, Alex., M.A., M.B., D.P.H., Burgh Medical Officer of Health, 

Public Health office, 14 Gilmour street 
Robb, Dewar G., junior master Mossvale Public School — house 2 

Crossflat crescent 
Robb, J. Jenkins, M.D., medical practitioner, 74 Love street — ho. 

20 High street 
Robb, Thomas D., M.A., English master, Grammar School — house 

Robb, Helen, druggist, 35 Well street ; house do. 


Roberts, Mrs., midwife, 35 Wellmeadow 

Robertson, Andrew, assistant instructor in Building Construction 

at Technical School ; house 5 Abbey terrace 
Robertson, Archibald, plumber and gasfitter, 9 Broomlands — ho. do. 
Robertson & Co., mill and engineers' furnishers, and electrical 

engineers, 55 Back Sneddon street 
Robertson, Clark, coachman to Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart. — ho. 

Robertson, David, traveller to Co-operative Manufacturing Society, 

Ltd.; house 5 New street 
Robertson, David, calenderer, 2 Water brae (Burgh); house 133 

George street 
Robertson, David, calenderer, Marshall's lane — ho. 83 Seedhill rd. 
Robertson, Gavin, clerk, Caledonian Ry., Underwood depot — house 

Caledonia cottage 
Robertson, George, of George Robertson & Sons 
Robertson, George A., of Robertson & Gilchrist, masons and 

builders, 74 Canal street — house 2 George place 
Robertson, George, & Co., brick builders and contractors — house 

Auchen cairn, Hawkhead road 
Robertson, George, jun., AJ.E.E., of George Robertson & Son 

and Robertson & Coy. — house Adelphi cottage, Love street 
Robertson, George, & Sons, brassfounders, coppersmiths, and 

plumbers, Snawdoun works, 55 Back Sneddon street 
Robertson & Gilchrist, masons and builders, 74 Canal street — ho. 

2 George place 
Robertson, James, salesman with M. Greenlees & Son — house 

Nelsonville, Sunnyside 
Robertson, James, of James Robertson & Sons — house Marionfield, 

Robertson, James, agent American star hack saw, 82 Seedhill road 
Robertson, James, plumber and gasfitter, 8 Lylesland ; house 30 

Neilson street 
Robertson, James, & Sons, manufacturers of preserves and peels, 

Thrushgrove works, Stevenson street 
Robertson, J. B., & Co., cycle makers, 4 Bridge street (Abbey) 
Robertson, James B., jun., of J. B. Robertson & Co.; house 3 

Blackhall buildings 
Robertson, James B., sen., of J. B. Robertson & Co.; house 3 

Blackhall buildings 
Robertson, James, manager at J. & P. Coats Limited — house 

Salisbury lodge, Meikleriggs 
Robertson, John, collector of poor rates, Parish Council buildings 

— house Castlehead 


Robertson, John, assistant, Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road 
Robertson, John, manager for Scotland, Otis Elevator Co., wood- 
block floors, folding gates, Glasgow ; ho. Bute villa, Greenlaw 

Robertson, John, preserve manufacturer at Thrushgrove works — 

house Roneil, Stanely road 
Robertson, John, wholesale fruit merchant, 10 San dholes ; house 

14 Wellmeaclow 
Robertson, John, & Sons, coal merchants, Underwood coal depot 

-—house 15 Sandholes 
Robertson, John, & Sons, calenderers, hot pressers, packers, and 

finishers, Marshall's lane and Cartside 
Robertson, Joseph O., Craigard, Seedhill road 

Robertson, J. W., at Robert Murdoch & Co.'s. iron and steel mer- 
chants, agent for Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Company 

and Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, 10 West Croft — 

house 1 Buchanan terrace 
Robertson, J. Neil, M.B., CM., R.N., Salisbury lodge, Meikleriggs 
Robertson, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 1 and 2 Orchard street 

and 18 Causeyside ; house Jack's villa, Arkleston road 
Robertson, Robert, manufacturers' agent, Glasgow — ho. Craigard, 

Seedhill road 
Robertson, Robert, tobacconist, 46 Moss street — house 133 George 

Robertson & Son, hat and cap manufacturers, and hosiers, 48 

Moss street (see advt.) 
Robertson & Son, shipping agents, 48 Moss street 
Robertson, Thomas J., of Robertson & Son; house Craigard, 

Robertson, Walter, slater, 5 Johnston street ; house 27 Lawn street 
Robertson, William, missionary St. James' U.F. Church, Wallneuk 

Missionary hall, North Croft — house 81 Seedhill road 
Robertson, William P., Stonefield Laundry — ho. Thorncroft 
Robertson, Annie A., headmistress Mossvale School — house Nel- 

sonville, Sunnyside 
Robertson, Jane, draper, 2 Queen street 
Robertson, Mrs., fishmonger, 101 Causeyside — house do. 
Robertson, Mrs. D., grocer, 10 Seedhill road 
Robertson, Mrs. M., confectioner, 32 Carriagehill 
Robin & Houston, Ltd., soap and composite candle makers — soap 

works 61 New Sneddon street; candle works Park street, 

Kinning Park, Glasgow 
Robin, David W., monumental sculptor, of Robin & S weenie, 

Johnston street — house 8 do. 


Robin & Sweenie, monumental sculptors, Johnston street 

Robin, William, feuar — house 4 Seedhill road 

Robin, Mrs. Jane, hosier, 18 Causeyside — house do. 

Robinson, Agnes, pupil teacher, Abercorn School , house Myrtle 

house, Lawn street 
Robinson, Letitia, teacher, William sburgh School — house 13 Lawn 

Robinson, Margaret, teacher, Abercorn School ; house Myrtle 

house, Lawn street 
Robson, Mrs. Wm., stationer and bookseller, 82 Broomlands — ho. 

42 Lady lane 
Rodden, Mrs., grocer, 28 Blackhall street ; house 1 Ross street 
Rodger, Alexander, M.A., junior master South Public School — ho. 

49 Broomlands 
Rodger, John, drysalter, 10 Grlenview 
Rodger, Miss, 10 Glenview 

Rodger, Mrs. Alexander (trustees of), tobacconist, 83 High street 
Rodger, George Guthrie, M.A., B.Sc, teacher of mathematics and 

science, Grammar School ; house Whitehaugh house 
Roger?, Samuel B., boot and shoemaker, 131 George street — house 

93 High street 
Rolland, William, of Smart & Holland — ho. Rhu-na-Craig, Greenlaw 
Rome, George, lath splitter, 34 Canal street — house Viewforth. 

Danes drive, Whiteinch 
Ronald, Jack, & Co., carpet and rug manufacturers, Nethercommorc 
Ronald, John, 3 Harcus place 
Ronald, R. A., & Co., engineers and machinery merchants, 15 York 

street, Glasgow — house Oaklands 
Ronald, W. C, of Wm. Cochran & Co., Daisy bank, Potterhill 
Ronald, Mrs., Oaklands 

Ronald, Marion, cowfeeder, West Gockston cottages, Goudie st. 
Ronald, Mrs., dress and mantlemaker, 11 Argyle street 
Ronald, Mrs. Thomas, confectioner, 6 Moss vale street — house do. 
Rorison, Gilbert, detective officer, Central Police office — house 18 

Seedhill road 
Ross, Alexander, architect and measurer, 2 Crossflat crescent 
Ross, Ernest, Seedhill Finishing Co. Ltd.; ho. 9 Greenlaw avenue 
Ross, George, of Seedhill Finishing Co., Ltd. — ho. Greenlaw mansion 
Ross, Gordon, at Seedhill Finishing Coy., Ltd. — ho. 81 Seedhill road 
Ross, James, of Seedhill Finishing Company, Ltd. — ho. Ellonviile, 

Hawkhead road 
Ross, James, agent of Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited, 102 

High street ; house Fetteresso, Calside 
Ross, P. F., draper, 15 Wellmeadow — house 33 Oakshaw 


Ross, William, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Neilston road — house 

5 Gladstone terrace 
Ross, Miss Annie, hardware merchant, 22 Causeyside 
Ross, Jessie, Camphill school — house 3 Park terrace, Underwood 
Ross, Jessie, dressmaker, 43 Well street — house do. 
Ross, Miss J., matron, Scotch Girls' Friendly Society, Lodge, The 

Memorial Home — house New street 
Ross, Lizzie, teacher, Neilson Institution — house 3 Park terrace 
Ross, Mary E., teacher, Camphill Public School — ho. 102 Kenmure 

street, Pollokshields 
Ross, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 3 Gordon place 
Rottenburg, Louis, electrical engineer, Paterson, Cooper & Co. Ltd.,. 

Patella works — house Belmont, Elders! ie 
Rough, Mrs. Matthew, laundry, 3 Newton street 
Rowau, Joseph, plasterer, Weir street — house 4 Clarence street 
Rowand, David, cashier, Robin & Houston Ltd., and treasurer,. 

Y.M.C.A. — ho. 3 Kerr street 
Rowand, John, draper, 34 High street — house do. 
Rowand, John, farmer, Candren, by Lin wood 
Rowat, Alexander, & Co., wireworkers, 18 Watson street, Glasgow 

— Telephone No. 934, Telegraphic Address, " Wirecloth," 

Glasgow (see advt.) 
Rowat, David, manager Provident Co-operative Society, Ltd. — 

house Linside, Glasgow road 
Rowat, Thomas, Warriston 
Rowat, William, director Doloi Tea Co. (Ltd.), St. Margaret's, Park 

Rowat, Mrs. Robert, Prospecthill house 
Roxburgh, A. P., of Roxburgh & Sons, coachbuilders — house 5 

Greenlaw terrace 
Roxburgh, A. P., F.S.L.A., F.E.I.S., teacher of elocution — house 

5 Greenlaw terrace 
Roxburgh, Oliphant T., of Roxburgh & Sons, coachbuilders — ho. 3 

Garthland lane 
Roxburgh, Robert, & Sons, coachbuilders, Garthland carriage works, 

4 Garthland lane 
Roxburgh, Mrs., 5 Old Sneddon street 

Roy, Miss, tobacconist, 18 Causeyside — house 11 New street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, St. Mirren street — William Dickson, agent 
Royal Victoria Eye Infirmary, Mansion-house road — Ophthalmic 

surgeon, Dr. N. Gordon Cluckie; advice daily (except Sundays) 

at 1.30 p.m. 
Royal Liver Friendly Society, Terrace buildings — superintendent, 

Charles Brown 


Royal Alexandra Infirmary, The, Neilston street 

Russell, Andrew, at Robert Stevenson's, writer — house 11 Shuttle 

Russell, Hugh, farmer, Foxbar 

Russell, James, butcher, 2 Crossflat terrace — house 66 Love street 
Russell, James T., timekeeper, 31 Calside 
Russell, James Longmuir, pawnbroker, 108 George street ; house 

5 Walker street 
Russell, John, with Eadie Bros. & Co.; ho. Ballarat, Bridge of Weir 
Russell, John, farmer, Potterhill 

Russell, Matthew, coal merchant, 3 Millar st — ho. 1 Garthland st. 
Russell, R. & T., writers, 7 High street 
Russell, Robert, writer, of R. & T. Russell, aud agent for Clydesdale 

Bank Limited, 7 High street — house Muirfield, Castlehead 
Russell, Robert, house factor, 93 High street — house 9 Whitehaugh 

Russell, Thomas, writer, of R. & T. Russell — house Muirfield, 

Russell, Thomas, agent for William Black & Sons, Ltd., coal and 

iron masters, Blackstoun Works — house 17 Greenhill road 
Russell, Win., engineer and smith, 1 Water brae — ho. 5 Argyle st. 
Russell, William, M.B., CM., 15 Broomlands — house 52 High st. 
Russell, William, picture framer, 16 George st. — ho. 1 Barclay st. 
Russell, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 5 Incle street ; house do. 
Russell, Mrs. James, confectioner and fruiterer, 68 Love street — 

house GQ do. 
Russell, Mrs., dairy, 78 George street; house do. 
"Russell, Mrs. William, 48 Causeyside 
Rutherford, Alexander H , flesher, 14 Gauze street — ho. 15 Gauze 

Rutherford, James, of Thos. Rutherford & Son, carting contractors, 

10 Abercorn street — ho. do. 
Rutherford, Thomas, farmer, Muirhead, Linwood 
Rutherford, Thomas, & Son, carting contractors, 10 Abercorn street 

SACELL Brewery Company, brewers and maltsters, 8 Saucel 
Sadler, J. P., assistant joiner, Kibble Reformatory — house 39 Clark 

Sale, Henry, licensed victuallers' stocktaker and valuator, 109 High 

street — house 9 Phillips street 
Sale & Co., debt recovery agents, Terrace buildings, 109 High st. 

— telephone 287 — proprietors, W. Wilkinson and David Oakes 
Salvation Army Life Assurance, 3 Kerr street — superintendent, 

A. Webber 


Sanderson, John Christian, B.Sc. Edin., science teacher, Camphill 

School — house 4 Lylesland terrace 
Sandilands, John, painter, decorator, and oil and colour merchant, 

102 Causeyside and 318 Glasgow road (Bythswood terrace), 

Clydebank — house 13 Mavisbank terrace 
Sandilands, John, 13 Mavisbank terrace 
Sands, Janet, confectioner, 14 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Savile, J. H., proprietor and manager, Paisley Theatre — telephone, 

No. 222 — house 5 Greenlaw terrace 
Savings Bank (The) of Paisley, 107 High street — Adam R. Berry, 

actuary ; Robert Wylie, cashier 
Sawers, Joseph, carver and gilder, 40 High street — house 54 do. 
Sawers Limited, fishmongers and poulterers, 19 High st. 
Sawers, Thomas, greengrocer, 98J George street 
Sawers & Warden, millinery, 36 "High street 
Sawers, Miss, of Sawers & Warden — house 5 Underwood lane 
Scarlett, James, flesher, 54 Causeyside and 23 Neilston rd. — house 

1 Janefield place 
Scobie, James, teacher North School — kx 2 Townhead terrace 
Scotch Girls' Friendly Society Lodge — Paisley branch, The 

Memorial Home, New street — Miss J. Ross, matron. 
Scotch Standard Hosiery Co., 12 Wellmeadow 
Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores Ltd. (Fleming, Reid, & Co., mills 

Greenock), branch io St. Mirren street— manageress, Miss E. 

Scott, Allan, sub-manager, 5 Ferguslie buildings 
Scott, Alexander, funeral undertaker, 93 High street; house do. 

(see advt.) 
Seott, Alexander, farmer, North Mains, by Johnstone 
Scott & Brown, Misses, hosiers, 14 Gauze street 
Scott, R. S., at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house Maryville, Hawkhead 
Scott, Harry, fruiterer, 27 Love street — house 6 do. 
Scott, James, manager, 23 Broomlands 
Scott, James G., secretary to Logan, Son's & Co. Ltd.— house 44 

Scott, Quarter-Master Sergeant James, janitor of Grammar School 

— house 2 Crossflat crescent 
Scott, James, manager, J. & P. Coats Ltd. — house 23 Broomlands 
Scott, James B., collector, Canal goods station — ho. 3 M'Intyre pi. 
Scott, James Millar, writer, of T. Gow Smith & Scott; house 3 

Greenlaw avenue 
Scott, John, confectioner, 81 New Sneddon — house do. 
Scott, Robert, manager at C. H. Handasyde & Co.'s, Macfarlane 

street, Racecourse road 



Scott, Thomas, of Naismitli & Scott — ho. Eastholme, Hawkhead rd. 
Scott, Thomas, Jan., of Naismith & Scott — house 5 Greenlaw aven. 
Scott, Thomas, shorthand writer, Sheriff-court house — ho. 2 Clelland 

place, Ibrox, Glasgow 
Scott, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Lawn street — house 

Duart tower, Blairmore 
Scott, William, 1 Mansfield place 
Scott, William, director, A. F. Craig & Co. (Ltd.) — house 51 Love 

Scott, William, warehouseman, 6 West Croft 
Scott, William, 2 Harcus place, Barskiven — house do. 
Scott, Matilda, dress and mantle maker, 55 Broomlands 
Scott, Miss, 5 Gateside 

Scott, Miss, sewing teacher, John Neilson Institution — ho. 1 2 Hillview 
Scott, Miss, industrial mistress*, South School — house 39 High street 
Scott, Miss, of Scott & Brown, 39 High street 
Scottish Clerks' Association, Paisley District — agent, James 

Pinkerton, 40 High street 
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society — district manager, William 

Stoddart, 96 High street 
"Scottish Referee" — Wm. Peclen, agent and correspondent, 1G 

Moss street 
Scottish Widow's' Fund — agents Winning & Fulton, 109 High st. 
Scouller, Adam, restaurateur, 8 Old Sneddon street — house 3 Moss 

Scoular, John, at A. F. Craig & Co.'s (Ltd.) — house 5 St. James st. 
Seedhill Finishing Company, Ltd., cloth finishers, Seedhill road ; 

telephone No. 35 
Seggie, William, cashier at Campbell & Calderwood's — house 51 

Caledonia street 
Selway, A. W., & Co., the Cross Clothing- Company, The Cross — 

house 2 New Smithhills 
Selway, Mrs., milliner, 15 Old Smithhills st. — ho. 2 New Smithhills 
Semple, D. S., Macnair & Crawford, writers and notaries public, 1G 

Gilmour street 
Semple, D. S., writer, of D. S. Semple, Macnair & Crawford, 1G 

Gilmour street, secretary of the Paisley Heritable Property 

Investment Society — house Beltreis 
Semple, James F., A.R.C.O., teacher of music, 1 Orr square ; house 

7 Greenlaw avenue 
Semple, George, 7 Glenview, Barterholm 
Semple, Robert, jun., secretary Mission to the Deaf and Dumb — 

house 17 Maxwellton street 
Semple, Thomas, teacher, East Public School — house 12 Lady lane 


Semple, William, smith, 1 Espedair street — house do. 

Semple, Miss, fruiterer aud confectioner, 4 Garthland street — house 

4 Greenlaw terrace 
Semple, Misses, Townhead 
Shand, Peter, shawl manufacturer, 4 Cumberland court — house 5 

Argyle street 
Shannon, Andrew, at Gleniffer Laundry — ho. 1 Gladstone terrace 
Shannon, Peter L., treasurer, Provident Co-Operative Society — 

house 4 Mary street 
Shannon, Samuel, with James Robertson & Sons — ho. 44 Calsicle 
Shannon, Mary, teacher, South Public School— ho. 2 Townhead ter. 
Shannon, Miss E., manageress, Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores 

Ltd., 10 St. Mirren street branch 
Sharkey, John O'H., wine and spirit merchant, Terrace tavern, 109 

High street 
Sharon Hall Mission, 168 George street — supt. J. G. Dalziel 
Sharp, Andrew, traveller for The Gleniffer Soap Co. — house 

63 West Graham street, Garnethill, Glasgow 
Sharp, Thomas S. N., cashier, goods depot Canal station — house 9 

Lady lane 
Shaw, Archibald, slater, 51 High street — house do. 
Shaw, James, gas meter inspector — house 17 Clavering street 
Shaw, Smith, fiesher, Causeyside — house Causeyside 
Shaw, Smith, tailor and clothier, 45 New street — house do. 
Shaw, William L., of Ferguson, Shaw & Sons, and Gleniffer Soap 

Co. — house Northhook, 4 Power drive, Pollokshields 
Shaw, William, of Morrison & Shaw — ho. 19 Neilston road 
Shaw, Mary A., typist, Central Typewriting Offices, 12 Causeyside 

— ho. 23 Alice place 
Shearer, James, 25 New Stock street 

Shearer, Ruby W., at Janet Shearer's — house 3 Greenlaw terrace 
Shearer, Miss Janet, tobacconist, 24 High street — house 3 Greenlaw 

Shearer, Miss Agnes, confectioner and fruiterer, 6 Bank street — 

house 37 Kilnside road 
Shearer, Mrs. Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 43 New street — house 

48 Love street 
Shearer, Mrs., confectioner, 57 Causeyside — house 8 Stevenson st. 
Sheddeu, John, commercial traveller, 6 Whitehaugh terrace 
Shedden, Thomas, & Co., engineers and machine makers, 29 

Gordon's lane — house 42 Mill street 
Shedden, William, consulting engineer, 3 Andrews street 
Shepherd, David, saddler, 50 Storie street — house 7 New Stock 



Sheridan, James, M.A., teacher, Grammar School -house 50 

Causeyside street 
Sheridan, Agnes, Camphill School — house Stanley place, Causeyside 
Sheridan, Jane, Camphill School — house Stanley place, Causeyside 
Shields, John, general dealer, 9 Orchard street — house do. 
Sim, Andrew B., of Scotch Standard Hosiery Co., 12 Wellmeadow 
Sim, John C, cashier at Cartvale Chemical Co. Ltd. — ho. 2 

Crossflat crescent 
Sim, Robert, confectioner, 4 New Sneddon — house 27 New street 
Sim, William, wholesale grocer, 3 Causeyside — house 2 Lylesland 

Sim, William, M.P.S., chemist, 43 High street— house 1 Walker 

street (see advt.) 
Sim, William J., writer, at John Pattison's, 23 Moss street — house 

2 Lylesland terrace 
Sim, Miss, 61 Love street 

Simpson, Audrew, agent for U.S. Packing Coy., Ltd., 21 High st. 
Simpson, James, at Eadie Bros. & Co., 1 Gordon place, King street 
Simpson, John, clerk at Canal station (N.B.R.) — ho. 4 Clarence st. 
Simpson, J. W., at Alex. Reid & Bro., Ltd., Lady burn Dyeworks 

. — house Craigbog, Calder drive, Cambuslang 
Simpson, Robert, Grammar School — house 49 Kempoch street, 

Simpson, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, " Tannahill Rest," 25 

Carriagehill — house 20 Maxwellton street 
Simpson, William, cowfeeder, 12 Storie street 
Simpson, Miss, 61 Love street 
Sinclair, Daniel, baker and purveyor, 4 Garthland street and 11 

Kilnside road — house Garthland house 
Singer, (The), Manufacturing Company of New York, makers of 

Singer's sewing machines — branch office, 10 St. Mirren street ; 

Alex. Roy, superintendent — house 2 George place 
Skelly, William, cierk at Robert Brown & Son, Ltd. — house 19 

Well street 
Skilling, James L.,M.A., demonstrator in chemistry, Technical School 

— house 118 Raeberry street, Glasgow 
Skinnider, Albert S., representative of the Glasgow Herald and 

Evening Times — house 11 Whitehaugh terrace 
Slater, Alexander, electrical engineer, with J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — 

house 27 Broomlands street 
Slater, John P., of John Finlay & Co. Ltd., ironmongers, Glasgow 

— house Wester Haircraigs, Staneley drive 
plater, Walter D., cashier, Ronald, Jack, & Co. — house J Belmar 

terrace, Pollokshields 


Slaughter-House, Springbank road — John M'Luskie, superintendent 

Small, James, joiner, Cart lane — house 78 Broomlands 

Small, William, tobacconist, stationer and news-agent, 63 

Causejside — house do. 
Smart, A. Wilson, & Son, chartered accountants, factors, and insur- 
ance agents, 98 High street 
Smart, A. Wilson, jun., C.A., of A. Wilson, Smart, & Son and Angus 

Keay & Allison — house 21 Holyrood crescent, Glasgow 
Smart, Hugh, assistant superintendent, Prudential Assurance Coy. 

Ltd. — house 2 Phillips street 
Smart & Holland, merchant tailors and clothiers, 94 High street 
Smiley, H. H., of P. Kerr & Son — house Gallowhill, Renfrew road 
Smith, Alexander, baker, 41 Broomlands and Abercorn bakery, 

10 North Croft — ho. 41 Broomlands 

Smith, Alexander, grocer, 4 Neilston road — ho. 4 Mary street 

Smith, Andrew, dairyman, 19 Lady lane 

Smith, Andrew, of W. Caldwell & Co. — house Miltonlea, 

Smith, Benjamin, of Smith Brothers & Co. — house Clairedowan, 

Smith, Benjamin C, of Smith Brothers & Co. — house Royston, 

Smith, Benjamin, director of Coates Bros., Ltd. — house South park 
Smith Bros. & Co., shawl manufacturers, 9, 10, and 11 Forbes 

place and Marshall's lane 
Smith, David, cartwright, 7 Galloway street —house 7 Kerr street 
Smith, David, retired grocer, 21 Seedhill road 
Smith, David, quarry traveller, 13 Douglas street 
Smith, David, teacher, Oakshaw Public School — ho 38 Ferguslie 
Smith, Duncan S., of Smith Brothers & Co. — house St. Clair villa, 

Carriagehill drive 
Smith, Edward, flesher, 5 Springbank road — house 7 do. 
Smith, Hugh C, lithographic printer, 11 Whitehead street 
Smith, Hugh C, jun., hairdresser, 72 Broomlands — ho. 4 Clavering 

Smith, Hugh, at J. & P. Coats Ltd. — ho. Mossgiel, Castlehead 
Smith, J. B. Veitch, sub-agent the Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. — house 

2 Jane field place 
Smith, James, flesher, 19 Sanclholes — house do. 
Smith, James, farmer, New Mains, Inchinnan 

Smith, James, of Naismith & Scott — house 10 Whitehaugh terrace 
Smith, James W., wine and spirit merchant, 36 Storie street — house 

1 1 Barclay street 

Smith, John, eating-house keeper, 21 Thread street — house do. 


Smith, John, coachman to Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. — ho. 3 Albion 

Smith, John B., Insurance secretary, 5 W. Regent street, Glasgow 

— house Fereneze view, Mary street 
Smith, John G., traveller at George Dobie & Son's — ho. 100 Both- 
well street, Glasgow 
Smith, John, of Smith Brothers & Co. — house Royston, Sunnyside 
Smith, Reginald H., clerk at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house Ivy 

buildings, Lounsdale road 
Smith, Richard R. W., director of Coates Bros., Ltd. — house 

51 Cecil street, Hillhead, Glasgow 
Smith, Richard, Executors, Ltd. manufacturing chemists, Clark 

street ; offices, 182 West street, Glasgow 
Smith, Robert, hatter and hosier, 95 High street — house Laighpark 

villa, Johnstone 
Smith, Robert, tailor and clothier, 15 Sir Michael street — ho. do. 
Smith, Samuel, at J. & P. Coats Limited — house 28 Overdale 

gardens, Langside, Glasgow 
Smith, Thomas, 8 Calside 
Smith, T. Gow, of T. Gow Smith & Scott, Morven, Castlehead, and 

Redclyffe, Skelmorlie 
Smith, T. Gow, & Scott, writers, 13 St. James place ; telephone 

No. 193 
Smith, Walter, traveller with James Robertson & Sons — house 12 

Abbey street 
Smith, William, cashier to M'Innes, Mackenzie, & Lochhead 

— house Anna villa, Greenock road 
Smith, Win., licensed victualler's stock-taker and valuator, 99 High st. 
Smith. William, clerk, Royal Bank ; house 36 M'Kerrell street 
Smith, William, french polisher, 15 Wardrop street 
Smith, William, weigher, No. 1 Municipal weighing machine, St. 

James street — house 56 Caledonia street 
Smith, William, 41 Broomlands 
Smith, William, accountant, National Bank of Scotland Limited — 

house 13 St. Mirren street 
Smith, William Gunn, naval architect at Abercorn Shipbuilding 

Coy. — house Glencairn, Argyle road, Saltcoats 
Smith, William, inspector of police, Central Police Office, Gilmour 

street — house 27 Storie street 
Smith, Janet, teacher West Public school — house 7 Wellmeadow 
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, Olivemount, 13 Whitehaugh drive 
Smith, Mrs. Maggie, fruiterer and confectioner, 69 Love street — 

house 7 West Campbell street 
Smith, Mrs., confectioner, 18 Orchard street — house do. 


Smith, Mrs., grocer, 8 Cotton street — house do. 

Smith, Marion, fruiterer, 29 George street 

Snodgrass, Archibald, of Snodgrass & Brown, mill furnisher, 87 

and 38 Old Sneddon — house Fereneze view, Mary street 
Snodgrass & Brown, mill furnishers and cycle agents, 37 

and 38 Old Sneddon. Telephone No. 123 
Snodgrass, James, miller and grain merchant, Saucell Mills — house 

4 Greenlaw terrace 
Soho Engine Works (Campbell & Calderwood), Murray street 
Sommerville, Mrs., dairy, 18 Williamsburgh 
Sorbie, John, shoemaker, 18 Neilston road — house 19 do. 
Sorbie, William, hairdresser, 16 Neilston road — house 25 New 

Stock street 
Souden, Jas., M.A., teacher of classics and mathematics John 

Neilson Institution — house 31 Ferry road, Renfrew 
Souden, J. R., foreman at J. & J. Cook's — house 35 Causeyside 

Souden, William, Annfield place 
Southwell, Peter, & Son, ropespinners, Laighpark ropeworks, 

Abercorn street 
Southwell, Peter, of P. Southwell & Son — house 7 M'Kerrell street 
Southwell, John, of P. Southwell & Son — house 5 Townhead ter. 
Speirs, Alexander, of Speirs & Gibb — house Greenhill 
Speirs & Gibb, granite, coal merchants, sole makers of the. 

Flaemkwick firelighters, Underwood, Canal, Ferguslie, 

Potterhill, and Saucel depots 
Speirs, Gibb, & Co., fire clay manufacturers, Caledonia Fire Clay 

works, Burgh lands, off Greenock road 
Speirs, John, china and waste merchant, 19 Cotton street — house 2 

Thread street 
Speirs, Robert, weigher, No. 2 Municipal weighing machine — house 

2 Thread street 
Speirs, William, plasterer and cement worker, Bridge street — ho. 

65 Love street 
Spiers, Jeanie, hosier, 11 Moss street ; house 54 George street 
Speirs, M., confectioner, 51 Storie street — house do. 
Spence, Jas., upholsterer, 4 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Spence, James, of John Spence & Sons — house Drumcroil, Staneley 

Spence, John, & Sons, wholesale provision merchants, 62 Storie street 
Spence, Mrs. Wm., clothes mangier, 33 Lady lane 
Spooner, Mrs., trained nurse, 23 Abbey street 
Sproul, Andrew, & Sons, engineers, Lylesland and Barterholm 
Sproul, Andrew, & Sons, smiths and farriers, 10 Lylesland 


Sproul, Andrew, jun., of A. Sproul & Sons — house 11 Alice place 
Sproul, John, of A. Sproul & Sons — ho. 2 Rosebery place 
Sproul, Moses, of A. Sproul & Sons — ho. 27 New Stock street 
Spruell, Andrew, veterinary surgeon, horse shoer and jobbing 

smith, 8 Christie street — house 5 do. 
Spruell, Robert, teacher, Williamsburgh Public School — house 5 

Christie street 
Stead & Simpson, Limited, boot and shoe merchants, 8 Moss street 

and 91 High street 
Steel, James, fishmonger and poulterer, 47 Moss street — house 

Wedderburn. Blackhall ; telephone No. 156 
Steel, William, 36 Storie street 

Steel, Mrs. William, tobacconist, 76 High st. — house 18 Sandholes 
Steen, James, teacher, Oakshaw Public School — house 17 White- 
head street 
Steen, Wm. M., clerk, British Linen Coy. Bank — ho. 3 M'Intyre pL 
Stephens, B. W., teacher of music, 3 M'Kerrell street 
Steven, Mrs. William, baker, 82 Canal street 
Stevenson, Allan, foreman with Wm. Gillespie & Son, slaters —ho.. 

2 Caledonia street 
Stevenson, Allan, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Broomlands — ho. do, 
Stevenson, Charles M., journalist, "Gazette" office — house Edge- 
wood, Greenlaw avenue 
■Stevenson, David, aerated water manufacturer, 5 and 8 Glen lane — 

house 5 do. 
Stevenson, D. E., at Fleming & Ferguson Ltd. — ho. 2 George place 
Stevenson, James, dairyman, Maxwellton street dairy — house 3. 

Maxwellton street 
Stevenson, James, grocer and provision merchant, 42 Broomlands — 

house 14 Well meadow street 
Stevenson, James, grocer and wine merchant, 13 Abbey street — 

house do. 
Stevenson, John, with Thomas M'Kaig ; house 28 Love street 
Stevenson, John, M.D., CM., dispensaries 29 Well meadow and 55 

Causeyside— house Stow cottage, 3 Stow place 
Stevenson, John, agent, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society 

— house 35 Broomlands 
Stevenson, John, newsagent, 24 Broomlands street 
Stevenson, J. L., of William Morrison & Son, Glasgow — house 

Annfield place 
Stevenson, Peter, farmer, Bardrain, by Elderslie 
Stevenson, Robert, writer, clerk to the Property and Income-Tax 

Commissioners for the Upper Ward of Renfrew, 99 High street 

- — house 3 Greenlaw terrace 


Stevenson, Robert, china merchant, 22 Broomlands — house do. 
Stevenson, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 8 Ganze street 

— house 22 New Smithhills 
Stevenson, Thomas, coal merchant, 41 Clark street and Underwood 

depot — house 41 Clark street 
Stevenson, Walter, joiner, 23 Back Sneddon— house 64 Love street 
Stevenson, William, church officer, Primitive Methodist Church — 

house 7 St. James street 
Stevenson, Miss Janet, grocer, 41 Clark street — house do. 
Stevenson, Lizzie, fruiterer and confectioner, 31 Well street — ho. 

24 Broomlands 
Stevenson, Maggie, North Public School — house 28 New street 
Stevenson, Mrs. Margaret, cowfeeder, 73 Canal street— house do. 
Stevenson, Mrs., Bull inn, 5 New street 
Stevenson, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 22 New Smithhills — 

house do. 
Stewart, A., 27 Well street 

Stewart, Alexander, confectioner, 1 Springbank road — house do. 
Stewart, Alexander, confectioner and fruiterer, 13 Wellmeadow 
Stewart, Alex., janitor and gymnastic instructor Williamsburgh 

School — house 3 Allison buildings, Williamsburgh 
Stewart, A. M., designer, 38 Ferguslie 
Stewart, Andrew, joiner, 96 George street 
Stewart, Anthony, agent for Prudential Assurance Coy., Ltd. — 

house 3 Clavering street 
Stewart, Chas., teacher, Williamsburgh School — house 39 Kilnside 

Stewart, David B., at Stewart & Wallace's- -house 8 St. James st r 
Stewart, Hawthorn, chemist and druggist, 81 High street ; Tele- 
phone No. 6 Y ; house 9 Orr square 
Stewart & Hendry, registered plumbers and gasfitters, 22 Glen St.. 
Stewart, James, shoemaker, 19 Broomlands— house 7 West street 
Stewart, James, gate keeper to J. & P. Coats Limited — house 

Newton Grange, Green road 
Stewart, James, at Alexander Gardner's — house 26 Kilnside road 
Stewart, James, & Co., distillers, King street, Saucel 
Stewart, James, manager at Abercorn Weaving Factory— house 5> 

Underwood road 
Stewart, James S., C.A., of Macdonald, Stewart, & Stewart, C.A, 

— house Greenhill house 
Stewart, John, farmer, Thornly park 

Stewart, John, of John Stewart & Co , Glasgow — ho. Falside house- 
Stewart, John, cowfeeder, 97 George street 
Stewart, John, Greenhill house 


Stewart, John D., clerk at Sacell Distillery — house St. Maiysville, 

Stewart, John M., at Stew r art & Wallace, 8 St. James street 
Stewart, John M'Callum, M.B., Ch.B., Glasgow, at Riccartsbar 

Stewart, Kenneth, detective sergeant — house 26 Blackhall street 
Stewart & Peebles slaters, 21 Thread st. — ho. 20 Argyle st. 
Stewart, Peter D., of Stewart & Wallace — house 8 St. James street 
Stewart, Peter, 2 M'Intyre place 
Stewart, Peter, of Stewart & Hendry, plumbers and gasfitters — ho 

8 St. James street 

Stewart, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Orchard street — house 

Aliwal house, Gourock 
Stewart, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 5 Kilnside road — house 10 

Stewart, Robert H., Greenhill house 
Stewart, P. M., clerk, Royal Bank of Scotland - ho. Lilybank, 

.Stewart, Thomas, fruiterer and confectioner, 38 Well street — house 

1 Underwood lane 
Stewart & Wallace, dyers, St. James streei dyeworks 
Stewart, William, carting contractor, 42 Back Sneddon — house 4 

Wallace street 
Stewart, William, teacher, Abercorn Public School — house Comrie, 

39 Albert drive, Pollokshields 
Stewart, William, warehouseman at M. Greenlees & Son's — house 

9 Walker street 

Stewart, Miss A., Glenbrae cottage, Falside 

Stewart, Mrs. G. P., wine and spirit merchant, 22 Gauze street 

Stewart, Mrs. Jessie, confectioner, 5 Love street 

Stewart, Mrs. Joseph, baker, 7 Old Sneddon — ho. 5 Old Sneddon 

Stewart, Mrs., The Cottage, Nethercraigs 

Stich, Alexander, of Stich, Noble, & Co., Glasgow — house Wohn- 

fried, Riccartsbar avenue 
Stirling, Hugh, jun., at George Dobie & Son — ho. 27 George street 
Stirling, J. K., at Saucel distillery — house 44 Broomlands street 
Stirling, James, M.A., Rector of the Grammar School and Wm. B. 

Barbour Academy — house 9 Hillington Park circus, Cardonald 
Stirling, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Caledonia st. — ho. do. 
Stirling, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 2 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Stirrat, Robert, farmer, Home Farm, Blackstoun 
Stirrat, W. B., of Barr, Stirrat, & Co. — ho. Westmarch, Kilmalcolm 
Stobo, John, market gardener, Westmarch cottage 
Stobo, Mrs. Alex., market gardener, Kelburn cottage, Racecourse rd. 


Stoddart, William, district manager Scottish Legal Life Assurance 
Society, 96 High street — house 11 Argyle street 

Stonefield Laundry (W. P. Robertson, proprietor), Stonefield, 
telephone No. 1 70 (see advt.) 

Storrie, James, of J. & W. Storrie — house 49 Love street 

Storrie, James, reporter Paisley office, " Glasgow Herald " and 
" Evening Times" — house 10 New Sneddon 

Storie, John, manufacturer, Cumberland Mill, 110 Causeyside — 
house 91 High street 

Storrie, J. & W., china merchants, 3 7 High st. and 1 Storie st.(see advt.") 

Storie, Robert, at Thomas White & Sons' — house 7 Laighpark 

Storrie, Thos. C, cashier The Gleuiffer Soap Co. — house 3 Mavis- 
bank terrace 

Storrie, William, 8 Janefield place 

Storrie, Mrs. J., french polisher, 19 Greenhill road 

Storie, Mrs. John, 1 Johnston street 

Storrie, Mrs. William, of J. & W. Storrie —house 49 Love street 

Strachan, James, dairyman, 7 Carriagehill 

Strachan, John G., jun., cashier to Andrew Elliot — house 52 
Caledonia street 

Strafford, H S., draper, 13 Wellmeadow, and at Dunoon — house 
Glamis cottage, Dunoon 

Strang, Christopher, farmer, Whiteford, Hawkhead road 

Strang, Rev. Robert C, M.A., minister of U.F. Martyrs' Church — 
manse Castlehead 

Strathern, James, Camphill Public School; house 50 Causeyside 

Sturrock, Rev. James B., minister of Free High Church — manse 
29 Oakshaw street 

Summers, James, baker, 12 Gauze street — house 103 High street 

Sun Insurance Office — branch Suu buildings, 42 Renfield street, 
Glasgow (see advt.) 

Sutcliffe, Harry, 5 Whitehaugh terrace 

Sutherland, Innes, sergeant of police, 27 Kilnside road 

Sutherland, Robert, janitor, Camphill School — ho. 54 George st. 

Sutherland, Thos., mechanic at Ronald, Jack, & Co.'s — ho. Nether- 

Sutherland, William, grocer and provision merchant, 23 Wellmea- 
dow — ho. 10 Argyle street 

Suttie, George C, supervisor of Inland Revenue, Inland Revenue 
Office, 8 St. Mirren street — ho. Isa Bank, Arkleston road 

Swan, J. & M., bakers, Causeyside and Glasgow road bakeries ; 
telephone No. 230 

Swan, John, Elliestoun, Calside 

Swan, Robert, 80 Seedhill road 

156 paisley directory 

Swan, Mrs. M., Eversdale, Hawkhead road, and Lochiel Lodge, 

Swanson, John, sergeant of police — house 1 Clarence street 
Sweenie, James W., of Robin & Sweenie, 3 Well street 
Sweenie, Mrs., Lucetta cottage, Calside 
Sweenie, John, furniture broker, 28 New Smithhills 
Sweeney, John, officer of School wynd Congregational Church — ho. 

1 Church place 
Sweenie, Miss E., confectioner, 13 Stock street — house do. 
Symcox, John H., drill instructor, Drill Hall — house 109 High 

Symington, George E., of J. M. Symington, 35 Millar sti\et, 

Glasgow — house Windyhaugh, Troon 
Symington, J. M., yarn merchant, 35 Millar street, Glasgow 
Symington, Miss A. M., 24 Oakshaw street 
Symington, Mrs. J. M. s jun., 4 Garthland place 
Symington, Mrs. J. M., sen., Oakshaw house 

TAGG, Alex., teacher Mossvale Public School — house Glenfruin, 

Calside avenue 
Tait, Rev. Gavin J., M.A., minister of U.F. St. George's church — 

manse Blackhall 
Tait, D. A., commercial traveller, 3 "Whitehaugh terrace 
Tannahill, Andrew, cutler and gumnaker, 1 Old Smithhills — house 

6 Phillips street 
Tannahill, Andrew, church officer of North Parish Church— house 

3 Oakshaw street 
Tannahill, William, manager Ronald, Jack, & Co., 4 Park terrace 
Tannett, John C, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay, Ltd. — house 

8 Darnley road, Pollokshields west 
Taylor, Alexander G., clerk, British Linen Coy. Bank, Glasgow — 

house St. Margaret villa, Greenlaw drive 
Taylor, Donald, confectioner, 2 Silk street — house do. 
Taylor, George, clerk at National Bank of Scotland — house Janetta 

cottage, Arkleston road 
Taylor, Andrew, paint, oil, and color merchant, 47 Oswald street, 

Glasgow — house 1 Park terrace 
Taylor, G., hairdresser, 70 High street — house 5 Park terrace 
Taylor, James A., cycle maker and agent — workshop 15 Causeyside 
Taylor, James H., School Board visiting officer, 5 County place — 

house 7 Gateside 
Taylor, James Robb, teacher Ferguslie Public School — house 

Sunnylaw, Brediland 
Taylor, John, carting contractor, Moss-side, Greenock road 


Taylor, John, M.A., F.E.I.S., headmaster Camphill Public School 

— house Ravenswood, Castlehead 
Taylor, John M. B., curator at Museum — house do. 
Taylor, John R., commission agent, Glasgow — house Heathcot, 

Staneley drive 
Taylor, Thomas, confectioner, 97 Causeyside — house 4 George st. 
Taylor, Thomas, flesher, 6 Maxwell street ; house do. 
Taylor, Thomas Henry, L.D.S., surgeon-dentist, 1 Gauze street — 

Ivy Bank, South Beach Avenue, Ardrossan ; assistant, Dr. 

D. Crerar, M.B.C.M., L.D.S. 
Taylor, William, M.A., teacher South Public School — house 

Dunalister, Castlehead 
Taylor, William, teacher Camphill School — ho. Sunnylaw, Brediland 
Taylor, William, builder, Arkleston road— ho. Janetta cottage, 

Arkleston road 
Taylor, Isabella, teacher, Abercorn School — house 7 Gateside 
Taylor, Miss Janet, spirit dealer, Moss-side, Greenock road 
Taylor, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 1 Well street 

Taylor, Mrs. Thomas, Tannahill Laundry, 21 Castle street— ho. do. 
Teesdale, Polly, teacher, Abercorn School — house 9 Oxford terrace, 

Telephone (National) Co., Limited, Terrace buildings 
Telfer, Mrs., dressmaker, 93 George street 
Templeton, J., & Co., washers and dressers, Jenny's Well laundry 

— house Jenny's Well (see advt.) 
The Ralston Brickmaking Co. (Ltd.), brick and tile manufacturers 

— works Seedhill 
Thorn, John, farmer, Hallhill, by Howwood 
Thorn, Mrs. M., china merchant, 94 Causeyside ; house 24 Canal 

Thomson, Alexander, linen and woollen draper, hosier, etc., 79 High 

street — house 1 1 Hillview place 
Thomson, Alex. D., marine engineer — house 1 Underwood 
Thomson, Allan F., South Park 

Thomson, Andrew, yarn merchant, Glasgow — ho. Roslyn, Craw road 
Thomson, Andrew, gas meter inspector — house Oldhall road 
Thomson, Archibald, yarn agent, 3 Cumberland court ; house 4 

Greenlaw avenue 
Thomson, Adam, Wellbourne, Meikleriggs 
Thomson, Christian B., 15 Gilmour street 
Thomson, J. & J., yarn merchants, 1 Causeyside 
Thomson, James, lieutenant of police, Central Police Office, 

Gilmour street — house 7 Clarence street 
Thomson, James, of J. & J. Thomson — house 21 Oakshaw st. 


Thomson, James Alexander, teacher, Grammar School ; house 11 
Whitehaugh terrace 

Thomson, James, nurseryman, Stonefield cottage — house do. 

Thomson, James K., painter, 67 Causeyside — house 21 Glen view 

Thomson, James, jun., of J. & J. Thomson — house 21 Oakshaw st. 

Thomson, James, clerk, Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Well- 
meadow branch ; house 56 Broomlands street 

Thomson, J. G., Session Clerk for High Parish. Parties wishing 
proclamation of marriage may apply to Mr. Thomson at Strat- 
tonville, Meikleriggs, or to Robert Arthur, 13 Oakshaw street 

Thomson, John Gray, F.E.I.S., head master of John Neilson Insti- 
tution — house Strattonville, Meikleriggs 

Thomson, John, of J. & J. Thomson — house 21 Oakshaw street 

Thomson, Joseph, furnishing ironmonger, plumber, and gasfitter, 
Masonic buildings, 96 High st.; workshop 32 do. — ho. Sunnyside 

Thomson, Peter, loom card cutter, 8 Forbes place — ho. 43 Well st. 

Thomson, Rev. James, B.D., minister of Martyrs' Church — manse 

Thomson, Robert, house painter, 1 South Bridge street — ho. do. 

Thomson, Robert, town chamberlain — office Municipal buildings 
— house Morven villa, Blackball 

Thomson, Robert, house furnisher, 24 Neilston road ; house 1 
Rowan street 

Thomson, Robert, coal merchant and contractor- — depots, Colinslee 
and Potterhill ; office, Neilston road ; house, 24 Neilston road 

Thomson, Robert, clerk at Robert Brown & Son, Ltd., 9 Well- 

Thomson, Totten, manager of the Glasgow & Govan Boot Repairs 
Co., 26 Williamsburgh 

Thomson, William G, tailor and clothier, 16 Gilmour street — house 
Garthland house 

Thomson, William, of R. & J. Dick's — house 18 Argyle street 

Thomson, William, gasworks foreman — ho. Gasworks gatehouse 

Thomson, Eliza, head mistress, Ferguslie Public School— house 44 
New street 

Thomson, Elizabeth, tobacconist and newsagent, 24 New street ; 
house 3 Wardrop street 

Thomson, Jessie, West Public School — house 9 East lane 

Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Wellmeadow — house 34 Lady lane 

Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 36 Well street 

Thomson, Miss, milliner, 29 New Smithhills — house 2 Park terrace,. 
Underwood road 

Thomson, Miss Ann, tobacconist, 11 Old Smithhills street 


Thomson, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, 44 Old Sneddon — house 

5 County place 
Thomson, Mrs. A., confectioner, 90 High street — ho. 9 East lane,. 

Thomson, Mrs. David, wine and spirit merchant, 65 Love St. — ho. do. 
Thomson, Mrs. John, fancy goods warehouse, 94 High street — 

house 44 New street 
Thomson, William ina, West Public School — house Howwoocl 

School house 
Ting Tong Tea Co., 8 Moss street and 14 Wellmeadow street — 

Alexander Gray, manager 
Thorley Sons & Co., mineral water manufacturers and beer and 

porter bottlers, 18 Abbey street 
Thorley, Joseph, of Thorley, Sons, & Co., 18 Abbey street — house 

2 Unsted place 
Thorley, Robert, of Thorley, Sons, & Co., 18 Abbey street — house- 

4 Townhead terrace 
Thorley, William, of Thorley, Sons, & Co., 18 Abbey street — house 

4 Townhead terrace 
Thorn e, R., supervisor of Inland Revenue, Saucel distillery 
Todd, Alexander, time-keeper, Gasworks — house 5 Buchanan ter. 
Todd, David, at George Todd's, 13 High St.— ho. 35 Wellmeadow 
Todd, George, sen., brassfounder, 13 High street — ho. 34 Lady lane 
Todd, John J., writer with Alex. M'Allister — ho. 5 Buchanan ter. 
Todd, Mary G., teacher, Williamsburgh Public School — house 5- 

Buchanan terrace 
Tolmie, John, gatekeeper at J. & P. Coats Limited — house Wood- 
side lodge 
Tool, Andrew, hairdresser, 23 Neilston rd. — house 21 Neilson street 
Toole, James, 20 Argyle street 

Tough, James G., salesman with Robert Smith — house 8 Sandholes 
Towart, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 10 Broomlands — 

house Raguel, Meikleriggs 
Towers, Joseph W., M.A., teacher, Grammar School — house 8 

George street 
Towers, Thomas P., writer, 16 Moss street — ho. Rockfield cottage, 

Townley, Wm. A., tobacconist, 29 New Smithhills — house 28 do. 
Towns, Alexander, flesher, 28 Well street — house do. 
Towns, Archibald, tailor and clothier, 23 Moss street — house 10 

Gilmour street 
Tramway Company (Ltd.), tramway owners, and coach and omnibus 

hirers, 11 Incle street— telephone No. 251 — Robt. DrummoncV 



Travers, Alice, grocer, 150 George street — ho. do. 

Trench, Thomas, of Thomas Trench & Co. — house 3 George street 

Trench, Thomas, & Co., smiths, gasfitters, and ironmongers, 93 

Tudhope, D., resident teacher, Industrial School 
Tulloch, Hugh A., headmaster, Oakshaw Public School— house 

Caledonia place 
Turnbull, Christina, milliner and dressmaker, 1C Moss street 
Turner, Wm. M. M., of William Foulds & Co., Limited, 4 School 

Tweeddale, John, house factor, 28 George street — house Lyndhurst 
Tyler, H. P., boot merchant, 30 High street 
Tyre, Geo., wine and spirit merchant, 3 George street — house 2 

Stow place 
Tyre, James, cowfeeder and contractor, 39 George street 

UNDERWOOD Co-operative Coal Society (Limited), coal merchants, 

Underwood and Potterhill depots — manager, John Holmes, 25 

St. James street (see advt.) 
Union Bank of Scotland Limited, 3 Gilmour street; branch, 31 

Wellmeadow — John E. Murray, agent 
Ure, David, of J. & L>. Ure— house Chapelfield cottage, Blackball 
Ure, James, of J. & D. Ure— house Carronvale, Glasgow road 
Ure, J. & D., grocers and provision merchants, 22 High street 
Ure, Thomas, grocer, 97 Causeyside — house 3 Mansion house road 
Urie, Matthew, joiner and builder, Laighpark— house Overdale, 

Renfrew road 
Urquhart, Robert, 6 Seedhill road 
Urquhart, Robert, fruiterer and florist, 53 High street and 19 

Wellmeadow — house 53 High street 
Urquhart, William, confectioner, 81£ High st. and 35 J Broomlands 

— house 132 George street 
Urquhart, Mrs., tobacconist and stationer, 1 Johnston street — 

house do. 

VEITCH, George Seton, agent for Bank of Scotland, North British 
and Mercantile Insurance Co., and Norwich and London 
Accident Co. — house Friarshall 

Victoria Clothing Company, 17 Moss street 

Victoria Laundry (House of Refuge), Lady lane 

Virtue, John, wine and spirit merchant, 148 George street— house 
110 do. 

Vulcan Foundry and Engine Avorks (Fullerton, Hodgart, & Bar- 
clay Limited), Renfrew road 


Y/ADDELL, A. L., & Sons, carvers and gilders, 43 Wellmeadow — 

house do. (see advt.) 
Waddell, J.'M., mill foreman, 4 Ferguslie buildings 
Waddell, John, Glasgow Weekly Mail office — house 7 Neilston st. 
Waddell, R. D., pork butcher and sausage maker, 96 High street 
Wagstaff, Mrs, waste dealer, 5 Orchard street — ho. do. 
Walker, Adam, travellver with Henry Noble & Son — house 3 

Gordon place 
Walker, Alexander, cowfeeder, 32 Castle street 
Walker, Alexander, cowfeeder, 50 Mill street 
Walker, David, 83 Seedhill road 
Walker, Drybrough, & Co., yarn printers, dyers, and scourers, 

Arkleston Print works — Glasgow house of call 56 College street 
Walker, James, cowfeeder, 18 Gauze street 

Walker, James, chemist and druggist, 12 St. James place — ho. do. 
Walker, James, superintendent of Hawkhead Cemetery — house 

Cemetery lodge 
Walker, James, spirit dealer, 16 Broomlands 
Walker, James, architect at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house Strathblane, 

Walker, James L., cashier at Clark & Co. Ltd. — ho. St. Margaret, 

Greenlaw drive 
Walker, John R., of Walkers & Co. — house 11 Grosvenor crescent, 

Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Walker, John, cowfeeder and potato merchant, 21 and 23 Abbey st. 
Walker, Martin, pawnbroker, 17 Storie street — house do. 
Walker, Robert, assistant sanitary inspector, 14 Gilmour street — 

house 16 Mackenzie street 
Walker, Robert, farmer, Brounsfield, Inchinnan 
Walker, Robert, draper, 9 Hill new place — house do. 
Walker, Stewart, confectioner, 9 Back Sneddon — house do. 
Walker, Thomas, writer, Municipal buildings, 14 Gilmour street — 

house The Bield, Mansion-house road 
Walker, Thomas, confectioner, 17 Ferguslie — house do. 
Walker, William, writer, notary public, and Burgh procurator-fiscal. 

Municipal buildings, 14 Gilmour street; secretary and treasurer 

to the Faculty of Procurators, secretary and treasurer to the 

Liberal Unionist Association — house Ellesmere, Glasgow road 
Walker, William L., lecturer on agriculture, Technical School — 

house Public School, Kilmalcolm 
Walker, Win. R., teller, Union Bank — house 268 Bath st., Glasgow 
Walker, Mrs., 3 Mansion house road 
Walkers & Co., manufacturers, 113 Causeyside 
Wallace, William, cotton, wool, and waste dealers, 9 Lawn street 



Wallace, Charles, slater, 23 New Smithhills — house do. 
Wallace, Charles, plumber and slater, 2 Christie street 
Wallace & Co., drapers and silk mercers, 15 High street 
Wallace, Connell, & Co., plumbers, sanitary engineers, and lead 

merchants, 8 Gilmour street; telephone No. 133 
Wallace, George, officer of Victoria pi. Baptist Church 38 Lady lane 
Wallace, George, tailor and clothier, 3 Moss street — house 4 Max- 
well ton street 
Wallace, James, foreman designer with Coates Bros., Ltd. — ho. 38 

Wallace, James, butcher, 8 Love street — house do. 
Wallace, James, L.D.S., surgeon-dentist, 94 High street — house 

St. Kevin's, Meikleriggs 
Wallace, James S., head joiner, Kibble Reformatory — house Moss- 
side place 
Wallace, John, of B. Wallace & Co.— house Phillips street 
Wallace, John, painter and paperhanger, 1 Johnston street — house 

14 Wardrop street (see advt.) 
Wallace, John, hairdresser, 6 Brown's lane — ho. 18 Stock street 
Wallace, Robert, at John Young & Co.'s — house Ailsa, Whitehaugh 

Wallace, Robert, flesher, 37 Well street — ho. 2 Sutherland street 
Wallace, R. S., of Wallace & Co. — house Launceston, Kilmalcolm 
Wallace, William, shoemaker, Kibble Reformatory, Greenock road 

— house Love street 
Wallace, Wm., of B. Wallace & Co., 7 South Croft— house 8 do 
Wallace, William, waste dealer, 9 Lawn street — house 1 Wallneuk 
Wallace, Elizabeth, teacher, East Public School — house 23 

New Smithhills 
Wallach, Mrs., Christie street 

Walls, Daviua, stationer, 1 Wellmeadow — house 40 Lady lane 
Wallneuk Saw Mills (John Clark & Co.), 12 Wallneuk 
Walmsley, John, general manager J. & P. Coats Limited, Woodbank, 

Craw road 
Walsh, John, canvasser Ayr Steam Shipping Co. — house 3 Lyles- 

land terrace 
Walsh, William, merchant, commission and insurance agent, and 

secretary to Oddfellows' Society, 5 Cumberland court — house 

3 Lylesland terrace 
Walton, Rev. W. Ainslie, minister of St. James U.F. Church — ho. 

St. James manse, Castlehead 
Wan drum, James, foreman baker to J. & M. Swan — house 3 Stow st. 
Warden, M. T., of Sawers & Warden, 36 High street—house 

Craigneuk, Gouroek 


Wardrop, James, cooper and general dealer, Colioslee — house 3 

Braids road 
Wardrop, James D., Sheriff Clerk's office — ho. 6 Buchanan terrace 
Warnock, jun., James, coal merchant and carting contractor, 13 

Abercorn street — house 16 Nidclry street 
Warnock Bros., steam lighterage contractors and sand merchants, 

14 Abercorn street 
Warnock, David, of Warnock Bros. — house 1 6 Niddry street 
Warnock, James, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 21 Causeyside 

— house 57 Canal street 
Warnock, Maxwell, of Warnock Bros. — house 1 East Croft 
Waters, Cook, & Co., manufacturers, 22 Thread street — telegraphic 

address, " Waters, Paisley " 
Waters, James, greengrocer and confectioner, 6 Orchard street — ■ 

house do. 
Waters, James, foreman to Cowan & Co., 3 West Croft — house 

6 Orchard street 
Waters, William, of Waters, Cook, & Co. — house Gartmorn villa, 

Greenlaw drive 
Waters, Wm., manager to Cartvale Chemical Co. (Limited) 

— house 60 New Sneddon 
Waters, William, confectioner, 11 Springbank road — ho. do. 
Waters & Co., carting contractors, 22 Wallace street — house do. 
Waterston, James, at Smith Bros. & Co.'s — house 22 Blackhall street 
Waterston, Jessie, teacher, Carbrook street Public School — house 

40 High street 
Waterston, Martha, confectioner, 33 Thread street 
Watson, Alex., cashier at Adam Hamilton & Son's Ltd. — house 6 

MTntyre place 
Watson, A. & T., boot and shoe makers, 4 Wellmeadow — house 9 

Townhead terrace 
Watson, A. & W., butchers, 25 Causeyside st. and 11 Kilnside road 
Watson, Allan, of A. & W. Watson — house 2 Greenlaw terrace 
Watson, Charles, cowfeeder, 14 High street 
Watson, Brothers, machinists and cycle makers, 84 George street — ■ 

house do. 
Watson, David, banker, Glasgow — ho. Alton villa, Hawkhead road 
Watson, Henry, manager, Daily Express Office — house 2 

Greenlaw avenue 
Watson, James, nurseryman and florist, Bellfield nursery, Inchinnan 

road — house Bellfield cottage, Inchinnan road 
Watson, J. S.j manager with H. G. Porter & Co., Abercorn mills — ■ 

house 1 Crossflat crescent 
Watson, James B., curator, George A. Clark Town Hall 


Watson, Johu, boot and shoe warehouse, 1 Bute place — house 2 

Alexandria place 
Watson, John L., of Robert Watson & Sons — house Anna villa, 

Greenock road 
Watson, Neil, coal merchant, 7 Blythswood drive 
Watson, Peter, 13 Sir Michael street 
Watson, Robert, of Robert Watson & Sons — house Muirfield, 

Watson, Robert, & Sons, rope and twine manufacturers, Shortroods 

— office 32 High street 
Watson, R. M., of Robert Watson & Sons — house Anna villa, 

Greenock road 
Watson, R. W;, Inland Revenue Officer, Saucel distillery — house 

4 Lylesland terrace 

Watson, Thomas, farmer, Fulwood, by Johnstone 

Watson, Thomas, confectioner and fruiterer, 3 Bank street — house 

5 Greenhill road 

Watson, Thomas D., wine and spirit merchant, 56 Broomlands — 
house 27 do. 

Watson, William, of Robert Watson & Sons — house 4 Buchanan 

Watson, William, & Son, butchers, 27 High street — house 2 Green- 
law terrace 

Watson, William, jun., of A. & W. Watson — house 2 Greenlaw 

Watson, William, cowfeeder, 10 Gateside 

Watson, Agnes, confectioner, 19 Springbank road — house 7 Blyths- 
wood drive 

Watson, Maggie, confectioner, 57 Broomlands — ho. 1 Gordon pi. 

Watson, Miss Jessie, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Causeyside 

Watt, Alexander, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Ltd.) — house 
Inch cape, Greenlaw 

Watt, Alexander J., manager to Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay 
Limited — house 15 Greenlaw avenue 

Watt, George, at Logan, Sons, & Co. Ltd., coal merchants — house 
The Cottage, Castlehead 

Watt, Thomas, M.A., M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 44 
High street 

Watt, William, butter and egg merchant, 1 Castle street — house 1 1 
Walker street 

Watt, William, water meter surveyor to the Water Works Com- 
missioners — house 39 Kilnside road 

Watt, B., farmer, Sergeantlaw 

Watt, T.j farmer, West Thornleymuir 


Watt, Miss, matron Scotch Girls' Friendly Society, The Memorial 

Home, New street 
Webster, Rev. John, minister of Wesleyan Methodist Society ; house 

56 Love street 
Weddell, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 23 Broomlands — house 

1 Park terrace. 
Weir, Alexander, farmer, Barskiven, off Linwood road 
Weir, Andrew, tobacconist and hairdresser, 2 Ladyburn street — 

house 17 Lang street 
Weir, Andrew, secretary and treasurer Paisley Florist Society — 

house 17 Lang street 
Weir, James, fishmonger, 15 Neilston road — house 10 Springbauk 

Weir, James, at James Robertson & Sons, Thrushgrove ; house 

Elmar, Blackhall 
Weir, James, wholesale and retail grocer, 10 Old Smithhills — 

house Wiuncot, off Whitehaugh drive 
Weir, Robert, secretary Wild Rose Lodge of Free Gardeners — 

house 7 Clavering street 
Weir, Alexandrina, teacher East Public School — house 8 Mathieson 

street, Whitehaugh drive 
Weir, Flora C., teacher North Public School — house 84 George st. 
Weir, Helen D., teacher Mossvale Public School— house Barskiven 
Weir, Jeanie, stationer, 3 Seedhill road — house do. 
Weir, Mrs. Agnes, grocer, Old Smithhills; house Winncot, off 

Whitehaugh drive 
Weir, Mrs. Robert, confectioner, 4 George street 
Welch, Wm., hairdresser and perfumer, 4 County place — house 

4 Townhead terrace 
Wells, John, dairy, 1 Neilston road 
Welsh & Graham, printers, 33 Gauze street 
Welsh, Alexander, 13 Cochran street 

Welsh, James, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Stock street — house do. 
Welsh, J. & G., drapers and hosiers, 101 High street 
Welsh, John, of J. & G. Welsh ; house 4 Townhead terrace 
Welsh, Rev. William, St. Mary's, 73 George street ; house do. 
Wengenroth, Gottfried, hairdresser and chiropodist, 37 Well st. — 

house 1 Henderson street 
West Renfrewshire Conservative Association — Robert Stevenson, 

secretary — office 99 High street 
Western Assurance Company Fire — head office for Scotland, 142. 

St. Vincent street, Glasgow ; Ludovic MacL. Mann, manager* 
Westwood, Alexander M'D., clerk at Fleming & Ferguson's, Limited',, 

— house 2 Springbauk road 


Wharnmond, John G.. M.A., teacher Camphill Public School — 
house 3 Buchanan terrace 

Whiriskey, James, tailor and clothier, 10 Causeyside — house 59 do. 

Whyte, George L., cashier, 5 Whitehaugh terrace 

Whyte, J. Balderston, C.A., investment broker; public auditor 
under the Provident and Friendly Societies Acts ; honorary 
secretary and treasurer Paisley Convalescent Home, West 
Kilbride; and honorary secretary of Association for Improving 
the Condition of the Poor — 94 High street: telephone No. 214 ; 
telegrams "Accountant, Paisley" — house Saucelbank house 

Whyte, James Balderston, architect ; house Ardmillan, Blackhall 

White, John, farmer, Nether Craigends, by Johnstone 

White, John, 92 New Sneddon 

White & Leonard, dentists, 33 High street 

White, Peter C, spirit merchant, 10 George street — house do. 

Whyte, Robert, salesman, Provident Co-operative Society — house 
81 Seedhill road 

White, Thomas, of Thomas White & Sons — house Saucelbank 

White, Thomas, & Sons, engineers and machine makers, Laighpark; 
telephone No. 138 

White, T. G., traveller at Pollock & Co.'s — house 39 Carrickarden 
street, Glasgow 

White, William, farmer, Herschaw, Bishopton 

White, William, mill manager — house 7 Wellmeadow 

Whyte, Win , & Co., joiners, 48 High street — ho. 22 Oakshaw st. 

White, Mrs. G., dressmaker, 19 Gauze street 

White, Nellie, fruiterer, 7 Broomlands ; house 116 George street 

Whiteford, A. M., foreman at J. & J. Cook's — house 22 Blackhall st. 

Whiteford, James B., of John M'Nair & Co. — house 46 High street 

Whiteford, James B., cashier to W. Caldwell & Co. — house 4 
Buchanan terrace 

Whiteford, Thomas, joiner at Clark & Co. Ltd.; ho. 83 Seedhill rd. 

Whiteford, William, bookbinder and j>aper ruler, 12 Hunter st. — 
house 3 Clarence street 

Whiteford, Lizzie, stationer and tobacconist, 34 Well street — house 
3 Clarence street 

Whitehead, A., family grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 44 

Whitehead, J. & D., coal merchants — offices 16 Moss street; tele- 
phone No. 60, and Underwood Depot 

Whitehead, James, engineer, 6 Buchanan terrace 

Whitehill, M. & Co., shawl and fancy goods manufacturers, 8 and 9 

Whitehead, Walter, at J. & D. Whitehead's — house 5 Buchanan ter. 


Whitehill, George F., Sheriff-clerk's office — ho. Bellevue, Renfrew 
Wilkie, Andrew, stationer and newsagent, 99 Causeyside 
"VVilkie, Archibald, station master, Abercorn Station 
Wilk/e, James, of J. Wilkie & Sons ; house 39 High street 
Wilkie, John, of J. Wilkie & Sons ; house 6 Townhead terrace 
Wilkie, John, & Sons, painters aud paper hangers, 39 High street . 
Wilkie, Robert, at Coates Bros. Ltd., Stonefield ; ho. 7 Potterhill. 
Wilkinson, John, 1 Kerr street 

Wilkinson, John, jun., at Sheriff Clerk's office — house 1 Kerr street 
Wilkinson, Oswald, manager of dyeworks at J. & P. Coats 

Limited — house Kilmalcolm 
Wilkinson, Wm., of Sale & Co., 109 High st. — ho. 35 Causeyside st. 
Williams, J. T., reporter Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette — house 

31 Well street 
Williams, T., night manager at William Fulton & Sons, Limited, 

Knowes cottages, Glenfield 
Williams, Mrs., milliner, 100 Causeyside — house 12 Wardrop street 
Williamson, James, 4 Laighpark 
Williamson, R. C, captain and quartermaster, Staff Barracks — 

house Oldhall, Glasgow road 
Wills, George, confectioner and greengrocer, 57 George street 
Wills, James, dairyman, Whitehaugh farm, Arkleston road 
Wills, James, grocer, 54 Causeyside — house 11 Albert place 
Wilson, Rev. Alexander, minister of the E. U. Congregational 

Church — house Ardshiel, Blackball 
Wilson, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Causeyside — house 

Braefoot, Crookston 
Wilson & Boyd, brush manufacturers, 36 New street 
Wilson, Charles, flesher, 22 Saudholes — ho. 2 Well street 
Wilson, David, of M. Whitehill & Co. — ho. Norwood, Seedhill road 
Wilson, David, Provost of Paisley — house Tullieallan, Castlehead 
Wilson, David W., commission agent, Glasgow — ho. 40 High street 
Wilson, George, & Co., muslin manufacturers, George street 

factory, 147 George street 
Wilson, D. Henry, at Galbraith & Co. — ho. 16 Wellmeadow 
Wilson, James, storekeeper at Drill Hall — house 13 Argyle street 
Wilson, James A., teacher. West Public School — house 43 High st. 
Wilson, James P. A., F^R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H., surgery, 18 

Kilnside rd. — house Overwood, Glasgow rd.; telephone No. y7 
Wilson, J. D., accountant, agent for house, property, fire, life, 

accident, and glass insurance, 4 Causeyside — house Priorscroft, 

Brookfield, Houston (Crosslee) 
Wilson, R., Johnstons, & Co., Limited, starch and corn flour manu- 
facturers, Adelphi Starch works, 67 New Sneddon street 


Wilson, John, of M. Whitehill & Co. — house Brownheath, Craw rdC 
AVilson, John, of Craig & Wilson — ho. 13 Mavisbank ter., Blackball 
Wlson, John C, clerk to Isdale & M'Callum — house 7 Potterbill 
Wilson, J., & Co., contractors, Colinslee 
Wilson, John, tobacconist and confectioner, 8 Lawn street — house 

7 Cochran street 
Wilson, M. & J., cowfeeders, 13 Carriagehill 
Wilson, R. M., A M.I.E.E., electrical engineer to James Kilpatrick 

6 Son — house 15 Oakshaw 

Wilson, Robert, confectioner, 2 Stirling street — house do. 

Wilson, Robert, slater, 23 West street 

Wilson, Robert, & Laird, auctioneers and live stock agents — sale 

yard 13 Storie street — office 97 High street 
Wilson, Robert, of Robert Wilson & Laird — ho. Manswraes, Bridge 

of Weir 
Wilson, Robert, builder — yard 20 Greenhill road— house do. 
Wilson, Rev. Thomas, B.D., minister of Greenlaw Parish Church; 

house 12 Greenlaw avenue 
Wilson, Thomas, & Son, builders, 14 Abbey close 
Wilson, jun., Thomas, of Thomas Wilson & Son — ho. 5 Stirling st. 
Wilson, Thomas, & Son, chemists and druggists, 36 Ferguslie 
Wilson, Thos.. hairdresser, 24 New street — house 21 M'Kerrell street 
Wilson, Thomas, confectioner, 9 George st. — house 10 George st. 
Wilson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Mossvale lane — house 

Mcssvale cottage 
Wilson, Walter, watchmaker and jeweller, 2 Wellmeadow — house 

9 East lane 
Wilson, Walter, tobacconist and stationer, 12 Old Smithhills 
Wilson, Walter L., fancy goods merchant, 25 Old Sneddon — ho. do. 
Wilson, William, of Geo. Wilson & Co. — house Castlehill, Ayr 
Wilson, William, superintendent, County buildings — house do. 
Wilson, William, bookbinder, 18 Gilmour st. — ho. 6 Townhead ter. 
Wilson, William, of Thomas Wilson & Son, and sub-postmaster, 

36 Ferguslie — house 29 Maxwellton 
Wilson, William R., photographer, 33 Glen street 
Wilson, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 39 High street — house 

7 Townhead terrace 

Wilson, Wm , salesman to Logan, Sons, & Co., Ltd. — house 1 

Gladstone terrace 
Wilson, William, superintendent of County Police — house County 

buildings, Love street 
Wilson, W. B., baker, 89 Causeyside — house 7 Silk street 
Wilson, Agnes R. C, teacher, Camphill Public School — house 

Ardshiel, Blackball 


Wilson, Miss Jessie L , dressmaker, 43 High street 

Wilson, Margaret, at Galbraith's, 18 Sandholes— ho. 16 Wellmeadc w 

Wilson, Miss, shoemaker, 23 Maxwellton street 

Wilson, Mrs., confectioner, 6 Incle street — house do. 

Wilson, Mrs., fruiterer, 1 1 Neilston road — house 2 Colinslee place 

Wilson, Mrs., confectioner, 20 Wallace street — house 1 Victoria at. 

Wilson, Mrs. R., confectioner, 23 Cotton street ; house do. 

Wilson, Violet J., teacher Camphill School — ho. Ardshiel, Blackball 

Winchester, James, superintendent, Industrial School 

Winchester, Mrs., matron, Industrial School, Albion street 

Winfield, J., insurance clerk, 8 St. Mirren street — house 11 

Whitehaugh terrace 
Winning, James, of Winning & Fulton— house 13 Greenlaw avenue 
Winning & Fulton, accountants, house-factors, licensed property 

valuators, and insurance - agents, and secretaries to the 

"Economic" building societies, Terrace buildings, 109 High 

street (see advt.) 
Winning, Robert, at Winning & Fulton's — ho. 3 Crossflat crescent 
Winning, Mrs. Mary, draper and hosier, 49 Broomlands 
Wishart, John, baker, 6 Bank street, 43 Broomlands, 5 Lawn street,. 

and 39 Underwood road — house 43 Broomlands 
Wishart, John, accountant, 13 Moss street — house 10 London ter.,, 

Kelvinside, Glasgow 
Wishart, Thomas, cowfeeder, Neilson street — house do. 
Wood, James, & Co., coal merchants, Underwood, Canal street,. 

Ferguslie, Saucel, and Potterhill depots, Paisley ; Fulbar 

street, Renfrew ; Bridge of Weir Railway station ; and Laigh 

Cartside station, Johnstone; telephone No. 36 (see advt.) 
Wood, John A., of James Wood & Co. — house Parkgate, High, 

Carriagehill drive 
Wood, John, missionary, U.F. Middle Church — ho. 28 Ferguslie 
Wood, J., Marr, & Co., pianoforte and harmonium dealers, and. 

music sellers, 49 High street 
Wood, William, missionary Canal Street U.F. Church— house 2$ 

Wood, Mrs., hosier, 28 Wellmeadow — house do. 
Wood, Miss W., dressmaker, 13 Doug-las street 
Woodrow, John, teacher, John Neilson Institution — house Berry- 

knowe, Meikleriggs 
Woolley George, of G. & A. Woolley — house 4 GreenlaAv terrace 
Woolley, G. & A., billposters and advertising contractors, 23 Old 

Sneddon ; telephone No. 217 
Working-men's Home, 86 and 88 New Sneddon — Bernard M'Ghee,. 



Worthington, W., Ingleside, Carriagehill drive 

Worthington, "William, at James Stewart & Co.'s — house Ingleside, 

Carriagehill drive 
Wotherspoons & Allan, insurance agents, Maxwellton 
Wotherspoon, Francis William, of Win. M'lntyre, jun., & Co. — 

house Maxwellton 
Wotherspoon, Frank, of Robert Wotherspoon & Son, 8 High 

street — house 6 Townhead terrace 
Wotherspoon, John B., at "Wm. M'lntyre, jun., & Co.'s — house 

Wotherspoon, Robert, & Son, stationers, printers, and account-book 

makers, 8 High street 
Wotherspoon, Thomas Glen, of Wm. M'lntyre, jun., & Co. — house 

Wotherspoon, William, manufacturer of corn flour and G-lenfield 

starch — works Maxwellton — warehouse Laurence Pountney 

lane, London, E.C. 
Wright, Bros., grocers, 11 Gauze street — house 5 Clarence street 
Wright, Charles J., manager to Colinslee Chemical Co., Limited — 

house 5 Gladstone terrace 
Wright, Daniel, at Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Caldwell's — house 22 

Abbey street 
Wright, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 78 Canal street — house 

20 Blackhall street 
Wright, James, grocer, 15 Gauze street — house 19 Whitehead 

Wright, James, of D. Paton & Co., Carriagehill house 
Wright, John, of Pollock & Cochrane- --house 11 Lady lane 
Wright, John, grocer and provision merchant, 6 Springbank rd. — 

house 3 Kerr street 
Wright, M., grocer, 22 Abbey street 
Wright, Walter, fancy goods merchant, 98 Causeyside 
Wright, Mrs., Calside villa 

Wright, Miss Robina, general dealer, 1 Ferguslie— house 2 do. 
Wylie, Alexander, stationer and newsagent, 3 Stirling street 
Wylie, Andrew, 6 Rosebery place 
Wylie, David, at Paisley Co-operative Manufacturing Society — " 

house 14 Blackhall street' 
Wylie, David, confectioner, 15 Mossvale — house do. 
Wylie, James, commissionaire at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — ho. 19 Thistle 

terrace, Meikleriggs 
Wylie, John M., clerk, "Express" office — house 26 Seedhill road 
Wylie, Robert, cashier, The Savings Bank of Paisley — house 5 

Kerr street, Underwood 


Wylie, Robert, at M'Innes, Mackenzie, & Lochhead's — house 

Homecraig, Skelmorlie 
Wylie, William, & Son, boot and shoe makers, 33 High street 
Wylie, William, of Wm. Wylie & Son— ho. Holmwood, Meikleriggs 
Wylie, Miss Eliza, confectioner, 27 Storie street 
Wylie, Robina, teacher at John Neilston Institution — house 

Holmwood, Meikleriggs 

YEATS, George, retired warrant officer from R.N., keeper of 

County and Court House Buildings — house Court House 

Buildings, St. James street 
Yielder, Richard, " The Cross Cafe," Paisley — ho. Alston, Cumber- 
land (see advt.) 
Young, A., salt and whiting merchant, 11 Sandholes 
Young, Andrew, water meter inspector, 19 Mill street 
Young, David, farmer, Old hall, and Alton farm, Glasgow road 
Young, David, bird dealer and staffer, 59 Storie street — house 55 

Storie street 
Young, David, bank inspector, Primrose cottage, Hawkhead road 
Young, Rev. Francis, R.C. clergyman, 2 East Buchanan street 
Young, George, joiner and builder, 15 St. James street — house 

Woodlands, King's crescent, Elderslie 
Young, Hugh, joiner, 11 Carriagehill — ho. 37 Great Hamilton st. 
Young, J. & J., brassfounders, Nethercommon 
Young, Jas. A., of Young & Martin — ho. Wallace bank, Castlehead ; 

telephone No. 284 
Young, James H., of John Young & Co. — house Ecclestoun, 

Young, James, of J. & J. Young— house 3 Nethercommon 
Young, James, cashier to John Highgate & Co. — ho. 1 Kerr street 
Young, James, commercial traveller, Newtonville, Hawkhead road 
Young, James, wine and spirit merchant, 19 Abbey street — house 

Newtonville, Hawkhead road 
Young, James L., with William Young— ho. 43 Gordon's lane 
Young, Rev. James, B.D., minister of North Parish Church — house 

North Parish manse, Inchinnan road 
Young, Rev. James, Original Secession Church — house 7 Greenlaw 

Young, John, of J. & J. Young— house 3 Nethercommon 
Youug, John, 1 Townhead terrace 
Y r oung, John, manager at Galbraith's store, 31 Carriagehill — house 

20 Neilson street 
Young, John, & Co., timber merchants and saw millers, Burgh 

Saw Mills, Caledonia street 


Young, John, jun., 4 Crossflat crescent 

Young, John N., of Young &Risk; house 10 Whitehaugh terrace 

Young, John, & Son, drapers and clothiers, 7 Orr square 

Young, James L., of William Young, carriage hirer — house 43 

Gordon's lane 
Young, Joseph P., of Young & Kelly, coal merchants — house 2 

John street 
Young & Kelly, coal merchants, Underwood Depot ; town office, 

12 High street. Telephone No., 263 
Young, Matthew, of Kerr & Young — house 3 Albion street 
Young & Martin, writers, 4 Gilmour street ; telephone No., 331 
Young Men's (Paisley) Christian Association, 12 Causeyside — 

Alexander Cameron, general secretary 
Young, Nathaniel T.,of John Young & Son — house 7 Orr square 
Young & Risk, plumbers and electrical engineers, 23 New Smithhills 
Young, Robert, railway superintendent, joint lines, Greenlaw 

station — house Claremont place, Bridge of Weir 
Young, R. C, farmer, Netherfield and Fulwood, by Johnstone 
Young, Samuel, of John Young & Co. — ho. Priory park, Castlehead 
Young, Sam., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Gauze street and 27 

Lawn street — house Sherwood buildings, Glasgow road 
Young, Stephen, clerk, Corporation Gas office — ho. 9 Wellmeadow 
Young, William, cowfeeder, and hay and straw merchant, 1 1 

Young, William, carriage hirer and funeral undertaker — head offices 

and stables, 43 Gordon's lane (tel. No., 358) ; cab offices, 2 

County place and Canal station (telephone No., 28). East- 
End branch, 5 Bank street (telephone No. 271) — house 43 

Gordon's lane (see advt.) 
Young, Miss, boot and shoe warehouse, 18 Moss street — house 1 

Townhead terrace 
Young, William, assistant sanitary inspector, 14 Gilmour street — 

house Lucetta cottage, Calside 
Young, William, mill foreman, with J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 8 Thistle 

Young, William, agent, Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society — 

house 1 Neilson brae 
Young, Misses J. S. and A. L.. 8 Orr square 
Young, Mrs. John, Priory Park 

Young, Mrs. M., tobacconist and newsagent, 19 Moss street 
Young's boot and shoe warehouse, 25 High street 
Younger, William, farm overseer, Kibble Reformatory, 2 Springbank 

Yuill, Miss, Craigielea 





Begg, R. C, 15 Gilmour street 
Biggar, William, 1 Old Smithhills 
Hamilton, Andrew, 93 High street 
Hamilton, Hugh, GlaisDOck, Bank street 
Hill, James, 13 St. James place 
Jackson & Abercrombie, 5 County 

Ki'-kwood & Goudie, 23 Moss street 
Lauchlan, R., & Sons, 13 Moss street 
Matheson, Alexander, 93 High street 
Muir, John, Annfield villa, Castlehead 
Macdonald, Stewart, & Stewart, O.A., 

13 St. James place 
Smart, A. Wilson, & Son, 98 High street 
Whyte, J. B , O.A., 94 High street 
Wilson, J. D. , 4 Causey side 
Winning & Fulton, Terrace buildings, 

109 High street 
Wishart, John, 13 Moss street 

Agents for Companies &c. 

(See also Yarn Agents.) 

Adam, John, 5 County place 
Alexander, John 0., 4 Causeyside 
Allison, Allan, 4 Stevenson street 
Anderson, Wm. (assurance), 5 County 

Auch terlonie,W r m. (assurance), Canal Sta. 
Begg, R. C, 15 Gilmour street 
Biggar, Thomas S., 1 Old Smithhills 
Biggar, William, 1 Old Smithhills 
Black, Malcolm (railway) Underwood 

depot and St. James' station 
Bowie, Allan (carting), G. & P. Joint 

Railway Co., Greenlaw- 

Brown, John, 97 High street 

Brown, W T m., jun.,& Co., 107 Causeyside 

Buchauau, David, 6 Forbes place 

Burns, James, 23 Abbey street 

Cairn, Alex., 77 High street 

Caldwell, Ja., Muir & Caldwell, County 

Buildings, St. James Street 
Caldwell, William, 25 St. James street 
Chalmers, Livingstone, 21 Well street 
Cochran, W. M.. 21 High street 
Cowan & Co. (Railway), Canal Goods 

Drummond, Robert M., Stouey Brae 

Railway station 
Gardiner, Alexander, Altonvar, Glasgow 

Gardner, James, 3 County place 
Gilmour, James, 1 Mansion House road 
Grant, Donald (railway), St. James 

Hamilton, Andrew, 93 High street 
Hamilton, Robert (shipping), 43 Lady 

Hamilton, Wm., 12 Argyle street 
Hart, Thomas, 6 George street 
Hay, George, Canal station 
Hay, James, Barshaw cottage 
Hay, R. Blair, B.L., 14 Moss street 
Kerr, Thomas L., G. & S.-W. Railway 

Company, Potterhill 
Howat, Robert, 6 1 Storie street 
Jaap, Juhn, 15 Wellmeadow 
Jackson & Abercrombie, s County place 
Jamiesou, James, 11 Hillview 
Kirk, Geo. G. (insurance), 6 Lawn street 
Kirkwood & Goudie, 23 Moss street 
Lamb, J. B., 12 High street 
Lauchlan, Robt., & Sons, 13 Moss street 
Logan, Sons, & Co. (Ltd.), 13 Canal 



Lorimer, J. C. (assurance"), 5 George st. 
Millar, Robert, Bushes 
Morrison, David A., 97 High street 
Muir, A. (shipping), 104 High street 
Murray, Archibald, 2 Causeyside 
McAllister, Alex., 48 Moss street 
M' Andrew, John, 34 New Sneddon 
M'Call, George W., 19 Greenhill road 
M'Cowatt, Stewart, Gilmour St Station 
Macdougall, A. M., 4 Whitehaugh ter. 
M'Fadden, Archd., 8 St. Mirren street 
M'Geoch, David, M.R.C.V.S., 1 Christie 

M'Ghee, A., 32 Old Sneddon 
Orr, Daniel (carting), Goods Stations 

Greenlaw and St. James' 
Peattie, Win. (shipping), 2 Jrilmour st. 
Pinkertou, James, 40 High street 
Polluck, Daniel, 105 Causeyside 
Pollock, Joins, 11 Phillips street 
Reid, T. F., & Donaldson, 12 Causeyside 

Riddell, Andrew, 82 Seedhill road 
Robertson, James, 82 Seedhill road 
Robertson, John, Bute villa, Greenlaw 

Robertson, J. W., 10 West Croft 
Robertson & Son (shipping), 48 Moss st. 
Russell, Thomas, 17 Greenhill road 
Sale & Co., 109 High street 
Simpson, Andrew, 21 High street 
Smart, A. Wilson, & Son, 98 High street 
Stewart, Anthony, 3 Clavering street 
Stoddart, William, 96 Higb street 
Towers, Thomas P., 16 Moss street 
Walsh, William, 5 Cumberland court 
Warnock Bros, (shipping), 14 Abercorn 

Wilson, J. D., 4 Causeyside 
Wilson, Robert, & Laird (live stock), 97 

High street 
Winning & Fulton, Terrace buildings 
Wishart, John, 13 Moss street 
W^otherspoon & Allan, Maxwellton 

JErated Water Manufacturers. 

Gilmour, John, Weir street 
Hosie Brothers, 36 Gordon's lane 
Howe, James, 1 Ferguslie walk 
Moscardiui, P., 17 Neilston road 
Stevenson, David, 5 and 8 Glen lane 
Thorley, Sons, & Co., 18 Abbey street 

Architects and Land 

Abercrombie, T. Graham, 1 County 

Barr, James Craig, 13 St. James place 
Caldwell, Peter, 12 St. Mirren street 
Davidson, Chaises, 109 High street 
Donald, James, 99 High street 
Hamiltoa, Robert A , 93 High street 
Hutchison, John, F.R.I.B.A., I. A., 

Fairhill, Calside 
Lamb, James B., LA , 12 High street 
M'Leunan, W. D., 96 High street 
Patersou, Robert, &Sou, 27 Orchard st. 

(land surveyors) 
Rennisou, J. A., 15 Gilmour street 
Ross, Alexander, 2 Crossflat crescent 

Auctioneers and Appraisers. 

Greig, Robert, & Co., 5 New street 
Hutchison, D. T., & Co., 25 Gauze st. 
Johuston, D. L., 48 High street 
Law, William, 113 Causeyside 
Patersou, Robert, & Sou, 27 Orchard st. 
Wilson, Robert, & Laird, 97 High street 


Aitken, Thomas, 17 Wellmeadow 
Alexander, Mrs. John, 5 Love street 
Baillie, Peter, 79 Broomlauds 
Blair, Hugh, 152 George street and 22 

Cherry, James, 33 Gauze street 
Cumming, John, 28 Blackball street 
Curr, William, 6 Moss street, 27 Gauze 

streft, aud Sherwood buildings 
Equitable Co-operative Society, 37 

Great Hamilton street 
Gibson, Andrew. & Sou, 98 High street 
Gilmour, Allan, & Son, 144 George 

Hamilton, Alexander, 18 Broomlands 
Hamilton, Robert, 55 Causeyside 
Harper, Alexander, 43 Caledonia street 
Kelly, J. Y., 34 High street 
Kennedy, Duncan C., 25 Gordon's lane 
Kennedy, John, 31 High street and 1 

Crossflat terrace 
Kingsberry, Wm., 77 High street 
Kirkwood, Alexander, 22 Wellmeadow 
Leckie, John, 111 George street 



Leitch, Archibald, 5 George street 
Millar, Alex. F., 70 Love street 
Millar, Peter H-, 6 Glen street 
Morton, George, 73 Love street 
Mnir, James, 5 Moss street 
M'Callum, Archibald, 31 Well street 
M'George, John, 105 George street 
M'Ghee, William, 47 High street 
M'Kean, Robert, 52 Caledonia street 
M'Kean, William, 4 Old Smifhhills 
M'MillaD, J. G., 56 Causeyside street 

aud 8 Carringehill 
M'Millan, John, 29 Canal street 
M'Millan, David, 103 Causeyside 
Paisley Provident Co-Operative Bakery, 

139 George street 
Patrick, W. N, 69 Broomlauds 
Richmond, James, 13 St. James place 
Ritchie, Robert, 6 Silk street 
Sinclair, Daniel, 4 Garthland street and 

11 Kiluside road 
Smith, Alexander, 41 Broomlauds aud 

10 North Croft 
Steven, Mrs. William, 82 Canal street 
Stewart, Mrs., 7 Old Sneddon 
Summers, James, 12 Gauze street 
Swan, J. & M., Causeyside and Glasgow 

road bakeries 
Wilson, AV. B., 89 Causeyside 
Wishart, John, 43 Broom lands, 6 Bank 

street, 5 Lawn street, and 39 Under- 
wood road 


Aucott, David D., British Linen Coy. 
Bank, 17 Gilmour street 

Buchanan, Angus, National Bank, 5 
High street 

Dickson, Win., Royal Bank, St. Mir- 
ren street 

Murray, John E., Union Bank, 3 Gil- 
mour street and 14 Wellmeadow 

Ross, James, Commercial Bank of Scot- 
land, 102 High st.and 18 Wellmeadow 

Russell, Robert, Clydesdale Bauk, 7 
High street 

Veitch, George Seton, Bank of Scot- 
land, St. Mirren street 

Bath Makers. 

Doulton & Co., Ltd., Hawkbead read 


Beaton, William, 18 Neihton road 

Belt Makers. 

Dick, R. & J.-, 90 Hisrh street 

Bill Fosters. 

Adamson, D., & Son, 99 High street 
VVoolley, G. & A., 23 Old Sneddon 

Bird Dealers. 

M'Farlaue, John, 22 Old Sneddon 
Young, David, 59 Storie street 

Blacking and Polishing Paste 

Log-gat, David, 2 Union street 
Macpherson & Co., Cart walk 

Bleachers, Shawl "Washers, 
Scourers, 8ec. 

Bell, A., & Son, Ltd., Stanley Dye Works-- 
Fulton, William, & Sons Ltd., Gleufield 
Hamilton, Adam, & Sons, Ltd.,Blacklnud 

Hutchison, Wm., jun., & Co., George pi. 
Leggat, David, & Co., Colinslee 
M'Lardie, James, & Sons, Meikleriggs 
Pollock & Cochrane, Thrushcraia: 
Seedhill Finishing Co. Lrd , Seedhill rd„ 
Walker, Drybrough, & Co., Arklestou 


Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd., This', e 

works, Abbotsinch 
Campbell & Calderwood, Murray st. 
Christie, William, & Sons, Underwood 

Iron Works 
Craig, A. F., & Co., Ltd., Caledonia. 

works, Macdowall street 
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., Inchinnan: 

Fnllerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Limited),. 

Vulcan Works, Renfrew road 
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson, 23 New 

Russell, William, 1 Water brae 




•Cars well, David, & Son, 35 Storie st. 
Carswell, J., & Co., 14 Causeyside st. 
Cook, J. & J., 94 High street 
Farr & Co., 4 and 5 Forbes place 
Hay, E., & Son, 94 Higli street 
Parlane, J. & R., 97 HWh street 
Whiteford, William, 12 Hunter street 
Wilson, William, 18 Gilmour street 
Wotberspoon, R., & Sou, 8 High street 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Biird, H., 19 Wellmeadow 
Ballautyne, Thomas, 19 Gauze street 
Baliantyne, Johu, & Son, 28 High 

Barr, Johu, 81 High street 
Black, Alex., 21 Causeyside 
Brown, J. & M., 45 Old Sneddon 
Brown, J., 3 Gartblaud street 
Brown, John, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Brown, Mrs. A., 4 Storie street 
Brown, Ralph (Wholesale), 12 New 

Caldwell, J., 2 Gilmour street 
Caldwell, Johu, 74 Love street 
Caldwell, Mrs., 82 High street 
Carswell, John, & Co., 14 Causeyside 
Cassidy, Mrs., 21 Lawn street 
Cochran, Robert, 40 Caledonia street 
Cochran, William, 24 Wellmeadow and 

25 Moss street 
Colquhoun, Ales., 15 George street 
Craig, Daniel, 10 La^n street 
Dalglish, Miss Bella, 69 Love street 
Davies, John, 68 Love street 
Davis, John, 1 Springbank road 
Fair & Co., 4 and 5 Forbes place 
Ferguson, John, 64 Broomlands 
Fernie, Mrs., 108 George street 
Fiudlay, M., 2 Well street 
Findlay, P., 12 Old Sneddon and 19 

Abbey street 
Floyd, Mrs. D., 117 George street 
Forbes, William, 69 Causeyside 
Fulton, Wm„ 6 Silk street 
Gardner, Alexander, 7 Gilmour street 
Gardiner, Miss Janet, 74 Broomlands 
Glover, Thomas, 11 Moss street 
Goudie, James, 24 High street 
Gray, Mrs., 51 High street 
Greeulees, Miss J., 10 Old Sneddon 

Gribben, D. C, 5 Causeyside 

Hay, Robert, & Sou, 94 High street 

Hayes, Mrs, William, 8 St. James 

Holms, Robert, 28 Wellmeadow 
Houston, Mrs., 13 Caledonia street 
Hunter, S., 1 Neilston street 
Hyndman, Thomas, 134 George street 
Kelly, J., 18 Neilston road 
Kelly, James, 6 Old Sneddon 
Leonard. Mrs., 15 Gauze street 
Larimer, Jas. C., 104 Causeyside 
Mitchell, A., 6 Bank street 
Morrison, Mrs., 1 George street 
M'Dougal, Allan, 109 High street 
M'Dougal Brothers, 4 Moss street and 

106 Causeyside 
M'Gregor, James, 68 Causeyside 
M'Kellar, William, 6 New Smithhills 
M'Millan, Mary, 31 Cotton street 
Nicol, Jeanie, 15 Williamsburgh 
Orr, Miss, 29 Canal street 
Park, Robert, Cumberland court 
Parlane, J. & R., 97 High street 
Paton, James, juu., 92 High street 
Reid, James, 6 Moss street and 33 

Gauze street 
Reid, William, 13 Underwood road 
Robson, Mrs. William, 82 Broomlands 
Small, William, 63 Causeyside 
Stevenson, John, 24 Broomlands 
Thomson, Elizabeth, 24 New street 
Urquhart, Mrs., 1 Johuston street 
Walls, Davina, 1 Wellmeadow 
Weir, Jeanie, 3 Seedbill road 
Whiteford, Lizz'e, 34 Well street 
Wilkie, Andrew, 99 Causeyside 
Wilson, Walter, 12 Old Smithhills 
Wotberspoon, Robert, & Sou, 8 High 

Wylie, Alex., 3 Stirling street 
Young, Mrs, M., 19 Moss street 

Boot and Shoemakers. 

Adam, Miss M., 1 Mavisbank terrace 
Brown, William, 1 Underwood lane 
Bruce, Mrs. Alexander, 75 Love street 
Cairns, John, 18 Lawn street 
Cameron, John, 70 Broomlands 
Campbell, Robert (clogmaker), 4 

Caruochan, James, 58 George street 
Caskie, James, 98A George street 



Coat", Hamilton, 12 Thread street 
Co-operative (Provident) Society, Shoe- 
shops, 14 Causeyside and 48 Broom- 
Co operative (Equitable) Society, Boot 

Shop, 36 Great Hamilton street 
Crawford, Gavin, 97 High street 
Crawford, John, 6 Greenbill road 
Cutnmiugs, James, 1 Cameron street 
Dick, James, & Sons, 166 George street 
Dick, R. & J., 90 High street 
Dickson, James, 16 Moss street and 10 

Dobbie, William, 10 Gauze street 
Dougan, C, 6 Broomlands 
Dowuie, Win., 54 Stone street 
Duffy, Francis, 126 George street 
Duffy, Francis, jun.. 16 Storie street 
Dunlop, David, 24 Wellineadow 
Duolop, Thomas, 2 Broomlands 
Ferguson, William, 16 Kilnside road 
Forsyth, George, 2 Lady lane 
Froudigoun, Ed., 58 Causeyside and 23 

Garven, John, 31 Cotton street 
Gibson, David, 100 Causeyside and 1 

Cotton street 
Glasgow & Govan Boot Repairing Co., 
1 1 Gauze street, 8 Broomlands, 9 
Old Sneddon, 151 George street, 16 
Neilston road, 30 Causeyside, and 26 
Williamsburgh — Thomson Totten, 
Greenlees & Sons, 21 High street 
Hill, John, 3 Garthland street 
Houston, Mrs. Juhu, 15 Old Smithhills 
Hutchison, Mis. Robert, 36 High street 
Kennedy, David, 15 Gauze street 
Kennedy, George, 6 West Croft 
Kernohan, John, 109 George street and 

16 Wellmeadow 
Lappan, Thomas, 4 Storie street 
Leonard, James C, 3 Love street 
Lochhead, James O, 20 Glen street 
Lockhart, George, 32 Wellmeadow 
Morris, Noble, 36" Great Hamilton street 
Morrison, Peter, 22 Castle street 
M'Ausland, William, 14 High street 
MDonald, Allau, 6 Neilston street 
M'Douald, James, 37 Moss street 
MFarlane, Alexander, 1 George street 
M Garrity, Charles, 5 St. James street 
Mackellar, M., 16 Causeyside 
M'Keudrick, William, 13 Newton st. 
M'Lean, John, 46 Well street 


M'Nanght, J., 7 Orchard street 

MNisb, Alex., 95 High street 

M'Mish, William, 5 County place and 

41 Moss street 
Nicolson, John, 3 Spriugbank road 
Niven, Robert, sen , 4 Barr street 
Oakes, Robert, 7 Wellmeadow 
O'Riley, William, 29 Canal street 
Reid, Wm., 62 Oanal street 
Rogers, Samuel B. , 131 George street 
Sorbie, John, 18 Neilston road 
Stead & Simpson, Ltd., 8 Moss street 

and 91 High street 
Stewart, Robert, 5 Kilnside road 
Stewart, James, 19 Broomlands 
Tyler, H. P , 90 High street 
Watson, A. & T., 4 Wellmeadow 
Watson, John, I Bute place 
Wilson, Miss, 23 Maxwellton street 
Wylie, William, & Son, 33 High street 
Young, 25 High street 
Young, Miss, 18 Moss street 


(See Aerated Water Manufacturers) 

Bowling-G-reen Bowl Makers. 

(See Wood Turners.) 

Bessaakers (Fancy). 

Davidson & Ritchie, Henderson street 

Boxmakers (Wood). 

Clark, John, & Co., Wallneuk Saw Mills 
Hawson & Hannah, Spriugbank Saw 

Highgate, John, & Co., Caledonia Saw 
Mills, Murray street, and Baltic Saw 
Mills, Macdowall street 
Paton, Robert, Espedair Works, Cau- 
Ritchie, George, 36 Gordon's lane 
Young, John, & Co., Burgh Saw Mills 


Cathcart, W. & T., 42 Wellmeadow 
Cochran & M'Gechan.22 New Smithhills 
Doulton & Co., Hawkhead road 
Gray, Archibald, 66 Back Sneddou 
MorriiOu, John, & Sons, Murray street 



Robertson, George, & Sons, 55 Back 

Todd. George, sen., 13 High street 
Young, J. & J., Nethercommon 


Sacell Brewery Co., 8 Saucel 

Brickmakers and. Brickbuilders. 

Bell & M'Lachlan, 2 Glen lauo 
Bryce, John, & Co., 14 Lady laue 
Gait, John, & Son — works Nethercom- 
Hillcoat, Gavin, Nethercommon 
Hillcoat, William, 3 Russell street 
Morton, Robert, Weir street, and 
(postal address) Edelweiss, Glasgow 
M'Kaig, Thomas, Victoria Brickworks, 

28 Love street 
Paisley Brick Coy., 12 St. Mirren street 
Primrose, George, Henderson street 
Ralston (The) Brick-Making Co., Ltd., 

Robertson, George, & Co., Auchencairu, 
Hawk head road 

Brokers and General Dealers. 

Anderson, John A., 6 St. James place 
Barr, John, 24 Old Sneddon 
Blair, Mrs. Agnes, 3 Broomlands 
Brown, Ralph, 12 New Smithhills 
Campbell, Daniel, 45 Well street 
Cromer, Mrs., 11 Storie street 
Cunningham, Mrs. James, 2 Neilston st. 
Hannah, William, & Sons, 80 High 

Holt, James, Henderson street 
Keating, Mrs. John, 6 Old Sneddon 
Lawrie, Robert, 4 New Sneddon 
Lyle, John, 10 Orchard street 
Mitchell, Alex., 15 Maswellton street 

and 1 Neil street 
Mylet, Samuel, 3 Carriagehill 
M'Aulay, Mrs., 5 Queen street 
M'Ghee, A., 32 Old Sneddon 
M'Gratb, Mrs. Patrick, 4 Lawn street 
M'Lauchlan, James, 6 and 7 New 


M'Lellan, Hugh, 28 Castle street 
M'Mahou, John, 44 Storie street 
M'Naught, Margaret, 38 New street 
M'Nanghton, Henry, Hawkhead road 
Paterson, David, 17 Broomlands 
Pollock, William, 69 High street, and at 

Renfrew, Thomas, 87 Causeyside 
Shields, John, 9 Orchard street 
Sweeuie, John, 28 New Smithhills 
Wardrop. James, Colinslee 
Wilson, Edward, 4 Cotton street 
Wright, Miss Robina, 1 Ferguslis 

Brush and Broom Makers. 

M'Gown, Adam, & Sou, Williamsburgh 

M'Kim Bros., Hawkhead road 
Wilson & Boyd, 36 New street 

Brush, Basket, Comb, Toy, and 
Fancy Goods "Warehouses. 

Andrew, A. G., 42 Moss street 
Brannan, Misses, 18 Gauze street 
Burgess, A., 4 Lylesland 
Byzantium Toy Warehouse, 51 Old 

Craig, Francis, 7 Storie street 
Lindsay, George, 21 Gauze street 
M'Innes, Donald, 6 Storie street 
M'Millan, Mary, 31 Cotton street 
Thomson, Mrs. John, 94 High street 
Wilson, Walter L., 25 Old Sneddon 
Wright, Walter, 98 Causeyside 


(See Masons and Builders.) 

Butter, Egg, and Provision 
Allison, Joseph, & Co., 18 Sandlioles 
Burnet & Hamilton, 8 and 9 Well street 
Charles, W. J., 12 Barr street 
Coats, W. & A., 68 Broomlands 
Cream Butter Co., 18 Sandholes 
Lipton Limited, 98 High street 
Massey, Alex., & Sons, 14 Mo6s street 

and 31 Wellmeadow 



Maypole Dairy Co., 8 High street 
Noble, Henry, & Son, 7 Cotton street 
Piukerton, James, 40 New street 
Spence, John, & Sons, 62 Storie street 
Watt, William, 1 Castle street 

Cabinetmakers and Uphol- 

Auld & Lorimer, 49 High street 
Bain, Robert J., 41 Wnllmeadow 
Baird, James, 24 High street 
Barr, James, 4 M'Kerrell street 
Brown, Ralph, Weir street 
Cameron, Alexander, 40 High street 
Cassidy, Edward, jun., 84 High street 
Cochran, Robert,& Sods, 2 Old Smithhills 
Comrie, John, & Sons, 90 George street 
Fraser, Wm., 22 Lawn street 
Hannah, William, & Son, 80 High st. 
Knight, Sons, & Co., Ill Causeyside 
Lurey, J as. H., 32 High street 
Marshall, Allan, 32 Wellmeadow 
Moir, Ales., 51 High street 
Murphy, Mitchell, & Co. (Bedding 

Manufacturers), 8 Causeyside 
M'Geachy, Jas., & Sou, 49 Moss street 
Paterson, John. & Co., 4 West brae 
Paterson, Joseph, 94 Causeyside, and 

42 Gordon's lane 
Pearson, James, 109 Causeyside 
Pollock, William, 69 High street 
Pratt, David, 30 Gauze street 
Spence, James, 4 Wellmeadow 

Calendered and Finishers. 

Cunningham, Alexander, 16 Causeyside 
Fulton, William, & Sons, Ltd., Glenfield 
Hamilton, Adam, & Son, Ltd., Blackland 

Mill (finishers) 
Hutchison, Wm., jun. & Co., George 

Law, William, 113 Causeyside 
M'Lardie, James, & Sons, Meikleriggs 
Pollock & Cochraue, Thrushcraig 
Phillips, William, 105 Causeyside 
Robertson, David, Marshall's lane 
Robertson, David, 2 Water brae (burgh) 
Robertson, John, & Sons, Marshall's 

lane and Cartside 
Seedhill Finishing Co. Ltd.,Seedhill road 

Candle Makers. 

Dobie, George, & Son, 1 Clark street 
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons., Blackhall 
Robin & Houston, Ltd. ,61 New Sneddon 

Cardboard Manufacturers. 

Macintyre, William, jun., & Co., Black- 
hall Mill 

Carpet Beaters. 

Carpet Beatiug Factory, 42 Gordon's 

Gibson & Reid, Lacy st. and 84 High 


Carpet Manufacturers. 

(See Manufacturers— Textile.) 

Carters and Contractors. 

Armstrong & M'Nair, 15 St. James st. 
Barclay, Andrew, 9 Barlcay street 
Bauchop, David, 1 Orr street 
Beacom, Robert, & Co., 16 Causeyside 
Beaton, Neil, 31 Springbauk road 
Black, T., & Co., St. James place 
Caledonian Railway Company, Railway 

Station, Greenlaw— D. Orr, agent 
Campbell, Daniel, 45 Well street 
Cowan & Co., for N. B. By. Co.— Canal 

Goods Station — Wm. E. James, agent 
Craig, Robert, 6 Murray street 
Craig, Thomas, Murray street 
Cumming, Robert, 22 Newton street 
Cumming, William, 22 Well street 
Duncan, Andrew, 28 Orchard street 
Duncan, Archibald, 4 Gladstone terrace 
Fairlie, Alexander, 8 Castle street 
Finlayson, Alex., Carriagehill house 
Gibb, Matthew, Stirling street 
Gilmour, James, 48 Mill street 
Goudie, Humphrey, 25 Maxwellton st. 
Grierson, R., & Co., G. & P. Joiut Line, 

Greenlaw — Allan Bowie, agent 
Hogg, William, Harbour lane 
Kirkwood, William, 134 George street 
Love, Thomas, 40 Storie street 
Montgomery, Mrs. Henry, 23 Carriagehill 
M'Coll, James, 15 Abbey close 
M'Fadyen, Angus, Neilston road 



M'Lellan, Hugh, 28 Castle street 
M'Minigle, Heury, 6 Canal street 
M'Pherson, Duncan, King street (west 1 ) 
Orr, James, Geurge place 
Robertson, George, & Co., Auchencairn, 

Hawkhead road 
Rutherford, Thos., & Son, 10 Abercorn 

Stewart, William, 42 Back Sneddon 
Taylor, John, Moss-side 
Thomson, R , Colinslee and Potterhill 
Tyre, James, 39 George street 
AVaruock Bros., 14 Abercorn street 
"Warnock, James, jun., 13 Abercorn 

Waters & Co,, 22 Wallace street 
Wilson, J., & Co., Colinslee 
Young, William, 2 County place 


Browuing, Ales., sen., 10 West Buchanan 

Crawford, P. & A., Thistle Works, 

South Croft 
Dunsmore. Henry, Moss cottage, 

Greenock road 
Lee, Robert, 11 to 14 St. James street 
Roxburgh, Robert, & Sou, 4 Garthland 

Smith, David, 7 Galloway street 

Carvers and Gilders. 

Adam, James, & Son, 19 Moss street 
Gilbert, J.. 4 Neilston street 
M'Whinuie, John, §2 High street 
Neilson, M. & Co., 85 High street 
Russell, William, 16 George street 
Sawers, Joseph, 40 High street 
Waddell, A. L., & Sous, 43 Wellmeadow 

Cement Merchants, 

(See Lime and Cement Merchants.) 

Chemical Manufacturers. 

Caldwell, W., & Co., Murray street 
Cartvale Chemical Co. (Ltd.), 59 New 

Sneddon street 
Colinslee Chemical Co., Ltd , Colinslee 

Dowall, John, St. James' colour works, 

Greenhill road 
Forrest, William, & Sou, Burnbank, 

Chain road 
Handasyde, C. H., & Co., Abercorn Oil 

Works, Macfarlaue street, Racecourse 

Highgate, Hugh, & Co., Greenhill 

Oil and Chemical Works, Murray st. 
Mechanical, The, Retorts Co., Murray 

M'Farlane, J. & G., Brediland Chemical 

Patersou, Andw. (colours), 6 Murray st. 
Smith's, Richard, Executors (Ltd.), 

Clark street 


(See Druggists and Chemists.) 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Adam, Alexander, 14 Smithhills 
Adam, Joseph, 30 St. James street 
Blaue, David, 56 Storie street 
Blane, George, 83 Canal street 
Eaglesim, Archibald, 41 Fergoslie 
i^cott, James, 27 New street 
Wilson, Robert, 23 West street 

China and Crystal Merchants. 

Anderson, George, & Co., 47 Moss st. 
Balnave, Mrs. Annie, 17 Saudholes 
Caulrield & Co., 41 High street 
Crawford, Elizabeth O., 16 Gilmour st. 
Crawford, John, 5 George street 
Emerson, Mrs. Agne<, 2 Cotton street 
Gibsou, David, 2 Johnston street 
Hood, William, 10 Broomlands 
Irvine, Win., Ill George street 
LePS, A., 5 Neilston road 
Logan, J., 4 Gauze street 
Muir, John, 136 ar.d 137 George street 
Muir, Mrs. David, 20 Wiliiamsburgh 
Quigley, Mrs Mary, 8 Broomlands 
Speirs, John, 19 Cotton street 
Stevenson, Robert, 22 Broomlands 
Storrie, J. & W., 37 High street and 1 

Storie street 
Thorn, Mrs. M., 94 Causeyside 




Drum, James, 23 Lady lane 
Wengeuwortb, Gottfried, 37 Well street 

OJaiirch Officers— (See Appendix). 

Clergymen and. Missionaries. 

Aborn, Michael, 2 East Buchanan street 
Burns, A. Fyfe, M.A., 7 Garthland pi. 
Cables, James, M.A., Oaksbavv West 

U.F. manse 
Caird, J. Renny, M.A., U.F. Middle 

manse, Calside 
Chisholm, H. C., R.C., 2 East Buchanan 

Crozier, William, 3 Mansfield place 
Dalgety, J. B., 1 Mansion house road 
Dickson, W. James, Congregational 

manse, Glasgow road 
Duggan, Denis, 73 George street 
Edes, Frederick J. Adamson, c/o Mrs. 

Bisland, Camphill 
Elder, Andrew, The Grange, Meikleriggs 
Fleming, Andrew G., Gowanlea, Castle- 
Gentles, Thomas, D.D., Abbey Manse 
Glendeniug, R. E., 8 Greenlaw avenue 
Hall, David, 9 Buchanan terrace 
Hay, Thomas, 10 Carbrook street 
Henderson, Andrew, L.L.D., F.R.A.S., 

Asbgrove, Castlebead 
Hodgson, Thomas, 5 Alice place 
Holmes, Archd., Falside 
Hutton, Principal George 0., D.D., 

Mount Pleasant 
Johnstone, David, Glenview, Potterhill 
Lang, A. Montgomerie, B. Sc., High 

Church Manse 
Metcalfe, William M.,D.D., South manse, 

Mills, W. F, 60 Love street 
Morton, Win. (retired), 4 Greenlaw ave. 
Mursell, Walter A., Marchmont, Potter- 
M'Coll, Johu. The Bushes 
M'Donald, Johu, 78 George street 
M'Laughlin, W. J., 2 East Buchanan st. 
M'Pherson, William, U.F. Gaelic manse 
Park, George, 2 Garthland place 
Patersou, John, M.A., U.F. So. manse, 

Porteous, John, B.D.,Meadowside, Glas- 
gow road 
Rigg, Robert, Fereneze view, Mary st. 
Robertson, William, 81 Seedhill road 
Strang, Robert C, M A., U.F. Martyrs' 

manse, Castlebead 
Sturrock, James B., M.A., 29 Oakthaw 

Tait, Gavin J., M.A., Free St. George's, Blackhall 
Thomson, James, B.D., Martyrs' manse, 

Tracey, Peter, 73 George street 
Walton, W. Ainslie, St. James' manse, 

Webster, John, 56 Love street 
Welsh, Win., St. Mary's, 73 George st. 
Wilson, Alexander, Ardshiel, Blackhall 
Wilson, Thomas, B.D., 12 Greenlaw 

W T ood, John, 28 Ferguslie 
Wood, William, 28 Ferguslie 
Young, James, B.D., North manse, 

Inchinnan road 
Young, Francis, 2 East Buchanan street 
Youug, James, 7 Greenlaw avenue 

Clog 1 Makers. 

(See Boot and Shoemakers). 


(See Tailors and Clothiers.) 

Coach and Van Builders. 

Crawford, P. & A., 5 South Croft 
Glasgow,Chas.,&Co.,22New Smithbills 
Lawrie, Robert, 77-79 New Sneddon 
Lee, Robert, 11 to 14 St. James street 
Mo-Car (The) Syndicate, Ltd., Under- 
wood x 
M'Geoch, David, & Sou, 3 and 4 Mill st. 
M'Geoch, James, 3 and 4 Mill street 
M'Nair, John, & Co., 46 High street 
Roxburgh, Robert, & Suns, 4 Garthland 

Coach Hirers. 

Aitken, James, 16 Thread street 
Glasgow (The) Tramway & Omnibus 
Co. Ltd., Station buildings, County 
square ; Terrace buildings ; and 
Station buildings, County place 



Goudie, Humphrey, 25 VTaxwellton st. 
Little, William, Curt lane 
Mathicsou, Peter 3 Back Sneddon 
Paisley Tramway Coy. (Ltd.), 11 Iucle 

Paterson, Robert ('bus proprietor), 7 

Clark street 
Young, William, 43 Gordon's lane, 2 

County place, Canal station, and 5 

Bank street 

Coal Merchants. 

Barr, George, 8 Orr street 
Black, Joseph, Canal station 
Caldwell, David, 24 Canal street 
Carkeet, Z., 6 Lylesland 
Coats Brothers, Canal station 
Craig & Gardiner, Underwood depot 
Dougall, Samuel, Underwood depot 
Ferguson, D., & Sons, Potterhill depot 
Fulton, C, & Co., 12 Hunter street 
Harper, Hugh, Hawkhead 
Logan, Sons, & Co. (Ltd)., 13 Canal 
street, Underwood, Saucel, Potterhill, 
and Ferguslie depots 
Lyon, John, 34 Back Sneddon 
Mitchell, James, 32 Newton street 
More, Robert, Underwood depot 
M'Ewan, Archibald, 20 North Croft 
M'Gallan, James S., 10 Hill view 
M'Gill, Ales., Greenlaw station and 9 

Lawn street 
M'Kinnon, Lauchlan, 27 Stock street 
M'Lellan, Hugh, 23 Lady lane 
M'Minigle, Henry, 6 Canal street 
Eobortsonj J.,& Sons, Underwood depot 
Russell, William, 3 Millar street 
Spcirs & Gibb, Underwood, Canal street, 
Ferguslie, Potterhill, and Saucel depots 
Steveuson, Thomas, 41 Clark street 

and Underwood depot 
Thomson, Robert, Colinslee and Potter- 
Underwood Co-Operative Coal Societ}', 

Underwood and Potterhill depots 
Warnock, James, jun., 13 Abercorn st. 
Watson, Neil, 7 Blythswood drive 
Whitehead, J. & D. — offices 16 Moss st. 
Wood, James, & Co., Underwood, Canal 
street, Ferguslie, Saucel, and Potter- 
hill depots 
Young & Kelly, 12 High street and 
Underwood depot 

Confectioners and. Fruiterers. 

Adam, Mrs. Alex., 32 George street 
Adam, Mrs , 1 Alice place 
Adams, Mrs., 23 Neilston road 
Adie, Alexr., 21 Gauze street 
Aitken, Mrs., 8 Rosebery place 
Alexander, Mrs. John, 5 Love street 
Allan, Mrs. William, 8 Albert place 
Anderson, Wm., 28 Causeyside 
Ballantyne, James, 23 Gauze street 
Barr, Misa S., 8 St. James place 
Beacom, Mrs. A., 19 George street 
Boni, A., 47 Broomlands and 1 Well- 
Borland, Ellen, 39 High street 
Borland. Janet. 5 St. James street 
Boyd, James, 27 Gauze street 
Brock, James, 32 Storie street 
Brown, Helen, 1 Underwood lane 
Brown, Mrs. Jane, 8 Ferguslie 
Brown, Mrs. Robert, 49 Storie street 
Bryson, Andrew, 25 Orchard street 
Cadien, James L., 6 Lylesland 
Cairns, R., & Co., 100 High street 

Cameron, Robert, 67 Canal street 
Campbell, Jane, 64 Broomlands 
Cashmore, John, 100 High street 
Cassidy, Mrs. A., 1 Crossflat terrace 
Cassidy, Mrs. Mary, 21 Lawn street 
Clapperton, Mrs. Agnes, 9 Abercorn 

Clark, Robert, 9 Johnston street 
Coia, M, 4 Broomlauds and 38 High 

Colquhoun, Henry, 18 Lawn street 
Colquhouu, Wni, 2 Potterhill 
Cooperwhite, Eobert, 1 Pattison street 
Craig, Mrs. Ann, 52 Storie street 
Crawford, Mrs. Mary, 3 Broomlands 
Culloch, Hugh, 13 Gauze srreet 
Cumming, John, 17 Broomlands 
Cummiugs, Mary, 87 New Sneddon 
Cunningham, Francis, 7 Old Sneddon 
Cunningham, William, 41 George street 
Currie, Miss, 21 Incle street 
Davidson, James, 53 Causeyside 
Davidson, jr., John, 13 St. James place 
Deans, Miss C, 9 Orchard street 
Deans, Miss Mary Ann, 12 Gauze street 
Donati, B., & Co., 62 George street 
Donnelly, Annie, 21 Maxwellton street 
Donnelly, James, 2 Bridge street 
Dunlop, Robert, 3 Neilston street 



Eadie, Mrs., 21 Underwood road 
Eaglesim, Mrs. Martha, 4 Broornlands 
Easton, Johu, 30 Kilnside road 
Eminersou, J., 29 High street 
Erskine, Allan, 2 Canal street 
Ewing, Mrs. John, 60 Causeyside 
Fair, William, 10 Silk street 
Farmer, Robert, 6 Clark street 
Fella, S., 88 Causeyside 
Ferguson, Mrs. Martha, 15 Kilnside rd. 
Ferguson, Wm., 56 George street 
Fernie, Mrs., 108 George street 
Ferri, C, 16 Causeyside and 5 Old 

Filshill, James W., 6 Macdowall street 

Findlay, Mary, 3 Russell street 
Fisher, Miss, 53 George street 
Flemiug, Miss, 27 Queen street 
Floyd, Mrs. David, 117 George street 
Fulton, John, 52 Broornlands 
Galbraitb, Peter, 20 Great Hamilton st. 
Garven, Miss, 1 East Croft 
Gibson, Andrew & Sou, 98 High street 
Gihuour, Wm., 7 Castle street 
Ginsti, M., 10 Orchard street 
Glen, Mrs. R., 81 Causeyside 
Graham, Thomas, 6 Storie street 
Graham, Win., 46 George street 
Graudage, William, 19 New Stock street 
Gray, Agnes, 1 Douglas terrace 
Graj;, Mrs. John, 25 Argyle street 
Greenlees, Jane, 10 Old Sneddon 
Hamill, William, 77 George street 
Hamilton, William, 87 New Sneddon 
Harkins, Annie, 30 Thread street 
Henderson, George, 7 Whitehead street 
Henderson, John, 1 Old Smithhills and 

35 Causeyside 
Henderson, J., 29 Caledonia street 
Henderson, Mrs., 5 Mill street 
Holden, Lawrenee, 30 Canal street 
Hollis, Miss Maggie, 92 Old Sueddon 
Holms, Mrs., 4 Spriugbank road 
Holmes, R., 72 Canal street 
Holt, H., 30 High street 
Hopkins, Mrs. E. , 21 Moss street 
Howat, Robert, 7 New street 
Howie, George, 5 Mossvale lane 
Hunter, Miss E , 52 Caledonia street 
Huuter, James, 20 Abbey street 
Hussey, Mary B., 65 Broornlands 
Irvine, James W., 7 Mill street 
Irvine, Wm., Ill George street 
Ireland, William, 14 Gauze street 

Jamieson, John, 26 Well street 
Jamieson, William, 23 Well street 
Johnstone, William, 9 Johnston street 
Johnstou, William, 7 Bridge st. (burgh) 
Kelly, Mrs. Margt., 9 Moncrieff street 
Kelso, Archd., 118 George street 
Kelso, James, 06 Causeyside 
Kennedy, Jeanie, 18 Spriugbank road 
Kennedy, Wm., 14 Underwood road 
Kirk, John, 7 Lylesland 
Kirk, Mrs. Martha, 12 Glen street 
Klickert, S., 34 Well street 
Law, Francis, 18 Carriagehill 
Law, Mrs., 24 Great Hamilton street 
Lennox, James, 36 High street and 38 

Caledonia street 
Lochhead,Mrs. Alex., 11 Old Smithhills 
Loudon, John, 32 Canal street 
Love, Mrs. Martha, 46 Calside 
Macfarlane, Agnes, 38 New Street 
Martin, Mrs. J., 150 George street 
Mathers, Mary, 22 Broornlands 
Menzies, Matthew, 1 Wellmeadow 
Miles, Jas., 7 Wellmeadow, 34 Moss st., 

and 1 Old Smithhills 
Millar, Ann, 15 Thread street 
Millar, James, Old Tollhouse, Stouefield 
Millar, Mrs., 12 Abbey close 
Mitchell, Miss, 53 Broornlands 
Mitchell, Mrs., 29 Ferguslie 
Montague, Hugh, 12 Broornlands 
Mooney, James, 9 School wynd 
More, Mrs., 58 Causeyside 
Morrison, johu, 13 West Campbell st. 
Morrison, John, 92 Causeyside 
Moss, Mrs., 29 Storie street 
Muir, James, 5 Muss street 
Mulholland, Geo., 16 Maxwellton street 
M'Allister, John, 19 Barclay street 
M'Allister, Mrs. J., 66 Canal street 
M'Creery, T., 15 Neilston road 
M'Dermid, Mrs., 32 Storie street 
M'Donald, Mrs., 5 Well street 
M'Dunald, Miss, 24: New Smithhills 
M'Dowal, James, 71 Canal street 
M'Farlano, Mary, 24 Wellmeadow 
M'George, John, 105 George street 
M'Gill, Alexander, 13 Old Smithhills 
M'Glinn, John, 44 Storie street 
M'Goldrick, James, 11 Saucel 
M'Hugh, Margaret, 28 New Smithhills 
M'Innes, Archibald, 40 Well street 
M'lunes, Mary, 11 Carriagehill 
M'Kaig, Andrew, 26 Glen street 
M'Kechuie, E., 2 Well street 



M'Kenzie, Donald, D., 36 M'Karrellsi 

Mackie, Miss, 2 Smitbhills 
M'Eiulay, Mrs. J., 21 Glen street 
M'Lachlan, Joho, 11 Cross street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs., 14 Carriagehill 
M'Laren, Janet, 29 New street 
Maclean, J., 3 Lyleslaud 
M'Lean, J. & R., 5 Ladyburn street 
M 'Lellan, Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Broonilands 
M'Millan, Jchn, 35 Wellmeadow 
M'Mutrie, Jessie, 27 St. James street 
M'Naughtou, Angus, 28 Seedhill road 
M'Pbail, Hugh, 87 Storie street 
Nairn, Mary, 47 High street 
Nardini, P., 15 and 38 Moss street, 41 

New street, 7 Love street, 2 Old 

Sneddon, 2 Bank street, and 46 

Caledonia street 
Noble, Mary, 76 High street 
Noble, Thomas, 28 Glen street 
O'Donnell, Arthur, 38 Canseyside 
Paterson, Jane, 24 Maxwellton street 
Paterson, Miss Agnes, 3 County place 

and 10 Moss street 
Patou, Margaret, 15 Incle street 
Paton, Mrs. John, 8 Moucrieff street 
Patrick, W. N., 69 Broomlauds 
Peebles, Mrs. M., 39 Maxwellton 
Pollock, Jeanie, 55 Caledonia street 
Pollock, Robert, 67 Broomlands 
Quin, Frank, 28 St. James street 
Reid, W. J., 4 Carriagehill 
Reid, Miss L., 1 Lawn street 
Ribbons & Co., 91 High street 
Robertsou, John, 19 Sandboles 
Robertson, James, Thrushgrove works 

Robertson, Mrs. M., 32 Carriagehill 
Ronald, Mrs. Thomas, 6 Mossvale st. 
Ross, Mrs., 3 Gordon place 
Russell, Mrs. J ., 68 Love street 
Sands, Janet, 14 Wellmeadow 
Scott, Harry, 27 Love street 
Scott, John, 81 New Sneddon 
Semple, Miss, 4 Garthland street 
Shearer, Mrs., 57 Canseyside 
Shearer, Miss Agnes, 6 Bank street 
Sim, Robert, 4 New Sneddon 
Smith, Marion, 29 George street 
Smith, Mrs., 18 Orchard street 
Smith, Mrs. Maggie, 69 Love street 
Spiers, M., 51 Storie street 
Stevenson, Lizzie, 31 Well street 
Stewart, Alex., 1 Springbank road 
Stewart, Alexander, 13 Wellmeadow 

Stewart, Mrs. Jessie, 5 Lawn- street 
btewart, Thomas, 38 Well street 
Sweeuie, Miss E , 13 Stock street 
Taylor, Donald. 2 Silk street 
Taylor, T., 97 Canseyside 
Thomson. Mrs. A., 90 High street 
Urqnhart, Robert, 53 High street and' 

19 Wellmeadow 
Urquhart, Wm., 35g- Broomlands and. 

811 High street 
Walker, Stewart, 9 Back Sneddon 
Walker, Thomas, 17 Ferguslie 
Waters, J., 6 Orchard street 
Waters, Wm., 11 Springbank road 
Watson, Agnes, 19 Spring-bank road 
Watson, Maggie, 57 Broomlands 
Watson, Thomas, 3 Bank street 
I Weir, Mrs. Robert, 4 George street 
I White, Nellie, 7 Broomlands 
I Wills, George, 57 George street 
Wilson, John, 8 Lawn street 
Wilson, Robert, 2 Stirling street 
Wilson, Mrs. R , 23 Cotton street 
Wilson, Mrs., 6 Incle street 
Wilson, Mrs., 11 Neilston road 
Wilson, Mrs., 20 Wallace street 
Wilson, T., 9 George street 
Wylie, David. 15 Mossvale 
Wylie, Miss Elizabeth, 27 Storie street 


Hunter, Claik, 3 Henderson street 
M'Naughton, Henry, Hav\khead road 
Wardrop, James, 2 Braid's road 


M'Millan, William, 32 High street 
Ralston, John, 7 Orchard street 

Corn Flour Manufacturers. 

(See under Starch Manufacturers). 

Cowfeeders and Dairymen. 

Aitken, James, 39 Ferguslie 
Aitken, Robert, 44 Well street 
Arndle, Hugh, 26 New street 
Baillie, Daniel, Lyleslaud dairy 
Barclay, Allan, 27 St. James street 
Barr, James H. ? 18 Sandholes 
Barr, Mrs, 2 George street 
Barr, Robert, 39 Lady lane 
Bauchop, Misses, 3 Neilston street 
Bowie, Mrs. Walter, 60 Canal street 



Boyd, J., 8 Neilston street 
Brewster, Mrs. Janet, 7 Mill street 
Cameron, Alexander, 26 Love street 
Carlin, Francis, 13 Underwood road 
Cochran, Alexander, Burufoot, Thornlie 
Cook, Miss, 149 George street 
Craig, John, IS Great Hamilton street 
Craig, William, 22 Well street 
Duncan, Andrew, 28 Orchard street 
Esdale, John, 17 Queen street 
Ferguson, Peter, 80 Canal street 
Fiulayson, Robert, Carriagehill house 
Fulton, W., 29 Canal street 
Geinmell, Andrew, 18 Cotton street 
Gibb, Matthew, Stirling street 
Gillespie, William, Alton 
Graham, Angus, 8 South croft 
Hamilton, James, 58 Causeyside 
Holms, William, 15 Back Sneddon 
Howie, David, 61 Storie street 
Jarvie, James, 21 Underwood road 
King, James, 19 Sandholes 
Kyle, Robert, Laighpark 
Laird, Joseph, 12 Gauze street 
Laird, Annie, 8 Garthland street 
Lang, Archd., 13 Kilnside road 
Lang, Mrs., 1 Johnston street 
Lee, Jane, 37 Ferguslie 
Livingstone, Daniel, 20 Gauze street 
Love, Thomas, 40 Storie street 
Lyle, John, 25 Lawn street 
Malcolm, Archibald, 7 Canal sfreet 
Millar, Alexander, 35 M'Kerrell street 
Miller, William, 37 Caledonia street 
Monaghan, Michael, 15 Neilston road 
Muir, John, 2 Moncrieff street 
Muir, William, 2 Crossflat terrace 
Myles, Robert, 38 Thread street 
M'Dermid, Charles, 8 North Croft 
M'Dermott, B., 13 Ferguslie 
Macdougall, Mrs., 13 Iucle street 
M'Indoe, Mrs., 19 Underwood lane 
M'Leod, Jae., 4 Siik street 
M'Millau, Dougal, 6 Caledonia street 
M'Pherson, Duncan, Gibbie's Bush, 

King street 
Paton, John, 35 Well street 
Porter, Mrs., Walker street 
Provau, William, 18 Springbank road 
Provident Co-operative Society, Ltd., 

138 George street, 54 Broomlands, 

7 Lawn street, 7 Springbank road, and 

2 Kilnside road 
Rankine, Miss, 7 New street 
Reid, Mrs John, 7 Neil street 

Retson, Thomas, 61 George street 
Ritchie, Peter, 42 Back Sneddon 
Ronald, Marion, West Gockstou cottage,. 

Goudie street 
Russell, Mrs., 78 George street 
Simpson, William, 12 Storie street 
Smith, Andrew, 19 Lady lane 
Somerville, Mrs., 18 Williamsburgh 
Stevenson, James. 3 Maxwellton street 
Stevenson, Mrs. Margt , 73 Canal st. 
Stewart, John, 97 George street 
Strachan, James, 7 Carriagehill 
Tyre, James, 39 George street 
Walker, Alexander, 82 Castle street 
Walker, Alexander, 50 Mill street 
Walker. James, 18 Gauze street 
Walker,' John, 21 and 23 Abbey street 
Watson, Charles, 14 High street 
Watson, William, 1 t Gateside 
Wells, John, 1 Neilston road 
Wills, James, Whitehaugh farm 
Wilson, M. & J., 13 Carriagehill 
Wishart, Thomas, Nelson street 
Wright, Alexander, 23 Calside 
Young, William, 11 Broomlands 

Cutlers ancL Gunmakers- 

Denovan, William, 32 High street 
Muir, John, 186 and 137 George street 
M'Kiulay, William (fishing tackle), 4 

Siik street 
Tannahill, Andrew, 1 Smithhills 

Cycle Makers and. Agents. 

Galletley, Duncan, 108 Causeyside 
Graham & Caskie, 2 Causeyside 
Hogarth Cycle Works, 32 Carriagehill 
Howard & Rpid. 46 Old Sneddon 
Jaap, John, 15 W T ellmeadow ; workshop 

8 Barr street 
Leitch, William, 41 Lady lane 
M'Millau, William, jun., 82 High street 
Rennie, John, 46 Calsi.'e 
Robertson, J. B., & Co., 4 Bridge street 

Snodgrass & Brown, 37 Old Sneddon 
Taylor, Jas. A., 15 Causeyside 
Watson Brothers, 84 George street 


(See Pattern Drawers). 




Foulds, Win. & Co., Glenfyne Distillery 
Ardrishaig — office School wynd 

Saucel Distillery Company, King street 

Stewart, James, & Co., King street 

Drainage Pipe and Tile Manu- 

Brown, Robert, & Son Ltd., Millarston 
Speirs, Gibb, & Co , Greenock road 

Drapers and Silk Mercers. 

Aitken, David, 44 New street 
Aitken, Mrs. William, 18 Moss vale street 
Allan, Mrs. John, 33 Kilnside road 
Allison, Mrs., 32 Carriagehill 
Asquith, K., 13 Wardrop street 
Bowie, T. & J., 109 High street 
Bradley, Mrs., 80 New Sneddon 
Bryce, Misses, 2 Old Smithhills 
Budge, A., 90 High street 
Burgess, Miss L. B., 41 High street 
Caldwell, Maggie M., 3 Gauze street 
Campbell, Jeauie, 4 Lady burn street 
Cameron, Miss Jeanie, 36 M'Kerrell st. 
Cashmore, James, 19 Storie street 
Cochran, Robert S., 109 Causeyside 
Cochran, Robert, & Sons, 26 and 27 

New Smithhills 
Cumming, A., 4 Old Smithhills 
Dalgarno, Alex.. 79 and 80 Broomlands 
Dand, David, 53 High street 
Davidson, D., 20 Saudholes 
Davidson, Mrs., 45 Broomlands 
Drennan, James, 17 Moss street 
D uuda a, Porteous, 2 Forbes place and 

19 Gauze street 
Fernie, Archd., 59 George street 
Gibb, John, & Sou, 26 High street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Robert, 5 Moss street 
Glassford, J. E., 98 Causeyside 
Glen, James, 9 Broomlands 
Guthrie, E., 67 Broomlands 
Hamilton, Alexander, 16 Wellmeadow 
Hamilton, Mrs., 3^ George street 
Henderson & Agnew, 102 Causeyside 
Hill, Sarah, 100 George street 
Jeukius, Mrs., 2 Johnston street 
Kirk wood, Miss M., 37 Wellmeadow 
Lace (The Paisley) House, 93 High st. 

Lauder, Mrs. T., 17 Well street 
Lawrie, E. & M. A.. 12 St. James place 
Lawson, Agnes, 3 Lawn street 
Lawson, Thomas, 20 Moss street 
Lees, Robert M., 38 Moss street 
Leslie, William, 10 Barclay street 
Love, Mrs., 46 Calside 
Maguire, Chas., 16 Storie street 
Maxwell, Mrs., 26 Caledonia street 
Mitchell, Mrs., 29 Ferguslie 
Morton, Andrew, 24 Causeyside 
[ Morton, Elizabeth, 15 Broomlands 
Morton, J. H. & Co., 9 George street 
Morton, M., 36 Well street 
M'Callum, Jane, 10 Wellmeadow 
M'Cance, H., 5 Lylesland 
M'Donald, Elizabeth S., 66 Canal street 
M'Donald, Mrs. R., 19 Broomlands 
M'Gibbon, John, & Son, 47 High street 
M'Glashan, James, & Co., 1 Causeyside 
M'lutyre & Co., 18 Moss street 
M'Kay, Miss A., 3 Moss street 
M-Lauchlau, Mrs. R., 102 Causeyside 
M'Naught, Alex., 86 Causeyside 
M'Rory, John, 15 Neilston road 
Naismith & Scott, 86 High street 
Paisley Co-operative Manufacturing 
Society, Ltd., 114 Causeyside, 15 
Broomlands, 10 Neilston road, and 
11 Kilnside road 
Parlaue & Kerr, 10 High street 
Patterson, Samuel, 2 Gauze street 
Phillips, Mrs. E., 38 Causeyside 
Pottie, Mrs., 4 Gartblaud street 
Prentice, W. F. & Co, 99 High street. 
Provan. Andrew, 15 High street 
Robertson, Jane, 2 Queen street 
Ross, P. F., 15 Wellmeadow 
Rowand, John, 34 High street 
Scott & Browu, Misses, 14 Gauze street 
Strafford, H. S., 13 Wellmeadow 
Thomson, Alexander, 79 High street 
Wallace & Co., 15 High street 
Walker, Robert, 9 Hillview place 
Welsh, J. & G., 101 High street 
Winning, Mrs. Mary, 49 Broomlands 
Young, John, & Sou, 7 Orr square 


Aitken, D., 44 New street 
Aitken, M., 13 Lawn street 
Barbour-, Miss Maggie, 9 St James street 
Barr, Miss Mary, 6 Lonend 
Bartholomew, Agues, 11 Lady laue 



Bell, Mrs., 5 Stow street 
Berry, Elizabeth, 9 Townhead terrace 
Black, A. C, 82 High street 
Black, Miss Mary, 12 Abbey street 
Blair, Jessie, 34 George street 
Bowie, T. & J., 109 High street 
Bowie, Miss Maggie, 27 Weil street 
Brown, Mrs., 30 Canal street 
Burgess, Miss L. B., 41 High street 
Caldwell, Miss, 25 New Stock street 
Carswell, Miss, 1 Camphill 
Cassels, Miss, 6 Bank street 
Charles, Miss J., 7 Sandholes 
Cochran, Robert, & Sous, 26 and 27 

New Smithhills 
Co-operative Manufacturing Society 

Limited, 114 and 115 Causeyside 
Crawford, Jane, 9 Argyle street 
Crosbie, Miss A., 5 Wellmeadow 
Dewar, Miss Annie, 14 Howie street 
Duffy, Mrs., 16 Whitehead street 
Duncan, Marion, 3 Camphill place 
Esdaile, W. S., & Co. (mantle makers), 

93 High street 
Finn, Miss Julia, 22 High street 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., 15 Broomlands 
Fleck, Miss, 46 Broomlands 
Fleming, Miss, 6 Silk Street 
Fraser, M. & H., 6 Wellmeadow 
Freebairn, Miss Martha, 49 High street 
French, Mrs., 32 Cotton street 
Fyfe, Miss, 2 St. James street 
Goodwin, Bella, 6 Whitehead street 
Govan, Misses, 16 Gilmour street 
Haldeu, Miss, 109 Causeyside 
Hart, Miss, 10 St. Mirren street 
Home, Mrs., 9 Orr square 
Houston, Miss, 10 St. Mirren street 
Houston, Miss, Stanley place 
Jardiue, Miss, 7 Gauze street 
Jarvie, Misses, 50 Causeyside 
Johnston, Miss, 4 Gauze street 
Johnston, Mrs., 39 Wellmeadow 
Kerr, Misses, 18 Causeyside 
Kilpatrick, Janet, 7 West Croft 
Kirkwood, Miss M., 37 Wellmeadow 
Knox, Miss Jeauie, 8 West Croft 
Laird, Miss, 5 Greenlaw avenue 
Leeg, Miss, 15 Alice place 
Lochhead, Miss, 86 Caual street 
Madden, M., 20 John street 
Masson, Miss, 4 Old Smithhills 
Mathieson, Mrs , 2 Springbauk road 
M'Allister, Miss, 1 Underwood lane 
M'Callutn, Janet, 50 Storie street 

M'Cowan, Mrs., 5 County place 
Macdougall, Miss, 84 High street 
M'Douald, Misses, 12 Hillview place 
M'Dowall & Irvine, 85 High street 
M'Gregor, Miss Jane, 18 Williamsburgh 
M'Kinlay, M., 29 High street 
M'Lauchlan, M. & J., 100 George street 
M'Lean, Mrs. Finlay, 23 Causeyside 
M'Murchie, Miss B., 5 New street 
M'Pherson, Miss Agues, 50 Love st. 
Paton, Miss, 1 Crossflat terrace 
Parian e & Kerr, 10 High street 
Paton, Miss, 1 Crossflat terrace 
Pinkerton, Miss J., 40 High street 
Pitt, Miss Elizabeth, 3 Townhead ter. 
Pollock, Elizabeth, 35 George street 
Porter, Agnes, 29 Wellmeadow 
Raeside, Misses, 4 Johu street 
Richmond, Miss, 39 New street 
Ritchie, E., 95 High street 
Ronald, Mrs., 11 Argyle street 
Ross. Jessie, 48 Well street 
Russell, Miss Mary, 5 Incle street 
Scott, Miss M., 55 Broomlands 
Telfer, Mrs., 93 George street 
Thomson, Miss J., 4 Wellmeadow 
Thomson, Miss, 36 Well street 
Turubull, Christina, 16 Moss street 
Weddell, Misses, 23 Broomlands 
Wallace & Co., 15 High street 
White, Mrs. G., 19 Gauze street 
Wilson, Jessie L., 43 High street 
Wood, Miss W., 13 Douglas street 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Allan, Alexander, 19 George street 
Brownridge, Robt., 17 Neilston road 
Buchanan, Mrs., (drug store;, 7 Broom- 
lauds street 
Cockburn & Co., Ltd., 12 St. Mirren st. 
Croll, David W., 9 Broomlands 
Duncan, James, M.D., 22 Causeyside 

and 1 Crossflat terrace 
Fraser, Alex., 100 High street — branch 

Sherwood buildings, Glasgow road 
Galbreath Brothers, 92 Causeyside 
Hannah, Henry, 44 Moss street and 1 

Crossflat terrace 
Home, Thos., 18 Gilmour street 
Holms, Johu, 21 Wellmeadow and 24 

Gauze street 
Huuter, John B , 3 Smithhills 
Hunter, T. K, 21 Old Sneddon 
Medical (The) Hall, 9 St. James place 



M'Cowan, R. T., 8 High street, 23 Gauze 

street, aud 9 Broomlauds 
Robb, Helen, 35 Well street 
Russell, Dr. Win., 3 5 Broomlauds and 

2 Cotton street 
Sim, William, 43 High street 
Stevenson, John, M.D., 55 Causeyside 

and 29 Wellmeadow 
Stewart, Hawthorn, 81 High street 
Walker, James, 12 St. James place 
Wilson, Thomas, & Son, 36 Ferguslie 


(See also Chemical Manufacturers.) 

Caldwell, W., & Co., Murray street 
■Macfee, H. M., & Co., Gateside Oil aud 

Paint Works, Niddry street 
Rodger, John, 10 Glenview 


Bell, A.,& Sous, Ltd., Stanley dyeworks 

— shop 6 Gilmonr street 
Fulton, William, & Sons, Ltd., Glenfield 
Gibson & Reid, The Paisley Dyeworks, 

Lacey street and 84 Hi<J[h street 
Hamilton, Adam, & Sous, Ltd.,Blackland 

Hamilton, William, 18 Abbey street 
Hutcheson, William, juu., & Co., George 

M'Callum, J. & J., Limited, Laighpark 

Dyew orks 
Macfarlane, D.,& ?ons, Ltd., Underwood 

Road Dyeworks 
M*Lardie, James, & Sons, Meikleriggs 
Pollock & Cochrane, Thrushcraig 
Reid, Alexander, & Brother, Ltd., Lady- 
burn Dyeworks 
Stewart & Wallace, 8 St. James street 
Walker, Drybrough, & Co., Arkleston 

Eating-house Keepers. 

Adie, Alexander, 63 Broomlauds 
British Workman Public House, 8 St 

James place 
Clarke, Joseph 4 and 6 St. Mary's ter. 
Coia, 4 Broomlauds 
Cormie, Christina, 14 Old Smithhills 
Crawford, Mrs. Margaret, 11 Caledonia 

Forsyth, John, 12 NewUn street 

Hamilton, Eliza, 32 Broomlauds 

Jack, Mrs.. 9 Rosebery place 

Jamison, Matthew, George Temperance 

Hotel, 2 Old Smithhills 
Paton, Miss Kate, 12 Ferguslie 
Philip, Andrew, 103 George street 
Renfrew, Alex., 23 New street 
Scouller, Adam, 8 Old Sneddon 
Smith, John, 21 Thread street 
Yielder, R., The Cross 

Electrical Engineers. 

Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd., TListTe 

Works, Abbotsinch 
Fulton, T. Crichton, 12 Abbey street 
Hunter & Goudie, 5 Causeyside 
Kilpatrick, James, & Son, 109 Pligh sr. 
Patersou, Cooper, & Co. Ltd., Patella. 

works, Lin wood road 
Robertson & Co., 55 Back Sneddon 
Yourg & Risk, 23 New Smithhills 


Hamiltou, J., & Co., 2 Uuion street 

Engineers and Machine-Makers 

Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd., Thistle 

Works, Abbotsinch 
Bryce, John S., 10 Hunter street 
Campbell & Calderwood, Soho Engine 

Works, Murray slreet 
Christie, William, & Sous, Underwood 

Irou works 
Craig, A. F., & Co., Limited, Caledonia. 

Engine Works, Macdowall street 
Doulton & Co., Ltd., Hawkhead road 

(sanitary engineers) 
Eadie Brothers, & Co., Victoria Works, 

Seedhill road 
Fisher & Co., St. Mirreu Works, Mac- 
dowall street 
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd., Phoenix 

Works, Iuchinuan road 
Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Ltd.), 

Vulcan Foundry and Engine Works, 

Renfrew road 
Graham & Caskie (weighing machines), 

2 Causeyside 
Gregorson, Wm., & Co. (spindle and 

flyer), 51 High street 
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson. Abbey works, 

23 New Sneddon, and Atlas works, 

17 Back Sneddon 



Hislop, Fred. L. (consultiug gas 

engineer), 13 St. Jarues place 
Hislop, G. R., jun. (consulting gas 

engineer), 12 St. St. James place 
Hislop, R. Fiudlay (consulting gas 

engineer), 13 St. James place 
Ilollis, John, 1 Wallace street 
Lamont & Co., Hawkhead Works 
Milne, George (wringers and mangles), 

2 Gauze street 
Mo -Oar (The) Syndicate Limited, 

M'Gee, Walter, & Son, Albion Works, 

M'Glashan, Duncan, Uuderwood lane 
Paterson, Cooper, & Co. Ltd., Patella 

works, Liuwood road 
Pollock, S., & Sons, Pacific Engine 

Works, Williamsburgh 
Reid, Thomas, & Sons, 19 Thread street 
Reunie, John, 46 Calside 
Russell, Wm., 1 Water brae (burgh) 
Sheddou, Thomas, & Sou, 29 Gordon's 

Singer Manufacturing Co., 10 St. Mir- 

ren street 
Sproul, Andrew, & Sons, Barterbolm 
Wallace, Conuell, & Co. (sanitary), 8 

Gilmour street 
Watson Brothers, 84 George street 
White, Thomas, & Sous, Laighpark 


Brown, Robert, 10 Espedair street 
Eadie, John, 4 Moss street 
Faulkner, B. G., 10 St. James street 
Graham, T. & R., 4 Bridge street 
H^iy, R., & Sou, 94 High street 


Adam, John, East Walkinsbaw 
Allison, Mrs. William, South Arkleston 
Andrew, James, Bushes 
Arueil, Robert, Corsebar 
Bowie, James, West Dykebar 
Bowie, Walter, Dykebaihill 
Bryce,David, Abbotsinch,Inchinuan rd. 
Buchanan, James, Hunterhill, Paisley 
Cars well, James, Durrochstock 
Cowan, J., Rosshall 
Chapman, Mrs. Robt., North Arkleston, 

Glasgow road 
Cochrane, John, North Brediland 
Crawford, Wm., Craigenfeoch, Elderslie 

Eadie, Samuel, Little Crossford, How- 
Fleck, John, Lounsdale 
Fleming. William, Fulwood, by Linwood 
Fraser, Wm., Boghead Farm 
Gardner, James, South Hilliugtou, off 

Glasgow road, by Crookstou 
Gilmour, Mrs James, Fulbar 
Gray, Thomas, Oldbar 
Hendry, James, Thornly 
Houston, Archibald, Wester Walkiu- 

shaw, Greenock road, by Linwood 
Kerr, Jas., The Green, by Liuwood 
Kerr, James, Middletou, by Linwood 
Kerr, Robert, East Fulton, by Johnstone 
Kerr, William, Linclive, by Linwood 
Keter, William, Bogside, Renfrew- 
Kyle, Andrew, Muirhead, Elderslie 
Kyle, Robert, Laighpark, Paisley 
Kyle, Matthew, Selvieland, by Paisley 
Lang, Arthur, Garneyland, by Inch- 

iunan, Renfrew 
Lawrie, William, Loanhead, Inchinnan 

Mathie, Angus, Merksworth 
Moffat, James, Turueyland, Greenock rd 
M'Coll, Neil, Mid Walkinshaw by 

M'Donald, John, Porterfield, Renfrew 

road, Renfrew 
M'lntyre, Mrs. Neil, South Candren, by 

M'Murrich, Robert, Gockston 
M'Nair, Hugh, Meikleriggs 
Park, Alex., Turningshaw, by Johnstone 
Park, Walter S., Ilatton, Bishopton 
Pollock, Robert, Amochrie 
Renfrew, James, Blaekstoun Mains 
Retsou, Mrs. Audiew, Moorhouse, 

Riddell, David, Blackball 
Ritchie, John, Broom ward, Elderslie 
Howaud, John, Candren, by Liuwood 
Russell, Hugh, Foxbar 
Russell, John, Potterhill 
Rutherford, Thos., Muirhead, Linwood 
Scott, Ales., North Mains, by Johnstone 
Sibbald, John, The Knowes, by Lin- 
Smith, James, New Mains, Inchinnan, 

by Renfrew 
Stevenson, Peter, Bardrain, by Elderslie 
Stewart, John, Thorulypark, Paisley 
Stirrat, Robt., Home Farm, Blaekstoun 
Strang, Christopher, Whiteford farm 



Thorn, Johu, Hallhill, Howwood 

Walker, Robert, Brounsfield, Inchinnan 

Watsou, Thos., Fulwood, by Johnstone 

Watt, B., Sergeantlaw 

Watt, T., West Thornleyniuir 

Weir, Alexander, Barskiven 

White, John, Nether Craigends, by 

White, William, Hairshaw, Bishopton 
Young, David, Old Hall and Alton farm, 

Glasgow road 
Young, R. C, Netherfield and Fulwood, 

by Johnstone 

Fire-Clay Manufacturers. 

Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., Ferguslie 
Fire-Clay works 

Speirs, Gibb, & Co., Caledonia Fire- 
Clay works, Greenock road 

Fishmongers and Poulterers. 

Blair, Robert, 53 George street 
Boyd, William, 67 Broomlands 
Deans, William, 9 St. James place 
Ferrie, A., 72 Broorulands 
Fonlds, William, 66 Causeyside 
Gardner, David. 2 Neilstou street 
GleD, Miss Agnes, 34 Gauze street 
Guthrie, David, 17 Incle street 
Hardcastle, John, 26 Causeyside 
Logan, James & Robert, 20 Wellmeadow 
Maitland, Wrn., jun., 54 Caledoni st. 
Muldoon, Mrs. J., 15 Gauze street 
M'Taggart, Jane, 11a Kilnside road 
M'Taggart, J,, 79 Broomlands 
M'Taggart, L., 62 Causeyside 
O'Donnell, Charles, 69 Love street 
Risk, William, 34 High street 
Robertson, Mrs., 101 Causeyside 
Sawers, Ltd., 19 High street 
Steel, James, 47 Moss street 
Weir, James, 15 Neilston road 


Allison, James, 34 High street 
Allison, Walter, 2 St. James street 
Anderson Bros.. 35 High street 
Armour, W. & R , 53 Broomlands 
Arnott, William, 21 Gauze street 
Arthur, Samuel, 17 George street and 

and 14 Underwood road 
Ay ton, J., 8 Cotton street 

Black, William, 104 George street 
Brown, Misses A. & M., 61 Causeyside 
Canning, A., 7 Springbank road 
Cameron, James G. , 102 George street 
Carse, Robert, 97 Causeyside 
Carse, William, 50 Love street 
Co-operative (Equitable) Society, 38 

Great Hamilton sf. & 17 Carriagehill 
Co-operative Provident Society- — 

138 George, street 

70 Love street 

91 Causeyside 

48 Broomlands 

1 Cotton street 

21 Underwood road 

2 Kilnside road 

Craig, David, & Son, 24 Wellmeadow 
Craig, James, 26 Gauze street 
Easton, Wm., 60 Back Sneddon street 
Fitzpatrick, John, 2 Lawn street 
Fleming, Mary. 29 George street 
Gilmour, Thos., 11^ New Smithhills 
Gibson, Alex., 15 Old Sneddon 
Glen, Thomas, 36 Broomlands 
Hamilton, George, 16 Neilston road 
Holms, Matthew, 16 Kilnside road 
Holmes, William, 21 Sandholes 
Kennedy, James, 11 Gauze street 
King, A., 5 Broomlands 
Lang, John, 55 Caledonia street 
Leitcb, William, & Son, 31 Causeyside 

and 3 Old Smithhills 
Millar, Peter, 74 Love street 
Morrison & Shaw, 19 Neilston road 
Morrison, John G., 2 Bank street 
Muir, Mrs. James, 20 George street 
Murray, James, 4 Mossvale street 
M'Allister, Mrs., 5 George street 
M'Donald Hugh, 78 Broomlands 
M'Do'wall, James, 41 Ferguslie 
M'lutyre, John, 107 George street 
M'lotyre, Robert, 30 Canal street 
M'Luskie, Peter, 5 St. James street 
M'Nee, John B., 41 Caledonia street 
Nelson, J., & Sons, Ltd., 6 Moss street 

and 22 Causeyside 
Rennie, Alexander, 18 Wellmeadow 
Rennie, John, 68 Causeyside and 9- 

Canal street 
Rennie, Robert A., 18 Wellmeadow 
Ritchie, James A., 27 St. James street 
Russell, James, 2 Crossflat terrace 
Rutherford, Alex. H., 14 Gauze street 
Scarlett, James, 54 Causeyside and 23 

Neilstou road 



Shaw, Smith, 20 Causeyside 
Smith, Edward, 5 Springbank road 
Smith, James, 19 SaDdholes 
Taylor, Thomas, 6 Maxwell street 
Towns, Alexander, 28 Well street 
Waddell, R. D., 96 High street (pork) 
Wallace, James, 8 Love street 
Wallace, Robert, 37 Well street 
Watson, William, & Sou, 27 High street 
Watson, A. & W., 25 Causeyside and 

11 Kiloside road 
Wilsou, Charles, 22 Sandholes 


(See under Nurserymen and Florists.) 

French Polishers. 

Friels, Daniel, 25 High street 
Smith, William, 15 Wardrop street 
Storrie, Mrs. J., 19 Greeuhill road 

Funeral Undertakers, 

Andersou, James, 43 Wellmeadow 
Begg, John, & Son, 24 Cotton street 
Begg, Thomas, 24 Cotton street 
Glasgow (The; Tramway and Omnibus 
Co., Limited, Terrace buildings and 
Station buildings, County square 
Kilpatrick, John, & Son, 16 Abbey 

Knox, Walter, 53 Storie street 
M'llwham, James, 21 Old Sneddon 
Scott, Alexander, 93 High street 
Young, William, 43 Gordon's lane 


Beckett, J. & M., 55 Causeyside 
Brannan, Misses, 18 Gauze street 
Clark, Miss J. H., 30 High street 
Cowan, Mrs. Janet, 11 Cochran street 
Gibb, John, & Son, 26 High street 
Glencross, A., 9 Lady lane 
Hamilton, Miss M., 93 Causeyside 
Holmes, Mrs., 97 High street 
Knight, Sons, & Co., Ill Causeyside 

and 19 Gauze street 
M'Gregor, Miss Jane, 23 Williamsburgh 
Park, Robert, 3 Cumberland court 
Thomson, Robert, 24 Neilstou road 


Lemay, Mrs., 57 Canal street 
Macdonald, A., 36 High street 



Davidson, David, 5 Stow street 
Davidson, Francis, 46 Moss street 
Duncau, Archibald, 4 Gladstone terrace 
Henderson, John, 29 Caledonia street 
Knox, W., 4 Blackball buildiugs 
Macaulay, John, 5 Castle street 
Provan, Andrew, 13 Wellmeadow 
Reid, James, 11 Neilston street 


Allan, Charles, Moss-side 
M'Dermid, D., Williamsburgh Nursery 
Stevenson, M., Greenlaw Nursery 
Stobo, John, Westmarch cottage 
Stobo, Mrs. Alex., Kelburu cottage,. 

Race-course road 
Watson, Jas., Bellfield Nursery 

Gardeners to Private Gentlemen, tfc. 

English, John, Ralston 
Eccles, George, 7 Rosebery place 
Gunn, Robert, Hawkhead, west lodge 
Hogg, Thomas, Woodside house — 9 

Wilson street 
Maxwell, Ja mes, gardener to Mrs. James 

Arthur, Barshaw 
M'Arthur, Donald, gardener to J. B. 

Lamb, Underwood cottage 
M'Naughton, John, gardener to W. 

Holms-Kerr, Brablocu 
Reid, Robert, superintendent of Paisley 

Walker, James, superintendent of 

Hawkhead Cemetery 


Adam, James, & Son, 19 Moss street 
Berry, John C., 35 High street 
Boyd, James, & Sons, Macdowall street 
Ferguson, Norman, 19 Storie street 
Imperial Glass and Glazing Co., 73 
Broomlauds street 



Kerr & Young, 47 Old Sneddon 
Kirk. George G.. 6 Lawn street 
Kirk, John, 27 Wellmeadow 

Grain Merchants, 

Bowie, Allan J., 3 Brown's lane 
Finlayson, James, Carriagehill 
Hill, R. & L. 45 Well street 
Hill, Thos., 22 Maxwellton street 
Lang, Robert, 4 Glen lane 
M'Gee, Walter, 8 Bridge street 
M-Gill, John. 12 Old Sneddon 
Ramsay, J. & R., Seedhill Mills 
Suodgrass, James, Saucel mills 
Young, Wm., 11 Broomlands 


Tiartland, Edmnnd, 18 Williamsburgh 
Killoch, Miss, 15 Alice place 
Noble, Mi?s A., 36 Underwood 
Orr, Mrs. Robert, 3 Lawn street 
Pollock, Jeauie, 55 Caledonia street 
Reid, Mrs. Wm., 7 Neilston road 
Sawers, T., 98|- George street 
Wills, George, 57 George street 

Grocers & Provision Merchants. 

Those marked (*) are also Spirit Dealers. 

*Adam, John, 9 Williamsburgh 
Aitken, Mrs., 18 Mossvale street 
Allison, John, 86 Causeyside 
Allison, Joseph, & Co. (wholesale), 18 
Allison, Agnes, 29 Williamsburgh 
Anderson, John Anderson, 46 High st. 
Andrew, Wm., 9 Wardrop street 
Arnott, Samuel. 53 Caledonia street 
Arthur, J. F., 96 New Sneddon 

*Balfour, Margaret, 10 Storie street 
Barnett, James, 68 George street 
Ban-, Alexander, 58 Storie street 
Beith, Mrs. Mary, 1 Phillips street 
Black, M. G., 29 Wellmeadow 

*Boyd, J. M., 82 Canal street 
Boyd, Sarah, 25 Queen street . 
B"yd, T. H., 30 Carriagehill 
Brown, John, 27 Springbank road 
Brown, William, 37 High street 

Brysou, James, 58 George street 
Burnet & Hamilton (wholesale), 8 and 

9 Well street 
Cairns, R. & Co., 100 High street 
Campbell, Miss Jaue, 11 Greeuhill road 
*Carlile, James S., 4 Thread street 
Charles, Wm. J., 12 Barr street 
Clark, Miss Jeanie, 113 George street 
Coats, W. & A., 68 Broomlands 
Cochran, David, 87 Causeyside 
Cook, Wiliiam, 23 Gauze street 
Cooper & Co., 10 St. Mirreu street 

and 78 Broomlands 
Co - operative (Equitable) Store, 35 
Great Hamilton street — branch shops, 

9 Neilston street, 17 Carriagehill, and 
90 Causeyside 

Co-opera tive(Paisley Pro videut) Stores 
139 and 168 George street, 68 Love 
street,48 Broomlands, 20 Lawn street, 

10 Springbank road, 24 Underwood 
road, 78 Broomlands, 7 Mill street, 
110 George street, 19 Caledonia 
street, 1 M'Kerrell street, 4 Seed- 
hill road, and 15 Abercoru street 

Cooperwhite, Benjamin, 15 Mossvale 

Courtney, J., 69 Broomlands 
*Creedon, John, 40 Wellmeadow 
Cunningham, Alexander, 6 Barclay st. 
Currie, John (wholesale), 10 Shuttle 

Davie, Catherine, 2 Lawn street 
Deans, John, 31 Well street 
Dick, A. S., 21 Wallace street 
Dick, John, 5 Incle street 
Douglas, R., 50 Love street 
*Downs, John, 23 Stock street 
Duncan, William, 18 Laighpark 
Ferguson, James, 24 New street 
Ferguson, Thomas, 81 Broomlands 
Fergusou, William, 42 Moss street 
*Ferrie, Andrew. 136 George street 
Finlayson, William, 6 Smith street 
Flanuigan, Mrs. M., 21 Seedhill road 
Galbraith's Stores, 24 Back Sneddon — 
branches 18 and 22 Sandholes, 28 
Causeyside, 25 Gauze street, 14 
Broomlands, 30 Caual stre'et, 14 
Kilnside road, 31 Carriagehill, 51 
Broomlauds, 00 Back Sneddon, and 
34 Caledonia street 
^Gardner, William, 5 Moucrieff street 
Gemmell, Robert, 75 Broomlands 
Gibb, George Y., 25 Argyle street 



Gibson, James, 35 Causeyside 
Gibson, Mrs., 2 Johnston street 
G.'Uespie, Douald, 15 Moss street 
Gilmour. James, 67 Causeyside 
Gold, Mrs., 14 Storie street 
Graham, James, 70 Love street 
Haddow, Mrs. Agnes, 26 Williams- 
Hamilton, Mrs. J. K., 16 Well street 

* Hamilton, Robert, 5 Garriagehill 
*Hart, Thomas, 6 George street 

Henderson, John, 12 New Sneddon st, 
"*Bendrie, Mrs. R.. 50 Caledonia street 
Herd, A. II., 5 George street 
Higgen, George, 16 Lawn street 
Home and Colonial Tea Stores, 14 Moss 

Homo Tea Compinv, 29 New straet 
Hood, Ann, 1 East Buchanan street 
flow at, Robert, 31 Storie street 
Hunter, Arthur, 11 Gt. Hamilton st. 
Hunter, James, 10 Glen street 

* Hunter, Mrs. T , 22 Great Hamilton st. 
Iuglis, Mrs. Johu, 5 Mossvale street 

*Jack, James, & Son, 107 and 108 High 
street (Cross) 
Kelly, E., 22 Lawn street 
Kelly, William, 14 Underwood road 
Lambie, Hugh (wholesale), 5 Silk street 
Langmuir, Walter, 19 New Sneddon 

*Laugmuir, Walter, 19 Lawn street 
Liddell, G. D., 4 Garthlaud street 
Lipton Ltd.. 98 High street 
Love, Malcolm, 51 Caledonia street 

*Main, Alexander, 107 George street 
Marshall, Thomas, 21 Saudholes 
Martin, George, 102 George street 
Martin, Robert, 37 Well street 
Mathers, Alexander, 20 Broomlauds 
Mitchell, James, 32 Newton street 

*Muir, J. & J., 13 Neilston road 
Murray, Mrs., Ia Laighpark 
M'Adam, Dauiel, 4 Howie street 

*\l'Counachie, William, 71 Love street 
M'Connachie, Wm., 17 Cotton street 

*M'Cracken, James, 17 Gauze street 
M'Douald, Mary, 3 Williamsburgh. 
M'Donald, Robert, 18 George street 
M'Ghee. Bernard, 88 New Sneddon 
M "Hutchison, David, 52 Broomlauds 
M'Intyre, James, 9 Kilnside road 
M'Intyre, P., 99 Causeyside and 34 
Canal street 

*M'Kellar, Archibald, 84 Causeyside 
M'Kellar, Daniel, 28 George street 


MacKellar, Dauiel, 35 High street 
*MacKel!ar, Daniel, 12 Broomlauds 
M'Lachlan, Robert, 2 Broomlauds 
M'Laugbliu, Wm., 3 New Sueddon st. 
M'Lean, Alexander, 1 Gart'hlaud street 
M'Leau, James, 12 Wellmeadow 
M'Lean, John, 38 Underwood road 

and 75 Love street 
MNair, Duncau, & Sons, 12 St. Jamea 
place, 50 George street, and Sher- 
wood buildings, Glasgow road ; 
wholesale, 4 St. James street 
M'Nair, W., 63 George street, 21 Well- 
meadow, and 9 Moss street 
M'Nally, Mrs , 19 Well street 
*Newtou, William, 34 Glen street 
Nicol, Hamilton A., 19 Gauze street 
*Nicol, Johu, 5 Maxwell street 
Nicol, Robert, 5 Old Sneddon 
*0'Nei)l, Charles, 51 George street 
Orchardsou, Robt.,62 Causeyside 
Orr, William, 20 Whitehead street 
Park, Alex. H , & Co., Ill Causeyside 

Paterson, Audrew, 2 St. Mary's terrace 
Paul, William, 33 George street 
Piukerton, John, 45 Well street 
Pope, Mrs. Martin, 5 North Croft 
Ralstou, David, 16 Ferguslie 
*Reid, Thomas, 4 Renfrew street 
Ribbons & Co., 91 High street 
Robertson, Mrs. D. , 10 Seedhiil road 
Roddeo, Mrs., 28 Blackball street 
Ross, Mrs. Mary, 3 Gordon place 
Sim, Wm. (wholesale), 3 Causeyside 
Smith, Mrs., 8 Cotton street 
Smith, Alex., 4 Neilston road 
Stevenson, Miss Janet., 41 Clark street 
*Stevenson, James, 13 Abbey street 

Stevenson, James, 42 Broomlands 
*Stevenson, Thomas, 8 Gauze street 
Sutherland, William, 23 Wellmeadow 
Ting Tong Tea Co., 8 Moss street and 

14 Wellmeadow 
Towart, R., 10 Broomlands 
Travers, Alice, 150 George street 
Ure, J. & D., 22 High street 
Ure, Thomas, 97 Causeyside 
Weir, James, 10 Old Smithhills 
^Whitehead, A., 44 Broomlands 
Wills, James, 54 Causeyside 
Wright Bros., 11 Gauze street 
Wright, J., 15 Gauze street 
Wright, John, 6 Springbank road 
Wright, M., 22 Abbey street 



Hair (Curled) Manufacturer. 

Drew, M. s & Sons, Ltd., Colinslee 


Adams, Andrew, 4 Silk street 
Adams, Samuel, 16 Old Sneddon street 
Agnew, J., 63 Stone street 
Arneil, James, 4 Causeyside 
Baird, Jas.,2 Gauze at. and 16 George st. 
Burns, James, & Son, 54 Broomlanrtb 
Campbell, Robert, 31 New Smitbhills 
Campbell, Wm., 20 Lawn street 
Carruth, George, 52 George street 
Cook, Thomas, Walker street 
Fenino, Felix, 23 School wyud 
Fitch, John, 11 Old Sneddon 
Heron, J. R., 4o High street 
Keir, Robert, 32 Wellmeadow 
Kilpatriek, William, 2 Towuhead terrace 
Meiklejohu, Adam, 95 Causeyside 
Millar, John, 29 Maxwellton street 
Milton, Stephen, Johnston street 
M'Daid, W„ 35 Castle stieet 
M'Gallan, John G., 5 Old Sneddon 
M 'In tyre, Peter, 8 St. James place 
M'Keudrick, Matthew, 82 Broomlands 
Pole, Edward, 52 Caledonia street 
Quid, Peter, 6 Silk street 
Smith, Hugh C, junr., 72 Broomlands 
Sorbie, William, 16 Neilston road 
Taylor, G., 70 High street 
Tool, Andrew, 23 Neilston road 
Wallace, John, 6 Brown's lane 
Weir, Andrew, 2 Ladyburu street 
Welch, W., 4 County place 
Wengenroth, Gottfried, 37 Well street 
Wilson, Thomas, 24 New street 


Allison, Joseph, & Co., 18 Sandholes 
Burnet & Hamilton, 8 and 9 Well st. 
Charles, W. J., 12 Barr street 
Coats, W. & A., 68 Broomlands 
Cochran, Thomas, George place 
Cochran, Thomas, George place 
Lipton Limited, 98 High street 
Nicol, H. A., 19 Gauze street 
Pinkerton, James, 40 New street 
Spence, John, & Sous, 62 Storie street 

Hardware Merchants. 

(See under Ironmongers.) 


(See Hosiers and Hatters) 

Heddle Makers. 

Millar, V. K., & Sous, 32 High street 

Hosiers and Hatters. 

Adam, Jno., 25 High street 
Allan, Peter, 107 High street 
Anderson, William, 53 High street 
Bennett, S. W., 7 Moss street 
Biannau, Misses, 18 Gauze street 
Brown, M., 4 Moss street 
Cameron, Miss Jeanie, 36 M'Kerrell st. 
Campbell, Miss Jeanie, 4 Ladyburn st, 
Carnduff, John, 2 Neilston street 
Cassells, Annie, 6 Bunk street 
Clark, Miss J. H., 30 High street 
Cochran, R., & Sons, 26 and 27 New 

Co-operative Manufacturing Society,. 

Ltd., 114 and 115 Causeyside 
Fleming, Reid, & Co., Ltd., 10 St. 

Mirreu street 
Forrester, William, 23 High street and. 

1 Broomlands • 
Guthrie, E., 67 Broomlands 
Harper, Henry, 52 High street 
Holmes, Mrs., 97 High street 
Holt, H., 30 High street (ladies' hatter) 
Home Knitting Co., 2 Causeyside 
Hosiery Manufacturing Co., 18 Moss st, 
Inglis, John, 81 High street 
Lees, Robert M., 38 Moss street 
Leitch, W. R., 99 High street 
Martin, A. D , 35 W T ell street 
Morton, Mrs. Jeanie, 26 Broomlands- 
M'Lean, Mrs., 23 Causeyside 
Peacock, John, 42 High street 
Phillips, Mrs. E., 38 Causeyside 
Reid, R. M., 11 Old Smithhills 
Robertson & Son, 48 Moss street 
Robin, Mrs. Jane, 18 Causeyside 
Scott & Brown, Misses, 14 Gauze street 
Scotch Standard Hosiery Co., 12 Well- 



Scotch Wool aud Hosiery Stores, 10 

St. Mirren street 
Smith, Robert, 95 High street 
Spiers, Miss Jeanie, 1 1 Moss street 
Thomson, Alex., 79 Hisjh street 
Welsh, J. & G., 101 High street 
Winning, Mrs. Mary, 49 Broomlauds 
Wood, Mrs., 28 Wellmeadow 


(See Inns and Hotels.) 

Hothouse Builders. 

Boyd, James, & Sons, Macdowall street 

House Factors. 

Auderson, James, 24 Glen street 
Begg, R. 0., 15 Gilmour street 
Biggar, William, 1 Old Smithhills 
Grierson, John T., 8 Cochran street 
Hamilton, Andrew, 93 High street 
Hamilton, Robert, 43 Lady lane 
Jackson & Abercrombie, 5 County pi. 
Kirkwood & Goudie, 23 Moss street 
Lauchlan, Robert, & Sons, 13 Moss st. 
Murray, Archibald, 2 Causeyside 
Riddle, James, Whitehaugh house 
Russell, Robert, 93 High street 
Smart, A. Wilson, & Sou, 98 High st. 
Tweeddale, John, 28 George street 
Wilson, J. D., 4 Causeyside 
Winning & Fulton, Terrace buildings, 
109 High street 

India-RuTaoer and "Waterproof 

Barbour, Mrs. James, 12 High street 
Dick, R. & J., 90 High street 
Lang, James, 31 High street 

Inn and Hotel Keepers. 

Curr, William, St. Mirren temperance 

hotel, 6 Moss street 
George Hotel (Temperance) M. Jamison, 

2 Old Smithhills 
Hay Weighs Inn, Mrs. John Blair, 2 

King street 
Mitchell, John, Commercial Hotel, 11 

High street 
Quinn, Geo., Globe Hotel, 92 High street 

Iron Founders. 

Abercorn Foundry Compauy (Hauna, 

Donald, & Wilson), North Croft 
Bow. M'Lachlan, & Co., Limited. Thistle 

Works, Abbotsinch 
Craig, A. F., & Co. (Ltd.), Caledonia 

Works. Macdowall street 
Doulton & Co. (Ltd.), Hawkhead road 
Fullertou, Hodgart, & Barclay (Ltd.), 

Vulcan Foundry, Renfrew road 
Henry & Gait, Sneddon Foundry, 89 

and 90 New Sueddon street 
Marshall, John, & Co., Macdowall street 

Murdoch, Robert, & Co., 10 West Croft 

M'Gown street 
Paisley Foundry (Bow, M'Lachlau, & 

Co., Ltd.), Abbotsinch 


Biggs, W. G., 46 Well street 
Blair, Mrs. Agnes, 3 Broomlauds 
Burgess, A., 4 Ly'esland 
Campbell, John, 36 Caledonia street 
Clark. Mrs. James. 47 George street 
Coghill, George, 49 and 50 Old Sneddon 
Co-operative (Equitable) Society, Ltd., 

38 Great Hamilton street 
Co-operative Provident Society (Lmtd.) 

14 Causeyside street 
Dick, Mi's., 16 George street 
Drenuau, James, 46 Moss street 
Eadie, Robert, & Co., 12 High street 
Gibson, David, 2 Johnston street 
Glover, William, 42 New street 
Hannah, William, & Sou, 80 High st. 
Jaap, John, 15 Wellmeadow 
Jamieson, James, 26 Well street 
Kelly, Mrs. M., 9 Moucrieff street 
Kerr, Peter, 15 Lawn street 
Ketchen & Carnduff, 17 High st. 
Kilpatrick, A. & J., 109 Causeyside 
Logan, James, 4 Gauze street 
Maxwell, Wm., 25 Gauze street 
Melvin, Charles, 1 Broomlauds 
Morton, Miss Marion, 10 Wellmeadow 
Muir, John, 136 aud 137 George street 
Murdoch, R. & Co., 10 West Croft 
Murray, James, 3 Ladyburn street 
M'Kelvie, Mary, 53 Broomlands 
M'Lean, Angus, 32 and 33 Moss street 
M'Neilly, Catherine, 27 Q,ueen street 



Neilson, A. & Co., 109 High street 
Pattison, W. B., 5 Castle street 
Eoss, Miss Annie, 84 Causeyside 
Bitchie & Kirk wood, 47 Moss street 
Tannahill, Andrew, 1 Old Smithhills 
Thomson, Joseph, Masonic hall build- 
ings, 96 High street 
Thomson, Robert, 24 Neilstnn road 
Trench, Thomas, & Co., 93 Causeyside 


(See Wrights and Joiners.) 

Ladies 7 Outfitters- 

Adam, J., 16 High street 

Cochran, Eobert, & Sons, 26 and 27 

New Smithhills 
Leslie, William, 10 Barclay street 

Ladies' Nurses. 

Greenlees, Mrs., 4 Cochran street 
Hendry, Nurse, c/o Mrs. Deans, 10 

Greenhill road 
Magiuty, Mrs., 27 Gauze street 
Mackay, Mrs. A., 50 Broomlands 
P.itersou, Nurse, 17 Seedhill road 
Spooner, Mrs. (trained nurse), 23 Abbey 

Taylor, Mrs., 1 Well street 


Lang, Hugh (merchant). 36 Mill street 
Rome, George, 34 Canal street 


Baird, W. & R., Craigsbank Laundry, 

Barclay, Mrs., 1 Unsted place 
Bell, A., & Son, Ltd., Gleniffer Laundry, 

Lyleslaud — orders received at 47 

Causeyside and 6 Gilmour street 
Card ner,Wm„& Co., Ltd.. Holm Laundiy, 

House of Refuge, Victoria pi., Lady lane 
Linside Laundry, Cyril st., Lady burn — 

receiving office, 84 High street 
Hair, E. (mangier), 70 Broomlands 

Martin, Mrs. R. (clothes mangier), 19 

Wallace street 
Muir, Archibald K., Shortroods 
MLeod, Ann (mangier), 6 Love street 
M'Neish, Mrs. Eliza, 21 West street 
Robertson, William P., Stonefield 

Laundry, Coliuslee 
Rough, Mrs. Matthew, 3 Newton st. 
Spence, Mrs. W. (mangier), 33 Lady la. 
Taylor, Mrs. The*, Tannahill Laundry 

21 Castle street 
Templetou, J., & Co., Jenny's Well 

Leather Merchants. 

Dick, R. & J., 90 High street 

Laug, James, 31 High street 

Lang, W J. & W., Seedhill (wholesale) 

MTntosh, A. S., 12 Newton street 

Lime and Cement Merchants. 

Allan & M'Farlane, 8 Silk street 
Caldwell, David, 24 Canal street 
Collins, Daniel, & Co., 67 Back Sneddon 
Gillespie, Win., & Sou, 16 New Sneddon 
Hill, Alex., 135 George street 
Kilpatrick, Thomas, 40 Canal street 
Speirs, William, Bridge street 

Lithographers and Engravers. 

Adam Bros., Ill Causeyside 
Carswell, John, & Co., 14 Causeyside 
Eadie, John (engraver). 4 Mo.-s street 
Farr & Co., 4 and 5 Forbes place 
Graham, T. & R. 4 Bridge street 
Hay, Robert, & Son, 94 High street 
Reid, W. & G., 9 Moss street 

Loom Card Cutters. 

(See Weavers' Furnishers) 

Manufacturers (Textile). 

Begg, Alex-, & Co.. 112 Causeyside 
Bryce, D. & J. F., 110 Causeyside 
Campbell, Archibald, 110 Causeyside 
Campbell, William, 2 Causeyside 
Coates Bros., Ltd. (carpets and rugs), 
Stonefield works 



Cochran, Wm., & Co., 6 and 7 Causeyside 
Co-operative Manufacturing Society 
(Limited), 114 and 115 Causeyside, 
Coliuslee, 15 Brootnlands, 10 Neilston 
road, and 11 Kiluside road 
Crawford, Hamilton, power loom fac- 
tory, Abercoru street 
Dalglisb, Jn. H. (uets),30 Williamsburgh 
Glo\3r & Bardie, 109 Causeyside 
Greenlees, Matthew, & Sou, 167 George 

Guthrie, Robt., & Co., 6 Causeyside 
Hamilton, J, & Co., 2 Union street 
Johnston, Wm., & Co., 4 Shuttle st. 
Kerr, R. & J. P., Underwood mills 
Kirkwood, Baird, & Co., Ltd., Blackball 

Lang & Co., 6 Causeyside 
Lang, Robert, 8 Forbes place and Mar- 
shall's lane (skirtings) 
Logan & Gardner. Forbes place 
Murray, John, & Co., 25 Thread street 
M'Glashau, James, & Co., 1 Causeyside 
M'Lenuau,T. B., & Son, 113 Causeyside 
Nixon, Simou, 24 Canal street 
Porter, H. G, & Co., Abercorn mills, 

Abercorn street 
Ronald, Jack, & Co. (carpet and rug), 

Shand, Peter, 4 Cumberland court 
Smith, Brothers, & Co., 9, 10, and 11 

Forbes place, and Marshall's lane 
Storie, John. 110 Causeyside 
Walkers & Co., 113 Causeyside 
Walsh, Wm., 5 Cumberland court 
Waters, Cook, & Co., 22 Thread street 
Whitehill, M., & Co.. 8 and 9 Causeyside 
Wilson. George, & Co., 147 George st. 

Masons and Builders. 

Barclay, James, Christie street 
Barr, Alexander, Belleua cottage, Hawk- 
head road 
Barr, Hugh, Espedair street 
Barr & M'Caig, 11 Shuttle street 
Barr, James, 45 and 46 Causeyside 
Barr, William, 2 Stirling street 
Beveridge, William, 7 Seedhillroad 
Brown, David, Whitehangh 
Bryce, John, & Co., 14 Ludy lane 
Buchanan, George, 7 Buchanan terrace 
Craig & Wilson, Blackball 
Henderson, George. 21 Oakshaw street 
Morrisou, David, 56 Back Sneddon 

Morrison, Alex., 56 Back Sneddon 
M'Ghee, William, 27 Underwood 
M'Kaig, Thomas, 28 Love street 
M'Lean, Charles, East Buchauan street 
M'Naughtan, Alex., 6 New Smithiiills 
Orr, James, George place 
Pattisou, William, 2 Espedair street 
Robertson & Gilchrist, 74 Canal street 
Taylor, William, Janetta cottage, Arkle- 

ston road 
Urie, Matthew, Laighpark 
Wilson, Robert, 20 Greenhill road 
Wilson, Thomas, & Son, 14 Abbey close 
Young, George, 15 St. James street 


Dunlop, Matthew, 14 Moss street 
Lamb, James B., 12 High street 

Ross, Alexander, 2 Crossflat crescent 

Medical Practitioners. 

Adam, John,M.B., CM., 2 New Smith- 
Amy, Joseph, L.R.C.S , L.R.C.P., L.M- 

(Ediuburgh), George place house 
Brownridge, Robert, M.B., 17 Neiistom 

road — house 1 Calside terrace 
Bruce, James, M.B., CM., D.P.H., 8 

High street, 9 Broomlauds — house 

28 Gauze street 
Bruce, Robert, M.B., CM , 28 Gauze st. 
Clow, William, M.A., B.Sc, M.B., CM., 

97 Causeyside 
Cluckie, N. Gordou (oculist), Royal Vic- 
toria Eye Infirmary, Mansion-house 

Coats, G. W., M.B., Ch.B.. 54 High st. 
Donald, Archibald, M.B., CM., 5 Gauze 

Donald, Hugh Colligan, M.B., CM., 

F.R.C.S.E., 5 Gauze street 
Donald, John, M.B., CM., 6 Gauze 

street — house 5 Gauze street 
Duncan, James, M.D., 23 Causeyside 

— house Churchhill bouse 
Ferguson, Joshua, M.A., M.B., CM., 4 

Greenlaw terrace 
Fraser, Donald, M.D., F.F P.S. (Glas.), 

3 Orr square 
Gardner, David, M.B , CM., 29 High st. 
Gibson, J. R., M.D., D.P.H., F.F.P.S. 

(Glas.), 6 Wellmeadow 



Gibb, William F., M.D., CM., 7 St. 

James street 
Graham, John A., M.B., CM., 3 Garth- 
laud place 
Graham, Thos., M.D., 3 Garthland place 
Holmes, Jas. Donald, M.B., CM., 63 

Holms, John, M.D., 21 Wellmeadow and 

24 Gauze street — ho. 50 High street 
Huuter, John B., M.D., CM., 3 Smith- 
hills — house 31 St. James street 
Kay, Janet, 100 High street 
Livingstone, Wm., M.B., CM., 44 Moss 

street — house 9 Garthland place 
Macarthur, John N., M.B., 81 High st. 

— house 3 Castle street 
MacKenna, John George, M.B., Ch.B , 

D.P.H., Infectious Diseases Hospital 
Penman, R. S., M.B., CM., 12 St. James 

^Richmond, Andrew, M.B., CM., 9 St. 

James place — house 57 Love street 
Bobb, Alex., M.A., M.B., D.P.H. (Burgh 

Medical Officer), 14 Gilmour street 
Bobb, J. Jenkins, M.D., 20 High street 
Robertson, J. Neil, M.B., CM., R.N., 

Salisbury lodge, Meikleriggs 
Russell, William, M.B., CM., 15 Broom- 

Jands, 2 Cotton street — house 52 High 

Stevenson, John, M.D., CM., 29 Well- 
meadow and 55 Causeyside — ho. Stow 

cottage, 3 Stow place 
Watt, Thomas, M.A., M.B., CM., 44 

High street 
Wilson, Jas. P. A., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 

D.P.H., 18 Kilnside road — house 

Overwood, Glasgow road 


M'Ginty, Mrs., 27 Gauze street 
Paterson, Nurse, 17 Seedhill road 
Priestley, Mrs. G. B., 8 Moss street 
Roberts, Mrs., 35 Wellmeadow 

Mill Furnishers. 

Adams, John F. S., 68 Back Sneddon 
Robertson & Co., 55 Back Sneddon st. 
Snodgrass & Brown, 36 Old Sneddon 


M'Gee, Walter, 8 Bridge street 
Ramsay, J. & R., Seedhill mills 
Snodgrass, James, Saucel mills 


Aitken, M., 13 Lawn street 
Baird, C P. , 31 Gauze street 
Beckett, J. & M., 55 Causeyside 
Beveridge, Miss J., 57 Broomlands 
Bryce, Misses, 2 Old Smithhills 
Clark, Miss E., 65 Love street 
Clelland, Christina, 20 Wellmeadow 
Oochrauj Robert, & Sons, 26 and 27 

New Smithhills 
Craig, Miss, 77 High street 
Draper, Mrs., 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Esdaile, W. S., & Co., 93 High street 
Glover, M. & M., 44 Moss street 
Hamilton, Miss M., 93 Causeyside 
Holt, H., 31 High street 
Inglis, M. & E., 4 George street 
Johnston, Mrs., 39 Wellmeadow 
Kerr, Janet, 21 Causeyside 
Kerr, Miss, 18 Causeyside 
Lyons & M'Neilage, 75 Love street 
M'Gregor & Young, 23 Wellmeadow 
M'Kinlay, M., 29 High street 
Parlane & Kerr, 10 High street 
Paton, Miss, 35 Wellmeadow 
Purdou, E., 38 Causeyside 
Sawers & Warden, 36 High street 
Selway, Mrs., 15 Old Smithhills 
Simmouds, Miss E., 35 Causeyside 
Thomson, Miss, 29 New Smithhills 
Turnbull, Christina, 16 Moss street 
Wallace & Co , 15 High street 
Weddell, Misses, 23 Bioomlands 
Williams, Mrs., 100 Causeyside 

Mop Manufacturers. 

M Kim Brothers, Hawkhead road 

Music Sellers. 

Anderson, Jas. (violin maker), 43 

Ballantyne, John, & Son, 28 High st. 
Ewing, T. A., 39 High street 
Parlane, J. & 11., 97 High street 
Paterson, Sons, & Co., Terrace buildings 
Wood, J. Marr, & Co., 49 High street 



Mustard Manufacturers. 

Poison, Wra., & Co., Imperial Starch 
works, Abercorn street 

Name-Plate Maker. 

Brown, Robert, 10 Espedair street 

News Agents. 

(See under Booksellers and Stationers). 

Nurserymen and Florists. 

Airdrie, David, Whitehaugh 
Anderson, Robert, 40 High street 
Campbell, John, Nethercommon 
Creelman, John, Marchfield 
Davidson, Francis, Carriagehill nursery 
Davidson, jun., John, 13 St. James pi. 
Euimerson, J., 29 High street 
Henderson, John, 29 Caledonia street 
Lennox, James, 36 High street and 38 

Caledonia street 
Mathers, Mary, 22 Broomlands 
M'Diarmid, Duncan, Mewslane',Gateside 
Macfee, John, 3 Moss street 
Thomson, Jas , Stonefield cottage 
Urquhart, Robert, 13 Wellmeadow 
Watson, James, Bellfield, Cartvale, 

Love street 

Oil Merchants, Manufacturers, 
and Refiners- 

Christie, James, & Co., 36 Moss street 
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sous, Blackhall 
Handasyde, C. H., & Co., Abercorn Oil 

Works, Macfarlane street, Racecourse 

Higbgate, Hugh, & Co., Greenhill Oil 

Works, Murray street 
Logau, James, 4 Gauze street 
Macfee, H. M., & Co., Gateside Oil and 

Paiut Works, Niddry street 
Sandilands, John, 102 Causeyside 


Duff & Miller, 20 High street 
Duncan, J., 9 High street 
Harris, William, 70 High street 
Love, R. & Co., 103 High street (Cross) 
Rae Bros., 42 High street 
Warnock, James, 21 Causeyside 

Painters and Paperhangers. 

Alexander, James. & Co., 37 Causeyside 
Berry, John O, 35 High street 
Bett, David, 41 Wellmeadow street 
Bowie, C. T., Fisher, & Co. 15 Gilmour 

Christie, James, & Co , 36 Moss st. 
Cowan & Stewart, 6 Wellmeadow and 

17 Gauze street 
Ferguson, Norman, 19 Storie street 
Fernie, Archibald, 48 Old Sneddon 
Gardner, James, 1 Wallueuk 
Gibson & Wylie, 24 Gauze street 
Glasgow, Chas.,& Co. ,22 New Smithhills 
Greig, Robert, 39 George street 
Herd, Charles, jun., 1 Neilston street 
Hunter, J. K., 30 Wellmeadow 
Kirk, George G., 6 Lawn street 
MartiD, Robert S., 19 Wallace street 
Murray, D., & Son, 15 Gilmour street 
M'Crone, William, 73 Broomlands 
MacFedries, Wm. B., 32 High street 
M'Luskie, James, 66 Broomlands 
Osborne, William, 23 Wellmeadow st. 
Sandilands, J., 102 Causeyside 
Thomson, Robert, 1 Bridge st. (South) 
Thomson, James K., 67 Causeyside 
Wallace, John. 1 Johnston street 
Wilkie, Johu, & Sons, 39 High street 

Pattern Drawers. 

Graham, J., 11 Ferguslie 
Melville, Daniel, 110 Causeyside 
Stewart, A. M., 38 Ferguslie 


Charleston Loan Coy., 5-6 Neilston rd. 

Cochran, James, & Son, 81 Broomlands 
and 2 Saudholes 

Ferguson, John, 35 High street and 90 
Canal street 

Gemmell, Christina, 106 George street 

Lochhead, G. F., & Co.. 31-32 Causey- 
side, 42 Great Hamilton street, 1 
Gordon's lane, and 6 Neilston road 

Mackay, John, & Co., 32 Gauze street, 
1 Queen street, 7 Broomlands, 8 Back 
Sneddon, 12 Old Sneddon, and 9 
Abbey street 

Nisbet, Mrs. Margaret, 24 Gauze street 

Paisley Loan Co., 4 Gordon's lane and 
30 Causeyside 

Russell, Jas. Longmuir, 108 George st. 

Walker, Martin, 17 Storie street 




Blair, George L., 49 High street 
Brannan, Misses (Photographic prin- 
ters), Arkieston road 
Brown, William, 9 Gilmour street 
Cook, Joseph. 32 High street 
Duguid, D. W., 25 Storie street 
M 'II wrick William J.. 98 High street 
M'Kenzie, M. K., 19 High street 
Ritchie, J. Douglas, 5 Gilmour street 
Reuschling, Louise, 24 Causeyside and 

83 High street 
Wilson, William R , 33 Glen street 

Pianoforte Tuners. 

M'Lachlan, John, 21 St. James street 
Paterson, Sous, & Co., Terrace huildings 
Wood, J. Marr, & Co., 49 High street 


Campbell &M'Kechnie, 84 New Sneddon 
Collius & Co., 8 Carlile place 
Collins, Daniel, & Co., 67 Back Sneddon 
Collins, James & Sou, Espedair street 
Davidson, Alexander, 45 Broomlands 
Hutchison, D. T., & Sou, 25 Gauze st. 
Maxwell, Alexander, 24 Gordou's lane 
Mitchell, Thomas, 11 Sir Michael street 
Rowau, Joseph, Weir street 
Speirs, William, Bridge street 

Plumbers, Tinsmiths, and 

Allison, William, 39 New street 
Ban* & Colquhouu, 14 Lawn street 
Ban* & Provan, George place 
Drennan, James, 6 Old Sneddon 
Elliot, Andrew, 111 Causeyside 
Fleming, James, 5^ North Bridge str_. 
Forsyth, Alex., & Son, 46 Broomlands 

George, Adam, 13^ Abbey street 
Gibson, Audrew (sheet-iron worker), 15 

Springbank road 
Glover, William, 42 New street 
Haran, N. G.,& Sons, 100 Causeyside st. 
Hunter & Goudie, 5 Causeyside street 
Herd, John, 10 Gauze street 
Herd & Buchanan, 36 Old Sneddon 
Houstouu, J. F., George street 


Houstouu, John, 148 George street 
Kelly, M. & W., 16 Causeyside 
Kilpatrick, James, & Sou, Dyers' wyndl 
Lauchlau, Robert, 17 Sandholes 
Lyall, John, 2 Broomlands 
Martin, George. 10 L-'wn street 
Martin, John, 131 George street 
Meiklejobn, John, 134 George street 
Melville, Alexander, 34 Causeyside 
Miller, W. & A., 10 St. Mirren st. 
Morrison, John, & Sous, Murray street 
Macnab, J. On*, 8 Old Sneddon street 
Porter, James, 22 Neilston road 
Robertson, Archibald,- 9 Broomlanrls- 
Robertson, George, & Sous, 55 Back 

Robertson, James, 8 Lylesland 
Stewart & Hendry, 22 Glen street 
Thomson, Joseph, Masonic Hall build- 
ings, 96 High street 
Trench, Thomas, & Co., 93 Causeyside- 
Wallace, Connel, & Co., 8 Gilmour st. 
Wallace, Charles, 2 Christie street 
Youug & Risk, 23 New Smithhills 

Potato Merchants. 

Fiudlay, David, 2 George place 
Langmuir, Robert, George place 
Ramsay, W., 14 Barclay street 
Walker, Johu, 23 Abbey street 

Power - Loom Cloth Manufac- 

(See Manufacturers — Textile) 

Preserve Manufacturers. 

Cairus, Alexander, & Sons, St. George 
Preserve works, Clark street 

Lilla & Ed wards, (British Iudia Chutney 
Sauce works), Clark street 

Robertson, James, & Sous, Thrushgrove 
works, Stevenson street 

Printers (Letterpress). 

Adam Bros., Ill Causeyside 
Ban*, John, 81 High street 
Brown, J , 3 Garthiand street 
Cook, J. & J., 94 High street 
Carswell, John, &Co., 14 Cau?eyside 



Gardner, Alexander, 7 Gilmour street 
Glover, Thomas, It Moss street 
Gribben, D. C, 5 Causeyside 
Ha}-, Robert, & Son, 94 Higli street 
Kirk, Alexander, 27 Welhneadow 
Locbhead, W. A., 12 Causeyside 
M'Dougal Bros.. 4 Moss street. 
Parlane, J. & R , 97 High street 
Paton, James, juu., Cumberland court 
Reid, W. & G., 9 Moss street 
Welsh & Graham, 33 Gauze street 
Wotherspoon, Robert. & Son, 8 High st. 

Provision Merchants. 

(See Grocers and Provision Merchants.) 


Alexander, Mrs. John, 5 Love street 
Curr, William, 6 Moss st., 27 Gauze st., 

and Sherwood buildings 
Gibson, Andrew & Son. 98 High street 
Kelly, J. Y., 34 High street 
Jamison, M., 2 Old Smithhills 
Lambie, William H., Royal Oak, 45 

Moss street 
Mitchell, J., 11 High street 
Mnir, James, 5 Moss street 
M'Ghee, William, 47 High street 
Patrick, W. N., 69 Broomlands 
Ritchie, Robert, 6 Silk street 
Sinclair, D., 3 Gartbland street and 11 

Kilnside road 
Yielder, Richard, 105 High street 


Adie, Alexander, 63 Broomlands 
Coia, M., 4 Broomlands 
Clark, Joseph, 4 and 6 St. Mary's ter. 
Forsyth, John, 12 Newton street 
Gemmell, John, 8 St. James place 
Gibson. Andrew, & Son, 98 High street 
Glen, Miss, 15 Moss street 
Hamilton, Elizabeth, 32 Broomlands 
Jack, Mrs., 9 Rosebery place 
Johnstone, And w., 18 and 19 Old Sneddon 
Lambie, Wiliiam H., 45 Moss street 
Lehman, Stepheu, 6 High street 
Muir, James, 5 Moss street 
Scouller, Adam, 8 Old Sneddon 
Yielder's Cafe, 105 High street 


Kerr, Peter, & Son (Heddle twine), 

New Street Mills 
M'Gregor & Kerr, Greenhill road 
Paton, David, & Co., Carriagehill house 
Peacock, W., 85 High street 
Pickeu, James, Clark street 
Southwell, Peter, & Son, Laighpaik 

ropeworks, Abercorn street 
Watson, Robert, & Sons, 32 High street 

— workt Shortroods 

Saddlers and Harness Makers. 

Baird, William, 79 High street 
Calderwood, James, 32 High street 
Manwell, John, 11 Broomlands 
M'Creery, John, & Son, 2 County place 

and 11 Moss street 
Shepherd. D., 50 Storie street 

Salt Merchant. 

Young, A., 11 Saudholes 

Sanitary & Plumbers' Earthen- 
ware Manufacturers. 

Brown, Kobert, & Son, Ltd., Paisley 
Sanitary Earthen wareWorks,Ferguslie 
Doulton & Co., Ltd., Hawkhead road 
Spiers, Gibb & Co., Greenock road 
Wallace, Connell, & Co , 8 Gilmour et. 

Saw Millers. 

Allison, Wm., Victoria Saw Mills, 23 

Love street 
Clark, John, & Co., Wallneuk Saw Mills 
Hawsou & Hannah, Shortroods Saw 

Mills, Springbank road 
Highgate, John, & Co., Caledonia Saw 

Mills, Murray street, and Baltic Saw 

Mills, Macdowall street 
Young, John, & Co., Burgh Saw Mills, 

Caledonia street 

SCOtirerS — (See Bleachers). 




Crime, William, 23 Broornlands 
Robiu & Sweenie, Johnston street 
Mellon, George, Hawkhead road 

Seed Merchants. 

Anderson, Robert, 40 High street 
Bowie, Allan J., 3 Brown's lane 
M'Farlane, John, 22 Old Sneddon 
Macfee, John, 3 Moss street 

Sewing Machine Makers- 

Jaap, John, 15 Wellmeadow 
M'Glashan, Duncan, Underwood lane 
.Singer Company, 10 St. Mirren street 

Sheriff Officers. 

Bulloch, William, 16 Moss street 
Johnston & M'Laren, 23 School wynd 
Hendry, W. D, 4 Moss street 
Morrison, Joseph, Terrace buildings 


Abercorn Shipbuilding Coy. (Hanna, 

Donald, & Wilson). Abercorn street 
Bow, M'Lachlan, & Co., Ltd., Thistle 

Works, Abbotsiuch 
Fleming & Ferguson (Ltd.), Phoenix 

Works, Inchiuuan road 
Fullerton, John, & Co., Merksworth, 

Iuchinnan road 
M'Glashan, Duncan, Henderson street 

Shipping Agents. 

(See Ageuts.) 


Allan & M'Farlane, 8 Silk street 
Blane, David, 56 Storie street 
Blaue, George, 83 Canal street 
•Oampbell& M'Kechuie. 84 New Sneddon 
Davidson, Alexander, 45 Broomlands 
Ferguson, David, 33 Back Sneddou 
Gillespie, Wni., & Son, 16 New Sueddon 
Hill, Alexander, 135 George street 

Hutchison, D. T., & Son, 25 Gauze st. 

Jeffrey & Co., 3 Huuter street 

Keenan & Kelso, Railway arch, Gilmour 

street and 11 Glen lane 
Kilpatrick, Alex. H.,111 Causeyside 
Mitchell, Andrew, 88 Causeyside 
Murdoch, Thomas, 52 Causeyside 
M'Ghee, John. 38 Storie street 
MTntyre, James, jun., 33 Gleu street 
M'Lintock, Geoiye, 4 New Sneddon 
M'Lintook, John, 36 Gordon's lane 
Robertson, Walter, 5 Johnstou street 
Shaw, Archibald, 51 Hisrh street 
Stewart & Peebles, 24 Thread street 
Wallace, Charles, 2 Christie street 
Wallace, Charles, 23 New Smithhills 
Wilson, Robert, 23 West street 


Browning, Alexander, sen., 10 West 

Buchanan street 
Cameron, Wm., 4 Cotton street 
Cassels, James, 4 Glen laue 
Cassels, Robert, 19 St. James street 
Christie, William, & Sous, Underwood 

Iron works 
Duncanson, William, 34 Gordon's lane 
Garrott, John, 51 High street 
Gibson, Andrew, 15 Springbank road 
Gleghorn, Andrew, 2 New Smithhills 
Graham & Caskie, 2 Causeyside 
Houston, Alexander, 5 Maxwellton st. 
Lee, Kobert, 11 to 14 St. James street 
Marshall, Jas., 101 Causeyside 
M'Cartney, John, 16 Causeyside 
M'Fadzean, John, & Son, 8 Caledonia st. 
M'Geoch, David, & Sou, 4 Mill 

M'Phee, Alexander, Nethercraigs 
Noble, James, 90 George street 
Pottie, A. & M., St. James place 
Pottie, A. & Sons, 64 Love street 
Richardson, Charles, 13 Abbey close 
Russell, Wm., 1 Water brae (burgh) 
Semp'e, William, 1 Espedair street 
Sproul, Andrew, & Sous, 10 Lylesland 
Spruell, Andrew. 8 Christie street 
Trench, Thomas, & Co., 93 Causeyside 

Soot Merchant. 

Adam, Alexander, 14 Smithhills 



Soap Manufacturers. 

Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, Gleniffer Soap 

works, 3 and 4 Lonend 
Isdale & M'Callum, Caledonia Soap 

works, Rowan street 
Robin & Houston Ltd., 61 New Sneddon 

Starch Manufacturers. 

Brown & Poison, Royal Starch Works, 

Johnston, J. & G., Globe Corn Flour 

Works, 71 New Sneddon 
MacKean, William, Ltd., St. Mirren's 

Works, Caledonia street 
Mackenzie Brothers, Caledonia Works, 

Murray street 
Poison, William, & Co., Ltd., Imperial 

Starch Works, Abercoru street 
Wilson, R., Johnstons, & Co., Adelphi 

Starch Works, 67 New Sneddon 
Wotherspoon, William, Glenfield Works, 



(See Booksellers.) 

Stay Maker. 

M'Clure, Miss, 11 Saucel 


Mathesou, A., 93 High street 
Hill, James, 13 St. James place 


Sale, Henry, 109 High street 


(See Medical Practitioners.) 

Surgeon-Dentists, &c. 

(This List is incomplete, some names 
having been omitted by request.) 

Campbell, A. Laurie, 9 Orr square 
Faulds, G. T. 23 High street 

Fenton, L. J., F.S.Sc. (artificial teeth), 

41 Wellmeadow and Townhead ter. 
Wallace, James, L.D.S., 94 High st. 
White & Leonard, 33 High street 

Tailors and Clothiers- 
Adam, James, 4 Smithhills 
Aitken, David, 44 New street 
Asquith, K., 13 Wardrop street 
Balfour, William, lb' High street 
Bell, Archd.. 22 High street 
Blair, John, 37 George street 
Brown, R., 31 Gauze street 
Caldwell, Robert, 1 Storie street 
Chapman, George, 104 Causeyside st. 
Coats, Matthew, 128 George street 
Co-operative Manufacturing Society, 

115 Causeyside 
Dundas, Forteous, 2 Forbes place and 

19 Gauze stieet 
Duncan, Mattbew, 2 West street 
Flemiug, J. & J., 57 George street 
Fulton, David, 54 Causeyside 
Galletly, David, 5 Causeyside 
Gibson, J. H., 43 Old Sueddou 
Gibson, William, 24 Lady lane 
Glassford, J. E., 98 Causeyside 
Glen, Allan, sen., 6 George street 
Glen, Allan, 13 Walker street 
Goldie, Johu, 83 High street 
Grabam, John, 18 Moss street 
Hamilton, Alexander. 3^- George street 
Hamiltou & Co., 80 High street 
Harper, Henry, 52 High street 
Henry, John, 11 Broomlands street 
Hepworth, Joseph, & Son, Ltd. 90 High 

Huuter, Thomas. 52 Broomlands 
Kelly, Alexander, 18 Moss street 
Knight Sous, & Co., Ill Causeyside and 

19 Gauze street 
Lawsons Limited (agent D. M'Innes), 

8 Townhead terrace 
Lees, David, 82 Causeysido 
Lees, Robt. M., 38 Moss street 
Love, Mattbew, 54 Broomlands 
Mair, Wm. Craig, 5 Gilmour street 
Mathiesou, John, 18 Gilmour street 
Mathieson, Robert, 9 High street 
Mitchell, Robert 131 George street 
Macallum, William, 10 Wellmeadow 
M'Arthur, J. & J., 8 Causeyside 
M'Crae, R., 23 School wynd 



M-Donald, James A. M., The Cross, 10 

High street 
M'Donald, Misses (boys' suitmakers), 

12 Hillview place 
M'Glashau, Alex., 109 Causevside 
M'Guire, J. & W-, 99 High street 
M'Kay, John, jun. , 3 Old Sneddon 
M'Lean, James, 33 High street 
M'Taggar't, Lauchlan, 2 Gilmour street 
M'Stravick, Wm., 6 Albert street 
Newtown Cash Clothing Co., 19 Gauze 

Nixon, Simon. 24: Canal street 
Paisley Clothing Company, 94 High 

Reid, R. L., 75 Love street 
Selway,A.W..& Co., The Cross Clothing 

Co., 104 High street 
Shaw, Smith, 45 New street 
Smart & Rolland, 94 High street 
Smith, Robert, 15 Sir Michael street 
Thomson, William O, 16 Gilmour st. 
Towns, Archibald, 28 Moss street 
Victoria Clothing Co., 17 Moss street 
Wallace, George, 3 Moss street 
Whiriskey, James, 10 Causevside 
Young, John, & Son, 7 Orr square 


Lang, W. J. & W., 1 and 2 Seedhill 

Tea Merchants. 

(See Grocers and Provision Merchants.) 


Bain, J. C. (shorthand, typewriting, &c), 

8 High street 
Cunningham. Misses, seminary, So. park 
Graham, Misses,' sch'l, 8 Royalter. 
Hamilton, Hugh, Glaisnock, Bank street 
Menzies, Miss, ladies' school, Caversbauk 
Roxburgh, A. P., F.S L.A., F.E.I.S. 

(Elccution), 5 Greenlaw terrace 

Teachers in Educational 

(See Appendix). 

Teachers of Dancing". 

Dutch, Mrs., 8 Forbes place 
Dutch, D. M., 8 Forbes place 
Primrose, W. M.,4 Smithhills 

Teachers of Drawing. 

Anderson, James, Bolerno cottage, 

Hayes, Charles, 48 Love street 

Teachers of Music. 

Agate, Wm., Mus. B.,Oxon., F.R.C.O., 

Hilden, Castlehead 
Anderson, MissE. J., 7 Townhead ter. 
Anderson, Miss, 53 High street 
Barratt, John, Mus. Bac, Oxon., 11 

Townhead terrace 
Bell, Allan, jun., 1 Royal terrace 
Brown, Anna D., 8 Janefield place 
Gibson, Mrs. W. H., 9 Townhead ter. 
Gilmour, Miss, 15 High street 
Hnlroyd, A., 31 Gauze street 
Keith, Miss, 66 Love street 
Keunedy, David, jun., 4 Garthland street 
Loughton, Thos. H., 8 M'Kerrell street 
Mann, Alfred, A. R.O.O., 33 High street 
Money, Miss Jenny, Whin knowe„ 

Mackellar, James D., 11 M'Kerrell st. 
Mackenzie, Miss, 8 Townhead terrace 
Mackenzie, M. K., 19 High street 
Notmau, Miss, Nether park, Calside 
Notmau, Mrs. W. J., Regent street 
Pattinson, James, Mus. Bac., Cantab.,. 

1 Greenlaw avenue 
Reid, R. L., 7 Berlin ter., Poll okshi elds- 
Semple, James F., 1 Orr square 
Stephens, B. \V\, 3 M'Kerrell street 

Thread Manufacturers. 

Clark & Co. (Ltd.), Anchor Thread 

Works, Seedhill 
Clark, J. & J., & Co., Limited, Anchor- 

Thread Works, Seedhill 
Coats, J. & P., Limited, Ferguslie 
Kerr, P., & Son, New Street^Mills 



Tile Layers. 

Kean & Wardrop, 167 Bath street, 


Those marked (*) are Manufacturers. 

Baird, H., 19 Wellmeadow 
Black, Alexander, 21 Oauseyside 
Boyd, James, 1 Smithhills 
Brown, John, 2 Bridge street (Burgh) 
Burns, James, & Son, 54 Broomlands 
Caldwell, John, 74 Love street 
Caldwell, Mrs., 82 High street 
Campbell, Miss C. P., 3 St. James street 
Clark, J. K., 39 Old Sneddon 
Cochran, Robert, 40 Caledonia street 
Cochran, William, 24 Wellmeadow 
Colquhouu, Alex., 15 George street 
Craig, Daniel, 10 Lawn street 
Crawford, John, 71 Broomlands 
Davis, J., 1 Springbauk road and 68 

Love street 
*Dobie, George, & Son, 1 Clark street 
Duff, William, 25 George street 
Ferguson, J., 64 Broomlands street 
Feruie, Elizabeth, 84 Causeyside 
Fiudlay, M., 2 Well street 
Findlay, Peter, 12 Old Sneddon and 

19 Abbey street ' 
Forbes, Wm., 69 Causeyside 
Fulton, Wm., 6 Silk street 
Gardner, Miss Janet, 74 Broomlands st. 
Glen, Mrs. R., 81 Causeyside 
Gray, Mrs , 51 High street 
Hart, J , 3 Moss street 
Henry, Charles, 41 Wellmeadow 
Heron, J. R., 45 High street 
Holms, Robert, 28 Wellmeadow 
Hood, Miss Maggie, 21 Broomlands 
Hunter, S., 1 Neilstou street 
Johnstone, William, 9 Johnston street 
Kelly, James, 6 Old Sneddon 
Lang, Thomas, 2 Lawn street 
Leonard, Mrs., 15 Gauze street 
Lorimer, Jamt s C, 104 Causeyside 
Mitchell, Annie, 6 Bank street 
Morrison, Mrs., 1 George street 
Muir, Archd., 104 High street 
M'Alpine, David, 30 Old Sneddon 
M'Crossan, William, 42 Moss street 
M'lutyre, Peter, 8 St. James place 
M'Quhae, Thomas, 11 Moss street 
Nichol, Wm., 103 High street 

Orr, Miss, 29 Cacal street 

Reid, Jas., 6 Moss street 

Reid, William, 13 Uuderwood road 

Robertson, Robert, 46 Moss street 

Rodger, (Trustees of) Mrs. Alex., 83 

High street 
Roy, Miss, 18 Causeyside 
Shearer, Miss Janet, 24 High street 
Small, William, 63 Causeyside 
Steel, Mrs. Wm., 76 High street 
Thomson, Miss Ann, 11 Old Smithhills 
Thomson, Elizabeth, 24 New street 
Towuley, Wm. A., 29 New Smithhills 
Urquhart, Mrs., 1 Johnstou street 
Weir, Andrew, 2 Lndyburn street 
Whiteford, Lizzie, 34 Well street 
Wilson, Jolin, 8 Lawn street 
Young, Robert, 42 High street 
Wilson, Walter, 12 Old Smithhills 

Tobacco Pipe Maker. 

Davies, Ales. 30 Gauze street 


Shaw, Mary A., Central Typewriting 
Office, 12 Causeyside 

Umbrella, Bag, and. Waterproof 

Barbour, Mrs. James, 12 High street 
Cochran, R., & Sons, 26 and 27 New 

Lang, J., 31 High street 
Paterson, M., & Co., 113 George st. 


(See Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers.) 


Caldwell, Peter (property), 12 St.Mirren 

Cochran, James, & Son, 81 Broomlands 
Davidson, Charles (property), 109 High 

Gillespie, John, F.S.I.,16 New Sneddon 
Johnston, D. L., 48 High street 
Kirk wood & Goudie, 23 Moss street - 



Lamb, James B., 12 High street 
Law, Win., 113 Causeyside 
Muir, John, Annfield villa, Castlehead 
Paterson, Robert, &Son, 27 Orchard st. 
Sale, Heury, 109 High street 
Smith, Wm., 99 High street 
Winning & Fulton (property), Ten ace 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Houston, William F., M R.C.V.S., 8 
Glen streefc and 90 George street 

Millar,David,M.RC.V.S., Wellington st 

M'Geoch, Andrew, M.R.C.V.S. (Burgh 
Inspector), 8 and 4 Mill street 

M'Geoch, David, M.R.C.V.S., 1 Christie 

M'Geoch, David, & Son, 3 and 4 Mill st. 

Pottie, A., & Sons, 64 Love street 

Spruel, Andrew, 8 Christie street 

Wall Tile (Earthenware; Manu- 

Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., Paisley 
Sanitary Earthenware Works, 


Archibald, Thomas, 1 Causeyside 
Dreghorn, Andrew, 8 Union street 
Jardine, Thomas, 7 Gauze street 
Lang, Robert, 8 Forbes place and 
Marshall's lane 

Waste Merchants- 
Brown, Ralph, 12 New Smithhills 
M'Gown, Adam, & Son, Williamsburgh 

M'Kim, Bros., Hawkhead road 
Renfrew, Thomas, 87 Causeyside 
Speiro, John, 19 Cotton street 
Wagstaff, Mrs. Matthew, 5 Orchard st. 
Wallace, William, 9 Lawn street 

Watch and Clock Makers and 

Arthur, William, 43 High street 
Brown, J., & Sons, 83 High street 
Brown, Wm., 2 Well street 
Co-operative (Provident) Society, Ltd-, 

14 Causeyside 
Cowden, M., 2 Gauze street 
Duff & Miller, 20 High street 
Duncan, James, 9 High street 
Gemmill, Malcolm, 5 Wellmeadow 
Gilmour, D., 28 Old Sneddon 
Guthrie, Mungo, 1 Old Smithhills 
Harris, William, 70 High street 
King, Robert, 9 Old Smithhills 
M'Geoch, George, 7 Wellmeadow 
M'Gibbon, Richard F., & Sou, 4 Moss 

Peacock, J., 32 Wellmeadow 
Waruock, James, 21 Causeyside 
Wilsou, Walter, 2 Wellmeadow 
Wilson, Wm., 39 High street 


Cowden, John, 75 Canal street 

Herd, Alex., 8 Smith street 

M'Innes, Robert, 26 New Stock street 

Weavers' Furnishers- 
Alexander, J., & Son, 9 Bridge street 
Brodie, Alex., 113 Causeyside 
Caldwell, James, 110 Causeyside 
Jardine, Thos., 7 Gauze street 
Millar, P. K, & Sons, 32 High street 
Thomson, Peter, 8 Forbes place 

Window Cleaners. 

Kirk, George G., 6 Lawn street 

Wine and Spirit Merchants - 

(See also under Grocers). 
Those marked (*) are Wholesale Merchants 
Adam, Matthew, 60 Causeyside 
Adam, Robert, 68 George street 
Anderson, Mrs. Jas., 6 Springbank road 
Anderson, Mrs. Thos., 4 Caledonia st. 
Arthur, J. F., 14 Old Sneddon 
Bain, J. H., 29 Gauze street 



Barr, Alexander, 84 Canal street 

Bartou, John, 28 Wellmeadow 

Blair, Mrs. John, Hay Weighs Inn, 2 

King street 
Bole, Mrs. William, 2 Renfrew street 
Boyd, J., 25 New Srnithbills 
Browu, Thomas, 7 Wallneuk 
Burtnay, James, 12 Back Sneddon 
Calderwood, Hugh, 94 New Sneddon 
•Caldwell, James, & Son, 9 and 10 Gil- 

mour street 
Campbell, James, 71 Broomlands 
Campbell, Robert R., 82 Broomlands 
Campbell, William, 38 High street 
Cochran, Mrs. James C. (Royalty Bar), 

11 and 12 West Croft street 
Cochran, James, 11 Canal street 
Colquhoun, David, 17 Wellmeadow 
Connell, Mary, 1 1G George street 
Cowan, John, 3 Love street 
Craig, Wm, 20 St. James street 
Craig, William, 17 Causeyside 
Craig, William, 6 Union street 
Cramb, James, 89 Causeyside 
Cruickshauks, Arthur, 63 Broomlands 
Cruikshanks, Thos., 35 Moss street 
Dale, Mrs. Ellen, 13 Dyers' wynd 
Duffie, James B., 3 Silk street 
Edmiston, Allan, 72 Broomlands 
Edmonds, H. S., 2 Garthland street 
Fairlie, David, 9 Moss street 
Ferguson, John, 30 Cotton street 
Ferguson, Peter, 6 Wallace street 
Foulds, Andrew, 162 George street 
*Foulds, Andrew, & Son, 4 and 5 Abbey 

Foulds, Rodger, 29 Causeyside 
*Foulds, William & Co. (Ltd)., School 

wynd and 24 George street 
Galbraith, Charles, 64 and 65 George 

street and 19 Maxwelltou street 
Gardner, Robert, 11 Williamsburgh 
Gemmell, Matthew, 14 Broomlands 
Hamilton, Geo., 105 George street 
Hamilton, James, 96 Causeyside 
Hart, Mrs. Archibald, 3 St. James st. 
Hart, W., 52 Storie street 
Hart, Robert, 1 Carriagehill 
*Harvey, James, & Co. (Ltd ), 2 King 

street, Saucel 
Harvie, Robert, jun., 23 Williamsburgh 
Hendry, Robert, 12 Old Sneddon 
Hislop, Alex , 10 Moss street 
Hood, James, 28 Back Sneddon 
Hood, Thomas, Todholm cottage 

Hood, Thomas, 15 Lawn street 
Hunter, Mrs. Alex., 32 George street 
Hunter, Joseph, 120 George street 
Jackson, Andrew C, 21 Moss street 
Johnston, James, 36 Ferguslie 
Kelly, Adam, 2 St. James street 
Kennedy, D., 7 Renfrew street 
Kerr, Mrs., 7 Glen street 
Killin, Alex., 26 Gauze street 
Kinnes, William, 25 New street 
Kirkwood, James, 21 Broomlands 
Laug, John, sen., 110 George street 
Lang, John, sen., 78 High street 
Lang, John, jun., 20 Broomlands 
Lawrie, Thos. H., 24 and 25 Moss st, 
Lawson, Mrs. Jno., 85 Causeyside 
Lehmann, Stephen, 6 High street 
*Logau, Alexander, 20 Old Sneddon 
Mains, Thomas, 14 Cotton street 
Marshall, James, 47 Moss street, 86* 

Broomlands, and 9 Gauze street 
Meikle, James, 27 New Sneddon 
Milne, Peter, 13 High street 
Mitchell, John, 11 High street 
Mitchell, William, 19 Carriagehill 
Moncrieff, John, 30 Ferguslie 
Morris, Mrs., 5 Old Sneddon 
Morrison, James, 7 Love street 
Muir, Joseph, 20 Abbey street 
Munro, Alexander, 19 Wellmeadow 
MAlpine, T., 6 New Sneddon 
M'Bride, S., 1 Silk street 
M'Colgan, Mrs. John, 16 Gauze street" 
M'Crossan, F. W., 68 Canal street 
*Macfarlane & Co., 29 Lady lauo 
Macfarlane, Mrs , 29 Lady lane 
M'Gee, John, 87 Canal street and 8 

Wardrop street 
M'Ghee, Thomas, 3 Orchard street 
M'Ghee, Patrick, 13 Old Sneddon 
M'Glade, Joseph, 43 Moss street 
M'Gregor, Charles, 9 North Croft 
M'Innes, John, 37 Ferguslie 
M 'In tyre, Mrs. A , 37 Causeyside 
M'Kean, James, & Son, 63 Causeyside-* 

and 50 Love street 
M'Kean, Agnes, 75 Broomlands 
M'Kean, Margaret F., 100 George st, 
M'Kechnie, Joseph, 10 Old Smithhills 
M'Kenzie, Hector, 48 High street 
M'Lachlan, John, 70 Broomlands 
M'Lay, James, 5 and 6 Old Smithhills 
M'Mannus, James, 20 George street 
M'Nab, Miss W., 26 Carriagehill 



Neilson, Alexander, 2 New Sneddon 
Noble, Kobt., 6 Cotton street 
'O'Neill, James, 12 Saucel 
Park, Mrs., 12 St. James place 
Paterson, Wm., 162 George street 
Paxton, Matthew, & Sous, 95 Causey- 
Pollock, William, 52 High street 
'Quinn, George, 92 High street 
Richmond, James, 1 Old Sneddon 
Riddell, G. B., 13 Moss street 
Risk, Robert, 88 Canal street 
Risk, Robert, 9 Old Smithhills 
Robertson, Peter, 1 and 2 Orchard st. 

and 18 Causeyside 
Ross, William, 19 Neilston road 
Scott, Thomas, 23 Lawn street 
■Sharkey, John O'H., Terrace tavern, 

109 High street 
Shearer, Mrs. Wm., 43 New street 
Simpson, Samuel, Tanuahill's Rest, 25 

Smith, James W.. 36 Storie street 
■Stevenson, Allan, 5 Broomlands 
Stevenson, Mrs., 5 New street 
.•Stevenson, Mrs., 22 New Smithhills 
Stewart, Mrs. G. P., 22 Gauze street 
Stewart, Robert, 8 Orchard street 
: S tilling, Mrs., 2 Wellmeadow 
Stirling, Robert, 10 Caledonia street 
Taylor, Miss Janet, Moss-side, Green- 
ock road 
Thomson, Mrs. David, 65 Love street 
Thomson, Mrs. A., 44 Old Sneddon 
Tyre, George, 3 George street 
Virtue, John, 148 George street 
Walker, James, 16 Broomlands 
Watson, Miss Jessie, 19 Causeyside 
Watson, Thomas D., 56 Broomlands 
Welsh, James, 39 Stock street 
White, Peter C, 10 George street 
Wilson, Archibald, 56 Causeyside 
Wilson, Thomas, 1 Mossvale lane 
Wright, Hugh, 78 Canal street 
Young, James, 19 Abbey street 
Young, Sam, 1 Gauze street 

'Wood. Merchants. 

Allison, David, 49 Love street 
Allison, William, Victoria Saw Mills, 23 

Love street 
Armstrong & M'Nair, 15 St. James st. 
Barr, James, 45 and 46 Causeyside 

Browning, Alexander, sen., 10 West 

Buchanan street 
Clark, John, & Co., Wallneuk Saw Mills, 

12 Wallneuk 
Cochrane & Keith, 67 Love street 
Craig, Alexander, 27 Back Sneddon 
Crawford, P. & A., Thistle works, 

South Croft 
Duulop, James, 11 Iucle street 
FsUrlie, Alex., 8 Castle street 
Highgate, John, & Co., Caledouia Saw 

Mills, Murray street aud Baltic Saw 

Mills, Macdowall street 
Lee, Robert, 11 to 14 St. James street 
Moir, James, 32 High street 
M'Kay, D. A., 25 Abbey street 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, Wallneuk Saw 

M'Naughton, Alex., 6 New Smithhills 
Paton, Robert, Espedair works, Causey- 
Young, John, & Co., Burgh Saw Mills, 

Caledonia street 

"Wood. Turners. 

Barr, Johu, Mossvale Works 
Crawford, P. & A., Thistle Works, 
South Croft 

"Wrights and Joiners. 

Aitken, Thomas, 36 Stock street 
Armstrong & M'Nair, 15 St. James 

Baird, James, 24 High street 
Barr, Hugh, Espedair street 
Barr, James, 45 and 46 Causeyside 
Beveridge, William, 7 Seedhill road 
Black, John K, 66 Back Sneddon 
Blair, James, 16 Castle street 
Boyd, James, & Sons, Macdowall 

Brown David, Whitehaugh 
Browning, Alex., sen., 10 West Buchanan 

Bryce, James, & Son, 10 Hunter street 
Buchanan, George, 4 Howie street 
Calderwood, James, 1 Espedair 
Clark, John, & Co., Wallneuk Saw Mills, 

12 Wallneuk 
Cochrane & Keith, 67 Love street 
Comrie, John, & Sou, 90 George st. 
Craig, Alexander, 27 Back Sneddon 



Craig & Wilson, Blackball 
Crawford, James, 4 Sir Michael street 
D.ibson, David, 27 Wiiliainsburgh 
Dunlop, James, 11 Incle street 
Easdon, H., 101 Causeyside 
Ewing, Stewart, 20 Lawn street 
Gemmell, Andrew. 2 Brown street 
Gird wood, R., 28 Broornlands 
Hill & Adam, 3 Hunter street 
Houston, G. & T., 5 Maxwellton street 
Xnglis, John, 51 High street 
Keith, Alexander, 3 Thread street 
Kuox, William T., 29 Gordon's lane 
Lang, Matthew, M'Gown street 
Lee, Robert, 11 to 14 St. James street 
Lithgow, J. D., 16 and 17 St. James st. 
Moir, Alexander, 51 High street 
Moir, James, 82 High street 
M 'Arthur, John, 3 West Buchauau 

M'Cnllocb, James, 32 High street 
M'Fadyeu, Angus, Coliuslee 
M'lunes, W., Clavering street 
Maokay, D. A., 25 Abbey street 
M'Lean, Charles, East Buchanan street 
M-'Naughtan, Alex., 6 New Smithhills 
31 'Neil, George, 32 High street 
Paton, John, 12 Seedhill road 
Pratt, David, 30 Gauze street 
Small, James, Cart lane 
Stevenson, Walter, 23 Back Sneddon 
Stewart, Andrew, 96 George street 
Uiie, Matthew, Laighpark 
Whyte, Win., & Co., 48 High street 
Young, Hugh, 11 Carriageliili 
Young, George, 15 St. James street 


Adam, John, 5 County place 
Bowie, William, 95 High street 
Brown, "W. Dykes, 97 High street 
Caldwell, Ja., Muir, & Caldwell, County 

Buildings, St. James street 
Cochran, Alexander, 19 High street 
Cunningham, J. & A., 9 High street 
Dickie, Dugaid D., Masonic Buildings, 

.96 High street 

Dunn, Jas. H., & Allison, Union Bank 

Buildings, 3a Gilmour street 
Gardner, James, 3 County place 
Hart, Abercrombie, & Lang, 13 St. James- 
Hay, R. Blair, B.L., 14 Moss street 
Hogg, Jno., 13 Moss street 
Houston, David, 97 High street 
Kerr & Finlator, 12 High street 
Lang, Benjamin, 94 High street 
Morrison, David A., 97 High street 
M'Al lister, Alex., 48 Moss street 
M'lunes, Mackenzie, & Lochhead, 7 

Gilmour street 
M'Naugktou, Lochhead, & M'Callum, 8 
" Gilmour street 
M'Nish, John, 9 Moss street 
MacRobert, Sou,& Hutchison, St. James 

Pattison, John, 23 Moss street 
Reid, T. F. , & Donaldson, 12 Causeyside 
Reids & Campbell, 3 County place 
Russell, R. & T., 7 High street 
Semple, D. S., Macuair & Crawford, 16 

Gilmour street 
Smith, Gow, & Scott, St. James place 
Stevenson, Robert, 99 High street 
Towers, Thos. P., 16 Moss street 
Walker, Thomas, Municipal buildings 
Walker, William, Burgh Fiscal, Muni- 
cipal buildings 
Young & Martin, 19 Liigh street 

Tarn and. Silk Merchants, 
and. Agents. 

Ban*, Stirrat, & Co., 1 10 Causeyside 
Brown, William, jun., & Co., 107 

Fleming, Reid, & Co., Ltd., 10 St.Mirren 

Greenlees, A. & J. W., 13 Causeyside 
Millar, James, & Son, 106 Causeyside 
Pollock & Co., 6 Forbes place 
Thomson, Archd., 3 Cumberland court 
Thomson, J. & J., 1 Causeyside 
Walsh, William, 5 Cumberland court 





London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. 

Capital, - £2,127,500. 

General Life Assurance Co. 

Income, - - - £354,000. 
also agent for 

West of Scotland Plate Glass Insurance Co. 

Conservatories and Ornamental Plate Glass Lamps Insured. 

The Scottish Employers' Liability and General 
Insurance Co. Limited. 


Telegraph — "EQUITY," GLASGOW. Telephone No. 4035. 


Plate -Glass Insurance Company Ltd. 


58 REMIELD STREET, Glasgow, 


All Glass Insured at Moderate Rates, with Prompt Replacements. 

to the OFFICE or AGENT. 


Secretary - ¥K. G. KIBKE0PE. 




Abbey Church Ground 
The Abbey 
Adams, James 

12 Millar, Mrs. 
Craig, John 
M'G-regor, Mrs. 

13 Tollan, George 
Richardson, Charles 

14 Wilson & Son, Thomas 

15 M'Coll, James 

— Abbey Close U.F. Church 
Geo. A. Clark Town Hall 


1 Cunningham, Wm. 
4 & 5 Foulds & Son, Andrew 

10 M'Menamy, Mr. 

11 Coyle, Edward 
Woodrow, Duncan 
Young, Mrs. 
Stewart, William 
Stevenson, George 

12 Black, James 
Black, Miss 
Fulton, P. C. 
Fulton, Robert 
Caterson, Mrs. 

13 Craig, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Nairn, Thomas 
Stevenson, James 

13J Adam, George 

14 Kerr, Robert 

15 Cumberland Dye Works 
1G Kilpatrick, John & Son 

Kilpatrick, John 
Kilpatrick, Alexander 

17 Alexander, Mrs. 
Lindsay, — 
Gordon, Misses 

18 Hamilton, Wm. 

19 Thorley, Sons & Co 
Young, James 
Findlay, Peter 


20 Muir, Joseph 
Hunter, James 

21 Walker, John 

22 Wright, Miss 

23 M'Lean, Mrs. 
Walker, Mrs. 
Grant, James 
Spooner, Mrs. 
Love, James 
Smith, John 
Burns, James 

24 Fleming, Benjamin 
Nimmo, Mrs. Agnes 
Erskine, Mrs. 

Guy, J. 
Morton, J. 

25 Mackay, Daniel A. 


1 Craig, Anderson 
Boyd, Alex. D. 
Armstrong, James 
Mitchell, Thomas 
M'Lauchlan, John 
M'Millan, James 
Hunter, John 

2 Campbell, Mrs. M. 
Lambie, William 
Holmes, John 
M'Kinlay, Jamea 
Patrick, John 
Robertson, James 
Brown, J. 
Stirling, W. 

3 Strathearn, James 
Cockburn, Charles 
Downie, James 
Craig, Mrs. 
Mackie, Robert 

4 Houston, Mrs. 

Kennedy, James 
Love, William 
Muir, William 
Millar, Mrs. 
Todd, Nicholas 
Allan, Duncan 
Stevenson, Wm. 

5 M'Kechnie, James 
M'Donald, Mrs. 
Irons, James 
Moffat, Mrs. 
Hutchison, John 
Herron, G. 

6 Henderson, James 
Cunningham, James 
Ceddes, John 
M'Fadzean, William 

7 Dickson, T. 
Picken, A. 

Frew, Neil 
M'Dade, John 
Shaw, Jas. 
8 Paterson, Jame3 
Crichton, A. 
Niven, J. 
M'Donald, Donald 
Crichton, A. 
9 Hatrick, John 
Campbell, Archibald 
Kirk, Mrs. 
Howie, J. 
Brisbane, James 
Hardie, Thomas 

10 Howie, Mrs, 
Craw, Alexander 
Cameron, J. 
Blackwood, John 
Stewart, Archibald 
Louden, George 

11 Stewart, Robert 
Brown, James 
Lochie, G-. 
Lambie, William 
Pender, James 
Thompson, Samuel 
M'Kinnon, Hugh 





Abercorn Shipbuilding Co. 
Torter & Co., H. G. 
Crawford, Hamilton 
Poison & Co., Wm. 
9 Clapperton, Mrs. Agnes 

10 Rutherford & Son, Thomas 
Conway, A. 

Borland, J. 

11 Eraser, Wm. 
Pulton, J. 

12 Russell, Lewis 
Orr, James 

G leghorn, A. 
Cunningham, W. 

13 Warnock, jun., J as. 

14 Pattison, John 
Maxwell, Alex. 
Orr, Jabez 
Retson, Mrs. 
Warnock Bros. 

15 Ronald, J. 
Stewart, James 
Korner, C. 
Monaghan, H. 
M'Naught, James 

16 M'Cabe, Mrs. 
Muldoon, John 


1 Watson, John 
Wilson, William 
Fulton, Andrew 
M'Dougall, Archibald 
Turpey, William 

2 Irvine, David 
Rankin, Archibald 
Peid, James 
Stevenson, John 
Getty, H. 
Rodger, William 

3 Kane, Peter 
P.lakey, Henry 
M'Ausland, Dugald 
Muir, William 

5 Paterson, James 
Anderson, William 
Proctor, John 
Gibson, John 

6 Slack, John 
Conway, Peter 
Dickie, Alexander 

Young, Matthew 
Smith, John 
Craig, Alexander 

4 M'Nair, William 
M'Lelland, Andrew 
Arnott, John 
Smith, James 
Industrial School 

5 Paterson, James 
Paterson, William 
Jones, William 


1 Gilmour, Mrs. 
Law, William 
Robertson, William 
Campbell, Paul 
Kennedy, Alexander 

2 M'Lean, Alex. 
Watson, John 
Andrew, Mrs. 
Bowie, James 


3 Watt, David 
Hindle, John 


3 Reid, T. 

Livingstone, John 

Shedden, William 

Semple, Robert 

Campbell, John 

Miller, Wm. 
5 Stevenson, J. 

Laird, Alexander 

M 'Donald, Mrs. Janet 

Gibson, James 

M'Lean, John 

Gibson, Andrew 
7 Cumming, T. 

Gray, Mrs. 

Watson, T. 

Brodie, S. S. 

Gardner, Jeffrey 

Forsyth, Robert 
9 Hendry, Jno. 

Gilmour, M. 

Wallace, D. 

Adam, Archibald 

Whyte, Edward 

Yates, Alexr. 

Watt, Matthew 
11 Buchanan, T. 

Laing, John 

Buchanan, Daniel 

Black, iuomas 

M Vicar, Wm. 
13 Paterson, Edward 
Sweenie, Miss Jane 

Raeburn, J. 

Hendry, W. 
15 Henderson, J. 

Mills, David 

Gemmell, William 

Taylor, J. 

Pole, E. 

Irvine, Thomas 
17 Stewart, Mrs. 

Watson, Peter 

MNiven, James 

Logan, R. 

Ralston, Alexander 

Irvine. William 
19 M'Donald, J. 

Rae, G. 

Cassidy, J. 

Renfrew, Robert 

Bell, William 


Stevenson, Mrs. 
Allison, Miss 

ONeil, Charles 
M N.air, Duncan 
Souden, Wm. 
Ashburne — Currie, John 


5 Hemphill, John 

Russell, Wm. 

M'Kay, Mrs. 
7 Hay, E. 

Fletcher, Robert 

Muir, John 

M'Dougall, A. 

Ross, D. 
9 Matheson, Mrs. 

Crawford, James 

Crawford, Jane 

Gold, T. 

Marshall, D. 

Jamieson, J. 
11 Orr, John 

Ronald, Mrs. 

Heaton, Robert 




M'Indoe, Alex. 

Archibald, George 

Barr, George 

Dickson, H. 

Stoddart, — 
13 Stewart, Wm. R. 

Gait, Robert 

Hunter, Archibald 

M'Hattie, Mrs. 

Brown, John 

Craig, John 
15 Andrews, John 

Smith, J. 

Anderson, Mrs. 

Turnbull, Mrs. 

Wilson, Wm. 

Longmuir, Bryce 

Glen, Maggie 
17 Gemmell, — 

Tulloch, Mrs. 

Hamilton, Wm. 

Robson, J. 

.Ferrie, — 
19 M'Kay, A. 

Dock, Mrs. 

Pattison, Mrs. 

Fulton, John 

Lochrie, Charles 

Moore, Mrs. 

Howie, R. 

21 Matthew, J. 

. Carruth, M. 

Moffat, J. 

Johnstone, Mrs. 

Green, Peter 

Kirkwood, John 

M'Cartney, H. 

Gibb, George 
23 Stokesly, John 

M'Allister, R, 

Nelson, Mrs. 

Thomson, — 

Waterson, George 

Macintyre, George 
M'Neil, Mrs. 

M'Donald, J. 
25 Gray, Mrs. John 

Gibb, George Y. 
32 Alexander, R. 

Burgess, Peter 

Park, James 

Park, Matthew 

Burns, Robert 
30 Gardner, John 

Monaghan, Wm. 

Gray, John 

Beattie, J. 
28 Pattison, Mrs. Elizabeth 

Craig, Mrs. 

M'Kay, Clark 

Watson, Mrs. 

M'Conville, Charles 

Balfour, 1m. 
26 Wason, James 

Murray, T. 

Gilchrist, James 

M'Cormick, Mrs. 
24 Arthur, Samuel 

Wilson, Miss 

Stewart, D. 

Telfor, John 

Lyle, R, 

M'Donald, T. 
22 M'Neil, George 

Brown, John 

Inglis, John 

Perfect, Wm. 

Taylor, Wm. 
20 Stewart, Mrs. 

M'Killop, John 

Norman, Mrs. 

Rattray, James 

Toole, James 

M'Culloch, J. 
18 MTntyre, D. 

M'Kenzie, Hugh 

Thomson, — 

Kennedy, J. 

Lochrey, J. 
16 Stevenson, Richard 

Glenn, Mrs. 

Black, Wm. 

Donaldson, Mrs. 

Auld, John 

Swan, W. 
14 Munro, Mrs. 

Ferguson, T. L. 

Goudie, G. 

Thomson — 
12 Dick, J. 

Millar, Miss 

Russell, J. J. 

M'Gibben, J. 

M'Taggart, Mrs. 
10 Lyle, Robert 

Fleming, John 

Sutherland, Wm. 


Model Lodging-House 


Janetta Cottage — Taylor, Wm. 
Arkleston Villa — 

Boyle, Robert 

Foulds, Robert 
Camnethan Villa — 

Prentice, William F. 

Kerr, Mrs. Thomas 
Jack's Villa — 

Milne, Peter 

Cook, Edward 
Ashbourne Villa — 

Charles, W. J. 
Knockbracken — 

Kirk, Geoi-ge G. 
Dunraven — 

Donald, James 
Newton — Goudie, Mrs. J. 
Isabank — Sutty, George 0. 
Garbally — Cook, James 
Barholm — Chapman, George 
Woodburn — Gibson, Wm. K. 
Morwell — 

Morrison, Alexander 

Morrison, David 

Wills, James 
Mandala — Newton, J. B. C. 
Amherst — Coghill, George 
Ladyburn — 

Cochran, Edward 

Cochran, Robert 
The Laura — Brown, James 
Dunrona — Brannan, Misses 
Enderby — M'Kellar, Joseph 
Barshaw Cottage — Hay, James 
Dunure— Kennedy, John 
Dunvorleigh — Elliot, Andrew 


3 Paterson, Mrs. 

M'Glashan, John 

Cunningham, John 

Brown, Miss 

Matheson, Peter 
9 Walker, Stewart 
10 Potter, Thomas 

12 Bnrtney, James 

13 Woods, James 

14 Corrigan, Mrs. 

15 Holms, William :; 

16 Kennedy, T. 

— Atlas Engine Works 

22 Matheson, Peter 

23 Stevenson, Walter 
23-24 Galbraith Stores 

27 Craig, A. 

28 Hood, James 
Ferguson, David 

34 Lyon, John 




37 Mrs. Judge 

42 Ritchie, Peter 
Stewart, John 

43 Hood, James 
Grant, James 
Richmond, George 

Abbey Works — Hanna, Donald 
& Wilson 

55 Robertson, George, & Sons 

56 Morrison, David 

60 Easton, William 
M'Ewen, James 

61 Hunter, Archibald 
Comorri, W. 

62 Parish Council Offices 

65 M'Gill, John 

66 Black, John K. 
Gray, Archibald 

fi7 Collins & Co., Daniel 
68 Adams, John P. S. 


1 Eastern Unionist Rooms 

2 Salvation Army Hall 
Morrison, John G. 
Watson, Thomas 

3J Tennent, J. A. 
Young, J. 
Carlie, — 
Noble, R. 
Paton, J. 
Arneil, James 
Provident Co - operative 

4 Hamilton, Hugh 
M'Neil, Mrs. R. 

Gla'snock - Hamilton, Hugh 

5 Young, William 
Morrison, Alexander 

6 Cassels, Annie 
Wishart, John 
Mitchell, Annie 
Tattison, D. 
Hartin, R. 
Craig, Thomas 
Allison, Mrs. 
Shearer, Miss 


1 Colquhoun, Alexander 
Russell, William 
Murdoch, Davfd 
M'Lachlan, John 

2 M'Latchie, David 
Allan, John 

3 Adams, John 
Lindsay, Mrs. 

Crawford, Mary 
Duncan, Mrs. 

4 Blaikie, James 
Raeside, John 
Taggart, John 

5 Steel, Samuel 
Rollands, George 
Pater son, David 
Smith, Alexander 

6 Culloch, Alexander 
Mackay, Hugh 
Bowie, Peter 
Paton, William 
Hunter, Mrs. 3.. 

7 Cunningham, Alex. 
Kittriek, John 
Leitch, Robert 
Wilson, James 
Brown, David 

8 Bradly, James 
Cuthill, John 
Palmer, Thomas 
Ritchie, David 

9 Barclay, Andrew 

10 Leslie, William 

11 Stewart, Hugh 
Boyd, J. M. 
Smith, William 
Neilson, Mrs. 

12 Baillie, Alexander 
Campbell, Andrew 
Sweenie, H. 
Lockie, Mrs. 
Stewart, Alexander 

13 Graham, Marshall 
M'Kenzie, Alexander 
Barclay, Henry 
Beaton, William 
M'Kenzie, Alexander 

14 Ramsay, William 
Stevenson, Daniel 

15 Hogg, Archibald 

16 Brisbane, John 
Fleming, James 
Steel, Samuel 
Reid, Mrs. James 

17 Kerr, Bernard 

18 Leitch, William 
Thomson, Robert 

19 Dick, Mrs. 
M'Allister, John 


2 Gilmour, John 
Lockhart, John 
Hutchison, Alexander 
Pattison, Miss 

3 Ritchie, Wm. 
M'Court, John 

4 Finlay, Mrs. Robert 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Nevin, jun., Robert 

5 Angus, William 

6 Hogg, Thomas 
M'Fadyen, William 
M'Millan, Mrs. 

7 Wallace, James 
Pulton, William 

12 Charles, W. J. 

13 Niven, Hugh 
Browning, Andrew 
Milton, Henry 
Greig, Alexander 

14 Gardner, John S. 

15 Archibald, George 

16 Weir, John 
Workman, Robert 


Riddel, David 
Todholm Cottage — 
Hood, Thomas 


Chapel House — Clark, James 

Glencairn — Jack, James 

Ardshiel — 

Wilson, Rev. Alexander 

Wedderburn Cottage — 
Steel, James 

Ardskipness — M'Callum, John 

Ardgowan — Balderston, Robt. 

Claremont — 

M'Callum, Andrew P. 

Blackhall Park- 
Gillespie, John 

Tarradale — 

Gait, Robert 

Marionfield — Robertson, Jas. 

Elmore — Weir, Jas. 

Ardene — Paton, Mrs. 

Oaklands — Ronald, Mrs. 

Pree St. George's Manse — 
Tait, Rev. Gavin J. 

Chapelhill— Reid, J. B. 

Chapelfield — "Ore, David 

Ardmillan — White, Mrs. 

Viewfield — M'Lean, John 

Marguerite — Macfee, John 

Hunterfield — Adam, William 

Mossknowe — Gilmour, John 

Norville — Bowie, A. 

Newholme — M'Parlane, J. B. 






Morven — Thomson, Robert 
Kelburn — Baird, Wilson 
Saucel Bank House — 

Whyte, J. Baldei'ston 
Saucel Bank — 

Galbraith, Mrs. 

M 'Arthur, Miss 

White, Mrs. Matthew 

M'Gown, Mrs. 


M'Intyre, Wm. & Co. 

Kirkwood, Baird, & Co. 

Corporation Electricity 
12 Marshall, William 

Douglas, Mrs. 

JJoctor, Joseph 

Duncan, Wm. 

Pollock, Thomas 

Creedon, John 
14 M'Rae, R. 

Borland, Alexander 

Wylie, David 

Young, John 

Carse, R. 

M'Neish, R. 
16 M'Callum, Mrs. 

Campbell, P. 

Crichton, John 

Spence, John 

Taylor, John 
18 Christie, A. 

Craig, Mrs. 

Deans, W. 

Walmsley, C. 

Cochran, Wm. 

Provan, Malcolm 

Wilson, J. 
20 Wilson, Mrs. 

Knox, Alex. 

Wright, M. 

Brown, T. 
22 Mitchell, Mrs. 

Whiteford, A. M. 

Adam, R. 

Waterston, James 

Valance, W. 
24 Hindle, James 

Anderson, Wm. 

Steel, Robert 

Hart, John 

Russell, J. 
26 Withers, John 

Stewart, Kenneth 

Sinclair, Neil 
Gemmell, William 
Stewart, William 
28 dimming, John 
Rodden, Mrs. 


1 Harper, Mrs. 
MDowall, P. 
Hair, J. 

2 Ewing, John 
Halfpenny, Mrs. 

3 Cunningham, Wm. 
Robertson, James 
Orr, George 
Gillans, William 

4 Knox, William 
M'Gregor, Alex. 
Kelly. Mrs. 

5 Agnew, Andrew 
Budge, Mrs. 

6 Symington, Miss 
Young, R. 

7 Pollock, Wm. 


1 Cumming, Donald 
Holmes, Mrs. 
Calgy, William 
Goudie, William 

2 M'Mattie, Henry 
Willoughby, Jack 
Forrester, John 

13 M'Dougall, John 


Kennedy, J. 
Thomson. W. 

Gas Works 

Hislop, G. R. 

M'Farlane, D., & Sons, 


M'Donald, John 

2 Spence, Mrs. 
Young, J. 
Jack, Wm. 
Lowey, Robert 

3 Meeks, T. 
M'Lardie, James 
Murdoch, James 
Gilmour, Matthew 
Wilson, Hugh 
Blaikie, William W. 

4 M'Donald. Hugh 
Mason, James 
Cuirie, Bartholomew 
Ross, J. 

5 Kelly, Mrs. 
Speirs, James 

Canning, E. 
Johnstone, James 
Kennedy, T. 
Henderson, William 
Peden, Matthew 

6 Hamilton, E. 
M'Gilp, Miss 
Hunter, J. 
Johnstone, Mrs. 
Henderson, Wm. 
Wilson, A. 
Hamilton, Arthur 
Mulhall, William 
Darner, John 
M'Lean, C. 

7 Watson, Neil 
Alexander, J. 
M'Culloch, William 
Drennan, James 
Roxburgh, James 
Dickie, John 

8 Armour, H. T. 
Wilson, Wm. 
Algie, Wm. 
Millar, Mrs. 

9 Brown, L. B. 
Maclay, John 
Wallace, W. 
Maclean, C. 
Hamilton, Hall 
Algie, William 
Cruickshanks, James 
Rankine, John 
Lawther, A. R. 

10 Neilson, John 
Enterkine, John 
Mackellar, Henry 
Macaulay, A. 
Murdoch, T. 

11 Crawford, Robert 
Bruce, James 
Crawford, John 




Gibson, James 
M'Hillan, fm. 
Hanton, Wm. 

12 Eccles, Mrs. 
Jones, J. 
Bates, John 
Dingley, Harold C. 
M'Gilh" Gilbert 

13 M 'Luster, R. 
Watson, James 
Millar, Robert 
Walker, Duncan 

14 Cook, Mrs. 
Maxwell, J. 
Adams, J. 
Neill, Mrs. 
Martin, W. 

15 Spence, James 
Stokesley, John 
Waller, Thomas 


1 Poison, John 
Paterson, James 
Ritchie, Wm. 
Campbell, J. 

2 Pollock, William 
Robertson, Mrs. A. 
Turner, William 


Brown, Ralph 
Tannock, David 
Whyte, Thomas 
Livingstone, Mrs. 
M'Ghee, Mrs. 


3 Poulds, Andrew & Son 

4 Robertson & Co., J. B. 

5 Fleming, James 
Darroch, John 
(Thomson, Mrs. 
Campbell, James 
Campbell, Donald 

6 Tervit, Mrs. 
M'Farlane, Wm. 
Mutrie, Mrs. 

1 Thomson, Robert 

2 Donnelly, James 
Brown, John 
Draper, Mrs. 

4 Graham, T. & R. 

5 Ritchie, Mrs. 

8 M'Gee, Walter 

9 Alexander & Son, J. 
Spiers, W. 

O'Neil, Mrs. 
Infectious Diseases Hospital 


1 Melvin, Charles 
Forrester, William 

2 Black, Mrs. 
Gray, William 
Dunlop, Thomas 
Lyall, John 
M'Lachlan, Robert 

3 Blair, Mrs. Agues 
Crawford, Mrs. Mary 

4 Coia, M. 
Eaglesim, William 

5 Stevenson, Allan 
King, Alexander 

6 Martin, Mrs. 
M'Pherson, Mrs. Joseph 

7 Buchanan, Mrs. James 
Stewart, Norman 
White, Nellie 

8 Quigley, Mrs. Mary 
Totton, Thomson 
9 Robertson, Archibald 
Glen, James 
croll, David W. 
Robertson, Archibald 

10 Hood, W. 
Towart, Robert 
Dickson, James 
Gemmell, Matthew 
Hood, W. 
M'Culloch, Thomas 
Muir, James 

11 Manwell, John 
Young, William 
Henry, John' 
Gibb, Mary 

12 Montague, Hugh 
MacKellar, Daniel 

13 Wilson, W. H. 

14 Gemmell, Matthew 
Galbraith, William 
M'Kie, James 
Gemmell, Mrs. 
Millar, John 

Easdale, Isabella 
M'Ginty, Daniel 

15 Russell, Dr. William 
Co-operative Society, Ltd. 
Morton, Eliza 
MDermid, Kate 

Miller, John S. 
M'Kechnie, William 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs Margaret 

16 Walker, James 
Gibson, Mrs. 
Jamieson, Mrs. 

17 Cumming, John 
Paterson, David 

18 Hamilton, Alexander 

19 M'Donald, Mrs. R. 
Stewart, James 

20 Mathers, Alexander 
Lang, jun., John 

21 Kirkwood, James 
Hood, Miss Maggie 

22 Mathers, Mary 
Stevenson, Roberfe 

23 AVeddell, Misses 
Currie, William 
Gibson, Dr. John R, 
Scott, James 
Gordon, John 
Jack, John 

24 Stevenson, John 
M'Lelland, Mrs. Elizabeth 

25 Farquharson, George 
Smith, John 

26 Morton, Mrs. Jeanie 
Wilson, Matthew 
Dick, George 

27 Burnett, Thomas 
Muir, John 
Slater, Alexander 
Lochrie, James 
Paterson, Mrs. 
Jackson, James 
Watson, Thomas 

2? Girdwood, Robert 
30 Law, Richard 
32 Hamilton, Elizabeth 
35£ TJrquhart, William 

Dougan, Charles 
36 Glen, Thomas 
38 Noble, James 

M'Farlane, William 

King, William 

Smith, Jessie 

Smith, Archibald 
40 Forrest, Archibald 

Tannahill, John 

M'Gregor, Alexander 

Robertson,, James- 




41 Smith, Alexander 
Smith, William 

42 Stevenson, James 

43 Wishart, John 

44 Whitehead, A. 
Stirling, J. K. 

45 Davidson, Alexander 
Davidson, Mrs. Alexander 

46 Forsyth & Son, Alexander 79 Baillie, Peter 


74 Boni, A. 
Gardiner, Miss Janet 

75 Gemmell, Robert 
M'Kean, Agnes 
U.F. Mar.yis' Church 

7S M'Donald, Hugh 

Co-op. Society, Limited 
Cooper & Co. 

Fleck, Miss 

48 Provident Co-op. Society, 


49 Winning, Mrs. 

50 Mackay, Mrs. 
Love, Matthew 

51 Galbraith, William 
Barclay, Alexander 

52 M'Hutchison, David 
Hunter, Thomas 
Fulton, John 

53 Armour, W. & R. 
Mitchell, Miss E. 
M'Kelvie, Mary 

54 Co-op. Society, Ltd. 
Burns & Son, James 

55 Scott, Matilda 
Westbrook, William 

56 Phillips, Alexander 
M'Indoe, Alexander 
MTndoe, Robert 
Watson, Thomas D. 

57 Watson, Maggie 
Beveridge, Miss J. 

58 Cemetery, Robert Reid, 

59-61 Martyrs' Parish Church 

63 Adie, Alexander 
Cruikshanks, Arthur 

64 Campbell, Jane 
Ferguson, John 

65 Hussey, Mary B. 

66 M'Luskie, James 

67 Guthrie, Miss E. 
Pollock, Robert 
Boyd, William 

68 Coats, W. & A. 
69. Patrick, Wm. N. 

Courtney, J. 

70 M'Lachlan, John 
Cameron, John 
Mair. Elizabeth 

71 Crawford, John 
Campbell, James 

72 Smith, Hugh C. 
Ferrie, A. 
Edmiston, Allan 

73 M'Crone, William 
Imperial Glass Co. 

M'Taggart, John 
Craig, Andrew 

80 Dalgarno, Alexander 
Marshall, James 

81 Cochran & Sons, James 
M'Hutchison, David 
Robertson, J. 
Ferguson, Thomas 

82 M'Kendrick, M. 
Robson, Mrs. William 
Campbell, Robert R. 
King, Alexander 
Mack, Thomas 
Osborne, W. 


1 Fraser, W. 
Kelso, H. 

2 Smith, John 
Gemmell, A. 
Barclay, R. 


2 Chambers, W. 


3 & 4 Bowie, Allan J. 
6 Wallace, John 


1 Milne, — 
Robertson, J. W. 
Marshall, John 
Kay, Mrs. 
M'Arthur, Miss 

2 Galbraith, Mrs. 
Inglis, J. 
Hart, Mrs. 
Lang, William 
Bowie, John 

3 Kyles, James G. 

M'Kean, James 
Donaldson, Samuel 
Glover, Thomas 
M Creery, John 
Whammond, Mrs. 

4 Rig?, Thomas 
Whiteford, William. 
Carse, John 
Watson, William 
Ronnie, John 
Neilson, Robert 

5 Jackson, W. 
Todd, Alexander 
M'Leish, Robert B, 
Halden, Mrs. 
Whitehead, Mrs. 

Simpson, D. 

6 Dalgleish, William 
Kerr, John 
Hogg, John 
Anderson, Mrs. 
Whitehead, James- 
MKinlay, John 

7 Buchanan, George- 
Cockburn, George 
M'Nish, Mrs. ^na 
Murray, James 
Glover, John 

8 Dowall, John 
Jolly, Wm. 
Henderson, Mrs. 
Maclean, Daniel 
Mearns, Robert 
M'Taggart, John 

9 Brown, John 
Hall, Rev. David 
Buchanan, William; 


1 Watson, John 
Ritchie, Wm. 
Murray, W. 

M 'Donald, P^ter 
M'Lauchlan, — 

2 Hamilton, J. 
Wood, Robert 
Catignani, R. 
Anderson, Mrs. 
Davidson, J. 


la Ferri, C. 
Lee, R. 
M'Lennan, D. 





Moir, C. 
Morrison, C. 
Anderson, W. 

1 Christie, J. 
Wotherspoon, — 
Boyle, Mrs. 
M'Naughton, James 
Hannah, Mrs. 
Drennan, J. 
Arnott, S. 
Wallace, — 

2 M'Gee, A. B. 
Stevenson, Allan 
Beid, William 
M'Nair, William 
Nisbet, Mrs. 

3 Stevenson, Mrs. 
Smith, J. 
Connell, D. 
Lawson, William 

4 Anderson, Mrs. T. 
Brough, John 

5 Gillies, J. 
Farquharson. .T 
Strathearn, Mrs. 

6 M'Millan, D. 

8 M'Fadzean, J. & Son 

10 Stirling, B. 

11 Crawford, Mrs. Margaret 
Rankine, B. 

Dickson, Thomas 

12 Hamilton, John 
Adam, Miss 
Moodie, B. 
Cummings, B. 

13 Houston, Mrs. 
Kerr, Mrs. 

14 Jamieson, W. 
Roxburgh, G. 
Faulds, M. 
Bobertson, John 

19 Provident Co-op. Society, 

Clark, Wm. 
Kerr, W 
Clark, B. 
Bobertson, — 
Sampson, A. 
Lochrie, W. P. 
M'Fadzean, J. 
Beaton, F. 
Montgomery, W. 
M'Dougall, D. 
Aitken, J. 

20 M'Nee, John 

21 Hamilton, B. 
Brown, Hugh 

22 Scrimgeour, J. 

O'May, Miss 
Pender, J. 
White, A. 

23 Gibson, J. 
Wright, A. 
Jenkins, B. 
Wotherspoon, T. 
Tweeddale, W. 
Begg, A. 
Adam, J. 
Watson, T. 
Fairlie, T. 

24 Keith, A. 
Scott, J. 
Maitland, W. 
Dickie, J. 
King, J. 
Wason, C. 
Bobertson, W. 
Agnew, Hugh 
Steven, W. 
Barclay, J. 

25 Gifford, W. 
Montgomery, B. 
Love, Mrs. 
M'Kechnie, A. 
Gibson, A. 
Hogg, J. 
Thomson, A. 
Meikle, B. 

26 Galbraith, Angus 
Cape, A. 
Hardcastle, B. 
Green, J. 
Sunter, A. 
Palmer, J. 
Jamieson, J. 
Maxwell, Mrs. 
Harris, J. 

27 Cockburn, W. M. 
Wilson, A. 
Stevenson, Mrs. J. 
Brown, J. 
Alexander, J. 
Craig, M. 

Bell, Bright 
Smith, A. 
White, Andrew 
Alexander, Thomas 

28 Alexander, S. 
M'Lean, A. 
Pettigrew, Miss 
Love, M. 
Glasgow, J. 
Fleming, A. 
Maxwell, J. 
White, James 
Hutchison, H. 

Rodger, Bobert 
Dingwall, — 
29 Henderson, John 
Eussell, J. 
Caldwell, J. 
Paton, J. 
Younger, W. 
Henderson, J. 
M'Naughton, W. 
Faulds, J. 

34 Galbraith's Stores 

35 Laird, Mrs. A. 

36 Campbell, J. 

37 Millar, W. 

38 Lennox, J. 

39 Millar, W. 
Graham, T. 
Cochran, B. 
Harper, A. 
Gilchrist, H. 
Struthers, A. 
Millar, J. 

40 Cochran, Bobert 

41 M'Nee, J. B. 

42 Bobertson, W. 
Love, J. 
Lauder, J. 
Graham, G. 
Stevenson, J- 
Hussey, J. 

43 Harper, A, 
45 Nardini, P. 

Fountain Gardens 

48 Smith, J. 
Strachan, R. 
Leitch, A. 
Hunter, J. 
Cook, E. 

49 Jack, J. K. 
Crichton, Wm. 
Johnston, D. 

M' Skimming, John 

50 Finlay, T. 
Dunbar, W. 
Hawthorn, J. 
Hendrie, Mrs. R. 
Duff, Mrs. 
Macaulay, — 

51 Love, M. 
Seggie, Mrs. 
Millar, David 
Dykes, Mrs. D. 
M'Walter, A. 
Findlay, A. 
M'Connachie, Daniel 

52 Hunter, Miss E. 
Pole, Edward 
M'Dougall, J. 






Barr, Mrs. 
Strachan, J. 
M'Kean, Robert 

53 Thomson, Mrs. 
Keith, A. 
Wilson, H. 
M'Garroch, W. 
Arnott, S. 

54 Cochran, W. 
Anthony, John 
Wilson, W. 
Connell, D. 
Martin, S. 
Wilson, A. 
Langmuir, J. 
M'Millan, D. 
Maitland, jun., William 

55 Lang, John 
Macdowall, J. 
Stevenson, D. 
Carter, D. 
Pattison, W. 

Brown, Mrs. 
Pollock, Jeannie 

56 Ritchie, J. 
Smith, R. 
M'Lauchlan, T. 
Langmuir, Mrs. 
Milligan, A. 


6 Banks, John 

Graham, John 

Craig, Robert 

Fraser, Robert 
5 Craig, Thomas 

Black, Alexander 

M Cowan, John 

Peicock, Juhn 

Cray, Archibald 


Calside Villa — 

Murray, Robert H. 
Hutchison, William 
Wright, Mrs. 

Netherpark — 
Notman, Miss 
Hamilton, James 
Roberts, Miss 

Park Place- 
Crawford. Miss 
Cochran & Co., Adam 
Harvey, Robert 

Cameron, Robert 
Greenlees, Robert 
Eairhill — Hutchison, John 
Innrmury— Nurses' Home 
Lucetta Cottage — 
Sweenie, Mrs. 
Young, William 

22 Knox, William 
Downs, John 

23 \ v right, Alexander 
Gardiner, John 
O'May, Mrs. 

Calside House — 

Davidson, Charles 

31 Paisley, James 
Scobie, James 
Russell, James 
Gibb, James 

32 Robertsoi, .John 
Flockhart, William 
Dougall, Samuel 

Burnbank Cottage — 

Campbell, Wm. 
Blithsholm— Pinkerton, Mrs. 
44 Woodrow, John 

M'Taggart, Mrs. 

Shannon, Andrew 

Boyd, John 

Scott, John 
46 Love, Mrs. 

Rennie, John 


1 Kerr, Janet 

2 Donaldson, David 

3 Holmes, Mrs. 

4 M'Gibbon, William 

6 Jackson, James 

7 M'Fadyen, John 

8 Smith, Thomas 


Holmcraig — Gibb, J. R. 
Hafton— Irvdne, Frank 
Glenfruin— Tagg. Alexander 
Beltreis— Semple, David 
Elliestoun— Swan, John 
Muirholm — 

Macalaster, John 
Macalaster, J. M. 
Macalaster, W. 

1 Brownridge, Dr. Robt. 

2 Cowan, Mrs. 

3 Morrison, Mrs. 

4 Barr, James 


1 Gilmour, James 
Logan, Miss 
Cummings, James 
O'May, James 
Turner, Thomas 
Chalmers, James 
Davie, James 

2 Flannigan, Mrs. 
Arthur, Mrs. 
Leishman, Mrs. 
M'Vey, J. 
Brown, N. 


1 Boyd, J. 

9 Dickie, David 

Wilson, — 
Ross, James 
Renfrew, Mrs. 


1 Boyle, James 
Carswell, Miss 
Andrews, Thomas 

2 Mutrie, J. 
Stevenson, Robert 
M'Kinnon, Hugh 
Skouce, Mrs. 
Cooper, Archibald 

3 Muir, Mrs. 
Blair, Mrs. 

Duncan, Mrs. William 
Duncan, Miss 
M'Neil, Mrs. 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs. 
Wilson, Mrs. 

4 Walker, Wm. 
Adam, R. 
Hamilton, Hall 
Walker, George 

5 M'Gallan, John 
Borland, Robert 
Cameron, Duncan 
M'Intyre, Robert 
Christie, John 






— M'Gown, Mrs. fm. G. 
Campbell, Miss 
Anderson, Rev. Robert 

Sangster, M.A. 
Bisland, William 
Edes, Frederick J. Adam- 
Harris, Alexander 
Martin, Francis 
Camphill School 

8 Kingsberry, William 
Buchanan, Miss Kate 
Moncrieff, John 
Miller, Robert 

Gibson, R. 

9 Reid, John 
Houston, Thomas 
Jeffrey, Andrew 

10 Leitch, William 
Beckett, M. 

M'Caffery. Win. 
Skilling, Mrs. 
Allison, William 
Faulds, Mrs. 
Craig, James 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Forsyth, John 

11 Tough, John 
Millan, Misses 
Robin, Mrs. John 
Mackie, Robert 


1 Malcolm, A. 

2 Erskine, Allan 

6 M'Minigle, Henry 

7 Malcolm, Archibald, 
S Giffen, John 

Kerr, Alexander 

Wylie, Ritchie 

Carmichael, John 
9 Rennie, John 
11 Cochran, James 
— G. & S.W. Goods Office 

Auchterlonie, William 

N.B. Railway Goods Sta- 
13 Logan, Sons & Co., Ltd. 

15 Coats, Brothers 

16 Leitch, James 
Black, Joseph 
Irvine, David 

Cowan & Co. 

22 Caldwell, David 

23 Thorn, Mrs. 

Muir, Mrs. D. 
M Millan, John 
Caldwell, David 
Duncanson, William 
Miller, Jonathan 
24 Allison, James 
Nixon, Simon 
Caldwell, John 
ualdwell, fm. 

29 O'Riiey, William 
Ferguson, William 
Allison, Robert 
M'Dougal, James 
Fulton, William 
Irvine, James 
Love, James 
M'Millan, John 
Orr, Miss 

30 MTntyre, Robert 
Holden, Lawrence 
Cowan, Archibald 
Brown, Mrs. 
Mack, — 

Marr, John 
Lang, Peter 
Leckie, Thomas 
Calderwood, Mrs. 
Nixon, John 
Wylie, Hugh 
Galbraith & Co. 

32 Louden, John 
Cruikshanks, — 
Brown, Duncan 

33 Lappin, T. 

34 Macintyre, Peter 
Rome, George 
Barr, Alexander 

35 Barr, A. 
Downs, William 

36 Lochhead, Miss 

37 Baptist Mission Hall 
40 Kilpatrick, Thomas 

Speirs, Mrs. 

43 Meichel, William 
Crooks, Mrs. 
Ritchie, — 

44 Thompson, Mrs. 
Russell, Peter 
Wilson,, Edward 
Davis, James 

45 Berry, Gilbert 
Hanlon, Mrs. 
Buchanan, Charles 
Docherty, Mrs. 

48 Macmillan, Thomas 
M'Lauchlan, James 
Kelso, Miss 

Lees, Samuel 

Gould, George 

Henderson, James 

Paterson, James 

M'Cafferty, James 

Bowman, William 
52 M'Auley, Michael 

Anderson, — 

White, Mrs. 
54 Howe, Mrs. 

56 Donald, William 
Kay, M. Y. 

57 M'Kay, Mrs. 
Orr, Andrew 
Lemay, Mrs. 
Carnduff, John 
Glover, William 

60 Bowie, Mrs. Walter 
G2 Reid, fm. 
Dunlop, Peter 

65 Wilson, James 
Crooks, John 

66 Macallister, Mrs. J. 
M'Donald, Mrs. E. S. 
M" Queen, Alexander D. 

67 Cameron, Robert 

68 M'Crossan, F. W. 

70 M'Lelland, William 
M'Phail, jun., Hugh 

71 M'Dowal, James 

72 Holmes, Robert 

73 Stevenson, Mrs. Margare 

74 Robertson & Gilchrist 

75 Cowden, John 
Wilson, W. B. 

77 Pender, John 
M'Kenzie, A. 
Barclay, A. 

78 Wright, Hugh 
80 Ferguson, Peter 

M'Laren, Archibald 
82 Boyd, James M. 

Steven, Mrs. William 
Blane, George 

86 Waddell, Wm. 
Adam, Martin 

87 M'Gee, John 

88 Risk, Robert 
90 Ferguson, John 


10 Hay, Thomas 
Blackburn, A. 
Young, A. 
Donald, R. 
Millar, J. 




11 Smith, B. 
M'Gill, Mrs. 
M'Guffigen, John 
Pattison, John 
M'Dougall, Hugh 

12 Armour, W. & E. 


Hunter, David 
Mitchell, Mrs. 
Higgins, J. 

St. James B.C. School 
Collins & Co. 


Dunn, Archibald G. 
Hamilton, Bobert 
Reynolds, Owen 

Brown & Poison 


1 Hart, Eobert 

3 Mylet, Samuel 
Myles, G. 

4 Beid, W. J. 

5 Hamilton, Bobert 

7 Strachan, James 

8 M'Kean, John 
Shankland, Mrs. 
Shankland, James 
Cook, Thomas 
MMillan, J. G. 

11 Young, Hugh 
MTnnes, Mary 

13 Wilson, M. & J. 

14 M'LaucVilan, Mrs. 

17 Equitable Co-op. Society 

Johnston, Edward 
Knox, Eobert 
Bitchie, Wm. 
Anderson, John 

18 Law, Francis 

19 Mitchell, Wm. 
Frondigoune, E. 

23 M'Lune, Wm. 

Montgomery, Mrs. 
25 Simpson,. Samuel 

Mylet, William 

26 M'Nab, Miss W. 

27 Hamilton, Jas. 
Porteous, Mrs. 
Pollock, Mrs. 
Macausland, Mrs. 
Mylet, Samuel 

29 Abbot, Joseph 
Thompson, — 
Faulds, Wm. 
Kennedy, James 
Spence, John 

30 Montgomerie, Wm. 
Wyllie, E. 

Boyd, T. H. 

31 Boss, Wm. 
Allison, Mir.. 

32 Bobertson, Mrs. M. 
Tannahill, Matthew 
Mitchell, David 
Gray, Eobert 
Hogarth Cycle Works 

32 M'Muchan, — 
Little, J. 
Galbraith Stores 


Thrushcraig Villa — 

Cochrane, Hugh 
Greenbank — Kerr, Miss 
Craigellen— M'Lennan, Mrs. 
Ingleside — Wotherington, W. 
Hawthornden — Drew, Jas. P 
Armadale — Peden, Wm. S. 
Woodville — Harvie, — 
Bonally— Campbell, J. M. 
Stanley View— Lang, 11. 
St. Clair— Smith, D. S. 
Park Gate- 
Wood, John 

Macfarlane, Mrs. 
South Park House — 

Smith, Mrs. Chas. 

Smith, Benjamin 

Clark, Gerald 

Cunningham, Mrs. 

Thomson, Allav> 

Ferguson, Bobert 

Symons, — 

Adam, — 
Barnscroft — Drew, M. J. 
Primrose Bank — 

Murray, John 
Primrose Cottage — 

Kirkwood, Wm. 

Carriagehill House — 
Baton & Co., David 
Finlayson, Bobert 
Finlayson, Alexander 


Small, James 
Anderson, Bros. 
Adelphi Hall 
Little, Wm. 


2 Beid, Joseph 
Bobertson, James 

3 Beid, James 
Hollis, Misses 
Glen, Alexander 


Mount Pleasant — 

Hutton, Bev. Principal 
Bedholme — ■ 

Abercrombie, T. G. 
Bowantrees — Abercrombie, A. 
Westlands— Begg, James 
Belmont?— Craig, A. F. 
Ashgrove — 

Henderson, l?ev. Andrew 
Ferndean— Coats, William 

— Bobertson, John 
Priory Park— Young, Mrs. J. 
Elms — Gardner, William 
Ecclestoun— Young, James H. 

— Jack, Peter 
South Manse — 

Metcalfe, Bev. William M. 
Mossgiel — Smith, Hugh 
Fairholm — M'Lennan, W. B. 
Laurels — Lochhead, Joseph M. 
The Cottage— Watt, George 
Dunrod — Gardner, Alexander 
Dunscore— Bow, William 
Southdene — 

M'Callum, John M. 
The Briers— Beith, James 
Muirfield — Bussell, Bobert 
East Knowe— Millar, John 
Creichmore — 

Millar, James G. C. 
Netherton — 





Greenlees, Thomas 
Englethwaite — ■ 

Cook, Mrs. James 
Hilden — Agate, William 
Wallacebank — Young, Jas. A. 
Rosemount — 

Allison, Robert 
Warriston — Rowat, Thomas 
Old House — Lang, Alexander 
Mansion Cottage — 

Elder, Mrs. John 
The Mound — Dunn, James H. 
Woodend — Hodge, Thomas 
Edge Hill— Baird, John P. 
St. James Manse — 

Walton, Rev. W. A. 
Morven — Smith, T. Grow 
Tulliallan — Wilson, David 
G-lenrod — 

Parlane, Robert 

Parlane, John 
Newton Bank — 

M'Kean, Miss 
Ellengowan — Coats, George H. 
Edgemont — Dobie, George 
Ravenswood — Taylor, John 
Cora Linn — Dobie, William 
Dalblair — Hamilton, James P. 
Gowanlea — 

Fleming, Rev. A. G. 
Annfield — 

Muir, John 

Muir, Rodger W. 
Dunalister — Taylor, William 
Martyrs r Manse — 

Thomson, Rev. Jas., B.D. 
Glencairn — Cairns, Alexander 
#lenfield Cottage — 

Dunsmore, James 

Dunsmore, Matthew 

Brownlie, Mrs. 
Hazelwood— Reid, T. P. 
Pree Martyrs' Manse — 

Strang, Rev. R. C, M.A. 
Norwell — Adam, John 
Pirgrove — Currie, Adam 
Hayfield — Coats, Allan 
The Willows — Allan, John S. 
Braefoot — Baldwin, Miss 


1 Craig, D. 
Watt, jun., William 
Dunlop, D. 
Watt, sen., William 

3 M'Arthur, Dr. 
5 Pattison, W. 
Macaulay, John 

7 Gilmour, W. 

8 Pairlie, A. 
12 M'Grand, J. 

Kelly, G. 
Speirs, J. 
Mutrie, Mrs. 
16 Blair, James 

21 MTntyre, R. 
Walker, A. 
Tulloch, J. 

Taylor, Mrs. Thomas 

22 Morrison, P. 

— St. Barnabas' Episcopal 

28 M'Lellan, Hugh 
32 Walker, Alex. 
35 M'Daid, William 


1 Thomson, J. & J. 
Archibald, Thomas 
M'Glashan & Co., James 

2 Murray, Arch. 
Townley, Mrs. 
Graham & Caskie 
Campbell, William 

3 Sim, Wm. 

4 Campbell, J. 
Alexander, John 0. 
Wilson, J. D. 
Atkinson, J. 
Arneil, Jas. 

5 Hunter & Goudie 
Galletly, David 
Gribben, D. C. 

6 Lang & Co. 
Guthrie & Co., Robert 
Cochran & Co., Wm. . 

8 M'Arthur, J. & J. 
Murphy, Mitchell & Co. 
Whitehill & Co., M. 
10 Whiriskey, James 

12 "Express" Office 
Shaw, M. A. 
Y.W.C.A. Rooms 
Y.M.C.A. Booms 
Cochrane, Robert 

Eeid & Donaldson, T. F. 

13 Greenlees & Co., M. 
Caldwell, T. 
Buchanan, J, 

14 Provident Co-op. Society 

Provident Co-op. Society 

(Boot and Shoe) 
Carswell, John & Co. 

15 Taylor, James A. 

16 Cunningham, Alex. 

Beacon & Co., Robert 
Ferri, C. 
Kelly, M. & W. 
M'Cartney, John 
M'Millan, Neil 
M'Kellar, M. 

17 Craig, Wm. 
M'Millan, Mrs. T. 
M'Farlane, Mrs. 

18 Roy, Miss 
Kerr, Allan 
Robin, Mrs. 

19 Watson, James 

20 Shaw, Smith 
Muldoon, Mrs. 

21 Kerr, Janet 
Black, Alex. 
M'Aully, Thomas. 
Cockburn, Mrs. 
Warnock, James 

22 Ross, Miss Annie 
Neilson, Ltd., Jas. & Son 

23 Duncan, James, M.D 
Lochhead, Mrs. 
Thomson, Mrs. 

Ball, James 
M'Lean, Mrs. 
Leckie, — 

24 Morton, Andrew 
Shaw, James 
Morrison, Robert 
Renschling, Louise 

25 Watson, A. & W. 
Milton, Stephen 

29 Foulds, Roger 
28-29 Lochhead & Co., G. F 
33 M'Intyre, Mrs. A. 

35 Henderson, John 
Simmonds, E. 
Gibson, James 
Souden, J. R. 
Wilki»son, — 
Peddie, — 
Borland, — 

36 Paton. Robert 

37 Swan, J. & M. 
Alexander & Co. 

38 Purdon, E. 
O'Donnell, J. A. 
Phillips, Mrs. E. 
Pernie, Elizabeth 




Wallace, Alex. 
45 Barr, James 

47 Bell & Son, Ltd., A. 

48 Alexander, Mrs. 
Mathieson, Miss M. 

Kinnes, Mr. 
Russell, Mrs. W. 

Howat, It. 

Scott, Mrs. 

50 Munro, Hector 

Jarvey, Mrs. 
Wilson, Daniel M. 

Sherriden, Mr. 
Allan, J. S. 
Hutchison, Mrs. Jane 

52 Murdoch, Thomas 

53 Davidson, Jas. S. 

54 Wills, James 
Fulton, David 
Scarlett, James 
Kelly, Miss M. 
Ballantyne, Mrs. 
Craig, Mrs. 
M'Colgan, James 
Boyd, Mrs. 

55 Stevenson, Dr. 
Hamilton, Robert 
Robertson, Mrs. 
Brunton, Wm. 
Robb, Thomas 
Hamilton, James 
Boal, Mrs. M. 
M'Dermott, Patrick 
Duffy, Mrs. 
Beckett, J. & M. 

56 Wilson, Archibald 
M'MUlan, J. G-. 
Cochran, James 
Cunningham, Mrs. 
Buchanan, Miss 
Morrison, James 

57 Shearer, J. 

58 Hamilton, James 
More, Mrs. 
Frondigoun, Edward 
Stafford, KG. 
Smith, J. 

Bisland, Jane 

59 Whiriskey, James 
Rennie, John 

60 Adam, Matthew 
Ewing, Mrs. John 
Sorbie, Thos. 
Aitken, John 
M'Gregor, Peter 
Mucaulay, Robert 
Paterson, Miss A. 

61 Brown, A. & M. 

62 Orchardson, Robert 
M'Taggart, L. 

63 MacKean, J. & Son 
Small, Wm. 

64 & 65 School 

66 Kelso, James 
Hughes, James 
Arrol, Wm. 
Finnie, Miss 
Foul'ds, Wm. 

67 Thomson, J. K. 
Gilmour, James 

68 M'Gregor, James 
Rennie, John 

69 Forbes, William 
Miller, Mrs. 
Walker, James 

— Railway Station 
South U.F. Church 

— School 

81 Glen, Mrs. R. 

82 Lees, David 
Macfarlane, Alex. 
Boyd, Daniel 
Boskill, Thomas 
Ferguson, T. 

85 Lawson, Mrs. John 

86 Allison, John 
M'Naught, Alex. 

87 Cochran, David 
Renfrew, Thos. 

88 Fella, S. 
M'Kenzie, Hugh 
Stevenson, Wm. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Andrew 

89 Cramb, James 
M'Leod, Mrs. J. 
Wilson, W. B. 

90 Equitable Co-op. Society, 


91 Lockie, Robt. 
Allan, James 
Provident Co-op. Society, 


92 Morrison, John 
Galbreath Bros. 
Pullar, Chas. 
Wandram, M. 
M'Cusker, Mrs. 
Lockie, Robert 
Wilson, Mrs. 

93 Hamilton, Miss M. 
Trench & Co., T. 
Leggatt, J. 
Howe, Wm. 
Byres, Mrs. 

94 Paterson, Joseph 
Cook, J. 

Baillie, Mrs. James 

95 Meiklejohn, Adam 
Paxton & Sons, M. 

96 Andrew, Wm. 

97 Taylor, Thomas 
Carse, Robert 

97 Ure, Thomas 
Clow, Dr. Wm. 

98 Wright, Walter 
Glassford, J. E. 
Galbreath, Robert 

99 M'Jntyre, Peter 
Wilkio, Andrew 
Stewart, James 
Barr, George 
Aitken, James 
Haran & Sons, N. G. 

100 Gibson, David 
Williams, Mrs. 

101 Robertson, Mrs. 
Marshall, James 
Easdon, H. 

102 Sandilands, John 
Henderson & Agnew 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs. 
M'Dougall, Mrs. 

103 M'Millan, David 

104 Chapman, George 
Lorimer, James C. 
Renfrew, Alex. 

105 Phillips, Wm. 
Morrison, Alex. 
Pollock, Daniel 

106 Millar & Son, James 
M'Dougall Bros. 

107 Brown, jun. & Co., Wm. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. 

108 Galletly, Mrs. D. 
Pearson, James 

109 Glover & Hardie 
Painters' Hall 

Free Breakfast Mission 
Deaf and Dumb Mission 
M'Glashan, Alex. 
Halden, Miss 
Cochran, R. S. 
Kilpatrick, A. & J. 

110 Bryce, D. & J. F. 
Barr, Stirrat & Co. 
Paton, jun., James 
Adam Bros. 
Storie, John 

111 Knight, Sons & Co. 
Melville, Daniel 
Caldwell, James 
Shand, Peter 

Catholic Young Men's 

22 4 



Campbell, Archibald 
Walsh, Wm. 
Independent Labour Party 

Park & Co., A. H. 
Cassidy, jun., Edward 
Elliot, A. 
Kilpatrick, Alex. H. 

112 Begg & Co., Alex. 
Association for the Poor 

113 Walkers & Co. 
Law, Wm. 

M'Lennan & Son, T. B. 
Brodie, Alex. 

114 & 115 Paisley Co.op. Manu- 

facturing Society, Lta. 


Burnlet Cottage — 

M'Connell, Mrs. Margaret 
Burnfoot Cottage — 

Thomson, Peter 
Chemical Works— 

M'Farlane, J. & C. 
Bopework — Peacock, Wm. 
•Chemical Works — 

Forrest & Son, William 


1 Henderson, — 

Irvine, David 

Hutton, George 

Cochran, Allan 

Young, — 
•2 Barr, William 

Muir, N. 

Lang, D. 

Howard. J. T. 

Milne, R. 

Barclay, H. 


1 Wallach, Mrs. 

Paterson, A. 

Adam, Joseph 

M'Geoch, Andrew 
2 Wallace, C. 
-4 Cameron, A. 

Haran, James 

Wylie, J. 

Smith, M. 
5 Adam, Miss Elizabeth 

Spreull, Andrew 
— East Public School 

7 Black, Jas. K. 
Peter Coats' s Stables 

8 Spreull, Andrew 


1 Knox, James 

2 Sinclair, Mrs. 
Masson, John W. 
Duncan, Dr. 

— High Parish Church 
Oakshaw School 
Middle Church 
Middle Church Hall 


1 Sweeney, John 
Crawford, A. 
Yance, J. 


1 Dobie & Son, George 
2 Young & Kelly 
Scott, William 

3 Hanson, James 

4 Picken, James 
Clark, Peter 

5 Fleming, Gilbert 
Cottham, William 
Wilson, Andrew 
Cottham, John 

6 Farmer, Robert 
Vernar, Charles 

7 Lilla & Edwards 
Paterson, Robert 
Richard Smith's Execu- 
tors, Ltd. 

Speirs, Gibb & Co. 
Cairns & Sons, Alexander 
M Crae, Robert 
Craig & Gardiner 

39 Crawford, James 
Mains, Colin 

40 Paterson, Robert 
Swan, William 

Goods Station — St. James 

1 M'Innes, W. 
3 M'Innes, J. S. 
Bell, Robert 
Stewart, A. 
Jamieson, D. 
Bell, D. 
7 Weir, Robert 
15 Ferrier, R. 
17 Oliver, R. 
Bryce, Joseph 
Cassells, J. 
Daniel, A. 


1 Martin, H. 
Ferguson, Thomas 
Morton, Mrs. 
Lochrie, Mrs. 

2 M'Millan, Mrs. D. 
Donaldson, J. 

3 Scott, James 
M' Sporran, Mrs. 

Withirinpton, John 
Purves, John 
M'Gough, R. 

4 Cochran, James 
Greenlees, Neil 
M'Lean, William 
Murray, Mrs. 
Motherwell, Robert 
Campbell, Mrs. 

5 Morris, John 
M'Nair, A. 
Foran, John 
Duncan, Mrs. 
Robertson, Thomas 
Mair, William 

6 Knox, John 
Stecii, A. 
M'Gregor, Mrs. 
Dykes, Miss 
Barr, J. 
Muir, James 

7 Wilson, John 
M'Gourlay, Thomas 
Black, George 
Small, Widiam 

Cameron, W. 
M'Nee, R. 

8 Grierson, John T. 
Doig, Alexander 
Ferguson, William 
Lyle, John 
Nelson, Miss 
Stevenson, A. 




9 M Galium, John 
Graham, James 
Thomson, John 
Stewart, William 
Mitchell, James 
Graham, W. 

10 Slater, Andrew 
Hogg, James 
Baxter, William 
Beattie, Joseph 
Gilmour, John Iv. 

11 Brown, William 
Cowan, Mrs. 
Manwell, Andrew 
Marshall, James 
Wilkie, J. 
Laicliaw, John 

12 Richardson, Peter 
Anderson, Adam 
Clark, — 
Caldwell, William 
GaLreath, Mrs. 

13 Couser, Charles 
Gemmell, Archibald 
Giltrap, H. 
Templeton, Mrs. 
Welsh, James 

14 Loehhead, James 
M'Kay, Miss 
Donaldson, James 
Leit.-h, A. 
Pollock, James 


M'Fadyen, Angus 

Thomson, R. 

Baird, W. & R. 

Cunningham, John 

Breslin, Daniel 

Wardrop, James 

Leggatt & Co., D. 

Drew & Sons, Ltd., M. 

Paisley Co-op. Manufac- 
turing Society, Ltd. 

Drew, Robert 

Colinslee Chemical Co. : 

Wilson <fc Co., J. 


# M Kinnon, Wm. 
Campbell, Archd. 



1 Provident Co-op. 
Gibson, David 

2 Russell, Dr. 
Emmerson, Mrs. 

4 Wilson, Edward 

5 Hutton, Archibald 
Cameron, William 

6 Noble, Robert 

7 Noble & Son, Henry 

8 Smith, Mrs. 
Ayton, James 

9 M'Glade, Joseph 

10 Macdougall, Donald 
Neile, James 
Johnston, Thos. 
M'Farlane, Walter 
Ayton, James 
Easdon, R. 

11 Sibbet, Wm. 

12 M'Garrity, John 

13 Gemmell, Matthew 
Gemmell, Andrew 

14 Mains, Thos. 

15 Speirs, John 

16 Powrie, Alex. 

17 M'Connachie, William 
19 Speirs, John 

Society 4 Welch, Wm. 

"Glasgow Weekly Mail" 

5 Adam, John 
Jackson & Abercrombie 
Taylor, J. H. 
M' Cowan, Mrs. 
M'Nish, Wm. 
— Post Office 

Railway Station 

Glasgow Tramway and 

Omnibus Co., Ltd.. 
Cabmens' Rest 
Gas Meter Office 
Municipal Buildings 
Police Office 


Ferguslie House — 

Glen-Coats, Bart., Sir T. 
jLodge-keeper — Jennison, R. 
Craigielea Place — Ja. Caldwell 
Ferguslie Lodge — 

Clark, Robertson 

Cameron, William 

21 Abbey Close Mission Hallcraigielea Land— 

23 Wilson, Mrs. Robert 

24 Begg, Thomas 
Begg, Mrs. John 

25 M'Cracken, R. 
Taylor, Robert 

26 Young, Mrs. 

30 Wotherspoon, Robert 
Ferguson, John 
Ferguson, James T. 
M'Millan, Miss Mary 

32 Brown, James 
Weir, William 
French, Mrs. 


1 Abercrombie, T. G. 

2 Creery & Sons, John 
Young, William 

3 Gardner, Jas. 
Reids & Campbell 
Christie, sen., Jas. 
Johnstone, T. 
"Glasgow Herald" Office 
"Glasgow Evening Times' 

Paterson, Miss 

Allison, Carse 

Reid, John 

Welsh, James 
Craigielea Cottage — 

Caldwellj jun., J. 
Craigielea — " 

Muir, John 

Yuill, William 
— Ferguslie Public School 


Burgh Asylum 

Burgh Poorhouse 

Calder, John 
Knoll — Donald, jun., James 
Marsilla — Galbraith, Charles 
Aldersyde — Hutchison, Robert 
Roslyn — Thomson, Andrew 
Woodbank — 

Walmsley, John 
Brownheath — Wilson, John 
Deanside — Hart, George 
Auchencraig — 

Abercrombie, John 
'The Sheiling— 

Donald, R. H. 
Riccartsbar — Donald, James 






9 Salvation Army Hall 
11 H'Lachlan, John 


Crossflat House — 
Gilroy, Misses 


1 Smith, Charles 
Watson, J. S. 
Langmuir, Walter 
Dick, Peter 
Anderson, William 
Macrae, William 

2 Ross, Alexander 
Smith, J. 
Bobb, Dewar 
Scott, James 
Sim, J. C. 
Donaldson, John 
Liddell, J. D. 

3 Alexander, John Y. 
Dunlop, M. 
Buchanan, Joseph 
Winning, Robert 
M'Killop, John 
Waddell, Mrs. 

4 M'Creery, Francis 
Crawford, James 
Reid. Miss 
Young, John 
Young, jun., John 


1 Hannah, H^nry 

Kennedy, John 
Cassidy, Mrs. A. 
Cowden, Mrs. M. 
Patrick, James 
Findlay, D. 
Cherry, James 
Caldwell, Wm. 

2 Russell, James 
Muir, William 
Kilpatrick, James B. 
Little, Simon 
M'Intyre, James 
M'Nicol, J. 
Paxton, Matthew 
Clark, — 

7 Crosbie, Miss A. 

Knox, Miss 

Orr, W. 

M'Pherson, J. 

Kennedy, G-. 

Watson, Mrs. 

Kennedy, Mis 3 
9 Donnelly, John 

Inglis, Wm. 

Hamilton, A. 

Hamilton, R. 

Wilson, D. 

Peacock, J. 

Irvine, B. 
13 Finlay, Wm. 

Wood, Miss 

Smith, David 


1 Gray, Agnes 

4 Houston, A. 
Meek, C. S. 
Paterson, Robert 
Armour, J. 
M'Yicar, A. 
Tannahill, J. 

5 Clark, H. 
Aitken, A. 
Flockhart, W. 
M'Daid, D. 
MTntosh, John 
Hedges, E. 

6 Arthur, J. 
Brown, D. 
Watson, W. 


Good Templar Halls 
Gardner's Printing Office 
Duncan, William 
Kilpatrick & Son, James 

12 Rigali, J. 

13 Dale, Mrs. Ellen 

4 St. Joseph's School 
Keenan, Miss 
M'Dcnald, Miss 

5 Brown, Mrs. 
Hallsworth, Mrs. Catherine 
Joint Line Stables 
M'Lean, Charles 

Gateflat — Irvine, James 
— Robb, Thomas 
Greenlaw Cottage — 
M'Donald, John 

6 M'Donald, Daniel 
Lorimer, Alexander 
Connell, Peter 
Forsyth, James 

St. Margaret s Convent 


Garven. Miss 

Warnock, Maxwell 

1 Christie, J. 
Stevenson, A. 
Lawrie, W. 

2 Kennedy, George 

Reid, T. 
Scott, W. M. 

3 Roy, Mrs. A. 
Crighton, W. 
Bole, Mrs. 
Maxwell, Mr=s. E. 
M'Lachlan, W. 

4 Kelly, D. 
Dickie, R. 
Shaw, J. 
Ritchie, Mrs. 

5 M'Lerie, S. 
Hercus, J. 

6 Wardrop, J. 
Lafferty, J. 
Allan, William 
Kennedy, Mrs-. 



1 Hood, Ann 

2 Chisholm, Canon 

3 B.C. Church 

2 & 3 M'Girr, Robert 
M'Donald, Roderick 

4 Pollock, Robert 

5 Pollock & Son, S. 
M'Gown & Son, Adam 
Swan, J. & M. 




1 Smith, Alexander 

5 Fergnslie Kitchen 

6 Robertson, John 
9 Brown, William 

Weir, James 
Wilson, Eobert 
Wilson, Walter 
Carnduff, John 
Thomson, Mrs. 


1 Calderwood, James 
Collins & Son, James 
Bryce & Corneilius 
Lang, Mrs. Jane 
Semple, William 

2 Pattison, Wm. 
4 Allan, Mrs. W. 

10 Brown, Robert 

11 Bonnar, Thos. 
Faulds, Wm. 
Wills, James 
Orr, James 
Barr, Hugh 

M'Stravick, David 
Gillon, Alex. 
13 M'Kinnon, D. 
Craig, P. 
M'Millan, A. 
Caldwell, Mrs. 
M'Farlane, Alex. 


1 Wright, Miss Robina 

2 Anderson, John 
Kinnieburgh, James 

8 Brown, Mrs. Jane 
11 Graham, J. 
13 M'Dermott. Bernard 

15 Coats' s Girls' Club 
Forbes, Mrs. Jessie 

16 Ralston, David 

17 Walker, Thomas 
2-4 Anderson, John 

Mills, Thomas 

28 Wood, William 
Wood, John 
M'Kendrick, George 
Martin, William 

29 Mitchell, Mrs. 

30 Moncrieff, John 

32 Ballantyne, Charles 

36 Johnston, James 
Wilson & Son, William 

37 M'Innes, John 
Lee, Jane 
Weddell, James . 

38 Pettigrew, Andrew 
M'Cowan, Robert 
Stewart, A. M. 
Taylor, William 

39 Aitken, James 
41 M'Dowall, James 

Rankin, R. G. 
Eaglesim, Archibald 


Falside Cottage — Harley, J. M. 
Rosehill— M'Walter, Mrs. R, 
Glenbrae — Stewart, Miss A. 
Falside House — Stewart, J. B. 

5 Alexander, Robert J. 

6 M'Intyre, John 

8 Docherty, W. 
Robinson, Samuel 
Killoch, William 

9 Mason, David 
Dunn, John 

10 Cochrane, Mrs. 
Orr, Hugh 
Carline, Bernard 

11 Lawson, Matthew 
Mason, D. 

12 Crawford, W. 
Kemp. Albert E. 

13 Kelso, T. 

15 Lochhead, Andrew 


1 Lyle, Alexander 

2 Dunlop, John 
Chalmers, William 
Graham, Robert 

3 Cowie, John 
Malcolmson, N. 
Kirk, James 
Martin, Neil 

4 Paton, James 
M'Farlane, James 
Waddell, M. 
Anderson, David 

5 Reid, John 
Martin, Andrew B. 
Mason, James 
Scott, Allan 

6 Alexander, John 

7 Innes, William 

8 Colquhoun, J. 

9 Craig, William 


1 Home, James 

2 Scott, Robert 
Reading Room 
Bruce, John 
M Cormack, A. 


■2 Evangelical Union Church 
Dundas, Porteous 
4 & 5 Farr & Co. 

5 Logan & Gardiner 

6 Pollock & Co. 
New Club 

8 Dutch, D. M. 
Lang, Robert 
^Thomson, Peter 
9, 10, & 11 Smith Bros. & Co. 


1 Colter, G. 
Miller, J. 

2 M'Gill, J. 

3 M'Gill, J. 
Duncan, J. 

5 Foran, W. 

6 Cassidy, J. 
Montgomery, J. 

7 Farrell, G. 
Gilmour, T. 
Ferguson, Mrs. 

8 Elder, A. 
Whitney, T. 

9 M'Nairn, C. 
Macaulay, Alex. 

10 Wallace, R. 
M'Ewan, Daniel 

11 Fraser, A. 

12 M'Dermott, B. 
Warnock, R. G. 

13 Parker, A. 
Dykes, W. . 
Shankland. J. 
M'Kechnie, M. 


1 M'Lean, Alexander 

2 Edmords, H. S. 
3 Brown, J. 

Laird, Annie 




Hill, John 
Caldwell, Mrs. 
Dickie, D. 

4 Cochran, Mrs. A. X. 
Gardner, Mrs. 
Cook, Mrs. Jane 
Andrews, Robert 
Kennedy, jun., David 

5 Miller, Mrs. 
Liddell, G. D. 
Semple, John 
Sinclair, Daniel 
Pottie, Mrs. 

6 Hendry, Robert 
Abbey Manse — 

Gentles, D.D., Rev. Thos. 
Abbey Manse Lodge — 

Crumley, William 
■ — Grammar School 
Garthland House — ■ 

Bryce, James 

Thomson, William C. 

Sinclair, Daniel 


1 Fullerton, John 

2 Park, Rev. George 

3 Graham, Dr. Thomas 

4 Symington, Mrs. J. M. 

5 Coats, Peter 

6 Millar, Alexander 

7 Burns, Rev. A Fyfe 

8 M'Kean, Mrs. William 

9 Livingstone, M.B., CM. 



3 Roxburgh, 0. T. 

4 Roxburgh & Sons, R. 
Laird, Annie 

7 Murray, Alexander 
Wylie, John 
Halliday, Archibald 
Dunlop, William 

8 Baird, John 
Hunter, James 
White, Mrs. Mary 
Conn, F. 

9 Catterson, T. 
Blair, Mrs. 

Russell, James 

Sproul, Matthew 

Livingstone, John 
10 Murphy, M. 

Wilson, Robert 

Kerr, William 
— Abercorn Bowling Green 


Janefield Villa — 

Cook, Mrs. Archibald 

2 Fairfield— M'William, W. 

3 Hill, J. 
Barclay, James 

4 Millar, J. 

5 Scott, Janet 
White, Miss 

6 Balderston, J. 
Craig, Mrs. A. 

7 Barr, Mrs. J. B. 

8 Connell, J. 
Dickie, John 

9 Taylor, J. H. 
Whitson, J. B. 
Henry, J. 

The Cottage- 
Barclay, Misses 
Campbell, James 
10 Watson, Wm. 

Ladyburn Nursery — 
M'Dermid, D. 


1 Young, Samuel 
Taylor, Thomas H. 
Strachan, Miss 

2 Milne, George 
Cowden, M. 
Baird, James 
Higgin, Mrs. 
Pinkerton, Mrs. 
Patterson, Samuel 

3 Renucci, Amedeo 
Caldwell, Miss 
Russell, Robert 
M'Guiness, James 
M'Adam, Mrs. 

4 Logan, James 
Craig, James 
Johnstone, Mrs. 
Brown, Mrs. Robert 

5 Donald, Dr. Hugh 
Donald, Dr. Archibald 
Donald, Dr. John 

7 Mitchell, Robert 
Brodie, Thomas 
Nisbet, Alexander 
Jardine, Thomas 
Killin, Alexander 

8 Stevenson, Thomas 

9 Marshall, James 
Smith, John 

10 Dobbie, WilHtea 
Herd, John 

11 Kennedy, James 
Wright Bros. 

Glasgow and Govan Boot 

Repairing Company 
Nelson, William 
Tarburn, James 
Morton, Mrs. 
Struthers, William 

12 Laird, Joseph 
Crawford, Mrs. Sarah 
Deans, Miss Mary Ann 
Summers, James 

13 Cuiloch, Hugh 

14 Scott & Brown 
Ireland, William 
Rutherford, Alexander H. 
orr, Mrs. 

Stewart, Allan 

15 Muldoon, Mrs. 
Kennedy, David 
Wright, James 
Rutherford, Alexander 
Leonard, Mrs. 

Knox, James 

16 M'UQlgan, Mrs. J. 

17 MCracken, James 
M'Kinnon, J. 
Cameron, James 
Cowan & Stewart 

18 Walker, James 
Brannan, Misses 
Brown, John 
Mitchell, John 
Richmond, Mrs. 

19 Nicol, Hamilton A. 
Knight & Dundas 
Ballantine, Thomas 
Qu.*n, Teter 
Robertson, Thomas 
M Kinnon, Malcolm 
Rock, T. J. 
Logie, W. 

White, Mrs. G. 
Gillolly, Peter 

20 Livingstone, Daniel 






21 Eenucci, S. 

Arnott, William 

M'Millan, James 

Hastie, Samuel 

Taylor, Martin 

Adie, Alexander 

Lindsay, George 
2.3 Stewart, Mrs. George P. 

East-End Unionist Eooms 

23 Ballantyne, James 
Cook, William 

M' Cowan, It. T. 

24 Holms, Dr. John 
Gibson & Wyiie 
Nisbet, Mrs. Margaret 

25 Galbraith's 
Waters, William 
Hutcirson & Son, D. T. 
Maxwell, William 

26 Craig, James 
Killin, Alexander 
Caldwell, Mrs. 

27 Boyd, James 
Scott, James 
Boyd, James 
M'Ginty, Mrs. 

28 Bruce, Drs. James and 


29 Bain, James II. 

30 Pratt, David 
Davis, Alexander 

31 Baird, C. P. 
Brown, Eobert 
M'Geoch, Lennie 
Holroyd, A. 
Brown, John 

32 M'Kay & Co., John 

33 Eeid, James 
Cherry, James 
Welsh & Graham 
Chapman, George 
Millar, William 
Innes, Mrs. Janet 

-34 Glen, Agnes 


1 M'Farlane, Alexander 
Morrison, Mrs. 
Black, Charles 
Scott, Mrs. 

2 Walker, Mrs. 
Anderson, William 
Fleming, James 

Barr, Mrs. James 
Adamson, Miss 
M'Leish, Mrs. 

3 Trench, Thomas 
Tyre, George 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 
M'Intosh, Mrs. J. 
Brown, William 

3i Hamilton, Mrs. 
Stewart, John C. 
Black, John 
Carse, Eichard 
Hannah, William 
Hamilton, Alex. 

4 Inglis, M. & E. 
Hutchison, Mrs. Henry 
Taylor, Thomas 
Stewatt, James 

Weir, Mrs. 

5 Herd, Alex. H. 
Crawford, John 
Leitch, Archibald 
M Allister, Mrs. 

M Clare, Alexander 
Lorimer, James C. 

6 Hart, Thomas 
Leitch, Mrs. William 
Glen, senior, Allan 
Wilson, Mrs. jane 

7 Gibb, Alex. 
Finn, Mrs. Janet 
Osborne, James 
Young, Janet 
Barbour, Mrs. Eobert 

8 Turner, Barr 
Towers, William 
Adam, Eobert 
Cochrane, WDliam 
Deans, Eobert 

9 Morton, J. IT. & Co. 
Millar, David 

Wil son, Thomas 
10 Wilson, Thomas 
Robertson, Andrew 
White, Peter C. 

12 Alexander, Thomas 

13 Hart, John 
Allison, William 
Provan, Miss 

14 Eenfrew, Alexander 
Gilchrist, Thomas 
Cock, James 
Stevenson, Mrs. 
Fulton, Mrs. 

15 Colquhoun, Alex. 

16 Dick, Mrs. 
Baird, Eobert 

Russell, William 
Provan, John 
M'Lauchlan, James 

17 Barr, Mrs. 
Arthur, Samuel 

18 Mairs, Joseph 
Wilson, Mrs. 
M'Donald, Eobert 

19 Beacon, Mrs. A. 
Andrew, Miss 
Rankin, Mrs. 
Turner, Alexander 

Allan, Alexander 

20 Muir, Mrs. James 
Picken, John 
Palmer, Matthew 
M'Mannus, James 

23 Collins, James 
M'Arthur, Jolin 
Pollock, James 

24 M'Xair, Mrs. 
Wallace, J. 
Leggat, Hugh 

Faulds & Co., Ltd.), Wm. 

25 Duff, William 
Glen, J. 
Forsyth, Joseph 
Eitchie, John 

26 M Gee, John 
M'Neil, Mrs. 
Hamilton, Mrs. John 

27 M'Kellar, Archibald 
Wright, John 
M'Curdie, Tam-T: 
Stirling, Hugh 

28 M'Kellar, Daniel 
Carnochan, Gordon 
Tweedale, John 

29 Smith, Marion 
Forsyth, Thomas 
Kirkwood, A. 
Ingram, J. 
Fleming, Mrs. 

30 M Intyre, Malcolm 
Miller, Mrs. 
Monnachan, John 
Martin, Mrs. 
Murray, Mrs. 

32 Hunter, Mrs. Alex. 
Wilson, John 
Edmiston, Alex. 
Ross, Daniel 
Adam, Mrs. Alex. 

33 M'Lelland, David 
More, Eobert 
Paul, William 
Gow, Mrs. 
Douglas, Miss. 




Aitken, James 
Shand, James 

34 (Jaskie, Andrew 
M'Donald, Robert 

35 Bunten, Hugh 
Stewart, Archibald 
M Cumstrey, J. 
Pollock, Mrs. M. 

36 M'Naughton, Mrs. C. 
Nimmo, John 
Clark, Peter 
M'Intosh, John 
Campbell, Mrs. 

37 Cameron, Hugh 
Blair, John 
Ayton, James 
Eden, Andrew 
Gibson, William 

38 Gordon, J. M. 
Adams, Charles 
Hunter, Mrs. 

39 Tyre, James 

Gibson, William Henry 
M Neil, Mrs. 

40 Greig, Robert 
Picken, Mrs. 

41 Milne, Mrs. 
'Rankin, James 

Bremner, Alex. 

42 Cunningham, Wm. 

42 Galioway. James 
Edleston, Mrs. 
Russell, D. 

43 Henderson, James 
Thornton, Arthur 
Hill, Thomas 

44 Green, James 
Armstrong, John 

45 Paton, Mrs. 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Groat, Robert 
Fairlie, George 
Christie, William 
Shand, John 

46 Giaham, William 
Lavelle, Richard 
Hamilton, James 
Stirrat, Miss 

47 Sharp, James 
Clark, Mrs. James 
Gradie, James 

48 M'Intyre, James 
M'Curdie, Thomas 
Johnston, John 

40 Lambie, Alexander 
Shaw, Walter 
Gannon, Edward 
Austin, John 

M'Caiierty, Charles 

50 M'Nair, Duncan & Sons 
Welsh, Michael 

51 O'Neill, Charles 

52 Carruth, George 
Anderson, John 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Haslin, John 
Gray, Mrs. 

53 Fisher, Miss Sarah 
Blair, Robert 
M'Connell, Michael 
Dru'mmond, James 

54 Cummings, Mrs. 
Peacock, Robert 
Blair, Robert 
Christie, James 
Speirs, Robert 

55 M'Dowall, Ardrew 
Campbell, James 
Williamson, Henry 

56 Ferguson, William 
Kerr, Mrs. 

57 Wills, George 
Fleming, J. & J. 

58 Bryson, James 
M'Ewan, Alexander 
Thomson, William 
Bowes, Robert 
Carnochan, James 
Fernie, Archibald 

59 Docherty, John 
Russell, William 
Thomson, John 
Peacock, Robert 

60 M'Colligan, John 
Stewart, Duncan 
Maxwell, John 

61 Jeffry, David 
Eetson, Thomas 

62 Mutrie, Robert 
Monaghan, James 
Rae, Allan 

62 Donati, B. & Co. 

63 M'Lauchlan, M. & J. 
M'Kay, John 
M'Nair, William 

64 & 65 Galbraith, Charles 
66 Niven, Jane 

68 Barnett, J. 
Adam, Robert 

69 Money, M. 

70 Brodie, John 

71 Fernie, James 
Reid, L. 
Knox, Robert 

72 Cheyne, Thomas 
Stewart, Alexander 

73 M'Donald, J. 

St. Mary's R.C. Church 

76 Lennan, Hugh 
Cruig, John 

77 Malcolm, Thomas 
Hamill, William 
Reid, John 
Laird, Archibald 
Russell, David 

78 Russell, Mrs. 

79 Taggert, Samuel 
Stewart, Ebenezer 

West Public School. 
84 Jarvis, T. R. 
Paton, Thomas. 
Watson, Clement 
W r eir, Miss l'iora 
Hunter, Mrs. Jane 
Watson Brothers 

89 Millar, Wm. 

90 Noble, James 
Dougan, Charles 
Comrie, John & Son 

92 Lees, William 
Ross, Alexander 
Morrison, Mrs. 
Morton, John 
Munro, John 
Lindsay, Mrs. 
Glen, Misses 
Gordon, Mrs. 

93 Brash, James 
M'Beath, Walter 
Scott, William 
Rodger, Robert 
Fyfe, Archibald 
Lees, Miss Bessie 
Peden, Mrs. 
Teller, Mrs. 

94 M'Farlane, David 
Glassford, Robert 
Burns, James 
Forbes, Alexander 
Docherty, James 
Cook, John 

Neil, Mrs. 

95 Park, Harry 
Walker, James 

96 Stewart, Andrew 
Young, John 
Steel, George 

97 Barclay, John 
Thomson, Charles 

98 Jamieson, Alexander 
Lyle, Adam 

Neil, Archibald 

Millar, William 

98i Sawers, Thomas 




Caskie, James 
Peden, William 
Bennett, T. 
Wylie, R. 
Park, Mrs. 

100 Morrison, Robert 
Stewart, Alexander 
M'Lauchlan, M. & J. 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Paterson, Mrs. 

101 Wallace, James 
Holmes, Joseph 
M'Donald, John 

102 Martin, George 
Cames'^n, James 

103 Philip, AndreAv 

104 Black, William 

105 Hamilton, George 
M 'Naught, James 
M'Auslan, James 
Meiklejohn, William 
M'George, John 

106 Gemmell, Miss 
Edwards, James 

107 Mam, Alexander 
M'Intyre, John 
Dempster, Neil 

108 Eernie, Mrs. 

109 Wilson, Neil 
Russell, Jas. L. 
Connor, James 
Kernochan, John 

110 Kennedy, J. 
Lang, John 

111 Bradley, John 
Wilson, Robert 
Irvine, William 
Leckie, John 

112 Drennan, Mrs. 

113 Burke, Austin 
Nelson, Michael 

114 Allison, James 
Fairlie, Andrew 

115 Hamilton, Andrew 
Ward, Charles 

116 Lang, William 
Connell, Mary 

117 Floyd, Mrs. 
Muir, Archibald 
Purvis, John 

118 Kelso, Archibald 
Alexander, Robert 

119 Vance, Samuel 
Pattison, Thomas 

120 Hunter, Joseph 
Stevenson, Allan 
Drennan, John 
Hunter, Miss Janet 

121 Home, John 
Tullock, James 

122 Stewart, James 
White, John 
M'Nair, John 

126 Duffy, Francis 
Ferguson, Peter 
Pollock, Miss Isabella 

127 Thomson, Archibald 
Brown, Archibald 
Howe, Robert 

12S Bishop, Mrs. Jane 
Coats, Matthew 
Morrison, William 

129 Fram, James 
Beith, David 
Lindsay, James 

130 Buchanan, John 
Barbour, Miss A. 
Cain, William 
Mair, Alexander 

131 Rogers, Samuel B. 
Mitchell, Robert 
Andrew, M.A., Alexander 
Martin, John 

Wilson, Mrs. 

132 Murdoch, Peter 
M'Culloch, Donald 
Cluckie, Mrs. 

133 Kirkwood, Mrs. W. 
Robertson, Robert 
Robertson, Miss 

134 Hyndrnan, Thomas 
Gemmell, James 
Burt, John 
Watson, William 
Meiklejohn, John 

135 Hill, Alexander 

136 Ferric, Andrew 
Anderson, James 
Boyle, E. 
Clark, William 

137 Murray, James 
Muir, John 

138 Johnston, Archibald 
Kerr, George 
M Creadie, James 
Stewart, J. M. 
Wood, William 
Fraser, John 

139 M'Intosh, John 
M'Gilvray, Alexander 
Towns, Mrs. 

140 Provident Co-operative 
Allison, John 

141 Polland, James 
Cowden, jun., William 
Cowden, sen., William 

142 M'Ewan, James 
Campbell, Matthew 
M'Callum, Colin 
Whitton, Thomas 

143 "Lochhead, James 
Shaw, John 
Cockburn, Mrs. 

144 Gilmour & Son, Allan 
Thomson, Mrs. William 

145 Barclay, John 
Murray, Joseph 
Boyle, Hugh 
Swan, John 

146 Cullen, John 
Reid, Peter 

147 Cowan, William 
Campbell, Alexander 
Wilson, George & Co. 
Quigg, Mrs. , 

148 Virtue, John 
Paton, Mrs. 
Houston, John 

149 Cook, Miss 

150 Travers, Alice 
Martin, Mrs. 

151 Boyd, A. 
Paton, Thomas 
Orr, James 

152 Blair, Hugh 
Turner, James 
Brown, David 
M'Grogan, James 

153 George Street Baptist 

Technical School 
160 Wesleyan Methodist 

162 Paterson, William 
164 M'Coull, George 

Drennan, Mrs. 

Howe, R. 

Mitchell, T. 

Herd, A. 

Lambie, J. 

Dunlop, Alexander 
St. George's Church 

166 Gilchrist, James 
Auld, E. 
Ramsay, A. 
Dick, J. & Sons 
Dunlop, J. 

167 Greenlees & Son Matthew 

168 Provident Co - operative 

Andrew, Mrs. William 
Blair, Archibald 
Thomson, Robert 




1 Findlay, D. 
Hamilton, Alexander 
Tagg, Walter 
Ferguson, William 
Black, Donald 

2 Eeekie, A. 
Jfaofarlane, George 
Smith, George 
Kilpatrick, Alexander H. 
P.obertson, G. A. 
Stevenson, D. E. 
Leitch, J. S. 

George Place — 
Barr & Provan 
Amy, M.D., Joseph 
Gibson, John 
Cochran, T. 
Orr, James 
Hutchison & Co., Wm. 
Findlay, D. 
Fraser, D. 
Langmuir, E. 

5 Bain, Donald 

6 Craig, John 

7 Lyle, Peter 


2 Caldwell, J. 

M Taggart, Lauchlan 
3a Dunn, Jas. H. 

Dunn, James H. , & Allison 

3 Union Bank of Scotland 

4 Paterson, Sons & Co. 
Young & Martin 

5 Ritchie, J. D. 
Mair, W. C. 
Bell & Son, A. 

7 MTnnes, Mackenzie & 

Gardner, Alex. 

8 "Evening and Weekly 

Citizen" Office 
Wallace, Connell & Co. 
M'jSTaughton, Lochhead & 

9 Brown, Wm. 

9 Kelso, Archibald 
9 & 10 Caldwell, James & Son 
10 Dutch, D. M. 
Towns, A. 

13 Burgh Surveyor's Office 

14 Sanitary Inspector, 

Medical Offices cf 
Health, and Procurator 
Fiscal' s Offices 


Allison, Hugh 

15 Foulds & Co., Ltd., Wm. 
Begg, R. C. 
Rennison, J. A. 
Thomson, Christian B. 
M'Naught, Mary 
Murray & Sons, David 

16 Thomson, W. C. 
Semple, D. S. 
Macnair & Crawford 
Govan, Misses 
Crawford, E. 0. 

17 British Linen Coy. Bank 
Aucott, David D. 

18 Home, Thos. 
Wilson, Wm. 
Mathieson, John 


1 Moffat, John 
Rainey, James 
Adam, James 
Fairman, John 
Adams, Miss 
Jamieson, Miss 
Wilson, W. 

2 Atkinson, John 
Barr, James 
Barr, James M'C. 
Campbell, William 
Orr, Jamc-s 
Mason, Mrs. 

3 Auld, Alexander 
Ferguson, P. 
Millar, J. 
Beaton, Alexander 

Wetlierston, Thos. 
Rodger, — 
Jarvie, David 
Hamilton, — 

4 Bain, Miss 
Gray, Jame3 
Duncan, Archibald 
Hamilton, John 
Martin, John 
M'Intosh, Waltjc 
M'Walter, A. 

5 Ross, — 
Falcoaer, Alexander 
Petrie, Peter 
Fulton, David 
Wright, Charles 
Inglis, J. 


Sherwood House — 
Waters, Henry 
Sherwood Lodge — M'Kie, H. 

— Sherwood Free Church 
Overwood— Wilson, Dr. James 
Wakefield— Eadie, Peter 

— Xew Railway Station 
The Limes — 

M'Kay, George 

Sands, John 
The Barracks 

Eastwood — Kilpatrick, Thomas 
Linside — Rowat, David 
Glenairlie — 

Cunningham, Mrs. Daniel 
Glencairn — Lang, Benjamin 

Congregational Manse — 

Dickson, Rev. Wm. J. 
Carronvale — Ure, James 
Ellenlea — Gibson, Andrew 
Tinaburn — Hardie, M.A., John 
Fernlea — MacDonald, J. S. 
Carfax Cottage — Cook, Joseph 

Florence Villa — 

Allison, Joseph 
Abercorn Football Club Gr'nds 
Eastview — 

Crimes, Frederick J. 

M Kay, John 
Meadowside Villa — 

Porteous, Rev. John 

Johnston, John 
Inglefield — 

Jeffrey, Charles 

Davidson, Peter A. 
Wallacelea — 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. 

Forrester, John 
Burnetta Cottage — 

Brown, William 
Ingleneuk — Paterson, Mrs. 

Auchencairn — 

Carswell, Homer H. 

Robertson, George 
Altonvar — 

Gardiner, jun., Alex. 
Kerrshaw — Marshall, Thoma3 
Roseneath — Lauchlan, Robert 
Edelweiss — Morton, Robert 
Lusshaugh — Allison, Mrs. 
Broomfield — Logan, Alex. 
Benclutha — 

M'lSTeil, John' 

Leckie, Archibald 






2 Hall 
Eoss, J. 
Todd, M. 

3 Cummings, John 
Robertson, Janet; 
Campbell, Peter 

4 Ritchie. James 
Beattie, David 
M'Lauchlan, Thomas 
Watt, John 

Smith, James 
Leslie, J. 
Hegan, J. 

5 Sillars, Peter 
Cowan, Hugh 

Hunter, Mrs. 
Connell, Samuel 
Borland, Alexander 

6 Millar, Peter H. 
Smith, John 
Sillars, John 
Sim, Peter 
Watt, Mrs. 

Win ten eld, Mrs. 

7 Kerr, Mrs. 
M'Garvey, R. 
Guy, R. 

8 Houston, William F. 

9 Lithgow, James 
Barnett, Miss 
Kerr, Mrs. 
Richardson, Charles 
Macaulay, Robert 
Kilpatrick, Jeanie 

10 Hunter, James 
Sunter, John 
Smith, Miss M. 

11 Arlow, James 
Culloeh, Alexander 
Evans, Thomas 
Greig, Angus 

12 Hill, — 
M'Pherson, R.ibert 
Campbell, John 
M'Donald, Robert 
Buchanan, James 
Kirk, Mrs. M. 

13 Hunter, Arthur 
Love, Alexander 
Hunter, William 
Pattison, John 
Boyd, William 

14 Martin, Robert 
M'Mechan, Samnel 
Sully, James 
Docherty, John 

15 Gibb, Samuel 
Ritchie, James 

Eorrestef, Alexander 
Burgess, Jolin 

16 Baillie, Wm. 
Lorimer, John 
Wilson, William 
Aitken, William 
Grady, J. 
Millar, John 

17 M'Cann, W. 

19 Kerr, John 

20 Moore, John 
Lochhead, James 
M'Dougall, Mrs. 
Hendry, Robert 

21 M'Corkindale, Mrs. 
Stewart, Miss I. 
M'Donald, William 
M'Gee, Miss 
M'Kinlay, Mrs. J. 

22 Stewart & Hendry 

23 Boyd, Hugh 
Hunter, David 
Paton, James 
Speirs, E. 
Marshall, James 
Wright, J. 

24 Stewart, John 
Anderson, James 
M'Farlane, Alexander 
Picken, John 
Maxton, John 

25 Scott, James 

M Dowall, Wm. 
Allison, James 
Kerr, Robert 

26 Kilpatrick, H. 
Love, Robert 
Borland, Andrew 
M'Kaig, Andrew 

27 Macdovvall, W. 
M'Williams, T. 

Wallace, — 
M'Naughton, — 

28 Noble, Thomas 
Johnstone, James 
Niddrie, William 
Alexander, William 
Stewart, W. 
Millar, J. 

29 Stewart, John 
Gardiner, William 
M'Allister, Daniel 
Robertson, — 

30 M'Millan, Robert 
Henderson, Mrs. E. 
Fulton, John 
Wood, William 

31 Kelly, Adam 

32 M'Donald, Mrs. 
Waller, J. 
Cook, D. 
Ritchie, James 

33 Pollock, Robert 
Wilson, William R. 
Rankine, A. 
Wilson, W. 
MTntyre, jun., James 

34 Newton, William 
M Kay, Mrs. 
Johnstone, John 
Newton, William 

35 Provident Co-op. Society, 

Pope, William 
Forrest, Mrs. 
Livingstone, James 
Adam, J. 
Leishman, Hall 
Dunlop, E. 


2 Bell & M'Lachlan 
Laing, A. 

3 Hutchison, M. & J. 

4 Cassells, J. 
Lang, R, 

5 Stevenson, D. 

8 Stevenson, D. 

9 Stevenson, Mrs. T>. 

10 Lang, John 

11 Keenan & Kelso 


Glenview Cottage — Barclay, J. 
Hallkeeper — MTntosh, Alex. 
Knowes Cottages — 

Allison, Stephen 

Williams, Thomas 

Fulton, William 

Scollan, J. 

Currie, Mrs. 

Mason, William 

Davidson, William 

Hirst, George 

Hunter, George 

Fairman, John 

Wilson, Alexander 

Lees, D. 




The Villa — Currie, James 

Wright, James 

Duncan, Alexander 

Duncan, Booert 

Duncan, John 

Anderson, James 
— Fulton, Wm. & Sons, Ltd. 


1 Johnston, Alex. 

2 Lochhead, Daniel F. 

3 Cochran, James 

4 Barr, Mrs. 

5 Mason, James 
Leckie, Annabella 

6 Baird, William 

7 Semple, Geo. 

8 Priestley, Samuel 

9 Alexander, John 0. 
10 Kerr, Jas. E. 

Mathieson, John 
M'Gown, Thos. 
Caldwell, Mrs. 
Eodger, Miss 
Lang, Walter 
— Gardner & Co., Ltd., W. 
Lylesland Cottage — 
Hamilton, George 

20 Crawford, David 
M'Lauchlan, Donald 
Cunningham, — 
Guthrie, Wm. 
Hutton, Mrs. 

Marshall, J. 

21 Eussell, Thos. 
Letham, Ebenezer 
M'Crorie, Jas. 
Paterson, Andrew 
Milne, Eobert 
Thomson, James 



1 Watson, William 
M'Guire, B. 
Livingstone, A. 

2 Barr, John 
Murray, Mrs. 
Davidson, John C. 
Hamilton, A. 
Eitehie, William 

Alexander, Eobert 
3 Boss, Mrs. Mary 
Walker, John 
Thomson, John 
Thomson, Ann 
Thallon, Mrs. Eliz. 
Cunningham, Harry 
Craig, Matthew 
Kennedy, John 
Gibson, Joe A. 


1 Loolihead .t Co., G. F. 
15 Wilson, Mrs. 

24 Maxwell, Alex. 

25 Kennedy, Duncan C." 
29 Knox, W. T. 

Shedden & Co., Thos. 
34 Duncanson, Wm. 
36 Eitehie, George 

M'Lintock, John 

Hosie Brothers 

42 Paterson, Eobert 
Carpet Beating Factory 

43 Young, William 


1 Eobertson, Alexander 
Eeid, Adam 
Connell, Samuel 

2 Eeid, Mrs. 
Barbour, William 
M'Nair, Mrs. 
Pollock, Charles 
Paterson, C. 

3 Petrie, John 
Fulton, J oh.i 
M'Lean, John 
Livingstone, J. 
Doyle, P. 
M'Causlan, Thomas 

4 Lang, James 
Hamilton, A. 
Herd, John 
Kirkby, W. F. 

5 M'Eory, J. 
Walker, D. 
Turner, J. 

6 Wright, Daniel 
Millar, Mrs. 

Turner, Andrew 
Kelly, Mrs. 

7 Herd, William 
MTherson, Duncan 

8 Beynolds, Mrs. 
Lees, Eobert 
Campbell, Alexander 
Fisher, Thomas 
Carsewell, J. 

9 Maule, David 
Isaac, Thomas 
M'Kellar, James 

10 Herd, E. 
Baird, Alexander 

Carr, J. 
Miller, G. 

11 Hunter, Arthur 
Stewart, George 
Chalmers, David 
Brackenridge, — 
Quin, J. 

12 Boss, Hugh 
Hart, Malcolm 

13 Anderson, Mrs. 
Fleming, William 
Eeid, William 
Murray, Mrs. 

13| Thomson, F. 

Wallace, Thomas 

Brown, Thomas 
15 Bryson, Thomas 

Marshall, Thomas 
18 Craig, John 

Gray, Alexander 

Black, H. 
20 Galbraith, P. 
22 Hunter, Mrs. Thomas 
24 Law, Mrs. 

Black, Daniel 
30 Shannon, Samuel 

Herd, Alexander 

Muirhead, W. 

36 Morris, Noble 
Kerr, Archibald 
Hall, William 

35 & 36 Equitable Co-opera- 
tive Society 

37 George, A. 
Wallace, John 
Younsr, Hugh 
Barnes, W. 
M'Farlane, John 

38 M'Quillan, Harry 
Johnston, John 
Smith, Hugh 
Wviie, John 

39 Mission Hall 

42 Lochhead, G. & F. 




1 Queen, Peter 

4 Somerville, J. 

5 Drennan, A. 
Taterson, K. 

C Buchanan, L. 

Crawford, J. 

Kerr, Mrs. 

H-Arthur, J. 

11 Campbell, J. 

17 Monaghan, J. 
M'Lardie, Mrs. 
Eussell, T. 
Clark. S. 

18 Brough, J. 
Gray, A. 
Matheson, T. 

19 Deans, W. 
Dunlop, T. 
Graham, E. 
Grant, D. 
M'Kellar, D. 
M'Call, G. W. 
Storrie, Mrs. J. 

20 Hillcoat, E. 
Wilson, E. 
Glover, M. 

Westmarch House — 

M'Farlane, D. 
Westmarch Cottage — Stobo, J. 

M'Gregor & Kerr 

Dowall, John 


1 Graham, Misses 
Gardner, Eobert 
Pattinson, James 
Dale, Mrs. E. 
Crawford, Mrs. John 

3 Campbell, Mrs. 
M'Kean, Miss 
Neil son, Mrs. 
Boyle, Mrs. 
Parlane, Mrs. J. T. 
Lyall, Miss 

4 Morton, Eev. William 

5 Laird, Maggie 
Falgarno, A. 
Hart, Thomas 
Mellor, Henry 
Scott, Mrs. 
Eowanrl Miss 

7 Cunningham, Eobert 


Semple, Jas. 

Cunningham, Adam 

Gilniour, G. 

Weir, Misses 

Young, Eev. James 
9 M'Donald, John 

Cochran, Mrs. James C. 

Eoss, Ernest 

Laird, William 

Wilson, D. 
11 Murray, — 

Bowie, John 

Hutchison, Miss 

Davidson, John 

Wood, Alexander 

Johnston, H. 
13 Turner, H. S. 

Gibson, John 

M'Farlane, John 

Winning, James 

Eathie, Alex. W. 

M'Kenzie, Mrs. G. 

15 Greenlees, Eobert 

Mnir, Francis 

Watt, Alex. J. 

Boyd, Eobert 

Sullivan, B, 

Smellie, J. 
12 Taylor, William 

Manners, C. 

Kerr, Thomas 

Cahalane, M. 

Muir, George L. 

Blair, John M. 
10 Galletly, David 

Iladdow, William 

Goudie, William 

M Gee, Walter 

Allan, Peter 

Morrison, Mrs. Matthew 

8 Wilson, Miss 

Cairns, Eobert 

Hart, Eobert 

Glendening, Eev. E. E. 

Baird, Miss 
6 Greenlaw Church 
4 Thomson, Archibald 
Bell, Jane 

Balderston, John 

Neilson, Alexander 

Morton, Miss A. 
2 Watson, Wilflam 

Dickie, Dugald D. 

Watson, Henry C. 

Allice, Andrew 

M'Innes, William 


Inchdene— Kilpatrick, John 
Knockrioch — Buchanan, Angus 


Patt'ison, John 

Walker, James 
St. Margaret Villa — 

Taylor. Alexander G. 

Eichardson, Andrew 
Holmlmist — Ferguson, — 
G artmorn — Waters, William 
Bute Villa— 

Lochhead, Dmiel 

Eobertson, John 
The Orchard — 

Smellie, urn., John 

Graham, John 
Marielea — 

Nicoll, Eobert 

M'Ewen, Eobert 

MacArthur, James 

Watson, Mrs. 
.Aintree — 

Cashmore, John 

Pinkerton, James 
5 Howatson, E. B. 
Briarville — Gilmour, Miss 
Deanville — Barclay, James 
Wellcroft — Harris, Eobert 
Eosslyn — 

Drennan, William 

M'Farlane, Eobert 


2 Watson, W. 

3 Stevenson, Robert 
Bryce, Mrs. 
.black, Daniel 
Dunlop, James 

Shearer, — 
Pollock, T. M. 

4 Ferguson, Dr. Joshua 
Woolley, George 
Nicol, Walter S. 
MacDougall, Hugh 
Rnodtrrass, James 

Semple, J. 

5 Gemmell, A^xander 
M'Laren, Duncan 
Boxburgh, A. P. 
M'Fadden, Archibald 
Savile, J. II. 
Taylor, — 

Barr, T. 




Caledonia Cottage — 

Orcha^dson, Mrs. John 
2 Harper, A. 

Smith, John 

Crawford, G-. 

Lees, David 

M'Lay, James 

Russell, Robert 

M Naughton, Andrew 

Williams, Henry 

M'Millan, William 

Ritchie, David 

Caldwell, James 
Meadow Bank — 

Monison, John 

Baird, Robert 
Mossfield — 

Edmonds, William 

Marshall, W. 

Caldwell, J. 
Denewood — 

Lang, Thomas 

Fisher, George 
St. Helens — MKaig, Thomas 
Fernlea — Glasgow, James 

— Erskine, Alex. K. 
Langholme — 

Lang, M. 

Morrison, Mrs. Matthew 
Williesdene — Pollock, William 
G-ilmour Lea — Hawson, W. 
Old Toll House— Reid, Thos. 
Moss-side — Allan, Charles 
Moss Cottage — 

Dunsmore, Henry 

Stewart, — 
Moss-side — 

Taylor, Miss Janet 

Taylor, John 
Acacia Cottage — Fenino, F. 
St. Blanes — Marshall, John 
— Kibble Reformatory 

Love, James 
Burnside Villa — 

Clark, Thomas 

Bryce, William 

Milton, George 
Bryce. James 
Mossvale U.F. Church 
Helena Villa — 

Gait, James 

Murray, John 

Murray, jun., John 

Renfrew, James 
Anna Villa — 

M'Lean, John 

Smith, William 

Watson, Robert 


Watson, John L. 
Kirklee— Craig, William 
Mossvale Cottage — Wilson, T. 
Morrislea — Craig, Thomas 
Beechwood — Barr, Mrs. 
Caledonia Bowling Green 
Moss-side Place — 

M'Cormack, Thomas 

Kelly, William 

Simpson, R. 

M'Guire, James 

Hogg, James 

Wallace, James S. 

Ingram, J. 

Henderson, J. 
Victoria Buildings — 

Hozach, J. 

M'Farlane, Mrs. 

M'Farlane, Peter 

Craig, William 

Wotherspoon, Thomas 

M'Fad^ean, John 


1 Harper, Andrew 
Stewart, Mrs. 
M' Gavin, David 

2 Pattison, A. 
Hart, Mrs. J. 
Gray, D. 

3 Craig, W. 
M'Cormick, James 
Houston, James 

4 Fullerton, Hodgart & Bar 

clay, Ltd. 

5 Miller, j. 
Caddie, R, 
Peacock, T. 

6 Black, J. 
Finlny, D. 
Calderwood, D. 

7 Cochran, J. 
Bussell, J. 

8 Hume, J. 
10 Stewart, J. 

Drummond, B. M. 

— Aberrorn Goods and 

Mineral Station 

5 Dunsmore, J. 


M'Cafferty, Phil 
Hogg, William 


2 Scott, William 


Alton Villa — Watson, David 
Dunadry — M'Cracfcen, James 

Craig, William 
Netherlea — Woods, Mrs. 
Ea-tmount — 

M'Gi bon, George 
Hazelbank — 

Caldwell, Robert 
Estinvar — 

Mlntyre, Thomas 
Dalveen — Dalziel, James 
Primrose Cottage — Young, D. 
Oaklea — Houston, Mrs. E. 
Bellena Cottage — Barr, Alex. 
Bowmar— Bowie, John 
Muirston — 

Galbraith, William 

Young, Rev. John 
Ellonville — Ross, James 
Croftdene — 

Hellyer, John T. 

M'Allister, Alexander 
Eastholme — Scott, J. 
Eastlea — Haldane, Frederick 
• Eskdale — Bruce, James 
Ythan Bank — Easson, Robert 
Ardenvohr — Henderson, Wm. 
Lyndhurst — Pollock, John W, 
Eversdale — 

Houston, Robert 

Swan, Matthew 
Somersby — 

Morrison, Peter 

M Cabe, Mrs. Margaret 
Ntwtonville — Young, James 

— M'Master, John- 
Briarsdaie — 

Anbull, Otto B,. 

Hamilton, Alexander 
Caradon — 

Hamilton, Mrs. 

Lamont, Thomas W. 
Dungoyne — 

Hardie, Geo. R. 

Fulton, Alfred D. 






Anniesfield — Brown, Ralph 
Eitron — Clark, William 
Drumossie — Eraser, Alexander 
Lynton — Foulds, — 
Craigievar — Begg, R. C. 

— Hawkhead Station 
Doulton & Co., Ltd. 
M'Naughton, Henry 

Kennedy Place... 

1 M'Naugliton, Henry 
Minto, W. A. 
Goudie, Gavin 
M'Kim Bros. 

2 Sloan, "William 
Mills, George 
M'Gown, H. 
Kennedy, J. 

Janetta Cottage — 

M'Kim, Samuel 
Crookston Yiew — 

M'Kim, William 

M'Kim, Thomas 

— Lamont & Co. 
Hawkhead Cemetery 
Mellon, George 

West Lodge — Gunn, Robert 


Underwood Park — 
Pri nrose, George 
1 Holt, James 
3 Hunter, C. 
Boyd, R. 
M'Glashan, D. 
Underwood Co-op. Coal 
Society Stables 
19 Park Dairy 
M'Indoe, Mrs. 


National Bank 

6 Lehman, S- 

7 Clydesdale Bank 
Russell, R. & T. 

8 Maypole Dairy Co. 
M' Cowan, Robert T. 
Wotherspoon & Son, R. 
Bain, James C. 

9 Adam, John 
Duncan, James 
Cunningham, J. & A. 

Mathieson, Robert 

10 Parlane & Kerr 

M Donald, James A. 

11 Mitchell, John 

12 Eadie & Co., Robert 
Kerr & Finlator 
Lamb, James B. 
Caldwell, Peter 
Young & Kelly 
Barbour, Mrs. James 

13 Milne, Peter 
Cassidy, — 
Barbour, Mrs. James 
Bakers' House of Call 
Todd, George 

14 Macausland, Wm. 
Watson, C. 

15 Provan, A. 
Wallace & Co. 
Gilmour, Miss 

16 Muir, Thomas 
Adam, John 
Balfour, Wm. 

17 Ketchen & Carnduff 

19 Sawyers & Co., Ltd. 
Cochrane, Alex. 
Mackenzie, M. K. 

20 Duff & Miller 
Robb, Dr. 

21 Greenlees & Sons, James 
Simpson, Andrew 
Grant, Donald 
Cochran, Wm. M. 

22 Bell, Archd. 
Finn, Miss 
Ure, J. & D. 

23 Forrester, Wm. 
Faulds, G. F. 

24 Goudie, James 
Shearer, Janet 
Short, — 
Brown, Mary 
Baird, James 

25 Young, — 
Adam, John 
Friels, Dan 

26 Gibb & Son, John 
Harper, Mrs. 

27 Watson & Son, "Wm. 

28 Ballantyne & Son 

29 Emmerson, J. 
M'Kinlay, M. 
Cunningham, Misses 
Gardner, Dr. 

30 Clark, Miss J. H. 
Holt, H. , 

31 Kennedy, John 
Holt, H. 

Lang, James 

32 Calderwood, James 
Cook, Joseph 
Moir, James 
Macfedries, W. B. 
Luney, J as. H. 
Hope" Hall 
M'Millan, Wm. 
M'Millan, jun., Wm. 
Millar, P. K. 
M'Culloch, J. 
Denovan, Wm. 
Watson & Sons, Robert 
M Neil, George 
Thomson, Joseph 

33 M'Lean, James 
Wylie & Son, "WiUiam 
White & Leonard 
Morrison, Mrs. 

Mann, A.R.C.O., Alfred 

34 Rowand, John 
Risk, William 
Allison, James 
Kelly, J. T. 
Rowan, J. 

35 Mackellar, Daniel 
Mackellar, Mrs. M. H. 
Anderson Bros. 
Berry, John C. 
Ferguson, John 
Lang, Mrs. 
Hutchison, David 
MacLean, James 

36 Lennox, James 
Hutchison, Mrs. Robert 
Sawers & Warden 
M'Donald, A. 
Campbell, Wm. 
M'Kean, Miss 

37 Brown, Wm. 
Storrie, J. & "W. 

38 Campbell, Wm. 
Coia, M. 

39 Ewing, T. A. 
Borland, Ellen 
Wilson, Wm. 
Wilkie & Son, John 
Wilkie, Mrs. 
Wilkie, Jas. 

Scott, Miss 
Glass, Mary 
Stevenson, Mrs. Thos. 
Arthur, John 
Arthur, Jas. 

40 Anderson, Robert 
Sawers, Joseph 
Cameron, Alex. 
Wilson, David 




Moir, James 
Pinkerton, James 
Manfield, Mrs. 
Waterston, Jessie 
Cullen, John 

41 Nairn, Mary 
Caulfield & Coy. 
Burgess, Miss L. B. 

42 Peacock, John 
Rae Bros. 
Erskine, Mrs. 

43 Sim, William 
Arthur, William 
Thomson, A. 
Menzies, Archd. 
Hislop, Alex. 
Allison, Mrs. Ellen 
M'G-ibbon, J. 
Wilson, Miss 

44 Watt, Dr. Thomas 

45 Heron, J. R. 
Paul, Matthew 
Melville, Catherine 

46 Anderson, John 
M'STair & Co., jun., W. 
Whiteford, James B. 

47 M'Ghee, Wm. 

M' Gibbon & Son, J. 

48 Collins, — 
Johnston, D. L. 
Whyte & Co., Wm. 
M'Kenzie, Hector 

49 Wood & Co., J. Marr 
Auld & Lorimer 
Freebairn, Martha 
Lorimer, Wm. 
Blair, George L. 

50 Holms, Dr. John 

51 Gray, Mrs. 
Reid, John 
Shaw, Archibald 
Garrott, John 
Inglis, John 
Gregorson & Co., Wm. 
Moir, Alex. 

52 Harper, Henry 
Pollock, William 
Russell, Dr. William 
Lauchlan, John 
M'Kechnie, William 

53 TJrquhart, R. 
Anderson, W. 
Dand, David 
Anderson, Elizabeth 
Leitch, Miss 
Berry, J. C. 

54 Coats, Dr. 


Sawyer, Joseph 
55 Campbell, Edward 

— Coats Memorial Church 
Drill Hall 

67 Brown, Mrs. R. 

68 Semple, Misses 

69 Pollock, Wm. 

70 Taylor, George 
Harris, Wm. 

— Library and Museum 
76 Noble, Mary 

Steel, Mrs. Wm. 
Young, Miss 
Docherty, Mrs. 
Lynch, Margaret 
77 Craig, Miss 
Kingsberry William 
Cairns, Alexander 
Thomson, D. 
Moore, John 

78 Lang, John 

79 Thomson, Alex. 
Baird, Wm. 
Hannah, Adam 
Goudie, Mrs. 
Easton, Mrs. Robert 

80 Hannah & Sons 
Hamilton & Co. 

81 Inglis, John 
Barr, John 

Macarthur, John ST., M.B 
Stewart, Hawthorn 

82 TJrquhart, William 
Caldwell, Mrs. 
M'Whinnie, John 
Dallachy, Jas. W. 
Black, A. C. 
M'Whinnie, Catherine 

83 Brown & Sons, John 
Rodger, Mrs. Alex. 
Goldie, John 
Reuschling, L. 

84 Cassidy, Edward 
M'Dougall, Miss 
Gibson & Reid 

85 Peacock, Wm. 
Neilson & Co., M. 
Neilson, Wm. N". 
M'Dowall & Irvine 

86 Naismith & Scott 

90 Hep worth & Sons, Ltd., 3. 
Liberal Club 

Thomson, Mrs. A. 
Tyler, H. P. 
Dick, R. & J. 
Budge, Alex. 

91 Ribbons & Co. 
Stead & Simpson 


92 Globe Hotel 
Quinn, Geo. 
Paton, jun., James 

93 The Pai-ley Lace House 
Barr, William 
Hamilton, Andrew 
Matheson, Alex. 

Scott, Alex. 
Dykes, J. 

Hamilton, Robert A. 
Esdaile & Co. , W. S. 
Milne, R. S. 
Russell, Robert 

94 Wallace, James, L.D.S. 
Whyte, J. Balderston 
Lang, Benjamin 
Orchardson, Robert 
Cook. J & ,r. 

Hay & Son, R. 

Paisley Clothing Co. 

Smart & Holland 
Thomson, Mrs. 

95 Bowie, Wm. 
Ritchie, Miss 
M'Nish, Mrs. R. 
M'Nish, Alex. 
Smith, Robert 

96 Masonic Hall 

Scottish Legal Life Assur- 
ance Society 
M'Lennan, W. D. 
Dicicie, Dugald D. 
Thomson, Joseph 
Waddell, R. D. 

97 Morrison, D. A. 

Royal London Friendly 

Brown, W. Dykes 
Wilson & Laird, Robert 
Brown, John 
Holmes, Mrs. 
Crawford, Gavin 
TJrquhart, Mary 
Parlane, J. & R. 

98 MTlwrick, Wm. J. 
Smart, A. Wilson & Son 
Keay & Allison, Angus 
Gibson & Son, Andrew 
Liptons Limited 

99 Leitch, Wm. R. 
Prentice & Co., W. F. 
Donald, James 
Stevenson, Robert • 
M'Guire, J. & W. 
Smith, William 
Adamson & Son, D. 

100 Cashmore, J. 
Cairns el- Co., R. 




Eraser, Alex. 
Kay, Dr. Janet 
Watt, T. 
Laing, Mrs. 

101 Welsh, J. & G. 

102 The Club 

Commercial Bank of Soot- 

103 Love & Co., R. 

The Cross Clothing Co. 
Nichol, William 
Muir, Archibald 

104 Yielder's Cafe 
107 Allen, Peter 

Paisley Savings Bank 
107 & 108 Jack & Son, James 
100 MDougal, Allan 

Neilson & C©., A. 

Bowie, T. & J. 

Kilpatrick & Son, Jas. 

Winning & Fulton 

Sale & Co. 

Elderslie Estates Office 

Gonnell & Sons, J. 

Davidson, Chas. 

Sharkey, J. O. H. 

M'Kay, Mrs. 

Symcox, J. H. 

Fergusson, — 

National Telephone Coy., 

Royal Liver Friendly 



12 Laurie, Jas. 
Scott, Miss 
M'Donald, Misses 
Wingate, — 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Carnan, Mrs. 


3 Ronald, John 
4 Buchanan, George 

M'Adam, Daniel 
6 Smith, David 

Stevenson, Mrs. Robert 
10 M'Cambridge, John 
12 Donald, Alexander 

Blackie, William 
14 Dewar, Miss Annie 


3 Jeffrey & Co. 
Hill & Adam 
Lawson, Abraham 

4 Wood & Co. 

7 Macfarlane, Alex. 
— Stoney Brae Railway Sta- 
10 Bryce & Sons, James 
12 Whiteford, William 
Fulton & Co., C. 

M'Gough, John 

Campbell. John 

Mathie, William 

Paisley Foundry 

Bow, M'Lachlan & Co. Ltd.. 
Abbotsburn — Fullerton, James 

Fullerton, John & Co. 

Elemirg & Ferguson, Ltd. 
Lymeswood House — Aitken, D. 
Nethercommon House — 

Ingram, A. C. M. 
— Ronald, Jack & Co. 

9 Walker, Robt. 
Wyllie, Bobert 
Archibald, Thoma3 
Crawford, Wm. 
M'Xair, Wm. 
Gray, Mrs. 

10 Millar, Alex. 
M'Gallan, Jame3 S. 
Millar, Thomas 
Gorse, R. C. 
Cunningham, James 

Follock, Mrs. William 

11 Drennan, Mrs. 
Paterson, Wm. 
Thomson, Alex. 
Borland, Hugh 
M'Donald, Miss 
Jamieson, Jamea 


Watson, James 

2 Hillis, Francis 
Thompson, Joseph 

3 Young, James & John 
Hillis, jun., Francis 
Mackie, John 

4 Sutherland, Thomas 
Janefield Cottage — Carse, Wm. 

— Young, Rev. James 

12 Allcock, William. 
M'Gouran, Edward 
Stevenson, Robert 
Buchanan, Andrew 

13 M'Phee, James 
Creelman, William 


1 Boles, Mrs. 
M'Cachern, James 
M'Alpine, David 
Hendry, Mrs. 
M'Cami, Mrs. 

2 Graham, Mrs. 
Anderson, Henry 

Knox, Andrew 
Prophet, Benjamin 

3 O'Donnell, Mrs. 
Muir, William 
Reid, Mrs. William 
Docherty, John 
Hutton, Thomas 
Thomson, John 

5 Russell, Miss Mary 
Dick, John 
Brown, James 
Alexander, William' 

6 Wilson, Mrs. 
Everitt, Mrs. 

7 Gemmell, Gavin 
Hunter, Robert 
Barclay, Henry 
Thomson, Mrs. 
Shepherd, John 

8 Gilmour, Robert 
Crowe, Mrs. 
Drummond, John 
Sorley, John 

9 Conn, Mrs. 
Galbraith, Neil 
Lochrie, Archibald 

10 Drummond, Robert 

11 Dunlop, James 
Paisley Tramway Coy. 

12 M'Colgan, Mrs. 
Currie, Miss 

13 M'Dougall, Mrs. 

14 Pearson, Fred 




Murdie, John 

M'Millan, George 

Laing, Laurence 
15 M Guire, John 

Lang, Mrs. 

Anderson, Alex. 

Docherty, John t 

Smith, William 

Paton, Margaret 

Cunningham, Peter 

Glen, Mrs. 

Eichmond, Hugh 

M'Kellar, Andrew 
1G M'Coll, Mrs. 

Robertson, Duncan 

M'Innes, James 

Flynn, Mrs. 

Docherty, Miss 

Kenny, Martin 

M'Court, John 
17 Guthrie, David 

Tomanay, John 

Bonnar, Mrs. 

Currans, Mrs. 

Mark, Mrs. 
IS Woodehouse, Robert 

Davidson, Dugald 

Keenan, James 
19 Connor, James 

Donnachie, John 
•20 M'Laverty, Hugh 

Sweenie, Patrick 

Slaven, Patrick 

Lynch, James 
21 Currie, Miss 

Thomson, Mrs. 

Mason, Mrs. 
■22 Patrick, Walter 

Millar, James 

Leitch, George 

M'Cann, Mrs. 

M'Quade, Peter 

Stevenson, Samuel 

Gillespie, William 

Fitzpatrick, John 


1 Lockhart, John 

Scarlett, Jas. 

Hamilton, J. F. 

Muir, James 
Steel, R. 

Inglis, James 
H Brown. Mrs. Jane 

Bonnar, Mrs. 

Anderson, Mrs. 


M Dougall, James 
Cunningham, J. 

Inglis, Mrs. 
8 Storrie, Wm. 

Lees, David 

M'Naughton, Alfred 
Stewart, John 
M'Lean, Robert 

Brown, Wm. 


Templeto, John, & Co. 
Sweenie, Patrick 
Kilpatrick, Hugh 
Mavis Bank — Marshall, Jame9 
Simpson, David 
Scollans, Mrs. 
Davidson, A. 
Semple, Thomas 
Hill, Archibald 


2 Gallaeher, Mrs. Isa 
Young, Joseph 
Hunt, Walter 

3 Dalrymple, Thomas 
Livingstone, David 
Sim, James 
Cameron, John 
M'Alpine, Andrew 
Leitch, Donald 

17 M'Murdo, John 
Tyrrell, William 
Raeside, William 

18 Barr, Mrs. Robert 
Neil?on, John 

20 Madden, M. 
Montague, Hugh 
Gardner, John 


1 TJrquhart, Mrs. 
Lang, Mrs. 
Wallace, John 
Storie, Mrs. John 
Adams, Miss 
2 Jenkins, Mrs. 
Maxwell, Andrew 
Gibson, Mrs. 
Lang, Mrs. 

Ainslie, Mrs. 
Gibson, David 

3 Sloan, — 
M'Intosh, Miss F. 
Whyte, Mrs . 

Howie, Andrew 
Brabner, Mrs. 
M'Crossan, Miss 
Reid, John 
Yuil, J. 

4 Whyte, David 
Cairnie, James 
Rodger, John 
Thomson, W. 
Leitch, J. B. 

5 Bobertson, Walker 

7 Armour, W. 
Faulds, A. 
Goodfellow, Jas. 
Currie, James 

Muir, James 
Cameron, D. 

8 Cameron, J. 
Kennedy, James 
Robin, David 
Fergus, A. 
M'Queen, B. 

9 Johnstone, William 
Mack, James 
Robin, John 
Fleming, Mrs. 
M'Ghee, John 
Thomson, Jas. 
Campbellford, Robert 
Reid, James 

— Bob in & Sweenie 
Fire Engine Station 
M'Naughton, Arthur 
Hunter, James 
Hunter, John 
M'Lean, Thomas 
Rollo, David 
Ross, J. 
Todd, Alex. 
Peebles, Hugh 
Leitch, Daniel 
Currie, Donald 
M'Naughton, Jas. 
Kelso, Eobert 


1 Brown, Charles 
Bell, John 
Thomson, James 
Craig, David 




Johnstone, William D. 
3 Houston, George 
Allen, Alfred W. 
Love, John 
Adams, Wm. 


1 M'Glade, W. 

Kerr, W. 

Graham, J. 

Young, J. 

Wilkinson, J. 

Christie, J. 

Yuill, James 
3 Webber, H. 

Rowand, David 

Wright, John 

Gibson, A. 

M'Call, W. 

Spence, J. B. 

Lawrie, Miss 
5 Neilson, D. 

Armour, J. 

Wyllie, R. 

Rowand, A. 
7 Smith, W. 

Smith, G. 

Gibson, F. 

Smith, D. 

Livingstone, J. 

Moffat, John 
9 Laurie, A. 

Longmuir, D. 

M'Glashan, J. 

Dow, John 


1 Ayton, Robert 
3 Hamilton, J. 

Thomson, J. 

Balnave, P. 

Brown, David 
5 Stewart, Robert 

Speid, R. 

Campbell, — 

Thomson, Mrs. 
7 Cameron, Mrs. 

Cochran, A. 

Ross, W. 

Wilson, John 

9 M Intyre, James 

Lyle, W. 
11 Watson, A. & W. 

Sinclair, Daniel 

Manufacturing Co - op. 
11a M'Tagarart, Miss 
13 Kilnside Dairy 
15 Ferguson, Mrs. M. 
21 Frame, John 

Cummings, Samuel 
27 Gibb, Mrs. 

Allan, James 

Cameron, G. 
29 Baird, Andrew 

Pinkerton, John 

Pearson, William 

Dick, Robert 

Smith, Robert 

Paul, William 

31 Ross, Robert 
M'Intosh, Geo. 
M'Intosh, David 
M'Kie, J. 
Ritchie, J. 
Ross, G. 

33 Gray, Robert 

Brown, Thomas 

Ramsay, A. 

Allan, Mrs. 
35 Todl, Robert 

Stubbs, William 

M'Lean, J. 

Hutchison, — 

M'Lauchlan, William 
37 M'Morland, William 

Smith, A. 

Crawford, Thomas 

Bonnar, William 

Burns, Peter 

Brown, Thomas 

39 Shaw, — 
Watt, William 
Cameron, Angus 
M'Nair, Mrs. 
Deans, James 
Aird, Andrew 
Ferguson, F. 

40 M'Morren, Mrs. 
36 Cameron, Mrs. 
84 Falcon t, John 

32 Morrison, John 
M'Pherson, William 
Findlay, C. 

30 Easton, John 
26 Culbert, Joseph 

Reid, David 

Buchanan, J. 


Reid, D. 

Ritchie, T. 

Stewart, J. 
24 Clark, William 

Edwards, W. 

Linn, J. S. 

Alexander, J. 

Millar, W. 
22 Wilkie, Rob en, 

George, Adam 
20 Mack, T. 

Campbell, Mrs. 

Wilson, Mrs. 
18 Wilson, Dr. 

Amy, Dr. ' 

Jackson, J. 

Tudhope, — 

Welsh, W. 

Neilson, Thomas 
16 Ferguson, William 

Holms, Matthew 
14 Galbraith's Stores 
10 Coonie, — 

Pender, Jos. 

Dickson, Thomas 

Young, William 

Adam, R. 

Reid, A. 
2 Provident Co-op., Flesher 
(No. 12) Dept. 

Do., Dairy 

Stirling, A. 

Forsyth, William 

Tyas, Samuel 

Scott, Andrew 

Watson, J. 

Wylie, — 


2 Blair, Mrs. John 
7 M'Kean, Norman 

10 Lockhart, M. 

11 Buchanan, Mrs. 
Longmuir, Bryce 
M'Pherson, Duncan 


Ftewart & Co., James 
Sacell Brewery Co. 
Harvey & Co., Ltd., Jas. 






Reid Brothers, Ltd. 
Gibson & Reid 
Williamsburgh Public 

Ralston Brickmaking Coy., 

1 Smith, Charles 
Wilson, Alex. 
Pattison, A. 
M'Ewen, James 

2 M'Auley, John 
Sinclair, — 
Semple, William 

3 Stormont, Mrs. 
Clark, John 
Tarburn, Wm. 


1 Forsyth, George 

2 Bain, R. J. 

9 Robertson, John 
Sharp, Thos. 
Glencross, A. 
Semple, James 

10 Shaw, Angus 
M'Rae, John 
Blair, Wm. 
Meiklejohn, John 
Muir, John 

11 Robertson, James 
Bartholemew, Agnes 
Millar, John 
Wright, John 

12 Killen, Mrs. 
Young, John 
Lawrie, Thomas 

13 M'Intosh, Wm. 
Cunningham, R. T. 
Rowand, James 
Stewart, Mrs. 

Russell, — 
Buchanan, C. 

14 Bryce, John & Co. 

15 Gray, John 

18 Caveney, Mrs. 

19 Smith, Andrew 

23 Drum, James 
M'Lellan, H. 

24 Gibson, Wm. 

29 M'Parlane, Mrs. M. 
M'Farlane & Co. 

33 Spence, Mrs. William 
Knox, M. 

34 Todd, George 

Wilson, Andrew 
Garrott, John 
— Female Refuge 

Female Refuge Laundry 
Victoria Place Baptist 

38 Wallace, George 

39 Barr, Robert 

40 Forsyth, Thomas 
Millar, Robert 
Walls, Mrs. 

41 Ferrier, Charles 
Macdonald, Miss 
Ferguson, Alex. 
Leitch, Wm. 

42 Bain, Robert J. 

43 Hamilton, Robert 


2 Weir, Andrew 

3 Murray, James 

4 Campbell, Jeanie 

5 M'Lean, J. & R. 

6 Renucci, S. 


la Murray, Mrs. 

1 Mitchell M. 
Thomson, R. 
Brown, David 

2 M'Whirter, W. 
Devine, J. 
Neil, John 

3 Baillie, R. 
Kater, T. 
Parker, N. 
Mayberry, — 

4 Furrie, D. 
Williamson, James 
Kilpatriek, R. 

5 Mason, D. 
M'Calman, J. 
M'Murrich, D. 
Logan, R. 

6 Beith, J. 
Stevenson, S. 

7 Bell, David 
Storie, R. 

8 Oakes, T. 

9 Best, William 

Deery, W. 
Clark, J. 

10 Murray, David 
Archibald, T. 
Southwell & Son, Peter 

— M'Callum, Ltd., J. & J. 
M'Gee & Son, W. 

11 Kennedy, C. 

12 Slater, John 

13 Allan, James 
16 Downie, Peter 

18 Duncan, William 
Trench, T. 
Murray, — 
Hamilton, Allan 

19 Morrison, William 

20 Yates, J. 
M'Neil, G. 
Jamieson, William 

21 Lindsay, Mrs. 
Pringle, — 

— Paisley Trades Rowing 

White & Son, Thomas 
IJrie, Matthew 


13 Ross, Alexander 
17 Weir, Andrew 


1 Reid, L. 

2 Fitzpatrick, John 
Cherry, Mrs. 

Davie, Mrs. Catherine 
Lang, Thomas 

3 Orr, Mrs. Robert 
Lawson, Agnes 

4 M'Grath, Mrs. P. 

5 Wishart, John 
Wilson, Miss 

6 Risk, Robert 
Davie, Mrs. Catherine 
Kerr, Mrs. John 
Kirk, George G. 

7 Provident Co-op. Society, 





LONEND — Con. 


Callander, Thomas 
Miller, William 
Murray, George 

8 Wilson, John 

9 Wallace, William 
10 Martin, George 

Craig, Daniel 
11 & 12 Abbey Mission Hall 
Campbell, James 

13 Aitken, M. 

14 Pender, Robert 
Glover, Hugh 
Colquhoun, Henry 
Kerr, Peter 
Gibson, John 
Dickie. Allan 

15 Kerr, Peter 
Hood, Thomas 
MacKay, Thomas 
Armour, William T. 
Barton, James 
M'Ritchie, William 

16 Higgen, George 

18 Colquhoun, Henry 
Cairns, John 

19 Langmuir, Walter 
Baleshacci, Nando 
Campbell, William 

20 Ewing, Stewart 

21 Cassidy, Mrs. Mary 
Kelly, E. 

Fraser, William 

23 Scott, Thomas 

24 Barr & Colquhoun 

25 Lyle, John 
Gibson, John 
Weir, Donald 
Adam, John 

26 Breslin, Thomas 
Inches, James 

27 Robertson, Walter 

5 Templeton, Mrs. 
Christie, David 
Graham, James 
Graham, John 
Crawford, Adam 

6 BaiT, Miss M. 

Lawrie, Robert 

(Meiklei iggs. ) 

M'Lardie & Sons, James 
Ivy Buildings — 

Macpherson, R. 

Bickett, W. R. 

Pollock, A. 

Wilson, William 

Smith, Reginald 
Walmer Cottage — 

Boyd, Arthur 

Mochrie, George 
Hadfiyld House — 

Cousins, W. E. 

Morris, T. 

Todd, T. F. 

Millar, Andrew 

Blower, Cowper 
Bloomfield House — 

Cunningham, Alexander 

Craig, J. 

Watt, Robert 

Money, W. 

Cameron, James 

Wood, — 
Meikleriggs House — Peock, W. 


Paterson, Cooper & Co. 


Loner.d Cottage — 

M'Gregor, John R. 

Lonend House — 

McGregor, Misses 
— Gleniffer Soap Works 


County Buildings — 

County Police Office 
Harding, Charles 
3 Cowan, John 
Higgins, Robert 
Lochhead, James 

5 Stewart, Mrs. 
Alexander, Mrs. 

6 M'Leod, John 
Beith, David 

7 Nardini, P. 
Fernie, A. 
Andrew, G. 

Cochran, Mrs. 
Morrison, James 

8 Wallace, James 
Leggat, Alexander 
Streeton, James 
Morris, Hugh 

— North Parish Church 
Fountain Gardens 
Carnachan, Alexander 

23 Allison, William 

26 Cameron, Alex. 
M'Kellar, James 

27 Johnstone, John 
Scott, Harry 

28 Stevenson, John 
M'Kaig, Thomas 
Bell, Daniel 

— St. Mirren Grounds 
Springbank Cottage- 
Gait, J. 
M'Millan, D. 
Hartles, Harry 

Cartvale House — Allison, Wm. 
Murray, James 
Robertson, George 

— North Public School 

47 Hannah, William 

48 Dagnall, Mrs. 
Russell, John 
Storrie, Mrs. 
Douglas, Robert 
Gray, Robert 
Weir, James 

49 Henderson, Mrs. 
Allison, David 

50 M'Kean, Margaret 
Douglas, Robert 
Carse, William 
Brown, J. 
Irvine, Miss 
Hannah, Charles 

51 Scott, William 

52 M'Kean, William M. 

56 Langham, Rev. Jame3 
Cassels, James 

57 Richmond, Dr. Andrew 
57 M'Connachie, William 

59 Gray, David 
Weir, Robert 
M'Gee, B. 
Gleghorn, Wm. 

60 Mills, Rev. W. F. 

61 Sim, Miss 
Simpson, Miss 

63 Pottie, Alexander 




64 Russell, Miss 
Crawford, Mrs. 

Pottie & Sons, Alexander 

65 Thomson, Mrs. 
M'Ausland, David 
Spiers, William 
M G-uire, Edward 
Clark, Miss E. 

66 Keith, Adam 
Kelly, Andrew 
Russell, James 
M Dermid, Mrs. 
Moray, Mrs. E. 

67 Cochrane & Keith 

68 Davies, John 
Russell, Mrs. James 
Russell, John 

69 Smith, Mrs. Maggie 
Dalglish, Bella 
O'Donnell, Charles 

70 War drop, Mrs. 
Provident Co-op. Society 
Miller, Alex. F. 
Miller, Andrew 
Graham, James 
M'Crossan, William 

Smith, — 
Herd, John 

71 M'Connachie, William 

72 Brodie, William 
Kirk, Mrs. 
Muir, Mrs. 
Fitch, W. 

73 Brand, John 
Morton, George 

74 Peibb, Dr. James J. 
Miller, Peter 
Caldwell, John 

75 Lyon & M'Neilage 
Reid, Robert 
Bruce, Mrs. 
M'Lean, John 


3 Maclean, J. 

4 Burgess, A. 

5 M'Cance, H. 
Neil son, D. 

6 Cadien, Jas. L. 
Carkeet, Z. 
Walker, J. 

7 Kirk, John 

8 Robertson, J. 

10 Sprnul & Sons, Andrew 
— South Public School 

2 Leishman, Alex. 
Drummond, Robert 
Eadie, Mrs. 

Sim, Wm. 
M'Alpine, A. 
M'Farlane, Misses 

3 Allison, Miss J. 
Walsh, Wm. 
M'Lean, J. 

Hamilton, James 
Reid, Thomas 

Boyd, John 

Kerr, Agnes 

4 Watson, Robert W. 
Lang, Mrs. D. 
Sanderson, John 
Munro, Alex. 
Woodrow, Matthew 

Sinclair, R. 

5 Orchardson, Robert 
Beckett, Miss 


1 Scott, Wm. 
Ribbons, Henry 
Coats, Wm. L. 

2 Beveridge, George 
Campbell, A. 
Coats, Mrs. Jervis 

3 Lang, Robert 
Cunningham, John 
Harper, David 

4 Caldwell, W. 
Fisher, George 


1 Barr, John 

Duncan, William 

Paterson, Alexander 

Dalgety, Rev. James B. 

Gibson, William 

Gilmour, H. B. 
3 Harris, John 

Pagan, Mrs. 

Main, Mrs. 

Murphy, Andrew 

T7re, Thomas 
Waller, Mr3. 

— Royal Victoria Eye In- 
Doon Brae — Dewar, James 
Dunira — Brunsdon, Henry 
Dunolly— M'Dougall. Joba 
Belmont — Parkinson, Arthur 
The Bield — Walker, Thomas 
Thornbeck — M'Gee, Mrs. David 

19 Philips, William 
Oak Fern — Buchanan, David 
Urlar — M'Millan, James P. 

The Vine — Gilmour, Andrew 

Dunfillan — Murray, Archibald 
Cair.assarie — M'Gee, Waiter 
Briarsdene — Kilpatrick, James 
rcenlaw House— Ross, George 
Kilmeny — Eadie, Mrs. John 

Rhu-na-craig — Holland, Wm. 

The Beeches — Paterson, Wm. 
Inchtapi.— Watt, Alexander 


1 Kerr, Mrs. 
Kerr, Robert 

2 Smith, A. 
Smith, Miss 

3 Fraser, George 
Greig, Thomas 
Frazer, Mrs. 
Reid, James 
Power, J. 

4 Shannon, P. 
Ferguson, D. 
Gibson, J. 
Boyd, J. 
Cochrane, E. 
Smith, — 
M'Gill, Jas. 
Moire, Wm. 

Fereneze View — 

M'Geoch, Wm. 

Jeffrey, J. 

Snodgrass, Archd. 

Rennison, John 

Smith, John B. 

Fotheringham, — 
Fern side — 

Douglas, Wm. 

Ritchie, James 

Boyd, Thos. H. 

Lambie, Henry 
7 Montgomery, Wm. 
Wyllie, E. 




3 U.F. St. George's Mission 


4 M'Gee, Wm. 
M'Kay, Mrs. 

6 Drummond, Wm. 
Aitken, John 
Robertson & Sons 
Macpherson & Co., James 


1 Knight, Samuel H. 

2 Risk, Robert 
Auchenskeoch — 

Fraser, William J. 
Auchindrain — M'Kenzie, Wm. 
Ailsa — Wallace, William 

6 Slater, Charles 

7 Lang, Misses 

8 Holmes, Rev. Archibald 


1 Adam, Miss 
3 Orr, John 

Storie, T. 

Duff, James 

M'Callum, N. 
5 G-oudie, William 

M'Lean, A. 

Sharp, Miss 

Barr, Hugh 

M'Kinlay, Duncan 
7 Adam, James 

M'Dougall, H. 

Mumo, — 

Baird, A. 
9 Adam, Miss 

Graham, James 

Keir, Andrew 

Campbell, — 
11 Black, J. 

M'Kechnie, William 

Armour, Mrs. 

Turner, T. 
13 Wilson, John 

Sandilands, — 

Hair, John 


1 Archibald, Robert 

2 Hilton, John 
Richmond, John 
Lynn, Mrs. 
Anderson, George 

3 Milligan, Thomas 
Sunter, Alexander 
Robertson, William 

5 M'Kay & Co. 
Nicol, John 

6 Taylor, Thomas 

& 9 Parish Council Offices- 
Campbell, James M. 
Robertson, John 

8 Stevenson, Robert 
King, George 
King, Andrew 

10 Bowskill, David 
Blakey, James 
Arthur, John 
M'Ginnigle, — 

11 Nimmo, James 
Craig, John 
Pollock, James 
Clark, John' 

13 Anderson, John 
Smith, William 
Caldwell, John 
M'Gregor, G. 
Jephson, Hill 
Nuttall, James 


7 Ferguson, A. 
Smith, James 
Maxwell, Stewart 
Thomson, Thomas 

8 Hardcastle, James 
Hardcastle, Thomas 

29 Wilson, William 

30 Lees, Archibald 
Forsyth, John 
Hobbs, Alexander 

31 White, H. 
Inglis, Thomas 
M'Larty, A. 
Hamilton, Joseph 
Nisbet, T. 

32 Mallinson, Edward 
King, C. 

Smith, J. W. 
Shearer, James 
Coats' Baths 

39 Peebles, William 

40 Sproul, Thcnias 


41 Rutherford, William 

43 Smith, R. 

44 Walker, Robert 
Robertson, John 

45 Wotherspoon, William 
Wotherspoon & Allan 


2 M'Kie, James 

3 Stevenson, James 

4 Wallace, David 
Little, Sarah 
M'Phee, Mrs. Minnie 
Henderson, Maggie 

5 Houston," G. & T. 
Houston, Gavin 
Houston, Alexander 

9 Provan, Andrew 

13 Hamilton, Hugh 
Johnstone, James 

14 Geddes, Matthew 
Lyle, Robert 
Greig, jun., Samuel 
Logan, Mrs. John 
Cunningham, Marion 

15 Mitchell, Alexander 

16 Mulholland, George 

17 Wyllie, John 
Adarn, Lewis 
Semple, Robert 
Boyd, Robert 

21 Donnelly, Annie 

22 Hill, Thomas 

23 Wilson, Miss Jane 

24 Paterson, Jane 

25 Goudie, Humphrey 

26 Wylie, Andrew 
Crawford, Robert 
Whitehouse, Hugh 

27 Yuille, Archd. 
29 Millar, John 


5 Arnott, Wm. 
Scott, Agnes 


— Riccartsbar Asylum 
Gleniffer Home — 
Craig, Barbara 
Birchlea — Buchanan, Neil 





St. Kevins— Wallace, James 3 & 4 M'Geoch & Son, David 

Dunedin — 

Wills, Mrs. James 

Peattie, William 

Comrie, Alexander 
Endrickdale — Fairlie, Archd. 
Ellilea — Nixon, J. 

— Hamilton, J. S. L. 
The Cottage— Bryce. Mrs. 
Wellbourne — Coats, J. W. 

— Thomson, Adam 
Glenara — Hunter, Mrs. John 
Duntrune — M'Connell, Wm. 
Craigmuir — Abercrombie, Wm. 
Harvale — 

Moffat, Andrew- 
Moffat, William 
Muirneld — Watson, Robert 
GRaguel — Towart, Robert 
'Gleniffer Lodge — Burrell, Geo. 
Burnside — Bryce, Adam 
Briarbank — Bryce, Mrs. 
Westcot — Wilson, Mrs. 
Belmont — Bryce, John 
Braehead — Brown, William 
The Grange — 

Elder, Rev. Andrew 
Strattonville — Thomson, J. G. 
Lagna Craig— M'Lardie, David 
Strathblane — Walker, James 

Fulton, Charles 
St. Ninian's — Reid, W. 
Hessilden— Allan, W. K. 
Corylus — Provan, Alex. 
Boslyn — M'Taggart, John 
Holmwood — Wylie, William 
Coniston — Hall, Rev. C. A. 
Ascog — M'Lean, Angus 
Heathbank — Russell, James 
Whin Knowe — 

Money, Jenny 
Thorn Cottage — Black, Joseph 
Viewfield — Cameron, Alex. 
Fernbank — Houston, T. 
Salisbury Lodge — 

Adam, Eobert 

Bobertson, J. Neil 
Gall owl ea — Murdoch, Alex. 
Bellevue — Hamilton, David 
Avalon — Dunn, Andrew 

— M'Ausland, Mrs. Alex. 
Berryknowe — Woodrow, John 


8 Brown, William 

— Ferguslie Bowling Greep 

M'Geoch, Andrew 
M'Geoch, James 
M'Geoch, David 

5 Henderson, Mrs. Marion 
Williamson, Mrs. A. 

6 Russell, — 

7 Irvine, Jas. W. 
Brewster, Mrs. Janet 

19 M'Goldrick, John 
Young, Andrew 

20 Foulds & Son, Andrew 
Carlile, James 

— East-End Park 
Rock Cottage — Ferguson, Mrs. 

Cook, William 
Kilnside Lodge — 

36 Lang, Hugh 

37 Houston, James 
39 Pottie, John E. 

Bryson, David 
Goudie, John 
Beid, Alexander 

41 Houston, John F. 
Crooks, Hugh 
Petrie, W. R. 
Patrick, R. 

42 M'Phee, John 
Moleshead, Mrs. 
Nicolson, — 
Shedden, T. 

43 Hamilton, William 
Paterson, Thomas 

44 M'Allister, William 
Heiton, James 

48 Gilmour, James 
50 Walker, Alex. 


1 Aitken, John 
Robertson, Mary 
Currie, Kenneth 
White, William 
M'llroy, E. 

2 Lamont, William 
Smith, John 
Wilson, John 
Beid, Peter 
Cathcart, Thomas 
Grainger, John 
Donald, George 


1 Sweenie, Hugh 
3 Mack, Colin 

Roy, T. 

Russell, Matthew 

Carmichael, Angus 
6 Hamilton, William 

Findlay, James 

Holmes, Gilbert 

Mitchell, A. 

Paterson, Archibald 

Ferrier, A. 


3 Buchanan, Mrs. 
The Cottage — Boyd, James 
Braehead Cottage — Lyle, Wm. 
Ivy Cottage, Millarston 
M'Donald, Duncan 

— Brown, Robert & Son (Ltd.) 

— Kinghorn, A. 

— Leverty, Hugh 
46 Brough, William 


2 Muir, John 
Kerr, William 
M'Gregor, John 
Menzie, John 

5 Gardner, William 

6 Burtnay, Mrs. 

8 Paton, Mrs. 
Lafferty, James 

9 Kelly, Andrew 
Pinkerton, Robert 
Taige, Mrs. 


3 Hart, Jeanie 
Wilson, Jas. 
Campbell, Dugald 
M'Kay, A. 
Wallace, George 
Macfee, John 

4 Brown, M. 
M'Gibbon & Sons, R. F. 
Eadie, John 

Hendry, W. D. 
Hendry, T. B. 
M'Dougal Brothers 

5 Gilchrist, Mrs. Robert 






Muir, James 
C Nelson & Son, Ltd., Jas, 
.Black, Mrs. 
Bunion, Mrs. 
Ritchie, Miss 
Reid, James 
Curr, Wm. 

7 Bennett, J. W. 
Stead & Simpson 

8 Priestley, Mrs. G. B. 
Hamilton, James 
Anderson, Wm. 

9 M'Nair, William 
Reid. W. & G. 
M'Nish, John 
Fairlie, Robert 
Richardson, G. 
M'Nish, Wm. 
Eairlie, David 

10 Hislop, Alex. 
Paterson, Miss J. 

11 G-lover, Thos. 
Spiers, Miss 
M'Quhae, Thomas 

12 Caledonian Railway Office 

13 Hogg, John 
Dauchlan & Sons 
Wishart, John 
British Legal Assurance 

Co., Ltd. 
Riddell, G. B. 

14 Massey & Sons 
Dunlop, M. S. 
Hay, R. Blair 
British and General Assur- 
ance Coy. 

Dickson, George 
Duncomb, Mrs. 
The Home and Colonial 
Tea Stores 

15 Nardini, P. 
Gillespie, Donald 
Glen, Miss 

1G Dickson, Jas. 
Bulloch, William 
Whitehead, J. & D. 
Turnbull, Christina 
Towers, Thomas P. 
M'Lean, George 
"Glasgow Evening News" 

17 Victoria Clothing Co. 
M'Kay, Arthur 
Dunlop, Matthew 
Pollock, Robert 
Drennan, Jas. 

18 Young, Miss 
Alexander, John 

Graham, John 
Kelly, Alex. 
Law, Mrs. 
Dick, E. 
Orr, Mrs. 
Gibson, J. H. 
Tannahill Hall 
M'Intyre & Co. 
Hosiery Coy. 

19 Young, Mrs. M. 
Cook, John 
Adam & Son, Jas. 

20 Lawson, Thos. 

21 Hopkins, Mrs. E. 
Easdon, H. 
M'Lachlan, Agnes 
M'Pherson, Ann 
Jackson, Andrew C. 

23 Laing, Mrs. 
Towns, A. 
Dunn, A. G. 
Macdonald, Mrs. J. 
Kirkwood & Goudie 
Pattison, John 

24 Lawrie, Thos. H. 

25 "Glasgow Record" Branch 

32 & 33 M'Lean, Angus 

34 Miles, J. 
M'Lean, Angus 

35 Cruickshanks, T. 

36 M'Donald, Jas. 
Christie & Co., James 

38 Lees, Robert M. 
Nardini, P. 

42 M'Crossan, William 
Ferguson, Wm. 
Andrew, A. G. 

43 M' Glade, Joseph 
Houston, David 
Johnstone, Charles C. 

44 Glover, M. & M. 
Hannah, Henry 

45 Lambie, W. H. 
Royal Oak Halls 

46 Stewart, Mrs. 
Davidson, Francis 
MacFarlane, A. 
Drennan, Jas. 
Hobertson, Robert 

47 Empire Music Hall 
Steel, James 
Hitchie & Kirkwood 
Anderson & Co., G. 
Marshall, James 

48 M'Allister, Alex. 
Hobertson & Son 

49 M'Geachy & Son, James 

3 Fraser, W. 
Jackson, Matthew 
Calder, John 
Fleming, George 
Watson, Mrs. 
Hiduell, John 

4 Cuiioch, Matthew 
Eae, Wm. 
Murray, James 
Nish, — 
M'Crae, Alex. 

5 Inglis, Mrs. John 
Innes, John 

6 Ronald, Mrs. T. 
Moore, Mrs. 
Jack, Alexander 
Fulton, Samuel 
Kennedy, R. 
Stevenson, Wm. 
Innes, Alex. 

7 M 'Derm id, James 
Innes, Thomas 
Morrison, Christopher 
Cowan, John 
Travers, — 
Farroll, P. 

8 Telfer, Mrs. 
Lindsay, P. 
Douglas, G. 
Irvine, John 
M'Kinlay, James 
M'Golderick, John 

9 Humfrey, W. 
Elliot, J. 

Morton, WUliam John 
Scott, William 
Gallocher, James 

10 M'Shee, J. 
WUson, Hugh 
Parker, H. 
M'Pherson, A. 

11 E-skine, D. 
Williams, Alfred 
Brown, Thomas 
Cochran, William 

12 Breen, Mrs. 
Reid, M. 
Clevely, S. 
Boyle, Mrs. 
Heron, J. 
Hughes, Henry 

13 Bennet, Wm. 
Durning, T. 
M'Crae, James 
Stewart, James 
Cassidy, Patrick 
M'Ewan, Jamea 

14 Hendry, J. 




Devine, Colin 
Foran, P. 
Gillespie, "T. 
M'Callum, John 
Irvine, Thomas 
Cunningham, Adam 

15 Cooperwhite, Benjamin 
M'Lachlan, Charles 
Campbell, — 
Alexander, Mrs. 
Kerr, — 

16 Fletcher, John 
Pdddell, Thomas 
Fletcher, J. 
M'Kechnie, John 

17 Jamieson, Richard 
Docherty, H. 
Scott, Hugh 
Lindsay, Thomag 
Pigot, John 
Cooperwhite, B. 
Kenny, James 

18 Aitken, Mrs. William 
M'Laren, Neil 

Scott, Alexander 
Goodfellow, Edward 
M'Pherson, — 
Howe, W, 


1 Wilson, Thomas 

2 Scollan, William 
M'Millan, Alexander 
Millar, William 
Mitchell, Thomas 

3 Poll and, John 
Fisher, J. 
Gallocher, Francis 
M'Callum, — 

4 Devine, C. 
Devine, J. 
M'Connachie, Arthur 

5 M'Nidder, David 
Caldwell, William 
Howie, George 
Boyce, M. 

10 Macalpine, Mrs. 
Lindsay, J. 
Robb, Andrew 
Farrier, William 

11 Rmellie, Thomas 
Weir, David 
Stewart, — 

12 Glen, James 


Duncan, Mrs. 
Mungan, P. 
Craig, A. 
XJrquhart, W. 
Kenneth, P. 

13 Crooks, Waller 
Innes, Wil'iiam 
M'Culloeh, Hamilton 
Stewart, David 
Lawson, John 

14 Torrance, Hugh 
Morrison, John 
Conker, John 

15 Kirk, David 
Rocks, Mrs. 

1 Crerar, J. 
M' Arthur, J. 
Lowry, J. 
Wilson, J. 

Dunsmore, George 
MNeil, N. 


Handasyde & Co., C. II. 
Scott, Robert 
Kelburn Cottage — 

Stobo, Mrs. Adam 
— Hanson, John 
Hanson, David 
Hanson, Thomas 
Hanson, William 


Morrison & Sons, John 

Craig, Robert 

Craig, Matthew 

Taterson, Andrew 

Campbell & Calderwood 

Craig, Thomas 

Black, Malcolm 
The Cottage— Fiulator, W. R 
North Greenhill House — 

MacKenzie, Gecrge S. 
St. James Cottage — 

Hamilton, Robert 
— MacKenzie Bros. 

Caldwell & Co., W. 

Mechanical Retorts Co., 

Highgate, Hugh & Co. 


MacKean, Ltd., William 
Paisley Sugar Co. 
Craig, Ltd., A. F. & Co. 
Boyd, James & Sons 
Highgate, John & Co. 
Filshill, James W. 
; Fisher & Co. 

Marshall, John & Co. 
The Food Extract Co. 
Hicks, William 
Whitehead, J. & T>. 
Crawford, W. 
Bradshaw, Charles 
Bradshaw, T. 

Johnston, Jason 


M'Leish & M'Tagg.irt 
Lang, Matthew 


1 Scott, James 
M'Gregor, A. 
Fairlie, Miss 

2 M"Kay„ Robert 
M'Callum, John 
Herd, — 
Stewart, William 
Stewart, P. 
M'Donald, Iza 

3 Beveridge, Archibald 
M'Vie, R. 

Steen, Archibald 
Scott, James B. 
Roberts, John 

4 Balfour, John 
Paterson, Mr. 

Balnave, David 
Kirk, Mrs. 
Thallon, William 

5 Walker, Robert 
M'Gregor, James 




M'Ewan, J. 
Hair, Alexander 
Maxwell, James 
Mitchell, Mrs. 
6 Nicolson, Daniel 
Watson, Alexat der 
Whitecroft — ■ 
Barr, Hugh 
Mitchell, Wm. 

Firelight Factory 


10 M'Guire, W. 

— M'Farlane & Sons, D. 
12 Moodie, R. 

14 Forsyth, E. 

Orr, J. 

Shaw, D. 

Carson, J. 
16 Walker, W. 

Brownlie, J. 

Dobie, — 

Conner, Mrs. 

Craig, J. 

Forbes, William 
18 M'Quarrie, C. 

Erskine, R. 

Simpson, D. 

Murray, J. 

Morrison, Miss J. 
20 Russell, J. 

Borland, A. 

Combs, C. 

Scadlock, J. 

— Gas Works 


1 Laing, Mrs. 
Campbell, J. 
Inglis, Robert 
Brooksbank, Joseph 
Lawrie, J. 
Colville, D. 
Isaac, D. 
Smith, F. 
Ross, B. 
Hogg, Archibald 

Lyle, William 

2 Dobson, William 
M'Rae, A. 
Dobbie, William 
Grant, Mrs. 
Smith, G. 
Millar, — 

3 Stephens, Mrs. 
Stewart, John 
Shaw, D. 
Peacock, D. 
M'Houl, James 
Johnstone, T. 

4 Dougan, John 
Gait, William 
Barr, James 
Smith, Richmond 
Murray, J. 
Turner, P. 

5 Johnstone, Thomas 
M'Farlane, Mrs. 
Smellie, James 
Heron, W. 
Brunton, James 
Macaulay, A. 
Cameron, John 

7 Wishart, William 
M'Donald, J. R. 
Dalglish, Mrs. 
Shields, J. 
Nicol, Mrs. 
Duncan, — 
Kennedy, S. 
Southwell, — 
Bulloch, J. 

8 Dunlop, J. 
Adams, H. 
Barbour, H. A. 
Baker, J. 
Hogg, William 
Pattison, J. 
Loughton, Thomas H. 

9 Ferguson, J. 
Aird, C. 
Clark, Robert 
Muir, Mrs. 
Davidson, T. 
Allison, Mrs. 
Rowan, Robert 

10 Young, Duncan 
Pollock, Mrs. 
Adie, Alexander 
Adam, M. 
Kopppr, D. 
Skouce, R. 
Whiteside, J. 

11 Da^ie. Alexander 
M'Kellar, J. D. 

M'Dowall, W. 
Drennan, Mrs. E. 
Anderson, Ebenezer 
Johnstone, John 

12 M'Nab, T. 

13 Montgomery, Henry 

14 Douglas, Mrs. 
Gibson, Andrew 

16 Crawford, Donald 
M'Crum, A. 
Munro, A. 
Wallace, James 
Dillon, Mrs. 
Connor, William 
Colquhoun, Mrs. 

17 Galbraith, Charles 
M'Kechnie, Robert 
Monteith, Mrs. Agnes 
Park, Robert 
Stephen, James 

19 Stevenson, James 
Irvine, James 
Forsyth, W. 

20 Stewart, James 
M'Lean, John 
Richardson, P. 
Thomson, William 
Harper, J. 
Donnachie, A. 

21 Wilson, Thomas B. 

22 Anderson, David 
Bews, Mrs. 
Campbell, A. 
Bold, J. S. 
M'Bain, — 

23 Turner, P. 
Paterson, Thomas 
Aiken, James 
Wagstaff, Hugh 

34 Adamson, William 
Wallace, A. 

Orr, William 
Knox, J. 
Turner, W. 
Cross, William 

35 Millar, Alexander 
Wishart, John 
M'Cormick, G. 
Millar, James 
Boyd, James 
Lambie, William 
Vallance, Hugh 

36 Cameron, Miss 
MKenzie, D. D. 
Thomson, D. 
Dean, A. 
Christie, William 

— Grammar School 




2 Stewart, Dugald 
Thomson, Mrs. 
Gilligan, James 

3 Graham, Peter 
Reid, John 

4 Morrison, James 

5 Henderson, James 
M'Ewan, Patrick 
Rae, Allan 
Robertson, William 
Rowand, A. 
Stewart, James 
Whitehouse, James 
M Innes, Mrs. 

7 Reid, Mrs. John 


Alice Place. 

1 Adam, Mrs. 

5 Hodgson, Thomas 

■6 M'Kay, Alexander 

7 Wishart, Thomas 
Bell, Peter 
Waddell, Peter 
Stevenson, Andrew 

8 Taylor, James 
Burns, James 
Stewart, Allan 
M'Crone, Peter 
Tait, J. 

•9 Bryson, J. 
Black, K. 
Meichen, Samuel 
White, William 
Watson, William 

10 M 'Donald, Alex. 
Campbell, J. 
Legga.t, Alex. 
Stewart, Thomas 
M'Leod, John 
Sutherland, William 

11 Murray, — 
Sproul, Andrew 
Hart, T. 
Walker, James 
Hubbart, Charles 

12 Paton, George 
Walker, J. 
M'lver, Matthew 
Cross, Wm. 
Stevenson, Robert 
Robertson, Mrs. 
Kelly, J. 

13 Smith, William 


Macleod, John 
Paterson, Mrs. 
Ferguson, D. 
Campbell, Mrs. 

14 Blair, Mrs. 
Ross, Mrs. 
M'Glynn, Daniel 
Hart, William 

15 Killoch, Miss 
Ferguson, Peter 
Gemmell, William 
Fulton, Thomas 
Legg, Miss 

16 Hyslop, William 
Crawford, Mrs. 
Jarvie, Geo. 
Dickie, James 
Hendry, James 

17 M'Kay, John 
Alexander, Robert 
Hamilton, J. 
Jolly, J. 

18 Laird, A. 
Agnew. J. 
Orr, George 

Hunter, W. 
Henry, G. 
Brown, Thomas 
Reid, John 
Lennox, Mrs. 

19 Whyte, Rohprl 
Moody, William 
Galloway, David 
Erskine, James 
Wilkie, John 

20 Lawson, R. 
Craig, William 
Mitchell, George 
Orr, William 

21 Ferguson, A. 
Conn ell. Mrs. 
Harley, R. M. 
Toole, James 
Watson. James 

22 Clark, — 
Fergus, William 
Hamilton, A. 
Lawson, William 
Hamilton, William 
Henderson, Mrs. 

23 Gardner, A. 
Shaw, Miss 
Dreghorn, J. 
Wallace, James 
Dunlop, R. A. 
M'Farlane, D. 

Myrtle Bank — 

Mitchell, Andrew 

Laurel Bank — 

Esdaile, W. S. 
Wester Carriagehill — 

M'Allister, Rev. John 

Wishart, Thomas 
24 Watson, S. 

Matthewson, — 

Carlin, George 

Frew, R. 

29 Taylor, John 
Stewait, T. 
Millar, A. 
Peacock, T. 

30 Robertson, James 
Herd, William 
M'Roiry, D. 
M'Connell, oames 

Rose Bank- Neilson, Mrs. 


1 Herd, jun., C. 
Hunter, T. 
Simpson, — 

2 Cunningham, Mrs. James 
Carnduff, JohL, 
Gardner, David 

3 Onnlop. Robert 
Bauchop, Misses 
Paterson, D. 
Marshall, D. 
Ferguson, T. 
Lamont, A. 

4 Stewart, Thomson 
Laird, Hunter 
Renwick, Wm. 
Gilbert, James 

5 Smith, — 
Black, Mrs. J. 
Murray, Mrs. 
Brown, Robert 

6 M'Donald, Allan 

7 Brownridge, Wm. 
Brownridge, Dr. J. L. 

8 Boyd, James 

9 Equitable Co-op. Society, 

Urie, — 
Gibb, Matthew 
Davidson, Thomas 
Whiteford, Wm. 
10 Dempster, John 
Parr, George 
Whellans, — 
Gibson, Mrs. 





11 Reid, James 
Stewart, Mrs. 
M'Hugh, L. 
Fraile, P. 

12 Crawford, Mrs. 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Earl, T. 
Gouldie, — 

Ness, Mrs. 

— Entrance to New Infir- 


— South Parish Church 

Scobie, — 
23 Adam, Mrs. 

Tool, A. 

Frondigan, E. 

Bryson, — 

Scarlett, James 

M'Millan, — 
25 Thomson, Robert 

Police Station 


1 Wells, John 

4 Smith, Alex. 

5 Lees, E. A. 
Hunter, J. 
Lochhead & Co., G-. F. 

7 Reid, Mrs. William 

8 Beaton, W. 
M'Laren, — 

9 Boyce, J. 
Reid, J. 
Laird, — 
Cochrane, D. 

10 Paisley Co-op. ManufaC' 

turing Society, Ltd. 

11 Wilson, Mrs. 
13 Muir, J. & J. 

15 M'Rory, John 
M'Creery, F. 
Weir, James 
Monaghan, M. 

16 Hamilton, G. 
Sorbie, William 
Tottan, Thomson 

17 Brownridge, Dr. Robert 
Moscardini, P. 

Pope, G-. 
Howard, J. T. 
Sinclair, — 
Noble, Robert 
Fairman, R. 
Fulton, — 

18 Sorbie, John 
Kelly, John 
Beaton, Wm. 

19 Morrison & Shaw 
Ross, William 
Shaw, Wm. 
Morrison, Alexander 
Beaton, Alex. 
Sorbie, John 

22 Porter, James 


Mair, John 
M'Phee, Alexander 
Adamson, Donald 
Bowie, John 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Stewart, Miss 
Mitchell, James 
Deans, Joseph 
Wilson, jun., Robert 
Marshall, Mrs. 
Falconer, William 
Howat, Thomas 
Nimmo, John 
Berry, Alexander 
Fairlie, Andrew 
Neil, Etta 
Madden, Mrs. 
Wilson, John 

The Cottages — 

Pearson, Thomas 
Brodie, James 
Galbraith, Hector 
Wilson, sen., Robert 
Muir, Archibald 
Strang, James 
M'Phail, John 

School House — 
Cochran, John 


5 Stevenson, Mrs. 
Sharkey, J. 0. H. 
Callander, — 
Ross, Mrs. 
M'Murchie, Miss 
Greig & Co., Robert 

6 O'May, W. 
Sunter, E. 
Mackay, Miss A. 

Smith, S. 
Wallace, J. 
Johnstone, Mrs. 
7 Rankin, Miss 
Howat, Robert 
Strathearn, J. 

— Evangelical Union Church 

23 Renfrew, Alexander 

24 Ferguson, James 
Wilson, Thomas 
Thomson, Elizabeth 

25 Kinnes, William 

26 Arndle, Hugh 

27 Scott, James 
29 M'Laren, Janet 

Homo Tea Coy. 
32 Beaconsfield Club 

Conservative Association 
M'Fadyen, Archibald 

— The Memorial Home 
Scotch Girls' Friendly 

34 Kerr, Peter & Son 

36 Wilson & Boyd 

37 M'Bride, Miss 

38 M' A aught, Margaret 
Stevenson, Miss 
M'Farlane, Agnes 
Reid, Peter 

39 Richmond, Miss 
Allison, William 

40 Pinkerton, James 
Pinkerton, John S. 

41 Nardini, P. 

42 Glover, William 

43 Shearer, Mrs. William 

44 Aitken, David 
Banchop, Alex.G., L.D.S. 
Thomson, J. 

45 Shaw, Smith 


2 Cumming, Thomas 
Livingston, D. 
Ferguson, John 
Barracloch, — 

3 Corrigan, Mrs. 
Scobie, — 
Buchanan, William 
TTrie, — 

4 Drummond, W. 
Livingstone, Duncan, 
Wylie, R. 
Maitland, J. 





Simpson, A. 
Whyte, J. 
Colqu^oun, George 

5 Mason, W. 
Stewart, J. S. 
Eeid, J. 
Cameron, M. 
Morton, W. 
Murray, G-. 
Martin, Geo. 
Ferguson, H. 
Ross, Mrs. 

6 Healy, J. 
M'Intyre, J. 
Harvey, — 
Burt, P. 
Pulton, J. 

7 Carnduff, J. 
Gibson, J. 
Louden, J. 
Bain, — 
Gilmour, — 
M'Manus, — ■ 

8 Whittell, A. 
Harper, James 

12 Scott, W. D. 
Bruce, Wm. 
Kirkland, W. 
Speirs, E. 

13 O'Neil, T. 
Anderson, A. 
Dunsmuir, A. 
Bell, Mrs. 
M'Kay, A. 
Dunbar, J. 
Philpot, D. 
Sevell, E. 

14 Harper, L. 
Sanderson, J. 
Fleming, G. 
Wylie, G. 
Craig, — 

15 Wilson, — 
Cook, — 
Gilmour, — 
Lockhart, J. 
Reid, A. 

16 Thomson, — 
Caldwell, Mrs. 
Gibb, John 
Hill, George 
Jack, Mrs. James 
Clark, — 
Cochrane, — 

17 Gray, James 
Spence, Mrs. 
Hogarth, — 

Heron, — 
Ashworth, — 

18 Kirkwood, Geo. 
Kelly, J. U. 
Muir, J. 
Murdoch, Thos. 
Alexander, James 
Cockburn, Mrs. 

— Lylesland U.F. Church 

19 Grandage, Wm. 
Foulds, P. 
Galbraith, W. 
Lawrie, Mrs. 
Ramsay, G. 
Young, G. 
Reid, — 
M'Aully, J. 

25 Cowan, Joseph 
Wilson, Thos. 
Caldwell, Miss 
Shearer, James 
Sorbie, — 

26 Holland, — 
Darroch, — 
Montgomery, — 
Anderson, Ewan 
M'Innes, Robert 
Somerville, J. 
Lawrie, J. 
Swan, J. 
Reilley, J. 

27 Bonar, James 
Purdie, Kenneth 
Sproul, Moses 
Graham, T. 
Muir, A. 
Wright, E. 

28 Marr, John 
Gardiner, Chas. 
Balfour, George 
M'Kay, John 
Oakes, A. 
Daly, Mrs. 
Lewis, T. 
Balnave, P. 
Rorie, — 
Millar, — 
Paton, — 


Selway, Mrs. 

— Paisley Theatre 

Savile, J. H. 

5 Fontana, Mrs. 

M'Lauchlan, James 
fi M'Kellar, William 

7 M'Lauchlan, Jamsss 
M'Naughtan, Alexander 

8 Hutton, Henry 
M'Guire, John 
Phillips, Francis 
M'Kerral, D. 

9 Craig, William 
Morton, James 
Wa>d, Isabella 
M'Crorie, John 
Noble, Alex. 

10 Docherty, Daniel 
Murray, John 
Cairns, Walter 
Bain, Alexander 

11 Crar.eles, Patrick 
Gilmour, Thomas 

11£ Gilmour, Thomas 

12 Brown, Ralph 

22 Cochran & M Geohan 
Glasgow & Co., Charles 

22 Stevenson, Mrs. 
Gibson, — 
Robertson, Mrs. 
Black, A. 

Blackie, Thomas 
Rodger, Robert 

23 Young &.Risk 
Wallace, Charles 

21 Kennedy, John 

M'Donald, Miss 
25 Boyd, John 

M' Alpine, Mrs. 

Ramsay, William R. 

M'Ausland, Mrs. 

Stringers, William 
26 & 27 Cochran & Sons, R, 

28 Sweenie, John 
Townley, William 
Duncan, Mrs. Catherine 
M'Hugh, Margaret 

29 Deichon, Laurence 
Thomson, Miss 
Townley, William A. 
M'Naught, Mrs. 
Sunter, Mrs. 
Runecci, S. 

1 Glasgow Tramway Coy, 


2 Adam, John, M.B., CM. 31 Campbell, Robert 
Gleghorn, Andrew Russell, Alexander 


2c 3 


2 Neilson, Alexander 
3 Lodging House 
M'Laughlin, William 
M'Lintock, George 
Lawrie, Robert 

6 M' Alpine, Thomas 

7 Brown, A. 
M'Lachlan, John 
Vernel, Daniel 

7 Lawrie, William 
M'Glade, Daniel 
Westwater, John 
Blair, John 

Chittock, B. 

8 Ration, David 
Mathie, William 
Ritchie, Peter 
Mack, Colin 
Dempster, Tom 
Robertson, William 

9 Tees, E. 
Cunningham, M. 
M'Millan, Wm. 
Ferguson, D. 

10 Frier, T. 

Winning, B. 

Murdoch, D. 

M'Leod, A. 
12 Henderson, John 

14 Middle Parish Mission 


15 Robertson, George & Son 
1G Gillespie & Son, William 
17 Mason, Mary- 
Smith, Robert 
Ellis, Mrs. 
Hogan, James 
Hamilton, Andrew 
M'Murrich, John 
Stevenson, Alexander 
Aitken, Thomas 

19 Langmuir, Walter 
20 & 21 Hanna, Donald, & 
Miller, Mrs. 
27 Meikle, James 
30 Hollis, John 

33 Watters, J. 
Watters, A. 

34 M'Andrew, J. 

35 Gibson, Alexander 

36 Law, Edward 
Reid, John 

37 Livingstone, John 
Meikle, James 

Adelpbi House — Bost, Albert 
— Cartvale . Chomical Co., 


60 Waters, William 

61 Robin & Houston, Ltd. 

67 Wilson, Johnstone & Co. 


68 Aitken, Matthew 
Ogilvie, Samuel 

71 Johnstone, J. & G. 

72 Burgh Stables 
72 Rotson, Mrs. 

- Terrell, William 
77 Todd, Archibald 
Lawrie, Robert 

80 Bradley, Mrs. 

81 Fisher, William 
Scott, John 
M'Donald, Neil 

84 Campbell & M'Kechnie 

85 Lodging House 

87 Cummings, Mary 

88 M'Ghee, Bernard 
90 Henry & Gait 

92 Hollis, Miss 
White, John 

93 Lodging House 

94 Calderwood, Hugh 
97 Arthur, Joseph F. 


Ferguson, Peter 
Rodger, William 
Cairnie, Thomas 
Livingstone. Robert 
2 Aitken, Charles 

Hunter, James 
2 Frew, Alexander 
M'Kinlay, Robert 
Newhall Villas- 
Brown, Robert 
Bell, William 
Hamilton, P. 


3 Brough, Mrs. Matthew 

4 Gardiner, Edward 
Queen. Owen 

12 Forsyth, John 

13 Weir, George 
Forsyth, John 
Tolmie, Adam ' 

M'Kendrick, William 

15 Mackay, James 
Beveridge, Jane 
Dick, Samuel 
Clark, James 

16 Fulton, George 
20 Craig, John 

Philips, Andrew 
22 Cumming, Robert 

Cumming, Mrs. John 
24 Williamson, James 

Stewart, James 
26 Mills, William 

Gardner, D. 

Brown, Robert 

Colquhoun, Edward 

Patterson, James 

White, George 
30 M'Farlane, William 

Robertson, James 
32 Mitchell, James 

Wilson, John 

White, James 


3 Macfee & Co., H. M. 
Abercorn House — 
16 Warnock, J. 

21 Gibb, Robert 

22 Crombie, R. 
Hamilton, John 
Leslie, Joseph 

23 Conway, W. 
Rowan, J. 
Miller, G. 


5 Stevenson, James 
Murchie, William 

6 M'Donald, William 
Adam, William 
Ferguson, David 
Faulds, Mrs. 

The Thomas Muir Memorial 
12 Cowan, John 
Arthur, James 
Alston, Robert 
Armour, R. M. 




5 Pope, Mrs. M. 

8 M'Dermid, C. 

9 M'uregor, C. 
11 Smith, A. 

14 Abercorn Foundry 
17 Johnston, William 
— Wallneuk Mission Hall 
20 M'Ewan, Archibald 


Oakshaw Public School 

13 M'Alpine, P. 
Arthur, Robert 
Carruth, Hannah 
Wilson, Margaret 

14 Gallocher, Jas. 
Rough, David 

15 Ramsay, J. 

18 Brodie, Jas. 
Biggar, Mrs. Thos. 

19 Jaap, John 

21 Hislop, Marion D. 
M'Intyre, John 
Wallace, Chas. H. 
Thomson, Jas. 
Henderson, George 
M'Fee, Robert 

22 Whyte, D. 
Rice, James 
Smith, Jas. 
Harris, William 

23 Conchie, J. 
Auld, G-. 
Crilley, Andrew 

24 Symington, Miss A. I£. 
Lee, Alexander 

25 Allison, Matthew 

— The Coats Observatory 

27 Maclean, Donald 

28 Hogg, Mrs. 

29 Sturroclc, Rev. Jas. B. 

30 Love, Alexander 
Crawford, John 
Muir, Adam 
Primrose, G-. 
Ferguson, Misses 
M'Neil, Jas. 
Davidson, W. 
Craig, Alex. 

31 Campbell, Mrs. 
Taylor, David 
Hunter, John K. 

32 Roxburgh, Miss 
Balderston, Jas. 


Barr, John 
G-albreath, Miss 
33 Howie, J. 
Ross, Peter F. 
Baird, Wm. 

— John Neilson Institution 
Cables, M.A., Rev. Jame3 
Oakshaw West U.F. 


40 Millar, Jas. 

41 The Peter Brough District 

Nursing Home 

42 Gourlay, R. C. 

43 M'Kinlay, Miss 

43J Graham, Mrs. John 

Munro, Dr. 
Oakshaw House — 

Symington, sen., Mrs J. M. 
Oakshaw House Lodge — 

Campbell, Maggie 

— St. Columba Parish Gaelic 


44 M'Callum, Archd. 
High Church Manse — 

Lang, B.Sc, Rev. A. M. 

46 Menzies, Miss 

47 Muir, A. Craig 

48 Craig, Mrs. R. F. 
Oakshaw East U.F. Church 

Leitch, Wm. & Son 

4 Cumming, A. 
Cumming, Findlay 
Adam, James 
Primrose, W. M. 
Masson, Miss 
M'Kean, William 

5 Ferri, C. 

5 & 6 M'Lay, James 

8 M'Indoe, — 

9 Risk, Robert 
King, Robert 
Cormie, Miss 
Brown, Robert 
Weir, James 

10 M'Kechnie, Joseph 

11 Lochhead, Mrs. Alex. 
Thomson, Ann 

Reid, R. M. 

12 Wilson, Walter 

13 M'Gill, Alexander 

14 Cormie, Christina 
Adam, Alexander 

15 Selway, Mrs. 
Houston, Mrs. John 

— Geo. A. Clark Town Hall 
Watson, James B. 


Oakshawhead House — 

Campbell, W. W. 
Holly Bank — Boyd, John 
Park House — Gold, Daniel 


1 Tannahill, Andrew 
Henderson, John 
Guthrie, Mungo 
Mathieson, John 
Biggar, William 
Boyd, James 
Miles, J. 

2 Cochran & Sons, R. 
Bryce, Misses 

George Temperance Hotel 
Jamison, Matthew 
Mackie, Miss 

3 Hunter, Dr. John 


1 Richmond, James 

2 Nardini, P. 

3 M'Kay, John 

6 Stewart, Mrs. Joseph 
Morris, Mrs. 
Roxburgh, Mrs. 
Jamieson, Wiuiam 
M'Gallan, John G. 
Nicol, Robert 

6 Kelly, James 
Drennan, James 
Keating, Mrs. 

7 Stewart, Mrs. E. 
Cunningham, Francis 

8 Scouller, Adam 
M'Nab, James Orr 

9 Fontana, E. 

Glasgow & Govan Boot 
Repairing Co. 

10 Greenlees, Mrs. Jane 

11 Fitch, John 

12 Findlay, Peter 
M'Gill, John 
Hendry, Robert 

13 M'Ghee, Patrick 




Black, John 
M'Ginty, A. 

14 Arthur, Joseph F. 

15 G-ibson, Alexander 

16 Adams, Samuel 

18 Johnstone, Andrew 
Gardner, Thomas 

20 Logan, Alexander 

21 MTlwham, James 

22 M'Farlane, John 

23 Woolley, G. & A. 

24 Barr, John 

25 Wilson, Walter L. 
26-27 Ferrie, M. C. 

28 Gilmour, D. 

29 Niven, John C. 

30 M'Alpine, David 

31 Foulds, William 

32 M'Ghee, A. 

33-34-35 Caledonian Entrance 
36 Herd & Buchanan 
37-38 Snodgrass & Brown 

39 Clark, J. K. 

40 Clark, William 

41-42 Central Unionist Rooms 

43 Gibson, John H. 

44 Thomson, Mrs. 

45 Brown, J. & M. 

46 Howard & Reid 

47 Kerr & Young 

48 Fernie, Archibald 
49-50 Coghill, George 

51 M. B. M'Cumesty & Co. 


1 & 2 Robertson, Peter 
3 M'Ghie, Thomas 
Brown, Mrs. 
Burgess, Charles 
Taylor, Charles 
Murdoch, Mrs. 
M'Cormick, Miss 
M'Guire, Miss 

5 Wagstafl, Mrs. 

6 Waters, James 

7 M'Naught, James 

8 Stewart, Robert 
Hamilton, Thos. 
M'Nair, Wm. 
Beacom, R. 

9 Shields, John 
Deans, Miss 
Kennedy, Michael 
M'Donald, Arch. 
Arneil, Mrs. 

10 Ginsti, M. 
Lyle, J. 

17 M Neill, Daniel 
M'Clintock, John 
Stronach, John 
Braidwood, Mrs. 
Wright, Miss 

18 Smith, Mrs. 
Lockhart, Mrs. 
Neilson, Mrs. 

24 Kennedy, Wm. 
Copland, J. 

25 Bryson, Andrew 
Cochran, Robert 

27 Paterson & Son, Robert 

28 Duncan, Andrew 
M'Naught, A. 

Duncan, Andrew 
Ribbons & Co. 
Noble, Henry 
Currie, John 


1 Bauchop, D. 

2 Knox, Miss 
Tweedale, R. 
Galletly, J. 
Orr, G. 

3 Currie, J. 
Gardner, A. 
Gardner, J. 
Hederwick, Mrs. 
Baird, A. 

4 Brown, W. 

3 Macfarlane, Alex. 

6 Hart, Wm. 

7 Barr, David 

8 Barr, George 

9 Robertson, Jas. 
Aird, Wm. B. 
Ferguson, — 
Hamilton, Alex. 
Skouce, Wm. 
Morrison, David 
Kirkland, J. 
Foster, — 

10 O'Donnell, Robert 
Donaldson, Mrs. R. 
Wandrum, Wm. 
Paterson, Miss 
Shaw, John 
Clark, — 
Freebairn, David 
Smith, R. 


J. Rhodes, Mrs. 
Guthrie, Miss Eliza 
— U.F. High Church 

3 Fraser, Dr. 
Lang, William 

4 Billiard Room 

7 Young & Son, John 

8 Penman, A. 
Barr, J. 
Slater, J. 

Young, Misses J. S. ancl 
A. L. 

9 Campbell, A. Laurie 
Home, Mrs. 
Stewart, H. 
Kilpatrick, W. L. 


Haircraigs — 

Lochhead, George F. 
Jane Stone House — 

Morrison, Alexander 
The Bushes— 

M'Coll, Rev. John 

Isdale, James 
Bushes— King, Walter 

—Millar, Robert 
Ervie— MacRobert. Thos. 
— Brodie Park 

Eadie, J. Scott 
Clunie — Gardner, James 
Friarshali— Veitch, George S. 
St. Margaret's— Rowat, Wm. 
Westmount — 

Poison, Mrs. John 


1 Taylor, A. 
Noble, W. 
Weddell, Mrs. 
Napier, W. D. 
M'Nair, A. 

2 Pinkerton, R. 
Morrison, J. 
M'Indoe, Robert 

3 Laidler, James 
Lang, A. D. C. 
Black, H. 
Lorimer, Miss E, 
M'Glashan, D. 
Hendry, J. 




Fyfe, — 

Ross, Mrs. Janet 

4 Hector, M. 
Bowes, Mrs. J. 
Finiator, Mrs. 
Hunter, A. 
Crichton, Misg 
Tannahill, A. 

5 Forrester, Mrs. C. 
Wallace, Mrs. 
Taylor, G. 
Johnston, C. H. 
Bowes, Miss 
M'Aulay, R. 


1 Cooperwhite, R. 
Mossvale Dairy— Stevenson, J. 
Mossvale Farm — Ash, C. 


1 Beith, Mrs. Mary 
Keir, Duncan 
Armstrong, Mrs. 
Muir, A. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 
Beith, A. 

2 Rowe, Edward 
Taylor, Charles 
M'G-ilvray, Miss 
Kelly, A. 
Wood, George 
Campbell, C. 
Cameron, D. 
Smart, H. 

•3 Smith, William 

Smith, William S. 

Edgar, James 

M'Aulay, J. 

Brown, T. 

Stevenson, J. 

Alunro, Daniel 
4 Wylie, Robert 

Donald, William 

Kerr, Mrs. 

Barr, W. 
Needham, N". 
Bennet, Robert 
Wilson, D. 
Blair, R. 

5 Dawson, John 
Boyd, Mrs. 
Brodie, A. 
Gemmell, John 
Rushforth, George 
Munro, J. 

Craig, W. D. 
Craig, E. J. 

6 Cowden, Mrs. 
Young, Robert 
Clark, Malcolm 
Crawford, T. 
Farquhar, Jas. M. 
Deans, Mrs. 
Tannahill, John 
Watson, A. 

7 Wood, James 
Stewart, Mrs. W. . 
Gilchrist, John 
Auchinvale, Miss M. 
Russell, Wm. 
Smith, E. 
Macdonald, James 
Innes, — 

8 Hamilton, Edward 
Montgomerie, Mrs. 
Lang, Hugh 
Adams, James 
Anderson, J. 
Houston, John 
Stevens, Wm. 
Stevens, D. 

9 Paterson, P. 
Seggie, John 
Morton, Alexander 
M'Swan, Alexander 
Mitchell, James 
Sale, H. 

Derry, W. 

10 Currie, J. 
Brodie, Wm. 
Howe, A. G. 
Morrison, John 
Wilson, D. 
Harvey, William 
Stubbs, George 
Kirk, Thomas 

11 Hogg, W. 
Dickie, A. 
M'Alpine, T. 
Service, J. 

•Mackintosh, Thomas 
Jack, John 


High Park Cottage — 
Speirs, J. 
M'Phee, J. 
Hart, Mrs. 
Ferguson, Samuel 

1 Buchanan, John 

2 Colquhoun, Wm. 
Millar, J. 

3 Powers, Mrs. R. 
M'Condie, Robert 

4 Towers, Thomas 
Galbraith, John 

5 Winder, W. 
Barclay, D. 
Payne, — 
Perry, — 
White, John 

Braemar — Gilmour, James 
Ardgour — Ferguson, Mrs. 
The Moorings — Blair, »I. 
Thorncroft — Robertson, *V. P. 
Glenarm — Drew, James 
Thornley Park — 

Evans, William 

Ronald, William 

Stewart, J. P. 

Robertson, Wm. P. 

Ferguson & Sons, D. 

Thomson, Robert 
— Potterhill Station 

Russell, John 
Marchmont — 

Mursell, Rev. Walter A. 
Strathview— Begg, David 
Glenview — 

Johnstone, Rev. David 
Brierbank — 

Pollock, R. 

Carswell, A. 

M'Fadyen, W. 


2 Ewing, Mrs. 
Russell, Margaret 
Robertson, Jano 

3 M'Menemy, James 

5 M'Aulay, Mrs. Mary .' rm 

6 Walker, John 
Crichton, Mary 

7 Free Gardeners Hall 
9 Henderson, Robert 

Thomson, Thomas 
17 Easdale, John 




19 - 22 Roman Catholic School 
23 Crawford, James 
25 Boyd, Sarah 
27 M'Neilly, Catherine 
Fleming Mrs. 


1 White, Fergus 
Weir, William 
Mitchell, Robert 
Leggat, James 


Barshaw West Lodge- 
Clunas, James 

Barshaw House — 
Arthur, Mrs. J. 


Overdale — 

Urie, M. 

M'Lean, Charles 
Kersland — Calderwood, H. 
Linnsburn — Hodgart, J. 

East Lodge — Maxwell, James Monkshaw — 
Millerville — M' Cowan, Robert M' Williams, Mrs. E. 
Inverkeilor — Kirkwood, Wm. M'Williams, Alex. 

St. Leonards— Bowie, Thomas Rockfield— Caldwell, T. 

Beechwood — Lambie, H. 
Cleveland — Campbell, L. 
Auchen go wer — 

Maclntyre, Robert 
Netherby — Ramsey, R. 
Ellesmere— Walker, W. 
Alton Dairy — Gillespie, Wm. 
Oldhall— Noble, Henry 

Laighpark — Walker, Miss 

Greenhaugh — Reid, James 
Reid, William 

Dromore — Reid, Alex. 

Sandyford — 

Holms, William 
Holms, Mrs. A. C. 

Gallowhill — Smiley, H. H. 

Williamson, GipainR. C. Gallowhill House — 

Newhall — Lang, sen., John 
— Mathieson, John 
Trigney — M'Kellar, Mrs. 
East Lodge — M'Donald, John 
West Lodge — 
Ralston House — 

Cayzer, Sir C. W. 

(Glasgow Road). 

1 Brennan, John 

2 M'Coll, Daniel B. 

3 Thomson, Andrew 

4 Reid, Edward 

5 Aitken, Moses 

6 Hair, Robert 


2 Denny, Mrs. 
Campbell, D. 
Sproul, John 

3 Stevenson, Mrs. 
Galbraith, Peter 

6 Wylie, Andrew 
Paul, Mrs. 
Wyllie, John 

7 Scott, John 
Boyce, Edward 
Eccles, George 

8 Aitken, Mrs. 
Smith, William 
Smith, Mrs. 
Fleming, Robert 

9 Erskine, John 
Livingstone, William 
Jack, Mrs. 

Kerr, Walter 

Kerr, Mrs. Peter 
Holms-Kerr, William 


1 Docherty, T. 
Muldoon, J. 

2 Bole, Mrs. William 
4 Reid, Thomas 

7 Kennedy, D. 
— Fullerton, Hodgart & Bar- 
clay (Ltd.) 


1 Ayton, Peter 

Prentice, David 

Paterson, James 

Cochran, RoDert 

Ciaigen, Thomas 
— Seedhill Finishing Coy. 


Wohnfried — Stich, Alexander 
Cairndene — Cairns, James 


1 Currie, Wm. 
Dickson, Chas. 
Walker, Mrs. 
Davidson, R. 



1 Rodden, Mrs. 
Easton, Geo. 
Turner, B. 
Carmichael, J. 

2 Waterston, R, 
Stevenson, — 
Dunlop, George 
Peacock, John 
Cochrane, William 
M'Kellar, John 


1 Lorimer, John 
Thomson, Robert 
M'Callum, William 

2 Wallace, W. 
Renton, J. 
Allison, M. 

— Gleniffer Laundry 
Isdale & M'Callum 
Allison, James 
Pollock & Cochrane 
Thrushcraig — Bowie, Allan J. 




1 M'Murtrie, Roberb 
Bell, Allan 
Crawford, Hamilton 
Ribbons, Timothy 
Lawrie, John 
MacGregor, Mrs. James 

2 Crawford, Peter 
Auchencloss, Mrs. 
Brown, David 
Reid, Jame3 

3 Graham, Misses 


2 Millar, Peter 
Adam, James 
Muir, William 

3 Findlay, Miss M. 
Kirkwocd, William 
Hilleoat, William 

4 Wotherspoon, John 
Adam, William 
Towers, John 
M'Millan, John 
Hutchison, Mrs. 

Hall (MossYale U.F. Church) 


5-6 tT. F. Martyrs' Mission 

7 Charles, Mrs. J. 
Hannah, Mrs. Mary 
M'Gregor, Archibald 
Wright, William 
Boyd, John 
Shepherd, David 

8 Vernal, John 
Tough, James G. 
Blair, John 

9 Porter, Rebecca 
Lang, James 
Forbes, Robert 

10 Aitken, Thomas 
Harper, Mrs. 
Anderson, George 
Hamilton, Jessie 
Gilchrist, Ellen 

11 Young, Archibald 

12 M'Innes, Mrs. John 

13 Nicol, Thomas 
Storie, John 


14 Gemmell, James 
Johnstone, S. 

15 Robertson, John 
Robertson, Alexander 
Speirs, John 

Buchanan, Mrs. Jane 

16 Lees, John 
Robertson, Mrs. Margaret 

17 Lauchlan, Robert 
Balnave, Miss Annie 

18 Barr, James 
Mathers, S. 

Allison & Co., Joseph 

19 Hendry, Thomas 
Fraser, Miss 
Bmith, James 
Robertson, John 

20 Davidson, David 
M'Cutchion, John 
Richardson, M. 
Gracey, S. 

21 Holmes, William 
Marshall, Thomas 
Kennedy, Alexander 

22 Galbraith, William 
Blair, Hugh 
Wilson, Charles 


Snodgrass, James 
Gibson, James 
9 Sacell Brewery 
Hutton, James 

11 M'Goldrick, James 
M'Clure, Miss 

12 I.oney, John 
O'Neil, James 


3 Curr's Bakehouse 
Crawford, James 

— Foulds & Co., Ltd., Wm. 
6 Crawford, John 

9 M'Lean, Wm. 
Mitchell, Jas. 
Kelly, Mrs. 
Kennedy, Geo. 
Mooney, James 

— St. Mirren's B.C. School 


19 M'Farlane, Geo. 
— U.F. Middle Church 
23 Finino, Felix 

M'Crae, R. 

Johnston, C. H., & 


1 & 2 Lang, W. J. & W. 

3 Lowson, J. 

4 Baillie, Mrs. 

5 M'Callum, John 

6 Lawrie, James 
Thomson, Henry 

7 Miller, Roberb 
Adam, Mrs. 
Fraser, Miss 
Stevenson, J. 

8 Turner, Robert 
Couper, Gavin 
Craig, W. 
Gibb, Mrs. 

9 Wylie, John 
Crawford, ± 
Baillie, John 
Sunter, Mrs. 

10 Main, Samuel 
Cochran, David 
Robertson, James 
Robertson, J. 
— Anchor Mills 

Clark & Co., Ltd. 
23 & 25 Seedhill Mills 
Ramsay, J. & R. 


1 Woods, J. 
Greig, A. 
Cumming, Hugh 
Shannaghan, William 
Neil son, John 

2 Balfour, William 
Lennox, Henry 
Bodys, William 

3 Weir, Jeanie 
Wood, — 
M'Donald, Mrs. 
Graham, J. 

4 Provident Co-op. Society 
Greer, A. 




Grant, J. 
Dick, R. 
Rcbin, W. 

5 Burns, J. 
Craig, Mrs. 
Hardie, Simon 
Raeside, David 
Brannan, Wm. 

6 Stevenson, — 
M'Coll, J. 
Urquhart, R. 
Inglis, Mrs. 
Thomson, J. 

7 Keenan, James 
M'Ainsh, P. 

B Munro, Jam^s 

Tytler, William 

Swan, Hudson 

Benson, D. 

Young, J. 
9 M'Lennan, Lewis 

Morton, James 

Smith, Thomas 

Simpson, W. 

10 Robertson, Mrs. D. 
M'Leod, C. 

— Eadie Bros. & Co. 
Ralston U.F. Church 

11 M'Callum, Duncan 
Caldwell, R. 
Graham, J. 

11 Kilpatrick, Miss 
Wallace, J. 
Paton, J. 

13 Robertson, Mrs. 
M'Kee, William 
MTiride, Thomas 

14 Pirrie, Henry 
Crawford, J. 
Proctor, Mrs. 
Hendry, — 

15 Balderston, T. 
M'Donald, J. 
Frew, Allan 
Young, John 

16 Kerr, Mrs. 
Rowe, H. 

17 Bryce, William 
Cassidy, A. 
Ballantyne, A. 

18 Kerr, — 
Forbes, J. 
Murray, R. 

18a Lindsay, Robert 
Thomson, Hugh 
Blair, Duncan 
Gowans, T. 
Struthers, J. 

Baillie, Wm. 
Dobbie, James 
Marquis, Donald 

19 Crawford, Robert 
Hunter, A. 
Harper, D. 
Warnock, J. 

Shand, Alex. 
M'Fadyen, A. 

20 Grant, Gregor 
Stirling, James 
Robertson, John 
Faulds, James 
Ross, Robert 
Kerr, W. 

21 Smith, David 
Ferguson, David 
Struthers, Matthew 
Flannigan, M. 

22 Cunningham, Alex. 
Taylor, J. 
Neilson, M. 

23 Mackie, William 
Walker, Wm. 
Cullen, — 
Provan, Wm. 
M'Neil, E. 
Thomson, A. 

24 Flannigan, Mrs. 
Dennison, James 
Lang, Mrs. 
Service, Thomas 

25 Fields, Henry 
Brodie, Robert 

26 Smellie, J. 
M'Kay, Mrs. 
M'Gowan, Wm. 
M'Millan, Hugh 

27 Wade, John 
Campbell, William 
Crainey, P. 
M'Corkindale, J. 
Mathieson, Robert 

28 M'Naughton, Angus 
Foy, Thomas 
Norton, William 
M'Naughton, George 

29 Baird, John 
Livingstone," Archibald 
Connor, Andrew 

30 Logan, David 
Ferguson, Thomas 
Spillan, James 
M'Donald, Archibald 

31 Nevison, Henry 
Law, John 
Cowden, Thomas 
M'Kenzie, Alexander 

Fletcher, — 
Norwood — Wilson, Thomas 
Arlington — 

Beveridge, Wm. 

Beveridge, John 
Maryville— Scott, B. S. 
Highfield — Mondye, Frank 
Craigard — Robertson, Mrs. 
Boneen — Harper, Hugh 
Auchentorlie House — 

Cattanach, R. A. 
Lodge — Paul, James 

78 M'Naught, John 
Meiklejohn, Edward 
Walker, J. 

Hosie, W. 
Lees, P. 
Swan, John 

79 Hart, Thomas 
Grant, John 
Philpot, Matthew 
Russell, William 
M'Cormack, James 

80 Muir, Joseph 
Anderson, W. 
Craig, S. 

81 Watson, Gabriel 
Reid, John 
Ross, Gordon 
Whyte, R. 
Robertson, W. 
Kerr, B. 

82 Cunningham, Mrs. 
Gibson, Miss 
Orchardson,. John 
Robertson, J. 
Riddell, A. 
Houston, H. 

83 Burns, G. 
Heron, J. 
Robertson, D. 
Whiteford, Thomas 
M'Xab, J. 
Barrie, — 


Hawson & Hannah 
Muir, A. K. 
Muir, J. 




3 Gold, Daniel 
4 & 6 Johnston, Wm. & Co. 
9 Forsyth, W. 

10 Currie, John 

11 Barr, Mrs. Hugh 
— U.F. Gaelic Church 


1 M'Bride, S. 

2 Taylor, Donald 
Laird, — 

3 Duffie, James B. 
Morrison, Hugh 

4 Adams, Andrew 
M'Lecd, James 
M'Kinlay, William 

5 Lambie, Hugh 

6 Quin, Peter 
Fulton, William 
Bitchie, Bobert 
M'Culloch, James 
Cameron, Miss 

7 Gilmour, Peter 

3 & Allan & M'Farlane 
10 Fair, William 

M'Adam, Mrs. 

Irvine, Thomas 

Trench, Mrs. 

White, James 

Irvine, David 

Black, Mrs. 

M'Phie, Miss 

Hart, Mrs. 

Paterson, John 


4 Crawford, James 
Burges, Mrs. 

5 Ritchie, William 
Strachan, Matthew 

6 Mac Adam, George 
Gilchrist, Mrs. 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Goldie, James 

7 Mack, Alexander 
Begg, Miss 
Gow, Hugh 

8 Porter, John 
Eeid, Alexander 


White, Mrs. M. 

Gemmell, Mrs. 
11 Mitchell, Thomas 
1"? Maxwell, Alexander 
13 Watson, Peter 

Munro, John 

Macadam, George 
15 Stevenson, William 

Smith, Bobert 


2 M'Lardie, Alexander 
Lamont, Archibald 
Connell, George 
Brown, John 
Smith, James 

3 Carnegie, Daniel 
Connell, Miss 
Lamont, James 
Carruth, William 
M'Ance, William 
Jones, J. 

4 Hunter, Archibald 
Muir, Mrs. William 
Johnston, Mrs. Hugh 
Paterson, Mrs. 

5 Leighton, Mrs. 
Gilchrist, Daniel 
Kelly, — 
Smith, W. 
Gray, Bobert 

6 Finlayson, Mrs. 
Eadie, Alexander 
Yeats, John 

7 M'Kechine, James 
Hailey, Alexander 

8 Bell, James 
Herd, Alexander 
M'Kay, James 

9 TJunwoodie, Mrs. 
9 Adam, Joseph 

Holmes, Wilson 
Bows, John 
10 M'Farlane, David 
Stewart, Joseph 
Colquhoun, Jane 
M Neil, Mrs. 
Lamont, J. 

Warnock Bros. 


6 Speirs, Bobert 
5 Crawford, P. & A. 
8 Wallace, W. 
Graham, Angus 


1 Brown, William 
Lang, D. 

Goudie, Alexander 
Stevenson, Samuel 
Shaw, Harry 
M'Ewan, Alexander 
Stewart, Alexander 
Davies, John 

2 Lang, D. 
Culloch, William 
Westwood, John 
M'Taggart, David 
Younger, William 

3 Nicolson, John 
Wilson, William 
Campbell, Duncan 
M'Gregor, John 
Brown, John 
Meiklejohn, William 
Young, George 

4 Wilson, T. 
Holms, Mrs. 
Johnstone, William 
O'Brien, Edward 
Emslie, Bobert 

5 Allison, R. 
Cameron, A. 
Smith, Edward 

C Anderson, Mrs. 
Kerr, James 
Nicolson, John 
Hamilton, John 
M Queen, Lawrence 
Crawford, William 
Wright, John 

7 M'Dermid, Miss 
Canning, Alexander 
Roy, John 
Carsewcll, Allan 
Deans, Thomas 

8 MTntyre, Donald 
M'Neil, James 

10 Paisley Provident Co- 

operative Society 
Lappin, Richard 
Spiers, James 
Waters, William 

11 Waters, William 




Wilson, Thomas 
M'Guire, Michael 
Stewart, John 
M'Queen, Wm. 
Bocks, Mrs. 

12 Niven, Anthony 

13 Slaughter-house 
M'Luskie, John 

— Barr, John 

15 Gibson, Andrew 

18 Kennedy, Mrs. 
Eussell, Archibald 
Dunlop, John 
Hamilton, Andrew 
Pro van, William 

19 M'Call, John 
M'Cormick, Thomas 
Yates, Alexander 
Watson, A. 

20 Jerrard, Joseph 
Fraser, Alexander 

21 Holmes, John 
M'Leod, Archibald 
Eobertson, James 

22 M'Laren, Neil 
Jeffrey, Thomas 
Gray, John 

23 Minter, Thomas 
Holmes, Daniel 

24 Mitchell, William 
Boyle, Dan 
M'Mim, John 

25 Gemmell, William 
Carlin, James 

26 Houston, Alexander 
Watson, Neil 
Wright, Daniel 

27 Brown, John 
Cook, J. 

28 Dorris, Felix 
Eedgar, William 

29 M'Quill, Arch.bald 

30 M'Naughten, Peter 
Crawford, James 
Clark, James 
Lynch, Hugh 

31 Beaton, Neil 
M' Skimming, John 
Beaton, Daniel 
Andrews, John 

Mcssvale Public School 


Middle Park— Bell, E. K. 
Wester Haircraigs — 

Slater, John P. 
St. Catherine's — M'Kenzie, 
Maryville — Cochran, Alex. 
Whitelea — Hamilton, George 
Morcdim — Brown, John A. 
Eoneil — Eobertson, John 



Highgate, Henry G. 
Speirsfield — 
A Paterson, Eobert M. 
Darvel House — 
Nicol, David 


Heathcot — Taylor, John E. 
Drumcroil — Spence, James 


1 Young, Eobert 
M'Taggart, Lauchlan 
Provan, David 
Allison, Wm. 

4 Campbell, — 
Allison, Allan 
Gilmour, Andrew 

5 Lauchlan, Mrs. 
Hamilton, i.obert 
Paton, David 

7 Wallace, J. 
Steel, H. 

8 Shearer, David 
Yuill, — 

Hamilton, Thomas 
Muir, James 
Eobertson & Sons 
Stevenson Street School 

9 Kelly, A. 

10 Pattieson, William 

Lylle, Wm. 

Kelly, M. 
Hill Cottage- 
Hill, David 

Murray, Mrs. 
Howrah Cottage — 

King, Mrs. A. 
U.F. South Manse — 

Paterson, Eev. John 
Marylea — Nicolson, John 
Elton Villa— Oddwell, Wm. 
U. F. Gaelic Manse — 

M'Pherson, Eev. W. 
Fetteresso — Eoss, James 
Gleniffer View — 

Lochhead, Mrs. 

Stewart, Alex. 
Maryfield — MaeKean, Jas. A. 
Benvue — Graham, A. Forrest 
U.F. Middle Manse— 

Caird, Rev. J.imes Renny 
Corryville — Greenlees, Alex. 
Woodlands - M'Lachlan, J. 


1 Alexander, William 
Sweenie, Mrs. 
Ralston, T. 
Gibson, William 
Bain, Mrs. M. 
Dickson, Thomas 

2 Wilson, Eobert 
Campbell, Colin 
Brodie, William 
Wyllie, Miss 
Barr, William 

3 Ferguson, Henry 
M'Cormick, Jas. 
Morrison, A. 
Cuthbertson, Miss 
Erskine, Eobert 
Caden, John 

4 Mitchell, Eobert 
Gilchrist, John 
M'Cormick, Thomas 
Pirrie, J. 

Faulds, Miss 
Montgomery, James 

5 Boyle, A. 
Macdougall, Mrs. S. 
Bryce, William 
Jamieson, John 
Wilson, jun., Tho3. 
Gibb, Matthew 


1 Muir, John F. 

2 M'Gibbon, Charles 

3 Moodie, J. 
Colquhoun, G. 
Neil, G. 
Harvie, T. 

4 Kerr, Mrs. 
Bell, H. 
Connell, Geo. 
Donald, C. 

5 Lees, William 




Glen, Mrs. 
Smith, James 
M'Ginnes, John 

6 Milton, Stephen 

M'MiUan, C. 
Brock, Eobert 
Reid, Neil 

7 Robertson, James 
Scobbie, George 
M'Nab, A. 
Easden, Mrs. 

9 M'Allister, Catherine 

10 Hart, John 
M'Allister, Hugh 

11 GemmUl, Mrs. 
M 'Arthur, — 
Howie, John 

12 Gordon, John 
Graham, Thomas 
Elliot, Robert 

13 Sweenie, Miss E. 
Robertson, T. 
Sunter, Alexander 
Robertson, Thomas 

14 Rogan, John 
Edmiston, James 
Herd, William 

15 Lyle, John 
Stewart, Charles 
M'Donald, Alexander 
M'Kinnon, Mrs. 

16 Kerr, A. 
M'Kay, Jas. 
Paterson, Robert 
Millar, Maxwell 

17 Wallace, William 
M'Lauchlan, William 
M'Kinnon, Lauchlan 

18 Wallace, Mrs. 
M'Kel, Mrs. 
Borland, John 
Brown, James 

19 Hamilton, Mrs. 
Ward, John 
Beaton, John 
Jackson, John 

20 Bain, Duncan 
Herd, John 
Craig, W. 
M'Dougall, Mrs. 

21 Allison, John 
Steel, John 
Pollock, John 
Rose, John 

22 Martin, George 
Harper, William 
Welsh, Ben 

23 Downs, John 


24 Armour, William 
M'Kenzie, John 
Killoch, William 
Killoch, George 
M'Kay, Mrs. 

25 Hamilton, Janet 
Law, James 
Andrews, James 
Gardner, Robert 
Herd, Charles 
Houston, Thomas 

26 Caskie, David 
Stevenson, Mrs. 
M'Arthur, Mrs. 
Kerr, Peter 
Buchanan, John 

27 M'Kinnon, Lauchlan 
— Bowling Green 

36 Moore, Robert 
Tar bet, John 
Dreghorn, James 
Murphy, James 
Aitken, Thomas 

37 Nisbet, James 
Gooldie, John 
Breslin, J. 
M'MUlan, C. 

38 Love, Hugh 
Hind, N. 
Duncan, Mrs. 

59 Welsh, James 


Stcnefield Lauudry 
M'Nab, William 
Shaw, John 
Ainslie, Mrs. 
Aitken, Thomas 
Bauchop, Mrs. William 
Millar, James 
Thomson, James 
Coates Bros., Ltd. 
Oswald, Mrs. 


1 Ross, Walter 

Caldwell, Robert 

2 M'Bride, S. 

3 M'Cormick, James 

4 Brown, Mrs. Adam 


Lappin, Thomas 

5 Gleniffer Good Templar 


6 Graham, Thomas 
M'Innes, Donald 

7 Craig, P. 

8 Russell, William 
Brymer, Miss 
Forsyth, John 
Corrigan, Ned 

— U.F. High Church Mution 

10 Balfour, Maggie 

11 Cromar, Mrs. 

12 Simpson, William 
14 Gold, Mrs. 

Forrest, Mrs. 

16 M'Guire, Charles 
Duffy, jun., Francis 

17 Walker, Martin 
Muir, Thomas 

18 Morton, George 
Martin, James 
Renfrew, Mrs. 

19 Ferguson, Norman 
Cashmore, James 
Day Nursery 
M'Intyre, Mis9 (Matron). 

24 Graham, Archibald 
Clark, John 
Dickie, William 

25 Duguiri, D. W. 

27 Gibson, Robert 
Wylie, Miss 
Stewart, James 
O'Neil, Charles 
Smith, Inspector 

28 Cunningham, Thomas 
Gordon, John 
Taylor, William 

29 Moss, Mrs. 

31 Brock, James 
nowat, Mrs. 
Howat, Robert 

32 M'Dermid, Mrs. 
Brock, James 

35 Carswell & Son, David 

36 Smith, James W. 
M'Lean, Mrs. 
Black, R. 

Steel, William 

37 M'Phail, Hugh 

38 M Ghee, John 
40 Love, Thomas 

43 Wesleyan Methodist; 

M'Lelland, Andrew 

44 M'Glinn, John 






M'Mahan, John 

45 Allan, John 
Kane, John 

46 Corporation Baths 
Ferguson, James 

49 Brown, Mrs. Robert 

50 Shepherd, David 
M'Callum, Miss 

51 Speirs, M. 

52 Craig, Mrs. Ann 
Hart, William 

53 Knox, Walter 
Ewan, James 

54 Downie, William 
Britton, John 
Gray, David 

•55 Balfour, Mrs. 

Dickie, William 

Spencer, Henry 

poll, John 
56 Blain, David 
— Reformed Presbyteri 

58 Barr, Alex. 

59 Young, David 

61 Howie, JJavid 

62 Spence & Son, John 
M'Pherson, Mrs. 
Pogson, S. 

65 Agnew, J. 


& 4 Swan, J. & M. 

5 Davidson, David 
Bell, Mrs. 
Poote, Wm. 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Crawford, Miss M. 

6 Parrol, Thos. 
Neilson, John 
Percy, Prancis 

- St. Catherine's R.O. 


2 Finnie, Mrs. 

3 Stevenson, Dr. J. 

4 Lamont, Janet 
Allison, John 
Rodger, William 

1 Fella, Stephen 
M Corkindal, D. 

2 Allison, Walter 
Kelly, Adam 
Sutherland, Edward 
Fyfe, Daniel 
Fyfe, Miss 
Fraser, J. 

3 Hart, Mrs. Archibald 
Campbell, C. P. 
O'Donnell, Mrs. C. 
Dick, Mrs. M. 
Bowie, Mrs. J. 
Wilson, Agnes 
Cairns, Hugh 
Hill, Mrs. J. 
Paton, Boyd 

4 M'lsair, Duncan 

5 Borland, Janet 
M'Garrity, Charles 
M'Luskie, Peter 

i M'Clelland, James 
Scoullar, J. 
Marshall, Mrs. J. 
Campbell, C. P. 

6 Primitive Methodist 


7 Stevenson, William 

8 Stewart & Wallace 
Stewart, P. D. 

9 M'Gee, W. 
Kennedy, A. 
Barbour, Miss M. 
Mills, J. 
Millar, Mrs. M. 

10 Barclay, Alex. 
Faulkner, B. G. 
Bell, D. 
Gibson, W. 
Dempster, P. 
Gibb, J. 
Guthrie, Miss 

11 to 14 Works— Lee, Robt. 
15 Young, George 

Armstrong & M'lNair 
16 and 17 Lithgow, J. D. 

18 Bradshaw, T. 
Caledonian Railway Stables 

19 Cassells, Robert 

20 Craig, William 
Gowans, J. 
Blair, S. 

21 Porter, Miss I. 
M'Lachlan, John 
Kennedy, J. 

22 Pottie, M. 
M'Kenzie, J. 

23 Grahl, — 
Ritchie, J. 
Bell, E. 
Muir, Mrs. 
Christie, Mrs. 

24 Welsh, — 
Campbell, T. 
Paton, B. 

Boyd, Mrs. ; 

Lav, John 
Daly, John 

25 More, J. 
Crawford, Mrs. 
Adam, A. 
Holmes, J. 
Robertson, J. 
Stewart, M. 
Caldwell, William 

26 Houston, W. P. 

27 Barclay, Allan 
Ritchie, James A. 
M'Murtrie, Jessia 

28 Quinn, F. 
Burns, J. 
Walker, J. 
M'Gee, Mrs. 
Kennedy, Chas. 
Lever, John 

29 Lyons, M. 
Foulds, W. 
Wardrope, Alex. 
Campbell, R. , 
M'Neilage, J. 
Guild, J. 

30 Canning, J. 
Maitland, J. 
Ranger, H. 
M'Lean, W. 
Adam, Joseph 

31 Hunter, Dr. J. B. 
Gibson, G. 
Millar, A. F. 
Campbell, W. 

Sheriff Court Buildings — 
Brown, William 
Court House 
Sheriff Lyell 
Procurator Fiscal — Geo. 

Yeats, George 

County Buildings — 

Dr. A. Campbell Munro 
Ja. Caldwell, Muir, & Cald- 






Black & Co., T. 
Pottie, A. & M. 

6 Anderson, John A. 

7 Gibb, Dr. Wm. P. 

8 British Workman 
MTntyre, Peter 
Barr, Susan 
Hayes, Mrs. William 
Quinton, James 
Cowan, James 

9 Deans, William 
Richmond, M.B., Andrew 
Marshall. Mrs. 

12 Park, Mrs. 
Lawrie, E. & M. A. 
Penman, Dr. R. S. 
Walker, James 
M'Nair & Sons, D. 
M'Nair, D 

13 Richmond, James 
Davidson, jun., John 

Hart, Mrs. 

Nicol, John 

Millar, sen., Adam 

Peden, W. 

Fleming, Reid, & Co., Ltd. 

11 Bank of Scotland 
Veitch, George S. 

12 Cockburn & Co., Ltd. 
Paisley Brick Co. 
Smith, Wm. 


Jessieville — Millar, P. K. 
Wardknowe — Adam, Matthew 
Parklea — Houston, Mrs. R. 
Mayfield — M'Callum, Julius 
Royston — Smith, John 
MacRoberfc, Son, & Hutchi-Nelsonville — Robertson, James 

Hutchison Smith, John 

Harfc, Abercrombie & Lang Robertson, James 
Smith & Scott, T. Gow Maryfield— Isdale, Ralph 
Hill, James Westerlea — Paton, Robert 

Craig Barr, J. The Ferns — 

R, Pinlay Hisfop & G. R. Macalister, John H. 

Hislop, jun. 
Macdonald, Stewart 
Stewart, C.A. 


ST. MAR 1 


2 Paterson, Andrew 
4 Clarke, Joseph 
Carswell, Mrs. 
6 Clarke, Joseph 


8 Prudential Assurance Co., 

Surveyor of Taxes and 

Inland Revenue (Excise). 

9 Dickson, William 
Royal Bank 

10 Cooper & Co. 
Millar, W. & A. 
Millar, Mrs. 
Houston, Miss 

— Cunningham, Mrs. A. 

Murray, John E. 

Thomson, Joseph 

Wotherspoon, John B. 
Sunnyside West — 

Wotherspoon, J. B. 
Sunnyside East — 

Thomson, Joseph 


1 Hendrie, Mrs. Robert 
Adam, William 
Meikle, George 
Cummings, — 
Gibson, Alexander 

2 Hill, William 
Green, Duncan 
M'Intosh, Robert 
M'Laren, James 
Hicks, Robert 

3 Muir, John 
Irvine, William 
Baird, John 
Henderson, Robert 
Wilson, Misses 

1 King, — 

2 Ferguson, Robert 
Anderson, Mr. 

5 Anderson, — 

6 Fraser, H. 

7 Wilson, S. 

8 Young, William 

9 Hopwood, James 

10 Fox, A. E. 

11 Michael, James 

12 M' Alley, William 

13 Jaap, George 

14 Cochran, John 

15 Miller, J. 
17 Philip, M. 
IS Craig, A. 

19 Tcole, William 

20 Craig, P. S. 

21 Low, Frank 

22 Russell, George 

23 Dow, J. 

25 Greenhaugh, Robert 
27 Hunter, John 


10 Mainds, James 

11 Parker, Robert 

12 Bell, Samuel 

13 Keven, David 

14 Cuthbertson, Thomas 

15 Menzies, Robeit 

16 Kerr, George 

17 Morris, Thomas 

18 Fowler, William 

19 Wylie, James 


2 Stevenson, Thomas 
Greenlees, Walter 

3 FJett, John 

4 Grieve, Thomas 
Wallace, Robert 


M'Callum, John 
Brown, — 




ACE - Con. 

M'Gechan, John 
Kirkwood, Isaac 
Kerr, Andrew 
Barr, J. 
Thornley Park- 
Stewart, John 
Cochran, Alexander 
Watt, T. 
Hendry, James 



2 Wedgeworth, John 
Deans, William 
M'Gregor, James 
Dowie, William 
Regan, Joseph 
Anderson, James 

3 Keith, Alexander 
M'Cafferty, John 
Irvine, Mary 
Lochhead, James 
Sellars, John 
Rattery, Alexander 

4 Carlile, Jas. S. 
Strachan, Matthew 
Hamilton, Alexander 
M'Kinlay, Annie 
Smith, R. 

5 Brown, James 
Hill, Andrew 
Foulds, Robert 
M'Lardie, Mrs. 
Rodger, Wm. 

6 Conville, John 
Reid, Mrs. 
Allison, John 
Clark, Mrs. 
Malcolm, James 
M Intyre, John 

7 MTntyre, John 
M'Auley, John 
Winton, William 
Meikle, William 
Weaver, L. 
Brown, J. 
Tumbull, W. 

— Thread St. U.F. Church 

8 Ferris, James 

10 Watt, James 
George, Alexander 
Bain, Miss E. 
Bryson, D. 
Sorley, Mrs. W. 

11 Welsh, William 
Cunningham, John 
M'Gill, D. 
Guthrie, Thomas 

12 Coats, Hamilton 
Sim, Thomas 
Johnston, J. 
Green, Charles 
Wilkinson, Mrs. 

13 M'Nair & Co. 
M'Nair, Robert 
Allan, J. M. 
Young, Robert 
Boyd, William 
Lawrie, H. 

14 Paterson, Samuel 
Elliott, Joseph 
Hutchison, Robert 
Mortimer, Joseph 
Smith, Mrs. 
Kirk, John 
Findlay, James 

15 Millar, Ann 
Sproul, Robert 
Kirk, Robert 
Moran, Mrs. 
O'Hare, Mrs. 
Bowles, Mrs. 

1G Aitken, James 

Campbell, Miss 

Husband, William 

Houston, Robert 

M'Garven, James 

M'Garven, 0. 

Moir, Mrs. 
17 Alexander, John 

O'Neil, James 

Crapnell, Joshua 

M'Lean, Mrs. 

Builoch, William 
18 & 20 Reid & Son, Thomas 

21 Smith, John 
Hopkirk, James 
Goudie, H. 
French, Frank 

22 Waters, Cook, & Co. 
24 Stewart & Peebles 

Murray & Co., John 
27 Allan, James 
Hamilton, Mrs. 
Watt, Robert 
Johnston, J. 

Hamilton, James 
Laughlan, William 

28 Robertson, Mrs. 
Nicol, D. 
Beid, Thomas 
M J^wan, John 
Stevenson, James 
Sproul, Mrs. 

29 Armour, Mrs. 
Brown, Mrs. 
Munro, Mrs. 
M'Bryde,. Charles 
Macdonald, Archibald 

30 Harkins, Annie 
Muir, George 
Struthers, James 
Paton, Matthew 

31 Andrew, Mrs. 
Easdon, David 
Balnave, Mrs. 
Campbell, Charles 
Wilson, John 
Kerr, James 

32 Stewart, Mrs. 
Dickie, William 
Adam, William 
Osborne, Mrs. 
Adam, Mrs. 

33 Waterston, Martha 
M'Latchie, Miss 
Robertson, Thomas 
Logan, Mrs. 
Brodie, Mrs. 

34 Cameron, Alexander 
Blackburn, Mrs. 
Glen, William 
Dickson, Miss 

35 Beaton, Mrs. 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Hepburn, Matthew 
Gray, Archibald 
Kerr, James 

36 Allison, Henry 
Turner, Mrs. 
Smith, Edward 
Flannigan, Mrs. 
Binnie, Mrs. 

37 Cumming, David 
Scott, Robert 
Hamill, John 
Campbell, Mrs. 
Fraser, Mrs. David 
Macdougall, Miss 

38 Myles, Robert 
Currie, John 
Ronald, Miss 
Currie, Job;* 





Robb, Mrs. 

Peacock, John 

Galbraith, James 

Young, J. 

Sutherland, Mrs. 

M'Arthur, Wm, 

Bejtt,. David 

Eeid, Miss M. 
3 Mackenzie, M. K. 

Cuthbertson, Scott 

Tullis, Bobert 

llasmussen, Alex. C. 

M'Innes, John 

Brown, Andrew C. 

Fulton, Miss 

Pitt, Miss Elizabeth 
5 Calton, John 

M 'Andrews, A. 

Pinkerton, Mrs. 

Brown, — 

Southwell, John 

Donald, Mrs. 

Wilson, Bobert 

7 Miller, Thomas 
Anderson. Miss 
M'Dougall, James 
Jack, D. B. 
Wilson, W. 
Webster, Joseph 
Henderson, B. 
Lennox, James 

9 Bowie, Wm. 
Watson, A. C. 
Gibson, Mrs. Wm. H. 
Harper, H. 
M'Kay, J. 
Shawcross, J. J. 
Berry, A. B. 

11 Berry, Elizabeth 
Barrett, John 

12 Hardie, John D. 
Gilchrist, Mrs. 
Creighton, W. A. 
Logan, J. 
Murray, William 
Gemmill, W. 

10 Waddell, E, T. 
Hogg, T. 
MacTag^art. L. 
Mackenzie, J. 
M'Nah, E, 
Watt, J. B. 
Black, James 
Kirk, J. 

8 M'Ausland, — 
Gibson, A. 
Mackenzie, Miss 
Hamilton, E. 

M'Kellar, W. E. 

Macnair, T. 

M'Kellar, C. 

Clark, — 

M'Ausland, Miss 
6 Campbell, David 

Wilkie, J. 

Wilson, Wm. 

Wotherspoon, P. 

Orr, Daniel 

Ealston, Joseph 

Hill A. 
4 Welsh, Wm. 

Welch, W. 

Pollock, — 

Thorley, E. 

Beid, A. 

Adam, J. 

Pinkerton, William 

Crouch, H. B. 
2 Kilpatrick, W. L. 

Lendrum, Mrs. 

Carruth, James 

Allison, James 

Donnelly, J. J. 

Shannon, Mrs. 


1 M'Millan, J. 
M'Cowat, S. 

2 Lamb, James B. 

3 Bell, E. 

4 Christie, sen., Wm. 
Christie, urn., Wm. 

5 Gillespie, D. 
Allison, D. 

Underwood House — 
Allison, E. Forbes 
Kerr, B. & J. P. 

13 Eeid, W. 
Carlin, Francis 

14 Kelly, W. 
Kennedy, W. 

Underwood Park — ■ 
Brown, Miss J. 

21 Eadie, Mrs. 
Jarvie, J. 

22 Irvine, H. 
Howie, J. 

23 Johnstone, J. 
M'Callum, A. 

24 Law, T. 

Provident Co-op. Society 

25 Irvine, D. 
Allison, W. 

26 Bannatyne, W. 

27 M'Ghee, W. 
Greenhill House — 

Stewart, Miss 
Greenhill Cottage — 
M'Kellar, D. 
Kelso, William 

— Eefuse Destructor 
Speirs, A. 

Marymaur — 

Bowie, W. 

Harper, H. M. 
36 Noble, Miss A. 
38 M'Lean, John 

Wishart, John 

— St. James U.F. Church 
43 Beckett, D. 

M'Nair, B. 
M'Killop, J. 
Kennedy, J. C. 
Lindsay, J. 
Wood & Co. 
Underwood Co. 


1 Brown, Helen 
Brown, Wm. 
M'Allister, Miss 


1 M'Allister, Mrs. 
Leiteh, T. 

2 Hamilton & Co., J. 
Harper, J. 
Gilmour, J. 
Eodger, — 

Paul, W. 
Leggat, David 
Barr, Patrick 

6 Craig, William 
Speirs, Bobert 

7 Smith, Robert 
Logan, A. 

8 Wyllie, R, 
Dreghorn, A. 
M'lutyre, Bobert 
Eeid, William 




9 Smith, Robert 
Fulton, William 
Sinclair, John 
Smith, Jaa. 
20 Hatcton, William 
Calderwood, Alex. 
Shannon, John 

11 Rodger, Mrs. 
Aitkenhead, Robert 
Haldane, J. 

12 Acton, Mrs. 


1 Barclay, Mrs. 
Hamilton, Mrs. 
Millar, J. 
Fulton, Miss 
Gordon, — 

2 M'Farlane, Mrs. A. 

3 Crawford, Daniel 
M'Farlane, D. 
Wetherington, David 
Duguid, David 
Bodys, James 
Barr, A. 


1 Smith, E. 
Crawford, William 
Johnstone, Samuel 
M'Millan, Alexander 

2 Wilson, Andrew 
Munro, Alexander 
Hamilton, William 


1 M'George, John 

Cameron, Wm. 

Sunter, J. R, 

Stewart, J. 

Kisbet, Mrs. 

Diverty, W. 

Dickens, C. 
3 M'Millan, Wm. 

M'Kechnie, Mrs. 

M'Millan, Wm. 

Morton, G. 

Ltuir, F. 

Morrison, T. 
5 Leckie, J. 

Kirk, W. 

Russell, J. 

Cochrane, Mrs. 

Murray, John 
7 Watson, Henry 

Melville, J. 

Arthur, A. 
9 O'Neil, James 

Leggatt, Robert J. 

Beaton, Joseph B. 

Jeffrey, John 

Stewart, John 

M'Crossan, — 

Stewart, W. 
11 Purvis, H. 

Mitchell, P. 

Mathieson, W. 

Farr, James 

Watt, Wm. 

Pollock, Robert 

Oakes, Robert 

Howie, — 
13 Glen, Allan 

Lemay, Mrs. 

Kidd, — 

Martin, J. 

Porter, Mrs. 

Cook, Thos. 


1 Hollis, John 
4 Stewart, William 
Waters, William 
Mathieson, James 
Munro, Angus 
Ritchie, Peter 
6 Ferguson, Teter 
8 Russell, Mrs. 

10 Foster, George 
Stoddart, James 

11 Barton, George 
Kilgour, John 

IS Gibson, John 

19 Martin. Robert S. 

20 Wilson,' Mrs. 

21 Dick, A. S. 

22 Waters & Co. 


1 Gardner, James 

Horsburgh, J. 

Given, J. 
7 Brown, Thomas 

Clark & Co., John 

Greenlaw Goods Station 

M'Farlane, Malcolm 

M GUI, Alex. 

Grierson & Co., R. 


2 Gibson, Peter 
Wade, Charles 
Millar, James 
M'Bride, Daniel 
Morrison, William 

3 Thomson, William 
Adam, Mrs. 

4 Goudie, James 
Hutton, John 
Malcolm, John 

5 M'Queen, George 
Glen, Thomas 
Connell, Alexander 
Ewing, John 
Fletcher, Mrs. Hugh 

6 Mathieson, Mrs. 
Mathieson, Mrs. 
Kyle, William 

7 Rankin, John 
Grey, Robert 
Harrison, Henry 

8 Hunter, John 
Macdougall, A. 
Fitzpatrick, Daniel 
Kennedy, Archibald 

9 Andrew, William 

10 M'Lintock, George 
Hamilton, Alexander 

11 O'Neill, James 
M'Kechnie, Duncan 
Dunlop, John 
Allan, R. 

12 Williams, Henry 
Kennedy, James 
Eaird, James 
Colquhoun, A. 

13 Taylor, Susan 
Asquith, K. 
M'Brayne, Agnes 

14 Brownridsre, Robert 
Lynch, Hugh 




Wallace, John 
Cochran, William 
16 M'Kell, James 

M'Ginnigall. William 
Paul, Matthew 
Cowden, Hugh 

1, 2, & 3 Monaghan, Mrs. 


Russell, Wm. 

2 Robertson, David 


Gilmour, John 
Gilmour, Andrew 
Gilmour, George 
Brown, Ralph 
14 Sim, — 

Wilson, Edward 
Rowan, Joseph 
Morton, Robert 


1 Wilson, Charles 
Orr, J. 
Landes, R. 
Taylor, Mrs. 
2 Brown, W. 
M'Kechnie, E. 
Findlay, M. 

3 M'Gowan, James 

4 M'Donald, D. 
Wallace, — 

5 M'Donald, Mrs. James 
7 Crilley, James 

Marrin, James 
Crilley, David 
Blyth, Robert 

8 & 9 Gurnet & Hamilton 
Burnet, W. M. 
Forrest, James 
Andrews, W. 
12 Crawford, J. 
MTnnes, W. 
M'Crone, J. 
Sommervill, — • 

15 Macrae, Mrs. Finlay 

16 Hamilton, J. K. 

17 Keir, Mrs. 
Lauder, Mrs. 

18 Johnston, W. 
Rennie, D. 
Neil, R. 
Reid, William 
O'May, Andrew 
Henderson, J. 
Cloudesly, H. 
Anderson, J. 

19 M'Nally, Mrs. 

20 King, Thomas 
Latham, A. 
Small, James 

21 Chalmers, Livingstone 
M'Kay, D. 
Marshall, D. 

22 Cumming, William 
Craig, William 
Browning, A. 
Cumming, John 

23 Jamieson, William 

24 M'Donald, Mrs. 
2C Wood, James 

Raeside, J. 
Jamieson, John 
Ferguson, John 
Jamieson, James 

27 Bowie, Maggie 
Stewart, A. 

28 Towns, Alexander 
Pattison, James 

29 Wyllie, William 
Dunlop, John 
Rodger, William 

30 M'Kay, Mrs. 
Alcorn, J. 

31 Stevenson, Lizzie 
Todd, William 
Gibb, Thomas 
Deans, John 
M'Callum. Archibald 

33 Adam, John 
Lauchlan, R. 
Morton, James 
M'Donald, — 
Rennie, R. A. 

34 Klickert, S. 


Whiteford, Lizzie 
Tobi, Peter 

35 Robb, Helen 
Martin, A. D. 
Paton, John 

36 Thomson, Elizabeth 
Morton, M. 

37 Martin, Robert 
Wengenroth, G. 
Wallace, Robert 

38 Stewa t, Thonas 
I ilybank — Adam, Miss 

40 M limes, A. 

45 Pinkerton, John 
Ross, Jessie 
Fleming, W. G. 
Hill, R. & J. 
Renucci, S. 
Walker, James 
Walker. William 
Thomson, P. 

46 Biggs, W. G. 
M'Kaig, P. 
Malcolm, A. 
Aiken, Robert 
Hemphill, C. 
Martin, Mrs. 
Ferguson, John 

45 Campbell, Daniel R. 

46 M'Lean, John 


Millar, D. 
Glasgow, C. 
Young, John & Co. 


1 Walls, Davina, 
Boni, A. 
Menzies, Matthew 

2 Stirling, Mrs. 
Wilson, Walter 

— Original Secession Church 
4 Spence, James 
Thomson, Miss 
Galbraith,, jun., John 
Hamilton, John 
Gladstone, J. 
Spence, James 
Watson, A. & T. 




5 Gemmill, Malcolm 

Cowan, A. 

Crosbie, Agnes 
C Fraser, M. & IT. 

Cowan & Stewart 

Gibson, Dr. 
7 M'Alluni, James 

Matthie, E. 

M'Gooch, Geo. 

Miles, James 

Oakes, Robert 

Smith, Miss 

White, Wm. 
9 Anderson, Mrs. 

Stewart, David 

Lyle, Wm. 

Young, Stephen 

Lang, — 

Thomson, J. 

Holmes, Mrs. 

Ritchie, — 

10 Macallum, Wm. 
Macallum, Jane 
Morton, Marion 

11 Andrews, John 

12 M'Lean, James 
Clark, Kenneth G. 
M'Millan, — 

Scotch Standard Hosiery 

Wellmeadow Bowling 


13 Stewart, Alex. 
Strafford, H. S. 
Provan, Andrew 

14 Ting Tong Tea Coy. 
Robertson, J. 
Waddell, E. D. 
Paterson, J. 
Campbell, R. 
Stevenson, J. 
Sands, JaueE 

15 Ross, P. F. 
Jaap, John 
Thomson, Mrs. James 
Bisland, Miss 
M'Millan, John 
Croll, David W. 

1G Hamilton, Alexander 
Kernohan, John 
Wilson, Mrs. 
Andrews, Miss 

17 Colquhoun, David 
Ait ken, Thomas 

18 Rennie, Alexander 
Rennie, Mrs. 

Commerial Bank of Scot- 

Rennie, Robert A. 

19 Baird, H. 
Hrquhart, R. 
Munro, Alexander 

20 Logan, James & Robert 
The British Workman 
Gardner, James 
Clelland, Christina 
Smith, Wm. 

M'Neil, J. 
Wyllie, Wm. 

21 MacFee, Mrs. 
Holms, M.D., John 
Woodrow, Mrs. 
M'Nair, Wm. 

22 Kirkwood, Alex. 
Walker, Alex. 

23 M'Gregor & Y T oung 
Osborne, William 
Sutherland, William 
M'Gregor, Donald 
Young, Miss 

24 Macfarlane, Mary 
Cochran, Wm. 
Dunlop, David 
Craig, David & Son 

27 Kirk, John 
Kirk, Alexander 
Kirk, Mrs. 

28 Wood, Mrs. 

28 Barton, John 
Holms, Kobert 

29 Porter, Agnes 
Black, M. G. 
Stevenson, M.D., John 
Pettigrew, Alex. 
Dickie, David 

30 Hunter, John K. 

31 Massey & Son, A. 
Union Bank of Scotland 

32 Keir, Robert 
Lockhart, George 
Peacock, John 
Marshall, Allan 

35 Taton, C. E. S. 

M'Millan, John 

Roberts, Mrs. 

Todd, David 

Brodie, Miss B. 
35 Elliot, Mrs. 

Muir, D. 
— Oakshaw U.F. Clmr 

Mission Hall 
37 Sunter, Thomas 

Coia, M. 

Kirkwood, M. 

Gray, Wm. 

Bulloch, Miss 

M'Neish, Alexander 
Creedon, Mrs. John 
Crayon, John 

39 Neilson, Thomas 
Pinkerton, Miss 
Johnston, Mrs. 

40 Creedon, Mrs. John 

41 Fenton, Louis Henry 
Henry, Charles 
Bett, David 

Bain, Robert J. 
Ciithrie, James 
Gallacher, Miss 

42 Cathcart, W. & T. 

43 Waddell & Sons, L. 
Gray, Hugh 
Anderson, James 


1 Black, James 

3 M'Callnm, Mrs. 

4 Paterson & Co., John 

5 Foulds, Elizabeth 

6 Sillers, John 

7 Crawford, R. 

11 Houston, Alex. 

12 Parlane, Jas. 

13 Fleming. Dngald 
M'Lean, John S. 

— Oakshaw Memorial Hall 


2 Duncan, Matthew 
Wallace, James 

6 Provan, D. 
Graham, M. 

7 Stewart, James 
18 M'Queen, John 
21 M'Neish, E. 

M'Vey, D. 
23 Wilson, Robert 



3 M' Arthur, John 

4 M'Alpine, John 
Stewart, David 




5 Browning, Alexander 
Fisher, William 
Stewart, William 
Love, Daniel 

6 Cockburn, Robert 

10 Browning, sen., Alex. 

11 Smith, Hugh 
Craig, Alexander 

12 Smith, Samuel 
Russell, Mrs. 
M'Millan, Thomas 

13 Mure, James 
G-emmell, R. 
Branker, Jame3 


2 M'Leish, Robert 
Young, Henrietta 
Bryson, James 

4 Comrie, Peter 
Pearson, Mrs. Jessie 

5 Inglis, John 

8 Bethal (Ferguslie) Missi 

12 Lyall, John 
Gibb, Samuel 

13 Morrison, John 

15 M'Donald, William 

16 Andrews, Peter 

17 Lyall, William 

18 Gray, George 
Morrow, William 
Hunter, James 

Prospect House — 

Rowat, Mrs. Robert 

Rosehill — 

Rowat, jun., Thomas 

Greenside — Greenlees, M. 


Hutchison, Miss 
Hutchison, John 


Kelburne Cricket Club 
Whitehaugh House — 

Riddell, James 
Nursery — Airdrie, David 
Allison Memorial Hall 



1 Gorrod, James 
''-i M'Kechnie, Mrs. Margaret 

Corrie, Win. M. 

Danskin, Thomas 

Risk, Jame? 
The Orcrard — 

Wright, Morris 
Bushyhill — Robertson, John 
Ashgrove — Cameron, William 
Ladyburn — 

M'Gibbon, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Peveril — Hawley, John 
Avonlea — Ritchie, Robert 
Knoxton — Brown, David 
Olivemount — Smith, Mrs. 
Lilybank — Forsyth, James 
Patrickbank — 

M'Farlane, Malcolm 

M'Ghie, Miss 
M'Kinnon, Lauchlan 
Tait, D. A. 
Pollock, D. C. 

4 Lawrie, William 
M'Callum, A. M. 
Killin, Archibald 
Lyall, Andrew 
M'Dougall, Archibald M. 

5 Black, James A. 
M'Hutchison, John 
Whyte, George L. 
Sutcliffe, Harry 

6 Shedden, John 
Marshall, James 
Deans, James R. 
Kilpatrick, Alexander 

7 Day, James 
M'Intosh, Mark 
Calderwood, Andrew 
M'lvean, Mrs. 
Mackie, Miss 
M'Aulay, Archibald 

8 Goudie, Miss 
Wilson, Miss 
Watson, Mrs. W. B. 
Stewart, Mrs. 
Muir, Alexander 
Paterson, William 

9 Hartland, Edmund 
Rae, Alexander 
Russell, Mrs. Robert Y. 
Dickie, Thomas 
Brodie, John 

Sunter, John 

10 Young, John 
Walker, D. 
Dundas, Porteus S. 
Crawford, William 

11 Win field, James 
Paul, William 
Skinnider, Albert S. 
Hendry, Mrs. 
Mackay, G. 

1 Cowan & Co. 
3 James, William 

6 Kennedy, George 
Scott, Wm. 

7 Kilpatrick, Janet 
Martin, Mrs. John 

8 Knox, Jeanie 

9 Whiteford, John 
Carlin, Wm. 
Craner, John 
M'Gown, Chas. 

10 Murdoch & Co., Robert 

11 & 12 Cochran, Mrs. Jas. 0. 


2 Kirkwood, Mrs. 
Tait, Robert 
Adam, John C. 
Watson, John 
Harris, Mrs. 
Killoch, Mrs. 

3 Davidson, John 
Gardner, Matthew 

1 Burnside, George 

Earl, James 

Davis, Alexander 

Glancey, James 

Orr, D. 

Greer, William 
3 Black, Matthew 

Morrison, Donald 




Baillie, James 

Harvie, George 

Allan, Joseph 

Cockburn, Mrs. 
5 Jamieson, Alexander 

M'Crae, Roderick 

Murdoch, George 

Scott, Mrs. 

Smith, Miss 

Reid, Hugh 
7 Hamilton, R. 

Henderson, George 

Ronald, William 

Reid, Miss 

Gray, James 

Tannahill, Mrs. 
9 Law, Allan 

Caggie, William 

Cameron, Mrs. 

Muirhead, John 

Monaghan, William 

Guy, — 
11 Smith, Hugh C. 

Lindsay, Peter 

M'Crae, Robert 

Cochran, William 

Wilson, John 

Watson, James 
13 Keith, Wm. B. 

Wilkie, A. 

Howe, Thomas 

Kennedy, William 

Kelso, James 
15 Wallace, John 

Souden, — 

Whan, George 

Robertson, — 

Scott, Andrew 

Aitken, Adam 

Craigen, William 
17 M'Kinnon, Mrs. 

Steem, J. 

Aitken, W. 

Gourlay, James 
19 Fisher, Mrs. 

Robertson, Mrs. 

Wright, James 

Cameron, Alexander 

Couper, James 
21 Cumming, Samuel 

Aitken, W. 

Powrie, Thomas 

Mitchell, J. 

Crawford, Mrs. 

Sheppard, J. 
23 M'Dougall, — 

Hunter, W. N. 

Fendry, John 

Caldwell, D. 

Millar, Alexander 

Leitch, John 
24 Ralston, John 

MTnto&h, Mrs R. 

Ross, Wm. S. 

Cowan, H. 

Murray, H. 

Love, B. 

Cook, H. 
22 Dunan, John 

M'Arthur, Mrs. 

Reaoch, James 

M'Aulay, William 

M'Keddie, A. 

Arneil, A. 
20 Orr, William 

Morton, J. T. 

Pratt, Mrs. 

Gray, William 

Fulton, Pe!<>r 
18 Anderson, Mrs. 

Love, William 

Brown, T. 

Fraser, John 

Picken, James 

Anderson, John 
16 Duffy, Mrs. 

Haran, Mrs. 

Deans, — 

Adams, James 

Semple, John 
14 Allison, James 

Irvine, J. 

Paterson, A. 

Corbett, Alex. 

Grant, John 

M'Gill, James 

Anderson, William 
12 Tennent, Wm. M. 

Sutherland, Mrs. 

Hair, William 

Harper, John 

Telfer, A. 

Steven, T. 
10 Fleming, Henry 

Roxburgh, Bobert 

Arnott, Charles 

M'Arthur D. 

Cameron, H. 

Hardie, Mrs. 
8 Hair, Hugh 

Christie, James 

Faulds, William 

Kerr, D. 

M'Kaig, W. 
6 Murdoch, Daniel 

M'Kellar, Daniel 

Colquhoun, John 

Lambie, John 

Goodwin, Mrs. 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. 
4 Templeton, Miss 

Cherry, D. 

Johnston, George 

M'Farlane, J. 

Bogie, J. 
2 M'Lean, Mrs. A. 

Eglinton, Mrs. 

Temple, Bobert 

Speirs, Mrs. 

M'Farlane, Peter 

Carlton, Mrs. 


3 M'Donald, Mary 
Lyle, Matthew 
Anderson, Mrs. 
M'Lean, Andrew 
Barr, D. 

4 Hunter, James 
Millar, James 
M'Laughlan, Miss 

5, 6, & 7 Paisley and BarrhsaS 
Bail way 

8 Porter, John 
M'Murray, Thomas 
M'Neil, Mrs. 

9 Adam, Mrs. John 
Adam, George 
M'Farlane, Mrs. 

11 Gardner, Robert 
Thomson, Bobert 
Cuisick, Peter 

12 Brown, William 

13 Hardie, John 

14 Grier, James 

15 Mcol, Miss Jeanie 

16 Stewart, Miss 
Hamilton, Mrs. 
M'Lardie, Thomas 

18 M'Gregor, Jane 
Sornerville, Mrs. 
Hartland, Edmund 

19 Boyd, James 
Bryson, Miss 
Wotherspoon, Miss- 

20 Muir, Mrs. David 
Henderson, John 
Cosh, John 





Reid, Miss 
53 Harvie, Robert 

26 Glasgow and Govan Boot 

Repairing Company 
Haddow, Mrs. Agnes 

27 Dobson, David 
•50 Allison, Agnes 

Gribbeu, John C. 

Bulloch, James A. 

Miller, Mrs. 

Murray, J. 

Hunter, W. MT). 
.=30 Wallace, Robert 

Airdrie, David 

Park, William 

Murray, George 

Dalgleish, John H. 

Millar, J. 
:31 Brown, Alexander 

Reid, Alexander 

32 Lynn, William 
Bird, George 
Ronald, Mrs. Robert 
Sullivan, Mrs. 
M'Lean, J. R. 
Hendry, — 
Ford, Ben. 


3 Matchett, John 
Woodside House — 
Coats, Archibald 
Coats, P. M. 

8 Munro, John 

9 Hogg, T. 


1 Gladstone, John 
Wilson, Hugh 
Thomson, George 

2 Dunbar, Mrs. Eliz. 
Allison, Robert 
Holms, Robert 
Boyd, William C. 

3 Baillie, Quinton 
M'Crmiilisb, Thomas 
Brown, William 
Johnston, William 
Black, Gavin 




Population according to the Census of 1881, ..55 ,581. 

Population do. do. 1891, 66,407. 

Population do. do. 1901, 79>3<»3. 

Increase during the past decade, 12,956. 

Estimated population, 1902, 81,150. 

Member of Parliament— Sir WILLIAM DUOT, Bart. Elected 1st June, 1891. 

1st or Ferguslie Ward 1071 

*2nd or Castlehead Ward 1377 

3rd or St. George's Ward, 1618 

4th or Oakshaw Ward 1405 

5th or St. James' Ward, ;. 1942 

6th or Abercorn Ward, 1000 

7th or Abbey Ward, 1951 

8th or Espedair Ward, 882 

Total,.. ..' 11,246. 

Male Voters, ... 11,246. — Female Voters, ... 2604. = Total, ... 13,850, 

Ward Boundaries. 

FIRST or FERGUSLIE WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows, viz : — From a point on the 
■east side of Chain road 80 feet or thereby to the west of North Brediland Farm steading at the 
junction of the Parliamentary boundaries on the south and west of the Burgh northward along 
ihe Parliamentary boundary of the Burgh to a point in the centre of Blackstoun road to the 
east of the southern extremity of South Candren Farm steading thence south-eastward along 
the centre of Blackstoun road to its junction with King street thence south-eastward and south- 
ward along King street and Queen street to a point in the centre of George street opposite the 
southern extremity ©f Queen street thence westward along the centre of George street to a 
point in the centre of that street where it is intersected by Maxwellton street thence south waid 
and eastward along the centre of Maxwelltou street, Maxwellton road, and M' ikleriggs toad to a 
point in Meikleriggs road where it inteiveets the Parliamentary boundary of the burgh thence 
westward along the said Parliamentary boundary to the point first described. 

SECOND or CASTLEHEAD WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows viz :-From a point 
fn the centre of Meikleriggs road where it inteiveets the Parliamen'ary boundary of the Burgh 
northward and westward along the centre of said load. Maxwellton road, and Maxwellton street 
10 a point in the centre of George street where it is intersected by Maxwellton street thence 
eastward along the centre of George street to Ralston square thence southward alo g the centre 
<if Ral-ton ^qua'e to Canal street thence eastward along the centie of Canal street to a point in 
the centre of Causeyside street opposite the eastern extremity of Canal street thence southward 
along the centre of Causeyside strert, Neilston street, Lylesl-md, Carriage hiil, and Neilston 
road to a point where said road intersects the Parliamentary boundary of the Burgh at Potter- 
hill and thence north-westward along the Parliamentary boundary of the Burgh to the point 
first described. 

THIRD or ST. GEORGE'S WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows, viz :— From a point in 
the centre of George street opposite the southern extremity of Queen street north ward along the 
centre of Queen street to a point in Broomlands street opposite the northern extremity of 
■Queen street thence eastward along the centre of Broomlands street, Wellmeadow street and 
High street to a point opposite the northern extremity of St. Mirren street thence southward 
along the centre of St. Mirren street and Causeyside street to a point in Causeyside street 
opposite the eastern extremity of Canal street thence westward along the centre of Canal street 
to Ralston square thence northward along ihe centre of Kalston square to George street thence 
westward along the centre of George street to the point first described. 

FOURTH or OAKSHAW WARD.— All Mi thin aline drawn as follows, viz :— From a point in 
the centre of Broomlands street at its junction with King street thence north-westward along the 
centre of King street to a point in the centre of Blackstoun road at its junction with King street 
thence north-eastward along the centre of Blackstoun road toits junction with Mackenzie street 
thence a'ong the centre of Mackenzie street to its junction with Greenhill road thence south- 
eastward along the centre of Greenhill road to its junction with Underwood road thence east- 
ward along the centre of Underwood road and St. James street thence (ciossing the junction of 



Love street and St. James place) eastward along the centre of Maxwell street and Hospital lane 
thence (crossing New Sneddon street) eastward along the centre of Harbour lane to a point in 
the River Cart opposite said lane thence southward along the medium filum of said river to the 
centre of St. James bridge thence westward along the centre of High street, Wellmeadow street, 
and Broomlands street to the point first described. 

FIFTH or ST. JAMES WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows, viz :— Fiom a point in the 
centre of Blackstoun road to the east of South Candren Farm steading where said road intersects 
the Parliamentary boundary of the Burgh thence northward and eastward along the Parlia- 
mentary boundary of the Burgh to a point in the centre of the River Cart where it is intersected by 
said boundary thence southward along the medium filum of said river to a point opposite the 
eastern extremity of Harbour lane thence westward along Harbour lane thence (crossing New 
Sneddon street) westward along the centre of Hospital lane and Maxwell street thence (ci ossing 
the junction of Love street and St. James place) westward along the centre of St. James street 
and Underwood road to Its junction with Greenhillroad thence north-westward along the centre 
of Greenhill road to its junction with Mackenzie street thence westward along Mackenzie 
street to its junction with Blackstoun road thence southward and westward along the cen- 
tre of Blackstoun road to the point first described. 

SIXTH or ABERCORN WARD.— All within aline drawn as follows, viz :— Froma point in the 
centre of the River Cart immediately beneath the centre line of St. James bridge thence northward 
along the medium filum of said river to a point where it is intersected by the Parliamentary 
boundary of the Burgh to the south of Abbotsburn thence north-eastward and south-eastward 
along said boundary to a point in the centre of Glasgow road where said boundary intersects the 
road to the eastward of Barshaw East Lodge thence westward along the centre of said road, 
Williamsburgh, Gaith'and street, Gauze street; and Smithhills street to the point first described. 

SEVENTH or ABBEY WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows, viz :— From a point in the 
centre of the River Cart where it is intersected by the Parliamentary boundary of the Burgh 
near Hawkhead Mills north-westward along the medium filum <;f said river to the centre of St. 
James bridge thence eastward along Smithhills street, Gauze street. Garthland street, William - 
burgh, and Glasgow road to a point in the centre of said road where it is intersected by the Par- 
liamentary boundary of the Burgh to the eastward of Barshaw East Lodge thence south-east- 
ward and south-westward along said boundary to the point first described. 

EIGHTH or ESPEDAIR WARD.— All within a line drawn as follows, viz :— From a point in 
centre of Neilston road at Potterhill where said road is intersected by the Parliamentary boun- 
dary of the Burgh northward along the centre of said road, Carriagehill, Lyles'and, Neilston 
street, Causeyside street, and St. Mirren street to a point in the centre of High >treet opposite the 
northern extremity of St. Mirren street thence eastward along the centre of High street to the 
centre of St, James bridge thence south-eastward along the medium filum of the River Cart to a 
point where it is intersected by the Parliamentary boundary thence south-westward along said 
boundary to the point fii st described. 





Members of Council. 

FIRST WARD — P. M. Coats, Robert Adam, Alexander Smith. 

SECOND WARD — John M. M'Callum, John Caldwell, Henry Baird. 

THIRD WARD — David Wilson, William Russell, Henry Harper. 

FOURTH WARD — James Clark, Andrew Fisher, John Andrews. 

FIFTH WARD — Wm. Muir MacKean, John Glover, Samuel Dougall. 

SIXTH WARD — Peter Eadie, John Mathieson, James Donald. 

SEVENTH WARD — Alex. R. Pollock, John Kent, William Galbraith. 

EIGHTH WARD — John Nicolson, William H. Coats, Robert K. Bell. 



Parks and Fountain Gardens Committee. 

Councillor MacKean {Convener), Councillor Fisher {Deputy-Convener), Sir Thos. Glen-Coats,. 

Bart., James Coats, Bailies Glover and Coats, Councillors Pollock, P. M. Coats, 

Caldwell, Smith, and Clark. Three a quorum. 
Stated Meetings of Committee on the Thursday before the first Monday of February, and every 

second month thereafter. 


George A. Clark Town Halls Committee. 

Stewart Clark {Hon. Member), Councillor Clark {Convener), Bailie Nicolson {Deputy-Convener), 

Bailie M'Callum, and Councillors Fisher, Dougall, Harper, and MacKean. 

Three a quorum. 

Meetings held on the first Monday of each month. 

The Provost and Treasurer are ex-officii Members of all Standing Committees. 

Town Clerk — Francis Martin. 

Town Chamberlain — Robert Thomson. Burgh Fiscal — William "Walker. 

Master of Works — James Lee. Gas Manager — G. R. Hislop. 

Auditor of Accounts — Dugald Bannatyne. Electrical Engineer — C. F. Parkinson. 

Burgh Assessor — James Reith. 

Inspector, under " Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act " — Andrew M'Geoch. 


Under "The Burgh Police (Scotland) Act, 1892." 

And " Local Authority" under "The Public Health (Scotland) Act, 1897," and "The Sale of 

Food and Drugs Acts, 1875 and 1899." 

Standing Committees. 


Bailie Nicolson {Convener), Councillor Clark {Sub- Convener), Bailies Kent and Glover, and 

Councillors Galbraith, Donald, Andrews, Pollock, Baird, and Smith. Four a quorum. 


Bailie Adam {Convener), Councillor Dougall {Sub-Convener), Bailies Nicolson and Coats 

Councillors Clark, Pollock, Russell, P. M. Coats, Eadie, Harper, and Fisher. 

Four a quorum. 


Bailie Glover {Convener), Councillor Pollock {Sub- Convener), Bailie Kent, and Councillors 

Galbraiih, Andrews, Fisher, MacKean, Donald, Eadie, Clark, Harper, and Smith. 

Four a quorum. 
Councillor Russell {Convener), Bailie M'Callum {Sub-Convener), Bailies Nicolson, Adam and 
Coats, and Councillors Bell, P. M. Coats, Baird, Clark, Caldwell, and Dougall.' 

Four a quorum. 


Councillor Caldwell {Convener), Bailie Adam {Sub-Convener), Bailie Kent, Councillors Russell 

Dougall, and Smith. Three a quorum. 


Bailie Nicolson {Convener), Bailie Glover {Sub-Convener), and Councillors Pollock Fisher 

Caldwell, Smith, Dougall, and Harper. Three a quorum. 

The Provost and Treasurer are ex-officii Members of all Standing Committees. 


The whole of the Council, The Burgh Treasurer {Convener) and Councillor Clark {Sub-Convener). 

Four a quorum. 

William Walker, Burgh Prosecutor. James Lee, Burgh Surveyor. 

Alexander Robb, M.A., M.B., CM., D.Ph., Medical Officer and Police Surgeon. 

William Duncan, Chief-Constable and Inspector of Lighting. 

William W. Kelso, Sanitary Inspector, Inspector of Cleansing, Inspector of Food and Drugs 

and Inspector of Common Lodging-Bouses. 

Arthur M'Naughtan, Superintendent of Fire Brigade. 

John M'Luskie, Superintendent of Slaughter- House. 

James Ferguson, Keeper of the Public Baths. 

An Ordinary Meeting of the Council is held on the Tuesday after the Second Monday of each 

Month, at Seven o'clock p.m. 

The Rates of Assessments for the year 1901-1902 are — 

Burgh General Assessment.— At llfd. per £1 when rented or valued under £3 ; Is. 5d. per 
£1 at £3 and under £5 ; and Is. ll£d. per £1 at £5 and upwards. 

General Improvement Rate. — l£d. on Landlord and l£d. on Tenant. 

Assessment in Lieu of Petty Customs.— At 2-16ths per £1 when rented or valued under 
£3 ; at 3-16ths per £1 at £3 and under £5 ; and 5-16ths per £1 at £5 and upwards. 

The Assessment under the Public Health Act is 3 Jd. per £ on Landlord and 3 Jd. per £ on Tenant. 

When the fractional part of £1 of the assessable yearly rent or value of Lands or Premises 
does not amount to 10s., it is not assessed at all ; and when such fractional part exceeds 10s 
it is assessed as £1 ; 10s. nett is charged accordingly. 



The following Lands or Premises are assessed on one-fourth of their annual value entered in 
the Valuation Roll, viz.: — 

1. All Lands or Premises used exclusively as a Canal or Basin of a Canal, or Towing-path for 
the same, or as a Railway constructed under the powers of any Act of Parliament for public 
conveyance, excepting the Stations, Depots, and Buildings, which are assessable to the same 
extent as other Lands and Premises within the Police Bounds. 

2. All the Underground Gas and Water Pipes or Underground Works of any Gas or Water 

3. Alf Woodland, Arable, Meadow, or Pasture Ground, or other Ground used for Agricultur; 1 



John Andrews, Chairman. 
James Fullerton, Dep.-C'rman. 
Bailie Kent. 


James Clark. 
Andrew Fisher. 
James H. Young 

Three a quorum. 


Dr. Russell. 

William Muir MacKean 

A. B,. Pollock. 

Finance Committee. 

The whole of the Trustees. Chairman, Convener. 

Works Committee. 

The whole of the Trustees. 

Dep. -Chairman, Convener. Three a quorum. 

Meetings of Trustees held on the last Thursday of every Month, at Half-past Five o'clock p.m. 

Fire Brigade. 

Fire Engine Station— Johnston Street. 

Arthur M'Naughtan, Superintendent, Fire Brigade station. 

James M'Naughtun, Assistant-Superintendent, Fire Brigade station. 

Thos. M'Lean, Engineer, Fire Brigade station. 

David Rollo, Engineer, Do. 

Robeit Kelso, Branchman, Do. 

John Hunter, Branchman, Do. 

Donald Currie, Fireman, Do. 

Hugh Peebles, 17 Orchard street. 

Daniel Leitch, Fireman, Fire Brigade station. 

Alexander Todd, Fire Brigade station. 
John Ross, Do. 

Hugh Selley, 3 Johnston street. 
James Hunter, Fireman, 26 Causeyside. 
Matthew Thompson, Do. 

John Hutchison, 5 Abbey terrace. 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE.— Paisley District. 

Allison, Robert, Castlehead. 

Aucott, D. D., banker. Paisley. 

Baird, William, manufacturer. 

Balderston, A. W., Belgrave 
lodge, Bishopton. [ley. 

Balderston, R., Blackball, Pais- 

Bell, R. K., Middle park, Paisley 

Bow, Wm., shipbuilder, Paisley. 

Brown, Andrew, Renfrew. 

Brown, A. M., Gryffe castle, 
Bridge of Weir. 

Brown, John A., Moredun. 

Clark, James, Chapel house 

Clark, Stewart, Dundas Castle, 
South Queensferry. 

Coats, G. H. ,Castlehead, Paisley . 

Cochrane, John, Barrhead. 

Cowan, James, Ross Hall 

Craig, A. F., Belmont, Castle- 
head, Paisley [ton. 

Cross David, Ingliston, Bishop- 

Dobie, George, Castlehead 

Donald, James F., Johnstone. 

Donaldson, Jas., Almond villa, 
Renfrew. [Paisley. 

Diybrough, James, Arkleston, 

Dunlop, H. B., Arthurlie. 

Dunlop, R., of Kerse, Arthurlie. 

Dunn, Sir William, Bart.,M.P., 

Eadie, P., Wakefield, Paisley. 

Ferguson, James Alexander, 

The Sheriff-Depute and Sheriff- 

Finlayson, A. W., Kilbarchan. 

Finlayson, James, Jr., The 

Elms, Milliken Park. 
Fleminer, W.Y., engineer. Paisley 

Fullarton, Alex., Fordbank, 

Fullerton, John, Garthland 
place. Paisley 

Fulton, William, 19 Argyle 
street {ex-offldo Chairman 
Paisley Parish Council). 

Glen-Coats, Sir Thomas, Bart., 
of Ferguslie Park. 

Gr aham , Thomas, M. D . . Paisley 

Heys, Z. H., Barrhead. 

Heys, Z. John, Barrhead, [ley 

Hodgart, John, Linsburn, Pais- 

Houstoun, Jas„ K inning Park. 

Johnston, J,, Meadowside, 
Glasgow road. 

King, R.. Levernholm, Hurlet 

Lang, jun., John, Lynnhurst, 

Masson, George, Glenbank cot- 
tage, Rothesay. 

Millar, John, Eastknowe. 

Murdoch, Thomas, 54 Union 
street, Glasgow 

Mure, Wm., of Caldwell 

M'Callum, J. M., soap manu- 

Macgregor, J. R., Lonend. 

MacKean, James A., Calside. 

MacKean, James A. D., Paisley. 
Substitutes of Renfrewshire, and 

Paisley, for the time being. 

MacKean, Wm. Muir, Milton 

house, Paisley. 
M'Kenzie, Arch., Millikenpark. 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, Murray St., 

M'Lachlan, John, engineer, 

Paisley. [Park. 

M'Laurin, Archibald, Milliken 
M'Nab, John, Howwood. 
Orr, Robt., Crofthead, Neilston 
Paton, James, Sherbrooke, 

Pollok - Fergusson, William, 

Pollok castle. 
Renshaw, C. B., M.P., Bar- 

rochan , Houston 
Ross, James, banker. 
Shanks, William, Johnstone. 
Shanks, W T illiam, sanitary 

engineer, Barrhead. 
Smiley, H. H., Gallowhill, 

Speirs, A. A., of Elderslie. 
Steven>on, Hugh, yr., of 

Stevenson, William, Hawkhead 

Veitch, George Seton, banker. 
Watson, Robert, Newfield 

house, Johnstone 
Wilson, David, Castlehead. 
W T ilson, Robert, Manswraes. 
Wright, Daniel, Renfrew. 

the Provost and Magistrates of 


Commissary Court. 

Sheriff Court-house, St. James street. 
Held every Thursday at Eleven o'Clock Forenoon. 

Commissary— Sir John Cheyne, K.C. Commissary- Depute— Will. Darling Lyell. 

Clerk— J. M. Lochhead, Sheriff Clerk. 

Depute Clerks — W. Brown, James Gardner, T. Gow Smith, and John Muir. 

Office— Sheriff Court House. 

Ordinary Sheriff Court and Certain Debts Recovery Court. 

Sheriff Court House, St. James Street. Sits every Tuesday during Session. 

Sheriff— Sir John Cheyne, K.C. Sheriff-Substitute— Will. Darling Lyell. 

Sheriff-Clerk— Joseph M. Lochhead. 

Depute Clerks— William Brown, James Gardner, T. Gow Smith, and John Muir. 

Auditor of Accounts — William Brown. 

Sheriff Small Debt Court. 

Sheriff Court House, St. James Street. 

Held every Thursday at Eleven o'clock during Session. 

Sheriff-Clerk— Joseph M'Leod Lochhead. 

Depute-Clerks—Wm. brown, Jas. Gardner, T. Gow Smith, and John Muir. 

Bar Officer — C. H. Johnston. 

Justice of the Peace Court. 

Court House, County buildings, Love street. Held every Friday at Eleven o'clock forenoon. 

Justice of Peace Clerk— John P. Fyfe. Depute-Clerk — Thomas MacRobert, jun. 
Fiscal— John Abercrombie. Depute-Fiscal — John M. Lang. Bar Officer — C. H. Johnston. 

Court of Quarter Sessions. 

Quarterly Meetings are held in the Town Hall, Renfrew, on the first Tuesdays of March, 
May, and August, and the last Tuesday of October. 

LICENSING MEETINGS held third Tuesday of April and last Tuesday of October. 

Sheriff Officers. 

C. H. Johnston & M'Laren, 23 School wynd. C. H. Johnston, Bar Officer of the Sheriff Court. 

William Bulloch, 16 Moss Street. 

W. Douglas Hendry, 4 Moss street; also a messenger-at-arms. 

Justice of Peace Constables. 

Charles H. Johnston. 23 School wynd. W. D. Hendry, 4 Moss street. 

John M'Laren, 23 School wynd. 

Burgh, Dean of Guild, and Police Courts. 

A Police Court is held every lawful day, at Ten o'clock Forenoon ; a Dean of Guild Court is 
held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, at Twelve o'Clock Noon; and 
a Burgh Court is held when necessary. 

Clerk of Courts— Francis Martin, Town Clerk, and James F. Johnstone, Deputy Town Clerk, 

Deputy Clerk of Police Court— Alexander Morrison. 

Procurator Fiscal— William Walker. Dean of Guild Officer — Alexander Goudie. 

Town Council Officer and Officer of Burgh Court. 

Alexander Goudie, Municipal Buildings. 

Inspectors of Weights and Measures. 

County of Renfrew — William Clark, 40 Old Sneddon. 
Burgh of Paisley — Alexander Christie, Municipal Buildings. 




Postmaster, J. Macmastek. Chief Clerk, J. Day. 

General Staff: — 2 Clerks, 16 Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists (including 6 Female do.), 
31 Town Postmen, 19 Auxiliary Postmen, 5 Rural Postmen, 2 Telegraph Linemen and 21 
Telegraph Messengers. 

Office open on week days for Post Office and Telegraph business from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m., and 
on Sundays from 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. and from 5 to 6 p.m. for Telegrams only, but the letter box 
remains open as on other days. 




Glasgow, .. 



Greenock and the Coast, . 

Ireland, North and South, , 



Linwood, , 

Lochwinnoch, . . . 
London and Foreign 
North of England, 
North of Scotland, 
Port- Glasgow, .... 


South of England, 
South of Scotland, 
West Highlands, .. 

5.30 a.m., 2.15 p.m.. 5 p.m. 

5.30, 10.45 a.m., 4 p.m. 

6.45 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. 

8.52 and 11 a.m., 5, 6, 9.45 p.m. 

5.30, 8.35, 10.45 a.m., 4 p.m. 

4 and 10.45 a.m., 4.10 and 8 p.m 

4, 8.35, 10.45 a.m.; 1, 3, 4.10,5, 
6, 7.30, 8, 8.40, 10, and 11 p.m. 

5.30 a.m., 1 p.m. 

5.30, 8.30 a.m. ; 1, 2, 3, 5.20, 
6.30, 11.15 p.m. 

4 a.m. (extra N. of Ireland sum- 
mer service), 5 and 9.45 p.m. 

5.30 a.m.; 1, 4, 6.30, and 9.45 p.m. 

4, 8 30 and 10.45 a.m.; 4.30 and 
10.45 p.m 

5.30, 10.45 a.m , and 1 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 3.45 p.m. 
5.30 a.m.; 1 and 4 p.m. 

5, 6, and 9.45 p.m. 

4. & 8.30 a.m ; 4, 6,8, & 9.45 p.m. 
4, 10.45 a.m., and 8.40 p.m. 
12.15, 3, and 5.20 p.m. 
5.30 a.m.; 1, 5, and 10.45 p.m. 
8.30 a.m., 5, 6, 8, and 9.45 p.m. 
8.30, 11 a.m.; 6, 8, 9.45 p.m. 
8.30 a.m., 11.15 p.m. 

Delivebt in Paisley. 

6.45 a.m., 1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 
6.45 a.m , 1.45 and 4 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 720 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 
6.45 a.m.. 1.45, 4, and 7.20 p.m. 
6.45 and 10.45 a.m., 1.45. 4, and 

7 20 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 4 and 7.20 p.m. 
6.45 and 10.45 a.m., 1.45, 4, and 

7.20 p.m. 
6.45 and 10.45 a.m., 7.20 p.m. 

6.45, 10.45 a.m.; 1.45,4,7.20 p.m. 
6.45 a.m., 1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 10.45 a.m„ 1, 4, 7.20 p.m. 

1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 a.m., 1.45 and 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 and 1C.45 a.m. ,4 aud 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 a.m., 4 and 7.20 p.m. 

6.45, 10.45 a.m., 1.45, 7.20 p.m. 

6.45, 10.45 a.m., 1.45, 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 a.m., 4 and 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 and 10.45 a.m., 4 & 7.20 p.m. 

6.45 and 10.45 a.m., 4 & 7.20p.m. 

10.45 a.m., and 1.45 & 7.20 p.m. 

Sunday Mails. 

Despatch of letters, &c, for London, England, Foreign Countries, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ireland, 
Port Glasgow, Ayrshire, &c, 5 p.m.; Greenock, 7.30 a.m. ; Ayrshire, 7.30 a.m. 

Delivery of letters to callers (from London, England, Foreign Countries, Glasgow, Edin- 
burgh, Greenock, Port-Glasgow, <fcc.) from 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. at the Office. 

No deliveries by letter-carriers on Sundays. On Public Holidays one delivery only, at 6.45 
a.m. Office opens on Sundays from 9 a.m. till 10 a.m.; and for Telegrams only,from 5 till 6p.m. 

Town Sub-Offices and Pillar Boxes. 

Letters are collected from the Town Sub-Offices and Pillar Boxes from 12 midnight to 4 a.m., 
9.30 a.m., 12, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 p.m. No collection on Sundays. 

Delivery of Letters. 

Town— 6.45 a.m., 10.45 a.m., 1.45 p.m., 4 p.m., 7.20 p.m. Sunday, at Office, from 9 to 10 a m. 
Rural— Linwood, 6.45 a.m., 4 p.m.; Foxbar, 6.45 a.m., 4 p.m.; Ralston, 6.45 a.m., 4 p.m. 

Money Order Office. 

Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Money Orders issued and paid, and Savings Bank business trans- 
acted, at the Receiving Offices, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Postal Order business, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Parcel Post. 

Parcels are despatched to Glasgow, North <te South of Scotland, at 8.30 and 10.45 a.m.; 1, 3' 
4, 5, 6, 7.30, 8.40. and 11 p.m ; Greenock and the Coast 1, 2, 5.20, 6.30, and 9 p.m.; England, 
all parts, 5, 6, and 7.30 p.m.; London, 5.50 and 8.40 p.m. Deliveries same as letters. 

Rates of Postage. 

On Inland Letters— Not exceeding 4oz., One Penny ; and for each additional 2oz., One 
No Inland Letter must exceed 24 inches in length, 12 inches in breadth, and 6 inches in depth. 


Parcel Post. 

1. In order that a packet may go by Parcel Post, it must be tendered at a Post Office for 
transmission as a parcel. The words "Parcel Post" should be written or printed on the left- 
hand side, immediately above the address. 

2- The Rates of Postage for Parcels addressed to any part of th^ United Kingdom are: — 

For a Parcel notexce ting 1 lb. in weight, 31 

,, „ exceecingl lb., but not exceeding 2 lbs 4:1 

„ „ „ 2 lbs., „ ,, 3 b 5d 

,, „ „ 3 lbs., ,, ,. 4 lbs 6d 

,, ,. 4 lbs., ,, ,, 51bs 7d 

,, ,, ,, 5 lbs.. ,, ,, 61bs Sd 

,, ,, 6 lbs., ,, ,, 71bs 9d 

„ 7 lbs., „ „ 8 lbs lOd 

Slbs., ,, ,, 91bs lid 

,, „ „ 9 lbs., „ ,, lllbi Is 

3. The dimensions allowed for an Inland Postal Parcel are— Greatest length, 3 ft. 6 in.; 
greatest length and girth combined, 6 ft. For example — A Parcel measuring 3 ft. 6 in. in length 
may measure as much as 2 ft. 6 in. in girth. A shorter Parcel may be thicker ; thus, if it mea- 
sure no more than 3 ft. in length, it may measure as much as 3 ft. in girth— i.e., round its 
thickest part. 

4. The full postage must be prepaid, by means of ordinary postage stamps, which must be 
affixed by the sender. 

5. Parcels must not be po«ted in a letter-box, but must be handed over the counter of a Post 
Office to the proper officer, by whom the size, weight, and postage of each parcel will be tested 
before it is accepted. Any packet or parcel marked "Parcel Post," and posted contrary to this 
regulation, will, unless admissible and fully prepaid at the letter or book post rate, be charged 
on delivery with a fine of Id. in addition to any deficient postage at the parcel rate. 

Prohibited Parcels. 

6. Parcels bearing or containing writing or marks of an offensive or indecent character ; or 
containing gunpowder, cartridges, lucifer matches, or other combustible material, live animals, 
offensive or filthy matter, or any substance likely to cause injury to other parcels, or to the 
Officers of the Post Office, may not be sent through the post. 

7. Parcels may not contain any letter or packet intended for delivery at an address other than 
that borne by the parcel itself. 

Parcels requiring Special Precautions. 

8. Parcels containing ripe fruit or eggs, fish, meat, or other animal matter ; or knives and 
other sharp instruments ; can only be sent if so packed as to prevent all risk of injury to other 
parcels. Liquid matter must be sent in bottles, cases, or cans securely stoppered, and bottles 
and other glass articles must be so packed as to be secure from breakage. 

Parcels addressed to a Post Office to be called for. 

9. Parcels may be addressed to and obtained at Post Offices under the same regulations 
generally, as letters. 

10. Parcels addressed to a Post Office to be called f v will be kept (unless containing perish- 
able articles) for three weeks. After they have remained in the office one clear day, they will 
be charged Id. a day for demurrage until called for. 

Regulations as to Inland Registration, and as to Compensation for the Loss or 
Damage of Inland Registered Postal Packets (including Parcels) and 
Inland Parcels. 

Compensation for the Loss or Damage of Inland Pahcels. 

1. The Postmaster General is not legally liable to make good any claim arising out of the 
conveyance of a parcel sent by post, but he will accept liability under certain conditions. 

2. If the parcel is registered, compensation will be given under the rules and regulations con- 
tained in full under the heading of " Registration and Compensation." 

3. If the parcel is not registered, the Postmaster General will accept liability up to £2, with- 
out payment of any fee beyond the postage, provided that — 

(1.) The parcel is posted in the manner Prescribed for the posting of parcels by the regula- 
tions for the time being, and the postage prepaid. 

(2.) A certificate of posting is obtained from the officer receiving the parcel. This certifi- 
cate must be filled up by the sender, and handed to the officer of the Post Office, who 
will sign and return it to him. 

(3.) The contents of the parcel are securely packed, and enclosed in a reasonably strong 
case, wrapper, or cover, securely fastened, and of a nature calculated to preserve them 
from loss or damage in the post. 

4. No compensation either for loss or damage will be given in respect of — 

(1.) A parcel containing anything which, according to the regulations for the time being, 

may not be sent by the Inland Parcel Post. 
(2.) A parcel containing money. 
<3A A parcel containing a watch or iewellery, unless registered by the sender. 


5. No compensation will be given in respect of damage to — 

(I.) A parcel containing eggs, soft fruit, or any liquid or semi-liquid. 

(2.) A parcel containing any article of exceptionally fragile character, or any other article 

which, from its nature, cannot with reasonable safety be sent by post. 
(3.) A parcel containing any perishable article, where the damage arises from natural 
decay, and the parcel is delivered without undue delay 
But in all such cases compensaiion will be given in respect of the loss of the parcel, or of any 
article contained therein. 

6. In other respects the general conditions and regulations contained in paragraphs 11 to 25 
under the heading of ' Registration and Compensation " apply also to compensation in the case 
of ordinary inland parcels. 

7. The new system of compensation up to £2 for ordinary inland parcels does not apply to 
foreign and colonial parcels. The rules as regards compensation for loss or damage of these 
parcels, which are set forth on pages 455-45Gof the Post Office Guide, remain unaltered. 

Inland Registration. 

1. The fee for registering any Postal Packet (parcels included) passing by post between any 
two places in the United Kingdom is twopence, aud this registration fee and the postage must be 
prepaid, by means of postage stamps upon the cover, except on official letters for Government 
Offices in London, Dublin, or Edinburgh, which may be registered on prepayment, in stamps, of 
the registration fee only. 

2. No article addressed to initials or to a fictitious name can be registered, unless it be ad- 
dressed to the care of a person or firm. 

3. Every article presented for registration must be enclosed in a strong cover, securely 

4. Every article to be register* d must be given to an agent of the Post Office, and a receipt 
obtained for it ; and it must on no account be dropped into a letter-box. If, contrary to this 
rule, an article marked "Registered" be dropped into a letter-box it will, if directed to any 
place in the United Kingdom, be liable to a registration fee of 4d. (less any amount prepaid for 
registration), instead of the ordinary fee of 2d. 

5. Every article presented for registration should be marked " Registered, ' and with the 
amount of the fee proper to the value up to which the sender desires to secure compensation , 
thus: " Registered, 2d.; Registered, 3d." (see regulations as to Registration and Compensation). 

6. The latest time for posting registered articles on payment of the ordinary fee is usually 
half-an-hour before the closing of the letter-box, or, in the case of parcels, half-an-hour before 
the latest time for posting ordinary parcels ; but at all Provincial Head Offices and at the Chief 
Offices in Edinburgh and Dublin, articles bearing a late fee of 4d., in addition to the ordinary 
registration fee, may be registered at any time within the half -hour referred to, if the office is 
open to the public. 

7. When several postal packets are sent by the same person for registration, they should be 
accompanied with a list (in duplicate) of the addresses ; one list to be retained at the Post Office, 
and the other, when signed to be returned to the bearer. 

8. The loss of a registered article (as it can be traced through its whole course) is a rare occur- 
rence. Nevertheless, large sums of money or other articles of great value should not be sent 
through the post, even if registered; as the machinery of the Department is not arranged with a 
view to such transmission. If sent unregistered, valuable articles are exposed to risk; conse- 
quently, inland postal packets which contain coin, watches, or jewellery, and also all inland 
postal packets on the cover of which the word "Registered, "or any word or phrase to that effect, 
is written or impressed, if posted without registration, are subjected to compulsory registration, 
and are charged on delivery with a fee <f fourpence in addition to the ordinary postage. If 
they cannot be registe ed in time to be forwarded by the mail for which they are posted, they 
are detained for the next despatch. 

9. The compulsory regi.-tration referred to in paragraphs 2 and 7 gives no title to compensa- 
tion (see regulations as to Registration and Compensation). 

10. No Town Postman is allowed to take a postal packet to be registered ; but Rural Postmen 
will take postal packets for registration on their outward and inward walks, whenever it is. 
practicable for them to do so. 

Acknowledgment of Delivery of Registered Postal Packets. 

11. The sender of an inland registered letter, parcel, or other registered postal packet, may 
obtain an acknowledgment of its due delivery to the addressee by paying in advance, at the 
time of posting, a fee of 2d in addition to the postage and registration fee. The sender must 
enter in the form provided for the purpose both his own name and address and the name and 
address of the person to Avhom the packet is sent, and he must also affix a stamp of the value of 
2d. in payment of the fee. 

12. If an application for this form is made at a small office at which the forms are not kept in 
stock, or to a Rural Postman, the fee of 2d. should be paid in money or stamps, and a memo- 
randum furnished giving the name and address of the sender of the packet. The proper form 
will then be subsequently made out by an officer of the Department, and forwarded with the 
packet to its destination. 



Registration slvCL Compensation. 

1. The Postmaster General will (not in consequence of any legal liability, but volunta>ily, 
and as an act of grace), .'ubject to the rules hereinafter mentioned, give compensation up to * 
maximum limit of £5 for the loss anddamaireof Inland Registered Postal Packets of all kinds 
upon prepayment of a fee in addition to the postage. This fee cither consists of or includes in 
each case the ordinary registration fee of 2d.; and the scale of fees and the respective limit> of 
compensation are as follow :— 


Limit of Compensation. 


Limit of Compensation 


.. £10 




.. £20 




.. £30 

Is. Od. 

.. £100 


.. £40 

Is. Id. 

.. £110 


.. £50 

Is. 2d. 

.. £120 


.. £60 


Posting and Packing. 

2. The postal packet must he posted in accordance with the rules for the time being in force 
with respect to the posting of inland registered postal packets, and a certificate of posting r 
bearing thereon an acknowledgment that the fee for registration and compensation has been 
paid, must be obtained. This certificate will be filled up and signed by the officer of the post 
office receiving the postal packet. 

3. The contents of the postal packet must be securely packed and enclosed in a reasonably 
strong case, wranper, or cover, securely fastened, and of a nature calculated to preserve the 
contents from los's or damage in the post, and if it be desired to secure compensation for damage 
to a postal packet (other than a parcel), such postal packet must bear the words, " Fragile, with' 
Care." These words should appear on the face of the cover above the address. 

4. The packet must be marked "Registered," and with the amount of the fee proper to the 
value up to which the sender desires to secure compensation, thus : — 

Registered, 2d.; Registered, 3d.; and so on. 

5. The registered Parcel Post will be available for watches and jewellery, which it has hitherto 
been necessary to exclude from compensation if sent by the Parcel Post. Money may also be 
sent in a registered parcel, but no compensaiion will be given in respect of the loss or damage 
of such parcel or of any of its contents. 

Book Packets. 

For a weight not exceeding 2 oz., |d. Beyond that weight the rates are the same as for lettt rs 
A book packet posted unpaid is charged on delivery with double postage. 
No book packet must be above 2 feet in length or 1 foot in width or depth. 
Books, if prepaii in stamps, are also forwarded by packet, if unwritten on inside or in the 
cover, at the rate of 3d. for every 2 oz., to Canada, United States of America, and the Continent, 

Town Sub-Offices. 
29 Wellmeadow. Neilston road. 

77 Causeyside. Broomlands street. 

19 Glen street. 21 Ganze street. 

15 Williamsburgh. 2 Ladylurn street. 

"Telegraph Business" (for transmission of Mes- 
sages only) transacted at Wellmeadow street, 
Caledonia street, and Stock street. 

Pillar and Wall Boxes. 

The Cross. 
Love street. 
Niddry street. 
George street. 
Brodie Park. 
William street. 

Dixon street. 
Abbey street. 
Ralston square 
Storie street. 
Craw read. 
Seedhill road 

St. James st. 
.Canal Station. 
Lounsdale roacli 
Arkleston 1 oat?. 
Stanley road 

Money Orders, 

For sums not exceeding £1, 2d. 

„ „ £3, 3d. 

Above which sum no orders are gran'-sd. 


Postal Orders. 

Postal Orders for certain fixed sums, from Is. up to £1, are issued at all Post Offices in the 
United Kingdom at which Money Order business is transacted, and at Malta, Gibraltar, India, 
Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, Newfoundland, and British P.O., Constantinople. Payment is 
also made in Malta and Gibraltar, provided the Orders were issued in the United Kingdom or at 
the British Post Office, Constantinople. 

The following are the Amounts for which Postal Orders are issued, and the Poundage payable 
on each Order : — 

Amount of Order. Poundage. 

Is., Is. 6d., One Halfpenny. 

2s., 2s. 6d., 3s., 3s. 6d., 4s., 43. 6d, 5s, 7s. 6d., 10s., 10s. 6d., One Penny. 

15s., 20s., One Penny Halfpenny. 

Broken Amounts, not exceeding 5d. in value, maybe made up by affixing Postage Stamps to 
the back of any one Postal Order. 

Money Orders are granted and paid from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Savings Bank and Government 
"Life Insurance Annuity business transacted during same hours. On Sundays and Public Holi- 
days no business of this description is done. 

Telegraph Money Orders. 

Rate of Commission, viz.; — 

For sums not exceeding £3, 4d. 

£10, 6d. 

In addition there is a charge for the Telegram of Advice, the minimum being 6d. 

Foreign and Colonial Money Orders. 

Hates of Commission — 

For sums not exceeding £2 0s. 6d. 

„ „ £6, is. Od. 

£10, Is. 6d. 

Caledonian Railway. 

'Chiirman— Sir Jis. Thompson. i Secretary- John Blackburn. 

■General Manager — R. Miller (interim). Stationmaster— Stewai t M'Cowatt. 

General Goods Manager — Archibald Hillhouse. ' Carting Agents— Caledonian Co. — D. Orr. 

Goods Superintendent at Greenlaw Station - R. Young. 

Goods Superintendent at St. James Station — Malcolm Black. 

Mineral Superintendent at Underwood Depot — Malcolm Black. 

Glasgow and Paisley Joint Lines. 

County Place. 
Manager and Secretary— James Kerr. Stationmaster— Stewart M'Cowatt. 

Goods Superintendent— ~R. Young. Carting Agents— R. Grierson & Co. 

Glasgow, Paisley, and Renfrew Railway. 

Abercorn Station — Renfrew Road. | Stationmaster— Archibald Wilkie. 

Abercorn Station. 

Goods Agent— Archibald Wilkie. 

Glasgow and South -Western Railway. 

General Manager — D. Cooper. 
Goods Manager — Henry Evans. 

Goods Supt. at Greenlaw Station, Paisley— 

R. Young. 
Stationmastet — Stewart M'Cowatt. 

General Superintendent of Line — C. E. Cockburn. 
Carting Agents — G. & S.-W. Railway Co. 

Canal Line. 

General Manager — David Cooper. 
Goods Manager — Henry Evans. Secretary — F. H. Gillies. 

■Superintendent of the Line— Chas. E. Cockburn. j Goods Agent — William Auchterlonie. 
Engineer — William Melville, C.E. ' Passenger Agent — George Hay. 

Carting Agents — G. & S.-W. Railway Co. 

-Chairman — G. B. Wieland 
General Manager — W. F. Jackson. 
•Chief Goods Manager — Alex. Rutherford. 
■Secretary — John Cathels. 

North British Railway. 

Goods Supt. at Paisley — David Irvine. 
Carting Agents— Cowan and Co., Canal Station 
and 1 West Croft street. 


Tramways and Omnibus Traffic. 


Fares — East End to Storie street, Id.; Greenlaw drive to Castle street, Id.; Moss street to Thomas 

street, Id.; Full Journey, 2d. 

Cars leave East Toll at 8.22, 8 37, 8.52, 9.7 a.m., and every 15 minutes ti'l 10.22 p.m. 

,, Cross for West End at 8.20, 835, 8.50. 9.5, 9.20 a m , and every 15 minutes till 10.35 p.m. 
„ West End at 8.37, 8.52, 9 7, 9.22, 9.37 a.m., and every 15 minutes till 10.52 p.m. 
„ Cross for East End at 8.50, 9.5,9-20,9.35, 9.50 a.m., and every 15 minutes till 11.5 p.m. 
Saturdays — Last car leaves East End at 10.52, and West End at 11.22. 


Leaves County Square at 8.10, 8.30 a.m.; and every 30 minutes thereafter till 8 p.m., and at 9 

and 10 p.m. 
Leaves Colinslee Toll at 8.40, 9, 9.40, 10 a.m., and every 30 minutes thereafter till 8. 30 p.m., and 

at 9.30 and 10.15 p.m. 
On Saturdays every quarter of an hour from 2 p.m. till 10 p.m. to and from Colinslee. 


Leaves Railway Station at 8.20, 9 a.m., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 p.m., and on Saturdays 9 and 10 

Leaves Meikleriggs at 8.40, 9.40 a.m., 1.45, 2.45, 3.30, 4.30, 5.30, 6.30, 7.30, and 8.30 p.m., and on 

Saturdays 9.30 and 10.20 p.m. 

Paisley and Glasgow (on Sundays only), at short intervals from 9.30 a.m. till 9.30 p.m. 

Renfrew and Govan (on Sundays only). — From Paisley, 10.15 am. and 5.0 p.m.; from Govan. 
11.45 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

Barrhead (Daily except Sundays). — Leaves Gilmour Street at 9.45, 10, 11.45 a.m., 12 noon, 2.45, 
3, 4.45, 5, 6 45, and 7 p m; leaves Barrhead at 9, 10.45, 11.15 a.m., 12.45, 2,3.45,4,5.45, 
6, and 7.45 p.m. ; and on Saturdays every hour from 1.45 p.m. 

Johnstone (Daily except Sundays). — Leaves Moss Street at 9.15 a.m., and 15 minutes past each 
hour thereafter till 8.15 p.m.; leaves Johnstone at 10.15 a.m., and 15 minutes past each 
hour thereafter till 9.15 p.m. 


All Parts of the World,.. .Cowan &Co., Canal Goods Station — Wm. E.James, agent for Paisley. 
Do. Caledonian Railway Co., Daniel Orr, agent, Greenlaw ; M»lcoini 

Black, agent, St. James Station and Underwood Depot; 
Stewart M ; Cowatt, uilmour street. 
Do. Glasgow and South-Western Railway Co., Greenlaw Station — R. 

Young, agent for Paisley, Canal Station — W. Auchterlonie, 
agent for Paisley ; Ahercorn Station — Andrew Wilkie, agent 
for Paisley; Stewart M'Cowatt, Gilmour street. 
Do. North British Railway Co. — Andrew Whitehead, superintendent at 


Glasgow, Andrew Duncan, at 28 Orchard st. — Daily, about 9 and 11 a.m. 

Do., Robert Lockie, 91 Causeyside — Daily, about 8 a.m. 

Do., George Macadam, 13 Sir Michael street — Daily, about 9 a.m. 

Do., M'Nair & Co., 13 Thread st. — Daily, 9, 11, and 12 a.m.; Sat., 9 only. 

Do., J. M'Donald, East Buchanan street, calls at G. Anderson's, 47 

Moss street — Daily, about 11 a.m. 

Johnstone William Currie, 91 Causeyside — Daily, at 3.30 p.m., calls at E. 

Crawford's, 1 6 Gilmour street. 

Howwood and Beith Robert Gray, 91 Causeyside — Wednesdaysand Fridays at 1 o'clock. 

Kilbarchan, John Currie, 91 Causeyside — Calls at William Craig's. 17 Causey- 
side, daily (except Saturdays), about 6 p.m. 

Lochwinnoch, Thomas Craig, at James Jack's, grocer, Cross — Wednesdaysand 

Saturdays, about 2 p.m. 

Barrhead and Neilston, George Hamilton, 91 Causeyside, also at E. O. Crawford's, 16 

Gilmour st. — Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 12 noon. 



Asylum (Riccartsbar) — Gf orge Pirie, superintendent. 
Asylum (Parish) — J. Calder, governor. .%. 

Baths (Corporation), Storie street — James Ferguson, superintendent. 

Brodie Park — Daniel M Dougall, keeper. 

Burgh Electrical Engineer— A. F. Parkinson, M.I.E.E., Electricity Works, Blackhall. 

Cemetery (Paisley) — Robert Reid, superintendent. 

Cemetery (Hawkhead) — James Walker, superintendent. 

Chamberlain's Office, Municipal buildings — Robert Thomson, chamberlain. 

Clerk of County Council for Renfrewshire— Ja. Caldwell, writer, County Buildings, St. James st. 

County Treasurer — no. do. do. 

Collector of County Assessments — Do. do. do. 

Coats Observatory — Donald Maclean, observer. 

County Road Surveyor— Robert Drummond. 

Dean of Guild Inspector — Robert Logan, Municipal buildings. 

Fire Brigade Office, Johnston street — Arthur M'Naughtan, firemaster. 

Fountain Gardens, Love street — Alexander Carnochan, superintendent. 

Free Library, High Street — J. G. Renfrew, librarian. 

Free Museum and Picture Gallery, High Street — J. M. B. Taylor, curator. 

Gas Commissioners, Municipal buildings — Robert Thomson, treasurer. 

Gas Works, Blackstoun road — George R. Hislop, F.C.S., manager. 

Oeorge A Clark Town Hall — James B. Watson, curator. 

Harbourmaster— A. G. Dunn, Carlile quay. 

Industrial School, Albion street — James Winchester, superintendent. 

Infirmary, Royal Alexandra — Jessie Alexander, matron. 

Inland Revenue, 8 St. Mirren street — Geo. C. Suttie, supervisor. 

Inspector of Factories— R. E. Graves, 121 West Regent street, Glasgow. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures (County)— Wm. Clark, 40 Old Sneddon. 

„ ,, „ (Burgh) — Alexander Christie, Municipal Buildings. 

Justice of Peace, County Buildings, Love street— J. P. Fyfe, clerk ; Thomas MacRobert, jun. T 

deputy-clerk at Paisley. 
Kibble Reformatory — James Love, superintendent. 
Local Authority of the County of Renfrew— Ja. Caldwell, writer, County Buildings, St. James 

street, clerk 
Lunacy Board — Renfrew District— James Caldwell, jun., clerk. 
Master of Works' Office (Burgh), 13 Gilmour street— James Lee, C E. 
Masters of Works for Renfrewshire — First or Upper Ward, Duncan MKinlay ; Second or Lower 

Ward, James Murray — County buildings. St. James street. 
Medical Officer of Health (Burgh)— Alexander Robb, M.A., M.B., D.Ph., 13 Gilmour s'reet. 
Medical Officer of Health (County) — A. Campbell Munro, County Buildings, St. James street. 
Municipal Weighers— No 1, William Smith, St. James street ; No. 2, Robert Speirs, South Croft- 
street; No. 3, David Hunter, Carlile place. 
Parish Council Office, 62 and 63 Back Sneddon — J. M. Campbell, inspector of poor. 

,, ., „ — John Robertson, collector. 

Police Office (Burgh), Municipal buildings — William Duncan, chief constable. 
Police Office (County) County Buildings, Love street — Charles Harding, chief constable. 
Poorhouse (Parish) — J. Calder, governor ; Miss Finn, matron. 
Post Office, County square — J. Macmaster. postmaster. 
Procurator-Fiscal (Burgh), Municipal buildings — Wm. Walker. 
Procurator-Fiscal (County), Court Buildings, St. James Street — George Hart. 
Procurator-Fiscal (J.P.), County Buildings, Love street; — John Abercrombie. 
Kegistrar's Office, 14 Gilmour street — Hugh Allison, registrar. 

4th Battalion A. & S. Highlanders, Barracks, Williamsburgh — Adjutant, Captain A. Foster. 
Sanitary Inspector's Office, Municipal buildings — William W. Kelso. 
Sanitary Inspectors for Renfrewshire— First or Upper Ward, Duncan M'Kinlay ; Second or 

Lower Ward, Duncan Campbell — County buildings, St. James street. 
School Board — Thomas MacRobert,. jun., and William Hutchison, joint-clerks. 
School Board Treasurer's Office, 5 County place — Jackson & Abercrombie. 
School Board Inspector's Office, 5 County place — James H. Taylor. 
Sheriff Court-Houses, St. James street— Sheriff-Substitute, William Darling Lyell ; Joseph M'Lcod 

Lochhead. Sheriff-clerk; Wm. Brown, James Gardner, T. Gow Smith, and John Muir, 




Slaughterhouse, Springbank road — John M'Luskie, superintendent. 

Stamps — John 0. Alexander, sub-collector, 4 Causeyside, and at the Post Office. 

Taxes — Burgh Poor, Maxwell street — John Robertson, collector. 

„ Police, Municipal buildings — Robert Thomson, treasurer and collector. 

„ Water, Municipal buildings — Robert Thomson, treasurer and collector. 

„ Road, Municipal buildings — Robert Thomson, treasurer and collector. 

„ Income — James Reith, surveyor, 8 St. Mirren street. 

„ Income — John 0. Alexander, distributor, 4 Causeyside. 

Town Clerks' Office, Municipal buildings — Francis Martin, clerk. 

,, ,, — Jas. P. Johnstone, MA.,LL.B., depute clerk. 

Veterinary Inspector for County — Alexander Pottie, M.R.C.V.S., 64 Love street. 
Veterinary Inspector for Burgh — Andrew M Geoch, M. R.C.V.S., 3 and 4 Mi 1 street. 


With the Streets embraced in each (alphabetically arranged), and the Names and Addresses of 
the Session Clerks, who take in Proclamations of Marriage loi their lespective Parishes. 

Abbey Parish, 

Within the Burgh, 

Includes — 

Crofts (north,south,east,<fcwest) 

Crow road (south side only) 

Calside road (west side, to 

Garthland place 
Garthland lane 
Garthland street 
Gauze street 

George street (Blackhall) 
Glebe street 
Hamilton street 
Hawthorn buildings 
Incle street 
King street (Saucel) 
Outline of the Landward Part of the Abbey Parish. 
From Howford Bridge on the Cart to South Lodge, Hawkhead, and from thence along the 
Barrhead Road to Crosstobs, from thence to Brownside, Stanley Muir, and from thence to Bens 
Bridge, Bentston, and Hartfield, from thence to Glenpatrick Burn, along the east side of that 
burn to the Distillery, from thence to Foxbar and Lounsdale, and on to a point on Chain road 
where the Canal Railway crosses said road ; then along the south side of the Railway to Crow 
road, along the centre of this road to Calside road, from thence to Haircraigs cottage, and from 
thence in aline south of Falside place to Thornly Park, then to Barterholm bridge, to Hunter- 
hill, Chapelhil), Blackhall, to Saucel and to Espedair Burn bridge, corner of Gordon's lane. 

Then again starting from G & P. J. R. Bridge on the Rylees road in a line by the Arklestons 
to Sandyford, to Abbot's Burn, to Moss toll bar, from theuce to Moss plantation, from thence 
in a line to Blackstone house, from thence to East Candren, to Craigielea. 
Inchinnan road from March Burn to Abbotsburn, which includes Merksworth and Abbotsburn. 

Session Clerk — George Beveridge 2 Mansfield place. 
All Proclamations to be left with James Campbell, 11 Lawn street. 

Abbey street 

Abbey terrace 

Abbey close 

Abercorn street 

Ardgowan street (Blackhall) 


Blackhall s'reet 

Blackhall buildings 

Bridge street (north) 

Buchanan street (east) 

Cart street 

Cameron street 

Christie street 


Cochran street 

Cotton street 

Lawn street 



Mavisbank terrace 

Mill street (to Seedhills) 

Millar street 


New Smithhills 

Niddry street 

Renfrew street 

Renf rew road (to Potter-row or 

Sandyford [village) 

Silk street. 



Thread street 

High Parish 

Includes — 

Argyle street 

Barclay street 

Bair street 

Calside (west of Mary field 


Canal street (Nos. 11—83) 

Castle street (east side) 
Churchhill (west side) 
George street (Nos. 10—50, 

and 117-162) 
High street (Nos. 28—55, and 

Lady lane 

New street (No. 45) 

Session Clerk— J. G. Thomson (of John Neilson Institution)— house, Strattonville, Meikleriggs. 
Proclamations may also be left with Robert Arthur, Church-Officer, 13 Oakshaw street, 
entrance by 14. 

Oakshaw (NTos. 12—15) 

Orr square (east side) 

Sir Michael street 

Storie street 

Townhead terrace 

Walker street 

West Buchanan street 

Wellmeadow street (Nos.l— 2 5. 



Caledonia street (Nos. 1 to 27 

and 51 to 56) 
Churchhlll (east side only) 
Clark street- 
County square and place 
Craigielea buildings 
Dyers' wynd 
Galloway street 
Gilrnour street 
Glen lane 

Glen st. (Nos. 1 to 17 inclusive) 
Greenhill road 
Greenock road (to the Toll, 

west side only) 
High street (Nos. 5 to 27 and 

87 to 109 inclusive) 

Session Clerk — William 

Middle Parish 

Includes — 

Hunter street 

Love street (Nos. 1 to 7 and 71 
to 75 inclusive) 

Macdowall street 

Macfarlane street 

Mackenzie street 

Maxwell street 

Meeting-house lane 

Middle lane (Nos. 1 to 4 in- 

Moncrieff street (Nos. 6 to 10 

Moss street 

Murray street 

Oakshaw street (from School 
wynd to Stoney brae) 

to S 

Pattison street 

Quay lane (south side only) 

Race course and roads 

St. James place 

St. James street (Nos. 1 

and 20 to 37 inclusive) 
School wynd 
Back Sneddon (Nos. 1 to 12 

and 60 to 69 inclusive) 
New Sneddon (Nos. 1 to 10 

and 89 to 97 inclusive) 
Old Sneddon 

Stoney brae (east side only) 
Underwood road (north sid9 

. Westmarch. 

Peattie, 2 Gilmour street — house, Dunedin, Meikleriggs 


Bladda lane (north side) 

Bridge street (west of Abbey 

Brown's lane 

Burn row 

Calside (west side) 

Calside place (east of and in- 
cluding Maryfield villa) 

Canal street (Nos. 1 to 10 and 
84 to 91) 

Causeyside (except Nos. 56, 
57, 58, 59) 

Low Parish (St. George's) 

Includes — 
I Forbes place 
I Espedair street (east side) 

George street (Nos. 1 to 8 and 
166 to 170) 

George place 

Gordon's lane 

High street (Nos. 1 to 4) 

Johnston street 

Laigh Kirk lane 

Marshall's lane 

New street (No. 45 excepted) 

Orchard street 

Prussia street 


Seedhill road (to Nursery g ate) 

Shuttle street 

South Campbell street (east of 
Espedair street) 

Stevenson street 

Stirling street 

Stow street 

Stow place (east side, 1 to 4) 

St. Mirren street (except Na- 
tional Bank) 

Wardrop street 

Water brae. 

Session Clerk— Alexander Murdoch, B.A., Neilson Institution — house, Gallowlea, Meikleriggs 

Arthur street 

Broom lands 

Campbell street (west) 

Carbrook street 

Castle street (Nos. 20 to 35) 

Chain road (east side as far 

as Canal Railway bridge) 
Clavering street 
Douglas street 
East lane (Ferguslie) 

Martyrs' Parish 

Includes — 
Ferguslie walk 

George street (Nos. 50 to 116) 
Hannay sti eet 
John street 
King street 
Knox street 

Lonewells (Nos. 1 to 23) 
Maxwellton street 
Mid lane (Ferguslie) 

Neil street 
Newton street 
Queen street 
Ralston square 
Thomas street 
West lane (Ferguslie) 
West street 
William street 

Session Clerk — Alex. Eccles, 80 Broomlands. 

Annfield place 


Bute place 

Calside (east side only) 


56, 57, 58, and 59 Causeyside 

Carriagehill drive 

Carriagehill Village 


Colinslee place 


Duke street 

Earl Grey place 

Espedair st. (ex. east side from 

Causeyside to So. Campbell st. 


South Parish 

Includes — 

Gladstone terrace 
Glendale place 
Glenview terrace 
Great Hamilton street 
Hill view 

Haircraigs Cottage 
Janefield place 
Kilncroft lane 
Lylesland terrace 
Manstield place 
Mary street 
Neilson street 

Session Clerk— Hugh M'Kenzie, 88 

Neilston street 
Neilston road 
Orr street 
Prospect Hill 
Richmond place 
Rosebery place 
Rowan street 
Smith street 
South Campbell street 
South park 
Stock street 
Union street 
Causeyside street. 



Brown place 

Brown street 

Hende son street 

High street (Nos. 56 to 80) 

Kerr street 

St. Columba Parish 

Includes — 
Oakshaw (trom Stoney brae 

and Orr square westward) 
Orr square (west side only) 
St. James street (Nos. 9 to 19) 
Stoney brae (west side only) 

Underwood road (so side only) 
Well street (east side only) 
Wellmeadow street (27 to 43). 
West brae 

Session Clerk— Hugh M'Kay, 6 Barclay street. 

Abingdon place 

Albert street 

Albion street 

Andrews street 

Bellfield place 


Blythswood d ive 

Caledonia street (east side — all 
north of Glen street 

Carlile place and lane 

Cart lane 

Glen street (Nos. 19 to 35 in- 

North Parish 

Includes — 

Greenock road (north side only) 
to the Toll 

Love street (Nos. 8 to 70 in- 

Lowndes's lane 

Moncrieff street (Nos. 1 to 4 

Middle lane (north side) 

Mossvale street 

Mossvale lane 

Nethercommon and Inchinnan 
road to March burn 

North street 

Quay lane (Nos. 1 and 2 

north side) 
Russell street 
Springbank road 
Smith's lane 
Sneddon, New (Nos. 11 to 88 

Sneddon, Back (Nos. 13 to 59- 

Victoria street 
Wallace street 

Session Clerk — Daniel M'Allister, 29 Glen street. 

Greenlaw Parish 

is bounded on the east by Rylees road on the north side of Glasgow road, and by Ralston house 
arid grounds on south side of Glasgow road ; on the west by an imaginary line between Royal 
terrace and Garthland place, and by the Abbey manse glebe lands ; on the north by the Rail- 
way ; and on the south by the Canal Line. It includes the following streets, &c: — . 

Arkleston road 


Clarence street 

Crossfiat crescent 

Crossfiat terrace and Crossfiat 

Dixon street 

East lane, Williamsburgh 

Glasgow road 

Greenlaw avenue 

Greenlaw drive 
Greenlaw terrace 
Hawkhead road 
Kilnside road 
Lacey streer 
Ladyburn street 
Mansion-house road 
M'Kerrell street 
Phillips street 

Ralston street 
Regent street 
Royal terrace 
Seedhill road 
Unstead place 
Violet street 
Whitehead street 
Whitehaugh drive 

Proclamations of marriage are received by James Campbell, 11 Lawn street. 

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. 

District of Paisley — Hugh Allison, Registrar, 14 Gilmour street. 
Office Hours — 10 till 3 and 6 till 8 Daily, unless Saturday, when the Office closes at 4 o'clock- 
Fee for Certificate of Birth, Marriage, or Death — if ordered at Registration, 2s. Id.; if after- 
wards, 3s. Id. Fee for a Particular Search, Is.; General Search, 2s. Fee for Extract of Death, 
under the Friendly Society Act — if form filled up by Applicant, Is.; if filled up by Registrar, Is. 3d. 
A Birth must be Registered within Twenty-One Days. 
A Marriage within Three Days after solemnization. 
A Death within Eight Days, but previous to interment. 

The Fee for Publication of Marriage is 2s. 6d. for Parties residing within the Registration 
District. Eight Clear Days' Notice must be given previous to the date of marriage. 



For Two or Three Sundays, 2s 6d | For One Sunday only, 10s 6d 

Where the Parties reside in any two of the Parishes within the Registration District of 
Paisley, only One Fee is charged for one day proclamations. 




Bank of Scotland. 

Instituted 1695. 


Open from 10 till 3, and on Saturday from 

10 till 12. 

Agent— George Seton Veitch. 

The Bank negotiates Bills and grants Letters 

of Credit on all the principal towns in Scotland. 

England, and Ireland. Draws on its branch 

in London ; Smith, Payne, & Smiths; Courts & 

<!•.: and the Bank of England; and on the 

Colonies and Foreign Countries; also issues 

Circular Notes of £5, £10, and £20 each, free 

of charge, for the use of travellers and others 

in all parts of the world. 

Head Office— Battel Street, Edinburgh. 
London Office— 19 Bishopsgate Stkeet, E.C. 

Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1727. 


Agent— Wm. Dickson. 

Accountant- T. D. Allan. Teller-Veter Dick. 

Draws on their branch in London; also on 
the Bank of England, and Messrs. Coutts & Co., 
London ; and all the principal towns in Scot- 
land, England, and Ireland. The Royal Bank 
of Scotland negotiates Bills on every place 
where there is a Bank, and effec s payments in 
•the United States, British America, Australia, 
New Zealand, and other British Colonies, and 
also in the East Indies. Circular Notes, for the 
use of travellers on the Continent, are issued 
bv the Bank. 
Head Office -St. Andrew Square, Fdinburgh. 

London Office- 123 Bishopsgate St.. Within. 

British Linen Company Bank. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1746. 
Agent— David D. Aucott. Teller— R. D. Caldwell. 
The Company issue Dratts on their own Offices, 
the Bank of England, and on the principal towns 
in Scotland, England, and Ireland. They grant 
Lifers of Credit on the Colonies and other 
Foreign Countries, and negotiate Bills payable 
in any place where there is a Banker. They 
also issue Circular Notes, free of charge, for 
the use of travellers on the Continent of Europe 
and elsewhere abroad. 

Head Office— St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 
London Office— 41 Lombard Street, E.C. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland 

3nst. 1810, and Incorporated by Royal Charter. 

Agent — James Ross. 
Accountant— Walter S. Nicol. 
Teller— D. Dewar. 
Agent, James Ross. Accountant, David Ritchie. 
Draws on London Branch, 62 Lombard 
Street; London and Westminster Bank 
(Limited), and Coutts & Co., London. Nego- 
tiates Bills on every place in Great Britain 
and Ireland where there is a Bank or Banker. 

Issues Circular Notes; grants Drafts or Letters 
of Credit on all the principal towns in England, 
Scotland, Ireland, the Colonies, and elsewhere 

Head Office— George Street, Edinburgh. 

London Office — 62 Lombard Street, E.C. 

National Bank of Scotland Ltd. 

Instituted 21st March, 1825, and Incorporated 

by Royal Charter. 

Corner of HIGH ST. and ST MIRREN ST. 

A gent— Angus Buchanan. 

Accountant— William Smith. 

Teller— W. B. Dalgety. 

Draws on London Office ; Brown Bros. & Co., 

New York ; and all the principal towns in 

Scotland, England, Ireland, and the Colonies. 

The National Bank of Scotland issues Foreign 

Credits and Circular Notes, available in ail 

parts of the world, and negotiates Bills in 

every place in Scotland, England, Ireland, and 

abroad, where there is a Bank or Banker. 

Head Office— 42 St. Andrew's Sq., Edinburgh 

London Office— 37 Nicholas Lane, E.C. 

Union Bank of Scotland Limited. 

Instituted 1829, and Incorporated under 
Act of Parliament. 
Agent — John Elliot Murray. 
Accountant — Wm. A. Nelson. 
Tellers— Robt. Pitblado and Wm. R. Walker. 
Draws on their London Office, also on the 
Bank of England. Messrs. Glyn & Co., and 
Coutts & Co., London ; and on all the principal 
towns in Scotland, England, and Ireland. 
Grants Drafts payable in Australia, New Zea- 
land, Canada, and New York. Negotiates Bills 
on all towns in Great Britain and Ireland, and 
on the Continent where there is a Bank. 
Head Offices— Ingram Street, Glasgow, and 
George Street. Edinburgh. 
London Office— 62 Cornhill. 
Agent— J. E. Murray. 
Accountant — Robert Johnston. 

The Clydesdale Bank Limited. 

instituted 1838. 


Open from 10 till 3, and on Saturdays from 

10 till 12. 

Agent — Robert Russell. 

Sub-Agent-3. B. Veitch Smith. 

Teller — James Carrick. 

Negotiates Bills and grants Letters of Credit 

on London, the principal towns in Scotland, 

England, and Ireland ; the Bank of Montreal, 

and the Bank of British North America, 

Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and 

Vancouver Island; also on the Union Bank of 

Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, and 

other branches. 




Savings Bank of Paisley. 

Instituted May, 1S3S. 

Certified under the Act of 18C3. 

Office— 107 High Street. 

Chairman — James H. Young-. Deputy-Chairman — John A. Brown. 

Actuary — Adam B. Berry. Cashier — Robert Wylie. 

Robert Hutchison, scourer. 
James Robertson. 
James Barr, Johnstone. 
Koheit Balderston. 
John Adam. 
Alex. Fullerton. 
Peter Eadie. 

Auditor — J. Balderston Whjte, C.A. 
Committee of Management. 
James Clark. William Bow. 

Thomas Rowafr. Wm. Shanks, Johnstone. 

James Caldwell. James Gardner. 

John Fullerton. Peter Jack. 

'George Dobie. John Wil-on. 

William Lang. James Murray, manu- 

Francis Martin. facturer. 

James Parlane. Alex. Gardner, publisher. 

The Bank is open for receiving and paying every lawful day from 10 till 3 o'clock, and on 
■Saturday evenings from 6 till 9 for receiving only. 

Bank Holidays. 

New Year's Day, Good Friday, Christmas, first Monday in May, and first Monday in August. 

Bills falling due on Good Friday and Christmas are payable the day before, those on New 
Year's Day and first Mondays of May and August are payable on the next day, if not a Sunday. 

Upon Fast Days and Local Holidays, other than the above, the Bank offices are open only 
between 9 and 10.30 a.m. Bills due on any such days are payable then, but may be paid the 
previous day. 

Annual Holidays in lieu of Fast Days. 

Third Monday of April and third Friday of September. 


Third Thursday of February and May, and second Thursday of August and November. 
Markets — Every Thursday. 

Income Tax Commissioners for the Upper Ward of Renfrewshire. 

John C. Cuninghame of Craigends. 
H. B. Dunlop of Arthurlie. 
A. G. B. Graham of Craigallion. 
Henry Erskine Gordon, Aikenhea<?. 

-T ihn Cheyne, Sheriff, and 

W. Darling Lyell, Sheriff-Substitute, ex-offlciis 

Lord Blythswood, of Blvthswood. 

Allan Gilmour, of Eaglesham. 

Henry Macdowall of Garthland. 

Clerk — Robert Stevenson, 99 High street, Paisley. 

Surveyors and Assessors— James Reith, 8 St. Miiren stieet. Paisley; John Brown 
D. C. Lethem, 280 George street, Glasgow. 



Inspector's Office and Collector's Office — Parish Council Buildings, Paisley. 


'Miss Adam. 
Miss Bell. 
John Alexander. 
Stewart Armour. 
John Arthur. 
James Barclay. 
John C Berry. 
fteorge Beveridge. 
Jame« Carruth 
John Chambers. 
John Daly. 

-William Fulton, Esq., 

Andrew Fisher. 
William Fulton. 
John Galbraith. 
Dr. Gardner. 
John Gemmell. 
John T. Hellyer. 
John Holmes. 
Fiank Irvine. 
John Kilpatrick. 
Alexander Mitchell. 


19 Argyle Street. 

John M'Crcery. 
Malcolm M'Farlane. 
Patrick M'Ghee. 
Duncan G. MacGregor. 
Dr. Robb. 

Henry K. Robertson. 
J'tmes Scarlett 
William Walace. 
James A White. 
George Woolley. 



Honorary Life President — Peter Coats. Honorary Director — Stewart Clark. 

Ordinary Directors. 
President — Robt. Balderston. Vice-President — "William Lang. 

Hon. Treasurer— James H. Young. Hon. Secretary — John Abercrombie. 

Merk and Collector — Geo. Hutton. 
G. H. Coats. John Gillespie. R. K. Bell. 

Peter Coats. Peter Jack. David Fulton. 

John A. Brown. Alex. Paterson. Thomas Greenlees 

George Dobie. John Hodgart. A. F. Crais - . 

George Hart. John Millar. Alex. Gardiner. 

Medical Super ntendent—T>r. James L. Brownriflge. Assistant House Surgeon ~ Dr. W. J. Isbi -ter. 

Matron — Miss Alexander. 
Physicians and Surgeons— Drs. Thomas Graham, Donald Fraser, W. F. Gibb, Thomas Watt, 
H. C. Donald, and A. Richmond. 
Assiitant Surgeon — Dr. J. P. A. WiL-on. 
Assistant Phusicians— Drs. Joshua Ferguson and ¥m. Cow. 
Dispensary Practitioners — Drs. John Adam and J. D. Holmes. 
The Dispensary is open every day from 2 p.m. till 3 p.m. for advice; and from 2 p.m. till 
3 p m., and from 5 till 6 p.m. for Dispensing Medicine. Friends of Patients admitted Tuesdays, 
Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 3 to 4 p.m.. and on Sundays from 4.30 to 5.30 p.m. 

Medical and Surgical Cases require Two Tickets, and are admitted from 2 till 3 p.m 
Accident Cases admitt ed at all hours without Tickets. 



Hon. President— Stewart Clark, D.L . of Dun das Castle. 
Hon. Vice-Presidents— Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P.. and C. Erne Ren>haw. M.P. 
President— William Muir MacKean. Vice-President — W. B. Flockhart. 

Hon. Treasurer — John Robertson, Roneil. 
Kenneth M. Clark. John Hodgart. Peter Eadie. 

Archd. Mackenzie. Gavin Couper. W. H. Coats. 

David P. Donald. Daniel Mackenzie. James Service. 

Ex-officio— Robert Balderston, William Lang. James H. Young, Thomas Graham, M.D, 

Medical Board. 

Hon. Consulting Physician— Thomas Watt. M.B., CM. 

Hon Consulting Sumeon — William F. Gibb. M.D.. CM. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon i — N Gordon Cluckie, M.B., L F.P.S.G. 

Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon— ~Dr. Archd. Donald, M.B., CM. 

Matron — Miss Birch. 
Secretary and Treasurer— Thomas Kerr, Writer 12 High street. 
Auditor— J. Balderston Whyte. C.A. Collector— J. P. Wilson. 4 CauscysMe. 

Miss Kibble's Reformatory Institution, Greenock Road. 

Opened 1st August, 1859. 
Chairman — James Clark. 
Trustees and Managers— The Sheriff of Renfrewshire; The Sheriff-Substitute at Paisley; The 
Provost of Paislev ; The Minister of the First Charge of the Abbey Parish of Paisley ; The 
Minister of the High Church Parish of Paisley; all for the time being. And Messrs. 
Francis Martin, James Clark, Thos. Rowat. Daniel MacKenzie. and Sawers Aitken. 
Secretary and Treasurer— J. M. Lochhead. 
Governor— Jame s Love. Matron— Mrs. Love. 

Paisley Convalescent Home, West Kilbride. 

Board of Directors. 

President— Allan Coats. Vice-President— Robert Balderston. 

Secretary and Treasurer — J. Pa'd -rston Whyte. 

James Coats, jun., James Arthur, Peter Jack, J. Stewart Clark, John Gillespie. John A. Brown, 

P. H. Coats, Alexander Paterson, Robert Pato \ Kenneth M. Clark, A. F. Craig, and 

Jas. F. Johnstone. 
^adies' Committee— Mrs. Arthur. Mrs. Kerr. Mrs. Stewart Clark, Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Hodgart, 
Mrs. W. H. Coats. Mrs. MacRobert, and Mrs. M Callum. 
M tdical Officer— Dr. W. F. Gibb. Matron— Mrs. Laidlaw. 

Girls' Club, 15 Ferguslie. 

Matron— J. Fo rbes. 

Girls' Home, Opposite Ferguslie Buildings. 

Matron— J. Forbes. 


Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. 

President — Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Baronet. 

Vice-Presidents — Stewart Clark, Peter Jack, and J. Ross Macgregor. 

Hon. Treasurers — William R. Finlator, 12 High street, nd William Brown, Burnetta cottage. 

Hon. Secretaries — Peter Eadie, Wakefield, and J. Balderston Whyte, C A., 91 High stieet. 

Superintendent — Miss Jane Bell, 4 Greenlaw avenue. 

Office-bearers elected yearly in the month of December. 

Office of the Association — 112 Causeyside. Fire Lighter Factory — MacKean street. 

The Paisley Society for Treatment of Diseases considered Incurable. 

The object for which the Society is established is to maintain a Home for Paisley and neigh- 
bourhood fitted for the reception of such cases as are considered Incurable, and unsuited for 
treatment in an ordinary Infirmary, or in the homes of the Patients. 


Committee of Management for 1901. 
President — Archibald Coats of Woodside 
Vice-President — Thomas Greenlees, Castlehead 
H H. Smiley John E. Munay I George H. Coats 

Rev. John Porteous Rev. George Park I George Barclay 

John Armour Brown Rev. G. J. Tait Wm. H. Coats 

Francis Martin George Coats, Staneley Rev. R. C. Strang 

Hon. Medical Office 1 ) — Donald Fraser, M.D. 
Matron — Miss Craig. 
Hon. Secretary — James H. Dunn, writer. Hon. Treasurer — James F. Johnstone. 

Industrial School. 

Hon. President — Stewart Clark. 

President— A. F. Craig. Vice-President— James Robertson. 

Treasurer — John E. Murray. 

Secretaries — Young and Martin, Municipal Buildings. 

Superintendent — James Winchester. Matron — Mrs. Winchester. 

Acting Committee. 

Provost Wilson. 
James Parlane. 
Allan Coats. 
W. Muir MacKean. 
George H. Coats. 
James A.Young. 
Robert Balderston. 

John Wilson. 
George Dobie. 
John Andrews. 
Alexander Lang. 
John M'Lachlan. 
James Cla'k. 
Roger W. Muir. 

George MacKenzie. 
Jamps Reith. 
John Boyd. 
Rev. Dr. Henderson. 
Rev. Dr Gentles. 
Rev. John Pater son. 

Paisley and District Mission to the Deaf and Dumb. 

Established 1880. 
Objects : — 

1. To provide extended Religious and Secular Instruction among the Deaf and Dumb in Paisley 

and the surrounding district, after they have quitted school. 

2. To visit the Sick, Unemployed, and other Deaf and Dumb persons at their homes. 

3. 7 J assist the Deaf and Dumb who have good characters in obtaining employment. 

4. To provide an Interpreter where necessary. 

5. To grant relief in cases found to be really deserving. 

President— Provost Wilson. Vice-Presidents— Sir Wm. Dunn, Bart., M.P., C. Bine Renshaw M P 

Sir Thos. G. Glen-Coats, and Kenneth M. Clark 

Hon. Treasurer — Thomas Russell, Clydesdale Bank. 

Missionary— Rev. J. Henderson, Royal Institute for Deaf and Dumb, W. Regent street, Glasgow 

Secretary — Robert Semple. 17 Maxwellton street, Paisley. 

Collector— William Wright, Royal Institute for Deaf and Dumb, West Regent street, Glasgow, 

Mission Hall, 109 Causeyside. 

St. Andrew's Ambulance Association 

(Incorporated by Royal Charter). 


Chairman — Dr. R. S. Penman. 

Secretary and Treasurer— R. Blair Hay, writer, 14 Moss street. 

The affairs of above branch are managed by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and a 

rommittee of 21 members. The objects are to encourage and piomote training in Ambulance 

Work ani Nursing wherever same is likely to be useful. 

For particulars as to formation of Classes, etc., apply to Secretary. 


Paisley Female Refuge. 

President — George Dobie, Edgemont, Castlehead. 

Vice-President — James Pavlane, West brae. 

Treasurer— John Macalaster, Muirholm. Secretary — T Fulton Reid, writer, 12 Causeyside street 

Matron — Miss Blue. 
With an Acting Committee of Fifteen other Members. 

Paisley Property Association. 

The object of this Association is to protect Proprietors against all unjust burdens &c, 

imposed upon their property. 

Hon. President — James Clark. Chapel house. President — Robert Kirk. 

Secretary— Wm. L. Kirkwood, 23 Moss street. Treasurer— Archd. Murray, 2 Causeyside street. 

The Paisley Heritable Property Investment Society. 

Incorporated under "The Building Societies Act, 1874." Established 1853. 

President — Daniel Black, mill manager, Greenlaw. 
Board of Directors — The President. Secretary, and Treasurer; A. C aigMuir, residenter; Robert 
Rn*«eil. banker; Robert Edmonds, banker; Bailie Paton; William Brown, warehouseman : 
J. B. Wotherspoon. card-board manufacturer; William Muir MacKean, starch manufacturer; 
Robert Thomson, Town chamberlain ; and Alexander Gardiner, junr., coal merchant. 
Secretary and Laic Agent — D. S. Semple, writer, 16 Gilmour Street. 
Treasurers — Jackson & Abercrombie, accountants, 5 County p'ace. 
Surveyor — John Gillespie, licensed valuator. 82 New Sneddon Street. 
Audi'ors — John Mnir, accountant. Castlehead; and J. Balderston Whyte, C.A., 94 High Street. 
Bankers — The Clydesdale Bank. Limited: and The NaHonal Bank of Scotland, Ivmiied. 

"Economic" Building Societies. 

Directors First Society — George F. Lochhead, James Barclay, Bailie Fisher, Malcolm 

Marfarlane, George Knox, Provost Wilson, James Barclay, Frank Irvine. 

Second Society— Ex-Bailie Fisher, John Christie, Andrew Watt, George G. Kirk, 

John Robertson, Archd. Robertson, Robert M'Cowan. 

Secretaries— Winning & Fulton, Terrace buildings. 

Solicitors— M'Naughton & Lochhead. Surveyor— Peter Caldwell, architect. 

Bankers — National and Royal Banks, Paisley. 

Auditor — Alexander Matheson, accountant. 

Building Trades Federation for Paisley and District, 

Affiliated to the Scottish Buildikg Trades Federation. 

President — James Barclay, builder, Christie street. 

Vice-Presidents — Matthew Lang, joiner. Murray st.. Paisley, and Jas. Kerne, builder, Johnstone. 

Secretary and Treasure) — T. Fulton Reid, writer, 12 Causeyside street, Paisley, and 

92 West Nile Street, Glasgow. 
With a committee consisting of the office-hearers and twenty-one other members. 

The Renfrewshire Association for the Promotion of Trade. 

President — William Shanks, of Messrs. Shanks & Co.. sanitary engineers, Barrhead. 
Vice-President— W. Y. Fleming, of Messrs. Fleming & Ferguson Ltd., engineers and ship- 
builders, Paisle >'. 
Committee of Management— Robert Brown, A. W. Finlayson, Alexandpr Fullerton. James Paton, 
C. Bine Renshaw, M.P., William Shanks, William Watson, and George Williamson. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Benjamin Lang, solicitor, Paisley. 

Paisley Shorthand Writers' Association. 

Headquarters — George Temperance Hotel. 

Office-Bearers for 1902-1903. 

Patrons— -Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart., and Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. 

Hon. President — John A. Brown. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — Rev. James Youne-, B.D.. James Parlane. and A. B. Carswell. 

lion. Members— John M. Dren nan, Archibald Killin, John Falconer, James D. Waidiop, Wm 

Hamilton, John Semple and Alex. Macpherson. 

President — James G. Gorrod. Vice-President — Daniel Henderson. 

Corresponding Secretary — Wm. M'Culloch, 132 George street. Treasurer— John Bauchop 

Session, October to March. 


Cowfeeders' and Dairymen's Association. 

Convener — Robert M'Murrich. Vice-Convener — Dankl Baillie. 

Collector — Daniel Baillie. 

Directors — Daniel Livingstone, John Love, Walter Bowie, Robert Myles, John Russell, Peter 

Ferguson, George Buchanan, John Eastlale, and Charles Ashe. 

Clerk and Law Agent— Bei gamin Lang, solicitor, 94 High street, Paisley. 

Office-bearei s elected November of each year. 

Paisley Cemetery Company (Limited). 


William Walker, Governor. 

D. S. Semple. 
John Fulk-rton. 
Thomas h'owat. 


Janus Caldwell. 
T. G. Abercrombie. Gardner 
J. R Cunningham. 
John ParlaLe. 
Young & Martin, Secretaries and Treasurers. Robert Reid, Superintendent. 

Paisley Naturalists' Society. 

President — Dr. John Lindsay, M.D. Vice-Presidents — William Malloch and S. M Welhvood. 

Hon. Secretary — A. M. Stewart, 38 Ferguslie. Assi tant Secretary,— James Bowie. 

Hon. Treasurer- Robert Smith. 

Recording Secretaries — Botany — Duncan Keir ; Geoloay — W Uiam Smith ; 

Zoology — Andrew Erskine, jun. ; Ornithology — D. W. Keir. 

Represc tative on the Comndttee of the Mi Ipcrt Mar ne Station — A. M. Sttwart. 

Curator and Librarian — J. M. B. Taylor 

Paisley and District Ayrshire Association. 

Constituted 11th February, 1895. 
Patrons — Hon. Thomas H. A. E. Cochrane, M.P., Eugene Wason, MP., Matthew Aithur, 

and W. Y. Fleming. 

Hon. Presidents — Sir William Arrol, M.P., James Robertson, and J. E. Murray. 

President — C. J. Gregg. Vice-Presidents — Alexander Borland and Thos. Itigg. 

Directors — Dr. Andrew Richmond, Alex. K llin, A. Stewait, John Pollock, J. H. Stewa t, 

A. Eccles, Jas. Hood, J. Dickie, and Jas. Boyd. 

Collector — Andrew Borland, 26 Glen str et. 

Treasurer — James Irvine, Whitehaugh terrace. 

Secretary - Gavin Crawford, writer, 16 Gilmour street. 

Paisley Highlanders' Association. 

President — John Matheson, Vice-President — Charh s Cameron. 

Secretary — J. MacSwan, 9 Phillips street. Treasurer— John Cameron. 

The Directors meet on the fiist Wednesday of the Month, at 8 o'clock p.m., in Yielder's Hal), 
Cross. The Annual General Meeting is held on the first Wednesday of February. Office- 
lk-arers elected at Annual General Meeting. 

The Paisley Tramways Company (Limited). 


Chairman — John G. Stewart, 65 Great Clyde street, GlasgoAv. 

John Forbes Baird, Greenock road, Paisley. John Faill, 52 Robertson street, Glasgow. 

Auditor — Alexander MatheFon, accountant. Paisley. 

Int. Treasurer and Secretary — A. R. MacKenzie, writer, 7 Gilmour street, Paisley. 

Solicitors — M'Innes, MacKenzie, & Lochhead, Paisley. 

Bankers — The British Linen Company's Bank. 

Manager — Robert Drummond, Incle street. 

Registered Office or the Company — 7 Gilmour street, Paisley. 

Traffic Office and Stables — Incle ttreet, Paisley. 

Paisley Coffee Room Buildings. 


Convener- John Full rton. Treasurer — James Caldwell. 
decretory— James Gardner, Writer, 3 County placp. 

James Caldwell. 
r lhomas Rowat. 
Francis Martin. 

James Jack. 
John Fullerton. 
William Hutchison. 

James Gardner. 
Election of Office-Beat trs on 1st of June annually 



Good Templar Hall Trust. 

Hall, Dyers' Wynd, Paisley. 

Office-Bearers for 1902-1903. 

Chairman — Robert Paton. Vice-Chairman — T. Fulton Reid. 

Secretary and Treasurer — James G. Mackerracher, 12 Walton street, Shawlands. 

Hatlkeeper and Letter — Thomas Kirkpatrick, 2 St. James street. 

Trustees — 

Stewart Clark. 
James Clark. 
Wm. Muir MacKean. 
Roger W. Muir. 
John Muir. 
James Inglis. 
John Brown. 

John Reid. 

James Winning. 

John A. Brown. 

Peter Coats. 

Jas. G. Mackerracher, 

Henry Harper. 

Alexander Murdoch. 

Allan Coats. 
Alexander Lang. 
Robert faton. 
T. Fulton Reid. 
William Rolland. 
Archibald Fairlie. 

Chairman — John Hodgart. 
A]ex. M- William. 
Walter King, 
l.obert Brown. 

The Club, 102 High Street. 

COMMITThE, 1901-1902. 

Treasurer — John M. Lang. 
James B. Reid. 
P. M. Coats. 
M. Greenlees, jim. 
Clubmaster — Ja». Hogarth. 

Meetings of Committee held on the Second Tuesday of each Month. 

Secretary — J. Edward Campbell. 
J. N. Millar. 
John Adam. 
Alex. Fulleiton. 

The New Club, Forbes Place. 

Commute, 1902. 
Chairman— James Citnninehnm. Vice-Chairman — J. D. Robertscn. 

Honorary Secretary and Treasurer — W. Dykes Brown. 
Andrew Allice. Walter M'Gee. T. Dun M'Nair. 

Don. Cameion. A. B CiMwford 

John Milne. John M. Stewart. 

Club mistress — E. Lehman. 
Meetings of Committee held on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Alex. M'Naughtan 
Dr. R. S. Penman. 

Paisley Gaelic Club. 

Hon. President- Colonel Surgeon-Major MacGregor, Lone 1 on. 

President— Huuh Cameron. Treasure! — Alex Macaulay. 

Secretary— Donald Macintyre, 12 Argyle street. 

Meets first Thursday of each month in Bain's rooms, Cross, at S o'clock. Election first Thursday 

in .May. 

Paisley Burns Club. 

Instituted 1805. 
Chairman — John Adam. Vice-Chairman— James H. Young 

Treasurer and Secretary — James E. Campbell, County place. 
Office-bearers elected first Thursday in February annually. 

Tannahill Gleniffer Burns Club. 

President — Thos. Rigg, 5 Uiderwood place. 

Vic -President — Wil iam Bi own, 9 Gilmour street. 

Treasurer— Wm. Baird, 6 Glenview. Secretary — C. Jago Gregg, 2 Unsted place. 

Tannahill-Macdonald Club. 

Instituted 1874. 

President— Robert Lawrie. Vice-President — Thomas Houston. 

Treasurer— George Henderson. Secretory— Wm. Berry, 8 Kilnside road. 

Ciub meets quarterly. 


Chairman — Ex-Bailie Usher. V,ce-Chairman — Archibald Neil. 

Secretary and Treasurer — W. R. Finlator, 12 High Street. 

Next Life-Boat Saturday, 11th October, 1902. 



Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire (East). 

R.W.P.G.M.— The Right Hon. Lord Blythswood, LL.D., Blythswood, Renfrew. 

D.M.—F. W. Allan. S.M.— George Glen, Yoker Holm, Yoker. 

S. IF.— Alexander Brown, (592). J. TV.— Matthew Jamison, (129). 

Secretary— ViiUiam Mackie, 19 Waterloo street, Glasgow. Treasurer— J. D. Ramsay, (UG). 

Chaplain— Rev. Robt. M'Clelland, Inchinnan (426). 

Senior Deacon— Harry Anderson (153). Junior beacon — John Waterston, (512). 

Architect— R. M. Core, (156) . Jeweller— Peter Fletcher, (242). 

Bible Bearer — William Thomson, (205). 

Director of Ceremonies.— James Dempster (347). Sword Bearer— John Sibbald (791 ). 

Director of Music— James Donaldson (617). Mars'ial— William Law (129). 

Assistant-Marshal— William Anderson (592). Standard Bearer— Robt. Lang (116). 

Senior Stetcard— Geo. Buchanan (524). Junior S^ ward— Kenry Adam (458). 

Inner Guard -Livingstone Chalmers (370). Tyler— R. Clews (129). 

Janitor— L. Chalmers, Well street, Paidey. 

Office-bearers elected Saturday before first Thursday in February (annually). 

St. Mirrin Lodge, No. 129. 

Instituted 1749. 
John Mair, R.W.M. John MacDonald, I.P.M. Win, Haldane, D.M. 
R. M. Campbell, S.M. Kobeit Fisher, S.W. John W. Bentley, J.W. 

Robert Milne, Savings Bank, Johnstone, Secretary. James Simpson, Treasurer 

Rev. James Thomson, Hon. Chaplain. 
John M'Caffery, S.D. James P. Orr, J.D. Walter Murray, Architect. 

Robert Howie, Jeweller. Coliu M 'Arthur, Bible Bearer. 

Archd. Colquhoun, S.S.B. James Allan, J.S.B. 

James Pattiuson, Director of Music. James F. Semple, Organist. 

John Thomson, S.S. Alexander Wylie, J.S. James Shan>. I.G. John M'Glashan, Tyler 
Place of Meeting — Masonic Hall, 96 High street. 
Regular meetings of the Lodge are held on the first and third Mondays of each month, except- 
ing May, June, July, and August, when only the first Monday, at 7.30 p.m. 

Renfrew County Kilwinning Lodge, No. 370, 

R.W.M.— John Pattison. I. P.M.— A. P. Roxburgh. D.M.- Norman M'Kean. 

S.M.— E. Mallinson. S.W.— John S. Watson. J.W.-Wm. J. Ramsay. 

Secretary— Robert Hamilton, 9 Douglas street. Treasurer — James A. W ilson, 43 High street. 

S.C.— Rev. A. M. Lang, B.Sc. S.D.— J. M. Eccles. J.D.— E. Beauchamp. 

Architect— Peter Caldwell. Jeweller— R. M'Nair. Bible Bearer— J. Woodrow. 

Director of Music— Wm. M. M'Kean, jun. 

Organist — H. Sutcliffe. Assistant Uiganist— J. Coats. 

Senior Standard Bearer — A. Barclay. Jui ior Standard Beai er— G. Buchanan. 

Stnior Steward — Alexander Neilson. Junior Steward — William Glen. 

Inner Guard— C. Hesketh. Tyler— Lbenezer Anderson. 

Meets in Masonic Hall, 96 High Street, Paisley, on the first and third Thursday evenings in 

each Month, except May, June, July, and August, when it meets on first Thursday only. 

Election of Office- Beam's on the third Thursday of November, 1902. 

Paisley Abbey Royal Arcb Chap., No. 76. 

M. Jamison, IstPr., Z. Archd. M'Fadden, l.P.P. Alex. Watt, D.P. 

W. J. Bentley, 2nd Pr. A. Mllle", 3rd Pr. E. Beauchamp, S.E. D. FergusoD, S.N. 

J. M'Kean, Treasurer. 

R. Hamilton, 1st Soj. A. B. Ferry. 2nd Soj. W. Ramsay, 3rd Soj. 

J. M'Glashan, Janitor. 

Meets in Masonic Hall, Paisley, second Tuesday of each month, except May, June, July, 

and August. 


Alexander Wilson Lodge of Oddfellows, M.U., No. 2480. 

Instituted 16th October, 1840. Registered under the New Act, 23rd Sept., 1878. 

John Lauchlan, G.M. James M'Cormack, N.G. John Polh ck, jun., V.G. John Poliock, E.S. 

James Pollock, Warden. Alexander Renfrew, Tyler. 

Joseph Amy, Surgeon. James Wilson, Assistant Surgeon. 

John Baillie, Degree Master. Wm. Young, Treasurer, 8 Thistle street, Meikleriggs. 

James Jamieson, Alfred M'Naughton, and John Storie, Trustees. 

William Walsh, Secretary, 3 Lylesland Terrace. 

Meets every alternate Tuesday at Eight o'clock p.m., in the Royal Oak Hall, Moss street. 

Wm. Walsh, District C.S. John Arthur, District Treasurer. 

J i hn Baillie, Paisky, District G.M. 

Secretaryship and Treasurership are permanent, other Office-bearers re-elected half-yearly 

in June and December. 



Court St. John, No. 5222, A.O.F. . 

Robert Brown, C.R. Jas Bimwdde, S.C.R. 

John M'Callum and A. Mitchell, Woodwards. A W. Picken and D. M Callum, Beadles. 

Wm. Steel, C.B.K. Tliomas Raeside, Assistant Secretary. 

William Hamilton, 6 Rosebey place, Secretary. 

Thomas M Cairnie, Newhall terrace, Glenfield, Treasurer. 

T. Fulton Reid, Robert Brown, and James Thomson, Trustees. 

Dr. John Holms, and Dr. Watt, Court Surgeons. 

Election of Office-bearers in June and December. 

Meets every alternate Wednesday evening, in the Good Templar Hall, Dyers' wynd, at S o'clock. 

Paisley District Ancient Order of Foresters. 

David Watt, D.C.R. Gregor M'Gregor, D. S.C.R. Alexander Eccles, D.T.- 

James Buchanan, D.S., 10 Lwing street, Kilban ban. 
Jos. Culbert, I obert B own, and John Cowan, Trust es. 
Alex. Eccles, 80 Broomlands, Relieving Offic r. 
Election of Office-bearers in October. 

Court King George, No. 5763, A.O.F. 

David Watt, C.R. Wm. M'Cormiek. S.C.R. 

John Scott, 24 Caledonia street, Treasurer. Alex. Eccles, SO Broomlands, Secretary. 

Andrew Watt and J. J. M'Innes, Woodwards. Tlios. Love and James Forbe , Beadles. 

John Holms, M.D., Court Surgeon. 

Joseph Culbert, James Clark, and Alex. B. M'Gown, Trustees. 

Meets every alternate Wednesday evening, in the Templar Hall, Dyers' wynd, at 8 o'clock. 

Election of Office-bearers in June and December. 

Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, A.U. 

Paisley District. 

John M'Donald, Pro. C.S. James Black, Pro. D.C.S. Samuel Sutherland, P.P.C.S. 

District Trtaswer — James Baillie 

District Secretary— John Hawley, Peveril, Whitehaugh Drive, P;;i ley. 

Meets on the last Satui day of January, April, July, and October. 

Heather Bell Lodge, No. 1533. 

Worthy Master— Hugh Glover, 20 Greenhill road. 

Secretary— Dotigald O'May, 1 Hannay stre- 1. Treasurer— \\m. Cherry, 5 Rosebcry ] lace. 

Lodge Svrgeon— Andrew Richmond, M.B., C M. 

Meets in Hospital Saturday Halls, 110 Causeyside street, every alternate Monday, at 7 30 p.m., 
Election of Office-bearers last meetings in June and December. 

Ardgowan Lodge, No. 2198. 

Hugh Johnston, W.M. James Lindsay, D.M. 

Secretary— Chas. Jago Greg^, Jun., 2 Unsted place. Treasurer— Thomas Watson. 

Lodge Surgeon— Andrew Richmond, M.B., C,M. 

Meets in Tannabill Hall, 18 Moss sire t. every alternate Monday, at 8 p.m. 

Election of Office-bearers last meetings in June and December. 

Gleniffer Lodge, No. 2224. 

John M'G'ashan, W.M. James Paterson, D.M. 

Secretary— Thos. S. N. Sha p, 9 Lady lane. Treasurer— Jas. Henry. 16 Neilson street. 

Lodge Surgeon— -Dr Robert Brownridge. 

Meets in the Co-0|?erative Hal', Gieat Hamilt. n street, every alterr ate Monday, at 8 p m> 

Election of Offhe-beaiers last meetirgs in June and December. 

Moss-side Lodge, No. 2331. 

Wm. Orr, W.M Matthew Donnelly, D.M. 

Secretary— Robert Knox, 17 Carriagehill. Tieasurer— George Cornelius. 

Lodge Surgeon-Dr. James Bruce, 28 Gauze street. 

Meet4 in Hutton's Hall, 5 Moss street, every alternate Tuesday 

Election of Office-bearers last meetings in June and December. 


The Order of Druids Friendly Society— Glasgow Central Equalised 


Patrick Brkwster Lodge, No. 1918. 

Meets every alternate Tuesday, at 8 p.m., in Yieldei's Hall, Cross. 

N.G.A.— Robert Adam, 22 Blackhall. 

Secretary— John Simps m, 7 North street. Treasurer— John Hanson, Racecourse cottwge. 

Sick Steward — Alex. M'Ewing, 1 Sprii gbank road. 

Lodge Surgeon— Br. J. J. Kolb, 74 Love street. Consulting houi s : 11 to 12 noon and 7 to 8 p.m. 

Sir Wm. Wallace Lodge, No. 22, St. Andrew Order Ancient 
Free Gardeners. 

Meets in Lesser Good Templar Hall, W., Dyers' Wynd, every alternate Monday 

evening, at 8 o'clock. 

Office-bearers for 1902. 

R.W.M.— D. Tmshells B.M.-J. M'Callum, Jun. 

Sick Stewards —John Smith ana .lohn Wright. 

Treasurer — John Muirhead, 9 Whitehead street. 

Secretary— Hugh C. Smith. 11 Whitehead street. 

Surgeon— Jas. J. Robb, M.D.— House Address, 20 High street; Dispensary, 74 Love street. 

Election of Office-bearers first meeting in January. 

Wild Rose Lodge, No. 112, British Order Ancient Free Gardeners, 

Instituted 1S82. Registered under the Friendly Societies Acts. 

W.M.— James Johnston, 13 Maxwellton street. D.M.— James Hogg. 

Surgeon— John Stevenson, M.I). Treasurer— Walter Kirk. 

Secretary— Robert Weir, 7 Clavering Street. 

Meets in West Good Templar Hall, Dyers' Wynd, every alternate Monday, at 8 p.m. 

Office-bearers elected at the annual meeting in December. 

Bonnie Heather Lodge, No. 227, British Order Ancient 
Free Gardeners. 

Instituted 1890. 

Meets in Free Gardeners Hall, Queen street, every alternate Monday evening at S o'clock, 

W.M. — James Biuhanan, 51 Broomlands. 

D M.— Adam Tolmie. P M.— Wm. Tyrell. 

Treasurer— James Watson, 31 Maxwellton. Secretary— Thomas Auld, 16 Argyle street,. 

Trustees — Thomas Rigg, John Wilkie, Alex. Pattrson. 

Lodge Surgeon — John It. Gibson, M.D. 

Consulting Room— 23 Broomlands street. House— 6 Wtllmeadow. 

Election of Office-bearers takes place in December. 

Paisley Hawthorn Lodge British Order Ancient Free Gardener s,. 

No. 284. 

Instituted November, 1892. 

Meets in Hospital Saturday Rooms, Cumberland court, Causeyside street, every 

alternate Wednesday. 

W.M. — Andrew Scott, 15 Whitehead street. 

Treasurer— John Thomson, 9 Cochran street. Secretary — William Kerr. 13 Kilnside road. 

Lodge Surgeon — Dr. William Russtll, M.B., CM., 15 Broomlands and 2 Cotton street. 

House — 52 High street. 

Paisley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners, No. 76. 

Noah — L. Chalmers. I.P.N. — A. Macfadden. Japhel—M. Jamison. 

Sliem — James M'Kean. Conductor — Norman M. Mackean. Janitor — J. MacGlashan. 

Treasurer— A.. Watt. Secretary— John W. Bentley, 292 Crow Road, Glasgow. 

Paisley Council of Red Cross Knights. 

M.E.C.—'L Chalmers. I. P.O.— A. Macfadden. S.G.—M. Jamison. J.G.— James M'Kean. 

Conductor — Novman M. Mackean. Captain of he Guard— D. Ferguson. 

Captain of the Tower— E. Beaucliamp. Janitor — J. MacGlashan. Treasurer— A. Watt. 

Secrdury— John W. Bentley, 292 Crow lioad, Glasgow. 




D.D. and D.C.T., John Conn, 72 Fulbar street, Renfrew. 

D.V.T., Annie Walker, Milliken street, Houston. D.E.S., Tom Shepherd, 2 Cochran St., Paisley. 

D.T., Wm. Fleming, 13 Alice pi., Paisley. D.M., Roht. Maxwell, 6 Middle lane, Paisley. 
D.Sjc, Matthew Thallon, 3 Gordon place, Paisley. D.D.M,. Maggie Rae, 3 East lane, Paisley. 

D.Coun., Roht. Kinnear, 72 Love St., Paisley. D.S. J.T., Elsie Adams, The Ahhey, Paisley. 

D.Sent., James M'Lellan, 9 Claveiing st., Paisley. D.C., Koht. Bissland, 72 George St., Paisley. 

D.G., R. Hair, jun., 18 Causeyside st. D.A.S., .las. Graham, 11 Underwood lane, Paisley. 

P.D.C.T., John Baird, 35 Kilnside road, Paisley. 

Executive meets in Good Templar Halls every Second Monday of each month. 


Meets every Tuesday evening in the Good Templar Hall (West Hall). 
Lodge Deputy — Rohert Mitchell, 19 Kilnside road. 


Meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock in Mission Hall, Russell street. 

Lodge Deputy — Hugh Wilson, 10 Mossvale street. 

FERGUSLIE. No. 157. 

Meets every Tuesday evening in Queen street Hall at 8 o'clock. 
Lodge Deputy— Wm. Urquhart, 11 Douglas street. 

LILY LODGE, No. 272. 

Meets every Monday evening in the Lesser Good Templar Hall, at 8 o'clock. 
Lodge Deputy— J. Cameron Gribben, 1 Auiscn place. 


Meets every Tuesday evening in the Lesser Good Templar Hall, at 8 o'clock. 
Lodge Deputy— Daniel Adam, 13 Well street. 


Meets every Wednesday evening, a"- 8 o'clock, in the East Lesser Good Templar Hall. 

Lodge Deputy— Roht. B ssland, 72 George street. 

HAND IN HAND, No. 224. 

Meets in Terrace Good Templar Hall every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. 
Secretary — Robert Martin, 14 Blythswood drive. 


Meets every Thursday evening, at 8 o'c ock, in Hall, 5 Storie street. 
Lodgp Deputy — William Fleming, 13 Alice place, 


Meets every Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock in the Good Templar Hall (West Hall). 

Lodge Deputy — Alexander Eraser, 11 Galloway street. 


Meets every Thursday evening-, at 8 o'clock, in the Lesser Good Templar Hall. 
Lodge Deputy — Kenneth Chisholm, 8 New Sneddon street. 

Sons of Temperance Friendly Society. 

Rock of Safety Division, No. 316. 

Scribe, David Leishman, 36 Kilnside road. 

Meets every alternate Friday evening in Good Templar Hall, at 8 o'clock. 

Independent Order of Rechabites. 

"Georce A. Clauk" Tent, No. 1787. 

C.R —James Inglis, 1 Janefield place. Treasurer — Gilbert M'Lachlan, 22 Maxwelton street. 

Secretary — Alex. Brown, 31 Williamsburgh. 

Meets every alternate Tuesday evening in Upper Terrace Good Templar Hall at 8 o'clock. 

Offlce-Bearers are elected at the last Meetings in June and December 

Paisley United Abstainers' Club. 

Meets every Saturday evening in the Royal Oak, Moss street, at 7.30 p.m. 

President — John Elliot. 

Treasurer - Wm. Fleming. Secretary — Kiancis Muir, 15 Greenlaw avenue. 

Office-Bearers elected half-yearly in March and September. 


Women's Christian and Abstinence Association. 

Honorary President — Mrs. Stewart Clark, Kilnside. 
Honorary Vice-President— Mrs. Arthur, Barshaw. President— Mrs. Allan Coats. 
Vice-Presidents— Mrs. T. W. M' Alpine, Mrs. F. Martin, Mrs. J. Weir, Mrs. Harper, and 

Mrs. Robert Kerr. 

Treasurer— Miss Carswell, Boneen, Hawkhead. Secretary— Miss Coats, Hayfield, Castlehead. 

Office-bearers are elected in May. 

Total Abstinence Society. 


President— James Winning. Secretary— W. M. Stevenson, Dernee, Elderslie. 

Treasurer— Robert Houston, 16 Thread street. Collector— John Stevenson. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents. 

Rev. Principal Hutton. 
Dr. Henderson, LL.D 
John Porteous. 
W. A. Walton. 

Rev. R. C. Sttang. 
Ex-Provost Clark. 

James Johnston. 
Henry Noble. 
Vice-Presidents. ■ 
Andrew Erskine, W. Stoddart, Wm. Hair. 

Alex. Browning, sen. 
Arthur Penman. 
John Stevenson. 
John Campbell. 

Joseph Trnshell. 
James Walker. 
Henry Isdale. 

Archd. Fairlie. 
Alex. Murdoch 
Peter Eadie, J.P 
J. M. M Callum, J.P 

Jas. G. Brora. 
George Gobiie. 
Williim Walker. 
Robert Paterson. 

Office-bearers elected in October, annually. 

Sharon Hall Mission— 168 Gforgk Street. 

President — James G. Dalziel, Dalveen. Hawkhead road. 

Treasurer— Daniel Pollock, 105 Causeyside street. 

Office-bearers elected annually in October. 



Instituted 1702. 

Boxmasler— John Hodgart. Collector— James E. Campbell. 

Old Boxmaster—ll. M. Paterson. Clerk— Robt. Russell. Officer— Jas. Osborne. 

Managers— Alex. M'William, James Balderston, James B. J.amh, William Gardner, Robert 

Allison, James Betrg, Alexander Fu leiton, Alexander Paterson, William F. Gibb, M.D., 

John R. Macgregor, and Robert H. Donald. 


Established 1722. Incorporated 1725. 

Convener— A'exander M'William. Collector— James Gardner. 

New Masters— J . E.Campbell and J. H. Macgregor. 

Old Masters— Alexander Millar, John Fullerton, John Hodgart, R. K. Bell, James B. Lamb, 

and A. F. Graham. 

Clerk— John Abercrombie, 13 St. James place. Officer— James Osborne. 

Election of Office-bearers in October. 


Instituted 1703. 

Boxmaster— Archibald Forrest Graham, Sacell Brewery, Paisley. 

Collector — Alexander M'William, Monkshaw, Paisley. 

Clerk— Thomas Walker, writer, Municipal buildings, 14 Gilmour street. 


Instituted 1760. 

Deacon— H. K. Bell. Collector— Alex. Paterson. 

Clerk— James Edward Campbell, County place. Officer— James Osborne. 

Directors— Robert H. Donald, Jas. Balderston, George Wylie, Robt. Brown, John Hodgart, 

John MLachlan, A. F. Graham, Jas. Fullerton, Jas. B. Lamb, and Jas. A. D. MacKean. 


Preses — James Jack. Treasurer — James Barclay. 

Cle>k— Jas. H. Dunn, 3a Gilmour street. Officer— David Allison. 

Directors— William Lang, jun., Robt.. Balderston, James Robertson, George H. Coats, George 

Dobie, John E. Murray, Jas. Houston, Dr. Graham, James Neill, James Hamilton. 



Provident Co -Operative Society (Limited). 

Established 1860. 

President — Archibald Thomson, 127 George street. 

Vice-President — John Neilson, 1 Seedhili road. 

Secretary — James Wood, 7 Phillips street 

Man -ger — David Rowat, Linside, Glasgow road. 

Registered Office — 140 George street. 

Book-keeper — John Lauchlan — house, 52 High stieet. 

Ca'hier and Factor — Peter Lyall Shannon, 4 Mary st eet. 

Grocery *nd Provision Departments — 
Central Store — 139 George street— James Rowand, salesman. 
Branches — 
No. 1. — 168 George street — Andrew Reid, salesman. 
No. 2. — 35 Glen street — James Pollock, salesman 
No. 3. — 48 Broomlands— John Lauchlan, salesman. 
No. 4. — 20 Lawn street-'- Alex. Ca lander, salesman. 

No. 5. — 5 Cleopatra buildings, Springbank road— Wi liam Semple, salesman 
No. 6. — 24 Underwood road— William Strachan. salesman. 
No. 7. — 78 Broomlands — Archd. Adam, salesman. 
No. S. — 3^ Bank street -Robert Wh\ tc, salesman. 
No. 9. — 110 George street — Robert Tannahill, salesman. 
No. 10 — Well street — Andrew Hunter, salesman. 
No. 11. — 19 Caledenia street— David Peacock, salesman. 
No. 12.— 4 Seedhill road — Richard Sutherland, salesman. 
No. 13. — 1 M'Kerrell street — Thomas Sunter, salesman. 
No. 14. — 15 Abercorn street — Arthur Conway, salesman. 
Reserve Store — 139 George street— John Murchison, storekeeper. 
Steam Bakery — 140 George street — William Boyle, foreman. 

Fleshing Department. 
Central. — 138 George street — Samuel Rae, salesman. 

Branches — 
No. 1. — 91 Causeyside — Matthew M'Lerie, salesman. 
No. 2. — 35 Glen street — John Jamieson, salesman. 
No. 3. — 48 Broomlands — Wm. M'Luski j , salesman. 
No. 4. — 1 Cotton street — William Towns, salesman. 
No. 6. — 21 Underwood — George Haslett, salesman. 
No. 12. — 4 Kilnside road — James Bruce, salesman. 
Central. — 138 George street— Miss Ferguson. 
No. 3. — 54 Broomlands — Miss Ross. 
No. 4. — 7 Lawn street - Mi>s Walker. 
No. 5. — 7 Springbank roa I— Miss M'Dermid. 
No. 12. — 2 Kiln>ide road — Miss M'Crae. 

Jewellery and Hardware— 14 Causeyside— John Sunter, salesman. 

Boot and Shoe Shops — 

14 Causeyside — William Gray, salesman ; 48 Broomlands— Miss Harris, saleswoman ; 

and 70 Love street — Miss Robertson, saleswoman. 

Bread Shop — 139 George street — Miss Janet Glover, saleswoman. 

Joiner's Department — R. T. Cunningham, Foreman. 

Painter's Department — John Roberts, Foreman. 

Purveying Department— William Monaghan, house 30 Argyle street. 

Equitable Co -Operative Society (Limited), 37 and 38 Great 

Hamilton Street. 

Instituted, 1858. Registered, 14th April, 1863. 

President— Peter Waddell, 7 Alice plac<\ Secretary— Wm. Ritchie, 17 Carriagehilh 

Treasurer— John Anderson, 17 Carriagehilh Fourteen Members of Committee. 

Central Store— 35 Great Hamilton street,— Walter Paul, salesman. 
Bakery — 37 Great Hamilton street,— John Harper, manager. 
Butcher's Shop— 3S Great Hamilton street,— John Gilmour, salesman. 
Butcher Shop No. 2—17 Carriagehill,— James Semple, salesman. 
Bread Shop— 37 Great Hamilton street,— Miss Wylie, saleswoman. 
Boot and Shoe Shop, 36 Great Hamilton street— Wm. Hall, salesman. 
9 Neilston street, — John Christie, salesman. 
17 Carriagehill, — Joseph Quin, salesman. 
91 Causeyside,— Robert T« etdale, salesman. 
Hardware Department- 38 Gieat Hamilion street— Miss Watson, saleswoman. 


Co -Operative Manufacturing Society (Limited). 

President* — John Gemmell, 5 Phillips street. Secretary*— John Paton. 3± Bank street 

Manager, Productive Departments — Walter M'Fadyen, Briarbank, Potteihill. 

Manager, Retail Departments — George Houston 

Cashier — John Muir, Thorn. Johnstone. Book-keeper— George Orr, 13 Andrews street. 

*Term of Office, Eighteen Months— elected alternately 

Office, 114 Causeyside. 

Paisley Equitable Friendly Society. 

Instituted 182.5. 

President — "William Baird, 6 Glenview. Treasurer — James Jamieson, 11 Hillvicw. 

Secretary — John Arthur, 39 High street. Auditors — Alex. Morrison and W lliam Robertson 

Officer — John M'Kutchesion, 8 West Campbell street. 

Elections of Omce-beareis take place half-yearly, on second Monday of June and 

December respectively. 

Scotch Girls' Friendly Society. 

Paisley Branch — Memorial Home, New sti eet. 

Hon. President — The Lady Gertrude Cochrane. 

President — Mrs. Arthur, Barshaw. Vice-Presidents- — Mrs. Stewart Clark, Kilnside. and 

Mrs. W. H. Coats, Cardell. 

Lodge Superintendent — Mrs. Gentles, Abbey manse Hon. Secretary — Miss Dunn, Woodend 

Hon. Treasurer — Miss Reid, 2 Garthland place 

Matrons — Miss J. Boss and Miss Wntt. 

Evergreen Equitable Friendly Society. 

Instituted 1833. 

President — John Muir. Vice-President — D. E. Stevenson. 

Treasurer — Robert Hamilton, 43 Lady lane. 

Secretary — Andrew Walker, 5 Great Hamilton street. 

Registered Office — 5 Great Hamilton street. 

Trustees— Alex. R. Pollock, Samuel Arthur, and John Houston. 

Committee elected at Summoned Meeting in January. 

Paisley Friendly Equitable Funeral Society. 

Registered Office — 6 Seedhill road. 

President — William Beaton, S Neilston road. 

Secretary — Robert Urquhart, 6 Seedhill road. Treasurer — Duncan M'Nair, Annfleld place 

Officer — John Brown; office, 97 High street; house, 9 Buchanan terrace 

Poll Meetings held on the fourth Mondays of June and December. 

The Scottish Life and Health Friendly Society. 

Instituted 1802. 

Registered Office, 12 Causeyside street. 

President — Robert Balderston. Vice-President- John Caldwell. Treasurer — Archibald Nairn. 

Secretary — T. F. Reid, Writer, 12 Causeyside street, Paisley, and 92 West Nile street, Glasgow. 

Trustees — Robert Balderston, John Robertson, John M "Whirr, and William Scott. 

Physician — Thomas Graham, M.D., 3 Garthland place. 

Law Agent — T. F. Reid. 

Officer and Collect' r — William Arnott, 5 Meeting-house lane. 

Election on 31st January yearly. 

Paisley Working Men's Independent Funeral Society. 

liiMituted in 1858. 

President— A.. Cowan, 30 Canal Street. Tnasurer — Wm. Kivkwood, 3 Russell street. 

Secretary — A. Colquhoun, Ferguslie buildings. 

Collector — John Wylie, 32 Argyle street. 

Registered Office : 8 Ferguslie buildings. 

Election of Office-bearers about 12th February annually. 

Paisley Funeral Society. 

Instituted 1824. 

President — Geo. Martin. " Vice-President — Wm. Taylor. Treasurer — John Arthur, 39 High st. 

Trustees — Thomas Nicholson, William Walsh, and James M'Curdie. 

Secretary — Archibald Neil, 98 George street. Registered Office 98 George street. 

Election of Office-bearers takes place half-yearly on third Monday of Jaauaiy and July. 

Paisley Female Benevolent Society. 

President — Jane Symington, 6 Blackhall. 

Depositary — Jane Greenlees, Corryville, Calside. 

Treasurer — Margaret Millar, 40 Oakshaw street. 

Secretary — Mrs. Porteous, Meadowside villa, Glasgow road. 



Paisley Free Public Library and Museum. 


Archibald Coats, George Masson, and John Fullerton, Honorary Members. 
James Robertson, Convener. Samuel Dougall. 

James Clark, Sub-Convener. 
Bailies Adam. 



Dr. William Russell. 
P. M. Coats. 
John Andrews. 
James Donald. 

Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. 
Rev. J. B. Sturrock. 
George R. Hislop. 
James Hay. 
Robert Balderston. 
James Mure! 
William Peattie. 
James Winning. 
Hugh Macdougall. 
Three a Quorum. 
Stated Meetings of Committee on the third Thursdays of February, May, July, October, 

and November. 
Library.— Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D.D., Convener ; Rev. J. B. Sturrock, Sub-Convener ; Bailies 
M'Callum, Kent, and Glover; James Clark. John Andrews, James Hay, William Peattie, James 
Donald, Samuel Dougall James Winning, Robert Balderston, and James Mure, 

Museum. — William Peattie, Convener; James Mure, Sub-Convener; Bailies Adam, M'Callum, 
and Glover ; Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D D., Dr. William Russell, James Clark, James Hay, George 
R. Hislop, Robert Balderston, and Hugh Macdougall. 

Picture and Sculpture Galleries. — G. R. Hislop, Convener; James Mure, Sub-Convener; Rev. 

J. B. Sturrock, Dr. William Russell, P. M. Coats, James Winning. James Hay, and John Kent. 

Property and Finance. — Bailie Adam, Convener; James Donald, Sub Convener; Rev. W. M. 

Metcalfe, D.D., Rev. J. B. Sturrock, James Clark, James Hay, John Andrews, Samuel Dougall, 

P. M. Coats, William Peattie. James Mure, Robert Balderston, James Winning, and G, R. Hislop. 

Lecture Hall Committee. — Bailie Adam and William Peattie. 

Mr. Robertson to be a member ex-officio of each Committee. 

Curator of Library Department— John Renfrew. 

Curator of Museum Department — J. M. B. Taylor. 

Janitors — John Dennis and Archibald Stewait. 

Young & Mai tin. Clerks. 


Reading Room. 
Open daily from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. (Sunday 

Lending Department. 

Open daily (except Wednesday) from 12 noon 
till 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. Wednes- 
days closed all day. 

Reference Department. 

Open (to ticket-holders only) daily, except 
Wednesdays, from 12 noon till 4 p.m., and 6 
p.m. till 9.45 p.m. Wednesdays closed all 











- 11 o'clock a.m. till 5 p.m. 

- 11 o'clock a.m. till 5 p.m., 
and from 7 till 9 p.m. 

- 11 o'clock a.m. till 5 p.m. 

- 11 o'clock a.m. till 5 p.m., 
and from 7 till 9 p.m. 

- 11 o'clock a.m. till 5 p.m. 

- 11 o'clock a.m. till 10 p.m. 

- 11 till 5. 

11 till 5 and 7 till 9. 

11 till 5. 

11 till 5 and 7 till 9. 

11 till 5. 

11 till 10. 

The Coats Observatory. 


Trustees — The Council of the Paisley Philosophical Institution. 

Committee of Management. 

James Gardner. | D. B. Jack. 

John Woodrow. D. Crilley. 

Rev. George Park. J. Hardie, M.A. 

Rev. Dr. Henderson. 

Dr. Ferguson. 

Angus M'Lean, B.Sc. 

Rev. Mr. Crouch. I 

Secretary — James Gardner, Solicitor, 3 County Place. 
Treasurer— John Woodrow, John Neilson Institution. 
Joint-Conveners — Rev. Dr Henderson, and Mr Woodrow. 
Curator — Donald Maclean. 
Open to Members and Assoc'ates of Philosophical Institution every lawful day from 7 p.m. (or 
dusk if earlier than 7) to 11 p.m. ; on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 
11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Mondays from 12 nocn till 3 p.m., and on Wednesdays only in the 
Open to Public on.Mondays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. 


Philosophical Institution. 

Instituted, 1808. 

Honorary President — James Coats, jun. President — Rev. A. Henderson, LL.D., F.R.A.S 

Vice-Presidents— James Caldwell, F.S.A.S., and William Peattie. 

Secretary — James Gardner, solicitor, 3 County Place. 

Treasurer — John Woodrow, John Neilson Institution. 

Council— James Hay, Robert Russell, Rev. Geerge Park, Angus M'Lean. B.Sc: D. B. Jack r 

Rev. John C<oueh, Robert Milne, Joseph Ferguson, M. A., M.B., Jas. Parlane, John Hardie, M.A.,. 

David Crilley, F.E.I.S., and A. Pottie. 

Lecture and Work Committee — President, Secretary, Treasurer, William Peattie, Angus 
M'Lean, Rev. John Crouch, James Parlane, and A. Pottie. 

Museum Committee — President, Secretary, Treasurer, Wm. Peattie, D. B. Jack, James Hay 
(convener), Dr. Ferguson, and Robert Milne. 

Preference Library Committee — President, Secretary, Treasurer, James Caldwell, David Crilley T 
James Hay, Rev. George Park, (convener), Robert Russell, and John Hardie. 

Observatory Committee — President, Secretary, Treasurer, Angus Ml"i", B.Sc ; Rev. George 
Park. D. B. Jack, Rev. John Crouch. David Ciilley, Dr. Ferguson, and J. Hardie, M.A.— Rev. 
Dr. Henderson and John Woodrow, joint-conveners. 

Auditor— G. A. Cadell. C.A. Collector— David Allison. 


Literature and Philosophy — John Hardie. Astronomy and Mdeorology — David Crilley. 
Geology and Mineralogy — Wm. Peattie. Chemistry and Physics — Angus JJ'Lean, B.Sc. Natural' 
History and Biology — Dr. Ferguson. Photography — D. B. Jack. 

Photographic Section. 

Rooms — 28 Oakshaw street. 

Hon.-Presidents—H. H. Smiley and Stewart Clark. 

President— David B. Jack. Vice-President— T. H. Taylor, L.D.S. 

Convener of I antem Section — Robert Easton. 

Secretary — Robert Milne, Savings Bank, Johnstone. Treasurer — Thomas Reid, jun. 

Council— Rev. John Crouch, John S. Biyce, Wm. Hutchison, John Stewart, Andw. T. Jack, 

Robert W. Steel, and Robert Glasgow. 

Informal meetings are held in the Rooms each Friday evening, when Excursions are arrarged.. 

Paisley Art Institute. 

Hon. President — Arch. Coats. Hon. Vice-President— Hugh H. Smiley. 
Honorary Committee. 
Lord Rlythswood. Ex-Provost Clark. 

James Caldwell. 
Stewart Clark, ex-M.P, 

William Stewart. 

John Fullerton. 

C. Bine Renshaw, M.P. 

Sir William Dunn. Bart., M.P. 
Sir Thomas Glen Coats, Bart. 
Sir William Arrol, M.P. 

Hon. Secretary — John A. Rennison, 15 Gilmour street. 

Managing Committee. 
Chairman — John Millar. Vice-Chairmen — Robt. Cochran and Robert Cairns. 

Charles Hayes. I James Anderson. A. B. M'Kechnie, R.W.S 

Wi:liam Barr. • I H. Macdougall. John Robertson. 

W. B. M'Lennan. James Mure. | Dr. Gardner. 

William Pratt. | Alexander Fullerton. Arch. Kay, R.S.W. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Benjamin Lang, solicitor, 94 High street. 
Annual Exhibition of Pictures from about 25th December till end of January. 
Office-bearers elected May of each year. 

Paisley Art Union. 

Sanctioned by the Board of Trade, under the Act 9 and LO Vict., cap 48. 
Committee of Management— Sir Thomas Glen-Coats. Bart., Neil Buchanan, John Fullerton, 
Robert Smith, William B. M'Lennan, Alexander Fullerton, Robert Cairns, John Millar,, 
John Robertson. 

Treasurer and Secretary — Benjamin Lang, iolicitor, Paisley. 



Paisley Choral Union. 

fleets for practice in Geo. A. Clark (Minor) Town Hall, on Thursday evenings, from September 

till March at 8 o'clock. 

The Council consists of twenty Members — comprising 14 officials and six ordinary 

members of Council. 

president — Hugh Brown. Vice-Presidents — Alex. Thomson and A. C. Miller. 

Choir-Master — James Barr Vice-Choir-Master — R. Greenlees 

Honorary Secretary — John Barr, 81 High street. 

Assistant Secretaries — Thomas Reid and Neil M'Callum. 

Hon. Treasurer — T. M. Barr, Beechwood. Assistant Treasurer — Andrew Morris. 

Librarian — William Adam. 

Assistant Librarians — John Reid, James K. Steel, and R. H. Cochran. 

Ordinary Members of Council — John MLean, John Eadie. James Cunningham, 

David Bryce. Wm. Brown, jr., and George Hutton. 

Next Election of Office-bearers about the month of May, 1902. 

Paisley Philharmonic Society. 

For the Study and Practice of Orchestral Music. 

Conductor — Hopkins Ould. 

President — James W. Erskine. 

Vice-President* — R. M. M'Nab and A. M. Macdougall. 

Secretary — A. W. Parlane, Castlehead. Treasurer — James Rankin Bridge of Weir. 

Librarian — Tom Hart. Assistant Librarian — David Hamilton. 

Committee— Chas. Slater, Alf. Fulton, Andw. Erskine, jun.. Frank Irvine, John Barr, 

Wm. Baird. jun.. James B. Parlane, and Geo. Dick. 

Ladies Committee — Misses Finlator (convener), Ross, Berry, and Kinloch. 

The Peter Brough Bequest Fund. 

Sheriff Lvell. P. M. Brough. 

Provost Wilson. G. S. Veitch, J.P. 

Rev. T. Gentles D.D. R. K. Bdl, J.P. 

Rev. J. Porteous, B.D. James Gardner. 

Rev. J. B. Sturrock, M.A. 
Secretary. Treasurer, and Law Agent — James Gardner, Solicitor. 3 County place. 
Ladies Committee in connection with the Nursing Branch: — Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Geor e Coa's, 
Mrs. Gentles. Mrs. Allan Coats, Mrs. Al.ison, Miss H. Millar, Miss Mackinlay (Secretary), 
Miss Jessie Macgregor. 
House Committee — Mrs. Arthur, Mrs. Allison, Miss H. Millar, Mrs. Allan Coats, Mrs. Gentles 

( ~onvener). 
Alimentary Work — Mrs. Geo. Coats, Miss Mackinlay (Convener), Miss Macgregor. 
Supermtendent of Nurses — Miss Watson, 41 Oakshaw street. 
Home — 41 Oakshaw street, in affiliation with Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses. 

The Duncan Wright Endowment. 

TRUSTEES (Officiis). 

Treas. Mathieson. 
F. Martin. 
Minister First Charge Abbey Parish. 
Minister Second Charge Abbey Parish. 
Revs A. M. Lang. 
Gavin J. Tait. 
John Porteous. 
Jchn Fodgart, Boxmaster Obi Weavers'Society . 
Alex. M" William, Convener Merchants' Society. 
Hugh Wright, of Alticry. and all ex-Provosts of the Burgh. 1 
Treasurer and Clerk — Robert Thomson, Town Chamberlain. 

Sheriff LvcE. 
Provost Wilson. 
Bailies Nicolson. 





W. H. Coats 

Paisley Christian Benevolent Society. 

Instituted in 1840. 

Office-Bearers for 1898-99. 

President — Ex-Provost Clark. 

Vice-Presidents — Francis Martin, Writer, and L. Mackinnon. 

Treasurer — W. Pollock, 10 Hillview place. 

Secretary — John Glover, 7 Buchanan terrace. 



Sabbath School Union. 

Office-beakers for 1901-1902 

President — Archd. Fairlie. Vice-Presidents — John Glover and J. T. Hellyer. 

Treasurer — David Buchanan, 6 Forbes place. 

Secretaries — George L. Muir, 12 Greenlaw avenue, and George G. Kirk, la Laighpark. 


John M'Dougal. 

Alex. Gardiner. 

Alexander Murdoch. 

Allan Coats. 

John Harvey. 

Roger W. Muir. 

John Taylor. 

John Macalaster. 

Hugh Harper. 

John Mackay. 

Alex. Lang. 

James Parlane. 

A. Craig Muir. 

Wm. Rolland. 
J. G. Morton. 
Sabbath School Societies. 

D. M'Allister. 

Baptist George Street. 

Established North. 

Free St. George's, 

„ Victoria Place. 

„ South. 

Methodist — Primitive. 

„ Thomas Coats 

„ St. George's. 

,, Wesleyan. 


Evangelical Union. 

U.P. Abbey Close. 


Free Gaelic. 

,, Canal Street. 

Episcopal, Trinity. 

„ High. 

„ George Street. 

Established Abbey. 

„ Martyrs'. 

„ Lylesland. 

„ Greenlaw 

„ Middle. 

„ Mossvale. 


„ Oakshaw (R.P.). 

,, Oakshaw Street. 

„ Martyrs'. 

,, Sherwood. 

„ St. James'. 

„ Middle. 

Country School, lnkermann. 

„ Thread Street. 

Election of Office-bearers takes place annually in March. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 

(Instituted 1833.) 
The objects of the Association are: — 

1st, The exerting of influence by the Members in the sphere of their daily calling by character 

and testimony. 
■2nd, The Instituting of Classes for Literary and Educational purposes. 
3rd, The carrying on of Mission Work. 

4th, The formation and maintenance of Branches meeting on Sabbath morning for Prayer and 

Religious Improvement. 

Central Rooms, "Express" Buildings, 12 Causeyside. Janitor — Mr. Robert Cochrane. 

Office-Bearers— 1 901-1902. 

Hon.-President — Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart. 

Hon.- Vice-Presidents — 

Peter Jack. John M'Allister. 

Provost Wilson. Archibald Coats. 

William Clark. John Kent. 

R. K. Bell. John Harvey 

A. F. Traig. David Buchanan. 

G. Hamilton. James Parlane. 

Roger W. Muir. William Drennan. 

James Coats, jr. John Gladstone, jr. 

And all Protestant Ministers in Town. 

President — J. T. Hellyer. 

Vice-Presidents — William Crawford and William Rolland. 

General Secretary — Alexander Cameron, 12 Causeyside street. 

Joint Secretaries •[ J^J^XXkS ( ?SW a Stl 'f et ' 

( Robert M'Intosh, 4 Gladstone terrace. 

Poll Secretary — W. P. Perfect, 22 Argy'e street. 

Treasurer — David Rowand, 3 Kerr street. 

Conveners of Committees. 

Lecture and Educational — John Harvey. Mission and Temperance William Semple 

Branch Extension — Alex. Cameron. Finance — David Rowand. Recreation A. M'Callum 

Office-Bearers elected on second Tuesday of March. 
The Branches meet on Sabhath mornings at ten o'clock in their respsctive Church Halls 
The Central Branch and Messrs. Crawford and Cameron's Bible Class meet in Central Y M C A 
Hooms, the latter at five p.m. during session. 


Sir Wm. Dunn, Bart. , M.P. 
Stewart Clark, ex-M.P. 
Peter Coats. 
Francis Martin. 
John M. M'Callum. 
J. F. Baird. 
Peter Eadie. 
Geo. H. Coats. 


Church of Scotland. 
Abbey Church, 
• Abbey close. 

Gaelic (St. Cohimba). 
Oakshaw street. 

Greenlaw Church 

High Church, Church- 

Martyrs' Church, 

Middle Church, 




Thomas Gentles, D.D. (1st 

Charge), Abbey manse. 
J. B. Dalgety (2nd Charge), 
1 Mansion-house road 

David Johnstone, Glenview, 

Thomas Wilson, B.D. 
Greenlaw avenue. 


A. M. Lang, B.Sc, High Church 
manse, 45 Oakshaw street. 

James Thomson, B.D., Martyrs' 
manse, Castlehead. 

Mrs. M. Hoeck Scott, 

Wm. Smart, 16 West 
Campbell street 

Alfred Mann, A.R.C.O., 33 
High st., organist & choirmr. 

James Waddell. 

George Park, 2 Garthland place. 

North Church, 
Love street. 

James Young, B.D., North 
manse, Inchinnan road. 

St. George's Church, 
George street. 

A. Fyfe Burns, M.A., 7 Garth- 
land place. 

South Church, 
Neilston street. 

W. M. Metcalfe, D.D., South 
manse, Castlehead. 

James F. Semple, F.R.C.O., 
organist and choirmaster. 

Andw. Kelly, organist. 

W. B. "Dalgety, or- 

John Easton, har- 

United Free Church. 

93 Oakshaw street. 

James A. Cables, M.A. 

Gaelic Church, 
Shuttle street. 

William M 'Pherson, Free Gaelic 
manse, Calside. 

High Church, 
Orr square. 

James B. Sturrock, M.A., manse, 
29 Oakshaw street. 

Martyrs' Church, 
77 Broomlands. 

Robt. C. Strang, M.A., manse, 

Middle Church, 
School wynd. 

James Benny Caird, M.A., 
manse, Calside. 

St. George's, 
36 New street. 

Sherwood Church, 
Glasgow road. 

South Church, 
75 Causeyside. 

Abbey Close, 
16 Abbey close. 

Canal Street, 
Canal street. 

George street, 
21 George street 

Oakshaw street, 
50 Oakshaw street. 

Gavin J. Tait, M.A., manse, 

Bobert Sangster Anderson, M.A., 
Camphill cottage 

John Paterson, M.A., manse, 

A. C. Miller. 

John Branker. 

James Lyall. 

Moses Aitken, 3 
Phillips street 

Allan Craig. 

Albert Holroyd, A.R.C.O., 
organist and choirmaster 

H. Turner, organist and choii- 
master, 13 Greenlaw avenue. 

A. M. Macdougall. 

A. Henderson, LL.D.,F.R.A.S., 

Ashgrove, Castlehead. 

George Clark Hutton, D.D., 
Mount Pleasant. 

Andrew Elder, The Grange, 

John Porteous, B.D., Meadow- 
side, Glasgow road 

A. B. Reid. 

Arthur S. Manfield, 
organist & choirm'r. 

William Pattison. 

Alfred W. Allen, 


i Clerk to Managers— Rev. D. Johnstone. 2 Clerk and Treasurer to Trustees— John Noble 3 

Trustees. 5 Secretary and Treasurer to Trustees — James Hay, 94 High street. 6 Clerk of Managers' 

to Deacons' Court— Archd. Smith, 1 Victoria street. ° Clerk to Deacons' Court— James Gorrod 2 
Deacons' Court— James F. Hamilton, Dalblair, Castlehead. ^Cleric to Deacons' Court — John 

T> JE3 IV o ivr IlNTATIO^S 


Chukch Officers. 

Seckf.taey or 
Session -Clerk. 






Jas Adams, 11 Abbey 


George Beveridge, 2 
Mansfield place 

George Beveridge, 2 
Mansfield place 




Hugh M'Kay, 6 Hugh M'Kay, 6 
Barclay street. 1 Barclay street. 


James Anderson, 8 
Phillips street. 

R Blair Hay, writer, 
14 Moss street. 

R. Blair Hay, writer, 
14 Moss street. 

Robert Henderson, 
7 Townhead terr. 2 



Robert Arthur, 13 
Oakshaw street. 

J. G. Thomson, Strat- 
tonville, Meikleriggs 








John Ritchie, 4 East 
lane, Ferguslie 

X ErTarniahill723 
Oakshaw street. 

Alex. Eccles, 80 
Broomlands. 3 

Andrew Foulds. Heath- 
bank, Meikleriggs. 


William Peattie, 2 , William Peattie, 2 
Gilmour street. Gilmour street. 

Peter Campbell, 3 
Glen street. 

Daniel M'Allister, 29 

Glen street. 4 
A. Murdoch, Gallow- 

lea, Meikleriggs. 5 

Robt. P. Bennet, 4 1834 
Phillips street. ;Rebl88S 


James Osborne, 7 
George street. 

, A. Murdoch, Gallow- 
lea, Meikleriggs. 





James Harper, l3Gt. 
Hamilton street. 

Hugh M'Kenzie, 88 j Alex. Tagg, Glenf ruin 
Causeyside. 6 villa, Calside ave. 


Robert Cochrane, 
12 Causeyside. 

Thomas Scott, 86 
High street. 7 

A. Gardner, Gilmour st. 
Wm. Pollock, 10 Hill- 
view place. 



Malcolm Gillies, 31 
Seedhill road. 

Donald M'Culloch, 
132 George street. 8 

Donald M'Kellar, 19 
Greenhill road. 

David Livingstone, 3 
John street. 

John Kent, 12 Seed- 
hill road. 

D. Hamilton, Belle- 
vue, Meikleriggs. 9 

John Cunningham, 8 
New Stock street. 


James Lang, 9 Sand- 

William Watt, jun., 
1 Castle street 

George Macfarlane, 
2 George place 

Lachlan M'Kinnon, 3White- 
haugh ter., and J. M. Mac- 
alaster,Muirholm, Calside 

Sam'l "Young, Priory 
park, Castlehead. 
John Boyd, 2 Oak- 




James Carruth, 2 
Townhead terrace. 

George Carruth, 6 
Clarence street. 

John Flett, 3 Thomas 

A. F. Graham and J. 
W. Pollock. 10 



Wm. Brown, Burnetta 
cottage. 11 

R.D.Caldwell, Hazel- 
bank, Hawkhead rd. 



James Robertson, 
Maxionfield. 12 

Hamilton Crawford, 
1 Royal terrace. 



James Grant, 23 
Abbey street 

William Campbell, 
Burnbank, Calside. 

William Hutchison, 
Calside villa. 



John Muir, 10 
Lady lane. 

John Wilson, Brownheath, 
Craw road, & John Taylor. 
Ravenscraig, Castlehead 

Thomas Wills, Dun- 
eden, Meikleriggs. 

John Love. 

David Ralph, Green- 
side pi. , Elderslie. 

Robert Watt. Bloomfield 
house, Meikleriggo. 



Wm. Arnot, 5 Meet- 
ing-House lane. 

John Ritchie, 25 
George street 

Wm. Renfrew, Fer- 
guslie farm. 



Park terrace. 3 Clerk to Trustees— James W. Cassele, 17 C'avering s'reet. 4 Also Secretary to 
Robert Fleming, 2 Rosebery place. 7 Clerk to Deacons' Court— Robert Macfee, 3 Moss street. » Clerk 
Whitehaugh drive. 10 Clerk to Deacons' Court— Thomas Kerr, 12 Greenlaw avenue. " Clerk to 
Murray, jun., 7 Gilmour street. 



U. F. Church — con. 
St James' Church, 
Underwood road. 

Thread Street, 
9 Thread street. 

Mossvale Church, 
Greenock road. 

Lylesland Church, 
Stock street. 


W. Ainslie Walton, B.D., St. 

James manse, Castlehead 

Andrew G. Fleming, Gowanlea, 

David Hall, 9 Buchanan terrace. 

John M'Coll, M.A., Bushes. 


Wm. Agate, organist 
and choirmaster. 

James JPattinson, Mus. 

Bac. , Cantab, organist. 

Thomas M'NaughtonT 

William Lawrie. 

Reformed Presbyterian 
Church, Storie st. 

Original Secession, 
3 Wellmeadow. 

George Street Baptist 
Chapel, 154 George 

Thomas Coats Memo- 
rial Baptist Church, 
High street. 

Victoria Place Baptist 
Chapel, Lady lane 

Congregational Church 
School wynd. 

Evangelical Union Con- 
gregational Chapel 
21 New street. 

Evangelical Union, 
2 Forbes place. 

Primitive Methodist 
Church, St. James 

St. Mir in's R.C. 
Chapel, 3 East Bu- 
chanan street. 

St Mary's B.C. 
Church, George st. 

Trinity Episcopal 
Church, St. James pi. 

New Jerusalem Church 
George street 

Archd. Holmes, Falside. 

John Barr (voluntary). 

Rev. James Young, 7 Green- I Voluntary, 
law avenue. 

William Crozier, 3 Mansfield ; W. Steel, 9 Walker 
place. street. 

Walter A. Mursell, Marchmont, 

R. E. Glendening, 8 Greenlaw 

W. James Dickson, The Manse, 
Glasgow road. 

Alexander Wilson, Ardshiel, 

Robt. Bigg, Ferneze view, Mary 

J. P. Langham, 56 Love street. 

Montague Smith, organ- 
ist and choirmaster. 

John H. Christie, 9 
Espedair, organist. 

James Spence ; Miss 
Spence, organist (vol). 

Dan. M 'Farlane, White^ 
haugh terrace. 

Joseph Dickie. Andrew 
James Gibson (vol.) 

Jas. Monaghan (volun. ). 

Hugh Canon Chisholm, 2 East 

Buchanan street. 
Michael Ahorn. 
Francis Young. 
William M'Laughlan. 

J. M 'Donald, 73 George street. 
William Walsh. 
Dennis Duggan. 

W. F. MillsT^ 

John J. Donnelly, 


W. Brennan, conductor. 
C. Cunningham, organ. 

manse, 60 Love 

St. Barnabas Episcopal 
Church, Castle st. 

Wesley an Methodist 
Society, Storie st. 

C. K. Hall, Coniston, Meikle- 

F7J.~A. Edes, Camphill. 

Allan Bell, 1 Royal 

terrace, Glasgow rd. 

Miss Murray, organist. 

John Webster. 

J. Stainsby, organist. 

John Atkinson, organist 
and choirmaster (vol. ) 

i Clerk to Managers— W R. I inlator, 12 High street. 



Church Officers. 

Secketapy or 
Session -Clerk. 







David Allison, 5 
Underwood road. 

James Robertson, Salis- 
bury ltdge, Meikleiiggts 1 

John Adam, Nor- 
well, Castlehead 

J as. .Ferris, 8 Thread 

John Pattison, 23 
Moss street. 

J. B. Wotherspoon, 



Thomas Riddell, 16 
Mossvale street. 

Wm. Reid, 2 Cale- 
donia street. 2 

James M'Naughton, 
1 Caledonia street 



James Galletly, 2 
South Orr street 

W.S.Work, 5 White- 
haugh terrrce, Cleric 
to Managers. 

William Wilson, 1 
Gladstone terrace 



Irvine Moffat, 7 
Clavering street. 

John Barr, 2 Gordon 
pi., Kingst. (west). 

Jas. Barr, Albert pi. , 

S. Dougall, 32 Cal- 

1868 1 350 

Andrew Howe, 
3 Johnston street. 

James M'Ewing, 142 
George street 

Francis Davidson, 
sen., 46 Moss st. 



W. Adam, 10 Kiln- 
side road. 

Wm. Kerr, 13 Kiln- 
side road. 



John Crawford, 30 
Oakshaw street 

Neil M'Callum, 3 
Mavisbank terrace, 

Jas.L. Walker, St Margaret, 
Greenlaw drive, & Robt. 
M'Nab, 10 Townhead ter. 



George Wallace, 38 

Lady lane. 
John Sweeney, 1 

Church place. 

Alexander Lyle, 1 
Ferguslie buildings. 

Allan Coats, Hay- 
field, Castlehead. 



J. T. Hellyer, Croi't- 
dene, Hawkhead rd. 

Hugh Harper, 
Boneen, Hawkhead. 


Peter Reid, 38 New 

Peter Allan, Green- 
law avenue. 

Henry Ribbons, 1 
Mansfield place. 



Joseph Adam, 9 
Smith street. 

Joseph Adam, jun., 
25 Caledonia st. 

George Stubbs, jun., 
19M'Kerrell street 



Wm. Stevenson, 7 
St. James street. 

John Jaap, Well- 

Walter Paul, 2 Union 





M. Magrath, 108 
George street 



A. M'Lean, 54 Cale- 
donia street. 

T. Alexander, 12 
George street. 

G. Kelley, 12 Castle 

B. Faulkner, 10 St. 
James street. 

B. Faulkner. 

1833 600 

James L. Murray, 

W. Caldwell, Elton 
villa, Calside. 

1831 320 

Wm. Anderson, 5 
County place. 

Wm. Anderson. 

1695 325 


Edward Jennings, 12 
Whitehead street. 

Alexander Cairns, 77 
High street. 

_ _ 

2 Clerk to Managei s — William Lang, 2 Buchanan Terrace. 


Paisley Presbyterial Council, Church of Scotland 
Young Men's Guild. 

President James F. M'Callum. Vice-President— J. Miller Fairlie. 

Secretary — D. Wilson Anderson, 4 Ferguslie buildings. 

Treasurer— John Ritchie, jr., 4 East lane, Ferguslie. 

Executive Committee— K. W. Rathie, George Hutchison, G. Hart M'Adam (Johnstone), 

Archibald Fairlie, sen., and office-bearers. 
Office-Bearers are elected at the Annual Meeting held on tLe second Friday in May. 

Paisley and District Christian Endeavour Union. 

Office -Beakers, 1902-1903. 

Hon. President — Rev. James P. Langham. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — 

Rev. W. A. Walton, B.D. Rev. Wm. Cvozier. 

Rev. A. Halliday. Rev. R. E. Glendening. 

President— Ernest Thomson. Vice-Presidents— Adam Ralston and Mrs. Smith. 

Treasurer— Wins Mary Hector, 4 Park terrace. 

Recording Secretary— J. Brand Crombie. 

Corresponding Secretary— John Ferguson, jun., 26 Well street. 

Assistant Corresponding Secretary— George Cook, 94 Causeyside street. 

Office-Bearers are elected on seeond Saturday of May. 

Free Breakfast Mission. 

Office-bearers, 1902-1903. 

Hon. President— Stewart Clark, Dundas castle. President— Mrs. James Reid, 2 Royal Terrace. 

Chairman — Hugh Hamilton, Glaisnock, Bank street. 

Treasurer — Miss Agnes Barclay, Deanville, Greenlaw drive. 

Joint Secretaries— -Miss Jane Bell, 112 Causeyside, and Hugh F. Hamilton, Glaisnock, Back st. 

Mission Hall — 109 Causeyside. 

Janitor — Louis Short, 24 High street. 

Meetings : — Breakfast to poor children every Sahbath morning from Octoher till end of May 

at 9.15 ; Children's Church Service at 9 45; Sabbath School at 5.15 p m. 


Members for Triennial Period 1900-1903. 
Rev. James Young, B.D., Chairman 
John A. Brown. 
Very Rev. Canon Chisholm, 

Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. 
Andrew Ei>kine. 
Patrick M'Ghee. 

Alexander Macfarlane. 
Dr. Andrew Richmond. 
James Clark. Daniel Mackenzie. 

Robert Macfee. 


Clerks — MacRobert & Hutchison Treasurers — Jackson & Abercrombie. 

Principal Inspecting Officer — James H. Taylor. 

Inspector of Works — Archibald Adam. 

The ordinary meetings of the Board are held on the last Tuesday of each month, and the 

Standing Committees hold their ordinary meetings on the preceding Tuesday, both at 4 p.m. 

Standing Committees of the Board. 

Board in Committee — All the Members of the Board. Rev. James Young, B.D., Convener. 

Education — All the Members of the Board. James Clark, Convener. 

School Attendance — All the Members of the Board. Alexander Macfar'ane, Convener. 

Finance — All the Members of the Board. John A. Brown, Convener. 

Property — All the Members of the Board. Dr. Andrew Richmond, Convener. 

Grammar School and Wm. B. Barbour Academy — All the Members of the Board. 

Daniel Mackenzie, Convener. 

Continuation Classes — All the Members of the Board. Robert Macfee, Convener. 

Temperance and Good Manners — All the Members of the Board. James Clark, Convener. 

Religious Instruction — James Clark, Convener. 

The Chairman is ex officio a Member of all Committees. 

The Industrial and Domestic Economy Departments of the Schools are supervised and reported 

on by Mrs. Arthur-, assisted by a Sub-Committee of Ladies. 

Technical School. 

Governors — Sheriff Lyell, Provost Wilson, Rev. Dr. Gentles, Rev. J. B. Sturrock, M.A., Rev. John 

Porteous, B.D., G. S Veitch, J.P., James Caldwell, Robert Smith, Rev. Dr. Henderson, 

Peter Coats, Sir Thos. Glen-Coats. Bart., A. F. Craig, John A. Brown, R. K. Bell, J. P. 

{Chairman), Rev. James Young, Jas. Donald, Daniel Mackenzie, J.P., Rev. Dr. Metcalfe. 

Secretary, Treasurer, and Law Agent — James Gardner, writer, County place. 


Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, D.D. 
Thomas Hodge. 
John A. Brown. 
Provost Wilson. 
Bailie Nicolson. 


Instituted, 1889. 
Bailie M'Callum. 
Dr. Russell. 

Rev. Principal Hutton, D.D 
James Clark. 
Very Rev. Canon H. Chisholm 

Daniel Mackenzie, J.P. 
G. S. Veitch, J.P, 
R. K. Bell, J.P. 
Robert Moorhead. 

Clerk and Treasurer — James Gardner, writer, 3 County place. 



Grammar School and Wm. B. Barbour Academy. 


Rector — James Stirling, M.A. 

Senior School. 

Classics— James Stirling, M.A., James Sheridan, M.A., and John Bell, M.A. 

English — Thomas D. Robb, M.A., and John Bell, M.A. 

Mathematics and Arithmetic — John Hardie, M.A., G. Guthrie Roger, M.A., B.Sc, and 

Robert Simpson, M.A. 

Modern Languages — Jacques Kohn, L., Julian Irvine, M.A. , and John Bell, M.A. 

Science— J. Pentland Smith, M.A., B.Sc, G. Guthrie Roger, M.A.. B.Sc, and 

Robert Simpson, M.A. 

Writing, Book-keeping, and Shorthand — George Dick. Drawing and Painting — Charles Hayes. 

Middle School. 
Joseph Towers, M.A., James A. Thomson, and Miss Maggie Hart, L.L.A. 

Junior School. 
Miss Elizabeth L. Jack, Miss Mina Hart, L.L A., and Miss Mary Millar. 

Needlework — Miss Annie M. MacKenzie. 

Pianoforte and Class Solo Singing — James Pattinson, Mus. Bac, Cantab., Miss J. D. M'Gown, 

and Miss J. M. Galletly. 

Singing — R. L. Rcid, G. & L.T.S.C. Manual Instruction — Arch. Adam and John Christie. 

Dancing — R. M. Sellars. Cookery — Miss Stewart. 

Drill Instructor — Quarter-Master Sergt. James Scott (93rd Highlanders). 

1. — Camphill Public School. 

Opened 16th April, 1888. 
Head Master— John Taylor, M.A., F.E.I.S. 
Advanced Masters — John Taylor, M. A., John C. Sanderson, B.Sc, and David Crilley, F.E.I.S. 
Sixth Department.— James Adam and John G. H. Whamond, M.A. 
Fifth Department. — Master — George H. Cockburn, F.E.I.S. 
Fourth Department. — Master — Hugh A. Bnnvn. 
Third Department. — Master — William Taylor. 
Second Department. — Mistress — Janet Ann Allan. 
First Department. — Mistress — Agnes R. C. Wilson. 
Infant Department. — Mistress — Janet C. Allison. 
Manual Instruction— Archibald Adam and John Christie. Practical Cookery — Jessie Ross. 

janitors— William M'Ginnigle, 17 Wardrop street, and Robert Sutherland, 54 George street. 

2.— Williamsburgh Public School. 

Opened September, 1893. 

Head Master— W. Brownridge, C.T., F.E.I.S. 

Infant Mistress — Miss E. F. Mackenzie, C.T. Second Master — Alexander Andrew, M.A. C.T. 

Standard I. Department — Mistress — Miss M. G. Todd. 

Assistant Masters— R. Spruell, C.T., D. Ferguson, M.A., C.T., Charles Stewart, C.T., and 

R. Aird, C.T. 
Assistant Mistresses — (C.T.'s) Misses Anderson, Robinson, J. Currie, Girdwood, Henderson, 
Erskine, Patrick, MTntyre, Laird, Nelson, Guthrie, and Goudie ; Misses Mary Matheson 
and J. Gibson (Ex-P.T.'s). 
Pupil Teachers. — J. Johnston, J. Reid, A. M'Naughtan, and W. M'Naughton. 
Ttacher of Cookery — Jessie Ross. 
Drill and Gymnastic Instructor— Alex. Stewart. Manual Instruction — A. Adam and J. Chiisti e. 


3.— Abercorn Public School. 

Head Master— William Stewart. Second Master— Alexander Craig. 

Infant Mistress — Mai y M. Allan. 

Janitor and Drill Instructor— -Harry Fields, 25 Seedhill road. 

4. — Moss vale Public School. 

Head Master— Alexander Tagg, C.T., F.E.I.S. 

Junior Master — Dewar G. Robb, C.T. 

Mistress of Standard /.—Helen Wtir, C.T. 

Initiatory Department Mistress — Annie Eobertso", C.T. 

Janitor, Drill Instructor, and Teacher of Gymnastics— William Gebbie, 2 Russell street. 

5. — Ferguslie Public School. 

Opened 4th September, 1882. 

Head Muster— Robert Ferguson. Second Master- James R. Taylor, 

Infant Department : — Head Mistress— Eliza Thomson. 

Janitor and Drill Instructor — John Kennedy. 

6. — North Public School. 

Opened 4th September, 1876. 

Head Master— Archibald Fairlie, C.T., F.E.I.S. 

Second Master— John T. Pollock, C.T. 

Mistress — Mary J. Dickie. 

Janitor, Drill Instructor, and Teacher of Gymnastics — William Rodger. 

7. — South Public School. 

Head Master— William Taylor, M.A., C.T. 

Junior Master — Alexander Rodger, M.A., C.T. 

Mistress of Standard I. — Julia M 'An drew. 

Initiatory Department — Mistress — Kate M'Nair, C.T. 

Drawing Master — James Marshall, C.T. 

Janitor, Drill Instructor, and Teacher of Gymnastics — George Pope, 17 Neilston road.. 

8. — East Public School. 

Head Master — John Noble 

Senior Department — Master — John Noble. 

Junior Department — Master — James Brown, C.T. 

Initiatory Department — Head Mistress— Annabella M. Morton, 

Janitor — John M'Taggart, 1 Sherwood building <. 

9. — West Public School. 

Head Master— George Dick, C.T , F.E.I.S. 

Senior Department— Master— Geo. Dick, C.T., F.E.I.S. 

James A. Wilson, C.T.; James Finnie, C.T., A.C.T. 

Junior Department — Master John Cullen, A. Mus., T.C.L. 

Initiatory Department — Mistre/s — Janet Smith, C.T. 
Janitor, Drill Instructor, and Teacher of Gymnastics, &c. — John Munro, 92 George street. 

10. — Carbrook Street Public School. 

Opened 5th September, 1898. 

Head Master— George Beveiidge, F.E.I.S. Second Master— James M. Rankin. 

Head Mistress — Jessie Waterston. 

Assistant Masters— George G. Gardiner and Robert A. Macarthur. 

Assistant Mistresses — Helen P. Macfarlane, Margaret Anderson, Florence K. Gibson,. 

and Mary S. Dunn. 

Ex-P.T. — Marion L. Stevenson. 

Teacher of Cookery— Maggie Stewart. Teacher of Woodwork— John Christie, 

Janitor and Drill Instructor — William Shaw, 21 Well street. 

1L — Oakshaw Public School. 

Head Master— H. A. Tulloch. 
Senior Department— H. A. Tulloch and Assistants. 
Junior Department — John Mackay and Assistants, 
Infant Department— Jane Reid and Assistants. 
Janitor and Drill Instructor— Petes Cameron, 


Ferguslie (Half -Time) School, 

Inaugurated 10th January, 1887. 

Directors— J . & P. Coats Limited, Paisley. Chairman — Peter Coats. 

Government Year ends 31st October. 


Head Mistress — Mary Anderson. 

Assistant Teachers — Margaret B. M'Nee, Mary Coats, and Annie Leishmarc. 

Janitor — James Christie, 54 George street. 

St. Mary's Roman Catholic School, 21 Queen Street. 

Head Mistress — Miss Fennell. 
Janitress — Mrs. M'Grath, 109 George street. 

St. Mirin's Roman Catholic School, 18 School WyncL 

Head Master — John J. Donnelly, 2 Townhead tei.race. 
Janitress — Mrs. M. Hallsworth, 5 East Buchanan street. 

St. Catherine's Roman Catholic School, lO Stow Street. 

The Sisters " Faithful Companions of Jesus," — residence, St. Margaret's Convent, 

East Buchanan street. 

Head Mistress — Kate Phelan. Janitress — Mrs. Blair. 


Opened 5th April, 1S52. 

Directors — Thomas Hodge. John A. Brown, Rev. W. M. Metcalfe, G. S. Veitcli, J.P, 

Provost Wilson, ex-Provost Clark, and ex-Bailie Bell. 

Secretary and Treasurer— James Gardner, Writer, 3 County place. 

Head Master— John G. Thomson, F.E.T.S. 

First Department — Miss Ross and Miss Scott and Assistants. 

Second Department — Miss Reid and Assii-tants. 

Third Department — David Hamilton, Master; and Mis-> Wylie and Assistant?. 

Fourth Department— Alex. Murdoch, B.A. (Lond.), F.E I.S., Mi for; William GilLn, 

and Assi tants. 

Fifth Department— John G. Thomson, F.E.I.S., Head Master; John Woodiow, J. L. Rodger. 

Thomas Reid, M.A., Miss Moir, and As>istants. 

Classical and Mathematical Department— James Souden, M.A., Master, ai.d AsiistaLts. 

French and German — Miss Addison, L.L.A. 

Sewing, Knitting, and Cookery— Misses Macc'onald and Scott. 

Drawing — C. Hayes. Shorthand — W. A. Paterson. 

Drill Instructor and Teacher of Gymnastics — Sergeant-Instructor J. H. Symcox. 
Janitor — Armourer-Sergeant J. F. Beacom — house, Neihoi lodge. 


*Abbey Church. — Sergt. Adams, superintendent of Abbey Burying Ground, 11 Abbey close. 

Abbey Close United Free Church. — James Grant, 23 Abbey street 

*Canal Street United Free Church. — John Muir, 10 Lady lane, superintendent of Burying. 

Cemetery, 58 Broomlands. — Robert Reid, superintendent of Paisley Cemetery Burying: 

Grounds, 58 Broomlands. 
•-Gaelic Church. — James Baird, 12 Wardrop street, superintendent of Burying Ground. 
Hawkhead Cemetery, Hawkhead Road. — Superintendent — James Walker, Cemetery lodge. 
High Church. — Robert Arthur, 1 3 Oakshaw street. 
Martyrs' Church, 50 Broomlands. — Now united to Cemetery Grounds. Apply to Robert 

Reid, superintendent, 58 Broomlands. 
Oakshaw Street United Free Church. — William Arnot, 5 Meeting-house lane. 
Oakshaw Street United Free (late R.P.) Church. — Robert Cochran, Express buildings-,. 

Causeyside street 
Thread Street United Free Church. — James Ferris, superintendent of Burying Ground,. 

U.P. Hall, 8 Thread street. 
South Church. — James Harper, 13 Great Hamilton street. 

* Closed, unless for a number of reserved interments. 



Paisley Liberal Club. 


Hon. President — Peter Eadie. 
Hon. Vice-Presidents— Sir Thomas G. Glen-Coats, Bart., Sir William Dunn Bart., M.P. 
Rev. Principal Hutton, D.D. John M. M'Callum. 

James Coats, jun. James Barr. 

John Millar. William Welsh. 

John A. Brown. 

Committee of Management. 

President — Robert Macfee. Vice-Presidents — Andrew Fisher and Alexander Reekie. 

Secretary — Thomas Kerr. Treasure 1 ) — W. Dykes Brown. 

Dr. Gardner. 
Alfred M'Naughton. 
Alexander Borland. 
James Smith. 
John T Hellyer. 
William Pollock. 
Joseph Beaton. 
Robert Anderson. 

Club Master — John M'Lerie. 

Robert A. Hamilton. 
William Ritchie. 
John H. Gray. 
T. Fultcn Reid. 
William Davidson. 
James Eglinton. 
William Caldwell. 

(Seven a Quorum). 

Paisley Liberal Association. 

Honorary President — Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. 
President — Sir Thomas G. Glen-Coats. Bart. 
Vice-Presidents — Rev. Principal Hutton. Rev. VV. Ainslie Walton, ex-Provost Mackenzie, Provo*t 
Wilson, ex-Bailie M'Kellar, ex-Bailie Smith, Bailie M'Callum, John Millar, John A. 
Brown, R. M. Paterson, John Adam. Allan Coats, Bailie Eadie, Campbell Houston, 
R. Macfee, Treasurer Mathieson, Andrew Erskine, Bailie Nicolson, ex-Bailie Fisher, 
James Scarlett, Councillor Galbraith, and Edward Cochran. 

Joint Secretaries —Alfred M'Naughton, wi iter, and A. F. Lochhead, writer. 

Treasurer — James Canick, 7 High street. 

And an Executive Committee of about 40 members. 

West Renfrewshire Liberal Association. 

President — Sir T. G. Glen-Coats, Bait., Ferguslie Park, Paisley. 
Vice- Presidents — James Finlayson, D.L., Merchiston, Johnstone ; Z. G. Heys, Springfield, 
Barrhead; Joseph Russell, J. P., Bogston; ex-Provost Steel, Gourock ; Bailie Cochran , 
Ban head; Provost Lang, Lynnhurst, Johnstone; Thomas Robinson, Hurlet; and 
J. R. M'Lean, Bridge of Weir. 

Treasurer — Joseph Johnstone, J.P., Calder House, Lochwinnoch. 

Joint Organising Secretaries — T. Fulton Reid, writer, 12 Causeyside st., Paisley, and 92 West 

Nile street, Glasgow, and W. M. R. Pringle, 10 Church street, Partick. 

Election of office-bearers on last Wednesday of March yearly. 

Women's Liberal Association. 


Hon. President — Lady Dunn. President — Lady Glen -Coats. 

Vire-Presidents — Mrs. Wotherspoon, Maxwellton ; Mis. Young, Priory Park. 

Executive — Mrs. Allan Coats, Chairwoman; Mrs. Millar, Vice • Chairwoman ; Mrs. Stirling, 

9 Hillington Park circus, Cardonald, Hon. Treasurer; Miss Henderson, Castlehead, and 

Miss Wilson, Tulliallan, Honorary Secretaries; and a Committee. 

Office-bearers elected in March. 

Paisley Liberal Unionist Association. 

Office-Bearers for 1902. 

President — Stewart Clark, of Dimdas castle. 

Vice-Presidents — 

Archibald Coats, of Woodside. 
W. A . Coats, Skelmorlie castle. 
J. Stewart Clark, Dun das castle. 
Hugh H. Smiley, of Gallowhill. 
John Fullerton, of Merksworth. 
Peter Coats, jun., Garthland place 
Daniel Coats, Garthland place 
J sonald Fraser, M.D. 
Jlev. Andrew Elder, Meikleriggs. 

John Mathieson, Barterholm. 

Chairman — Archibald Coats, of Woodside. 

Secretary and Treasurer — William Walker, Writer, Municipal buildings 

Half-yearly meeting held in April. 

Annual meeting, at which office-bearers are elected, held in October. 

Ex-Provost Clark, of Chapel. 

Ex-Bailie Dobie, Castlehead. 

Peter Jack, Castlehead. 

William Muir MacKean, Milton house. 

Ex-I3ailie Cochran, Greenlaw, 

George H. Coats. Castlehead. 

James Barclay, Greenlaw drive. 

W. H. Coats, Cardell. 

James Robertson, manager, Meikleriggs. 


Paisley Conservative Association. 

Instituted March, 1878. 


Honorary Presidents — His Grace the Duke of Abercorn, K.G.; Lord Blythswood; The Lord 
Ernest W. Hamilton: Sir Michael R. Shaw-Stewart. Bart.; Sir C. W. Cayzer, M.P., 
R. Mure M'Kerrell, and C. Bine Renshaw, M.P., F.G.S. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents— T . M. Coats, of Woodside ; W. Y. Fleming, J.P. ; J. B. Richardson, 
Saucel ; F. W. Wotherspoon, Maxwellton ; James Cowan of Rosshall, J.P. 
President — William Bow, Dunscore, J P. 

Vice- Presidents— VLemy T>(m\ ton; ex-Bailie Caldwell, F.S A.; Colonel Millar, Garthland place; 
John Swan, Causeyside; William Ahercrombie, Craigmuir ; Thomas Graham, M.D., 
J.P., Garthland place; George Hamilton; William Wilson; Alexander M' William ; 
T. G. Ahercrombie, Redholme; W. F. Dobie, Edgmont; Stewart Ewing; Alexander 
Fullerton, Milliken Park. J.P.; ex-Bailie Gondie, High street; James Marshall of Mavis- 
bmk ; P. K. Millar ; William Paterson, Royal terrace ; James Pattinson, Royal terrace ; 
. William Worthington. Ingleside; James Ross, J.P., Castlehead. 

Secretaries — Alexander Macfarlane, 5 Orr street, and Thomas MacRobert, Ervie, Park road. 
Treasurer — Andrew Allice, Greenlaw avenue. 

West Renfrewshire Conservative Association. 

President — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., Ardgowan. 

Vice-Presidents — Lord Blythswood of Bly tliswood ; Col. Robt. King. Levernholme, Hurlet ; Robert 

Binnie, Gourock; Henry Macdowall, Garthland, Lochwinnoch. 

Executive — Convener — Henry Macdowall, of Garthland, Lochwinnoch. 

Sub-Convener— James Stevenson, Wardend, Kilbarchan. 

Hon. Treasurer — J. C. Peacock, Ashbank, Gourock. 

Secretary — Robert Stevenson, Writer, 99 High street, Paisley. 

The Beaconsfield Club. 

Instituted July, 1880 
A Political Club in connection with the Unionist party, and designed to promote its objects. 

Honorary Patrons — 

Duke of Argyll, K.T.; Dnke of Abercorn, K.G.; Duke of Montrose, K.T.; Earl of Home, K.T, 

Honorary President — Lord Blythswood of Blythswood. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents — William Ahercrombie, Alex. Moffatt, P. -31. Coats, and 

Kenneth M. Clark. 

Honorary Life Members — R. Mure M'Kerrell; William Bow, Dunscore; John Maclachlan ; 

G. Ludovic Houstoun, of Johnstone Castle; J. C. Cuninghame, of Craigends; Robert Hart, 

Greenlaw avenue. 

President — Andre v Allice. 

Vice-Presidents — D.. M. Wilson and John Shirley. 

Hon. Treasurer — William Bowie, Townhead terrace. 

Hon. Secretary- Alex. Macfarlane, 5 Orr street. 

Directors — W. D. Johnston, David Houston, J. D. Allison, W. D. M'Lennan, John Matheson, j un., 

Dr. Robb, A. R. Mackenzie, and John B. Mungle. 

Paisley Eastern Unionist Association. 

Formed 6th June, 1894. 

Office-Bearers — 1901-1902. 

Hon. Presidents — J. A. D. MacKean, Andrew Allice, Bailie W. H. Coats, Councillor P. 31. 

Coats, and Ex-Provost Clark. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — Alex. Moffatt, Archd Coats, Matthew Arthur, Robt. Macfarlane, William 

Wilson, Jas. Marshall, F. W. Wotherspoon Chas. J. Gregg, and Alex. Macfarlane. 

President — Alexander Keith. 

Secretary — James Hendry, 14 Seedhill road. Treasurer — Benjamin Fleming, 24 Abbey st. 

Central Unionist Association. 

42 Old Sneddon Street. 
Hon. Presidents— AvchV aid Coats, Stewart Clark, William Bow, C. B. Renshaw, 31.P., W. A. 
Coats, John Poison, Peter Coats, J. Stewart Clark, Alexander Moffatt, ex-Provost 
Clark, J. B. Richardson, and John M - Lachlan. 
President — Archibald Fairlie. Vice-Presidents — Stewart M'Cowatt and John Mathieson. 
Hon. Treasurer — William Walker, writer, Municipal buildings. 
Secretary — Matthew Craig. 3 Albion street. 
Treasurer — William B. Flockhart, 4 Douglas terrace, Inchinnan load. 
Committee — Thomas MacRobert, jun., John Muir, John Ai.derson, Samuel Forbes, Alexander 
Kerr, Matthew Craig, William M'Crossan, James Chalmers, Livingstone Chalmers, 
Samuel Love, Alexander M'Vic-ir, James Brown. 

Janitor — Alexander Anderson. 


Primrose League. 



Ruling Councillor — Mrs. Bow. Treasure? — Miss H. C. Graham, 3 Garthland place. 

Chief Secretary — Mrs. Graham, 8 Garthland place. 
Auditors — Miss Johnstone, of Glenpatrick, and Miss Houstoivn, of Johnstone Castle. 

First Ward. 

Warden — Mrs Hardie, Glasgow road. 

Sub-Warden — Miss Macmaster, New tonville, Hawkhead road. 

Secretary — Miss Agnes M'Kean, Castlehead. 

Second Ward. 

Warden — Mrs. Hamilton, Blackland. Sub- Warden — Mrs. Wilson, Overwood. Glasgow road. 

Secretary — Miss H. C. Graham, 3 Garthland place. 

Third Ward. 

Warden — Mrs. Burns, 7 Garthland place. Sub-Warden — Mrs Taylor, Gateside. 

Secretary — Miss Morrison, 3 Calside terrace. 

Fourth Ward. 

Warden — Mrs. Hodgart, Linnsburn, Renfrew road. 

Sub-Warden — Miss E. Cunningham, Glasgow road. 

Secretary — Miss Taylor, Gateside. 

Fifth Ward. 

Warelen — Mrs. A. Gardner, Castlehead. Sub-Warden — Miss Hamilton, Carnassarie villa 

Secretary — Miss E. J. Graham, 3 Garthland place. 

Office-bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in March. 

Paisley Ornithological Association. 

Hon. President — Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. 

Hon. Vice-Preside7its— Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart., J. K. Keir, and Holmes Kerr. 

President — James Hair. Vice-President — Thomas Love. 

Secretary — James Laidler, 3 Park terrace. Treasurer — John E. Pottie, St. James place. 

Collector — James Wright, Carriageh 11 house. 


John Milton. 
Joseph Milton. 
Matthew Rough. 
James Raeside. 

Jas. Paton. 
James Reid. 
A. B. M'Nair. 
Hugh Walker, 

James Annan. 
Peter Ritchie. 
M. Kyle. 
Alexander Baird. 

Paisley and Renfrewshire Poultry and Pigeon Association. 

Honorary President — Lord Blythswood, Blythswood. 

Honorary Vice-Presidents— Malcolm B. Thomson, Park House, Inchinnan, and 

W. B. Longton, Walkinshaw. 

President — Hugh Walker. Vice-President — James Thomson. 

Treasurer — Charles Dougan, 35 Broomlands, Pai-ley. 

Secretary — Geo. Archibald, jun., 11 Argyle street, Paisley. Collector — Livingstone Chalmeis. 

Poultry Section — James MTndoe, M. B. Rough, John E. Pottie, James Raeside, T. Ca heart. 

Pigeon Section — Archibald Eaglesim, James Laidler, Thomas Love, John Reid, John Horrobir.. 

District Committee — Mrs, Burnside, Johnstone ; George Hamilton, Neilston ; Andrew Brodie, 
Inchinnan Bridge; R. M. Blair, Barrhead; Davie Ross, HowwOid; William 
Gemmell, Alexander Laird, Jo' nstone; John Ritchie, Kilbarchan; Robert 
M'Naughton, Inchinnan ; William Anderson, Kilbarchan ; J. H. Halliday, 
William Crawford. Peter S. Williamson, Greenock; Jas. Martin, Thos. Parkhill, 
Neilston; James Riddell, Johnstone; Geo. Buchanan, jun., Barskiven ; A. B. 
M'Nair, Strathbungo. 

Next Election of Office-bearers, middle of January, 1903. Annual Exhibition and Competition 
confined to Renfrewshire, takes place on the second Saturday of November. 

Paisley Canine Society. 

Hon. President — Kenneth W. Clark, Esq., Netherhill. 

President — W. J. Hamilton. 

Treasurer— A. W. Keith. Secretary— James Farquhar, 6 Phillips street. 



Paisley Horticultural Society. 


Honorary President — James Boyd, The Cottage. 

President — Alexander Stewart, 12 Wellmeadow. 

Vice-President — Robert Reid, Woodside Cemetery. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Robert Macfee, 3 Moss street. 

Collector — David Allison, 5 Underwood road. 



Alex. Carnochan, Fountain gardens 
George Watson, Walkinshaw. 
Robert Machardy, Gallowhill. 
Adam Turner, Moredun 
John Turner, Speirsfield. 
William Adamson, The Beeches. 

James Moir, Netherhill. 
William Cameron, Ferguslie park. 
Duncan Macdonald, Ferguslie. 
John MacAulay, 5 Castle street. 
John MacDougal, Abbey Cemetery. 
AVilliam Blackley, Staneley. 


John M'Naughton, 13 Seedhill road I John Constable, 6 Mid lane. 

John Fleck, Quarrelton. Robert Greenlees, Park place. 

Alex. Welsh, 13 Cochran street. Peter Ferguson, 15 Neilston street. 

William Brough, Millarston. Richard Benson, 8 Seedhill road. 

James Watson, Bellfield. I Robert Anderson. 40 High street. 

Francis Davidson, 46 Moss street | D. MacDiarmid, Gateside. 

Paisley Florist Society. 

Instituted 1782 

Honorary President — James Fullerton, Abbotsburn. 

President — D. Keir, 2 Millarston. Vice-President — John Constable, 6 Middle lane. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Andrew Weir, 2 Ladybnru street. 

Committee — W. Brough, A. Wylie, J. Smith, J. Blair, Adam Turner, R. Benson, G. Thain, 

Charles Morgan, Wm. M'Skimming, and John M'Naughton. 

General Meeting and Election of Office-bearers on first Thursday in November. 

Paisley West End Amateur Florists' Society. 

Honorary President — T. G. Arthur, Can ick house, Ayr. 

President — James Blair. Vice-President — James Lyall. 

Financial Secretary — R. Maxwell, 11 Neilson street (Alice place). 

Secretary — James Smith, 2 East lane, Ferguslie. 


Iceland Curling Club. 

Instituted 1841. 

President— James Spence. Vice-President— James Donald. 

Secretary— John Pattison, 23 Moss ttreet. Treasurer — Thomas Graham, M.D. 

Representative Members — T. Graham and W. Bow. Chaplain — Rev. J. B. balgety. 

Office-Bearers elected in September yearly. 

Boreas Curling Club. 

Instituted 1852. 

Patron — Alex. A. Speirs, of Elderslie. Patroness — Lady Anne Speirs, of Houston. 

President — J. M. D. Wilson. Vice President — Robert Gardner. 

Treasurer — Andrew Paterson, 10 Bridge street. Secretary— J. D. Wilson, 4 Causeyside. 

Representative Members — Jas. Riddell and Andw. Paterson. Chaplain — Rev. Thos. Gentles, M.A. 

General Meeting in September annually. 

12 th Province Royal Caledonian Curling Club. 

Patrons — Sir Michael R. S. Stewart, Bart., of Greenock ; Lord Blythswood of Blythswood ; Lord 
Glasgow; J. W. Shand-Harvey, of Castlesemple ; Henry Macdowall, of Garthland; A. A. 
Speirs of Elderslie; Colonel King, of Levernholm ; C. B. Renshaw, of Barochan, M.P. 
President— Alexander Wood, Saltcoats. Vice-President— William G. Harvey, Greenock. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Wm. Logan, writer, Lochwinnoch. 
Committee of Management — Dr. Graham, Paisley; William Logan, Lochwinnoch; Colonel Shanks, 
Johnstone; Alexander Wood, Saltcoats ; P. Macfarlane, Port-Glasgow ; Jas. Riddle, Paisley ; 
William M'Hattie, Kilbirnie ; William G. Harvey, Greenock. 

Office-bearers elected annually in November. 


Renfrewshire Curling Club. 

Instituted 1856. 

Patron — C. Bine Renshaw, M.P. Patroness — Mis. Renshaw. 

President — Robert Amiel. Vice-President — William Osbourne. 

Representative Members — John Lyle and D. M'Vey. 

Chaplain —Rev. A. M. Lang. 

Treasurer — Walter Bowie. Secretary- -John M'Lachlan. 

St. Mirren Curling Club. 

Patron — Lord Blythswood. 

President— R. K. Bell. Vice-President — J. P. Slater. 

Hon. Secretary— Robert Stevenson, 99 High street. 

Hon. Treasurer — James G. C. Millar, 106 Oauseyside. 

Representative Members — ffm. Gardner and R. Drummond. 

Committee — J. H. Young, J. A. D. MacKean, J. B. Reid, and Robert Brown. 


Priorscroft Bowling Club. 

Instituted 1839. 

Hon. President — John Murray, sen. 

President — Archibald Snodgrass. Vice-President — James Barclay. 

Treasurer — John 0. Alexander. Secretary — William Adam, jun., 7 North street. 

Committee — Jas. R. Taylor, Joseph Sawers, Alex. C. Miller, and John Noble. 

Green-Keeper, Peter M 'Donald, 1 Bute place. 

Office-bearers elected third week in March annually. 

Abercorn Bowling Club. 

Instituted 1860— New Greens opened May 21st, 1898. 

Hon. President — Sir William Dunn, Bart, M.P. 

President, Alexander M'Naughtan. Vice-President, Alexander Pattison. 

Secretary, William Paul, 11 Whitehaugh terrace. Treasurer. William Watt. 

Directors, A. Nairn, James Dpars, J. Semple, D. Leishman. W. Kerr, Jas. Black, W. Taylor. 

Green-Keeper, Sam Waddell, 3 Crossflat crescent 

Annual Meeting first week in March. Arnual i-ubscri; tion, One Guinea. 

Entiances to Greens, Garthland lane and Greenlaw avenue. 

Victoria Bowling Club. 

Hon. President — James Boyd. Hon. Vice-President— James Cramb. 

President — John Provan. Vice-President— Alex. Hill. 

Treasurer — Jrhn Arthur. Secretary- — William Strachan, 34 Lady lane. 

Directors — George Archibald, jun., Robert Hamilton, Jas. More, Jas. M'Curdie, Matthew Coats, 

Martin Walker. Archibald Yuill. 

Green-Keeper— John Telfer, 24 Argyle street. 

Wellmeadow Bowling Club. 

President, Wm. M'Hattie. Vice-President, W. N. Patrick. Treasurer, John Gardner. 

Secretary, Charles Wilson, 9 East lane, Fergur-lie. 

Green-Keeper. Andrew Provan, Maxwelton street. Gteen, 13 Wellmeadow. 

The Offict-Beartrs are reelected on second Tuesday in March. 

Caledonia Bowling Club. 

Instituted 1873. 

Green — Greenock road. 

Honorary President — John Murray. 

President, James Watson. Vice-President, John L. Watson. 

Secretary, James M'Naughtan, 1 Caledonia street. 

Treasurer, William Smith. Anna villa, Greenock road. 

Committee — John M"Taggart, John Barr, William Hawson, Thos. Alexander, and Wm. Scott. 

Green-Keeper. D. Macintyre. 
Office-bearers elected second Tuesday in March annually. 

Charleston Bowling Club. 

Patron — Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. Hon. President— J. B. Richardson. 

President — Alexander Beaton. Vice-President — Hugh Barr. 

Treasurer — Wallace Morton Secretary — Charles Henry. 18 Alice place. 

Green-Keeper, William Herd. Greens, Stock street. 


Ferguslie Thread Works Bowling Club. 

Hon. President— Sir Thos. Glen-Coats, Bart., Ferguslie park, Paisley. 

President — John Walmsley, Wocdbank house, Castlehead, Paisley. 

Vice-President— Edwd. Mallinson, 32 Maxwellton. 

Secretary and Treasurer— G. D. Graham, 93 George street. 

Anchor Bowling Club. 

Established 1S96. Greens — Seedhill road. 

Hon. Presidents— Stewart Clark ai.d William Clark. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — Kenneth M. Clark, J. Stewart Clark, Robert B„lderstoD, J. William 

Clark, John Gilchrist, and James Oscar M. Claik. 

President — James Balderston. Vice-President — Thomas M'Bride. 

Treasurer — Peter Cumming. Secretary— John Oichardson, 82 Seedhill road. 

Directors — William Gibson, John Baillie, John MKinlay, James Aitken, James Brown, 

Harry Barclay, George M'Intosh, Robeit Adam, James Baillie, and James Service, sen. 


Caledonia Bicycle Club 

Instituted June, 1881 

Season 1902. 

Hon. President — Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. 

President — A. B. Maxwell. 

Captain— William Craig. Vice-Captain — Robert Smith. 

Hon. Secretary and, Treasurer — John Burge s, 2 Park terrace, Pais T ey, 

Committee — Messrs. Watson, A. C. Anderson, Wilson, Stewart, and Femie. 

Delegates to S.C.U. — W. L. Kirkwood and John Milne. 

Masonic Cycling Club. 

Season 1902. 

Hon. President — A. A. Speirs. 

President— James Cramb. Vice-President — R. H. Landess, 

Captain— John Thomson. Vice-Captain — William Allison. 

Secretaries — A. B. Berry, 63 George street, and Alexander Munro, 

Treasurer — David Ferguson, 21 Seedhill road. 

Committee — The Office-Bearers, and Geo. A. Robertson, George Roberton, 

Hugh Barr, George Yeats, William Dykes, and Williim Forsyth. 

Paisley and District Good Templars' Cycling Club. 

All members must be Good Templars. 

Any further information will be given or application for membership will be received by the- 

D. C. Gribben, President, 16 Barr street. James Caskie, Secretary, 98| George street. 

Paisley Harriers Cycling Club. 

Season 1902. 

President — John Craig, jun. Vice-President — John Sou+hwell, jun. 

Captain — M. Gustavsen. Vice-Captain — J. Hosie. 

Secretary and Treasurer — J. C. Anderson, 10 Sandholes, Paisley. 

Committee — J. S. Hart, J. Arthur, and J. Inglis, 

Annual Meeting first week in March. 

Abercorn Football Club. 

Formed 1877. 
Patrons — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart, of Ardgowan and Blackball; Stewart Clark, ex-M.P. ;. 
Colonel Sir T. G. Coats, Bart.; J. Stewart Claik ; Lord Blythswood ; ex-Bailie Smith;- 
Sir Wm. Dunn, Bart., M P.; ex-Provost Johnston ; Kenneth M. Clark, Esq. ; ex-Bailie A. R. 
Pollock ; A. Campbell ; J. H. Savile, Esq. 
Hon. -President, J. Stewart Clark, Kilnside house. President, Thos. Lawrie. Vice-President 
William Daniel. Hon. and Financial Secretary, Robe't Adam, 10 Kilnsk'e load. Match 
Secretary, D. C. Gribben, 16 Barr street. Treasurer, Daniel Campbell, 27 Lawn street. 

Annual meeting first Friday of May. 


St. Mirren Football Club. 

Instituted 1877. — Grounds, Love Street. 

Patrons— Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P.; Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart.; C. Bine Renshaw, M.P.; 

T. Glen Arthur, P. M. Coats, W. H. Coats, J. H. Savile. 

Hon. President — Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. 

President — James K. Horsburgh, Mill House, Linwood. 

Vice-President — Thomas Bormar. Hon. Treasurer — John Scouller, 5 St. James street. Paisley. 

lion, and Financial Secretary — Alex. Rowand, 5 Kerr street, Paisley. 

Match Secretory— Robert Smith. 11 Carbrook street, Paisley. 

Office-bearers elected in April annually. 

Paisley Academical Football Club. 

Grounds, Greenlaw Park. 

Patrons — J. Drybrough, A. Patterson, H. Allison, J. Stirling, Bailie Donald, and D. Aucott. 

President — John Pattison. 

Vice-Presidents — J. Kilpatrick, T. Greenlees, Jan., W. M'Gee, and W. Patterson. . 

Captain 1st Eleven — Itobt. Paterson. Captain 2nd Eleven— Wm. M'Gee. 

Treasurer — A. M'Walter. Secretary — D. P. Sturrock, Oakshaw. 

Hatch Committee— Messrs. Paterson, Paul, M'Gee, Auchterlonie, and Robertson 

Craigielea Rugby Football Club. 

Resuscitated 1898. 

Hon. President — Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — T. G. Abercrombie, Thomas Rowat, jun., James A. D. MacKean, 

James Cook, Thomas G eenlees, jun., and J. W. Bently. 

President— W. L. Coats. Vice-President — Thomas MacRobert, jun. 

Treasurer and Secretary — S. Jack, Castlehead. Captain— R. J. C. Clark, Chapel house. 

Secretary of 2nd and 3rd teams — A. A. Gardener, Dunrod. 

Office-bearers elected in September annually. 

Kelburne Cricket Club. 

Instituted 1860. — Grounds, Whitehaugh. 

Hon. President — Sir M. Shaw Stewart, Bart. Hon. Vice-President — Arthur Logan. 

President — R. B. Howatson. Vice-President — Wm. Bowie. 

Captain, 1st Eleven — Angus Buchanan. Vice-Captain — R. F. Steel. 

Captain, 2nd Eleven — Alex. Tagg, jun. Vice-Captain — W. G. Hollis. 

Hon. Sec. — J. Y. Alexander, 3 Crossflat crescent. Hon. Treas. — C. J. Davidson, Terrace buildings. 

Committee — R. B. Howatson, A. Buchanan, J. Hamilton, C. J. Davidson, S. Colquhoun, A. Gibson, 

A. Tagg, jun., J. Yuill, W. Knox, H. F. Steel, W. Bowie, and Secretary. 

Ferguslie Cricket Club. 

Instituted 1887. — Grounds, Meikleriggs. 

Patrons — J. & P. Coats, Limited. 

Hon. Presidents — Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart.; W. H. Coats, P. M. Coats, P. H. Coats, 

E. S. Coats, Geo. Coats, and 0. E. Philippi. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — J. Wa'ms'ey, J. Robertson, N. Buchanan, (). W ilkinson, W. Craig, T. Locke, 

John Mair, Jas. Scott. W. P. Stewart, W. M. M/Lelland, Dr. Collin, and W. Whyte. 

President — John M'Cutchion.* Vice-President — Allan Scott.* 
Captain, 1st XL—W. R. M'Cormick.* Captain, 2nd XL—G. Jaap.* 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — James Michael, 11 Thistle street. Meikleriggs. 

3rd XI. Secretary— A. Ritchie, 5 East lane. Ath XI.—R. Watt, Castlehead. 

.Committee— K. G. Clark/ A. Burnett, J. Inglis.* A. R. Smith, R. Hastings, D. M. Peddie, 

R. Greenhalgh,* J. M'Bean, C. Lyle,* S. Bell, R. Fotheringham, and J. R. Brands. 

Professional— W . Megson. 

Those marked * constitute Match Committee. 

Paisley Skating Club. 

Instituted 1875. 

Chairman — Ex-Provost Clark. 

Treasurer — Robert Edmonds. Secretary — T. Kelso, Falside. 

Committee — Robt. Smith, James Mure, James Barr. 

J?ond, Lochfield Road. Keeper — James Reid, 9 Neilston street. 

Annual Meeting in October. 


Paisley Harriers. 

President — John Craig. Hon. Treasurer — A. Neil. 

Hon. Secretary — J. W. Danskin, 1 Whitehaugh drive. 

Representative S.C.C.U. — John Craig-, jr. 

Cross-country runs are held on Saturdays from beginning of October to end of March. 

Annual meeting first week in September. 

Paisley Harriers (Tuesday Section). 

President— John Clark. Hon. Treasurer— Alex. M'Dermid. 

Hon. Secretary— Matthew M'Kendrick, 2 Thomas street. 

Paisley Junior Harriers. 

President— Charles Burgess. Vice-President— Charles M'Nair. 

Captain— Arthur Terrell. Vice-Captain— David M'Kay. 

Secretary and Treasurer— Richard Burgess, Wallace Lea, Glasgow road. 

Cross country runs on Saturdays from beginning of October to end of March. 

Annual meeting in April. 

Paisley Trades Amateur Rowing Club. 

Formed 1885. 

Patrons — Gentlemen of Paisley. 

Hon. President— James Fullerton. Hon. Vice-Presidents— John Glover and Andrew Fisher. 

President— Win. Gilmour. Vice-President— Wm. Wright. 

Hon. Secretary— John Dempster, 12 Stevenson street. Assistant Secretary— Robert Donald. 

Financial Secretary— James Watson. Treasurer — John Doak. 

Captain — James Duff. Vice-Captain — George Barr. 

Committee— Messrs. P. M'Lerie, W. Simpson, J. Armour, J. Watson, J. Wardrop. 

Rowing Master — James Wingate. 

The Club practices on the lower stretch of the river Cart, and is the only tradesman's club in town. 

Offlce-Bearers are elected in December. 

Paisley Amateur Swimming Club. 

Hon. President— Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. President— John Fulton. 

Vice-President — Robert Lyle. 

Secretary— R. Howard Lang, 4 Lylesland terrace. Treasurer— James Scott, 27 Gauze street. 

Paisley Victoria Swimming Club. 

President- Alfred M'Naughton. Vice-Presidents— G. Beveridge and W. G. Pollock. 

Treasurer —Alan K. Beveridge. 

Secretaries— General— J. H. Ritchie, 5 Underwood road. Minute— R. S. Scott. 

Ladies' — Nellie Drewette. Financial — James Anderson. 

Captains — R. M'Sephney, J. Richmond, and M. Ferguson. 

Vice- Captains — H. Wotherspoon, H. Burgess, and E Craigen. 

Cmmittee-E. Craigen, E. Thomson, M. Ferguson, P. M'Sephney, J. Kilgour, G. M. Smith, 

J. Logan, J. Harris, Alex. Leitch, together with Secretaries and Treasurer. 

Practices every Thursday evening from 8 to 9 o'clock in the Baths. 

Ladies on Wednesdays, 8 to 9 p.m. 

The Captain and Vice-Captain act as Swimming Instructors. 

Abercorn Angling Club. 

President— Robert Frew. Vice-President— John M'Sephney. 

Treasurer— James Pollock. Secretary— William L. Clark, 12 West Buchanan street 

Fishings on River Gryffe. 

Rowbank Angling Club. 

President — John Stewart. Vice-President — Thos. B. Watson. 

Hon. Treasurer — John Lymburn, Gledstane, Bisho ton. 
Hon. Secretary — Alexander Cochran, 19 High street. 
■General Meeting in October for election of Office-bearers, Committee of Management, etc. 

St. Mirin Angling Club. 

President — T. Russell, 8 High street. Vice-President — A. Allice, 2 Greenlaw avenue. 

Secretary and Treasurer — A. M'Naughton, 8 Gilmour street. 



Paisley Golf Club. 

Hon. President — Stewart Clark. 

Captain — Jas. B. Stewart. Hon. Treasurer — Jas. S. Stewart. 

Hon. Secretary— W. B. Brown, Glenfield. 

Annual Meeting and Election of Office-Bearers in November. 

Paisley Draughts Club. 

Central Unionist Rooms, 42 Old Sneddon street. 

Hon President — H. M'Kenzie. 

President — Joseph Keppie. Vice- Preside 'it — Wm. M'Lean. 

Secretary — J. M. Hunter, 8 Garthland lane. Treasurer— R. Robertson. 

Paisley Race Meeting. 

Instituted 1608. 
Committee — Bailie Adam, ex-Bailie Brown, ex-Bailie Leitch, and W. F. Houston, M.R.C.Y.S. 

A. Macfarlane, Secretary. 



President— Thomas Taylor. Vice-President — Hugh Valla ce. 

Treasurer — William Carmichael. Secretary — Thos. Loudon, 16 Well street. 

Meets every alternate Tuesday in Painters' Hall, 109 Causeyside street. 

Office-bearers elected half-yearly in May and November. 


Meets on the First Wednesday of each month in the Royal Oak, Moss street, at 8 p.m. 

vhairman of Committee — Wm. H. More, 4 Mary street. 

Agent — James Pinkerton, 40 High street. 


President — John Baird. Vice-President — Wm. B. Robin. 

Treasurer — Bailie Kent, 12 Seedhill road. Secretary — David Thow, Jun., 10 Clavering street. 

Office-bearers elected annually in January. 


President — Wm. M'Canse. 

Treasurer — John Howie, Underwood lane. Secretary — Robt. Hamilton, 43 Lady lane. 

Committee Rooms — 43 Lady lane. Weekly Meetings every Saturday. 

Annual election of Office-bearers in March. 


President — Robert P. Bennett, 4 Phillip street. 

Treasurer — Ebenezer Bell 16 Mossvale street. Steward — William Wilson, 16 Glen street. 

Secretary — James Suellie, 5 M'Kerrell street. 

Election of Office-bearers takes place annually in June. 


President — Andrew Whitecross, 6 Clarence street. 

Secretary — Samuel Robertson, 67 Broomlands st. Treasurer — Th mas Vemer, 142 George st. 

House of Call. — 13 High street. 
Office-bearers elected in May and November. 


Instituted 1871. 
President — John Lang. Vice-President — John Gallacher. 

Treasurer — Wm. Craig, 6 Union street. Secretary — W. R. Finlator, writer, 12 High street. 
Office-bearers elected at meeting in June, 


President — Peter Millar. Vice-President — James Scarlett. 

Treasurer — Alexander Rennie. Wellmeadow. Secretary— James Allison, 34 High street. 

Law Agent — Alexander M'Allister, writer, 4S Moss street. 

Office-bearers elected annually in December. 



(Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889.) 

Division. I.— East Renfrewshire. 

1. Thornliebank — William G. Crum, The Rouken, Thornliebank 

2. Eastwood— John Denholm, The Mains, Giffnock 

3. Pollokshaws (First) — George C. H. M'Naught, Melrose lodge, Shawlands 

4. Pollokshaws (Second) — James Macdougall, tailor, 4 Afton terrace, Pollokshaws 

5. Pollokshaws (Third) — Donald Munro, M.D., Wheatholm, Pollokshaws 

6. Pollokshaws (Fourth)— Robert Gardner, 4 Miller street, Shawlands 

7. Busby— J. C. R. Marshall, of Crookfur, Mearns 

8 Mearns — William Mann, shipowner, Whitecraigs, Giffnock 

9. Eaglesham — Allan Gilmour yr. of Eaglesham, Eaglesham house, Eaglesham 

10. Cathcart (East) — Henry E. Gordon, advocate, Aiken'iead house, Cathcart 

11. Cathcart (West) — John Morton, warehouseman, Cathcart house, Cathcart 

II.— West Renfrewshire. 

12. Hurlet— Robert King, merchant, Levernholme, Hurlet 

13. Elderslie — Charles Bine Renshaw of Glenpatrick, M P., Barochan, Houston 

14. Paisley — James Cowan, caning contractor, Ross Hall, by Paisley 

15. Linwood — Dugald Alexander MacTavish, writer, Johnstone 

16. Bridge of Weir— Peter Caldwell, architect, Duneaton, Bridge of Weir 

17. Kilbarchan— Archibald W. Finlayson, Springgrove, Kilbarchan 

18. Houston (East) — Alexander Archibald Speirs of Elderslie. Houston house, Houston 

19. Houston (West)— Alexander Marshall Brown, merchant, Gryffe Castle, Bridge of Weir 

20. Bishopton — David Cross, of Ingliston, Bishopton 

21. Erskine and Inchinnan— Lord Blythswood of Blythswood, Renfrew 

22. Renfrew — James Gardner, farmer, Lillieslea, Scotstounhill 

2-3. Barrhead (First) — Robert Osborne, provision merchant, Forebrae, Grahamston 3 Barrhead 

24. Ban-head (Second)— William Johnston, Chappell house, Barrhead 

25. Ban-head (Third)— Henry Barclay Dunlop, of Arthurlie, Barrhead 
20. Neilston — Alexander Robertson Ferguson, writer, Neilston 

27. Ouplaymuir — William Mure of Caldwell 

28. Lochwinnoch (East) — John Pollock, junior, farmer, Sprinsside, Howwood 

29. Lochwinnoch (West)— Henry Macdowall, of Garthland, Lochwinnoch 

30. Lochwinnoch (North) — Joseph Johnstone, cabinetmaker, Calder house, Lochwinnoch 

31. Inverkip — Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, of Greenock and Blackhall, Bart., Ardgowan, 


32. Kilmalcolm (South)— Horatio Renaud Babington Peile, factor, Inverkip 

33. Kilmalcolm (East) — Rev. James Murray, Kilmalcolm 

34. Kilmalcolm (North)— John Fullarton, timber merchant, Thornwood, Kilmalcolm 

35. Johnstone (First) — James Finlayson, jun., thread manufacturer, The Elms, Milliken Park 
3t». Johnstone (Second)— James Fyfe Donald, engineer, Woodbank, Johnstone 

37. Johnstone (Third) — William Shanks, engineer, Bank house, Johnstone 

38. Johnstone (Fourth)— John Baird Stirling, writer, Johnstone 

39. Gourock (Central)— Walter Charles Stuart M'Glashan, Moidart, Victoria road, Gourock 

40. Gourock (East)— William Hardie Turner, Woodlands, Barrhill road, Gourock 

41. Gourock (West)— Robert Binnie, merchant, Ashfoid, 93 Albert road, Gourock 

Elected by the Town Council of the Burgh of Renfrew. 

42. Jf^hn Cumming, Provost of Renfrew. 

43. James DonaldsoD, Town Councillor of Renfrew. 

Convener— Robert King of Levernholme. Vice- Convener— Henry Erskine Gordon of Aikenhead. 

Fiars Prices for Renfrewshire. 

Crop 1900. Crop 1901. 

Best. Gen. Av'ge. Best. Gen.Av'g 

S. D. S. D. S. D. S. D. 

Wheat, per imp. qr 25 3± 24 3£ 27 7 26 10| 

Barlev 25 6 23 9| 29 6 28 9£ 

0ats " " 19 12 5£ 20 9 18 11 

Bean's, .'.' 37 33 7f 40 39 11 

Bere, J. No evidence. No evidence. 

Oatmeah'per'ibst,,orl401b.imp., 16 14 8£ 15 6 14 11 




Qualified to vote and act as such. 
Members of the Standing Joint Committee of the County Council and Commissioners of Supply 

are marked thus (*). 
Members of the Committee on Claims of Enrolment are marked thus (t). 
Convener of Commissioners of Supply— Lord Blythswood, of Blythswood. 

Zech. John Heys, calico printer, South 
Arthurlie, Barrhead, for hirmelf and co- 
trustees of the deceased Zech. Heys. calico 

*tThc Right Honourable Lord Blythswood 
Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, of Greenock 

and Blackhall, Bart. 
Sir John Maxwell Stirling-Maxwell, of Nether 

Pollok, Bart. 
Sir David C. R. C. Buchanan, of Drumpellier 
John Anderson, of Highholm, Port-Glasgow 
James Arbuckle, Grey place, Greenock 
Stewart Armour, merchant, Johnstone 
James Brownlie, grocer in Barrhead 
Robert Brodie, writer, Glasgow, as factor and 
commissioner for Robert William Rankine 
Wilson, of Braidbar and Lincolns Inn, 
London, to act and vote in his constituent's 
John Birkmyre, manufacturer, Port-Glasgow 
Horatius Bonar, W.S., Edinburgh, for himself 
and co-trustees of the deceased James Watt, 
of Ranfurly, to act and vote in absence of 
said other trustees 
William Bow, engineer, Paisley 
Nicol Cameron, residing at Pollokshaws 
James White Cameron, house factor, Pollok- 
John Campbell, writer, Pollokshaws 
James Cochran, of Riversbank 
James Cowan, of Ross Hall 
fGeorge Craig, of Broom, Mearns 
Wm. Craig, solicitor, 5 Hayburn crescent, 

Parti ck 
David Cross, of Ingleston, Langbank. 
John Maxwell Cuningham, Sutherland House, 

John Charles Cuninghame, of Craigends 
Duncan Darroch, B.A., of Gourock 
Alexander Darroch, factor, Island of Coll 
John Denholm, of Mains, Thornliebank 
fHenry Barclay Dunlop, of Arthurlie 
Robert Dunlop, of Wester Kerse, residing at 

Arthurlie, Barrhead 
Alex. Robertson Ferguson, of Luckiesfauld, 

writer, Neilston 
James Alexander Ferguson, residing at Dean- 
sile, Renfrew, as factor and commissioner 
for Alexander Archibald Speirs of Elderlie, 
to act and vote in absence of his constituent 
the said Alexander Archibald Speirs 
■f Jas. Finlayson, Merchiston house, Johnstone 
James Finlayson, jun., flax -spinner and 

linen-thread manufacturer, Johnstone 
Archibald Watson Finlayson, flax-spinner and 

linen-thread manufacturer, Johnstone 
James Fleming, jun., of Newlandsfield, 
Kilmory, Skelmorhe 
tWil.iam Fleming, Fulwood, Houston 

Allan Gilmour, of Eaglesham 
*t Allan Gilmour, yr., of Eaglesham 
*Henry Erskine Gordon, advocate, of Aiken- 
head, Cathcart 
Allan Graham-Barns-Graham, of Craigallion 
and Kirkhill 
"'George Ludovic Houstoun, of Johnstone 
J. W. Shand-Harvey, of Castlesemple 
James Hill, merchant, Johnstone 

printer. South Arthurlie 

Robert Kerr, manufacturer, in Glasgow and 

George JarJine Kidston, of Finlaystone, 

Wm. Logan, writer, in Lochwinnoch, as factor 
and commissioner for Henry Macdowall, of 
Garthland and Carruth, to act and vote in 
the absence of the said Henry Macdowall 

Archibald Mackenzie, starch manufacturer. 
Paisley, residing at Milliken, Johnstone 

Thomas Edward Hall Maxwell, of Dargavel , 
Captain R.N 

Matthew Morrison, wine and spirit merchant, 

John Meikle of Lochlibo, 6S Osborne road, 

t James Barclay Murdoch, of Capelrig, Mearns 

William Mure, of Caldwell 

John Campbell Murray, Haggs Castle, Glas- 
gow, as factor and commissioner for Sir John 
Stirling Maxwell, of Pollok, Bart., to act and 
vote i.i absence of the said Sir John Stirling 
♦tHenry Macdowall, of Garthland 

Thomas M'Quaker, jun., writer in Glasgow 
residing at No. 1 Campside crescent, Langside 

David M'Haffle, of Eastwood 

Peter M'Laurin, residing at High Cartside 

John M'Lachlan, engineer in Paisley 

Thomas M'Lellan, merchant, Barrhead 

Dugald Alexander Mactavish, writer in John- 
stone, as factor and commissioner for John 
Charles Cuninghame, of Craigends, to act 
and vote in his absence 

John F. Patrick, of Grangehill 

James Paton, manufacturer, Johnstone. 

James Montgomerie Pearson, civil engineer, 
49 John Finnie street, Kilmarnock, as Factor 
and Commissioner for John Meikle of Loch- 
libo, to act and vote in his absence 

James Pollok, of Titwood 

James Pollock, bank agent, Barrhead 
*t William Fergusson Pollok, Pollok Castle, 
Mearns, as factor and Commissioner for, 
James Crawford Ferguson Pollok, of Upper 

John Pollok, of Faside 

H. R. B. Peile, Inverkip, as factor for Sir M. R. 

Shaw Stewart, Bart., for the time being, in 

absence of the said Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, 


♦Charles Bine Renshaw, of Barochan,&c, M.P. 

George Wood Richardson, of Ralston 
fAlexander Archibald Speirs, of Elderslie 

Robert Strang, of Auchengrange.Lochwinnoch 

Robert Thomas Napier Speir,of Culdees Castle 

Guy Speir, yr., of Blackstoun, Culdees Castle 

Thomas B. Seath, Sunnyoaks, Langbank 


tWm. Stevenson, of Kobbshill and Househill, 
Hugh Stevenson, yi\, of Househill 
Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, of Carnock, M.P 
James Stewart, of Williamwood 
James Parker Smith, yr., of Jordanhill, M,P. 
Robert Sutherland of Southbar 
Wra. Walker, doctor of medicine, Pollokshaws 
Alexander Wilson, Overtrees, Lochwinnoch 
Robert William Rankine Wilson, of Braidbar 
George Williamson, calico printer, Locherfleld, 

*tThe Sheriff of the County 
*|The Sheriff-Substitute, Paisley 

The Sheriff-Substitute, Greenock 

The Provost of Renfrew 

The eldest Bailie of Renfrew 

The Provost of Paisley 

The Provost of Greenock 
*The Provost of Port-Glasgow 

The Provost of Pollokshaws 

The Senior Police Magistrate of Johnstone 

The Senior Police Magistrate of Gourock 

The Senior Police Magistrate of Barrhead. 

Clerk of Supply — James Caldwell— Office, County buildings, Paisley. 

Annual General Meeting held at Paisley, on the second Thursday of May. 

The 9th Section of the Act of Parliament, 17th and 18th Vict., cap. 91, states the qualifications 
necessary for a Commissioner of Supply. 

Renfrewshire Agricultural Society. 

Instituted 1802. 

President — George L. Houstoun, of Johnstone. 
Vice-Presiden ts. 

His Grace The Duke of Abercorn. 

T. G. Arthur, Carrick House. Ayr. 

W. A. Baird, of Erskine. 

George Barclay of Thornhill, Jo nstone 

James Birkmyre, of Llanvair. 

The Right Hon. Lord Blythswood. 

Sir D. C. R. C. Buchanan., C.B., of Drumpellier. 

Sir John Cheyne,K.C. Sheriff of Renfrew <s Bute. 

Kenneth M. Clark, Paisley. 

Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Bart, Ferguslie Park. 

Archibald Coats, of Woodside, Paisley. 

James Coats, jun., of Ferguslie. 

Andrew Coats, Ferguslie. 

George Coats, of Belleisle. 

Peter Coats, Garthland place, Paisley. 

Daniel Coats, Garthland place. 

W. A. Coats, of Skelmorlie Castle. 

James Coats, of Auchendrane, Ayr. 

James Cowan, of Ross Hall. 

David Cross, of Ingliston. 

John Charles Cuninghame, of Craigends. 

Sir William Dunn, Bart., M.P. for Paisley. 

Allan Gilmour, yr., of Eaglesham. 

George W. Henderson, of Park. 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Home, K.T. 

1 he Rt. Hon. Lord Inverclyde,oi Castle Wemyss 

James Kerr, Dargavel. 

George J. Kidston, of Finlaystone. 

Colonel King, of Levernholme. 

Sheriff W. D. Lyell, Ormlie. 

Walter B. Longton, Walkinshaw. 

Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Bart., M.P. , of Pollok 

W. D. Graham Menzies, of Hallyburton. 

William Mure of Caldwell. 

C. Bine Renshaw, M.P., of Barochan. 

H. H. Smiley, of Gallowhill. 

Robert Thomas Napier Speir, Culdees Castle. 

A. A. Speirs, of Elderslie. 

Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart, of 

M. H. Shaw Stewart, M.P. 
David Tod, of Hartfield. 
F. W. Wotherspoon, of Maxwellton, Paisley. 

Ordinary Directors. 

H. B. M'Kie, Erskine, Bishopton. 

John Wilson, 65 Bank street, Glasgow 

George Galloway, factor, Bishopton. 

J. Campbell Murray, 53 Bothwell St.", Glasgow. 

A. K. Ciichton, Penshurst, Bridge of Weir. 

John Watt, West Fullwood, Houston. 

R. C Marshall, of Bruntshields, Kilbarchan. 

William Renfrew, Ferguslie farm, Paisley. 

Daniel Livingstone, 20 Gauze street, Paisley. 

John Ross Macgregor, Lonend cottage, Paisley. 

Matthew Bowie. Blackbyres. 

R . Arneil, Corsebar, Paisley. 

John Samson, Drumcross, Bishopton. 

W. S. Park, Hatton, Bishopton. 

James Moffat, Freeland, lnchinnan. 

Matthew Gilmour, jr., Town of lnchinnan. 

R. C. Young, Netherfield, by Johnstone. 

James Wilson, Boghall, Houston. 

Wm. Scott, Denniston, Kilmalcolm. 

Peter Holmes, Priestside, Kilmalcolm. 

Wm. Whyte, Auchens, by Johnstone. 

Geo. M'Murrich, Over-Johnstone, by Johnstone 

David Kerr. Park, Beith. 

Ninian Parker, Wardbowie, Howwood.. 

George Gilmour, Saturland, Barrhead. 

David Osborne, Craig, Neilston. 

James Blair, Bankfoot, Inverkip. 

Wm. Rodger, Crook, Mearns. 

Neil MColl, Mid Walkinshaw, by Renfrew, 

William Clark, Netherlea, Cathcart. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Benjamin Lang, solicitor, 94 High street, Paisley 
Office-bearers elected November of each year 


Renfrewshire Police. 

Head Quarters — County Buildings, Love Street, Paisley. 

Chief Constable— Charles Harding. 

Head Quarters or Home Division— Superintendent Wilson in charge, assisted by the Office 

Inspector. Stations — Paisley, Bishopton, Elderslie, Half-way House, Inchinnan, Linwood, 

Nethercraigs, Scotstoun, and Yoker. 
Greenock or Western Division— Supt. Gordon in charge. Stations— Greenock, Gateside, 

Gourock, Inverkip, Kilmalcolm, Langhank, Wemyss Bay, and Clune Brae. 
Kilbarchan or Southern Division— Inspector Graham in charge. Stations— Kilbarchan, 

Bridge of Weir, Crosslee, Howwood, and Lochwinnoeh. 
Pollokshaws or Eastern Division— Inspector Geddes in charge. Stations— Pollokshaws, 

Cathcart (New), Cathcart (Old). 
Newton-Mearns (Sub-Division)— Sergeant Sinclair in charge. Stations— Newton-Mearns, Bushy, 

Eaglesham, Giffnock, and Thornliehank. 
Barrhead Division— Inspector Tosh in charge. Stations— Ban-head, Neilston, Nitshill, and 

Port-Glasgow Division— Inspector Craig in charge. Station— Burgh of Port-Glasgow. 

4th Battalion Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders. 

(Late Royal Renfrew Militia). 
Colonel and Lieut.-Colonel Commanding- A. C. D. Dick, C.B., St. Aidans, North Berwick. 
Majors and Hon. Lieut.- Colonels— II. D. Campbell, D.S.O., Innischonan, Artryleshire, and 

Major The Hon. T. H. A. E. Cochrane, M.P., Crawford Priory, Cupar Fife. 
A djutant- Captain F. J. Richardson, D.S.O., Barracks, Pauley, and Swindridge Muir, Dairy. 
Quartermaster— Lieutenant R. C. Williamson, Oldhall, Paisley, 
Medical Officer— Dr. James Duncan, M.D., Churchhill house, Paisley. 

Sergeant-Major—W. T. Jackson, Barracks. 
Quartermaster-Sergeant— Matthew MLachlan, Barracks. 
Sergeant Instructor of Musketry - J . Mackie. 
Orderly Room Clerk— W. G. S. Maxwell, Barracks. 
Sergeant Drummer- J. R. Tait, Barracks. 
Sergeant Piper — 



Cross of Paisley to Different Places in the County, 

m. f. p. 

Abercom buildings, 22 Gauze street, 2 4 

Abbey Kirk, 16 Smithhills, , 1 14 

Abbey Manse, 7 Garthland street — Rev. Dr. Gentles, 3 39 

Abbotsincb, 15 8 

Adelphi mill place — Johnstone, 4 19 

Ardeu Lime Kilns — Darnley, 5 1 16 

Arthurlie, 3 6 20 

Arthurlie Bleachfield, 4 I 12 

Arthurlie House — Barrhead, 4 3 29 

Arthurlie Inn, , 3 7 22 

Auchentorlie — Alexander Cattauch, 7 29 

Auldhouse Bleachfield 6 2 22 

Bankhouse — Johnstone, 3 5 11 

Bauktop Works, 3 6 1 

Barbush, 3 6 24 

Bargarren, 5 5 

Barr Castle, 10 1 31 

Barshaw — Mrs. James Arthur, 1 4 10 

Barshaw Park, 1 32 

Barskivan, 1 6 36 

Barrhead — United Presbyterian Church (gate of) 4 2 5 

Beauchamp place — Love street, 4 13 

Bishopton, 6 10 

Blackhall— Mr. David Riddell, farmer, 10 4 

Blythswood House — Lord Blythswood of Blythswood, 3 6 30 

Brabloch— W. Holms-Kerr, 5 12 

Bridge of Elliston — road to Beitu, 6 4 13 

Bridge of Weir (Cross)— Wheat Sheaf Inn 7 33 

Bridge of Weir Church (gate of) 6 6 12 

Broadly Flax Mill, 5 3 15 

Broomlands (head of West street) — Old Deer Inn, 5 36 

Brootulands (No. 41) head of — Perguslie East lane, 7 11 

Broomward House (Bridge of Weir), 7 3 

Burnbrae — R. T. N. Speirs of Culdees Castle, 3 6 1 

Calderhaugh Mill, 9 7 13 

Calder Park Mills, Lochwinnoch, 9 7 29 

Calside (head of Stock street), 5 28 

Camphill, t 6 8 

Carlebar, t 4 2 7 

Carruth, 8 7 15 

Cartside Mill— Smith & M'Lauriu, 4 4 36 

€astlehead, „.„.... 7 8 



m. /.' p. 

Causeyside (foot of New street), 1 23 

Causeyside, head of (No. 59), 4 

Chappel Bleacbfield, 8 7 12 

Chappel Works, 3 7 9 

Colinslee, 1 1 17 

Cochrane place — road from Paisley to Howwood, 4 5 2 

Cotton street (No. 1), 130 

Cross Arthm-lie, 3 G 3 

Cross Arthurlie Priutfield, 3 7 21 

Crofthead 5 7 25 

Crofthead Mill, 5 7 

Crofthead Bleachfield, near Neilstou, 6 (J 28 

Cowglen Works, 5 12 

Cowglen, 4 7 2 

Crossflat, 4 35 

Crosslee, 5 3 

Crosslee House, 6 12 

Crosslee Mills, 5 7 10 

Darnley House, the ancient residence of Lord Daruley (in ruius), 4 2 13 

Dunterlie Cottage, 3 5 

Dunterlie (Barrhead), 3 5 37 

Elderslie House, 3 2 32 

Elderslie Cottage, 2 5 12 

Elderslie Cross — Elderslie Inn, 2 2 19 

Elderslie Mill, 2 4 30 

Elderslie Old House (the birth-place of Sir William Wallace), 2 5 10 

Eastwood Kirk, 3 2 

Fairhill— John Hutchison, 7 9 

Fereneze Calico Priutfield, 3 5 18 

Fereneze Cotton Mill, 4 3 24 

Fergusly (near the site of Fergusly Castle), 1 2 30 

Ferguslie Hill (Paisley), 12 7 

Ferguslie House, 1 30 

Floors Mill, 3 31 

Foxbar, via Meikleriggs, 2 7 19 

Gallowhill—H. H. Smiley, 12 

Garthland Place (No. 4), 3 2 

Gas Work, Johnstone, 3 38 

Gateside Mill Printwork (by Chappell), 4 5 3 

Glanderstone Bleachfield (south of Barrhead), 5 85 

Glenfield Works, 2 1 10 

Glenpatrick Printwork, 3 10 

Glen tyan House, 6 25 

Grahamstone Cross — Barrhead Railway Station, 3 3 38 

Greenbank Fancy Dyeworks — Pollokshaws, 1 32 

Greenhill House, 5 18 

Greenock...... 16 3 2 

Greenlaw House, 5 10 

Gryfe Bank House— Bridge of Weir, 7 19 

Gryfe Grove Mill— Bridge of Weir, 7 2 27 

Gryfe Mills, 7 3 9 
































Eagg Mill, Johnstone, \ 4 

Haugh — Hurlet road, leading to Pollokshaws, 4 

Hawkhead House 2 

Hawkhead Corn, Flour, and Barley Mills — J. & R. Ramsay, 1 

High street (head of Lady lane), 

Houston Cross (by Johnstone and Crosslee), 6 

Houston Free Church, 6 

Houston Parish Church, 7 

Houston Parish M a nse, 6 

Houston Bleachfield, 7 

Househill House (road from Hurlet to Pollokshaws), 3 

How wood — Buck's Head Inn, 5 

Hurlet (cross roads) — Archibald Renfrew, blacksmith, 3 

Hurlet Alum Works, 3 

Hurlet Alum and Copperas Works, 3 

Inchinnan Bridge, 2 5 20 

Inchinnan Kirk, 2 7 1) 

Inchinnan Manse, 2 7 2 

Inkermann, 2 7 

Johnstone Castle, . . 3 5 8 

Johnstone Cross (near Black Bull Head Iun), 3 5 34 

Johnstone Flax Mill— Fiulayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd., 3 6 33 

Johnstone Mill— William Paton Ltd., 3 6 27 

Kilbarchan (Cross), 5 4 30 

Kilbarchan Parish Kirk, 5 5 6 

Kilbarchan Parish Manse, 5 2 26 

Kilbarchan United Presbyterian Manse, o 6 30 

Kilnside House— Mr. Stewart Clark, 4 31 

Kirktonfield, 5 3 28 

Kilmalcolm, 11 1 O 

Langbank, 10 2 

Langeide — memorable for the defeat of Queen Mary's troops, 13th 

May, 1568, 7 

Levern Bank Inn, 5 

Leyern Mill, 4 

Linclive, 2 


Linwood Cotton Works, 3 

Locher Bank, 6 

Lochwinnoch Cross (Black Bull Inn), 9 

Lochwinnoch Parish Kirk, 9 

Lochwinnoch Parish Manse, 10 

Lochwinnoch Roadhead Inn, 8 

Lochwinnoch United Presbyterian Church, 9 

Lochwinnoch United Presbyterian Manse, 9 

Love street (No. 50.), 


Maxwellton House .... .. . 7 8 





























' m. f. jj. 
Maxwellton street (Horse Shoe) — near this spot several persons, con- 
demned for witchcraft, were burned iu 1697,.. 6 

Maxwellton (No. I), 7 35 

Merksworth Cottage, Inchinuau road, 1 1 19 

Midtoufiold, 5 5 28 

Millbank, 10 7 3 

Millarston (Bridge) — Candren burn, 1 4 5 

Uilliken, 4 4 1 

Mount Pleasant (Johnstone), 8 7 2 

Mount Pleasant (Paisley) — Rev. Dr. Hutton, 6 18 

Neilston Cross (opposite Parish Church Gate), 5 2 28 

Neilston Parish Manse, 5 5 34 

Nethercomtnon, 6 26 

Netberfield, 4 2 11 

Nether Kirk ton, 5 25 

Newfield— Mr. R. Watson, 4 1 21 

New Mill (Bridge of Weir), 7 34 

New Mill (Johnstone), 3 5 36 

Newton of Belltrees, .., 8 87 

Nitshill Alum and Copperas Works, 3 7 82 

Nitshill (Cross), 3 5 6 

Old Mill (Bridge of Weir), 7 29 

Old Mill (Johnstone), 3 32 

Paisley Barracks, 5 17 

Paisley East Toll Bar (late), 7 27 

Paisley Gas Works — George Hislop, engineer aud manager, 7 28 

Peocklaud House (Johnstone), 3 3 20 

Peockland Mill (Johnstone) — D. Biggart & Sons, 3 3 7 

Pollok, 5 7 10 

Pollokshaws (Cross), 4 

Port-Glasgow, 13 7 

<Quarrelton, 3 5 8 

Ralston House, 1 6 11 

Renfrew Cross (Black Bull lun), 2 7 1 

Renfrew Ferry, 3 3 

Rosebank Cottage, Johnstone, 3 4 18 

Saint Fillau's Catholic Church, Houston, 6 6 

Saint John the Evangelist's Church, Barrhead, 4 4 

Sandyford (West), 1 2 26 

Saucel Bank House, 6 6 

Sacell Brewery, 3 26 

Shaw Mill, 6 2 9 

Shortroods, 6 25 

South Arthurlie Pi intfield—Z. Heys & Sons, 3 7 28 

Springbank Field — near Neilston, 5 6 17 

Springfield, 4 4 1 

Springfield House, 4 3 8 

Spriughill House, 4 1 33 

St. James street (No. 20) — head of Caledonia street, H 3 

Storie street (No. 32) foot of, 3 26 

Stow place, 4 


Thornbill House, , 3 

Thorn, 3 

Thornliebank House, » 

Thornliebank New Field— Walter Crum & Co., 5 

Thornliebank Printfield and Mill— do., o 

Three Mile House — Glasgow road, 3 

Trees, * 3 

Underwood Cottage — Mr. J. B. Lamb, architect and surveyor, 

Uuderwood Power-loom Weaving Factory— R. & J. P. Kerr, 

Upper Greenbank — Polloksha ws, C 

View Bank (Calside), 7 9 

Wellmeadow (No. 21), 4 

West Arthurlie Bleachfield, 3 7 28 

West ITurlet House, 2 7 10 

Woodfoot (Houston parish), b' 31 

Woodside (once the seat of a Rornap camp) — Mr. Archd. Coats, 6 14 

Woodside (Kilbarchan), 5 4 13 





















ADAM, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, New buildings, Canal street — ho. 
Blythswood road 

Allan, James, dairyman, 8 Barnett place, Yoker ; house 9 Green 
road, Y^oker 

Allen, H. S., M.A., B.Sc., electrical engineer, Blythswood Labora- 
tory — ho. 5 Oxford drive 

Anderson, Daniel, confectioner, Newton, Moorpark 

Anderson, Rev. George, B.D., minister of the Established Church, 
The Manse, Alexandria drive 

Anderson, Robert, Glenavon, Clyde street 

Anderson, Thomas, Croftvale 

Anderson, Mary, confectioner, 29 Fulbar street — ho. 46 do. 

Anderson, Mrs., Longcroft house, Inchinnan road 

Andrew, Mrs., grocer, 44 High street — house Orchard street 

Angus, William, grocer, 1-2 Moorpark terrace 

Angus, William, grocer, 11 Barnett place, Yoker 

Auld, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, Clydesdale Bar, Y r oker 

BABCOCK & WILCOX, Ltd., patent water tube boilermnkers 

and engineers, South Renfrew 
Bain, James, police sergeant — house 11 Fulbar street 
Bainbridge, Charles, grocer, 65 High street — house 64 do. 
Baird, Colin P., draper, Bank buildings, The Cross — ho. 3 Oxford 

terrace, Oxford road 
Baird, James, cowfeeder, 9 Queen street — house do. 
Barr, James, headmaster, Yoker school 
Bennie, Robert, Blythswood lodge 
Beveridge, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 36 Hairst 

street — house 34 do. 
Black, James, wholesale confectioner and tea dealer, 94-96 High st. 

— house 64 do. 
Black, D., plumber, 34 Hairst street — house Orchard street 
Blair, James, grocer, 7 Hairst street — house 9 Hairst street 
Blake, Rev. B., B.D., Hamilton Memorial U.F. Church Manse, Y r okei 
Blythswood, the Right Hon. Lord, of Blythswood, and 2 Seamore 

place, Mayfair, London 


Blythswoocl Laundry (Mrs. Philip, mistress), 61 Manse st. — ho. do. 

Blythswood Restaurant, Mrs. Maxwell, 51 Hairst street 

Bonar, John, stationer and tobacconist, 4 Fulbar street and 16 

Canal street — house 20 Canal street 
British Linen Coy. Bank ; Agents, John M'Laren and John Stony, 

The Cross 
Brodie, John, of M'Gregor & Brodie — house Albert cottage, Paisley 

Brown, Andrew, of William Simons & Co., Ltd., Castlehill 
Brown, Andrew M'N., engineer, of Wm. Simons & Co., Ltd. — 

house Strathclyde, Dumbreck, Glasgow 
Brown, James M'N., engineer, Simons & Co., Ltd. — house Glenfruin 
Brown, John, Blythswood main lodge 

Brown, Thomas, smith and farrier, 27 Hairst street — house do. 
Brown, Walter, shipbuilder, of Wm. Simons & Co., Ltd. — house 

Brown, William, of Wm. Simons & Co., Ltd. — house Meadowflat 
Bryce, W. & W., drapers, 31 High street — house Hamilton drive, 

Buchanan, Archibald, registrar of births, &c, for the Parish of 

Renfrew, assessor for the Burgh of Renfrew, and session clerk, 

27 Queen street 
Buchanan & French, timber merchants, Albert Saw mills, Porterfield, 

and 52 St. Enoch square, Glasgow 
Buchanan, J., confectioner, china and hardware merchant, 30 

Fulbar street — house 28 do. 
Buchanan, J., grocer, Neil buildings, Ferry road — house 7 Clyde 

Buchanan, John, of Buchanan & French, Albert Saw Mills — house 

Glynhill, Paisley road 
Buckle, William, grocer, 12 High street — house 15 Hairst street 
Budge A., & Co., drapers, Blythswood house, Inchinnan road 
Burgh Stables, 10 Glebe street 
Burns, Robert, salesman at Co-operative (Equitable) Central Store, 

24-26 High street; house Sandyford, Broadloan 

C ALDER, Duncan Forbes, police inspector — ho. 12 Canal street 
Caldwell, Hugh, slater, 50 High street — house 46 do. 
Campbell, Alexander, contractor, Longcroft, Inchinnan road 
Cameron, Hugh, at Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. — ho. 40 Camperdown 

street, Scotstoun 
Cameron, Samuel, dairyman, 6 Glebe street 
vCampbell, Angus, ironmonger, 67 High street — ho. 721 Dumbarton 

road, Par tick 


Campbell, John, painter and decorator, 4 Laurence place, 58 Hairst 
street — house Ballochmyle, Paisley road 

Campbell, William, cemetery superintendent, Arkleston cemetery 

Campbell, Mrs. Robert, farmer, New Mains, Paisley road 

Canning, Robt., flesher, 9 Moorpark ter. — ho. 23 Queen St., Paisley 

Carlin, Margaret, cooking depot, 25 Ferry road 

Carlisle, James, draper, 12 Paisley road — house 16 do. 

Carruth, James, Albert laundry, Paisley road — house Stratheara 
cottage, Paisley road 

Carruth, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Canal street — 
house Strath earn cottage, Paisley road 

Carruthers, James, boot and shoemaker, 1\ Moorpark terrace — ho. 
20 Paisley road 

Chester, Edward, & Co., Limited, mining machinery, engineering, 

and boiler works, Renfrew- 
Clark, John, funeral undertaker and carriage hirer, 97 High street 
— ho. Mansefield house, High street 

Clark, William, wine and spirit merchant, 69 and 71 High street 
— house 4 King's lane 

Coia, Francesos, ice cream vendor, 25 High street 

Colquhoun, Robert, tailor and clothier, 13 Hairst street — house 
9 Bell street 

Co-operative Coal Depot, Fulbar street 

Co-operative (Equitable) Store, 24 High street ; Robert Burns, sales- 
man — ho. Sandyford, Broadloan. Branch, Inchinnan road ; 
David Michie, salesman — house Sandy road. Fleshing 
department, Church st. ; Alexander Stewart, salesman — house 
5 Tennant street. Boot Department, 26 High street ; Miss 
Surgeoner, saleswoman. Drapery Department, 22 High 
street — Miss Gill, saleswoman. Grocery Branch No. 2, 
Moorpark — Robert Disher, salesman — house 26 Paisley road. 
Fleshing Branch No. 1, Moorpark — Alexander Newlands, 
salesman — house 22 Renfield street. 

Connell, John, riveter, 21 Queen street 

Cormick, Mrs. Alexander, Clydebank house, Yoker 

Coulter, W. H., dairy, 12 Moorpark terrace — house 13 do. 

Crai°-, Robert, engineer manager to Lobnitz & Co. Ltd. — house 
Gordon villa 

Crawford, John, grocer, 20 Moorpark — house do. 

Crawford, Robert, grocer, retired, Newtoun — house do. 

Crawford, Jeanie, milliner, 10 Barnett place, Yoker 

Crosbie, William, carriage hirer, 17 Manse street 

Cumming, John, flesher, Cross — house Hermitage. 

Cunningham, Alexander, restaurant, Ferry-roadhead, Yoker 


DAVIDSON, John, clerk to George Wilson & Co.— house 3& 

Devine, Mrs. W., confectioner, 35 Manse street 
Dickson, James, boot manufacturer, 6 Hairst street 
Disher, E., fruiterer and confectioner, 25 Orchard street — house 1 

Tennant street 
Donald, Andrew, grocer and wine merchant, 13 High street — house 

Bon Accord villa, Paisley road 
Donald, Andrew G., post-office, Yoker — house Graham place 
Donald, Archibald, confectioner, tobacconist, and cycle repairer, 29 

Canal street and 10 Hairst street — ho. 29 Canal street 
Donaldson, James, consulting engineer, Glasgow — house Almond 

villa, Paisley road 
Dougal, Charles, joiner, 4 Blythswood road 
Douglas, William, Neil buildings, Ferry road 
Drew, John, dairyman, Ferry-roadhead, Yoker — house do. 
Drysdale, A., draper, 13 Canal street — house Croft cottage 
Duncan, James, draper, 5 Inchinnan road — house 9 do. 
Duncan, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 50 Hairst street — 

house 2 Oxford terrace 
Duncan, Miss Barbara, Clydebank cottage, Yoker 
Duncan, Mrs. Robert, Clydeview, Clyde street. 
Dunsmuir, Robert, M.B., CM., Cross Apothecaries' Hall — house 

Barskimming, Paisley road 
Dunn, James, grocer, 26 Hairst street — house do. 
Dykes, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 44 Hairst street ; house 28 do 

EASTMANS LTD., butchers, 3 High street 
Elder, Mrs. William, 21 Queen street. 
Evangelistic Hall, 9 Wilson street 

Ewing, William S., manager to William Simons & Co. Ltd.— house 
Oxford drive 

FERGUSON. James A., factor to Elderslie Estates, Elderslie 

Estates Office, Deanside — house Deanside 
Ferguson, Peter, Croftenrigh 
F'erguson, Miss, Home farm, Blythswood 
Filshill, Miss, Hope cottage, Paisley road 
Finlay, Archibald, Railway lodge, Blythswood 

Findlay, Norman, grocer and provision merchant, 17 High street 

house 15 do. 
Fiunie, George, 14 Bell street 
Forsyth, George, cycle depot, 59 Hairst street — house 34 Inchinnan 



GALBRALTH, William, grocer, &c, 30 Canal street— house 

Muirston, Paisley 
Oallacher, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Ferry road — house 

46 Orchard street 
Oallacher, Mary Ann, confectioner, 32 High street — house do. 
•Galloway, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 30 Moorpark ; 

house 32 do. 
Gilchrist, Mrs., cowfeeder, 12 Bell street 
Gillan, Hugh, stationer, 5 Barnett place, Yoker 
Glen, George, manager of distillery, Yoker — ho. Yoker holm 
Gold, Andrew, keeper of baths — house 12 Manse street 
Godsman, John, spirit merchant, 21 Canal st. — ho. 51 do. 
Goodwin, J. T., & Co., Ltd., Siemens steel founders, Paisley road 
Goodwin, J. T., of J. T. Goodwin & Co., Ltd. — house Cluny villa, 

Paisley road 
Gordon, Alexander, 42 Hairst street — house 41 do. 

HALL, Ellen, toy and china merchant, 69 Hairst street 
Hamilton, Andrew, railway inspector, and agent for Caledonian 

Insurance Co. — house 37 Bell street 
Hardie, Mrs., grocer, Newtown, Moorpark — ho. do. 
Harper, Andrew R., B.L., writer, Town-Clerk, Municipal buildings 

— house The Haining 
Harvey's Yoker Distillery Ltd., Yoker 
Hendry, David, chemist, Cross Apothecaries' Hall — house Oxford 

Hendry, William, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Meadowside street 

— house Blythswood drive 
Hendry, Mrs. James, baker, 4 Barnett place and 12 Somerville 

place, Yoker ; house 12 Somerville place, Yoker 
Hill, James, M.D., 17 Hairst street — house Argyll lodge 
Hill, Rev. Robert, M. A., minister of Free Church — manse Renfield st. 
Hill, William, writer, 17 Dunlop st. — house 3 Gateside, Renfrew 

road, Paisley. Telephone 125, Paisley 
Hillcoat, Daniel, joiner and builder, 7 Fulbar street — house Fulbar 

Hogarth, Rev. John. M.A., Trinity Manse, Paisley road 
Hogg, John Duncan, provision importer, Glasgow ; ho. Westfield, 

Paisley road 
Hood, Henry, baker, 6 Moorpark terrace and Canal street ; 

house Drumchapel, Scotstoun 
Hood, Henry, confectioner, 6 Moorpark terrace 
Home, Nurses', 63 Manse street 
Hunter, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Canal street — house Oxford drive 


INNES, William, caretaker of Municipal buildings, superintendent 
of fire brigade, and public weigher, Town Hall — ho. Victoria 
mansions, 12 Canal street 

Irvine, Thomas, hair-dresser, 43 High street — ho. 49 Manse st. 

JACK, John, Home cottage, Paisley road 

Jenkins, George, agent, Union bank of Scotland Ltd — ho. Jesmond 
Johnson, Minnie, milliner and baby linen warehouse, Hairst street 
Johnston, Thomas, millwright and teak wood flowerpot maker, 18 
Fulbar street ; house do. 

KENNEDY, Jas., tailor and clothier, 29 Hairst st. — ho. 72 Fulbar st. 

Kennedy, John, blacksmith, Lawrence place; ho. 24 Paisley road 

Kerr & Watson, architects, 16 Fulbar street 

Keter, Robert, dairyman, 27 Fulbar street ; house 1 Bell street 

Keter, William, farmer, Bogside 

Kinnimont, Robert, farmer, Fauldshead 

Kirk, Arthur, restaurant, Porterfield road ; house do. 

Kirk, Leslie, painter and decorator, 17 Inchinnan road — house 

Beachcroft, Clydebank 
Kirk, Thomas D., cashier at Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. — house 25 

Keir street, Pollokshields 
Kirkwood, John, plasterer and slater, 15 Fulbar street; house 49 

Manse street 
Knight, William, manager at George Wilson & Co.'s — house 

Moorpark house 

LANG, Robert, spirit merchant, 1 Victoria drive, Moorpark — house 

5 Houston terrace 
Lang, M. B., 2 Houston terrace, Paisley road 
Lang, William B., shipwright, 4 Tennant street 
Laundry (Steam) Coy.. 140 High street 
Lawrence, William, engineer, Neil buildings, Ferry road 
Lemay, Thomas, engineer, Blythswood laboratory; ho. 41 Bell st. 
Lidclell, Archibald, grocer, 45 High street — ho. 1 Houston terrace 
Lighbody, Thomas, manager of gasworks — house 47 Ferry road 
Lobnitz & Co., Ltd., engineers and shipbuilders 
Lobnitz, Fred., of Lobnitz & Co., Ltd. — house Clarence house 
Logan, Peter, foreman shoemaker to Equitable Co-operative Society 

— house Orchard street 
Lorimer, Walter, ironmonger, 53 Hairst street — house Park place, 

Queen street 
Loudon, John, builder and slater, Inchneuk 
Love, William, provision merchant, 8 High street 


o o 


Low, John S., general manager to Edward Chester & Co., Ltd.— 

house Porterfield house 
Lyon, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 26 Fulbar street— ho. 

5 Oxford terrace 

MAIN, P. S., keeper, Masonic Hall — house 11 High street 
Manson, A. & M., drapers, 6 High street — ho. Wellcroft cottage 
Methven, John, gardener, Blythswood 
Miller, Alex., janitor, Grammar School and Blythswood Testimonial 

— house Schoolhouse 
Millar, B. J., steel founder, Paisley road — house Turret villa, 

Millar, Isaac, confectioner, 47 Hairst street ; ho. do. 
Miller, James, teller, British Linen Bank ; house 72 Fulbar street 
Miller, William, house, property, insurance and shipping agent, 

65 Hairst street — house Manscroft, Queen street 
Millar, Mrs., dairy, 47 Hairst street 
Miller, Mrs., confectioner, 37 Hairst street 
Milliken, James, grocer and flesher, 79 Hairst st ; ho. Hainings 
Monteith, H., confectioner, 54 Fulbar St. — ho, 22 Manse St. 
Montgomerie, Kobert, baker, 7 Inchinnan road — house 9 do. 
Montgomery, Rev. John, R.C. clergyman, Clydebank 
Moorpark Post Office, 5 Moorpark terrace 
Morton, H. S., of H. S. Morton & Co. ; house Haining loan 
Morton, H. S., & Co., drapers, 11 Hairst street 
Muir, Andrew P., auctioneer and valuator, Gowanlea villa, Paisley 

road, and 47 Sauchiehall street, Glasgow 
Muir, William, jun., grocer, 14 High street — house Gordon villa, 

Inchinnan road 
Muir, Lilias M., confectioner, &c, 30 Hairst street — house do. 
Muirhead, David, wine and spirit merchant, 1 & 2 Barnett place, 

Yoker — house Partick 
Mulhern, James, fruiterer, confectioner, and tobacconist, Ferry- 

roadhead, Yoker 
Munro, Thomas, grocer, 29 Orchard street ; house 2 Muir street 
Munro, Miss J., umbrella maker, 40 Canal street — house do. 
Murison, Jas. I., watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, Bank buildings, 

Cross ; house Oxford drive 
Murray, Mrs. W. G., dairy, 12 Orchard street — house Renfield st. 
Myles, Wm., junr., agent for Savings Bank, factor, insurance agent, 

and licensed valuator, Savings Bank ; house Lilliaslea 

M'ALLISTER, Thomas G., agent, Caledonian Railway, Fulbai 
street — house 28 Inchinnan road 


M'Auslan, Elizabeth, stationer, 13 Inchinnan road ; ho. Hawthorn 

cottage, Broad loan 
M'Bride, Dolty, boot and shoemaker, 34 High street 
M'Burnie, Alexander, confectioner, 18 Orchard street 
M'Call, William, spirit merchant, 44 Fulbar street — house 42 do. 
M'Chleary, John, boot and shoe maker, 28 Canal street — house 4 

Rosebery place, Clydebank 
M'Clue, J. D., hatter and hosier, 15 Canal st — ho. 4 Muir street 
M' Clung, Matthew, confectioner. 8 Orchard street ; house do. 
M'Cluskey, Rev. Robt. J., parish priest, Chapel hcuse, Inchinnan rd. 
M'Cormick, Hugh, spirit dealer, 103 High street — house 101 do. 
M'Donald, Sergeant Angus, retired, 23 Orchard street 
Macdonald, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 7 High street — house 

fi Oneftn street 
M'Donald, James, traveller — house 3 Houston terrace, Paisley road 
M'Dougall, Mrs., Craigielea, Paisley road 
M'Ewen, John, Renfrew and Glasgow carrier, Osborne street and 

Queen street, Glasgow — house 12 Canal street 
M'Fadyen, Andrew, bootmaking and repairing shop, 1 Wilson st. 

— house 4 Bell street 
M'Geoch, Robert, plumber, ironmonger, and cycle builder, 25 Dunlop 

street — house do. 
M'Geoch, Thomas, hardware merchant, 19 Moorpark terrace — ho. 

Sandy road 
M'Ginnigle, James, wine and spirit merchant, 27 High street — ho. 

9 Fulbar street 
M'Glashan, John G., F.E.I.S., schoolmaster, Renfrew Grammar 

School — house Rowanbank, Paisley road 
M'Gown, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, Ferryroadhead, Yoker 
M'Gregor, Daniel, foreman boilermaker — house 29 Ferry road 
M'Gregor & Brodie, wholesale upholsterers and cabinet makers, 

South Renfrew 
M'Gregor, John, of M'Gregor & Brodie — house Strathearn cottage, 

Paisley road 
M'Gregor, jun., John, of M'Gregor & Brodie, Strathearn cottage 
M'Intosh, John, wine and spirit merchant, Glasgow and South- 
western Hotel, 7 Clyde street — house do. 
M'Intyre, Alexander, flesher, 14 Canal street — house Glebe cottage 
M'Intyre, W. & J., fleshers, 57 Hairst street — ho. 36 Fulbar st. 
M'Intyre, Mrs. James, flesher, 51 High street — house M'Farlane 

place, Hairst street 
M'Kechnie, Robert, wright, 5 Muir street — house 3 do. 
M'Kechnie, Mrs. John, wine and spirit merchant, Ferry inn, Clyde 



M'Keddie, Miss, confectioner, 23 Fulbar street — house Muir street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, stationer and tobacconist, 4 High street and 11 

Moorpark terrace — house 6 Blythswood road 
M'Kerrell, John, & Sou, tailors and clothiers, 9 High street — house 

Eavenscraig, Paisley road 
M'Laren, J., Town Chamberlain, and agent British Linen Coy. Bank, 

The Cross — house Wellcroft 
M'Laren, R. A., manager with Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. ; ho. South 

Gallowhill house, Paisley 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs., dressmaker, 16 Moorpark terrace 
M k Lean, Archibald, cattle dealer, 30 Bell street; house do. 
M'Millan, Archibald, gardener, Elderslie gardens 
MacMillan, Duncan, Chief Constable, Police Chambers — house 

Lawrence place 
MacMillan, Duncan, Inspector of Explosives and Common Lodging 

Houses, and Prosecutor in Dean of Guild Court, and Inspector 

of Lighting — house Lawrence place 
M'Millan, John, foreman carter, 10 Glebe street 
M'Millan, John, manager of Prince of Wales Coffee Palace, 80 

Fulbar street 
M'Murray, Win. C, secretary Wm. Simous & Co., Ltd. — house 53 

Ferry road 
M'Nair, Mrs. Adam, cowfeeder, Longcroft house, Inchinnan road 
M'Neil, Daniel, carting contractor, 15 Manse street 
M'Phee, Henry, shoemaker, 14 Hairst street ; ho. 1 Pinkerton lane 
M'Whinnie, James, butcher, 12 Fulbar street — house 9 do. 

NAPIER & CO., H. A., printers and stationers, 5 Canal street 
National Telephone Company Limited, Renfrew Branch, 40 Hairst 

PARK, Robert, engineer, Neil buildings, Ferry road 
Park, Alex., 24 Canal street — house 28 Canal street 
Parker, John R., inspector of poor, collector of rates for the 

Parish of Renfrew; clerk to Parish Council and Landward 

School Board, 76 Fulbar street 
Paterson, Adam R., burgh surveyor, Manse street — house Rock 

cottage, Glebe street 
Paton, John, farmer, Haining 
Paton, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 20 Moorpark terrace — house 

Ardmore, Paisley road 
Paton, Peter, sub-postmaster, 5 Moorpark terrace 
Peacock, John, confectioner, 1 Paisley road 
Pollock, John, Blythswood lodge 


Post Office, 11 Inchinnan road — Robert Duncan, postmaster 
Prince of Wales Coffee Palace, 80 Fulbar st. — J. M'Millan, manager 

QUIN, William, restaurant, 17 Meadowside street — ho. Renfield st. 

RANKIN, Daniel, hairdresser, 8 Fulbar st. — house 11 Fulbar st. 

Rankine, George, 18 Canal street — house Hamilton 

Reid, R. L., Music instructor for Renfrew School Board, 7 Berlin 

terrace, Pollokshields 
Reid, William, assistant works manager at Babcock & Wilcox Ltd. 

— house 2 Hill view cottages, Yoker 
Reid, Mrs., confectioner, Ferry roadhead, Yoker — house do. 
Renfrew Ferry ; Peter Shaw, manager — house North Ferry house, 

Renfrew Working Men's Investment and Building Society (Limited); 

6 Blythswood road — William L. Yuill, 8 Blythswood road, 

secretary and treasurer — house 37 Orchard street 
Reynard, Matthew A., Assistant Inspector of Poor — house 4 Canal 

Reynolds, H. B., Plant Superintendent at Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. 

— house Muirpark house 
Rhodes, Mrs., 4 Houston terrace 
Ritchie, James, baker, 19 High street — house 21 do. 
Ritchie, John, slater, Fulbar lane — house Bell street 
Ritchie, Robert, joiner, Fulbar lane — house 22 Renfield street 
Robb, Colin, wine and spirit merchant, Yoker 

Robertson, Colin, hairdresser, 16 Hairst street — ho. 18 Paisley road 
Rogers, Joseph, watchmaker, Inchinnan road— house 17 Manse st. 
Ross, Angus, stationmaster, Glasgow & South-Western Railway 

Co., Fulbar street, Wharf, and South Renfrew — house Fulbar 

Street Station 
Russell, James, hardware merchant and ironmonger, 10 Fulbar st.; 

house 64 High street 
Russell, Thomas S., baker, 46 High street — ho. Mayfield, Paisley rd. 

SAVAGE, Robert, confectioner, 81 Ferry road 

Scott, John, confectioner and tobacconist, 71 Hairst street ; house 

1 Queen's place 
Scott, junior, Thomas, grocer and wine merchant, Lyle place and 

M'Arthur street, Yoker 
Scott, Mrs. Janet, spirit dealer, 26 Manse street — house 64 High st. 
Sharp, Henry S., wine and spirit merchant, 39 and 41 High street 

— house 19 Dunlop street 
Shearer, Archibald, Rosevale cottage, Paisley road 


Shearer, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, Paisley road 

Sheridan, Michael L., pawnbroker, 75, 77, and 79 High st. — ho. do 

Short, William, butler, Blythswood house 

Sidey, John, grocer, 9 Canal street — house 11 Canal street 

Simons,William, & Co.,Ltd., engineers, shipbuilders,and ironfounders, 

London works 
Simpson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 44 High street — house 

3 Inchinnan road 

Small, Thomas D., wine and spirit merchant, Ferryroadhead, Yoker 
Speirs, Alexander Archibald, of Elclerslie, Houston house and 

4 Hill street, Berkeley square, London 

Speirs, Lady Anne, of Elderslie, Houston house, and 4 Hill street, 

Berkeley square, London 
Sproul, Robert, Glebe cottage, Glebe street 
Steel, Robert, confectioner, 18 Manse street 
Stevens, Wm. Goldie, physician and surgeon, 2 High street — * 

house, Beechcroft villa, Paisley road 
Stevens, J. B., M.D., Moorpark surgery — house Beechcroft villa, 

Paisley road 
Stevenson, John, engineer at Thomson's, Clydebank ; house Yoker 

Stewart, Alexander, farmer, Mossland 
Stewart, James, cowfeeder, 35 Queen street 
Stewart, Robert, gamekeeper, Blythswood 

Stewart, Mary A., manageress of Steam Laundry Co., 138 High st. 
Stewart, Miss, Longcroft, Inchinnan road 

Stirling, James, stationer and tobacconist, Porterfield road ; ho. do. 
Storry, John, agent, British Linen Coy. Bank, The Cros>; house 

Cardean, Albert drive 
Struthers, James, butcher, Barnett place, Yoker 
Struthers, John, wine and spirit merchant, 25 and 27 Hairst street 

— house 48 Hairst street 
Struthers, E., draper, 18 High st. ; ho. 1 Meadowside street 
Surtees, Francis V., manager to Lobnitz & Co. (Limited) — house 

Oxford road 
Sutter, Esther, fruiterer, 11^- Moorpark terrace — house 5 Westbank 


TAIT, James, shoemaker, 55 Hairst street; house 33 Orchard st. 
Teosdale, James, grocer, 38 Bell street — house 9 Oxford terrace 
Telephone Call Office, 5 Canal street 
Thomson, James, 23 Bell street 

Thomson, William, confectioner and hardware merchant, 14 Moor- 
park terrace; house 10 do. 


Thomson, William, factor for Renfrew Working Men's Investment 

and Building Society (Limited), 8 Blythswood road — house 37 

Orchard street 
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 28 Fulbar street — house do. 
Todd, James, spirit merchant, 52 Fulbar street — house Marsden, 

Croft street 
Todd, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 34£ Fulbar street ; house 

Rosebank, High street 
Torrance, Alex., Agent for Liverpool & London & Globe Assurance 

Co., 28 Fulbar street 
Tripney, David, Neil buildings, Ferry road 
Tyre, James, clerk, 9 Fulbar street 

UNION BANK OF SCOTLAND Ltd.— George Jenkins, agent, 

The Cross 
Ure, Matthew, with Buchanan & French, Albert Sawmills ; house 


VERNAL, Dugald, joiner and ironmonger, 17 Canal street — 

house 73 High street 
Vernal, D., & Sons, joiners and undertakers, 18 Wilson street 
Vernal, James, & Son, coal merchants, Fulbar street — house 68 do. 
Votessi, Donato, confectioner, 3 Wilson street and 21 Moorpark 

terrace ; house 5 Wilson street 

WALKER, Archibald, headmaster of Moorpark Public School — 

house Hillview, Yoker 
Walker, Mrs. M., spirit dealer, 21 Hairst street 
Walker, Thomas, grocer, Porterfield road — house do. 
Waterston, Miss, wine and spirit merchant, Lawrence place, Hairst 

street — house Paisley road 
Watson, Henry, saddler, 33 High street — house do. 
Watson, James, flesher, 19 Fulbar street — house 4 Muir street 
Watt, John, 31 Bell street 
Weare, Henry, coachman, Blythswood lodge 
White, Andrew, gas manager, Blythswood Gasworks — house 

Whitehill, Robert, Bellvue, Paisley road 
Whyte, Archibald, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 55 High 

street — house Friarscroft 
Whyte, James, & Son, plumbers and gasfitters, 11 Manse street — 

house 9 do. 
Whyte, Mrs. J., Deneholme 
Wilson, George, & Co., muslin manufacturers, Moorpark factory 


Winning & Fulton, house factors, 19 Orchard street 

Wood, James, & Co., coal merchants, Railway depots, Fulbar street, 

Renfrew; Paisley telephone No. 36. (See advt.) 
Wood, James R., cashier to Lobnitz & Co., Ltd. — house Midfaulds 

cottage, Paisley road 
Wright, Daniel, St. Thomas' Croft 
Wright, Mrs. Peter, farmer, Knock farm, Paisley. 

YOUNG-, J., & Son, boot and shoemakers, 17 Hairst street — house 

93 High street, Paisley 
Young, John, fishmonger, 46 Hairst street — house 12 Lady lane, 

Young, William Andrew, of Lobnitz & Co., Ltd. — ho. Millburn house 
Yuill, Mrs., 21 Bell street 




Census 1901. 

Parliamentary, Municipal, and Police, ... 4790 

Landward, , 2877 

Total Population of Parish, 7667 

Valuation of Renfrew Burgh, 1901-2 — £33,237 19s. 7d. 









RENFREW, with Rutherglen, Dumbarton, Kilmarnock, and Port-Glasgow r 
returns one Member to Parliament. Kilmarnock is the Returning Burgh. Par- 
liamentary constituency, 1511 ; Municipal do., 1682. John M. Denny, M.P. (L. U.) 


Provost — John Cumming. Bailies — Peter Ferguson and Robert Anderson. 

Dean of Guild — John Clark. Treasurer — James R. Wood. 


James Donaldson. 
William A. Young. 
Andrew Brown. 

Daniel Wright. 
Allan Stewart. 
James Milliken. 

John Brodie. 

Town Clerk — Andrew R. Harper. 

Town Chamberlain — John M'Laren. 

Procurator-Fiscal — Robert Russell. Superintendent of Police — Duncan M'Millan. 

Inspector of Weights and Measures — William Miller. 

Master oj Works and Sanitary Inspector — Adam R. Paterson, C.E. 

The management of Police is vested in the Town Council. 

Burgh Court held Fortnightly on alternate Mondays. 


Provost, Magistrates, and Chairman of Parish Couucil for the time being. 
Andrew Brown. Daniel Wright. Fred. Lobnitz. Peter Ferguson. 
Assessor under the Lands Valuation Act — Archibald Buchanan, Queen street. 
Quarter Sessions held first Tuesday of March, May, and August, and last 
Tuesday of October. Meetings for considering License Certificates held first 
Tuesday of May and last Tuesday of October. 


Superintended by Magistrates and Councillors. 

Captain — William Innes, Victoria mansions, 12 Canal street. 

Thomas M'Curdy, Canal street, Engineer. 
Alex.Whitehill, 23 Orchard St., Engineer. 
Alex. Campbell, 8 Bell street, Engineer. 
James Owens, 19 Orchard st., Fireman. 
Henry Christie, 20 Manse street, Rigger. 

Duncan Black, 28 Renfield st , Plumber, 
Alex. Gillies, 6 Bell st., Naval Pensioner. 
James Aitchison, 1 Muir street, Plater. 
Thomas Goldie, 22 Reufield st., Plumber, 
James M'Murdo, Salisbury ter., Engineer, 




Clerk — Andrew R. Harper. Collector — John M'Laren. 

William C. Austin. 
James Donaldson. 
William Douglas. 
Charles J. Fearnside. 


Chairman — Archibald Kerr, J.P. 
Councillors — 
William B, Flock hart. 
Alfred P. Guthrio. 
Rev. Robert Hill. 
Thomas Irvine. 

Alexander M'Gilp. 
Robert Scott. 
Robert Taylor 
Archd. Walker. 


Chairman — Charles J. Fearnside. 
William C. Austin. Alfred P. Guthrie. 

William B. Flockhart. | Archd. Walker, Yoker. 


Chairman — Archibald Kerr. 

James Donaldson. 
William Douglas. 

Robert Taylor. 
Archibald Walker. 

Charles J. Fearnside. 
Alexander M'Gilp. 

Representative to District Committee of County Council — ■ 

William C. Austin, 12 Lennox avenue, Scotstoun. 

Registrar — Archibald Buchanan, Queen street. 

Parish Council Chambers, 76 Fulbar street— John R. Parker, Inspector of Poc 
Collector of Rates, and Clerk. 

Assistant Inspector — Matthew A. Reynard. 

Superintendent — William Campbell. 


Chairman — 
Rev. Robert J. M'Luskey. 
Allan Stewart. 
John M'Keuzie. 


Archd. Buchanan. 

Archd. Whyte. 
Thomas Anderson. 
James Tyre. 

Clerk, Correspondent, and Treasurer — William Miller. 
Janitor — Alexander Miller. Officer — Alexander Gillies. 



James A. Ferguson. James Feeney. 

Rev. J. P. Hogarth, M. A. Rev. Gavin Lambie. 

Rev. Geo. Anderson, B.D. R. H. B. Thomson. 

Clerk and Correspondent — John R. Parker. Joint- Treasurers — Herron & Harper. 

Janitors and Officers : North District — Alfred H. Davey and Joseph Stapleton ; 

South District — Robert Crawford. 


Postmaster — Robert Duncan, 11 Inchinnan Road. 

Deliveries — 6 20 a.m., 7 a.m., 2.15 p.m., 6.15 p.m. 11 a.m. to callers. 

Box Closes — 8.30 a.m., 11.50 a.m., 2.50 p.m., 5 30 p.m. (except Saturdays), 

and 7.45 p.m. Sundays, 3.35 p.m. 



Town Clerk's Office, Municipal buildings — A. E. Harper, Town Clerk. 

Chamberlain's Office, Municipal buildings — J. M'Laren, Chamberlain. 

Assessor's Office, 27 Queen street — Archibald Buchanan, Assessor. 

Sanitary (Burgh) Inspector's Office — Adam R. Paterson, Inspector. 

Collector's Office -for Poor, School, and Registration Rates, 76 Fulbar street — 

John R. Parker, Collector. 
Parish Council Chambers, 76 Fulbar street — John R. Parker, Cleric. 
Parish Collector's Office, 76 Fulbar street — John R. Parker, Collector. 
Pi >st Office, 11 Inchinuan road — Robert Duncan, Postmaster. 
Police Chambers — Duncan M'Millan, Superintendent. 
Registrar's Office, 27 Queen street — Archibald Buchanan, Registrar. 
Session Clerk's Office, 27 Queen street — Archibald Buchanan, Session Clerk. 
Gas, Harbour, and Public Rates Office, Municipal buildings — J. M'Laren, Collector. 
Union Bank, Municipal buildings — George Jenkins, Agent. 
British Linen Co. Bank, The Cross— J. M'Laren and J. Storry, Agents. 
Dean of Guild Jourt — Adam R. Paterson, Surveyor. 
Master of Works — Adam R. Paterson. 
.Medical Officer of Health— Dr. W. Goldie Stevens, L.R.C.P., L.R.CS. 


Herron & Harper, Municipal buildings. 
Harper, Andrew R., B.L., Muuicipal buildings. 
Hill, William, 17 Dunlop street. 


Accident, Royal, Scottish Union and National — Herron & Harper, Town Clerks, 

Municipal buildings. 
Caledoniau Insurance Company — Andrew Hamilton, 37 Bell street. 
Kent Fire and Life — William Miller, 65 Hairst street. 

Liverpool and London and Globe — Alexander Torrance, 28 Fulbar street. 
Northern — John R. Parker, 76 Fulbar street. 
Ediuburgh Life Assurance Compauy, Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company, 

Sun Fire Office, Liverpool and London and Globe, Royal — John Stony, 

British Linen Company Bank, The Cross. 
Royal, Scottish Alliance, Life Association of Scotland — George Jenkins, Union 

Bank, Muuicipal buildings. 
Scottish Union and National, Northern Assurance Company, Caledonian, Royal, 

Equitable, Liverpool and London and Globe, Economic, Norwich Union — 

William Myles, jun., Savings Bank. 
Railway Passenger Insurance Company, Scottish Accident Insurance Company — 

Angus Ross, Station master, Fulbar street. 


William Miller. 65 Hairst street. 


W. Goldie Stevens, L.R.C.P., 2 High street — house Beechcroft, Paisley road. 
James Hill, M.D., 17 Hairst street — house Argyll lodge. 
J. B. Stevens, M.B., CM., Moorpark — house Beechcroft, Paisley road. 
Robert Duusmuir, M.B., CM., The Cross Apothecaries Hall — house Barskimming, 
Paisley road. 




Minister — Rev. George Anderson, B.D. 

Session- Cleric — Archd. Buchanan. Officer — William Fleming. 

Number of Sittings, 1050. 

The Sacrament takes place on the last Sundays of April and October. 


Minister — Rev. Robert Hill, M.A. 

Session- CI erh — Andrew Brown, Castlehill house, Ferrv road. 

Convener, Seat-Letting Committee — Alexander Campbell, Ferry road 

Organist— T$e\\ M'Dougal. Officer— T. M'Cullocb, 21 Orchard street. 

Treasurer — Robert Anderson, Glinnavin. 

Hours of Service — 11.15 a.m. and 1.45 p.m. 

Number of Sittings, 850. 

The Sacrament takes place on the third Sundays of March, June, September, 

and December. 


Minister — Rev. J. P. Hogarth, M.A. 

Session Clerk— James Donaldson. Treasurer — William Cochran, Blythswood road. 

Officer— Robert Moffat. 

Hours of Service — 11.15 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

Number of Sittings, 500. 

The Sacrament takes place on the second Sundays of March, June, September,. 

and December. 


Parish Priest — Rev. Robert J. M'Cluskey, Chapel house, Inchiuuan road. 


Parish Priest — Rev. John Montgomery, Clydebank. 

Number of Sittings, 300. 

New Church building — sittings about 900. 



Renfield Street. 

Head Master— John M'Glashan, F.E.I.S. 

Assistants — George Irving, M.A., William Clark, M.A., Robert Scott, M.A., 

John Adam, Thomas Mackie, John Barr, Richard N. Thomson, and John M'Leod. 

Head Mistress — Marion Law. 

Assistants — J. Shearer, C. Paterson, Kate M'Kenzie, Jessie Loudon, Agnes Bowie, 

Jessie F. Campbell, Jessie Richardson, Daisy M'Cuaig, and Ella Cleland. 

Drawing Master — Charles Hayes. Singing Master — R. L. Reid. 

French Visiting Master— Hew Hugo Von Meurs, 50 Nithsdale road, Strathbungo. 

Pi-ill Instructor — Alexander Gillies. Janitor — Alexander Miller. 

ST. JAMES R.C. SCHOOL, Ftjlbar Street. 

Head Teacher — Mrs. Montgomery. 

Assistants — Misses Melon and Toner. 



Head Master — James Ban*. 
Assistants — William Leslie, Misses Mauson and Naismith. 


Head Master — John M'Keau. 

Assistants — Miss M'Lennan, Charles M'Master and Staff. 


Head Master— Archibald Walker. 

Assistants — Alexander S. Binnie and William Stewart ; Misses Robertson, Garvin, 

and Hardie. 

Head Mistress — Miss Isa R. Stewart. Assistants — Misses Lockie and Scott. 

Janitor and Brill Listructor — Robert Crawford. 

Head Master — James S. M'Lennan. Assistants — Miss Pryde and Staff. 


Renfrew Equitable Co -Operative Society. — President — James Laug ; 
Vice-President — John Auld ; Treasurer — Andrew Hamilton; Secretary — 
James Tyre. Central Store — 24 and 26 High street ; No. 1 Branch — Inchinnau 
ruad ; No. 2 Branch, Moorpark. 

Renfrew Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge, No. 426. — R.W.M. — J. L. 
ITainilton ; S.W.— John Stenhouse ; J.W. — Robert Surgeoner ; Treasurer — James 
Hunter; Secretary — James I. Murison ; Tyler — Peter S. Main. Hall — 11 High 

Renfrew Working Men's Investment and Building Society (Liihited), 
8 Blythswood Road. — President — Robert Rankin: Secretary and Treasurer — 
Wm. L. Yuill, 37 Orchard st.; Factor — William Thomson, 37 Orchard st. 

Renfrew Reading and Recreation Club (Prince of Wales' Cafe). — 
President — John M'Laren ; Vice-President — Alexander Tait; Secretary, Robert A. 
Park ; Treasurer — David L. Murray. 

Renfrew Rifle Corps. — Armoury — 35 Hairst street. Major — W. Brown; 
Lieutenants — Andrew Brown and Sam. S. Anderson ; Drill Sergeant— NeW Gray. 

Renfrew King's Inch Curling Club. — Patron — A. A. Speirs, of Elderslie ; 
Patroness — Lady Anne Speirs; President — Walter Shearer; Vice-President — John 
Patou ; Representative Members — Robert Lang and Robert Meikle ; Treasurer — 
William Myles ; Secretary — Robert Colquhoun. 

Renfrew Golf Club. — Hon. President — A. A. Spiers, Esq., Elderslie ; Captain 
— Jas. R. Stewart ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — John Storry. 

Renfrew Horticultural Society.— President — John Methven; Vice-President 
— Capt. Shearer; Treasurer — D. Morrison ; Secy. — George Johnston, jun., Fulbar st. 

Renfrew Bowling Club. — President — William Muir; Vice-President — Archd. 
Whyte ; Treasurer — Thomas Anderson ; Secretary — James L Murison, 6 Canal 

Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (A.U.) Moorpark Crook and Plaid 

Lodge J. Johnston, W.M.; J. Muuro, D.M.; Secretary — J. Clark, 14 Moorpark 

terrace; Treasurer — D. Morrison. Meets in Kirk's Restaurant every alternate 
31onday at 8 p.m. Election of Office-bearers last meetings of June and Dec. 


Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (A.U.)- Bluebell Lodge, No. 1642. — 
John Auld,W.M.; John Young, D.M.; Peter Somerville, P.M.; William B. Lang, 
21 Orchard street, F. Secretary ; James Paton, Treasurer; Wm. Dougal, M.S.; 
James Kenny, Sick Steward ; James Liddle, Check Secretary ; Alexander 
M'Lellan, Guardian ; Archibald Service, Minstrel. Meets in the Evangelistic 
Hall, Wilson street, every alternate Monday, at 8 p.m. Election of Office- 
Bearers last meetings of June and December, 

Sons op Temperance Vale op Ceyde Division 801. — Hugh Gray, W.P.; 
William Knight, jun., F.S. ; John Davidson, Treasurer. Meets in the Rosebank 
Hall, High street, every alternate Tuesday at 8 p.m. 

Renfrew Parish Penny Savinge Bank. — Chairman — Rev. Geo. Anderson- 
B.D.; Secretary— William Myles, jun., Savings Bank ; Treasurer — Robert White, 
hill. Meets every Monday from 7 to 8 p.m. 

FAIRS are held on the Third Tuesday of May and Last Friday of June. 
Market Day — Saturday. 

CONVEYANCES.— Almost all the Glasgow Steamers call at Renfrew Wharf, 
both in going up and down the Clyde. Trains to Paisley and Glasgow every 
hour, and every half-hour on Saturday afternoons from 8 p.m. 


GLASGOW" and RENFREW CARRIER.— John M'Ewen, 12 Canal street; 
leaves Renfrew Cross daily, about 9 a.m.; leaves 53 Dunlop street, Glas- 
gow, daily, at 4 p.m. (Saturdays, at 2 p.m.) 




ADAM, J. B., goods agent, G. & S.-W. Ry.— house Coila, Thorn 

Advertiser Office, 3 High street — Landles & Co., publishers 

Aitken, James, tailor, 25 High street — house do. 

Aitken, John R., Thorn dairy 

Aitken, Mrs., cooper, 29 Grahame street — ho. 4 Buchanan st. 

Allan, John, spirit merchant, 20 William street — ho. 25 do. 

Allan, John, at T. Shanks & Co.'s — house Janefield place 

Allison, James, feuar, 19 Collier street 

Allison, William, foreman engineer to Craig & Donald Ltd.; ho. 

33 William street 
Anderson, James, cashier, Express Office, Paisley — house Norwood 

villa, Ulundi road 
Anderson, John, agent, Prudential Assurance Company ; house 

Mimoras Bridge of Weir 
Anderson, Robert, draughtsman to John M'Dowall & Sons — house 

Brier ley, Floor street 
Anderson, Mrs., 9 The Thorn 

Andrew, D. G., hardware and fancy goods, 50 High st. — ho. 79 do.. 
Andrew, James, general merchant, 25 High street — house 33 do. 
Armour, Stewart, feuar, Thornhurst 
Armstrong, Henry G., S.A.E.I.S., music warehouse, 17 High st. 

BARCLAY, George, of Fullerton, Hodgart, & Barclay (Limited),. 

Paisley — house Thornhill house 
Barnett, James, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — Lilybank 

Barr, James, of John M'Dowall & Sons — house Westmount 
Barr, John, engineer, Overton road, Thorn 

Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, Elderslie — ho. Thorn brae 
Barr, Mrs. A., tobacconist, 15 High street — house do. 
Barr, Mrs. William, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Macdowall street 

house 77 High street 
Barrow, Joseph, of Thomas Shanks & Co. — house Disleymount,. 

Barrowman, Thomas, Canal street 
Baxter, James, ironmonger, 23 High street — house Thomson av. 


Baxter, Robert, hairdresser, 39 High street — house do. 

Baxter, William, & Son, boot and shoemakers, 67 High street — 

house do. 
Baxter, William, & Son, agents for principal Royal Mail steamers, 

67 High street 
Beck, Robert, flesher, 65 High street, 36 Macdowall street, and 

Lochwinnoch — house 65 High street 
Bell, David, watchmaker, 26 High street 
Bennett, John, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Macdowall street 
Beveridge, Jane, milliner, 75 High street — house Thomson avenue 
Biggart, D , & Sons, cotton spinners and bleachers, Peockland Mills 
Biggart, David, of D. Biggart & Sons — house Roebank 
Biggart, John B., of D. Biggart & Sons — house Woodlands 
Black & Co., drapers, 34 High street 
Black, James, manager at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — house 

Tynwald, Overton road 
Black, Thomas, contractor, Quarrelton road 

Blackadder, James, plumber and gasfitter. 30 High st. — ho. do. 
Blackwood, Dugald, foreman at D. Fullerton & Co.'s — house 

Thorn cottages 
Blackwood, Duncan, cashier to D. Fullerton & Co. — ho. Thorn 
Blackwood, Edward, clerk at Goods Station ; ho. Thorn 
Blackwood, John, engineer — house 8 Quarry street 
Blackwood, J. L., flesher, 6 Grahame st. ; house Rockbank, Floor 

Blackwood, William, milliner and draper, 4 Houstoun sq. — ho. do. 
Blair, James, slater, 26 Laigh Cartside street — house do. 
Blair, Robert, feuar, Thorn 
Borland, Mrs., grocer, 17 Church street 
Boyd, Thomas, stationer and printer. 39 High street — house Raven- 

shaw, Thomson avenue 
Boyd, William, painter, 35 High street — ho. Munnsville, Floors st. 
Boyle, J. & J., fish and fruit merchants, 19 and 73 High street 
Boyle, John, of J. & J. Boyle — house 1 Dimity street 
Bowman, James, farmer, Auchenlodment 
British Workman's Public House, 69 High street — proprietrix 

Mrs. Macdonald 
Brown, Adam, broker, 19 Church street — house do. 
Brown, Mrs. James, confectioner, 4 Walkinshaw street 
Brown, Anna D., music teacher — ho. 8 Janefield place, Paisley 
.Burnett, Andrew, salesman, Co-operative Stores, 61 High street 
Burnett, David, cashier at John M'Dowall & Sons' — house 21 

High street 
Buruside, William, Thornhill 


CAIRNS, John, boot and shoemaker, 7 Houstoun square — ho. do. 
Caldwell, J. & Sons, letterpress and lithographic printers, 12 Mac- 
do wall street — house 19 Buchanan street 
Caldwell, James, lessee of Good Templar Hall, Mary street — house, 

16 Walkinshaw street 
Caldwell, John, confectioner, 13 Collier street 
Cameron, Alexander, teacher, 23 Laigh Cartside street 
Cameron, A. Alston, solicitor, of Cameron & Dickson — house Cartside 
Cameron & Dickson, solicitors, 1 Church street, and at 74 Bath st., 

Cameron, David, at Thomas Shanks & Co. — house Fyfe place, 

Russell street 
Cameron, James, flesher, 29 High street — housed Rankine street 
Cameron, James, cashier at J. Lang & Sons' — house Endrickbank, 

Thomson avenue 
Cameron, Daniel, at Finlayson, Bousfield & Co. Ltd. — ho. Hag-g 

Cameron, James, music teacher, 12 Mary street 
Cameron, Robert, music teacher, 10 Mary street 
Campbell, A., tobacconist and stationer, 66 High street 
Campbell, J. M., inspector of poor, office, 25 Church street — head 

office 9 New Sneddon street, Paisley 
Campbell, John, police constable, Overton road 
Campbell, William T., clerk at G. & S.-W. Railway Goods De- 
partment — house 15 M'Kerrell street, Paisley 
Carruthers, James, & Co., brass and iron founder, Dimity street — ho. 

Laigh Cartside street 
Carswell, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Quarry street 
Caufield, Mrs., confectioner, 44 Grahame street 
Clark, Samuel, manager at Johnstone Mills — house Clark street 
Clayton, J. N., accountant, National Bank; ho. National Bank ho. 
Clifton, C. II., of Clifton & Waddell— house Thorn 
Clifton & Waddell, machine tool makers, Laigh Cartside street 
Clinga.n, J. G., cashier at Smith & M'Laurin's Ltd. — ho. Easwald 

Bank, Kilbarchan 
Chinas, John, inspector of police — house 17 Buchanan street 
Coates, John, general warehouseman and shipping agent, 21 Rankine 

street — house Maryfielcl, Ludovic square 
Collier Ltd., S, boot and shoe makers, 29 High street 
Congalton, A., tailor, 62 High street 
Commercial Restaurant, The, 19 High street 
Cooper & Co., tea merchants and grocers, 60 High street 
Co-operative Coal Company, Laigh Cartside station, Gas street — 
John Brodie., salesman — house Ellerslie street. 



Co-operative Society's Stores, Limited, dealers in groceries, boots, &c. ? 

61 High street; No. 1 branch, Laigh Cartstde street; No. 2 

branch, 7 Grahame street; No. 3 branch. Elderslie; No. 4 

branch, Thorn ; hardware and butchery, 6 Houstoun square; 

boot shop, 6 Church street ; coal depot, Laigh Cartside station 
Core, Adam W. , traveller to John M'Dowall & Sons' — house Walkin- 

shaw villa 
Coutts, James, police constable — house Rowanlea 
Courtney's Provision Mart, 35 High street 
Cowan, John K., wine and spirit merchant, 56 High street — house 

77 do. 
Craig & Donald Ltd., engineers, William street works and Thorn 

works; telephone No. 15 
Craig, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 33 High street — house 

7 Thomson avenue 
Craig, John, provision merchant, 34 High street — house Canal st. 
Crawford, George, 23 The Thorn 

Crawford, Peter, gardener to George Barclay — ho. Thornhill gardens 
Crombie, Murray B., at William Paton Ltd. — house Church street 
Cullen, Robert, pastry baker, 76 High street — house do. 
Currie, William, carting contractor, and Johnstone and Paisley 

carrier, 16 Rankine street — house do. 
Currie, W., dairyman, 16 Rankine street — house do. 

DALY, John, cooper, 30 Church street 

Daly, Michael, cooper, 30 Church street — house 12 Campbell st 

Daly, Thomas, cooper, 30 Church street 

Daly, William, cooper, 30 Church street 

Daly, William, cycle builder and agent, 4 Campbell street 

Davidson, Rev. William, R.C. clergyman, St. Margaret" s, Grahame 

Deans, Gilbert, wine and spirit merchant, 36-38 High street — house 

12 Beith road 
Deans, Robert L., manager, Gas works — ho. Hillcrest, Overton rd. 
Dell, Thomas, sergeant instructor, Drill Hall 
Dempsey, John, emporium, 54 High st. — ho. Thomson avenue 
Dickie, John A., at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd., Stratford, 

by Johnstone 
Dickie, Mrs., Stratford, by Johnstone 
Dickson, James, cashier, Victoria Foundry, Mary street — house 

Thorn villa 
Dickson, Joseph, passenger agent, G. & S.-W. Railway Station — 

house, Station house 
Dickson, Agnes, teacher, Mary Street Public School — ho. Thorn villa 


Dickson, Miss M., grocer and provision merchant, 38 Macdowall st. 
Donald, David P., of Craig & Donald Ltd. — ho. Greenbank house, 

Ludovic square 
Donald, James S., of Craig & Donald Ltd. — ho. Bridge of Weir 
Donald, J. Fyfe, of J. Fyfe Donald & Co. — house Woodbank 
Donald, J. Fyfe, & Co., Donald's Foundry, High st. 
Donald, Mrs. John, Ludovic square 
Douglas, Robert, patternmaker, Russell street — house 8 Whitehaugdi 

terrace, Paisley 
Downie, Thomas, carrier between Johnstone, Paisley, and Glasgow, 

12 Macdowall street 
Drysdale Brothers, engineers, Thorn — house Overton road, Thorn 
Drysdale, Henry, Overton road, Thorn 
Dunn, Jonathan, coachman to George Barclay — house The Lodge, 


EADIE, Alexander, Quarrelton road 

Eadie, Alexander, farmer, Cochran mill 

Eastwood, Mrs. Thomas, confectioner, 4 Collier street 

Edward, George, of Geo. Edward & Co. — house 15 Collier street 

Edward, George, & Co., engineers and toolmakers, Gas street 

Edward, Thomas, of George Edward & Co. — house 15 Collier st. 

Edward, Miss, broker, 1 William street 

Edwards, George, accountant, Royal Bank of Scotland — house 

Mount Pleasant 
Erskine, Mrs., saleswoman, Co-operative Society's boot department 

—house 17 Buchanan street 
Evans, James, foreman at J. M'Dowall & Sons' — ho. Collier street 
Ewing, Miss Flora, confectioner, 78 High street 

FARNIN, Miss C, confectioner and greengrocer, 1 William street 
Farquhar, James M'K., treasurer, Johnstone Co-operative Society 

— house 1 Ann street 
Farran, Margaret, confectioner, 64 High street 
Ferguson, Dugald, blacksmith, horse-shoer, and gate and railing 

maker, 6-8 Rankine st. ; ho. Sunnyside cottage, Rankine street 
Ferguson, James, bookkeeper to Co-operative Society — house 35 

High street 
Ferguson, John, grocer, 32 Laigh Cartside street — house Yillaneld, 

Laigh Cartside street 
Ferguson, John, shoemaker, 9 High street ; ho. Yillaneld, Laigh 

Cartside street 
Finlayson, Archibald W., of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. — 

house Spring Grove, Kilbarchan. 


Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd., flax spinners, manufacturers of 

all kinds of linen thread, for hand and machine sewing, and 

shoe threads, Flax mills, High street, Lilybank and Lancefield 
Finlayson, James, of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. — house 

Finlayson, James, jun., of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. — 

house The Elms, Milliken Park 
Finlayson, William J., of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. — 

house The Oaks 
Finnie, A. & E., confectioners, 30 High street — house do. 
Finnie, Miss, greengrocer and confectioner, 71 High street 
Fisher, Thomas, hairdresser, 20 High street 
Fleming, William Graff, postmaster, and registrar, agent for the 

Royal Insurance Co., Post-Office, 12 Walkinshaw street 

— house Springbank 
Fletcher, John, inspector to Paisley Water Commissioners — house 

Hamburg house, Thorn 
Flockhart, Daniel, saddler, Collier street — house do. 
Forbes, Charles J., chief constable, Burgh Police Chambers — ho. 

Forbes, John, police sergeant — house Canal street 
Forrest, John, tailor and clothier, 25 Russell street 
Forsyth, Alexander, Black Bull Inn, 72 High st. — ho. Thurston, 

Overton road 
Fraser, John, Knocknarid, Beith road, Thorn 
Fraser, Mrs., grocer, 1 2 Mary street 
Freel, Charles, confectioner, 10 Macdowall street 
Fullerton, D. & Co., ironfounders, Cartside foundry, Russell st. ; 

telephone No. 13 
Fullerton, Duncan, of D. Fullerton & Co. — house Ulundi road 
Fyfe, Alexander, assistant manager to Craig & Donald Ltd. — ho. 12 

Floors street 
Fyfe, Alexander, Westwood cottage, Floors street 
Fyfe, John, wine and spirit merchant, 22 High street and 1 

Walkinshaw street — house 3 do. 
Fyfe, John, cabinetmaker and funeral undertaker, 70 High street — 

house do. 
Fyffe, George, at Holmes, Mactavish, & Co.'s — house Ludovic sq. 
Fyfe, William Westwood, M.B., CM., The Surgery, 52 High 

street — house Belmont, Overton road, Thorn 

GALBRAITH'S Stores, 22 High street 

Galbraith, John, grocer, Q6 High street — ho. Napier St., Linwood 

Gallagher, Miss K., teacher, 13 Buchanan street 


Gas Works, 3 Gas street — Robt. L. Deans, manager 

Gemmill, Rev. Hugh, B.D., minister of East U.F. Church — house 

East U.F. Manse, Thorn 
Gemmell, William, clothier and hatter, 41 High st.; ho. Willowbank 

cottage, Buchanan street 
George, A. Charles, patternmaker, 21 Thomson avenue 
George, John, valuator and stocktaker to the hardware trade, 21 

Thomson avenue 
George, Miss, dressmaker, 21 Thomson avenue 
Gibson, James, baker, 14 Macdowall street — house do. 
Gibson, John, hairdresser, 8 Houstoun square 
Gibson, Robert, baker, 60 High street — house do. 
Gillespie Brothers, fleshers, 17 High street 
Gilmour, Andrew, draper, Grahame street 

Glasgow and South- Western Goods Dept. — J. B. Adam, agent 
Glasgow and South-Western Railway Station — Joseph Dickson, 

station master 
Graham, George, broker, 4 Collier street 
Graham, Robert, cartwright and coachbuilder, 27 Church street — > 

house Burnside cottage, Quarrelton road 
Gray's " Empire" Stores, 21 High street — Alexander Gray, 

proprietor, 47 and 49 Wesleyan street, Glasgow. 
Green, William, at Flax mills — house 26 Rankine street 
Grove, George Trevelyan, at Thomas Shanks & Co.; ho. Thornhilll 
Guiliani, Leopoldo, ice-cream merchant and confectioner, 27 amd 

73 High street 
Guthrie, James, janitor, Ludovic Square Public School; house 

Elderslie street 
Guy. Jas. M., clothier, hatter, and hosier, 21 High st. — ho. Hilton, 

Guy, William, West Lea, Ulundi road 
Guy, William, solicitor, West Lea, Ulundi road 

HALLIDAY, Rev. Archd., minister of Laigh Cartside Established 

Church — house Thorn 
Hart, James, tobacconist, 70 High street 
Harvey, George, at Finlayson,Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — ho. 22 Church 

Harvey, William, cashier, G. & S.-W. Ry. Goods Department — 

house Overton road 
Hatrick, Alexander, grocer, 20 Macdowall street 
Hatrick, Charles, farmer, Boghouse 

Hatrick, Walter A., provision merchant, 9 Buchanan st. — ho. 19 do. 
Hatrick, William, at John M'Dowall & Sons, Hagg crescent. 


Hay, John, grocer and provision merchant, 68 High st. — ho. do. 
Hemphill, Thomas, woodturner, 21 Thomson avenue 
Henderson, Mrs., confectioner, 10 Dimity street — house do. 
Hendry, Robert, boot and shoe furnisher, 64 High street — house 

Benlomond view 
Herbertson, James C, M. A., M.D., 70 High street, and 30 Steeple 

st., Kilbarchan — house Belle vue, Church street- 
Hill, Charles, confectioner, 75 High street — house 79 do. 
Hill, James, wine and spirit merchant, 58 High street and 17 

Russell street 
Hill, James, draughtsman, at Thos. Shanks & Co.'s — house 

Green lea cottage, Floors street 
Hill, William, wine and spirit merchant, 80 High street — house do. 
Hill, Jessie, confectioner, 12 Grahame street 
Hogg, Robert, School Board officer — ho. The Hagg 
Holmes, Mactavish, & Co., solicitors, 42 High street; telegrams 

"Mactavish;" telephone No. 30; and at 128 St. Vincent 

street, Glasgow 
Hood, William, cooper, Thorn 
Hood, Miss, photographer, 83 High street 
Hooks, Walter, 30 Laigh Cartside street 
Hopkin, Hugh L., of Loudon Brothers — house Billhead 
Hopkins, Samuel, coal agent, Laigh Cartside station — ho. Elderslie 
Hosie, Samuel, metal merchant, 6 Dimity st. — ho. 21 Rankine st. 
Houston, John, house factor, 12 Mary street 
Houston, Mrs. E., baker, 10 Macdowall street — house do. 
Hunter, James, & Co., patent works, 2 George st. — ho. Newfield ter. 
Hunter, John, joiner and funeral undertaker, 32 Church street — 

house do. 
Hunter, W. B., shoemaker, 20 Laigh Cartside street — house do. 
Hunter, Mrs. M., confectioner and branch Post Office, 6 Grahame st. 
Husband, Alexander, ironfounder, Victoria foundry — ho. Ardvaar, 

Husband, James P., Victoria foundry ; ho. 21 Mary street 
Husband, James, police clerk — house 3 Buchanan street 
Husband, John, ironfounder, Victoria Foundry, Mary street — house 

Burnbank, Canal avenue 
Husband, John, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 13 High street 
Hutchison, Peter, grocer, 21 Grahame street — house do. 
Hutton, Alex. G., secretary Rechabites, 6 Clark street 

JACK, Thomas, & Co., colliery agents and coal merchants, Laififh 
Cartside — depot, Johnstone, and also at Bridge of Weir; house 
20 Mary street 


Jackson, George, & Son, b rassfo under s, 2 Dimity street 

Jackson, Thomas, of George Jackson & Son — house 2 Dimity street 

Jackson, Thomas, smith, 18 Laigh Cartside street — house do. 

Jaffrey, David, & Son, builders, 14 Graham e street 

Jaffrey, David, of David Jaffrey & Sons — house Fairfield cottage, 

Ulundi road 
Jaffrey, James, of William Jaffrey & Sons — house Ballochmyle 
Jaffrey, James Mills, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — house 

The Cottage, Grahame street 
Jaffrey, James, The Cottage, Graham street 
Jaffrey, Peter, of David Jaffrey & Son — house Fairfield cottage 
Jaffrey, Thomas M., measurer, 6 Church street; ho. Hagg crescent 
Jaffrey, William, & Sons, builders, Campbell street 
Jaffrey, Mrs. William, Redholme, Overton road 
Jaffrey, Mrs. Jas., draper, 65 High st. ; ho. Ballochmyle, Campbell 

Jaffrey, Mrs. Patrick, Ballochmyle 

Jaffrey, Mrs., draper, 71 High street — house 9 Thomson avenue 
Johnstone Apothecaries Hall, 28 High street 
Johnstone Co-operative Society (Limited), grocers, provision, coal, 

drapery, and boot and shoe merchants, 61 High street — 

branches Laigh Cartside street, 7 Grahame street, Elderslie, 

and Thorn — butchery and hardware, 6 Houstoun square — 

boot shop, 6 Church street — coal depot, Laigh Cartside station 
Johnstone, Samuel, grocer and spirit merchant, 32 High street — 

house do. 
Johnstone, Thomas, foreman patternmaker to Craig & Donald Ltd. 

— house Floors street 
Johnston & Robertson, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 11 High st. 
Johnston, William Clark, of Johnston & Robertson, 11 High street ; 

house Laigh Cartside 
Johnstone, Mrs., publican, 23 High street — house 2 Dimity street 
Johnston, William, stationer and ironmonger, 17 High street — ho. 

Johnstone & District Photographic Society, 3 High street 
Johnstone Liberal Club, 20 Church street — James M'Queen, 


KAY, Miss Maggie, teacher of music, Overton road 
Keanie, James, builder, Thomson avenue — house Dunconnell 
Keith, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Quarry street — house 

Burnside, Campbell street 
Kellie, John, cashier at Craig & Donald's Ltd.; ho. Texa, Overton rd. 
Keenan, John, broker, 10 William street — house do. 


Kennedy, John, manager at D. Biggart & Son's — house Ashville 
Kennedy, Robert, M.Ph.Sc, chemist and druggist, 64 High street — • 

house Ashville 
Kennedy, Robert E., painter and decorator, 7 High st. — ho. 8 do. 
Kerr, Helen, eating-house, 24 High st. — ho. Janefield pi., Canal st. 
Kerr, Peter, civil engineer and surveyor, of Kerr & Watson — 

house Branscroft 
Kerr, Robert, grocer, 70 High street 
Kerr & Watson, architects, 1 Rankine street 
Kirk wood, William, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. — hmse. 

Bank house ? Collier street 

LAING, John, clerk to Craig & Donald, Ltd.— ho. 60 High st. 

Laird, Alexander, 33 Macdowall street 

Laird, Joseph, captain of fire brigade — house 36 Macdowall street 

Laird, Mrs., 6 Quarry street 

Lambie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 69 High street — ho. 

Thornwood, Overton road 
Landles & Co., steam printers and lithographers, 3 High street 
Landles, F. A., at Landles & Co. — house Rowanlea 
Landles, F. G-., of Landles & Co. — house Bielside, Floor street 
Lang, James, of John Lang & Sons — house Netherby 
Lang, John, engineer, Victoria cottage, Mary street 
Lang, John, & Sons, lathe manufacturers and special tool makers, 

Mary street 
Lang, John, sen., of John Lang & Sons — house Lilybank 
Lang, John, jun., of John Lang & Sons — house Lynnhurst 
Lang, Robert, of John Lang & Sons — house Quarry park 
Lang, William B., of John Lang & Sons — house Springfield 
Lauder, Adam, cowfeeder, Greenend cottage, Quarrelton road 
Lauder, John, wine and spirit merchant, 7 High street — house 

Greenend cottage, Quarrelton road 
Lawrie, J., fish and fruit merchant, 37 High street 
Lawrie, William, foreman at J. Fyfe Donald & Co. — ho. Gleniffer 

view, Thorn 
Lees, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Honstoun sq. — house 52 

High street 
Liddell, James, spirit merchant, 42 High st. — ho. Maryfield house, 

Ludovic square 
Lindsay, James, salesman at Thomas Jack & Co. — house 20 Mary st. 
Loudon Brothers, engineers, machine tool makers, Clyde Engineering 

Works, Johnstone, and 39 West Campbell street, Glasgow 
Loudon, George F., of Loudon Brothers — house 10 Claremont ter. r 



Love, George W., at Robert Love's ; ho. Bellemont, Floors street 
Love, Robert, registered plumber, ironmonger, tinsmith, gasfitter r 

and cycle agent, 9 William street (Tel. No. 3) — house 

Bellemont, Floors street 
Love, jun., Robert, at Robert Love's — house Bellemont, Floors st. 
Lynch, Mrs., confectioner, 31 Grahame street 

MALLOCH, John, jun., Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A. 

Malloch, William, Mount Pleasant 

Martin, C., teacher, Rowanlea 

Maryfield Laundry, 7 Macdowall st 

Marshall, Andrew W., butcher, 27 High street — house Leitchland 

Mason, William, shoeing forge, Walkinshaw street — ho. Canal st. 

Mason, Alfred H., of Smith & M'Laurin, Ltd. — house Clifton villa r 

Mathie, Hugh, 14 Parkside place, Floors street 

Maule, Alexander H., painter and decorator, 64 High street — 
house do. 

Maxton, Mrs., confectioner, 12 Rankine street 

Meiklejohn, James, Hawthorn cottage 

Meldrum, John, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — ho. Cochran- 
field^ Milliken Park 

Merrie, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 23 High street — house Red- 
cliff, Thorn crescent 

Merry, John, feuar, 23 Church street 

Merry, Wm. T., at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — house 23 
Church street 

Michael, Alexander, 22 Campbell street 

Millar, John, Floors house, Floors street 

Millar, Matthew, salesman at Co-operative Society Store, 61 High 
street ; ho. 1 Canal avenue 

Miller, William, church officer, 2 Buchanan street 

Milne, Robert, accountant and auditor, Savings Bank, 60 High st. 

Mitchell, William H., writer at Holmes, MacTavish, & Co. 

Montgomery, Peter, yardsman, G. & S.-W. Railway — house 4 
Gleniffer terrace, Thorn 

More, Mrs., Briarbank, Thomson avenue 

More, Miss, bookseller and stationer, 73 High street — house 
Thomson avenue 

Morris, Peter, baker, 31 High street — hou?e do. 

Morison, Alexander, wright and timber merchant, and funeral 
undertaker, Laigh Cartside Woodyard, 3 and 5 Laigh Cart- 
side street — house 1 do. 


Muir, John, family grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 67 High st. 
Muir, John, cashier, Co-operative Manufacturing Society, Paisley 

— house Thorn, Johnstone 
Muir, Samuel, clerk, North Johnstone station 
Mulherron, Mrs., confectioner, 3 Grahame street — house do. 
Mullen, Patrick, confectioner, 19 Macdowall street 
Murdoch, Charles, & Sons, plumbers and lead merchants, 3 and 5 

High street — house Balmory, Overton road, Thorn 
Murdoch, Charles, of C. Murdoch & Son — house Bank place, 

Collier street 
Murdoch, William, of C. Murdoch & Son — house Balmory, 

Overton road 
Murphie, Thomas, clerk at Goods Station ; ho. 24 Buchanan street 
Murray, A. K., veterinary surgeon, Walkinshaw street — ho. do. 
Murray, Allan, Co-operative Society's fleshing department — house 

Collier street 
Murray, Thomas, stationmaster, Glasgow & South- Western Railway 

Station, North Johnstone 
Murray, W. D., grocer and provision merchant, 25 Macdowall 

street — house 21 do. 
Murray, William, spirit merchant, Cartside, Milliken park 

M'ADAM, John, coal merchant, Laigh Cartside station — house 42 

High street 
M'Adam, John, blacksmith, 6 Dimity street — house 42 High st. 
M'Allister, Robert, baker, 6 Grahame street — house do. 
Macarthur, Alexander, of Maclean & Macarthur, 5 Dimity street ; 

house Thorn house 
M' Arthur, Mrs., Elmbank, Thorn 
M'Cann, W. J., manager, Lilybank Flax Mills — house Chalet 

M'Cloy, Alexander, cashier to Thomas Shanks & Co. — ho.Muirfield 
M'Colgan, AVilliam, confectioner, 28 Laigh Cartside street 
M'Connell, John, glazier and painter, 7 AVilliam street — house do. 
M'Culloch, Henry, grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Grahame street — 

house Strathcart, Ulundi road 
M'Dermott, Edward, agent for Prudential Assurance Company, 

High street 
M'Dermott, Rev. William, incumbent of St. John's Episcopal 

Church, The Parsonage, Floors street 
M'Donald, Mrs., hairdresser, 2 Macdowall street — house do. 
Macdonald, Mrs., British Workman Public House, 69 High street 
M'Dougall, E., grocer and provision merchant, Thornhill — house 

1 Grahame street 


M'Dougall, John, superintendent Thorn Cemetery — lodge Thorn 

M'Dowall, John, & Sons, engineers and wood-working machinists, 
Walkinshaw Foundry 

MacDowall, R. G., clerk at National Bank ; ho. Glenesk, Sher- 
brooke avenue, Pollokshields, W. 

M'Dowall, W. W., agent for National Bank of Scotland Limited ; 
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. ; English and 
Scottish Law Life Assurance Association ; and Scottish 
Accident Insurance Co. — house Glenesk, Sherbrooke avenue, 
Pollokshields, W. 

M'Farlane, John, clerk at John Wilson & Son's — house 13 Albert 
place, Espedair, Paisley 

M'Farlane, John, Brookfield 

M'Farlane, Robert, glazier, 16 William street — house do. 

M'Gathan, Mrs., grocer and confectioner, 7 Beith road 

M'Gathan, Thomas, engineer, 9 Beith road 

M'Gathan, George, engineer, 11 Beith road 

M'Glyn, Daniel, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Limited; house 17 
Church street 

M' Glynn, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 8 Macdowall street 

M'Grath, William, billposter and town-crier, 12 Macdowall street 

M'Gregor, H. Walker, accountant, at Holmes, Mactavish, & Co.' — 
Agent for the Winburgh Life Assurance Co., Life Association 
of Scotland Co., United Temperance Insurance Co., Norwich 
& London Accident Insurance Co., and Vulcan Boiler & 
General Accident Assurance Co. — house Overton road 

M'Gregor, James C, joiner and funeral undertaker, 7 Houstoun 
square — house 27 William street 

M'Gregor, John, joiner and funeral undertaker, 7 and 8 Houstoun 
square — house 27 William street 

M'Intyre, Alexander, police constable 

M'Innes, Mrs. M., ladies' outfitter, 30 High street 

M'lvor, Hugh, clerk at Goods Station, 24 Buchanan street 

M'Kay, Kenneth, cooper, 13 Rankine street — house do. 

M'Kee, D. I., joiner and funeral undertaker, 5 High street — house 

24 Church street 

M'Kee, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Macdowall street — 

house do. 
MTvendrick, Mrs. James, 13 Walkinshaw street 
M'Kenzie, Archibald, MiJliken House, Milliken 
Mackenzie, Donald, pawnbroker, 26 Macdowall street; saleroom, 

25 do. ; house 26 do. 

M'Kinlay, James, confectioner, 11 Rankine street — house do. 


M'Laren, Hugh, at Finlayson, Bousfield & Co. Ltd. — house 30 

Steeple street, Kilbarchau 
M'Laurin, J.P., Archibald, of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house 

Cartside, Milliken Park 
M'Laurin, Duncan, of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, 

Milliken Park 
M'Laurin, James D., of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, 

Milliken Park 
M'Laurin, John, of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, Mil- 
liken Park 
M'Laurin, J.P., Peter, of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, 

Milliken Park 
M'Laurin, Richard A., of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, 

Milliken Park 
M'Laurin, William, of Smith & M'Laurin Ltd. — house Cartside, 

Milliken Park 
M'Lean, David, tobacconist and hairdresser, 25 High street — 

house 23 Russell street 
Maclean & Macarthur, laundry engineers, 3 Dimity street 
M'Lean, Rev. Robert, minister of Trinity U.F. Church, William 

street — house Trinity manse, Graham e street 
M'Lean, Mrs., wine and spirit merchant, County Bar, 63 High 

street — house do. 
M'Lelland, Robert, architect and surveyor, 65 Bath street, Glasgow ; 

house 5 High street 
M'Leod, Archibald, clerk to John Wilson & Son — house 2 Camp- 
bell street 
M'Leod, William, police constable; house Canal street 
M'Lerie, Mrs. H., wine and spirit merchant, Cross Keys hotel, 46 

High street 
Macloy, Rev. William, minister of the Parish Church, The Manse 
M'Millan, Thomas, cashier at David Biggart & Son's — ho. Ludovic 

M'Mullan, P., wine and spirit merchant, 2 Houstoun square — house 

M'Nair, James, feuar, 30 Macdowall street 
M'Nair, Jane, at Co-operative Society Branch No. 2, 7 Grahame 

street ; ho. Walkinshaw house 
M'Niven, William, spirit merchant, 13 High street 
M'Phadyen, Rodger, boot and shoemaker, 81 High street 
Macphail, Duncan, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. Ltd. — house 

Thornlyn, Overton road 
M'Pherson, D., & Son, joiners, 1 Floors street 
M'Pherson, Donald, of D. M'Pherson & Son— ho. 21 Grahame street 


M' Queen, James, janitor, Liberal Club — house Benlomond view 
M'Taggart, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 48 High street — ho. 

13 William street 
Mactavish, D. A., writer, and agent for the Union Bank of Scot- 
land Limited 

NAIRN, William, grocer, 21 Houstoun square — ho. do. 

National Bank of Scotland, Limited — W. W. M'Dowall & A. P. 

Reid, joint-agents 
Neilson, James, & Sons, Ltd., fleshers, 63 High street 
Neilson, Robert, manager at Lancefield Flax works — house West 

Knowe, Ulundi road 
Nicolson, Daniel, inspector, Paisley Water Works — Johnstone 

Branch, 6 Macdowall street — ho., 6 M'Intyre place, Paisley 
Noble, J., confectioner, 15 High street — house do. 
North British Boot Lace Coy., The 

OBSERVER Office (Thomas Boyd, publisher), 39 High street 

O'Neill, John, clothier, 33 Macdowall street ; house do. 

Orr, James P., at Town Chamberlain's, Municipal Chambers — house 

2 South Orr street, Paisley 
Orr, William Alexander, M.B. and CM., general practitioner, 31 

High street — house Westfield, Grahame street 

PAISLEY Parish Office, 25 Church street (open Tuesday, Thurs- 
day, and Saturday, 11 till 12) 

Paisley Water Works (Branch Office), 6 Macdowall street 

Paterson, Alexander, draper, 12 Collier street ; house do. 

Paterson, Hugh, foreman at Goods Station — house Canal house 

Paton, George C, Banktop 

Paton, James, Sherbrooke 

Paton, John S., of William Paton, Ltd. — house Mountainside, 

Paton, Robert, Cart bank 

Paton, William, Limited, small- ware and linen thread manufac- 
turers, Johnstone mills 

Patrick, Andrew C, of Craig & Donald Ltd. — ho. Greenbank, Dairy 

Pattison, Thomas, of Robertson & Co., 1 High street ; house 16 
Walkinshaw street 

Pollock, George, of Pollock, Whyte, & Wacldel — ho. Oakbank, Thorn 

Pollock, Robert, dairyman, 32 Macdowall street 

Pollock, Whyte, & Waddell, "Globe" gas and oil engine makers, 
Beith road, Thorn 

Pollock, Mrs., greengrocer and dairy, 17 William street — house do. 


Porter, Peter, feuar, Overton road, Thorn 

Post Office, 12 Walkinshaw St.; William Gaff Fleming, postmaster; 

house Springbank 
Post Office, Thorn — Miss M'Dougall, postmistress 
Post, Mrs. Ellen, confectioner, 30 Macdowall street 
Price, Alexander, shoemaker, 38 Church street 
Purdon, William R., M.A., teacher, Schoolhouse, Floors street 

RAE, George, at Smith & M'Laurin's, Ltd. ; house Easwald bank, 

Rae, Mrs., laundry, 11 Buchanan street 
Reicl, A. P., of R. & A. Reid — house Mossbank 
Reid, Alexander, of Alexander Reid & Sons — house Villafield 
Reid, James, confectioner, 21 Rankine street — house 25 do. 
Reid, James, of Alexander Reid & Sons — house Villafield 
Reid, R. & A., writers, National Bank buildings, and at Lochwinnoch 
Reicl, Robert, of R. & A. Reid — house The Bank, Lochwinnoch 
Reid, William, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Church street 
Reid, William, writer — house The Glen, Elderslie 
Renfrew, William, feuar, 11 High street 

Renshaw, C. Bine, M.P. for West Renfrewshire — Barochan, 

Houston, and Herbert house, Belgrave square, London, S.W. 

Richardson, James, draper, 68 High street — house Fullerton place, 

Canal street 
Richardson, James, solicitor, Fullarton villa, Canal street 
Richardson, James M., sale rooms, 1 M'Dowall street 
Riddell, James, spirit merchant, 9 Houstoun square — house do 
Ritchie, David, printer, lithographer, bookbinder, and fancy box- 
maker, 83 High street 
Ritchie, David P., of David Ritchie — house Heathfield, Brookfield 
Ritchie, James, of David Ritchie ; ho. Wallacehill, Elderslie 
Ritchie, John, of David Ritchie — house Craigview 
Ritchie, John, tailor and clothier, 11 Walkinshaw st. — house do. 
Ritchie, Peter, 83 High street 

Ritchie, William, of David Ritchie ; house Craigview 
Roberton, James, cashier to Loudon Brothers — ho. Redcliff, Thorn 
Robertson, Alexander, cashier to A. F. Stoddard & Co., Ltd., Glen- 

patrick — house 35 The Thorn 
Robertson & Co., engineers, 1 High street 

Robertson, David, pawnbroker, 19 High st. — ho. Walkinshaw villa 
Robertson, John, & Son, slaters and plasterers, Ludovic square 
Robertson, John, of Robertson & Son — house Gateside 
Robertson, John, collector of poor rates — office 25 Church street — 
head office, Back Sneddon street, Paisley 


Robertson, John, of Johnston & Robertson, 11 High street; house 

Laigh Cartside 
Robertson, P., of Robertson & Co., High street ; house Yiewfield 
Robertson, Robert, pawnbroker, 13 Macdowall st. — house Janefield 
Robertson, Misses, 5 Ludovic square 

Robertson, Mrs., tobacconist and stationer, 33 High street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 44 High street — James Thomson, Agent 

SALVATION Army Barracks, 3 Macdowall street 

Savings Bank of Paisley (Johnstone branch), 60 High street — 

Robert Milne, Agent 
Scott, James Y., tailor and clothier, 18 High street — house Ivy 

Bank, Canal street 
Scott, William, overseer, Flax Mills, Parkside place, Floors street 
Semple, Robert, tailor and clothier, 34 High street — house Brae- 
head, Dimity street 
Shanks, Thomas, & Co., engineers and machinists, Union Iron 

works, Mary street ; telegraphic address, " Shanks, Johnstone ; ,r 

telephone No. 5 
Shanks, William, of Thomas Shanks & Co. — ho. Bank house 
Shanks, W. G., engineer, Union Iron Works-— house Hylton, 

Sharp, John, contractor and causewayer, Canal st — house Thorn wood 
Sharp, Robert, janitor, Floors Street Public School — house 2: 

Rankine street 
Shields, Miss, draper, 11 High street 
Simpson, Edward, greengrocer, 1 Canal street 
Simpson, Robert, & Co., timber merchants, Johnstone Sawmills, 

Simpson, Robert, of Robert Simpson & Co. — ho. Elmgrove cottage, 

Simpson, Thomas, at John Lang & Sons; house Yictoria park, 

Brookfield, near Johnstone 
Sinclair, Mrs. Alexander, draper, 29 Grahame street 
Sinclair, John, baker and restaurateur, 50 High st. — house do. 
Slater, James, at T. Shanks & Co., 4 Grahame street 
Small, Thomas, 1 Hagg crescent 
Smith, George, boilermaker, Gas street — house Hilltop villa,. 

Ulundi road 
Smith, James, glazier, 8 Houstoun square — house 8 High street 
Smith, James, draper, 10 Quarry street 

Smith, James H., baker, 9 High street — ho. 16 Walkinshaw street 
Smith, Robert, clothier and hatter, 59 High street — house Laigh 

Park villa 


■Smith, Robert B., cycle maker and agent, 18 High street — house 

21 do. 
Smith & M'Laurin Ltd., fancy, coloured, enamelled, and embossed 

paper, card, and pasteboard manufacturers, Cartside Mills, 

Milliken Park — warehouses, 68 Mitchell street, Glasgow, and 

at Birmingham, Dublin, London, Manchester, and New York 
Smith, Morrison, Rosebank, Canal street 
Smith, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, Thornhill inn 
^Spiers, John, East U.F. church officer, Laigh Cartside street 
Sproull, James, draper, 42 High street — house 1 Buchanan street 
Steele, William, janitor Blythswood Club — house Brewery street 
Stevenson, David W., Ravenswood 
Stevenson, James, grocer, spirit, and seed merchant, 38 High street 

— house Bellcraig, Thorn 
Stevenson, John, burgh survevor and sanitary inspector, Municipal 

buildings — house 9 Walkiushaw street 
Stevenson, Win. M., house factor and insurance agent, 5 High st. 

— house 36 Napier street, Lin wood 
Stevenson, R. C, writer, town clerk, and treasurer to Paisley Land- 
ward School Board, Town Clerk's office; house Overton road 
;Stevenson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, Railway Inn, Thorn 
Stevenson, Thomas, agricultural and garden-seed merchant and 

chemical manure manufacturer, 74 High street 
:Stevenson, Thomas, wine merchant, family grocer, flesher, and 

agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine importers and distillers, 74 

High street 
:Stevenson, Thomas, licensed auctioneer and valuator, 74 High st. 
Stevenson, Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, 35 High street 
Stirling, James, jobbing joiner and funeral undertaker, 15 High. 

street — house 77 do. 
Stirling, John, house factor and insurance agent, 5 Houstoun square 

— house 77 High street 
Stirling, John B., solicitor, law agent to Building Society, clerk to 

the Paisley Landward School Board, and hon. secy, and treas. 

to Johnstone and District Cottage Hospital, 28 High street — 

house Beechmount 
:Stirling, Join, librarian, 6 High street 
Stirling, P. J., Cochranefield, Milliken Park 
Stirling, Mrs Euphemia, 28 High street 
Stirrat, William, teller National Bank of Scotland Limited — house 

Blackstoun Home farm, by Paisley 
Stone, Joseph, keeper, St. Margaret's Catholic Y.M. Society rooms, 

8 George street — house do. 
-Storie, David, flesher, 71 High street — ho. 12 George street 


Storie, Mrs., confectioner, 83 High street; house George street 
Storrie, Archibald, officer of U.F. Church — house Houstoun square 
Stuart, James T., of Loudon Bros. — house Hillhead, Glasgow 
Symington, Dr., M.B., CM., Macdowall street; house Gowanbank, 
Grahame street 

TAYLOR, John, tinsmith, 15 Collier street — house do. 

Taylor, Matthew H., M.D., 28 High street — ho. Walkinshaw lodge 

Taylor, Peter, saddler, 76 High street — house 11 Rankine street 

Taylor, Mrs., confectioner, 25 Grahame street — house do. 

Telephone Office, 2 George street — James Hunter & Co., agents 

Thomson, George, & Son, slaters and plasterers, Bank house, 24 
Collier st. ; house do. 

Thomson, Mrs. Alexander — house Bonnyhill cottage, Ludovic sq. 

Thomson, James, Agent for the Royal Bank of Scotland, North 
British and Mercantile Fire and Life Insurance Co., Employers' 
Liability Assurance Corporation, and Scottish Accident In- 
surance Co., 44 High street — house do. 

Thomson, John, police constable ; house Canal street 

Thomson, John, carriage hirer and funeral undertaker, lively 
stables, Church street — house Muirfield, Church street 

Thomson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Rankine street — 
house, The Cottage, Buchanan street 

Thomson & Co., slaters and plasterers, 7 Mary street ; house do. 

Thorn Cemetery, Thorn — superintendent, John M'Dougall ; lodge 
Thorn Cemetery 


D. A. Mactavish, agent 
Urquhart, Hector, police constable, 8 Church street 
IJytman, John, commercial traveller to Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co. 

Limited — house Ivy bank, Canal street 

WADDELL, T. S., of Clifton & Waddell— ho. Wallacehill, Elderslie 
Walker, William, joiner, cartwright, and timber merchant, Thorn 
Walker, William, grocer and provision merchant, 62 High st. — ho. do. 
Walker, Mrs. Malcolm, Thorn 
Wallace, Joseph, at Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Limited; house 

Barbush cottage 
Watt, Hugh, confectioner, 3 Campbell street 
Watson, James, painter and decorator, 22 Church street — house 

Daisy field, Thorn 
Watson, Robert, of R. & W. Watson, Linwood — house Newfield 
Watson, William, of R. & W. Watson, Linwood — house Newfield 



Watson, William, of Kerr & Watson — house Kildale, Thorn 
Webster, William F., wine and spirit merchant, 26 High street — 

house do. 
Welsh, Misses, Mavisbank cottage, Dimity street 
Westwood, Rev. William, M.A., minister, West U.F. Church — 

Manse Church street 
Whitelaw, John, Laigh Cartside Parish church officer — house 

Bankhouse, Collier street 
Whyte, Matthew, of Pollock, Whyte, & Waddel, Globe Engineering 

Works — house Overton, Thorn 
Whyte, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 54 High street 

house Benview, Thorn 
Whyte, Miss, dressmaker and mantlemaker, 25 High street 
Whyte, Miss, confectioner and news-agent, 5 Beith road 
Williamson, George, house factor, 3 Hagg crescent 
Williamson, George, tinsmith, plumber and gasfitter, 15 High St. — 

house Hagg crescent 
Williamson, James, joiner, Rankine street and Houstoun square — 

house High street 
Williamson, Miss, dressmaker, 9- William street 
Wilson, John, & Son, engineers, Vulcan works 
Wilson, Matthew, M.A., teacher, The Public School — house 

Redburn, Canal avenue 
Wilson, Matthew, contractor, 21 Church street — house do. 
Wilson, Mrs., Belleview 
Wilson, Mrs. F., 26 Church street 
"Wood, James, & Co., coal merchants, Laigh Cartside station ; Paisley 

telephone No. 36 (see advt.) 
Wright, Thomas, manager at Robert Smith's, 59 High street ; house 

Hagg crescent 
Wylie, Alexander, at John Wilson & Son's — house Kirkfield 
Wylie, Alexander W., at John Wilson & Son's — ho. Thorn house 
Wylie, Hugh J., at W. Paton Ltd. — ho. 7 Montgomery cres., Saltcoats 
Wylie, John, flesher, 41 High street — house 15 William street 
Wylie, W. Muir, at John Wilson & Son's — house Kiikfield 
Wylie, Mrs. William, Ludovic square 

YOUNG, E. C, 70 High street — house Ludovic square 
Young Meai's Christian Association Rooms, Temperance hall, S 
Macdowall street 




For 1901, 
For 1891, 
For 1881, 



... 10.502 

Increase during past ten years, ... ... 834: 

Population, including landward portion of district, 11,328. 


Trovost — John Lang, juu. 

Police Judge — Stewart Armour. 

Bailies — James Scott, John Coatee, Thomas Daly, and D. P. Donald. 

Treasurer and Collector — J. P. Orr. 

Councillors — Dugald Ferguson, William Boyd, liobert Beck, Jobn Ritchie, 

Charles Murdoch, and James Guy. 

Town-Clerk — K. C. Stevenson. Burgh Fiscal — Robert Reid. 

Assessor Police Court — R. C. Stevenson. Chief Constable — Charles Forbes. 

Members of the Combination Hospital Board — Provost Lang, Bailie Coates, Bailie 

Donald. Ex- Provost. Armour, Councillors Ritchie and Guy. 

John Laug, jun. 
James Scott. 
David P. Donald. 
John Coates. 
John Ritchie. 
Robert Beck. 

Clerk — R. C. Stevenson. 


Convener — Stewart Armour. 

William Boyd. 
Dugald Ferguson. 
Charles Murdoch. 
Thomas Daly. 
James M. Guy. 

Treasurer — James P. Orr. 

Collectors Office — Muuioinal Chambers. 



James Finlaysou, Merchiston. 

C. B. Renshaw, M.P., Barochan. 

Geo. L. Houstoun, of Johnstone. 

A. W. Finlaysou, Spring-grove, Kil- 

Peter M'Laurin, Cartside, Johnstone. 

James Fyfe Donald, Woodbank, John- 

Robert Wilson, Manswraes, Kilbarchan. 

William Shanks, Bank House, Johust'ne. 

Robt. Watson, New field Ilouse,Johnst'ije 

Provost Lang, jun., Lyuuhurst, John- 

Thomas Murdoch, Ranfurly, Bridge-of- 

Walter W. Fleming, Dimora, Bridge- 

A. A. Speirs, Houston House, Houston. 

Alexander M Brown, Gryffe Castle, 

David Cross, Ingleston. Bishopton. 

Alex. Fullertou, Fordbank, Milliken 

Archibald M'Laurin, Cartside, Milliken 

Archibald M'Kenzie, Milliken Park. 

Daniel Mackenzie, Milliken Park. 

James Paton, Suerbrooke, Johnstone. 

Williamson, George, Penwold, Bridge- 

Justice of Peace Clerk-Depute — Thomas MacRobert, jun., County Buildings 

Love street Paisley. 




Postmaster — William Gaff Fleming. 

Hours for Ordinary Business — 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Money-Order Office, 8 a.m to 8 p.m. 

Deliveries— 7.0 a.m., 2.20 p.m., 5.20 p.m., and 7.20 p.m. 

Despatches— 8.40, 9.45, 10.45 a.m., 12.20, 2.25, 4.30, 5.40, 6.25, 7.40, 

and 10.5 p.m. 
Letters for N.E. of England should be posted by 5.40 p.m., as they suffer serious 
delay going by ordinary mail at 8.5. Parcels for England, Ireland, South of 
Scotland, and foreign parts, require to be posted before 5.30 p.m. 


Chairman — Robert Moorhead. 

William Reid. 

Rev. William Davidson. 

Robert Lang. 

Dr. Taylor. 

Stewart Armour. 
Robert Smitb. 
Rev. Hugh Gemmill. 
Rev. J. A. Abernetby. 

Clerk — J. B. Stirling, 28 High street, Johnstone. 

Treasurer — R. 0. Stevenson, Municipal buildings, Johnstone. 

The Board meets the Second Tuesday of every montb. 

Schools under the Management of the Board. 

In Johnstone— Ludovic Square, Floors Street and Laigb Cartside Schools. 

Elderslie Wallace School ; Inkermann School ; Cardouald School ; and 

Nethercraigs School. 


Paisley Parish Office, 25 Church street (open Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur- 
day, 11 till 12)— J. M. Campbell, inspector; John Robertson, collector. 

Collector's Office (Burgh Rates, &c), Municipal Chambers— James P. Orr, 

Gas Office, Municipal Chambers — James P. Orr, collector. 

Justice of Peace — Thos. MacRobert, junr., clerk-depute, Paisley. 

Police Office, Police Chambers, Collier st. — Chas. J. Forbes, chief constable. 

Post Office, Walkinshaw street —William Gaff Fleming, postmaster. 

Registrar's Office ("for Johnstone and District), Walkinshaw street— William 
Gaff Fleming, registrar. 

Sanitary Inspector's Office, Police Chambers, Collier street — John Stevenson, 

Paisley Landward School Board. — Clerk's Office, 28 High street 
— J. B. Stirling, clerk. Treasurer's Office, Municipal Buildings. 

Post-Office Stamps, William G. Fleming, sub-distributor. 

Town Clerk's Office, Municipal Chambers — R. C. Stevenson, clerk. 


R S 

Holmes, Mactavisb, &Coy., 52 High st. 


C. Stevenson, Municipal buildings. 

Robert Reid, National Bank Buildings 


P. Reid, National Bauk buildings 

William Reid, The Glen, Elderslie 


A. Mactavisb, Union Bank 

J. B. Stirling, 28 High street 


C. Cameron, 30 High street 


James C. Herbertson, M.A., M.D., 70 High street — house Bellevue. 
William Alex. Orr, M.B., CM., 31 High street— ho. Westfield, Grahame street. 
M. H. Taylor, M.D., 28 High street— ho. Walkinshaw Lodge, Russell street. 
W. W. Fyfe, M.B., CM., 64 High street — house Belmont, Overton road, Thorn. 
Michael Symington, M.B.,C.M., Macdowall street— house Gowanbank, Grahame st. 



PARISH CHURCH, Ludovic Square. 

Minister — Ptev. "William Macloy. 

Secretary and Treasurer — H. Walker M'Gregor, Overton road. 

Precentor— J. Barratt. Officer — Wm. Millar, Buchanan Street. 

Number of sittings — 950. 


Minister — Rev. Archibald Halliday. 

Secretary — Wm. Nicol,2l Russell street. 

Treasurer — Samuel Hannah, High street. 

Precentor— Wm. C. Barr. Officer— John Whitelaw, Bank house. 

Number of sittings — 399. 

TRINITY U. F. CHURCH, William Street. 

Minister — Rev. Robt. M'Lean. 

Clerk to the Deacons Court— lohn Michael, 22 Campbell st. Treasurer— John Fraser. 

Precentor— David P. Allan. Officer— Archibald Storrie, 16 William street. 

Number of sittings— 875. 

EAST U.F. CHURCH, Walkinshaw Street. 

Minister — Rev. Hugh Gemmill, B.D. 

Preses — Stewart Armour. 

Secretary— Andrew Alston Cameron, Treasurer— Thomas M'Millan. 

Organist — Alex. M'Donald. Officer — John Speirs, Walkinshaw street. 

Number of sittings — 650. 

WEST U.F. CHURCH, Church Street. 

Pastor — Rev. Wm. Westwood, M.A. 

Secretary— William James Scott, Parkside place, Floors street. 

Treasurer— Walter Hooks. Missionary — Robert M Cam. 

Officer — Duncan Hill, Church street. 

Number of sittings — 605. 


Incumbent— Rev. William M'Dermott. 

Number of sittings — 400. 

Rev. Wm. Davidson and Rev. Mr. Mullen. 


Superintendent— J \>hn Lang, jun. Treasurer— Peter Taylor. 

Secretary— W. Stevenson, 35 High street. 


President— Rev. Robt. M'Lean. Superintendent— William Doig. 

Treasurer— William M'Failaue. Secretary— Peter Barr, Wtstmount. 


President — Rev. H. Gemmill, M.A..B.D. Superintendent — Thomas' Wright. 

Treasurer — David Hendry. Secrc tary — James Cameron, Thomson avenue. 


President — Rev. W. Westwood, M.A. Superintendent — John Muir. 

Secretary — William T. Merry, 23 Church street. Treasurer — Adam Barr 


London and Lancashire Fire, Life, and Accident — William Reid The Glen, Elderslie; 

J. B. Stirling, 28 High street; R. Milne, 60 High street; and J. Stirling, 

5 Houstoun square. 
Scottish Accident Insurance Co. — William Reid, The Glen, Elderslie; W. W. 

M'Dowall, National Bank ; and James Thomson, Royal Bank. 
Boiler Insurance and Steam Poiver Co. — William Reid, The Glen, Elderslie. 
Northern — William Reid, The Glen, Elderslie, and J. B. Stirling, 28 High street. 
Renfrewshire Glass Insurance Co. — R. Milne, 60 High street, and W. M, Stevenson, 

5 High street. 
Scottish Widows' Fund — R. Milne, 60 High street. 

National Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co. — J. B. Stirling, 28 High street. 
National Guarantee Association — J. B. Stirling, 28 High street. 
Royal Fire and Life—W. G. Fleming, Walkinshaw St.; J. B. Stirling, 28 High st.: 

R. Milne, 60 High street ; and J. Stirling, 5 Houstoun square. 
Caledonian Insurance Co. — R. Milne, 60 High street, and W- M. Stevenson, 

5 High street 
Lancashire Insurance Company — William Caldwell, Walkinshaw street. 
Life Association of Scot'and—li. Walker M'Grregor, Union Bank. 
London Corporation Fire and Life — William Caldwell, Walkinshaw street. 
North British and Mercantile, Fire and Life, and City of Glasgoio Life Insurance. — 

J. Thomson, Royal Bank. 
Royal Insurance Co. — Holmes, Mactavioh, & Co., Union Bank ; R. C. Stevenson, 

Town Clerk's Office. 
Edinburgh Life — H. M'Gregor Walker, Union Bank. 
Norwich and London Accident Insurance Association — H. M'Gregor Walker, Union 

Bank, and R. Milne, 60 High street. 
No>ih British and Mercantile, Insurance Co., and English and Scottish Law Life 

Assurance Association — W. W. M'Dowall, National Bank. 
Sun Lift and Sim Fire — Robert Reid, National Bank building. 
Royal Exchange Fire and Life — Peter Kerr, 46 High street. 
Phoenix Fire — James F. Donald, High street. 

Employers' 1 Liability Assurance Corporation^ Limited— James Thomson. Royal Bank. 
United Kingdom Temperance § General Provident Institution — H. Walker M'Gregor 
General Life Assurance Co. — H. Walker M'Gregor. 

Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Society - R. Milne, 60 High street 
Profit an! Income Insurance Company — R Milne, 60 High street. 
Rock Life Assurance Co.— J. Stirling, 5 Houstoun square. 
London Fire Insurance Co. — J. Stirling, 5 Houstoun square. 

London and North British Plate Glass Insurance Co. — J. Stirling. 5 Houstoun sq. 
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. — W. M. Stevenson, 5 High street. 
Life and Health Assurance Association— W. M. Stevenson, 5 High street. 
Hand-in- Hand Insurance Society —George Edwards, Royal Bank. 



Agents— W. W. M'Dowall aud A. P. Reid. Accountant— J. N. Clayton. 

Agent— D. A. Mactavish. Sub-Agznt —Thomas Henderson. 

Agent — James Thomson. Accountant — George Edwards. 

THE SAVINGS BANK OF PAISLEY— Johnstone Branch, 60 High Street 
Is open every lawful day (Saturdays excepted) from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. for 
receiviug and paying deposits ; on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. till 12 noon for 
receiving and paying deposits ; and on Saturday eveniDg from 3 till 6 p.m. 
for receiving only. 

Adam B. Berry, Actuary. Robert Milne, Agent. 


Senior School, - - - Head Master— Matthew Wilson, M.A. 
Junior do., - Head Master — Win. R. Purdon, M.A. 

Infant do., - - - Mead Mistress— Agnes Dickson, C.M. 


Senior Department. — Head Teacher — Miss M'Elroy. 

Initiatory Department.— Head Teacher— Miss M'Lelland. 


Patron— George L. Houstoun, Johnstone Castle. 

Patroness — Lady Campbell of Blythswood. 

President — R. Simpson. Vice-President— James Stevenson. 

Representative Members — Colonel Shanks and J. M'Adam. 

Chaplain — Rev. Hugh Gemmill. 

Treasurer and Secretary — Stewart Armour. 


Directors — Stewart Armour, chairman ; Major Paton, James Barr, Provost 

Lang, John Husband, Alexander Cameron, and Colonel Shanks. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Stewart Armour. Club House— Laighpark. 


Hon. President — George L. Houstoun. 

Hon. Vice-Presidents — James Barr, John Lang, jr., Major Paton, and 

John Husband. 

President — Wm. B Lang. Vice-President — A. L. Cameron. 

Secretary — James Richardson, Writer. 

Treasurer and Ladies' 1 Convener— Peter Barr. 

Committee— J. Ritchie, J. F. Cameron, T. M'Farlane, W. Seraple, J. Uytman, 

John Cameron, and L. Watkins. 



President — Major Paton. Hon. Secretary — R. M'Lelland. 

GreenTceeper — ¥m . Ca m pbell. 


Hon. Presidents — W. J. Finlayson and Audrew Coats. 

President — James Barnett. Vice-President — Chas. K. Finlayson. 

Treasurer — W. Green, sen., 26 Rankine st. Secretary — Michael M'Kay, 9 George st. 

Keeper — T. Garvie. Green — Brewery street. 


Hon. President — C. Bine Renshaw, M.P. President — John Love. 

Vice-President — Alex. Graham. Treasurer — D. Jack. 

Secretary — Frank Speirs, 6 William street, Johnstone. 

31atch Secretary — Joseph M'Laugblin, 3i High street, Johnstone. 


Craigston, near Johnstone. 18 holes. 

President — George L. Houstoun, of Johnstone. 

Captain and Chairman — D. A. Mactavisb, The Linn, Johnstone. 

Committee of Management— Major Paton, A. B. M'Kechuie, John Fraser, 

Archibald Rowan, and James Ritchie. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — H. Walker M'Gregor, Overton road, Johnstone. 


Hon. President— C. Bine Renshaw, M.P., Barochan. 

President —William Ritchie. 

Vice-Presidents — William Kirkwood, jr., and John Murray, Paisley. 

Captain — William Thomson. Vice- Captain — Ti. Blackburn. 

Secretary and Treasurer— T\. B. Smith, 6 High street. 
Committee — Wm. M'Kim, James Williamson, Wm. Reid, Robt. Semple, 
and Office-bearers. 



President — James Barnett, Lily Bank house. 

Vice-Presidents — John Gilmour, Macdowall street ; John Andrews, Mary street. 

Treasurer — James Smith, Brewery street. 

Secretary — Jaaaes Hughes, Grahame street. 



President — Mrs. George Fyffe, Ludovic square. 

Vice-Presidents — Mrs. M'Kee, Church street, and Mrs. M 'Lean, Trinity U.F. 


Secretary — Miss Wylie, Kirkfield. 

Treasurer — Mrs. John Lang, Lynn hurst. 




President— C. Bine Renshaw, M.P. Vice-President— Geo. L. Houstonn. 

Secretary and Treasurer —J awes Roberton, Redcliffe, Thorn. 

Autumn Exhibition— Saturday, 6th September, 1902. 


Institute! 1866. 

President— "William Ban-. Vice-President — William Buick. 

Treasurer — James M'Kay Farqubar, Aun street. 

Secretary — James Ferguson, 85 High street. 

Committee— Walter Hooks, John Hannah. Thomas Love, Archibald Grahame, 

Peter Stewart, Alex. Hutton, Joseph Morrison, John Howie, Andrew Ferguson,, 

Richard Gallagher, J-hu Green, and Joseph Dickson. 

Auditors— Henry Dickson, John Laing, and Robert M'Lelland. 
Places of Business : — 
Offices, Drapery Warehouse, and Bakery— 61 High street. 
Central— 61 High street. No. 1 Branch— Laigh Cartside street. 

No. 2 Branch— Grahame street. No. 3 Branch — Elderslie. 
No. 4 Branch — Thorn. 
Boot and Shoe Shops— 6 Church street, and Elderslie. 
Bakery Shop— 6 Church street. 
Hardware Departmert— 6 Houstonn square. 

Fleshing Departments— 6 Houstoun square and Laigh Cartside street. 
Coal Depot — Laigh Cartside station. 

(Enrolled and Established under the Act of Parliament 6 and 7 William lV. r 

cap. 32.) 

Instituted on the permanent principle. 

The Shares of £25 each, payable at the rate of 2s. per Share Monthly. 

Entry-money, Is. per Share. 

President— Matthew Wilson. Vice-President— Alexander Cameron. 

Treasurer — John Muir, Thorn. 

Secretary— James Sproull, 1 Buchanan street. 

Law Agent — John B. Stirling, writer. Surveyor — George Thomson. 

Instalments due on the first, and payable on or before the following, Wednesday 

of each Month, at the Office of the Treasurer. 


Hon. President— Sir T. Glen-Coats. Bart. 

President — James Finlayson, D.L. 

Vice-Presidents — Provost Lang, Alex. W. Wylie, John Ritchie, 

and Daniel Rosp. 

Secretary— John Donaldson, writer, Pate-ley. 

Treasurer — Thomas M'Farlane, 22 Church street. 

Annual General Meeting in March. 


Office-bearers same as of the Johnstone Conservative Association. 

Executive Committee— Robert Spiers. Jas. A. White, William Boyd, James Aitken r 

David Robertson, Peter Montgomerie, and Wm. Murdoch. 



Instituted 1884. 

Hon. Presidents — Lord Blythswood and J. C. Cunniughame. 

Son. Vice-Presidents — A. H. Renshaw and Thos. Stevenson. 

President — Colonel H J. M'Dowall. 

Vice-Presidents — D. A. Mactavish and Bailie Donald. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — R. C. Stevenson, Writer. 


No. 109. 

M.E.P.Z.— Dr. Herbertson. M.E P.H.— William Boyd. 

M.EPJ.— John Gilraartin. M.E.P.P.Z.— James M/Guv. 

E.S.E.— Edwin C. Young. E S.N.— Boyd Park. 

Treasurer —William Baxter, jun. 

Janitor — James Houston. 

Meets on the Third Thursday of every month in Masonic Hall, 26 High street^ 


Houstoun St. Johnstone Lodge, No. 242. 

P. W.M. — William Baxter, jun. 

I. P.M. —James Galbraith. 

Depute Master — John Gilmartin. 

Substitute Master — John Lochhead. 

Senior Warden — William Allan. 

Junior Warden — John Forrest, junr. 

Treasurer — James Ferguson. 

Secretary— Peiev Fletcher, Hamburg place, Thorn. 

Regular Meetings second Thursdays of every month, at 8 o'clock p.m., in 

Masonic Hall, 26 High street. 


P.M. — Robert Hawthorn. 

Treasurer — James Devenny, Hagg Bank. 


No. 52, B.O.A.F.G. (Renfrewshire District;. 

Lodge Room — Masonic Hall, High street. 

Registered under the Act of 1875. 

W.M.—Bvo. John H. Fairweather. 

Secretary — Bro. George StevensoD, Ludovic square. 

Treasurer — Bro. Alex. Fairweather. 

Sick Steward. — For Johnstone and district — Bro. Jos. M'Gaffin, 18 Collier st. 

Trustees — Bros. Steel, Stewart, and Mullen. 

Medical Attendants — Dr. Taylor, 28 High street, and Walkinshaw lodge, and 

Bro. Dr. Stevenson, 97 Causeyside, Paisley. 

Paisley District. 

Trustees— William Buick, William Stewart, and John Husband. 

Treasurer — Ludovic Blackwood, Thornhill. 

Secretary — Andrew Stewart, 76 High street. 

Place of Meeting — Masonic Hall, High street. Meets every alternate Tuesday. 




W. M. — James Wallace. D.M.— John Gilmour. 

Treasurer — "William Smith. 

Sick Stewards— Bros. George Craig, Johnstone; D. Graham, How wood. 

Lodge Surgeon— Dr. W. W. Fyfe, 64 High street. 

linancial Secretary -Bro. Hamilton Craig, 5 Buchanan street. 

Next election of office-bearers — June, 1902. 

Meets every alternate Wednesday in Temperance Hall, Macdowall street, 

at 8 o'clock. 


Glasgow District No. 40. 

Meeting Place, Good Templar Hall, Mary street. 

G.R.— Robert M'Lean. 

Secretary— Alex. G. Hutton, Loudon place, Clark street. 

Treasurer— John Caldwell, 9 Buclianan street. 

Steward— Alex. Cameron, Thorn. 

Medical Attendant— Br. Jas. Herbertson, M.A. 

Meets every alternate Thursday. 


Lodge Room, Good Templars' Hall, Mary street, Laigh Cartside. 

C.T.— Robert Officer. L D.— Robert Aitken. 

Secretary— Will. Stewart, 22 Collier street. 

Treasurer — Robert Aitken. 

Meets every Monday at 8 p.m. 


Lodge Room. Good Templars' Hall, Mary street, Laigh Cartside. 

C.T.— John Houston. L.D.— George Stevensou. 

Secretary— John B. Taj lor, Ann street. 

Treosurer — George Stevenson, 3 Ludovic square. 

Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

Muirhead, by Johnstone. 

Committee — 
Dugald A. Mactavish, Chairman. John Lang, jun., Vice- Chairman, 

John Fullarton, James Mackay, John Coates, Alex. M. Brown, A. A. Speirs, 
Jas. M. Guy, Archibald W. Finlayson, Robert Wilson, Rev. John Russell, 
Henry Macdowall, Thomas B. Watsun, David P. Donald, Stewart Armour, 
■John Ritchie, and Walter S. Park. 

Medical Officer— J ames C. Herbertson, M.A., M.D., CM. 

Clerk and Treasurer — H. Walker M-Gregor, Thorncliffe, Johnstone. 

Superintendent — Hugh Brow n. 



Board of Management — 1902. 

Chairman— Arthur H. Renshaw. Treasurer and I Secretary —John B. Stirling. 

Trustees' Representatives — Provost Laug, Heury Macdowall, William Shanks, 

aud A. A. Speirs. 
Subscribers' Representatives — Stewart Armour, John Lang, sen., Robert Smith, 
Wm, Wallace, Patrick Ban-, and John Sanachan. . 
Medical Attendants — The Practitioners in Johnstone in rotation. 
Eon. Auditor— W. W M'Dowall, J-P-, Banker. 

Ladies' Committee. 

President — Mrs. C. Bine Renshaw, Barochan. 

Secretary — Miss Alice Wainwright, Glenpatrick, 

Matron — Miss Campbell. 


President — William Lawrie. 

Secretary and Treasurer — TijOmas Boyd. 


(For Johnstone and District.) 

Session- Clerk — David Burnett, 21 High street. 

Reaistrar — William Gaff Fleming, Walkinshaw street. 


Sub- Distributor of Stamps — William G. Fleming, Post Office. 


Cartside Mill — Smith <fo M'Lanrin. 

Hagg Mill— Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. 

Johnstone Flax Mill, High street— Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. 

Ltltbank and Lancefield Flax Mills- Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., Ltd. 

Johnstone Mill, Collier street — William Paton, Ltd. 

Johnstone Old Mill, High street— William Paton, Ltd. 

Peockland Mill, High street — D. Biggart & Sons. 


Captain — D. P. Donald. 

Sergeant-Instructor — T. Dell. 

Drill Hall — Dimity street. 


Superintended by Magistrates and Councillors. 

Convener — Councillor Charles Murdoch. 

Captain — Joseph Laird, 86 Macdowall street. 

John Haggerty, 65 High street. 
John M'Laucblan, 18 Collier street. 
Wm. Andrew, 5 Grahame street. 
Andrew M'Gaffin, engineer, 18 Collier 

Johu Boyce, 2 Houstoun square. 
Wm. Stirling, slater, 31 Macdowall st. 
J. Downie, 19 William street. 
W. Stewart, 22 Collier street. 



Matthew Wilson, Laigh Cartside Station — bouse, 21 Church street. 
Jack & Co., do. do. do. 20 Mary street. 

Samuel Hopkins, do. do. do. Elderslie. 

John M'Adam, do. do. do. 42 High street. 

Co-operative Society Ltd., do. do. 

PAISLEY — William Cui'rie, 16 Rankine street, arrives daily ; departs daih r , 

• 8.80 a.m. (departs from Moss street, Paisley, 5 p.m.) 

PAISLEY and GLASGOW— Thomas Downie, 12 Macdowall street, arrives 
daily ; departs daily, 8 a.m. 

JOHNSTONE CROSS— nearly opposite to the Bull Inn— is distant from the 
Cross of Paisley, 3 miles, 5 furlongs, 84 poles. 

FAIR is held on the Thursday following the second Monday of July. 



ALLISON, William, director A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd.— house 

The Birches, Glenpatrick 
Armstrong, John, police constable — house Beith road, Thoru 

BARCLAY, Miss, Co-operative Society's Store — ho. 3 Woodencl pi. 
Barclay, Robt., foreman, Glenpatrick Carpet works — house 3 

Woodend place 
Ban*, Rev. Alex., Elderslie U.P. Church — house United Free Manse 
Barr, John, wine and sprit merchant, Bailie Nicol Jarvie Tavern 

— house Thorn brae 
Bell, William, keeper Village Hall and Institute 
Blackley, Mrs., 1 Wallace place 
Borthwick, John, cloth inspector, Parkview 
Brown, Robert, of Robert Brown & Sons, Paisley — house Foxbar 


CAMPBELL, Miss, matron, Johnstone and District Cottage 

Cochran, Misses, dressmakers, Marguerite bank 
Co - Operative (Johnstone) Society (Limited), Elderslie Branch 

— Miss Barclay, saleswoman ; boot department — salesman* 

Matthew Carruth 
Craig, Wm., at J. & P. Coats', Ltd. — house Margaret villa 
Craig, Robert, sanitary potter — house Lilybank 
Craig, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Mackie's mill 
Crawford, William, farmer, Craigenfeoch 
Cunningham, James, baron officer, Newton 

DICKSON, Harry, book-keeper at A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd. — 

house Thorn, Johnstone 
Downie, John, head-master Wallace Public School — ho. School house 
Dunn, Peter, gamekeeper, Foxbar 
Dunning, Robert, confectioner, Stewart's land 

FINNIE, William, closet maker, Benview 

Fletcher, Peter, clerk at A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd.— house Ham- 
burg, Thorn 
Fyfe, John, family grocer — house 3 Walkinshaw St., Johnstone 


GAW, George, stationmaster, Elderslie station 

Gilmour, Mrs James, farmer, Fulbar 

Glenpatrick Carpet Works — A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd. 

Gow, Louis N., colour-mixer, Glenpatrick Carpet Works — house- 
Wallace place 

Graham, Mrs Isaac, Back- of -hill 

Gray, James, keeper of bowling-green, lamplighter, district 
drainage watchman, &c. 

HALL, Peter, blacksmith, Glenpatrick road 

Hamilton, William, Bermuda villa 

Handley, John, foreman, Glenpatrick Carpet works — house Glen- 

Hendry, Daniel, plumber and gasfitter, Braeside 

Hood, Mrs. William, confectioner — house Lang's road 

Houston, Gavin, farmer, Greenhill 

Houston, George P., clerk to A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd. — house 
Parklea, Sunnyside, Paisley 

JACK, Miss Jessie, spirit merchant, Mayfield place 
Jardine, Robert, at J. & P. Coats Limited — house Beechmount 
Johnstone, James F., M.A., LL.B., depute town-clerk, Paisley — - 
house Glenpatrick house 

KEAN, David, joiner and cartwright, Walker's land 
Keith, John, spirit merchant, Wallace's tavern 
Kyle, Andrew, farmer, Muirhead 

LANG, Alexander, feuar, The Thorn 

Locke, Thomas, at J. & P. Coats, Ltd. — house Woodbrooke 

MAIR, George C, clerk, Glenpatrick 
Marshall, David, farmer, Leitchland 
Martin, Mrs , Linnet-brae cottage 
Miller, James, carpet weaver, Parkview 
Munro, Mrs Jeanie, grocer 

MACBEAN, Edward, & Co., oilskin and waterproof manufac- 
turers, Elderslie Mills, and 56 and 58 East Howard street, 

M' Arthur, Robert, of R. Brown & Son— house Woodlea 

M'Crae, Kenneth, gamekeeper, High Bardrain 

M'Crae, Captain Alexander George — house The Nest 

M'Donald, Alexander, grocer and postmaster 


M'Donald, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, Wallace Tree — 

house do. 
Macdouald, John, wine and spirit merchant, Horse Shoe bar 
M'Farlane, Dugald, at Glenpatrick Carpet works — house 3 

Woodend place 
MacFarlane, Malcolm, at J. B. Lamb's, Paisley — ho. Gleniffer view 
M'Kechnie, Mrs., Thorndean 
M'Kechnie, William S., M.A., L.L.B., D.Phil., writer, of Gray & 

M'Kechnie, Glasgow — house Knightswood 
M'Kim, John, foreman colour-mixer, Glenpatrick Carpet works — ■ 

house Glenpatrick 
M'Kinnon, Alexander, carpet weaver, Parkview 
M'Kinstry, James, commission agent — house Woodbrooke 
M'Leod, James, chemist, Avonbank 

ORR, Mrs. James, grocer and newsagent 

PARK, Mrs John, farmer, Elderslie farm 
Park, William, junr., engineer, Glenpatrick road 
Police office, Glenpatrick road 

REID, William, writer, Johnstone — house The Glen, Elderslie 

Reid, A. B. — house Morven 

Renshaw, Arthur H., Woodend, Houston 

Renshaw, C. Bine, M.P. for West Renfrewshire — house Barochan, 

Reynolds, Frederick, confectioner, Keith's land 
Richardson, John, joiner — house Bellview 
Ritchie, John, farmer, Broomward and Bridgend 
Robertson, Alexander, cashier to A. F. Stoddard & Co. Ltd. — ■ 

house Thorn 

SCOULLER, Mrs., Linnet brae cottage 

Sinclair, Donald, police constable, 2 Woodend place 

Smith, Rev. John, clergyman, Established Church — house The 

Smith, William, feuar, Woodside cottage 
Somerville, William, 2 Woodend place 
Stevenson, Peter, farmer, Low Bardrain 
Stevenson, W. M., mill foreman — house Dernee 
Stoddard, A. F., & Co. Ltd., Glenpatrick Carpet works 
Storrie, V\ 7 illiam, butcher — house Buchanan street, Johnstone 

VILLAGE Hall and Institute— William Bell, keeper 


WAINWRIGHT, W. H., secretary of A. F. Stoddard & Co. 

Ltd. — house The Cottage, Glenpatrick 
Wain wright, Charles W., secretary, Nobel's Explosives Co., 

Glasgow — house The Cottage, Glenpatrick 
Wallace, William, director and works manager, A. F. Stoddard 

& Co., Ltd.- — house Altpatrick 
Weir, John, clerk, Glenpatrick 
Whitehall, James, Seaforth cottage 
Wright, Thomas, foreman printer, Glenpatrick Carpet Works — 

house Glenpatrick 

YOUNG, George, joiner and builder, Paisley — house Woodlands, 

King's Crest 
Young, John, Campfield 
Young, Mrs., Newton view 


Postmaster — Alexander M'Donald. 

Telegraph, aud Money Order Office, and Post Office Savings Bank. 

1 st Delivery, 8 a.m. 

2nd ,, 3 P.M. 

3rd , ... ... 6 p.m. 

Box Closed, .. ... 8.10 AM. 

„ ,, ,. ... 3.15 p.m. 

„ ,, ... ... 6.15 p.m. 


Sessson Clerk— Mr John Downie, Schoolliouse. 
Minister— Rev. John Smith. Organist — Mr Kennedy. 

•Church Officer— David Steel. Number of Sittings, 820. 


Minister — Rev. Alex. Barr, United Free Manse. 
Precentor— Robert Barclay, Glenpatrick. 


Secretary — George Smith, Woodside. 
Treasurer — James Miller, Park view. 


President — Robert Jardine. Vice-President — William Wallace. 

Treasurer — William Allison. 

Secretary — R. C. Stevensou, Hilltop cottage 




Honorary President — C. Bine Renshaw, M.P. 

President — Juhn Downie, F.E.I.S. Vice-President — John Paton. 

Treasurer — David Ralph. 

Secretary — George Smith, Woodside. 

Annual Show — last Saturday in August. 


Head Master — John Downie, F.E.I.S. 

Assistants — Ernest W. M'Nab and Miss Grace Smith. 

Infant Mistress— Miss Sophia Hendry. 


Honorary Presidents — C. Bine Renshaw, M.P., A. A. Speirs, Arthur H. 

Reushaw, and Captain MacRao. 

President — Robert Jardine. Vice-President — Robert M'Arthur. 

Treasurer — James M'Leod, Avonbank. 

Secretary — John M. Drennau, 140 Millarston, Paisley. 

Committee — Messrs Black, Buchanan, Stevenson, Connor, M'Kim, and Brough. 


President — C. B. Reushaw, M.P. Vice-Tresident — John M'Kim. 

Secretary — John Reid, New Street. 

Treasurer — John Downie, Schoolhouse. 

Janitor — William Bell. 



Directors — C~. Bine Renshaw, M.P., Arthur H. Renshaw, and Rev. John Smith. 

Treasurer — Jnmes Miller, Park view. 

Secretary — Peter Hall, junr., Glenpatrickroad. 

The Bank is open on Saturdays from 5 to 6 p.m. 

F. COY., 2nd V.B., A. & S. H.— headquarters, elderslie. 
Captain — W. H. Wainwright 


AITKEN, Robert, Shields farm, Castlesemple 

Allan, Robert — house Hunthill 

Allison, Miss, Cochranfield house 

Anderson, Robert D., cashier at Adam Boyd & Sons' — house 

Bowfield cottage 
Arthur, Mrs., saleswoman Co-operative Society — ho. War drop terr. 

BELL, James, police constable, Dreadnought buildings 

Binnie, J., Castlesemple 

Bowman, John, & Co., crane and hoist makers — house Milliken 

Boyd, Adam, & Sons, bleachers and finishers, Bowfield works, 

Boyd, Adam, sen., of Adam Boyd & Sons — house Bowfield 
Boyd, A. G., of Adam Boyd & Sons — house Bowfield 
Browning, James, miller and grain merchant, Crossford mills, by 


CHRISTIE, James, forester to G. L. Houstoun — house Skiff 

Cochrane, R. A., journalist, George street 
Colquhoun, Robert, manager, Bowfield bleachworks — ho. Bowfield 

Co-operative Society, Limited 
Craig, Alex., joiner, cartwright, and blacksmith 

EADIE, Alexander, farmer, Corseford 

FERGUSON, Joseph, Wardrop terrace 
Fullerton, Alex., Fordbank 

GIBSON, Andrew, chartered accountant, The Glen 

Gilbert, Rev. John, minister of Established Church — The Manse 

Go van, John, storekeeper, Bowfield store 

Guthrie, Robert, commission agent, Glasgow — house Hunthill 

HAMILTON, Mrs., Wellbank 

Harvey, James W. Shand, of Castlesemple, Lochwinnoch 


Haughey, Francis M., boot and shoe maker 

Hill, William, Railway inn 

Houston, William R., coal merchant, contractor, and carriage 

hirer, Howwood stat'on —house Myrtle bank 
Hunter, Andrew, of Simpson, Hunter, & Young, Glasgow — house 

St. Bryde's 

JAMIESON, Charles, Castlesemple 

KERR, Margaret, Ivy cottage 

LANG, John, farmer, Crossford farm 

Lindsay, J., postmaster, Post office, Liberal Association buildings 

Logan, William, clerk, Wardrop terrace 

MARSHALL, R. C, Burntshields 

Maule, John, gardener, Midtown 

Meldrum, John, Cochranfielcl villas, Milliken Park 

M'CALLUM, James, station master— house Wardrop terrace 

M'Dowall, Charles, canvasser G. & S.- W. Ry. Coy. — house The Glen 

M'Kean, Mrs. Crawford, grocer and provision merchant 

M'Kean, Mrs. Crawford, Hotel 

M'Kechnie, Alex., Red house, Milliken Park 

M'Nab, John, & Co., Ltd., bleachers, dyers, and finishers, 

M'Nab, Andrew, of John M'Nab & Co., Ltd. — house Midtownfield 

M'Nab, John, J. P., of John M'Nab & Co., Ltd.— house Kinnell 
M'Nab, Mrs., Dunalaster 
M'Quisten, F., solicitor, Glasgow — house Dunalaster 

PARKER, Ninian, farmer, Ward Bowie farm 
Paterson, Mrs. R., Cochranfield cottage 
Pollock, John, jun., farmer, Springside 

ROBERTSON, Mrs., Struan 

SANACHAN, James, clerk at John M'Nab & Co.'s, Ltd. 
Sanachan, John, jun., assistant supt. Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd. 
Sanachan, Robert, clerk at John M'Nab & Co.'s, Ltd. 
Sanachan, Thomas, confectioner, Buckshead-house Tollhouse 
Sloan, William, postman, and church officer, Established Church 
Stevenson, John, joiner and cartwright 


Stevenson, John, grocer and newsagent 
Stewart, Peter, farmer, The Ha' farm 
Stirling, Patrick J., solicitor, Cochrantield 
Stirrat, Andrew, farmer, Elliestonn farm 
Struthers, John, Muirdykes 

THOM, John, farmer, Hall Hill Farm, by Johnstone 
Thomson, John, teacher, The Public School — house, Schoolhouse 
Thomson, William, Superintendent's Office, St. Enoch — house 
Myrtle bank 

WALLACE, Thomas, insurance agent, Glasgow— ho. Kirtonholme 
Wallace, Thomas, farmer, South Muir Dykes 
Wallace, William, joiner, Kirtonholme 
Watt, James, boot and shoemaker 

Wylie, James, registrar for Howwood district — office and house 

Howwood Established Church. 

Minister — Rev. John Gilbert, B.D. 

Treasurer — John Weir. 

Harmoniumist—'M.iss Robertsou. Church Officer— William Sloan. 

Howwood Public School. 

Under the management of Lochwinnoch Parish School Board. 
Head Master— John Thomson. Infant Mistress — Miss Paterson. 

Howwood Church Guild. 

President — Rev. John Gilbert, B.D. 

Vice-Presidents — fm. Allison, James M'Millan, R. A. Cochrane, John Pollock, jiin. 

Secretary — Thos. Ed-wards, Stevenson's land. 

Treasurer — William Allan. 

Howwood Literary Association. 

Meets Thursday Evenings from October to March in Victoria Hall at 8.15. 

President — James Graham. 

Vice-Presidents - John Gilbert, B.D., and R. A. Cochrane. 

Secretary — Alex. C. Graham, Crossford. Treasurer — Robert Peebles, 

Howwood Co- Operative Society (Limited). 

President — John M'llveny. 
Treasurer — John Weir. Secretary — James Sanachan. 

Post and Telegraph Office. 

John Lindsay, Postmaster. 
• Deliveries — 7.40 a.m.; 3.30 p.m. Despatches — 9.40 a.m.; 3.50 and CIO p.m. 



ABERNETHY, Rev. John, Established Church clergyman, The 

Anderson, James, clerk at Wm. Black & Sons (Ltd.) — house Lodge 

house, Blackston 
Anderson, Mrs., confectioner, 16 Napier street 
Ardill, William Barbour, Burnbrae house 

BEST, Francis, Bucks Head Inn, 15 Bridge street — ho. Napier St., 
Brown, John, coachman and gardener at William Watson's — house 
Newfield lodge 

CHAMBERS, John, manager, W. Merry & Cunninghame (Ltd.) 
— house Abercorn cottage 

Co-operative Society Limited — store 32 Napier street — store- 
keeper William Young — house 15 Napier street 

Crichton, Andrew, factor to R. T. M. Speir — house Penhurst, 
Bridge of Weir 

Cuninghame, J. C, Craigends and Walkinshaw 

Currie, John, farmer, Green farm 

DIXON, Mrs , fruiterer and confectioner, 17 Bridge street 

Donaldson, David ; policeman, Lee place, Bridge street 

Dougherty, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Bridge street 

FERRIS, George, fitter, Armour place, Bridge street 
Fleming, John, gardener, Clippens lodge 
Fraser, M., grocer, 9 Napier street — house 3 do. 

GALBRAITH, John, grocer and provision merchant, 15 Napier 

street — house Linwood cottage 
Gillies, Miss, dairy, 31 Napier street 
Greer, Alexander, church- officer, Established Church — house 11 

Napier street 

HAMILTON, James, goods agent, G. & S.-W. Railway Co.— 
house Station house 


Horsburgh, Alexander, jo'ner, Napier street 

Horsburgh, James K., manager at Paper mill — ho. Mill house 

KERR, James, farmer, Middleton 

Kerr, Peter, civil engineer, architect and surveyor (of Kerr & 

Watson), Johnstone — house Branscroft house, Johnstone 
Kerr, Mrs. Robert, farmer, East Fulton 
Kerr, William, farmer, Linclive 

LAIRD, Mrs., confectioner, 37 Napier street 

Leggat, Robert J., cashier at Paper mill — house 9 Walker street, 

Lochhead, James, engineer, 4 Napier street 
Lochhead, John, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 15 Napier 


MUIRHEAD, William, treasurer to Co-operative Society, Ltd. — 
house Riversdale 

M 4 ARTHUR, Archibald, ploughman to William Kerr, Linclive — 

house Armour place, Bridge street 
M'Intyre, William, cowfeeder, 22 Napier street 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, Linwood, Inkermann and Paisley letter-carrier — 

house 12 Stow street, Paisley 
M'Meeken, Mrs., 44 Napier street 

PATTTSON, Charles, blacksmith, engineer, and cycle repairer, 7 

Bridge street — house 5 do. 
Police Office, Bridge street 

Post Office, 25 Napier street — Miss Stevenson, postmistress 
Prentice, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 10 Napier street — 

house Armour place, Bridge street 
Prentice, John, Moss cottage 

Prentice, jun., Robert, flesher, 4 Bridge street — house 12 Napier st. 
Prentice, Robert S., flesher, 4 Bridge street — house 6 do. 
Prentice, Thomas, secretary, Co-operative Society, Limited — house 

1 Bridge street 
Prentice, Eliza, teacher, Lochwinnoch Public School — house 4 

Brido-p, strfi^t 
Public School, Napier st. — James Weir, teacher — ho. Schoolhouse 

REID, W. G. Hart, engineer at the Reid Gear Co. — house Redlea 
Reid Gear Company, The, engineers and machine-cut wheel makers 
Ritchie, James, warehouseman, 46 Napier square 


Ross, Robert, 43 Napier street 
Rutherford, Thomas, farmer, Muirhead 

SCOTT, James B., Clippens farm— house Clippens house. 
Scott, James B., farmer, West Fulton 
$cQtt 5 Mrs. James, Clippens house 
Smith, Alexander, papermaker, 48 Napier street 
Smith, Thomas, spirit merchant, 19 Napier street 
Stark, William, engineer, Armour place, Bridge street 
Stevenson, Ann, newsagent, 25 Napier street 
Stevenson, David B., tailor, Lee place, Bridge street 
Stevenson, William M'L., factor, 36 Napier street 

TELEGRAPH Office, 25 Napier street— clerk, Miss Buchanan 
Thomson, S. M., solicitor, Glasgow — house Linwood house 

WATSON, R. & W., paper makers, Linwood mills 
Watson, Robert, of R. & W. Watson— house Newfield, Johnstone 
Watson, William, of R. & W. Watson— house Newfield, Johnstone 
Watt, George, goods agent, Caledonian Ry.— house 60 High street, 

Weeple, John, grocer and provision merchant, Clippens store — ho. 

Lee place, Bridge street 
Weeple, Mary, teacher R.C. School— house 21 Napier street 
Weir, Alexander, farmer, Barskiven 

Weir, James, schoolmaster, Public School — house Schoolhousa 
Wilson, William, market gardener, Erskine Faulds 
Wilson, William, joiner and cartwright, 4 Bridge street— house 

Lee place 

YOUNG, William, salesman, Linwood Co-operative Society 
Limited — house 15 Napier street 


Linwood Established Church. 

Rev. John Abernethy. 

Secretary and Treasurer — William Young, 15 Napier street. 

Church Officer — Alexander Greer, 11 Nayl^. c-ne'et. 

Linwood Public School. 

Uuder the management of Kilbarcban Parish School Board. 

Head Blaster- James Weir. F.E.I.S. Head Mistress— Miss M'Fee. 

Assistants— Misses Ewiug, Mitchell, and M'Culloch. 


Linwood Roman Catholic School. 

Mistress— Miss Weeple. 

Linwood Co-operative Society Limited. 

Store — 32 Napier street. Salesman — William Young. 

President — William M'Keuzie. Vice-President — William Stark. 

Secretary — Thomas Prentice, 1 Bridge street. 

Treasurer — W. Muirhead, Riversdale. 

Linwood Conservative Association. 

Club Rooms — Napier street. 

President — S. M. Thomson. 

Vice-President — Robert Stevenson. 

Secretary and Treasurer — William M. Stevenson. 

Linwood Horticultural Society. 

Hon. Pres